Index of Persons and Places: H, I, J, K

Pages 1028-1062

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 13, 1471-1484. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1955.

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Haassell. See Athassel.

Hacch. See Neucourt, John.

Hachassel. See Athassel.

Hacket, David, bishop of Ossory, dispute brought before, 23.

-, -, arbitrator, 23.

-, -, presentations made to, and institutions made by, 638, 639.

-, -, statute and ordinance made by, 146.

-, -, (erroneously called Do.), collector of the papal Camera, deprivation by, 758.

-, -, death of, 72.

-, Hachet, Haket, Hakked, David, to be received as an Augustinian canon of Athassel and to be prior of the same, 76, 77.

-, -, prior of Athassel, death of, 193.

-, Nicholas, to be archdeacon of Ossory, 669, 670.

-, Hakell, Haket, Robert, a canon and prebendary of Lismore, to be archdeacon of Cashel, 98.

-, -, provided to the archdeaconry of Cashel, to be a canon of Lismore and prebendary of Mora, 99.

-, -, to be a canon of Lismore and prebendary of Mora, 424.

-, -, petitions of, 98, 99.

Hackforth, Richard, rector of Broxholme, dispensation to, 565.

Hacmakarthy. See Aghmacart.

Hacmallind. See Aghavallen.

Hacmys, Akymys, [an ancient deanery in co. Kerry], ecclesia Nova de. See Nohaval.

Hactruym. See Trim.

Hadaden[sis], an error for Achaden[sis] (i.e. Achonry), 120 note.

Hadleigh, Hadley, [co. Suffolk] Catherine Fulsnape of, 570.

Hadley, Robert, and Augustinian canon of St. Osyth, dispensation to, 854.

Haelan. See Ohaelayn, James.

Haggar, John, vicar of Easingwold, dispensation to, 711.

Hagnaby, Hagneby, [co. Lincoln], Premonstratensian abbey of SS. Mary and Thomas the Martyr, canon of. See Alford, Robert.

Hagys, Richard, exemplification for, 881.

Hailes, Hayles, [co. Gloucester], Cistercian abbey, monk of. See Whitchurch, Richard.

-, Stanton (q.v.) by, 795.

Hailes, Halyser, [in Prestonkirk, co. Haddington], Patrick Hepburn lord of, 224.

Hainault, Hannonia, Hanonia, [now in Belgium and France], export of wool etc. to, forbidden, 227.

Haisting. See Hastings, sir William.

Haiware, Robert, a monk of Dunfermline, to be sacrist of the same, 834.

Hakell (recte Hakett). See Hacket, Robert.

Haket. See Hacket, David, prior of Athassel.

Hakilhude, James de, sometime rector of Pentland, 756.

-, -, proctor of. See Boys, Giles.

Hakked. See Hacket, David, prior of Athassel.

Hal. See Halle, John.

Halberstadt, [Germany], diocese of, place in. See Stendal.

Halensowell. See Halesowen.

Hales, Hals, Edmund, a canon of Lichfield, dispensation to, 747.

-, Hals, John, bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, collation made by, 59.

-, -, institution made by, 308.

-, -, joint judge-delegate, letters of, exemplified, 688693.

-, -, sentence of, 691.

-, -, public instrument drawn up for and sealed with the seal of, 693.

-, -, refusal of, to hear a matrimonial suit, 504.

-, Halis, William, indult to, 891.

Halesowen, Halensowell, [co. Worcester], Premonstratensian abbey, abbot of, money paid to, to secure certain annual payments and masses, 264.

-, -, John abbot of. See Derby.

-, -, abbot and convent of, payments to be made by, 266.

-, -, -, property purchased by, 264 note.

-, -, father abbot of. See Green, John, abbot of Welbeck.

-, -, convent of, money paid to, to purchase 6l. yearly rent, 264 note.

Halesworth, [co. Suffolk], rectory of, 321.

Halford, William, vicar of Childs Wickham, dispensation to, 616.

Halgestoc. See Halstock.

Haliburton, Patrick, dispensation to, 893.

Haliday, Alexander, a canon of Saint-Antoine-de-Viennois, to be preceptor of Leith, 48, 87, 88.

-, -, to be received in religion, 865.

-, -, to have a preceptory, 865.

-, -, petition of, 87.

-, -, grant to, 88.

-, Thomas, dispensation to, 425.

Halis. See Hales, William.

Haliwell, [in Shoreditch, co. Middlesex], John Croke of, 734.

Hall, John, late abbot of Jedburgh, 168, 169, 172.

Halle, Hal, John, dispensation to, 885.

-, Richard, an Augustinian canon of St. James by Northampton, dispensation to, 486.

-, Robert, dispensation to, 619.

-, William, rector of Purleigh, dispensation to, 317.

Hals. See Hales.

Halstock, Halgestoc, Halstow, [co. Dorset], a prebend (with Lyme Regis) in Salisbury, 374, 457.

-, with Lyme Regis (q.v.), parish of, manors within the bounds of, 374.

Halston, Halstan, [co. Salop], Knights Hospitallers preceptory, John preceptor of. See Kendall.

Halstow. See Halstock.

Halton by Spillesby. See Halton Holgate.

Halton, East, Alton, [co. Lincoln], vicarage of, 318.

Halton Holgate, Halton by Spillesby, [co. Lincoln], rectory of, 304.

Halynton. See Halystane.

Halysdon, William, dispensation to, 866.

Halyser. See Hailes, co. Haddington.

Halystane, Halynton, [in Berwickupon-Tweed], Cistercian nuns' abbey, nun of. See Hepburn, Joan.

Hamburg [Germany], collegiate church of St. Mary, dean of, papal mandatary, 583.

Hambury. See Hanbury.

Hamilton, Hamylton. [co. Lanark], lord of. See Hamilton, James de.

Hamilton, Hamylton, David, vicar of Bathgate, 545.

-, -, proctor of. See Steynwlech, Henry.

-, Hamylton, James, absolution etc. for, 222.

-, -, Eufemia former wife of, 222.

-, -, wife of. See Stewart, Mary.

-, Hammylton, James de, lord of Bertramshotts and Hamilton, foundation of the church and poor hospital of Bertramshotts by, confirmed, 489, 490.

-, -, lord of Hamilton, baron of Kinneil and of Aldcathie, patron of the rectory of Aldcathie, presentation made by, 492.

Hamond, John, chaplain at the altar of St. Mary the Virgin in Chichester cathedral, dispensation to, 565.

Hampden, Edmund, warden of the chapel of St. Mary Magdalen, Kingston-on-Thames, relaxation of oath of, and dispensation to, 543.

Hampstead, Hampsted, [co. Middlesex], chapel of St. Mary, annexed to the parish church of Hendon, appropriation of, 579.

Hampton. See Southampton.

Hampton, Bevis, property acquired from, 264 note.

-, Richard, an Augustinian canon of Osney, dispensation to, 584.

Hamstreley, Ralph, rector of Rowley, dispensation to, 860.

Hamtyll. See Ampthill.

Hamylton. See Hamilton.

Hanbury, Hambury, [co. Stafford], rectory of, 777.

Hanfeld. See Henfield.

Hanforch, John, dispensation to, 886.

Hanfort, William, dispensation to, 901.

Hanhop, William, dispensation to, 885.

Hanmeton (?), John, a Cluniac monk of Northampton, dispensation to, 492.

Hannonia, Hanonia. See Hainault.

Hanse towns, communitates de Hanza, 235.

Hanson, William, of Dumfries, chaplaincy in the chapel of St. Thomas, Dumfries, founded by, 406.

-, -, joint executors of the will of, 406.

Hanyngton alias Hanyton, Edward, rector of St. George, Winchester, dispensation to, 518.

Hanza . See Hanse towns.

Harbledown, Harbaldon, Harbaldowe, [co. Kent], rectory of, 306, 335.

Harby, Robert, dispensation to, 737.

Harcii, Thomas, dispensation to, 869.

Hardben. See Harthen, Philip.

Hardewyk. See Hardwick.

Hardi alias Arding, William, alleged husband of Catherine Mortimer, 528.

Hardingham, Hardyngham, [co. Norfolk], rectory of, 799.

Hardwick, Hardewyk, [co. Cambridge], rectory of, 634.

Hardyngham. See Hardingham.

Hare, Robert, rector of Kirby Cane, dispensation to, 677.

Harecourt, Simon, scholar, dispensation to, 860.

Haren. See O'Hearain, William.

Harewell, Philip, a brother of Ashridge, rehabilitation etc. for, 544, 545.

Harlton, Harleton [co. Cambridge], rectory of, 425.

Harlyng, Henry, rector of Mashbury, dispensation to, 316.

Harman, Herman, Richard, a monk of St. Albans and vicar of Binham, dispensations to, 156, 790 (bis), 796.

Harnham, West, Harnam, [co. Wilts.], a prebend (with Coombe Bissett) in Salisbury, 808.

Harnesey. See Hornsey.

Harowe off the Hill. See Harrow.

Harper alias Merston, Robert, a brother of the hospital of Burton Lazars, dispensation to, 836.

Harrow, Harowe off the Hill, [co. Middlesex,] vicarage of, 734.

Harryes, John, an Augustinian canon of Christchurch, dispensation to, 807.

Harrys, Michael, lord of Harrys place, indult to, 548.

-, -, Margaret his wife, 548.

Harrys place, in the diocese of London, Michael Harrys lord of, 548.

Harte, John, dispensation to, 885.

Hartepyry, alias Wele, Thomas, incomplete entry of bull addressed to, 335 note.

Harthen, Hardben, Philip, a merchant of the Society of the Staple of Calais, 232.

Hartor. See Arthur, Eustace.

Hartside, Hartsid, [in Channelkirk, co. Berwick], lands of, belonging to Melrose abbey, grant of, 29.

Harwardyn, Humphrey, rector of Barford St. Martin and vicar of Chipping Campden, dispensation to, 829.

Haryngton, John, to be a notary public, 475.

Haselbere, John, a monk of Milton Abbas, dispensation to, 618.

Hasilbeche, Reginald, vicar of Littlebury, dispensation to, 851.

Hassard, Ralph, charges against, 313.

Hassel. See Athassel.

Hastaeykyn, Robert, de facto rector of Donaghmore, co. Kilkenny, 701.

Hastings, de Astingis, Hasting, Hastyng, Hastyngis, [co. Sussex], chapel of St. Leonard near, 330, 331.

-, lord of. See Hastings, sir William.

Hastings, Hstyngis, Anne, dispensed to marry, 635.

-, lady Catherine (ne Nevill), wife of sir William Hastings, lord of Hastings, and mother of Edward Hastings, 688, 690.

-, -, petition of, 691.

-, Hastyng, Edmund, dispensed to marry, 632.

-, -, late wife of, 632.

-, Hasting, Hastyng, Hastyngis, Edward, son of sir William Hastings, lord Hastings, and lady Catherine, his wife, dispensed to contract espousals, 220.

-, -, knight, dispensation for the marriage of, confirmed, 687693.

-, -, parents, kinsfolk and friends of, 687, 692.

-, -, petition of, 691.

-, Asting, Haisting, Hastinges, Hastyng, Hastyngis, sir William, lord Hastings, chamberlain of Edward IV, daughter of. See Hastings, Anne.

-, -, indults to, 249, 550, 823, 904.

-, -, papal letters delivered by, 688.

-, -, petitions of, 635, 691.

-, -, son of. See Hastings, Edward.

-, -, wife of, 550. See also Hastings, lady Catherine.

-, Hastingis, William, dispensation to, 883.

Hastyng, Hastyngis. See Hastings.

Hasylwodi, John, and others, grant to, confirmed, 781.

-, -, petition of, 781.

Hatfelde, Edmund, sub-prior of Rochester, dispensation to, 830.

Hathassel, Hathasseyll. See Athassel.

Hathwli. See Ballyhooly (or Aghultie).

Hatleport alias Beryehateley. See Cockayne Hatley.

Haty. See Athy.

Haukyns. See Hawkyns.

Hauley, Richard, a monk of Pershore, dispensation to, 636.

Havant, Havent, [co. Hants.], parishioners of, 248.

-, rectory of, sometime united to a canonry and prebend of Winchester cathedral, 246.

Haw, The, Hawe, [in Tirley, co. Gloucester], manor of, 367, 368.

Hawarden, [co. Flint], rectory of, to be united to the rectory of Winwick, 617.

Hawardi, Elizabeth, wife of Robert Mortimer, 528.

Hawe. See Haw, The.

Hawkyns, Haukyns, Thomas, archdeacon of Worcester and rector of Bishop's Cleeve, sometime rector of Bredon, dispensations to, 299, 882.

-, -, precentor of Salisbury and rector of Bishop's Cleeve, sometime rector of Bredon, dispensation to, 3034.

Hawlei, John, notary public, 874.

Hawserti[n], Robert, a litigant for the rectory of Annan, 332.

Hawte, Richard, the elder, lord of Danbury, indult to, 549.

Hay, Haye, Andrew, provost of Yester, dispensation to, 480.

-, Haye, Thomas, dispensation to, 905.

-, Thomas, a canon of Aberdeen, to be bishop of Ross, 827.

Hayes, Hese, Hest, [co. Middlesex], rectory of, 9, 10.

Hayford alias Langdon, Joan, relict and executrix of Reynald Langdon, litigant, 560.

Hayin. See Hayne.

Hayles. See Hailes, co. Gloucester.

Hayne, Hayin, Richard, rector of Stoke Trister, indult to, 822.

Haynes, Richard, of London, one of the executors of Thomas Beleter, petition and appeal of, 801.

Haytell, William. See Wytham.

Haytesbury. See Heytesbury.

Hayward, John, to be a notary public, 474.

-, -, Heyward, John, an Augustinian canon of Lanthony, dispensation to, 530.

-, Haywarde, Thomas, vicar of Ivinghoe, dispensation to, 687.

Headley, Hedley [co. Hants.], rectory of, 747.

Heanton Punchardon, Heampton, [co. Devon], parish church of St. Augustine, rectory of, 746.

Hediam, Hedian. See O'Hedian.

Hedley. See Headley.

Hedon, Hedon in the Clay, [Yorks], rectory of, 807.

Hedyan. See O'Hedian, John.

Hedynhale. See Edenhall.

Heigam, William, dispensation to, 884.

Hele, Hel, Richard, dispensation to, 885.

Hellerd, Stephen, dispensation to, 885.

Helmsley, William, late prior of Newburgh, 238.

Helperby, William, vicar of Willesden, indult to, 383.

Helton, Richard, a monk of Milton Abbas, dispensation to, 564.

Helynghuest (recte Helynghurst). See Ellinghurst Farm.

Hemingbrough, Hemmyngburgh, [co. York], collegiate church of St. Mary, James provost of. See Preston.

Hemmysby, Geoffrey, a monk of Norwich priory (cathedral), dispensation to, 290.

Hempton, Fakenhamdam, [co. Norfolk], rectory of, 616.

Hemyngforth, Thomas, an Augustinian friar, dispensation to, 791.

Hendon, [co. Middlesex], parish church of St. Mary, appropriation of, 579.

-, -, annexed chapel of. See Hampstead.

-, vicar of, fit portion reserved for, 579.

Henfield, Hanfeld, [co. Sussex], a prebend in Chichester, 22.

Henley, Alice, late abbess of Godstow, 32, 431.

Henley on Thames, super Thamisiam, Thamysiam, [co. Oxford], rectory of, 775, 776, 861.

Hennessy, Nicholas, bishop of Waterford and Lismore, unable to understand English, 119.

Henrici, Henrisoun, David, prior of Inchmahome, pensions to be paid by, 84, 108.

-, -, proctors of. See Boys, Giles; Seriton, Robert.

Henry I, king of England, 400.

-, king of the English and duke of the Normans, grant of, confirmed, 400.

Henry II, king of England, charter of, 400 note.

-, grant of a rent to Ses priory by, 400.

Henry V, king of England, founder of Sheen priory, 42.

Henry VI, king of England, agreement between the duke of Burgundy and, 229.

-, indult during the life of, 253.

-, men-at-arms and archers alleged to have been lent to, 52.

Henry ap John, rector of Beckingham, dispensation to, 863.

Henton. See Hinton St. George.

Henton, John, prior of Bruton, indult to, 892, 892 note.

Hepburn, Joan, a nun of Halystane, dispensation to, 224.

-, John, bishop of Dunblane, commission of, 104 (bis).

-, -, election confirmed by, 414.

-, -, faculty granted by, 104 (bis).

-, -, papal mandatary, sentence of, 711.

-, -, resignation made to, and collation by, 558.

-, John, to be received as an Augustinian canon of St. Andrews, 840.

-, -, to be prior of St. Andrews, 40, 841.

-, Patrick, lord of Hailes, daughter of. See Hepburn, Joan supra.

Heppa, Heppe, Heppe alias Schappe. See Shap.

Herbarde, Nicholas, prior of Newtown, commissaries of. See Dalton, James, and FitzSimon, Edmund, prior of Fore.

Herbenston, Herberston. See Herbrandston.

Herbert, John, dispensation to, 882.

-, John, prior of Tremhale, dispensation to, 709.

Herbrandston, alias Herbenston, Herberston, Herbranston, [co. Pembroke], rectory of, 21, 22, 36, 543.

-, -, patron of, 21.

-, -, -, wife of, 21.

Heredia, Peter Fernandi de, bajulus of Cantavieja, 254.

Herefolde (? recte Hereford), George, dispensation to, 899.

Hereford, Hereforden[sis], Herforden[sis], Hertforden[sis], [co. Hereford], bishop of, faculty to, 648.

-, -, oath to be taken to, 522.

-, -, papal mandatary, 5, 487, 516, 517, 522.

-, -, provision made by, 22.

-, John bishop of. See Stanbury.

-, Richard bishop of. See Beauchamp.

-, Thomas [bishop-]elect of. See Milling.

-, episcopal court of, registrar of. See Wolf, Richard.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 496.

-, Richard, archdeacon of, See Martin.

-, John chancellor of. See Arundel.

-, Adrian treasurer of. See de Bardis.

-, canons of. See Housbond, David; Jacson, Richard; Martin, Richard; Tawre, Simon.

-, prebends in. See Moreton on Lugg; Morton, Parva.

-, diocese of, persons of, 517, 648, 690, 721, 885, 901.

-, -, places in. See Castle Frome; Eaton Bishop; Hopesay; Kingsland; Ludlow; Pembridge; Radnor, Old; Weobley.

-, -, union of rectories in, 901.

-, parish church of St. Peter the Apostle, vicarage of, 446.

-, use of, 901 note.

- See also Erfelden[sis].

Hereford, Geoffrey, late bishop of Kildare, 47.

-, Herford, Richard, an Augustinian canon of Maiden Bradley, dispensation to, 518.

-, William, a monk of Milton Abbas, dispensation to, 587.

Hereforden[sis] written in error Erforden[sis], 729.

Herforden[sis]. See Hereford.

Heringefiuelt, Heringesiuelt. See Herringswell.

Heriote, Thomas, to be a canon of Ross and prebendary of Contin, 329.

Herlic. See Kirke.

Herly, William, a canon of Cloyne, papal mandatary, 817. Cf. Oherlache.

Herman. See Harman, Richard.

Hermannus, papal subdeacon and notary, 400.

Heron, Richard, to be an esquire and domestic member of the pope's household, 209.

-, -, proposed pilgrimage of, 229, 252.

-, -, received into the society of the Staple of Calais, 229.

-, -, a merchant of the staple of Calais and a papal esquire, monitions etc. on behalf of, 227235, 2412.

-, -, -, annulled, 252.

-, -, imprisonment of, 231, 232.

-, -, escape of, 232.

-, -, petition of, 241, 242.

-, -, restoration of his wools to be made to, 234, 235.

-, -, taken under the pope's protection, 235.

-, -, robbery of, 236 note.

-, -, wools of, sold, 231.

-, -, a native of England, 252.

-, -, and his heirs, not to implead the mayor etc. of the Society of the Staple of Calais outside the realm of England, 253.

Herrera, master Peter de, a papal chaplain and auditor, papal mandatary, 169.

Herringby, co. Norfolk, foundation of an hospital at, 880 note.

Herringswell, Heringefiuelt, Heringesiuelt, [co. Suffolk], rectory of, 809, 830.

Herry, William, prior of Pill, dispensation to, 513, 514 note.

Hert, John, dispensation to, 866.

Hertford, [co. Hertford], parish church of St. Andrew, rectory of, 829.

Hertforden[sis] written in error for Hereforden[sis], 911.

Hervey, Hervy, John, rector of Broughton, dispensation to. 545.

-, William, chaplain of two united chantries in St. Paul's, London, absolution, etc., for, 243.

Hese. See Hayes.

Heshyr, Thomas, dispensation to, 885.

Hesmyllei, William, rector of Long Stanton, dispensation to, 712.

Hest. See Hayes.

Hestildesham. See Hexham.

Hesting, John. late vicar of Killallan, 157.

Heth alias Toullesworth, Clement, an Augustinian canon of Merton, dispensation to, 557.

Hethcote, Hethcoit, Ralph, to be a notary public, 474.

-, -, a canon of Lichfield and prebendary of High Offley, to have the rectory of Clungunford united to his prebend, 807.

Hethel, Hethill, Hethyll, [co. Norfolk], parish church of All Saints, rectory of, 218, 384.

Heuinton by Sydyngborn. See Newington, co. Kent.

Heumes. See Home, Robert.

Heward (? recte Howard), William, dispensation to, 883.

Hewins, William, dispensation to, 900.

Hexham, Hestildesham, [co. Northumberland], Augustinian priory of St. Andrew the Apostle, prior of, papal mandatary, 661.

-, -, Roland prior of. See Lesheman.

-, -, William prior of. See Bynell.

Hexham, Thomas, cellarer of Newburgh, prior elect of the same, petition of, 238.

Hexstal, Thomas, indult to, 379.

-, -, Joan his wife, 379.

Heyford, [co. Oxon.], rectory of, 788.

Heytesbury, Haytesbury alias Heyghtiedebire, [co. Wilts], collegiate church, canon of. See Coltell, John.

-, -, canons of, non-residence of, 429.

Heyuuad. See Heywood, Nicholas.

Heyward. See Hayward, John.

Heywood, Heyuuad, Nicholas, late vicar of Kilmacdonogh, 818.

-, Heyword, Thomas, dean of Lichfield, chantries built by, 117.

-, - two chantries in Lichfield cathedral founded by, confirmation of, 2649.

-, -, amount of money paid by. to purchase 6l. yearly rent, 264 note.

-, -, anniversary of, 266.

-, -, arrangements of, for payments in connection with the chantry of SS. Saviour and Anne. Lichfield cathedral, 267, 268.

-, -, deeds concerning foundation of chantries by, 268 note, 269.

-, -, devotion of, to the church of Lichfield, 268.

-, -, masses for the good estate of, 266, 267.

-, -, masses for the soul of, 265, 266, 267 (bis), 268.

-, -, parents of, 265, 266 (bis), 267, 269.

-, -, relatives and benefactors of, 267.

Heyword, See Heywood, Thomas.

Hiberaia, See Ireland.

-, Irlandia substituted for, 259 note.

Higham, Richard, dispensation to, 301.

Highworth, Hyghvorth, [co. Wilts], vicarage of, 838.

Hildersham, Hyldersham, [co. Cambridge], rectory of, 799.

Hildesheim [Hanover, Germany], collegiate church of St. Cross, provost, dean, chapter and canons of, petition of, 583.

Hill, John, rector of Lapworth, dispensation to, 335.

-, Hyll, Robert indult to, 874.

-, Robert, rector of Broughton Astley, dispensation to, 726.

-, Hille, Thomas, vicar of St. Laurence, Reading, dispensation to, 611.

-, -, indult to, 779.

-, Hyll, Walter, rector of Newton Longville, dispensation to, 364.

-, Hyl, William, lord of Buckland Tout Saints, petition of, 862.

-, Hylle, William, rector of Elsworth, dispensation to, 828.

-, William, rector of Newton, co. Suffolk, and of Eynsford, grant to, 36, 37.

Hille. See Abbot's Hill farm; and Hill, Thomas.

Hilleanbegha, proposed foundation of a house of Friars Minors at, 572, 573.

Hilpe, Thomas, dispensation to, 909.

Hilton, [co. Durham], William Baron of, 661.

Hilton, Hiltun, Elizabeth, prioress of Godstow, indult to, 634.

-, -, petition of, 633.

-, Robert, litigant, 310.

-, -, wife of. See Twytyng, Agnes.

-, Hylton, Thomas, rector of Great Stambridge, dispensation to, 814.

-, Hylton, William, commission for, 893.

Hindolveston, Hyndolueston, [co. Norfolk], vicarage of, 632.

Hinton St. George, Henton, [co. Somerset], parish church of St. George, rectory of, 496.

Hiwton Cranswyk. See Hutton Cranswick.

Hoaden, Odon, [in Ash, co. Kent], tithe of, 115.

Hobbys, John, vicar of Butleigh, witness, 291, 294.

Hobkirk, co. Roxburgh. See Abbotrule.

Hobuntar, Alan, a Friar Preacher, to be vicar of Lezayre, and to be received as a Premonstratensian canon of Whiteherne, 324.

Hochowall. See Nohaval, co. Kerry.

Hodgis, Walter, rector of North Stoneham, dispensation to, 677.

Hogekyn, Robert, chaplain of Mawdelenys hospital, 21.

Hoghton. See Houghton le Spring.

Hogson alias Sutrhon, Thomas, a monk of Fountains, indult to, 822.

Hogys, Simon, dispensation to, 879.

Hoke. See Hooke.

Holandria . See Holland.

Holbeach, Holbech, [co. Lincoln], vicarage of, 405.

Holborn, parish church of St. Andrew in. See London parish churches.

Holden, William, rector of St. Mary, Eastrop, dispensation to, 564.

Holdynby, John, rector of Baldock, dispensation to, 737.

Holebagge [Helebugge in Monasticon], 114 note.

Holdirnesse, William, rector of Little Easton, dispensation to, 425.

Holferde, Thomas, dispensation to, 912.

Holgote (recte Holgate), John, indult to, 867.

Holing, Thomas, to be rector of Aldcathie, 843.

Holland, Holandria, Hollandia, export of wool etc. to, forbidden, 227.

-, trade with, 229.

Hollard, Ellarde, Peter, an Augustinian canon of Bridlington, sometime prior of the same, grant of a house and board to, confirmed, 499, 500.

-, -, petition of, 499.

Hollepatrik. See Holmpatrick.

Holm, William, indult to, 874.

Holm(e). See St. Benet Hulme.

Holme, Holme by Newerk, [co. Nottingham], Robert Barton of, 709.

Holme, Thomas, a chaplain in Lincoln cathedral, dispensation to, 316.

-, Thomas, vicar of St. Laurence, Hungerford, dispensation to, 589.

Holme on Spalding Moor, Huton (sic) in Spaldingmor, [co. Yorks], rectory of, 832.

Holmpatrick, Hollepatrik, Holun Patrike, [co. Dublin], Augustinian priory of St. Patrick, prior of, charge against, 453.

-, -, -, commissary of John Walton, archbishop of Dublin, 463.

-, -, -, papal mandatary, 312.

Holycross, Huctorlanan, Huctorlanon, Huoctorlana, Oterlaun, Othyrland, Voterlaim, Wochtar[la]mand, Wocturlawayn, Wothterlanay, [co. Tipperary], Cistercian abbey of the Holy Cross, abbot of papal mandatary, 185, 188, 346, 393, 423, 450, 652, 672, 673.

Holy Land, vows of pilgrimage to, 200, 206, 245, 247.

Holyng, Thomas, sometime vicar of Logie, co. Fife, 823.

-, -, proctor of. See Brown, Robert.

Holy Sepulchre, vows of pilgrimage to, 240.

Holywood, Sacri Nemoris, [co. Dumfries], Premonstratensian abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 126.

Hom. See Home; and Hume.

Homachayn. See Omachayn.

Homcaster. See Horncaster.

Home, Hom, Homme, Alexander de, lord of Hume, founder of the collegiate church of Dunglass, petition of, 644.

-, -, knight, lord of Hume and Dunglass, founder of the collegiate church and hosptial of Dunglass, 271.

-, Hom, Alizona, a nun of North Berwick, to be abbess of the same, 23.

-, Howme, Girardus, to be vicar of Stitchel, 192, 193.

-, Howme, John, dean of the collegiate church of St. Mary the Virgin, St. Andrews, presentation to the vicarage of Stitchel made by, 192.

-, John, prior of Coldingham, petition of, 447.

-, -, sentence for, to be observed, 447.

-, Hom, Nicholas, dispensation to, 643, 644.

-, Hom, master Patrick, a papal notary, claiming to be a canon of Aberdeen and prebendary of Banchory-Devenick, 20.

-, -, proctor of, 20.

-, -, archdeacon of Teviotdale, papal notary, pension to be paid by, 45.

-, -, archdeacon of Teviotdale, rector of Carrington and prior commendatary of Coldingham, resignation of the latter by, 19.

-, -, to be dean of Coldingham, 19.

-, -, archdeacon of Teviotdale and a papal notary, sometime prior commendatary of Coldingham, 447.

-, Heumes, Robert, a canon of St. Andrews, vicar-general of the chapter of the same, resignation admitted by, and institution made by, 613.

-, Honi, Thomas, deceased, rent belonging to, 644.

Homme. See Home, Alexander; and Hume.

Homoritit. See O'Murrily.

Homy. See Omey.

Honi. See Home, Thomas.

Honorius III, pope, bull of, recapitulated, 481.

-, grant made by, confirmed, 41.

Honorius IV, pope, confirmation by, 114, 115.

Honywode alias Coly, Alice, wife of Walter Coly, 357.

Hooke, Hoke, [co. Dorset], parish church of St. Giles, rectory of, 808.

Hope, Hosp, Thomas, rector of Brompton Ralph and of Shoreham, and a papal chamberlain, grant to, 316, 317.

-, -, a canon of York, papal mandatary, 482, 705, 837.

-, -, a canon of York and a papal chamberlain, papal envoy to Edward IV and Thomas Bourchier, archbishop of Canterbury, safe conduct for, 211.

-, -, retinue of, 211.

Hopesay, Hoppesey, [co. Salop], rectory of, 488.

Hoppe (rectius Heppe), monastery de. See Shap.

Hoppesey. See Hopesay.

Hopton, John, dispensation to, 887.

Hore abbey, de Rupe, de RupeCassellis, [co. Tipperary], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 185, 393.

Horley. See Hurley.

Horncaster, Homcaster, Thomas, rector of Herringswell, dispensation to, 809, 830.

Horncastle, Richard, abbot of Bardney, dispensation to, 286.

Horning, co. Norfolk. See St. Benet Hulme.

Hornsealias Shipton, John, bishop of Ross [in Ireland], residing in London, papal mandatary, 527, 629, 735, 777.

-, -, vicar of Watton and of Broxborne, dispensation to, 280.

-, -, to have vicarages in the diocese of Bath, 906.

-, -, to have vicarages in the diocese of London, 906.

-, -, suffragan in the diocese of Bath and Wells, 906 note.

-, -, wrongly described in Eubel as bishop of Ross in Scotland, 906 note.

Hornesey, Harnesey, [co. Middlesex], parish church of St. Mary, Muswell chapel within the bounds of, 225, 244.

-, -, rectors of, 225.

Horoth, John, lord of Stow in the diocese of Norwich, indult to, 822.

-, -, Elena his wife, indult to, 822.

Horsemonden, Horsmonden, [co. Kent], rectory of, 736.

Horsham, [co. Sussex], vicarage of, 727.

Horti, Thomas, rector of Beechamwell, dispensation to, 802.

Horton, [co. Dorset], Benedictine priory, John prior of. See Samphon.

Hoslatra. See O'slattery, Donald.

Hosp (?). See Hope.

Hosse. See Hussey, John.

Hothersall, John, of London, to be a notary public, 647.

Hoton, Thomas, dwelling-house of, in Ocley (q.v.), 692.

Hougham, East, Esthantham, [in Hougham Without, co. Kent], Thomas Hexstal lord of, 379.

Houghton le Spring, Hoghton, [co. Durham], rectory of, 570.

Hounesdon. See Hunsdon.

Housbond, David, rector of Brixton (Isle of Wight) and of Allington and a canon of St. Mary, Winchester, and prebendary of Leckford, previously rector of Herbrandston, a canon of Chichester and prebendary of Eartham and Henfield, rector of Biddenden, rector of Alresford, a canon of Hereford and prebendary of Parva Morton, 21, 22.

Houston, co. Renfrew. See Killallan.

Hovynden, Houynden, Edmund, vicar of St. Paul without the walls of Canterbury, dispensation to, 488.

Howard, [sir] John, lord of Howard, witness, 689.

-, -, deposition of, 690.

Howe, [co. Norfolk], rectory of, 713.

Howel ap Day, rector of Whitford, dispensation to, 776.

Howet, John, dispensation to, 884.

Howme. See Home.

Hows, How[us], John, indult to, 550.

-, Howus, William, an Augustinian canon of Bruton, dispensation to, 783.

-, -, indults to, 550, 875.

Howston, Howstov, Robert, a canon of Glasgow, papal mandatary, 172.

Howus. See Hows.

Hoyrluada, Reynaldus, a canon of Cork, papal mandatary, 125.

Hubberston, Huberston, [co. Pembroke], parish church of St. David, rectory of, 499.

Huby, Robert, a monk of Holy Trinity, York, dispensation to, 514.

Huctorlanan, Huctorlanon. See Holycross.

Hude, David, late vicar of Lintrathen, 610.

Hudilston, Christopher, dispensation to, 637.

Hudyn, William, an Augustinian canon of St. Katherine by the Tower, London, dispensation to, 787.

Huena [i.e. Owney], abbey of St. Mary de. See Abington, co. Limerick.

Huete, [Spain], archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 458, 462, 518, 567, (bis).

Hugh. See Clerke alias Hugh, John.

Hugh ap Robert ap Meredith, Meredundi, commission for, 914.

Hugonis, David, vicar of Cadder, a counsellor of James III, decree for, 276.

-, -, to have a vicarage in the diocese of Glasgow, 914.

Huish Champflower, Huyscamflore, Huyschampflore, [co. Someret], rectory of, 736.

Hukyns, William, chaplain at the altar of St. Blaise in Linchfield cathedral, 266.

Hulispath, George, dispensation to, 911.

Hullavington, Hullaw[n]ton, [co. Wilts.], vicarage of, 641.

Hulmo, abbey de. See St. Benet Hulme.

Hume, Hom, Homme, [co. Berwick], Alexander Home, knight, lord of, 271, 644.

Hunden, John, a bishop in the universal church, sometime bishop of Llandaff, pension reserved for, 480.

-, -, sometime bishop of Llandaff, 898 note.

-, -, a bishop in the universal church and archdeacon of St. Davids, indult to, 482.

Hundoldall [i.e. Kendal], Kyrkby in. See Kirkby in Kendal.

Hungerford, Hungreford, [cos. Berks and Wilts], parish church of St. Laurence, vicarage of, 589.

Hungerford (or Raynesford), lady Anne (ne de Percy), wife of the late Thomas Hungerford, mother of Mary Hungerford, 688, 690.

-, -, petition of, 691.

-, -, proctor of. See Dabeney, master William.

-, -, letters procuratory of, 692.

-, Hungerforth, Mary, dispensation to, 220.

-, -, daughter of lady Anne Hungerford (or Raynesford), 688, 690.

-, -, petition of, 691.

-, -, dispensation for the marriage of, confirmed, 687693.

-, -, parents, kinsfolk and friends of, 687, 692.

-, Thomas, husband of lady Anne Hungerford (or Raynesford, ne de Percy), 690, 692.

-, -, daughter of. See Hungerford, Mary.

Hungoford (recte Hungerford), Margaret, indult to, 873.

Hungreford. See Hungerford.

Hunsdon, Hounesdon, [co. Herts,] rectory of, 708.

Hunstanton, [co. Norfolk], Mustrell in, q.v.

Hunte, Thomas, de facto vicar of Skreen, 312.

Huntingdon, Huntyng[d]on, [co. Huntingdon], convent of Friars Hermits of the order of St. Augustine, indulgence to persons visiting and giving alms to, 563.

Huntly, co. Aberdeen. See Kinoir.

Huntyngdon, John, late warden of the collegiate church of Manchester, 309.

Huntyngton, Thomas, dispensation to, 899.

Huoctorlana. See Holycross.

Huonia, Huonya, Huotnia, abbey de. See Abington, co. Limerick.

Hurley, Horley, [co. Berks], Benedictine priory, Thomas prior of. See Rouston.

Huschwayre, Thomas, a monk of Jervaulx, dispensation to, 744.

Huse, Peter, archdeacon of Chichester and rector of St. Michael Cornhill, London, sometime rector of Yarborough, dispensation to, 789.

Huseman, Husman, John, dean of St. Patroclus, Soest, papal notary, nuncio and commissary, papal mandatary, 61.

-, -, papal notary and nuncio, and his retinue, safe conduct for, 226.

Hussard, John, indult to, 880.

Hussey, Hussy, Ellis (Heleys), late rector of Amberley, 60.

-, Hosse, Husseye, Ossey, John, to be rector of Killiney, Kilshannig and the parcel of Kilcummin, 336.

-, -, a canon of Ardfert and prebendary of Carrigleigh and rector of Ralsan, union of benefices of, confirmed, 472.

-, -, to be chancellor of Ardfert and vicar of Kilmalkedar and Kilquane, 460.

-, -, de facto chancellor of Ardfert, 810.

-, Hussuye, Nicholas, patron of Ralsan, 472.

Huton. See Hutton.

Huton Cranswike. See Hutton Cranswick.

Huton [sic] in Spaldingmor. See Holme on Spalding Moor.

Hutton, Huton, [co. Berwick], parish church of, annexed to the provostship of Dunglass, union of the parish of Wester Upsetlington to, 645.

-, rectory of, with lands, patronage of, 644.

-, vicar of, to exercise cure of souls in Wester Upsetlington, 645.

-, -, portion reserved for, out of the rectory of Wester Upsetlington, 645.

-, vicarage of, in the patronage of the provost of Dunglass, 645.

-, hospital of, with lands, patronage of, 644.

Hutton Cranswick, Hiwton Cranswyk, Huton Cranswike, [co. York], parish of, Rotsea within, 578.

-, rectory of, united to the priory of Watton, 578.

-, vicar of, 579.

-, vicarage of, 832.

Huttonen, Thomas, rector of Langton, [co. Yorks, E.R.], dispensation to, 562.

Huyscamflore, Huyschampflore. See Huish Champflower.

Hybernia . See Ireland.

Hyde abbey. See Winchester.

Hyghvorth. See Highworth.

Hyl. See Hill, William, lord of Buckland Tout Saints.

Hyllygrew. See Killigrew, Benedict.

Hyke, Thomas, rector of Nunnington, dispensation to, 396.

Hykhame, Thomas, dispensation to, 569.

Hyldersham. See Hildersham.

Hyll, Hylle. See Hill.

Hylton. See Hilton.

Hyndolueston. See Hindolveston.

Hynton alias Chepman, William, an Augustinian canon of Christchurch, indult to, 746.

Hyrop, Robert, dispensation to, 881.

Hyrste, John, rector of Charwelton, dispensation to, 397.


Ian, Jan, Jane, Thomas, official of London, refusal of, to do justice to a litigant, 528.

-, -, refusal of, to hear a suit, 735.

-, -, official of the bishop of London, rector of Hayes and vicar of Ashwell, formerly rector of Little Burstead and subsequently vicar of Prittlewell and chaplain of Foulness, 9, 10.

-, -, a canon of London, papal mandatary, 359.

Ibernia . See Ireland.

Ibrickan, Ybrathayn, [a barony in co. Clare,] rectory of, 390, 391.

-, -, pension on the fruits of, 391.

Ibuogy. See Obuogy.

Icklesham, Ikelsham, Ikkylsam, [co. Sussex], parish church of All Saints, vicarage, called chaplaincy, of, 807.

-, vicarage of, 60.

Icormachayn. See O'Cormachan, Thomas.

Icylti. See Ocylti.

Idonolayn. See O'Donellan, Cornelius.

Ielde, Thomas, dispensation to, 865.

Ihugyn. See O'Higgins.

Ikelsham. See Icklesham.

Ikerog. See Okerog.

Ikkylsam. See Iklesham.

Ilamfhyd. See Olamfhyd.

Ilefordcomb. See Ilfracombe.

Ilerden[sis]. See Lerida.

Ilsley, East, Est Hildesley, [co. Berks.], rectory of, 589.

Illerden[sis]. See Lerida.

Ilsley, East, Est Hildesley, [co. Berks.], rectory of, 589.

-, West, West Yldysley, [co. Berks.], parish church of All Saints, rectory of, 837.

Ilton, John de, a Friar Preacher, [bishop-]elect of Varna, provision of, 898.

-, -, consecreation of, 898.

Imelacen[sis], Imilacen[sis], Imilicen- [sis], See Emly.

Imllachmayd. See Olachnayn, Matthew.

Immalacen[sis]. See Emly.

Imola, [Italy], papal vicar-general in. See Visconti de Riano, Jerome.

-, John de Vierana of, 136.

Imolacen[sis]. See Emly.

Imphrick, Ymbrych, [co. Cork], a prebend (with Kileredan) in Cloyne, 349.

Imwryhyrti. See O'Murrily.

Inch, Ninche, Ynche, [co. Cork], vicarage of, 183, 817, 818.

Inch, de Insala, [co. Down], Cistercian abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 161.

Inch, Inssemotolmog, Insula Micolmore, [cos. Wexford and Wicklow], rectory of, 430, 604.

Inch. co. Wigtown. See Soulseat.

Inchaffray, Inchafra [in Madderty parish, co. Perth], Augustinian abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 25.

Inchbrayock, Unchbryok [co. Forfar], rectory of, appropriated to the archiepiscopal mensa of St. Andrews, 17.

Inchcolm, Insula Sancte (sic) Columbe, [in the Firth of Forth,] Augustinian abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 197 note.

Inchinabacky, Insynabaky, [co. Cork], rectory of, 831.

Inchmacnerin, de Insula Machueri, Insula Macheri, Insula Macnherii, [an island m Lough Key, now Church Island, In Boyle, co. Roscommon, Augustinian priory of St. Mary, prior of, papal mandatary, 89, 295.

-, -, Donatus prior of. See Obenachan.

-, -, convent of. union of a parish church to, 872.

Inchmahome, Insula Sancti Colmoci, Colmocii, St. Colmocus, Sancti Colmoci de Insula, Ynchmahowmo, [in Port of Monteith, co. Perth], Augustinian priory, Alexander prior of. See Ruch.

-, -, David prior of. See Henrici.

-, -, Gilbert sometime prior of. See de Camera.

-, -, John prior of. See Caveris

-, -, Thomas prior of. See Dog.

-, -, priors of, pension to be paid by, 84, 108.

-, -, litigants for. See Henrici, David; Mason, Peter.

-, -, prior and convent of, presentation made by, 610.

-, -, subprior and convent, election by, 414.

-, -, canon of. See Dog, Thomas.

-, -, pensions on the fruits of, 84, 108.

Inch St. Laurence, Dysyrtlaurays, [co. Limerick], a prebend in Emly, 387.

Ingatestone, Gyngattston, [co. Essex], rectory of, 472.

Ingelere, John, indult to, 380.

-, -, Elena his wife, 380.

Ingleby, Yngelby, Joan, indult to, 381.

-, Thomas, bishop of Rathlure, resident in the diocese of Lincoln, papal mandatary, 398.

-, -, date of provision of, to the see of Rathlure, 398 note.

-, -, witness, 693.

Inglesmaldie, Ecclestnaldeis, [in Aberluthnet, co. Kincardine], tithes of, 462.

Inglis, Ynglis, Alexander, sub-dean of Dunkeld and rector of Kinloch, grant to, 526, 527.

-, -, master of the register of petitions signed by James IV, to be dean of Dunkeld, 63.

-, -, dean of Dunkeld, de facto bishop elect of Dunkeld, monition to, 276, 277.

-, -, a counsellor of James III, to be archdeacon of St. Andrews, 93.

-, -, kinsman and proctor in the Roman Court of William Scheves, archbishop of St. Andrews, vicar of Dundonald, to be also rector of Kirkmichael, 105.

-, James, a canon of Glasgow, proctor substitute of Richard Wyly, 18.

-, Ingliis, James, late vicar of Bathgate, 354, 459.

-, James, late vicar of Cadder, 24.

-, James, late vicar of Legerwood, 360.

Iniscayg. See Inniscattery.

Inisceltra, locus de. See Inishcaltra.

Iniscionan. See Inniscronane.

Inisckay. See Inniscattery.

Iniscorthy. See Enniscorthy.

Iniscronain, Inis Cronan, Iniscronan, In[i]scronayn. See Inniscronane.

Inisfallen. See Innisfallen.

Inisgad. See Canon Island.

In[i]sgayd. See Scattery Island.

Inishannon, Inyscoganayn, [co. Cork], parish of, new parish church of St. Mary the Virgin to be erected in part of (west of the Baudon river), 429.

-, -, ploughlands in. See Ballymountain, Curranure, Dromkeen, Knockroe.

-, -, proposed division of, 428, 429.

-, rector and vicar of, 429.

Inishcaltra, Iniskealtra, loci Demisceltra, loci Domysceltra (i.e. de Inisceltra), [co. Clare], vicarage of, 654, 655 (bis), 731.

Inishdadroum, Inysdagraim, [in Killadysert, co. Clare], vicarage of, 89.

Inishkeel, Ynisscaeyl, [co. Donegal], rectory of, 758.

Inishkenny, Inscreni alias Baleymulunyl, [co. Cork], a prebend in Cork, 739.

Inishlounaght, de Surio, [co. Tipperary], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 351.

-, -, Dermit abbot of. See O'Hiffernan.

-, -, Maurice abbot of. See O'Hiffernan.

-, -, Patrick late abbot of. See O'Donoghue.

-, -, Thomas abbot of. See Ogrechain.

-, -, William abbot of. See O'Donoghue.

-, -, monks of. See O'Donoghue, William; Ogrechain, Thomas; O'Hiffernan, Dermit; O'Hiffernan, Maurice.

-, -, pension from the fruits of, 535.

Inishmore (one of the Aran Islands), co. Galway. See Templebrecan.

Inishmurray, Insula Mury, de Insula Mary, de Insula Muraby, [in Ahamplish, co. Sligo], alias Aughris (q.v.), Augustinian priory, prior of, papal mandatary, 46, 475.

-, -, John late prior of. See Oflangole.

-, -, Malachy prior of. See Oflangole.

Iniskealtra. See Inishcaltra.

Inismaid, Intsmad, in the diocese of Achonry, quarter of, 687 note.

Inismore, Inysmore, Inysmore, [i.e. Deer Island, in Kilchrist parish, co. Clare], rectory of the church of the fee of, 502, 503.

Inistioge, Inistiock, Insdehoe, Ynistiok, Ynyssteoc, [co. Kilkenny], Augustinian priory of St. Columba, prior of, papal mandatary, 286, 347, 443, 756.

Innerleithen, Enerlethan, Enerlethen, Ennerlichton, Inverneltan, [co. Peebles], vicarage of, 43, 63, 96, 118, 339.

-, -, pension on the fruits of, 97.

Innhelen. See Inverchaolain.

Innisbrechmaich, parish church of St. Medocius de. See Templeport.

Inniscac. See Scattery Island.

Inniscattery, Iniscayg, Inisckay, Yniskate, [i.e. Scattery Island, in Kilrush, co. Clare], a prebend in Killaloc, 127, 128, 149, 612.

Inniscronane, Iniscionan, Iniscronain, Inis Cronan, Iniscronan, In[i]scronayn, Inniscronin, Inscronan, Inyscronayn, Yniscronan, Yniscronayn, Yniseronan, Ynyscronan, [co. Clare], Augustinian priory of St. Mary, prior of, papal mandatary, 57, 126, 131, 134, 145, 149 (bis), 155, 195, 297, 333, 654, 655, 658.

-, -, Maurice prior of. See Ohanrihan.

-, -, Rory prior of. See Occonyn.

-, -, Thady prior of. See Ohanrihan.

-, -, canon of. See Ohanrihan, Maurice.

Innisfallen, Cueffalen, Enisfalin, Inisfallen, Vimyffahond, Ynisfaclynd, [in Aghadoe, co. Kerry], Augustinian priory of St. Mary (or St. Augustine), prior of, papal mandatary, 112, 510, 809, 810.

-, -, Donald prior commendatary of. See O'sullivan.

-, -, Donald de facto prior of. See Osega.

-, -, canons of, non-residence of, 629.

Innocent II, pope, 400.

Innocent III, pope, constitution of, 262.

Innocent IV, pope, grant by, confirmed, 41.

-, see of Ardstraw transferred to Derry by order of, 398 note.

Innocent VIII, pope, bull of, registered in a register of Sixtus IV, 196 note.

-, register of, bulls of Sixtus IV entered in, 863 note, 864.

Innocentia, Innocentia by Atylnayn (recte Athluayn), Innoscencia, priory de. See Athlone.

Innyscorthy. See Enniscorthy.

Insch, co. Aberdeen. See Wardhouse.

Inscreni alias Baleymulunyl. See Inishkenny.

Inscronan. See Inniscronane.

Insdehoc. See Inistioge.

Insmacnel, in the diocese of Cork, vicarage of, 773.

Inssemotolmog. See Inch, cos. Wexford and Wicklow.

Insula, abbey de. See Inch, co. Down.

Insula, priory de. See St. Mary's Isle.

Insula Macheri, Machneri, Macnherii, priory de. See Inchmacnerin.

Insula Mary, priory de. See Inishmurray.

Insula Micolmore . See Inch, cos. Wexford and Wicklow.

Insula Muraby, Mury. See Inishmurray.

Insula Sancte (sic) Columbe. See Inchcolm.

Insula sancti Brioci . See Craig.

Insula sancti Colmoci, Colmocii. See Inchmahome.

Insula Sancti Malanfid, Malanfyd, Molanfid, Molanfyd, Muylanaha, abbey de. See Molana.

Insula Sanctorum . See Saints Island.

Insula sub Melanfyd . See Molana.

Insula Trayl, priory de. See St. Mary's Isle.

Insula viventium, viuentium, priory de.

See Monaincha.

Insulen [sis]. See Lille.

Insynabaky. See Inchinabacky.

Interanen [sis]. See Terni.

Intewode. See Intwood.

Intsmad. See Inismaid.

Intwood, Intewode, [co. Norfolk], Cristina Baker of, 727.

Inu(er)roury. See Inverurie.

Inuerry (i.e. Inverie), chapel of St. Monan in. See Abercrombie.

Inu(us)oruy. See Inverurie.

Inver, de llinwer, [co. Donegal], vicarage of, 758.

Inverchaolain, Innhelen, [co. Argyll], parish church of St. Bride, vicarage of, 172.

Inverie, Inuerry, chapel of St. Monan in. See Abercrombie.

Inverlochty, Litilinuerloche, [in Elgin, co. Elgin], lands and mill of, 818.

Invermore, St. Romanus de Larni, [now part of Inver, co. Antrim], rectory of, 537.

Invernellan. See Innerleithen.

Inverurie, Inu(er)roury, Inu(us)oruy, Ionu(us)roury, [co. Aberdeen], vicarage of, 704.

Inverwick, co. Haddington. See Threepland.

Iny Macarthayg. See MacCarthy, Avilina.

Inysceltra, locus de. See Iniscaltra.

Inyscoganayn. See Inishanon, co. Cork.

Inyscronayn. See Inniscronane.

Inysdagraim. See Inishdadroum.

Inysgad. See Canon Island.

Inyskahy, Inyskaid. See Scattery Island.

Inysmore, Inysmori. See Inismore.

Inythulebayn. See O'sullivan, Murrmd.

Iona, Y, [in Kilfinichen and Kilvickeon, co. Argyll], Benedictine abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 166.

Iochque (recte Lochque). See Lough Key.

Ionu(us)roury. See Inverurie.

Iowng. See Young, Patrick.

Ipswich, Gipp[i]wicum, Gipwicum, [co. Suffolk], Augustinian priory of the Holy Trinity in the diocese of Norwich, canon of. See Wade, Thomas.

-, parish church of St. Matthew, rectory of, 7, 696.

Iraghticonnor, Areadcht Yconchuyr, [a barony in co. Kerry], John O'Connor lord of the places of, 572.

Irby, John, rector of Norton, co. Suffolk, dispensation to, 641, 669 note.

Ireland, Hibernia, Hybernia, Ibernia sive Irlanda, Irlandia, Ybernia, those parts, Augustinian Friars vicariate of, vicar and friars of, petition of, 426, 427.

-, bishops, etc. of, negligence of, 50.

-, Carmelite Friars visitation of, vicar and friars of, petition of, 426, 427.

-, collector of the papal camera in, excommunication by, 436.

-, collectors of the papal camera in. See Hacket, David, bishop of Ossory; and nuncios and collectors infra.

-, custom of, to wear a sword, 597.

-, expected arrival of a papal collector in, 110, 208.

-, faculty for the visitation of, churches and monasteries in, 50.

-, faculty to dispense as regards matrimony 100 men and 100 women in, 91.

-, faculties to absolve persons in, 51, 199.

-, Friars Minors province of, prior and friars of, petition of, 426, 427.

-, Friars Minors of the Observance, province of, vicar of, licenced to build two houses of that order, in Ireland, 745.

-, -, -, -, petition of, 744, 745.

-, Friars Preachers province of, minister and friars of, petition of, 426, 427.

-, Hospitallers priory of, James, prior of. See Keating.

-, -, Marmaduke prior of. See Lomelay.

-, -, amount of contribution to the expenses of the Order from, 223 note.

-, indulgences in, suspension of, 50.

-, indult in, for aid in the defence of Rhodes, extended, 259.

-, islands and places adjacent to, papal nuncio etc. to. See Sante, John, abbot of Abingdon.

-, -, journeys to the Roman Court from, 512, 643.

-, licence to build two houses of the Friars Minors of the Observance in, 745.

-, lieutenant-general of the master and convent of Rhodes in. See Kendall, John.

-, metropolitan and cathedral churches in, length of vacancies in, 407.

-, mission of Nicholas Jacobi de Guarnetis to, 278.

-, money of, 830.

-, nuncio of the apostolic see in. See Palatio, Octavianus de.

-, -, with legatine power. See Giglis, John de.

-, nuncios of the apostolic see and collectors of the papal camera in. See Medicis, Prosper Camulius de; Ofaelan, John, a canon of Ferns; O'Hedian, John, bishop of Ossory; Sante, John, abbot of Abingdon; Winchedon, William, prior of St. Catherine, Waterford.

-, peoples of, rich fruits brought to, by the Friars Minors of the Observance, 744.

-, places adjacent to, 281.

-, John Sante sent to, to preach the Jubilee indulgence, 197.

-, sub-collector of the papal Camera in, absolution by, 436.

-, sub-collectors of the papal Camera in, revoked, 207, 208.

-, university in, lack of, 426.

-, wars and warlike disturbances in, 491, 501.

Irlanda, (i.e. Ireland), use of, as an alternative for Ibernia, 130 note.

-, in substitution for Hibernia, 223 note.

Irlande, Johannes de, bajulirus Manoasce, 256 note.

Irlandia, in substitution for Hibernia, 259 note.

Irlond, Thomas, rector of Llanddyfnan, dispensation to, 726.

Irnot, Richard, vicar of Harrow, dispensation to, 734.

Isac. John, dispensation to, 872.

Isannachan. See Osannachan.

Isles, the, (i.e. the Hebrides), bishop and diocese of. See Sodor.

-, flight of the countess of Ross from, 66.

-, lord of. See Macdonald, John.

Issuleuayn. See O Sullivan, John.

Isyadrayn. See O Sheridan, Denis.

Italy, lieutenant-general of the master and convent of Rhodes in. See Kendall, John.

-, orator from Edward IV to the pope, for the purpose of making peace in, 248, 254.

-, sentence executed in, 252.

-, seven priories of, in the order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, 223 note.

Ivinghoe, Ivingho, [co. Bucks.], vicarage of, 687.

Ixworth, Yxworth, [co. Suffolk], Augustinian priory, prior of, 158.

-, -, indulgence to persons visiting etc., 158.


Jacobi, William, indult to, 379.

-, -, Agnes his wife, 379.

Jacson, Richard, a canon of Hereford, papal mandatary, 496.

James III, king of Scots, affection of, for Torphichen preceptory, 213.

-, agent of, at Rome. See Boys, Henry.

-, ancestors of, founders of Cambuskenneth abbey, 75.

-, assistance of, sought against the Turks, 203.

-, business of, at the apostolic see, 272.

-, chapel of. See St. Andrews, collegiate church of St. Mary the Virgin.

-, charges made by, 61.

-, collation made by the pope out of consideration for, 599.

-, collector and nuncio in lands, cities and places subject to, 204 (bis).

-, commensal member of the household of. See Bikkarton, John.

-, confessor of. See Mure, John.

-, consent of, required, 84.

-, councillor and member of the household of. See Scheves, William.

-, counsellors of. See Elphinstone, William; Hugonis, David; Inglis, Alexander; Scheves, William.

-, dominions of, 283.

-, grants made to the collegiate church of Dunglass by, 644.

-, indults to, 212, 224.

-, kinsmen of. See Douglas, Hugh; Lindesay, James.

-, lands etc. subject to, indult to persons in, who contribute to the defence of Christendom, 204.

-, letters from, to the pope, 72, 256.

-, William Lowry beloved of, 284.

-, master of the register of petitions signed by. See Inglis, Alexander.

-, news of the madness of Patrick Graham sent to the Pope by, 555.

-, William Oliphant well-beloved of, 240.

-, orator of, to the pope, or in the Roman court. See Blackader, Robert.

-, papal letters to, 105, 165, 168, 331, 471, 555, 556 (bis), 656, 720, 798, 812 (bis), 813, 824, 825 (bis), 826, 827, 846.

-, papal nuncio to. See Graham, Patrick.

-, patron of the prior of St. Andrews, libel sent to, 225.

-, patronage of a canonry of Moray and the prebend of Kingussie claimed and exercised by, 610, 611.

-, petitions of, 12, 13, 14, 19 (bis), 34, 47, 53, 55, 75, 138, 212, 224, 236, 237, 329, 330, 339, 465, 468, 557, 571, 593, 800, 844.

-, physician of (Andrew Alamani), 305.

-, presentation made by, 77.

-, -, upon lapse, 492.

-, proctor of, in the Roman Court. See Blackader, Robert.

-, scribe in the privy council and master of the rolls of the register of. See Scott, Alexander.

-, secretary of. See Whitelaw, Archibald.

-, service of, 79.

-, treasurer of. See Lang, John.

-, described as king of Scotland, Scotia, 203, 204 (bis), 212, 225, 556.

James, a Friar Preacher, vice-chancellor of the Roman Church, 41.

James, Michael, a canon of Vannes, and a member of the household of Sixtus IV indult to, 270 note.

-, Nicholas (or Anthony), a merchant of the Society of the Staple of Calais, 231.

-, Robert, rector of Winterborne Stickland, dispensation to, 557.

Jamestown, in Kiltoghert, co. Leitrim. See Kiltrinan.

Jan, Jane. See Ian, Thomas.

Jankin ap Joruorth. See Edwardi, John.

Janyns, John, rector of Peopleton, dispensation to, 747.

Janys, Edmund, sometime rector of St. Mary, Wexford, 402.

Jarkesley, Thomas, abbot of Sawtry, dispensation to, 698.

Jedburgh, Gedriortht, Geduart, Geduorde, Geduort, Jeddworth, Jeddwworth, Jiedwourch, Jiddworth, Yedyod, [co. Roxburgh], Augustinian abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 43, 496.

-, -, -, patron of Restennet priory, 507.

-, -, Andrew sometime abbot of. See Bolton.

-, -, John late abbot of. See Hall.

-, -, John provided abbot of. See Woodman.

-, -, Philip late abbot of, the rule of Blantyre priory granted to, 532.

-, -, Robert abbot of. See Archison; and Turnbull.

-, -, Thomas abbot of. See Granston.

-, -, Walter abbot of. See Turnbull.

-, -, William de facto abbot of. See Forster.

-, -, abbatial mensa of, appropriation of the priory of Restennet to, 507.

-, -, canons of. See Archison, Robert; Forster, William; Turnbull, John; Turnbull, Robert.

-, -, convent of, elections of abbots by, 168, 169, 173, 519.

-, -, -, mandate to, 168.

-, -, -, monition to, 169.

-, -, -, petition of, 532.

-, -, Blantyre priory dependent on, 532.

-, -, Restennet priory dependent upon, 507.

-, -, vassals and subjects of, mandate to, 168.

-, -, -, monition to, 169.

Jenkynson, Richard, indult to, 381.

Jerpoint, de Eriponte, de Gereponte, de Jeriponte, Jeriponte, [in Jerpoint-abbey parish, co. Kilkenny], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 40, 74, 286, 347, 762, 763.

-, -, Gerald abbot of. See Vatonni.

-, -, Thomas abbot of. See Blondel.

-, -, monks of. See Blondel, Thomas; Vatonni, Gerald.

Jersey, Gersey, [Channel Islands], inhabitants of, petition of, 258.

Jerusalem, [Palestine], order of the Cruciferi of, house of. See St. Johns.

-, St. John of. See Hospitallers (in Index of Subjects).

-, St. Lazarus of. See St. Lazarus of Jerusalem, order of (in Index of Subjects).

-, vows of pilgrimage to, 204.

Jervaulx, de Joreualle, Joreuallis, de Jorcvalle, de Jouravalle, Seravallis (recte Jeravallis), [co. York], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 751.

-, -, abbot and convent of, benefices in the gift of. See Ainderby Steeple; Witton, West.

-, -, -, union for, 878.

-, -, -, petitions of, 326, 631, 632.

-, -, monks of, 631.

-, -, -, benefice to be ruled by, 327.

-, -, - See also Huschwayre, Thomas; Kyldale, Robert; Mudde, Henry.

-, -, appropriation to, 326, 327.

Jevan ap Thomas, John ap. See John ap Jevan ap Thomas.

Jicdwourch, Jiddworth. See Jedburgh.

Jkelim, Richard de, appeal of, 868.

Jmyth. See Smith, John.

Jo ., correction made by, 836 note.

Joce, Richard, dispensation to, 710.

Joge. See Joy, Thomas.

Johannis, alias de Perth, Andrew, indult to, 381.

-, Joannis (? Johnson), Gilbert, to have a rectory in the diocese of Sodor, 879.

-, Thomas, a canon of Ardfert, papal mandatary, 354.

-, Thomas, lord of Blaenkymmel, indult to, 380.

-, William, a canon of Llandaff. See William ap John.

Johannis, Wilhelmus filius. See Fitz-Johan, William.

John II, king of France, money of, 241.

John XXIII, pope, letters of (Meritis vestre devotionis.), confirmed, 263.

-, mandate of, 463, 464 note, 465.

John ap Jevan ap Thomas, indult to, 380.

-, Eleanora his wife, 380.

John ap Richard, rector of Sutton, dispensation to, 305.

John, David ap. See David ap John.

John, Henry ap. See Henry ap John.

John, Richard ap. See Richard ap John.

John, William ap. See William ap John.

John alias Whitcastell, William, priest, to be a notary public, 828.

Johnn, Lewis, rector of Llangoedmore, dispensation to, 831. Cf. Jones, Lewis infra.

Johnson, James, a Premonstratensian canon of West Dereham, dispensation to, 675.

-, Thomas, party to a matrimonial suit, 782.

-, -, appeal of, 788.

-, -, wife of. See Wales, Margaret.

-, Jonson, William, vicar of Wolfhampcote, indult to, 791.

Johnston, Robert, to be rector of Kirkpatrick-Juxta, 126.

Joliffe, Thomas, warden of Elmley Castle, petition of, 642.

Jones, Jonys, John, rector of Dauntsey, dispensation to, 541.

-, Jonys, Lewis, rector of Llangattock, dispensation to, 850. Cf. Johnn, Lewis supra.

Jonson. See Johnson, William.

Jonys. See Jones.

Joreualle, Joreuallis, Jorcvalle, abbey de. See Jervaulx.

Jordan, Roger, dispensation to, 892.

Joruorth, Jankin ap. See Edwardi, John.

Joseph, William, proctor of lady Anne Raynesford, 692.

Jouravalle, abbey de. See Jervaulx.

Jourd, Robert, dispensed to marry, 891.

Jovis (? recte Jonis, i.e. Johannis), William, dispensation to, 891.

Jowet, Mariona, indult to, 867.

Joy, Yoy, John, a canon of Annaghdown, papal mandatary, 56.

-, -, a canon and prebendary of Annaghdown, to be also vicar of Belclare, 438.

-, -, to be vicar and rector of Kilcoona, 674.

-, Joye, John, dispensation to, 867.

-, Maurice, a canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 650.

-, Yoy, Richard, a canon of Annaghdown, papal mandatary, 56, 552.

-, Thomas, imprisonment and death of, 663.

-, Thomas, a canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 438.

-, Joge, Thomas, archdeacon of Tuam, commissary of Donatus O'Murray, archbishop of Tuam, collation made by, 459.

-, -, death of, 769.

-, -, executor of a papal mandate, 328.

-, William, vicar of Chiddingly, to be also archdeacon of Tuam, 663.

Judda, Richard, rector of South Reston, dispensation to, 854.

Juliano, master Bartholomew de, archdeacon of Piacenza, papal nuncio to Almain and Scotland, collector of the Crusade, 159.

Jullis, John, rector of Blickling, dispensation to, 738.

Junor, Martin, vicar of Adderbury, dispensation to, 321.

Jurdan, John, rector of Bromham, dispensation to, 634.

Justin [opolitanus). See Capodistria.


Kahirdunaheascy, Kahirdyinaheascy, Kahyrdunaheasey. See Caher, co. Tipperary.

Kalder. See Calder, John.

Kalko. See Kelso.

Kalocsa, Kalocsa-Bacs, Kalocza, Colocen[sis], [Hungary], archbishop of, 130 note.

-, -, papal mandatary, 502.

Kalyykouuac. See Kilmocomoge.

Kandal. See Kendall, John.

Kanedi, Kanedy, Kannedi. See Kennedy.

Kant. See Cant, John.

Kanydy. See Kennedy, Thomas.

Karimari, Karnarn. See Cahernarry.

Karne, John, an Augustinian canon of Kells, co. Kilkenny, to be prior of the same, 51.

-, -, de facto prior of Kells, co. Kilkenny, 651.

Karnnary. See Cahernarry.

Ka[t]hyrbrisleaym alias Ynysdasliabog. See Caher.

Kayforde. See Keyford.

Kayldaria (i.e. Kildare), earl of. See FitzGerald, Thomas (Fitz Maurice).

Kaynell, (fn. 1) Robert, rector of Henley on Thames and of St. Botolph without Bishopsgate, London, sometime rector of North Wraxall, dispensation to, 775, 776.

Kayrklyngton. See Kirklington.

Keating, Keting, Ketyng, James, prior of the Hospitallers priory of Ireland, deprivation of, 130.

-, -, prior of Kilmainham, tithes seized by, 272.

-, Ketyng, Nicholas, late dean of Ferns, 403.

-, Ketynng, Richard, de facto vicar of Kilronan, 403.

Kebyng, John, a monk of St. Benet Hulme, dispensation to, 483.

Kedyalias de Nurni. See Urney, co. Cavan.

Kelbyis, priory de. See Kells, co. Kilkenny.

Keldonen. See Kildonan.

Kelet, William, rector of Passenham, dispensation to, 425.

Kelkenya . See Kilkenny.

Kellenymoyt. See Killeenemer.

Kellis, priory de. See Kells, co. Kilkenny.

Kelloe, Kello, [in Edrom, co. Berwick], lands in the vill of, 644.

Kells, de Kelbyis, Kellis, Kellys, Kenantig[sic], de Kenlis, Kyllis, Kyllys, [co. Kilkenny], Augustinian priory of St. Mary, prior of, papal mandatary, 138, 443, 638, 671, 831.

-, -, Edmund prior of. See Archer.

-, -, John prior of. See Karne.

-, -, Thady prior commendatary of. See O'Morrissey.

-, -, William prior commendatary of. See O'Hedian.

-, -, prior and convent of, cited, 453.

-, -, -, rectory belonging to. See Grean.

-, -, canons of, election made by, 51.

-, -, -, See also Karne, John; Archer, Edmund.

Kells, Kenlys, [co. Meath], Augustinian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 553.

Kellys. See Kells, co. Kilkenny.

Kelmoren [sis]. See Kilmore.

Kelshall, Kelsall, [co. Herts.], rectory of, 638.

Kelso, Cabro (recte Calco), Calco, de Calco, Kalko, [co. Roxburgh], Benedictine abbey of St. Mary, immediately subject to the apostolic see, abbot of, papal mandatary, 192, 496, 811.

-, -, Alan late abbot of. See de Camera.

-, -, Richard abbot of. See Robson.

-, -, Richard claiming to be abbot of. See Wyly.

-, -, Robert abbot of. See Ker.

-, -, abbot and convent of, benefice in the gift of, 67.

-, -, -, presentation by, 771.

-, -, convent of, commission for, 878.

-, -, monks of. See Robson, Richard; Wyly, Richard.

-, -, convent of, elections made by, 18.

-, -, exemption of, annulled, 19.

Kemmes, Kemmeys, [a hundred in co. Pembroke], Dinas in, 629.

Kempe, John, cardinal priest of St. Balbina's, called the cardinal of York, money alleged to have come to the hands of, 52.

-, -, executor of. See Kempe, Thomas.

-, -, heirs of, 52, 53.

-, Thomas, bishop of London, executor of John [Kempe], cardinal priest of St. Balbina's, claim of the papal Camera against, 52, 53.

-, -, papal mandatary, 309.

-, -, patron of Doddinghurst, collation made by, 7.

-, -, to be rector commendatary of Orsett, 858.

-, William, dispensation to, 218.

Kempsey, [co. Worcester], great size of parish of, 623.

-, parish church of, daughter chapel of. See Stoulton.

-, rector of, to be summoned, 623.

-, rectory of, appropriated to Westbury on Trym, 25, 26.

-, -, chapels annexed to. See Norton by Kempsey and Stoulton.

-, vicar of, ancient protion assigned to, 25.

Kenantig. See Kells, co. Kilkenny.

Kendal. See Kirkby in Kendal.

Kendall, Gandal, Kandal, Quendall, Quindal, John, a brother of the Hosptial of St. John of Jerusalem, preceptor of Willoughton, Halston and Melchbourne, 59.

-, -, preceptor also of West Peckham, Stalisfield and Rodmersham, 69.

-, -, preceptor also of Newland and Ossington, and of Winkburn, and orator of the master and convent of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem to the pope, petition of, 177.

-, -, receiver of money for defence of Rhodes, 178.

-, -, turcopolier, 256 note.

-, -, turcopolier of the hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, orator of the master and convent of that order to the pope, charges made by, 253.

-, -, lieutenant-general of the master and convent of Rhodes in Italy, England, Flanders and Ireland and their procurator in the Roman Court, orator to the pope of the said master and convent and of the chaptergeneral of the order of the Knights Hospitallers, 254.

Keneill, See Kinneil.

Kenid(or Benid), Emericus (or Americus) de, a Friar Observant, papal commissary to publish the Crusade beyond the Alps, 159.

Kenidy. See Kennedy, Henry.

Kenilworth, Kyllyngworth, [co. Warwick], Augustinian priory, canon of. See Barton, Thomas.

Kenlis, priory de. See Kells, co. Kilkenny.

Kenlys, abbey de, in the diocese of Meath. See Kells, co. Meath.

Kenmara. See Kinvarradoorus.

Kenmare, co. Kerry. See Killowen.

Kennedy, Kennedi, Gilbert, a claimant to the rectory of Benholm, 27.

-, Kennedi, Gilbert, sometime a canon of Moray and prebendary of Kincardine, 340.

-, -, proctor of. See Rate, Alexander.

-, Kenidy, Kynidy, Henry, late a canon of Ross (in Scotland) and prebenday of Contin, 329, 340.

-, James, late bishop of St. Andrews, founder of the collegiate church of St. Salvator, St. Andrews, 19, 214.

-, -, nephew of. See Douglas, Hugh.

-, Kynardi, Kynnard, James, de facto precentor of Moray, monition to, 257.

-, -, a claimant to the precentorship of Moray, 763.

-, Kanedi, John, rector of Dysart, co. Fife, presentation to the vicarage of the same made by, 613.

-, Kanedi, Kanedy, Kanydy, Thomas, to be rector of Dysart, co. Fife, 578.

-, -, rector of Dysart, co. Fife, pension to be paid by, 563.

-, -, collation of a canonry and prebend in the chapel royal of St. Mary at St. Andrews to, 599, 600.

-, -, a canon of the chapel royal of St. Mary at St. Andrews and prebendary of Dysart therein, sometime rector of Dysart, indult to, 590.

-, Kanedi, Thomas, sometime vicar of Dysart, co. Fife, 613.

-, Thomas, late vicar of Kilmany, 479.

Kennel. See Kinnell.

Kennet, river [co. Berks,] 896 note.

Kennety. See Kinnetty.

Kennington, Kenyngton, [co. Kent], vicarage of, 506.

Kent, Robert, rector of Howe, dispensation to, 713.

Kentisbury, Kentysbery, [co. Devon], rectory of, 448.

Kenyngton. See Kennington.

Kenyngull, Renyngull, Robert, prior of Letheringham, dispensation to, 290.

Ker, George, a litigant for the vicarage of Innerleithen, 63.

-, George, to be vicar of Linton, 771.

-, Robert, abbot of Kelso, grant to, 18.

-, -, commission for, 878.

Kera, Roba in. See Ballinrobe (north of the river Robe).

Kerdiff. See Cardiff.

Kerington. See Carrington.

Kerlac. See Carlow.

Kermerdyl. See Carmarthen.

Kerry, Cherrigia, Kirrigia, [Ireland], knight of. See Geraldinis, John de.

Kertelyng alias Boled, Kertelyngge, John, a monk of Bury St. Edmunds, dispensation to, 297.

-, -, abbot of Wymondham, dispensation to, 790.

Keruer, John. See Alleyn.

Kerymont. See Kirriemuir.

Kesod, Philip, indult to, 550.

Ketelberston. See Kettlebaston.

Keting. See Keating.

Kettins, Betnes, [co. Forfar], rectory of, annexed to the Trinitarian friars house of Berwick on Tweed, 491.

Kettlebaston, Ketelberston, [co. Suffolk], parish church of St. Mary, rectory of, 528.

Ketylbe, William, a monk of Garendon, dispensation to, 618.

Ketyng, Ketynng. See Keating.

Keyford, Kayforde, Rayforde, [in Frome Selwood, co. Somerset], Christopher Twynyho of, 678, 698.

Keylei. See Raleigh.

Keylly. See O'Kelly, Dermit.

Khilscanyll. See Kilscannell.

Kickmychel. See Kirkmichael.

Kidlington, Kydlyngton, [co. Oxford], vicarage of, 709.

Kilbarchan, Kilbonchon, [co. Renfrew], rectory of, appropriation of, 467, 468.

-, -, patron of. See Douglas, James, earl of Morton.

-, vicarage of, patronage of, 468.

-, -, portion to be reserved for, 467, 468.

Kilbarron, co. Donegal. See Assaroe.

Kilbarrymeaden, Killarymedin, Kylbatnicdyn, [co. Waterford], a prebend in Lismore, 38 (unnamed), 145, 433.

Kilbeacon, Kyllbecog, [co. Kilkenny], united to Killahy, vicarage of, 718.

Kilbeagh, Kyllbayb, [co. Mayo], vicarage of, 179.

Kilbeggan, de Benedictione Dei, [co. Westmeath), Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 66, 521, 613.

-, -, monk of. See White, Richard.

Kilberry, Kilbere, Kilberi, [co. Meath], rectory of, 185, 787.

Kilbixy, Chilvvischi, Kylbiski, Kylbixi, [co. Westmeath], an alternative name for Tristernagh, q.v., 136, 816, 823.

Kilbolane, Kyllvlaen, [co. Cork], church of, disrepair of, 452.

-, rectory of, farmed, 452, 453.

Kilbonchon. See Kilbarchan.

Kilbracha, Kilbragh. See Templetouhy.

Kilbreedy-major, Kylbryd Major, [co. Limerick], rectory of, 703.

Kilbride, co. Roscommon. See Derrane.

Kilbryan, co. Roscommon. See Lough Key.

Kilcavan, Kyllkewan, [co. Wexford], rectory of, 706.

Kilchrist, co. Clare. See Inismore.

Kilclonfert, Kyllcluonfert, [King's county], vicarage of, 28.

Kilcolgan, Kylcolgrin, [co. Galway], rectory of, 340.

-, -, patron of, 340.

Kilcollum. See Kilcolumb.

Kilcolman, Kyllonucon alias Kyncolman, [now part of Magourney, co. Cork], vicarage of, 66.

Kilcolman, co. Kerry. See Killagh.

Kilcolumb, Kilcollum, [co. Kilkenny], vicarage of, 653.

Kilcommock, Kildacomog, [co. Longford], vicarage of, 665, 666.

Kilcomnata, Kilconmata, Killconmatta, Killeconmota, Kyllemnatha, [in Athleague, co. Roscommon], a prebend (with Fuerty) in Elphin, 534, 758.

Kilconickny, Kyllcomene, [co. Galway], united vicarages of Killilan (q.v.) and, 373.

Kilconmata. See Kilcomnata.

Kilcooly, Killculy, [a townland in Kilcooly, co. Galway], annual rent of, united to the deanery of Clonfert, erected (with other annual rents) into the prebend of Drought in Clonfert, 602.

Kilcooly, de Aruicampo, Arvicampo, Auricampo, Aurificampo, [co. Tipperary], Cistercian abbey of the Holy Cross or St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 97, 670, 718, 724, 762.

-, -, William abbot of. See Omulwardayn.

-, the abbey of St. Mary de Aurichamo (i.e. Trim) wrongly identified as, 132, 261.

Kilcoona, Kylcuna, [co. Galway], rectory of, 674.

-, vicarage of, 674.

Kilcraggan, Kyllthogichayn, Kyllthogichyn, Kyllthogyhayn, Kylltogichayn (recte Kyllc[r]ogichayn), [in Ballytarsney, co. Kilkenny], vicarage of, 718.

Kilcredan, Kylkeydayn, [co. Cork], a prebend (with Imphrick) in Cloyne, 349.

Kilcroan, Killcruvayn, [co. Galway], vicarage of, 45.

Kilcroghane, co. Kerry. See Aghamore.

Kilcrohane, Ryllerochayn, [co. Cork], vicarage of, 761.

Kilcroner. See Ballynakill.

Kilculliheen, de Bello portu alias de Kyllaylyhyn, [co. Waterford], abbey of Augustinian nuns, abbess of, 636.

-, -, nuns of, 636. See also Butler, Elina.

Kilcummin, Killchumyn, Kylcumin, [co. Kerry], vicarage of, 120, 684, 685.

Kilcummin, Kyllchomyyn, [in Killiney, co. Kerry], parcel of, 336.

Kildacamog, diocese of Ardagh. See Kilcommock.

Kildacom, diocese of Ardfert, vicarage of, 510.

Kildallan, Kylldallan, [co. Cavan], vicarage of, 441.

Kildare, Daren[sis], Dayren[sis], [co. Kildare], bishop of, commission to, 520.

-, -, papal mandatary, 28, 272.

-, David [bishop-]elect of. See Conel.

-, Geoffrey late bishop of. See Hereford.

-, James [bishop-]elect of. See Wall.

-, Richard bishop of. See Long.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 303, 365, 509, 539, 569.

-, Malachy dean of. See O'Mullony.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 22, 28, 754.

-, David archdeacon of. See Conel.

-, Robert archdeacon of. See Suker.

-, canons of. See MacEgan, Constantine; Ocolgan, Maurice; O'Connell, Nicholas; O'Dowd, Charles; Odulana, Malachy; Ohaelayn, James; O'Hearain, William; Omacnaic, Thady; Wall, John.

-, city and diocese of, clerks and laymen of, 453.

-, diocese of, benefices in, 881, 897.

-, -, persons of, 28, 111, 330 (bis), 359 (bis), 365, 366, 411, 509 (ter), 520, 539, 548, 569 (bis).

-, -, places in. See Ballycommon; Ballynakill, King's county; Clonsast; Coolcor; Geashill; Greatconnell; Kilclonfert; Kilrainy; Lea; Monasterevan; Rathangan.

-, Odo Obechayn of, 28.

Kildare recte Dublin, diocese of, places in. See Graney; Timolin.

Kildare recte Londonderry, canons of. See MacConky, Roger; Mac-Gurk, Niallanus.

Kildare, Childaria, Kayldaria, earl of. See FitzGerald, Thomas (Fitz-Maurice).

Kildellig, Dalge, de Lege, [Queen's co.], rectory of, called a parcel, 771.

Kildinan, Kyldoynyn, Kylldoynyn, [in Rathcormack, co. Cork], parcel of the tithes of, 772 (bis).

Kildonan, Keldonen, [co. Sutherland], a prebend in Caithness, 20.

Kildorrery, Kyldaryey, [co. Cork], rectory of, 407.

Kildrum, Kyldromahyarrayn alias Kylnauanayn, [co. Kerry], rectory of, 699.

Kildrummy, Kyldrumy, [co. Aberdeen], vicarage of, 839.

Kilelane. See Killallan.

Kilfearagh, Kyllfyorach, [co. Clare], vicarage of, 680.

Kilfenora, Finaboren[sis], Finoboren[sis], Firmaboren[sis], Fynaboren[sis], Fynnaboren[sis], Fynobaren[sis], Fynoburen[sis], [co. Clare], bishop of, collation made by, 52.

-, -, father of Thomas Otombayg, 51, 52.

-, -, papal mandatary, 328, 390, 547.

-, Denis bishop of. See O'Cane.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 715.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 323.

-, precentor of, papal mandatary, 834.

-, treasurer of, papal mandatary, 390, 547, 834.

-, canons of. See Macgyllaedy, Matthew; O'Brien, Donald; O'Brien, Maurice; O'Brien, Terelanus; Ochonnabayd, John; O'Flannagan, John; Otombayg, Thomas.

-, canonry and prebend of, 834.

-, prebend in, 51, 52.

-, prebends in. See Noughaval; Ogormuck; Templebrecan.

-, diocese of, persons of, 132, 184 (bis).

-, -, places in. See Cloony (in Corcomroe barony, co. Clare); Corcomroe; Kilshanny.

Kilfian, Killigan, Kyllidgayn, Rilligan, [co. Mayo], vicarage of, 46, 475.

Kilfiddane, Killfedan, [co. Clare], vicarage of, 342.

Kilfinaghta, Kyllfynatan, Kylsynacthy, [co. Clare], united with Clonlea, Killokennedy and Kilseily, rectory of, 683, 684.

-, vicarage of, united to the treasurership of Killaloe, 843.

Kilfinichen, St. Fyncheanus in Mule, [co. Argyll], rectory of, 166.

Kilfinichen and Kilvickeon, co. Argyll. See Iona.

Kilfreyl. See Killeely.

Kilfursa. See Killursa.

Kilgarvan, Kyllgayuayn (sic), [co. Kerry], vicarage of, united to a canonry and prebend in Ardfert, 841.

Kilgeever, Kylgacuayr, [co. Mayo], vicarage of, 765.

Kilglass, Killglassi, [co. Sligo], vicarage of, 673, 674.

Kilharerynd, Kilhurerynd. See Killererin.

Kilkanan. See Kilmaniheen.

Kilkeedy, Kilkide, Kyllakyde, [co. Clare], vicarage of, 297, 658.

Kilkeedy, Kylkydei, [co. Limerick], vicarage of, 397, 398.

Kilkeel, Killcaeil, [co. Down], rectory of, 538.

Kilkelle. See Killeely.

Kilkenny, Kelkenya, Kilkenia, [co. Kilkenny], cathedral church of St. Canice, prebends in. See Freshford; St. Maul's.

-, -, chapter of, consent of, to a union, 443.

-, -, residence in, 146.

-, -, See also under Ossory, deans of.

-, Augustinian priory of St. John the Evangelist by or without the walls of, prior of, papal mandatary, 40, 671.

-, -, Richard prior of. See de Burgo alias O'Cane.

-, -, William late prior of. See Waring.

-, -, canon of. See Burgo alias O'Cane, Richard de.

Kilkenny West, Cilleamduy, Ryllreny (sic), [co. Westmeath], Hospitallers priory of St. John the Baptist, prior of, papal mandatary, 623.

-, -, Hobertus prior of. See Dyluyn.

-, -, Rory prior of. See Magruairc.

Kilkerrin, Cilcoryn alias de Corcomio, Killcoryn alias Corcom[o]ga, [co. Galway], rectory of, 45.

-, vicarage of, 762.

Kilkeyl. See Killeely.

Kilkide. See Kilkeedy, co. Clare.

Kilkoys (recte Killroys). See Kilrush.

Killaan, Chyluayn, Kyllaiayn, Kyllaoyn, [co. Galway], a prebend in Clonfert, 764.

-, vicarage of, 157, 158, 377.

Killabeg. See Killala, precentorship of.

Killabegs, small churches of Conquincaile and Conquinemara (i.e. Commacniculi and Conmacnimara), [cos. Galway and Mayo], a prebend in Tuam, 135.

Killaconnigan, co. Meath. See Portlester.

Killadysert, co. Clare. See Canon Island; Inishdadroum.

Killagh, de Bello loco, de Belloloco, [in Kilcolman parish, co. Kerry], Augustinian priory of St. Mary, prior of, papal mandatary, 120, 336, 460, 742.

-, -, Florence claimant to the priory of. See MacCarthy.

-, -, John prior of. See de Geraldinis.

-, -, Odo prior of. See O'Murrily.

-, -, canon of. See O'Murrily, Odo.

-, -, right of patronage of, 170.

-, -, -, in lay hands, 175.

Killaha, [co. Kerry], vicarage of, 684.

Killahan, Chuylhogothy, Chuylhogoty, Chyylhothy, [co. Kerry], vicarage of, 654.

Killahy, Kyllatthy, [co. Kilkenny], united to Kilbeacon, vicarage of, 718.

Killala, Aladen[sis], Alladen[sis], Auluden[sis], [co. Mayo], bishop of, canons appointed by, 46, 475.

-, -, collation by, 299.

-, -, papal mandatary, 251.

-, Bernard bishop of. See O'Connell.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 121.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 12, 62, 297, 664, 755.

-, Cornelius archdeacon of. See O'Dowd.

-, archdeaconry of, union of a rectory to, 905.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 46, 475, 673.

-, Donald precentor of. See Omulamire.

-, Thomas precentor of. See Barrett.

-, precentorship of, called the rectory of the small churches (Killabeg in a 17th century list), 46.

-, -, erected into a prebend, 475.

-, provost of, papal mandatary, 12, 352.

-, Henry provost of. See Barrett.

-, Thomas provost of. See Barrett.

-, canons of, number of, not fixed, 46.

-, - See also Barrett, Henry; Barrett, Thomas; Barrett, William; Burgo, Hubert de; Cook, David; Connesburgh, Edmund; Dundonayll, Matthew; Macgorechdait, Edmund; Mackilleacan, Murianus; Obruchayn, Thomas; Odonnogayn, John; O'Dowd, Dermit; O'Dowd, Nellanus; Oflangole, John; Oflangole, William; Omacnay, Dermit; Omacnay, Nicholas; O'Murphy, Thomas; Ovara, Roricus.

-, chapter of, monition to, 251.

-, -, union made by, 664.

-, prebends in. See Killanly; Skreen.

-, diocese of, benefices in, 878, 898, 903.

-, -, persons of, 12, 297, 299 (bis), 664, 673 (bis).

-, -, places in. See Addergoole; Aughris; Castleconor; Cross; Easky; Inishmurray alias Aughris; Kilfian; Kilglass; Moygawnagh; Skreen.

Killallan, Kilelane, [now united to Houston, co. Renfrew], vicarage of, 157.

Killaloe, Laomen[sis], Laonen[sis], Laonien[sis], Launen[sis] (sic), Leonen[sis] (sic), [co. Clare], bishop of, alleged resignation made to, and admitted by, 546.

-, -, arbitrator, award of, 391.

-, -, benefices in the gift of, 100, 130, 191.

-, -, collations by, 342 (bis)

-, -, de facto collation and provison made by, 503.

-, -, consent of, to the erection of a prebend and union of benefices thereto, 755.

-, -, deprivation by, 710.

-, -, dispensation by, 655.

-, -, papal mandatary, 21, 44, 73, 140, 390, 460, 525, 529, 670.

-, -, resignations made to, 47, 73.

-, -, rights of, saved, 376, 606.

-, -, union made by, 89.

-, Donatus bishop of. See O'Brien.

-, Matthew bishop of. See Ogriffa.

-, Thady bishop of. See Magrath.

-, Theodoric bishop of. See O'Brien.

-, voidance of see of, 731.

-, episcopal mensa of, fruits of Tachdynayn belonging to, 701.

-, -, rectory annexed to. See Dolla.

-, bishop and chapter etc. of, benefice in the gift of, 186.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 44, 70, 100, 302, 318, 460, 529, 588, 602, 605, 606, 622.

-, David dean of. See O'Cormachan.

-, Denis dean of. See O'Hogan.

-, John dean of. See O'Hogan.

-, Thomas dean of. See O'Cormachan.

-, dean and chapter of, benefices in the gift of, 100, 130, 191.

-, -, canon received by, 753.

-, -, consent of, to a union, 701.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 57, 297, 333, 376 (bis).

-, Donatus archdeacon of. See O'Grady.

-, Thady archdeacon of. See Macnamara.

-, chancellor of, papal mandatary, 73, 76, 376, 670, 830.

-, Matthew sometime chancellor of. See O'Quirk.

-, Patrick chancellor of. See O'Quirk.

-, Patrick Flavus sometime chancellor of. See O'Quirk.

-, William chancellor of. See Omerayd.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 51, 70, 145, 149 (bis), 342, 390, 682, 700, 715, 719, 754.

-, precentor of, papal mandatary, 73, 100, 393, 670.

-, Cornelius (son of Thady) precentor of. See Macnamara alias Cunoa.

-, John precentor of. See Matthei.

-, Lucan (Luke) precentor of. See O'Curry.

-, William precentor of. See O'Hogan.

-, Maurus claimant to the precentorship of. See O'Hurrilly.

-, precentorship of, prebend attached to, 135.

-, treasurer of, papal mandatary, 126, 621.

-, Donatus treasurer of. See Macoman.

-, Thady (son of Matthew) treasurer of. See Macnamara.

-, canons of. See Maccrawan, Donald; Macmahon, Donatus; Macnamara, John; Macnamara, John (son of Cornelius); Macnamara, John (son of Matthew); Macnamara, John (son of Thady); Macnamara, Thady; Magrath, Donatus (4); Oberind, Maurice; O'Brien, Dermit; O'Brien, Donald; O'Brien, Donatus; O'Brien, Matthew; O'Brien, Maurice; O'Brien, Theoderic; Ochuyguyn, William; O'Cormachan, David; O'Curry, Luke alias Lucan or Lucanus; O'Dea, Cornelius, O'Dea, Denis; O'Duggan, William; O'Grady, Donatus; Ogriffa, Laurence (the younger); Ohanayn, Ogenius; O'Hogan, Edmund; O'Kelly, Dermit; O'Kelly, Rory; O'Kennedy, Maurice; Olachnayn, Thady; Olannagan, Malachy; O'Quirk, Matthew; O'Quirk, Thady; Osannan, Thady.

-, de facto canon of. See O'Brien, Matthew.

-, claimants to a canonry of. See Macmahon, Donatus; O'Curry, Luke alias Lucan or Lucanus.

-, canonry and prebend of, 834.

-, chapter of, consent of, to the erection of prebends, 52, 769.

-, -, consent of, to the erection of a prebend and union of benefices thereto, 755.

-, -, consent of, to a union, 70.

-, prebend in, reservation of, 793.

-, prebends in. See Clondagad; Inniscattery; Kinnitty; Kyle; Latteragh; Letterluna; Occosyn (or Kylmini); Ogormuck; Rath, co. Clare; Tomgraney; Tulla.

-, city and diocese of, intimidation in, 89, 96, 131, 161, 547, 612, 614, 715, 731.

-, -, judges appointed outside, without cause expressed, 546.

-, diocese of, monasteries in, 875, 890, 914.

-, -, a certain layman of, mutilation of, 547.

-, -, persons of, 47, 51 (bis), 70, 71 (bis), 73, 89, 96 (bis), 100 (bis), 101, 126 (bis), 127, 128, 129, 130, 131, 134 (bis), 145, 149 (5), 155, 160, 186, 191, 270, 297, 302, 333 (bis), 334, 342, 360, 362, 377, 392 (bis), 393, 509, 520 (bis), 546, 547, 603 (bis), 605, 622, 654 (bis), 655, 658, 680, 682, 700 (bis), 701, 702, 703, 707, 711 (bis), 715 (bis), 719 (bis), 730, 754, 775 (bis), 830, 880, 890 (bis), 915.

-, -, places in. See Ardacha; Ballygibbon; Canon Island; Clare; Clondagad; Clonlea; Clonloghan; Cloony, in barony of Bunrathy Upper, co. Clare; Dolla; Drumcliff; Dunkerrin; Feakle; Ibrickan; Inishcaltra; Inisdadroum; Inismore; Inniscronane; Kilfearagh; Kilfiddane; Kilfinaghta; Kilkeedy, co. Clare; Killard; Killimer; Killofin; Killokennedy; Killuran; Kilmaley; Kilmore, co. Tipperary, N.R.; Kilmurry; Kilnamona; Kilnasoolagh; Kilraghtis; Kilrush; Kilseily; Kiltoola; Kinnitty; Kyle; Kylmini; Kylsernil; Lailymy; Latteragh; Letterluna; Lorrha; Modreeny; Monaincha; Nenagh; Oblayd; Occosyn; Ogashin; Ogonnelloe; Ogormuck; Quin; Scattery Island; Shadbally; Tomgraney; Tulla; Yhondonayn, unnamed parish church (p. 830).

-, -, rectories in, 875, 895, 906.

-, -, resident in. See Ominnachan, Nicholas.

-, -, vicarages in, 870, 878, 879 (4), 880, 893, 895, 902, 904, 905, 915.

-, Odo O'Carroll of, 373.

-, Thady Oscolay of, 361.

Killanly, Killhanle, Kylandle, [in Castleconor, co. Sligo], a prebend in Killala, 121, 664.

Killanully, Kyllynillay, [co. Cork], a prebend in Cork, 144.

Killanummery, Kyllynymury, [co. Leitrim,] vicarage of, 417.

Killard, Kyllarda, [co. Clare], vicarage of, 509.

Killardry, Kylaryay, Kyllardyn, [co. Tipperary], a prebend in Cashel, 509.

-, a prebend (with Cloonfinglass, q.v.) in Cashel, 767.

Killarney, Killarne, Kylarne, Kyllarne, [co. Kerry], vicarage of, 343, 344 (bis), 345, 685.

Killarymedin. See Kilbarrymeaden.

Killaspugbrone, Kylsabacbron, [co. Sligo], vicarage of, 184.

Killaspugmullane, Kylaspuchmylan, [co. Cork], a prebend in Cork, 772 (bis).

Killcaeil. See Kilkeel.

Killchumyn. See Kilcummin.

Killconmatta. See Kilconmata.

Killcoryn. See Kilkerrin.

Killcruvayn. See Kilcroan.

Killculy. See Kilcooly, co. Galway.

Killeamayr. See Killimer.

Killeany, Cyllenana, [co. Galway], vicarage of, 393.

Killearn, Kyllerin, [co. Stirling], a prebend in Glasgow, 296.

Killearnan, Edirdoull, [co. Ross], rectory of, united to the archdeaconry of Ross, tithes of, pension on, 86.

Killeconmota. See Kilcomnata.

Killeedy, Kyllide, [co. Limerick], vicarage of, 123, 124.

Killeely, Kilfreyl, Kilkelle, Kilkeyl, Killicly, [cos. Clare and Limerick], vicarage of, 113, 307, 308, 707.

Killeenadeema, Chyllinduna, Killiniaduna, Killiniduna, Killinniduna, [co. Galway], vicarage of, 302, 757.

Killeenadeema, Killenlyninduna, Killihumuduna, Killyhyninduna, [a townland in Killeenadeema, co. Galway], annual rent of, united to the deanery of Clonfert, erected (with other annual rents) into the prebend of Drought in Clonfert, 602.

Killeenemer, Kellenymoyt, [co. Cork], a prebend in Cloyne, 855, 856.

Killehenny, Edna, [co. Kerry], vicarage of, united to the deanery of Ardfert, 839, 840.

Killeigh, Rylleye, [in Geashill, co. Kildare], an alternative name for Geashill, 365.

Killenacosue, in the diocese of Clonfert, vicarage of, 92.

Killenlyninduna. See Killeenadeema.

Killererin, Kilharerynd, Kilhurerynd, Kyllhyreryn alias Moynthyrhathay, Mynterabay [i.e. Muinter Murchada, q.v.] alias Kylariray, Ryllereyn alias Mynthurathi, [co. Galway], rectory of, 154, 729, 849.

-, vicarage of, 696.

Killermogh, Celomoc, [Queen's county], rectory of, to be erected into a prebend of Ossory, 167.

Killeruimthie (recte Killcruimchyr) alias Kineclechyn. See Ballynakill (in Leitrim barony, co. Galway).

Killfedan. See Kilfiddane.

Killglassi. See Kilglass.

Killhanle. See Killanly.

Killhilan. See Killilan.

Killicly. See Killeely.

Killigan. See Kilfian.

Killigrew, Hyllygrew, Benedict, dispensation to, 881.

Killihumuduna. See Killeenadeema.

Killilan, Killhilan, [in Cahertinny townland, Kilconickny, co. Galway], united vicarages of Kilconickny and, 373.

Killimer, Killeamayr, Kyllcamayr, Kylleamayr, [co. Clare], vicarage of, 342.

Killimicallain, Killimikallan. See Kilmacalan.

Killimorbologue, Kyllaemarbolga, [co. Galway], vicarage of, 760.

Killinane, Kyllonayn, [co. Kerry], vicarage of, 476.

Killinelan. See Kilmoylan.

Killiney, Kyllene, [co. Kerry], rectory of, 336.

-, Kilcummin in, q.v.

-, Kilshannig in, q.v.

Killiniaduna, Killiniduna, Killinniduna. See Killeenadeema.

Killiromayn. See Kilronan, in Glenahiry barony, co. Waterford.

Killmactayg. See Kilmacteige.

Killmale. See Kilmaley.

Killmodounock. See Kilmacdonogh.

Killmoluata. See Kilmaloda.

Killmorinasinna. See Kilmore-na-Sina.

Killmoyr. See Kilmore, co. Tipperary, N.R.

Killnaglore. See Kilnaglory.

Killnor. See Kilmore, co. Armagh.

Killofin, Killufyn, Kylluffyn, Kyllufyn, Kyllusyn, [co. Clare], vicarage of, 376 (bis), 388.

Killokennedy, Kilocenedig, Kyllogramedi, Kylogenedyac, [co. Clare], vicarage of, 149, 603.

-, united with Clonlea, Kilseily and Kilfinaghta, rectory of, 683, 684.

Killombhaird. See Killymard.

Killoran, Kyllorayn, [co. Galway], parish church of, chaplaincy of, 89, 90.

Killoscobe, Chilloschobo, [co. Galway], vicarage of, 740, 741.

Killowen, Kyllocayn alias Cnochanahagillsy, [in Kenmare parish, co. Kerry], vicarage of, erected into a prebend in Ardfert, 72, 73.

Killrat. See Kilraghtis.

Killronayn. See Kilronan, in Glenahiry barony, co. Waterford.

Killteayn. See Kilshane.

Killufyn. See Killofin.

Killuran, Killura, Killwrayn, Kylltura, Kyllura, [co. Clare], parish church of, (with four other parish churches), rectory of, 609.

-, vicarage of, 57, 58.

Killursa, Cilfarsa, Kilfursa, [co. Galway], parish church of, rectory in the sanctuary of, 389.

-, vicarage of, 196, 389.

Killury, Chilwri, Chilwry, [co. Kerry], rectory of, 185.

Killwrayn. See Killuran.

Killyhninduna. See Killeenadeema.

Killymard, Killombhaird, Kyllomaird, [co. Donegal], rectory of, 17.

-, rectory and vicarage of, 759, 760.

Kilmacallan, Killimicallain, Killimikallan, Kyllemicallan, [co. Sligo], vicarage of, 89, 730.

Kilmacar, Kylmokarry, [co. Kilkenny], rectory of, 831.

Kilmacdonogh, Killmodounock, Kyllmodono, [co. Cork], a prebend in Cloyne, 719.

-, vicarage of, 817, 818.

Kilmacduagh, Duacen[sis], [co. Galway], bishop of, papal mandatary, 654.

-, -, power of, 328.

-, -, union made by, 340.

-, Cornelius [bishop-]elect of. See O'Mullony.

-, Denis bishop of. See Odonchua.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 389.

-, David dean of. See Odonchua.

-, Dermit dean of. See O'sullivan.

-, Edmund dean of. See O'shaughnessy.

-, Theobald dean of. See de Burgo.

-, Theoderic dean of. See O'Brien.

-, deanery of, rectory of Beagh united to, 195, 196.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 151, 354, 757.

-, David archdeacon of. See de Burgo.

-, Denis archdeacon of. See Macgillavanach.

-, archdeaconry of, tithes belonging to, 328, 329.

-, chancellor of, 340.

-, -, papal mandatary, 196.

-, chancellorship of, union of the rectory of Kilcolgan to, 340.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 151, 389.

-, precentor of, papal mandatary, 196, 354.

-, provost of, papal mandatary, 151.

-, treasurer of, papal mandatary, 143, 144, 196, 354.

-, Brandan treasurer of. See Oliga.

-, Eugenius treasurer commendatary of. See Kilmacduagh, Augustinian abbey of St. Mary, Eugenius abbot of (infra).

-, Henry treasurer of. See de Burgo.

-, John treasurer of. See Odonchua.

-, canons of. See Burgo, John de; Burgo, Raymond de; Macgillavanach, Maurice; Macgillavanach, Thomas; Olean, Florence; O'Mullony, Malachy.

-, de facto canon of. See Odonchua, David.

-, chapter of, papal letters to, 72.

-, prebends in. See Kinvarradoorus; Tarramud.

-, city and diocese of, clergy and people of, papal letters to, 72.

-, -, intimidation in, 658.

-, diocese of, persons of, 310, 328, 340, 354, 390, 658.

-, -, places in. See Ardrahan; Beagh; Kilcolgan; Kilmacduagh (St. Mary's abbey); Kilthomas; Oughteragh.

-, -, vicarages in, 878, 879, 903, 914.

-, Augustinian abbey of St. Mary de Petra, abbot of, papal mandatary, 149.

-, -, Eugenius abbot of, to be treasurer commendatary of Kilmacduagh, 151.

Kilmachan. See Kilmahon.

Kilmaclenine, Kyllmychleynein, [co. Cork], vicarage of, 350.

Kilmacolm. See Kilmalcolm.

Kilmacowen, Cillmacnagyn, [co. Sligo], a prebend in Elphin, 814.

Kilmacrenan, Killmacnenayn, Kyllmacnenayn, [co. Donegal], rectory of, 759.

Kilmacteige, Killmactayg, [co. Sligo], vicarage of, 179.

Kilmacvlm. See Kilmalcolm.

Kilmahon, Kilmachan, Kilmolchan, Kyllmachkyny, Kyllmachyny, [co. Cork], vicarage of, 183, 188, 189.

Kilmai(n)e. See Kilmun.

Kilmainham, Kylmaynan, [co. Dublin], Knights Hospitallers priory, James prior of. See Keating.

-, -, brother of. See Lawles, Robert.

Kilmalcolm, Colmarel, Kilmacolm, Kilmacvlm, [co. Renfrew], vicarage of, 566, 849.

Kilmaley, Killmale, Kilmalle, Kyllmalle, Kymalle, [co. Clare], rectory of (with Drumcliff), 391, 392.

-, -, called the rectory of Ogormuck, 754, 755.

-, vicarage of, 614, 700, 709, 710.

Kilmalinoge, Kyllmolonog [co. Galway], rectory of, 764.

Kilmalkedar, Kyllmellkedeyr, [co. Kerry], vicarage of, 460.

Kilmalle. See Kilmaley.

Killmaloda, Killmoluata, [co. Cork], vicarage of, 856, 857.

Kilmanagh, Kylmanagh, [co. Kilkenny], parish church of, annexed to the prebend of St. Maul's, 146.

Kilmaniheen, Kyllmonayn, Kyllmoneayn, Monam alias Kilkanan, [in Brosna, co. Kerry], vicarage of, 122, 183.

-, -, erected into a prebend in Ardfert, 122.

Kilmany, Kylmany, Leylmane, [co. Fife], vicarage of, 55, 479.

Kilmartin, de Martiris, [in Donaghmore, co. Cork], chapel of, annexed to the prebend of Donaghmore, 350.

Kilmartin, Ballimartyn, Bellimartyn [a church in Guilkagh townland, Listerlin parish, co. Kilkenny], rectory of, 857, 858.

Kilmeadan, Kylmydayn, [co. Waterford], vicarage of, 61.

Kilmeedy, Klinde (?), [a castle in Drishane, co. Cork], alternative name for Drishane, 127.

Kilmeen, Kylueyn, Rylmayn, [co. Galway], a prebend in Tuam, 88, 622.

Kilmelath in the diocese of Cashel, [Kilmyloc in the Taxatio], vicarage of, 95.

Kilmicluym, Kyllmicluym, Kylmicluym, rectory or parcel of, in the parish church of Drishane, co. Cork, 343, 344 (bis).

Kilmocomoge, Kalyykouuac, [co. Cork], parish church of St. Mary, rectory of, 773.

Kilmolchan. See Kilmahon.

Kilmore, Killnor, [co. Armagh], vicarage of, 665.

Kilmore, Kelmoren[sis], Kyllmor, [co. Cavan], bishop of, collation by, 298.

-, -, collation and provision by, 412.

-, -, papal mandatary, 316.

-, -, resignation made to, 412.

-, Cormac [bishop-]elect of. See MacGauran.

-, intention of providing Cormac MacGauran to the see of, 277.

-, John bishop of. See O'Reilly.

-, Thomas bishop of. See Macbrady.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 298, 362.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 362, 411, 412, 441.

-, Eugenius archdeacon of. See O'Reilly.

-, Thomas archdeacon of. See Macbrady.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 441.

-, canons of. See Macachlerich, Malachy; Macanraich, Arthur; Macmulmartin, John; Odroma, Nemeas; Offragaid, Odo; Ofirgussa, William; O'Flynn, Donald; Oflarim, Donald; O'Mulmochory, John; O'sheridan, Cornelius.

-, chapter of, consent of, to a union, 650.

-, chapter, clergy and people of, papal mandataries, 85.

-, church of, subject to Armagh as metropolitan, 154.

-, diocese of, persons of, 173, 298, 361, 362, 372, 411, 441.

-, -, places in. See Annagh; Baleineanthowal; Ballintemple; Drumlane; Drumreilly; Kildallan; Kilmore (St. Felimy); Lough Oughter; Templeport; Urney, co. Cavan.

-, parish church of St. Felimy, rectory of the rural lands within the bounds of Ballintemple and, 11.

Kilmore, co. Roscommon. See Tir-Briuin-na-Sinna.

Kilmore, Killmoyr, Kyllmoyr, [co. Tipperary, N.R.] and Dolla, parcel of tithes in the parishes of, 96.

-, rector or locum tenens of, 96.

Kilmore Erris, co. Mayo. See Cross.

Kilmore-na-Sina, Cillmoirnasyna, Killmorinasinna, Kyllmoyrnasina, [co. Roscommon], Augustinian priory of St. Mary, prior of, papal mandatary, 794.

-, Carbricus prior of. See Oberind.

-, -, Cornelius prior of. See Oberind.

-, -, Thady prior of. See Oberind.

-, -, Thady provided to. See Ocynaid.

Kilmoylan, Billenolan, Killinelan, Kylmellayn, [co. Limerick], vicarage of, 399, 482.

Kilmoyly, Kuyllmoille, Kyllmoille, [co. Kerry], vicarage of, 654.

Kilmun, Kilmai(n)e, [part of Dunoon and Kilmun, co. Argyll], collegiate church, provost of, papal mandatary, 711.

Kilmurry, parish church of Kyllfearbi and Colleboum called Obracayn, [in Ibrickan barony, co. Clare], rectory of, 51, 52.

-, -, erected into a prebend of Killaloe, 52.

Kilmurry, Kylmore alias Kylmahorog, St. Mary Magdalen alias de Kylmohorog, Kyllnohoroc, [in Clanwilliam barony, co, Limerick], vicarage of, 355, 356, 388, 619.

-, -, patron of, 356.

Kilnageni, Kylmageny, a prebend in Emly, 439.

Kilnaglory, Killnaglore, [co. Cork], vicarage of, 124, 125.

Kilnamartery, Martir, [co. Cork], rectory of, 831.

Kilnamona, Kyllnamona, [co. Clare], vicarage of, 755.

-, -, united to the prebend of Ogormuck in Killaloe, 755.

Kilnananima, Kylnanama, [in Ballycuslane, co. Kerry], rectory of, 576, 577.

Kilnasoolagh, Konylsolgoilue, Kylathnasuleach, Kyllansuyllach, [co. Clare], vicarage of, 131, 149, 754.

Kilnorayn. See Kilronan, in Glenahiry barony, co. Waterford.

Kilocenedig. See Killokennedy.

Kilpatrick, Kylhpatrie, Simon, dispensation to, 911.

Kilpeacon, Kyllbekan, [co. Limerick], a prebend in Limerick, 794.

Kilquane, Kyllayne, [co. Kerry], vicarage of, 460.

Kilraghtis, Killrat, [co. Clare], vicarage of, 702, 703.

Kilrainy, Kyllirachayn, [co. Kildare], vicarage of, 111.

Kilreekill, co. Galway. See Drought.

Kilronan, Killiromayn, Killronayn, Kilnorayn, [in Glenahiry barony, co. Waterford], vicarage of, 188, 189, 403.

Kilronan, Kykonayn, [in Middlethird barony, co. Waterford], parish church of St. Mary, vicarage of, 347, 348.

Kilrossanty, Kilro Sancta, Kysosancta, [co. Waterford], a prebend in Lismore, 61, 719.

Kilrush, Kilkoys, Kyllroys, [co. Clare], vicarage of, 343, 612, 681.

- See also Inniscattery and Scattery Island.

Kilscannell, Khilscanyll, [co. Limerick], vicarage of, 716.

Kilseily, Kyltoeyly, [co. Clare], united with Clonlea, Killokennedy and Kilfinaghta, rectory of, 683, 684.

Kilshane, Killteayn, [co. Tipperary], rectory of, farmed, 454.

Kilshannig, Kyllseami, [in Killiney, co. Kerry], rectory of, 336.

Kilshanny, Bullseany, Kyllsenayd, Kyltena, Ryllteanna, [co. Clare], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, executor of papal letters, 391.

-, -, -, papal mandatary, 51, 715.

-, -, Bernard late abbot of. See O'Connor.

-, -, Cormac abbot of. See O'Cahir.

-, -, Dermit abbot commendatary of. See O'Brien.

-, -, described as of the order of St. Augustine, 391, 834.

Kilteely, Kyltyle, [co. Limerick], vicarage of, 476, 477.

Kilthomas, Kiltolmos, [co. Galway], rectory of, 155.

Kilthruayn (recte Kilchruayn). See Crohane.

Kiltoghert, Cilltachmure, Kylltacunich, Kylltamurgh, [co. Leitrim], parish church of St. Tachmurca, rectory of, 344.

-, vicarage of, 65, 96.

- See also Kiltrinan.

Kiltolmos. See Kilthomas.

Kiltoola, Kyltoili, [co. Clare], vicarage of, 57, 58.

Kiltormer, Kiltormor, [co. Galway], vicarage of, 302.

Kiltrman [? Jamestown in Kiltoghert, co. Leitrim], rectory of, 65.

Kiltrustan, Chilltrostan, Chilltrostan alias St. Patrick, [co. Roscommon], rectory of, a prebend in Elphin, 19.

-, vicarage of, 19.

Kiltubbrid, Cilkibrud, [co. Leitrim], parish church of St. Patrick, 344.

Kiltullagh, Kiltulhach, [co. Roscommon], vicarage of, 602.

Kilvarnet, co. Sligo. See Kyllnaheind.

Kilwardby, Robert, archbishop of Canterbury, 114.

Kilwinning, Kilwynynne, Kyllvynnyn, Kyl[uy]nyng, Kylwynyng, [co. Ayr], Benedictine abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 157.

-, -, William abbot of, 37.

-, -, -, nephew of. See Forster, Robert.

-, -, -, absolution for, 288.

-, -, -, petition of, 288.

-, -, abbot and convent of, benefices in the gift of, 627.

Kilworth, North, Northelurght, Northlurght, [co. Leicester,] rectory of, 336.

Kimbolton, co. Huntingdon. See Stonely.

Kincardine, Kincardin, Kyncardin, [co. Inverness], a prebend in Moray, 340, 611.

Kincardine, Kinchardin, [cos. Ross and Cromarty], a prebend in Ross, 85.

Kindchade, diocese of Down, benefice called the parcel of, 26.

Kineclechyn. See Ballynakill, in Leitrim barony, co. Galway.

Kinel. See Kinnell.

King, Kyngt, Joan relict of Richard, of London, indult to, 551.

-, Kyng, Oliver, proctor of lady Anne Raynesford, 692.

-, Kyngy, Richard, dispensation to, 901.

-, Kyng, Thomas, rector of Sheepy, dispensation to, 467.

-, Kyng, William, rector of Badingham, party to a suit for tithes, 799.

Kinglassie, Kinglassi, Rynglasse, [co. Fife], vicarage of, 118, 329.

Kingorn, Henry de, late a canon of Moray and prebendary of Kingussie, 610.

-, Kyngorn, John de, late vicar of Kinglassie, 329.

King's Beaulieu. See Beaulieu.

Kingsbury Episcopi, Kyngesbur Episcopi, [co. Somerset], parish church of St. Martin, rectory of, 806.

Kingsland, Kyngeslane [co. Hereford], rectory of, 707.

Kingsnorth, Est Kyngyssnoth, [co. Kent], rectory of, 799.

King's Ripton, Ripton Regis, [co. Huntingdon], rectory of, 705.

Kingston, Kynston, [co. Somerset], vicarage of, 748.

Kingston Deverill, Ryngston [sic] Deuerell, [co. Wilts], rectory of, 749.

Kingston on Thames, Kyngeston by Narbiton, [co. Surrey], chapel of St. Mary Magdalen within the parish of, wardenship of, 543.

Kingston upon Hull, [co. York], Carthusian monastery of St. Michael by, monk of. See Cuerton, William.

-, -, persecution in, 55.

Kington Magna, Kyngton Magna, [co. Dorset], rectory of, 831.

Kingussie, Conuenuciy, Kingusy, [co. Inverness], a prebend in Moray, 610, 611.

-, -, right of patronage of, 610.

-, -, pension on the fruits of, 611.

-, vicarage of, 143.

Kinkell, Kynkel, Kynkell, [co. Aberdeen], a prebend in Aberdeen, 348, 795, 809.

Kinloch, Lundoff, [co. Perth], rectory of, 526, 527.

Kinloss, Chinlos, Kynlos, Kynolos, [co. Elgin], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 75, 77, 349.

-, -, James sometime abbot of. See Guthrie.

-, -, William abbot of. See Galbraith.

-, -, monk of. See Galbraith, William.

-, -, vassals of, papal letters to, 720.

Kinlough, Rynlacha [in Shrule, co. Mayo], vicarage of, 651.

Kinneil, Keneill, Kynneyle, [in Barrowstounness, co. Linlithgow], lands and tithes within the bounds of, granted to the church and poor hospital of Bertramshotts, 490.

-, baron of the barony of. See Hamilton, James de.

- See also Kynnell.

Kinnitty, Kinel, Kynnell, Rinnell, [co. Forfar], rectory of, 34, 35, 104 (bis), 432.

- See also Kynnell.

Kinnitty, Cinithy, Cynithy, Kennety [King's county], parish church of, parcel of Occosyn separated from, 753.

-, -, lay patron of, 753.

-, rector of, consent of, 753.

-, vicarage of, to be erected into a prebend in Killaloe, 622.

Kinoir, Rinnor (recte Kinnor), [now part of Huntly, co. Aberdeen], a prebend in Moray, 732, 733.

Kinross, Kynros, [co. Kinross], church of, 118.

Kinsale, [co. Cork], farm of rectory of, 176.

-, native of. See Mortel, Maurice.

Kinvarradoorus, Kenmara, Rymmara, [co. Galway], a prebend in Kilmacduagh, 155, 340.

Kirieleison, Kirieleyson. See O'Dorney.

Kirbuthow. See Kirkbuddo.

Kirby Cane, Kyrkebi Caine, [co. Norfolk], rectory of, 677.

Kirkbean, Kyrkben, [co. Kirkcudbright], rectory of, 71.

-, vicarage of, 305, 551.

Kirkbuddo, Kirbuthow, [in Guthrie, co. Forfar], rectory of, united to the prebend of Guthrie, 137.

-, -, united to a canonry in Guthrie, 138.

Kirkby in Kendal, Kyrkby in Hundoldall, [co. Westmorland], rectory of, 306.

Kirkby la Thorpe, Krokeby lay Therp, [co. Lincoln], rectory of, 850.

Kirkby Lonsdale, Kyrkby, Kyrkeby Londisdale, [co. Westmorland], vicarage of, pension upon, 517, 536.

Kirkby Malzeard, Kyrkby Mallesherd, Kyrkly Mallesherd, [co. York], vicarage of, 792.

- See also Fountains.

Kirkcudbright, Kukobrie, [co. Kirkcudbright,] inhabitants of burgh of, licenced to build a house of Friars Minors, 866.

- See also Dunrod; and St. Mary's Isle.

Kirke, Herlic, Robert, late bishop of Dromore, 83.

Kirkested. See Kirkstead.

Kirkham, William, rector of Finningley, dispensation to, 562.

Kirkham Priory, Rekham, [co. York], Augustinian priory of the Holy Trinity, canon of. See Clarvaux, John.

Kirkintilloch, Kyrkyntuloch, [co. Dumbarton], vicarage of, 294.

Kirk Ireton, Kyrkereton, [co. Derby], parish church of St. Nicholas, rectory of, 862.

Kirklington, Kayrklyngton, Kulyngton, Kyrklyngton, [co. York], rectory of, 465, 752.

Kirkmichael, Kickmychel, Kukmychel, Kyrkinytel, Kyrkmichael, Kyrkmychel, [? co. Ayr or co. Dumfries], rectory of, 105, 489, 586.

-, -, pension on the fruits of, 558.

-, rectors of, 558.

Kirkpatrick-Juxta, Kirkpitrie juxta, Kyrkpatrie juxta, Kyrkpatrik iuxta, [co. Dumfries], rectory of, 686, 687.

-, -, pension on, 126.

Kirkstead, Kirkested, [co. Lincoln], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, monk of. See Gareforth, Thomas.

Kiroblow, Richard, rector of St. Mary, Stamford, dispensation to, 696.

Kirriemuir, Kerymont, Kyrimur, [co. Forfar], vicarage of, 459, 843.

Kirrigia . See Kerry.

Kkchompton. See Rockhampton.

Klach. See Blake, Walter.

Kliathceallay. See Beagh.

Klinde (?). See Kilmeedy.

Knell, Crul, [in Ash, co. Kent], tithe of the field of, 115.

Knight, Knyght, Nicholas, rector of Whittington, dispensation to, 778.

-, Knyght, Robert, rector of Trottiscliffe, dispensation to, 631.

-, Thomas, bishop of Down [and Connor], resignation admitted and confirmation made by, 369.

-, -, also rector of Fenny Compton, dispensation to, 468, 469.

-, Thomas, late bishop of St. Asaph, 871 note.

-, Knyght, William, rector of Pewsey, dispensation to, 728.

Knockainy, Any, [co. Limerick], preceptory of the hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, preceptor of, benefice in the presentation of, 439.

Knockane, co. Kerry. See Glanmakee.

Knockgraffon, Cnocgrafoyn, [co. Tipperary], vicarage of, 681.

Knocklong, Long [co. Limerick] vicarage of (united to that of Doonmoon), 439.

Knockmoy, Collis victorie [in Abbeyknockmoy parish, co. Galway], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, inhibition of, 497.

-, -, -, papal mandatary, 461, 739.

-, -, Donald abbot of. See O'Kelly.

-, -, John abbot of. See de Burgo, the elder; and de Burgo, the younger.

-, -, Malachy abbot of. See O'Kelly.

-, -, Thomas abbot commendatory of. See de Burgo.

-, -, William abbot of. See de Burgo.

-, -, monks of. See Burgo, John de, the elder; Burgo, John de, the younger; Burgo; William de; O'Kelly, Donald, O'Kelly, Malachy; O'Malley, Arthur.

Knockroe, Cnokruag, [in Inishannon, co. Cork], 428.

Knolles, Knollis, Konollis, Archibald, late archdeacon of Moray, 459, 702.

Knoyell, John, rector of Coulsdon, dispensation to, 641.

Knyght. See Knight.

Knyghtley, Walter, dispensation to, 888.

Knyvet, William, knight, party to a matrimonial suit, 627, 628.

-, -, petition of, 627.

-, -, wife of. See Stafford, Joan.

Knyveton, Matthew, rector of Longford, co. Derby, dispensation to, 599.

Kolossi. See Colossi.

Konnesburg. See Connesburgh, Edmund.

Konollis, See Knolles.

Kontht. See Ruch, David.

Konylsolgoilue. See Kilnasoolagh.

Korcachland. See Corcha-Achlann.

Krainburg, op[p]idum Kranburgie, [Yugo-Slavia], parish church of SS. Cancius, Cancianus, Cancianilla and Protus, rectory of, 587.

Krokeby lay Therp [sic]. See Kirkby la Thorpe.

Kryworth (? recte Keyworth). Roger, dispensation to, 886.

Kuilandavochdog. See Clondavaddog.

Kukmychel. See Kirkmichael.

Kylyngton (recte Kirlyngton). See Kirklington.

Kunthiathyn. See Lintrathen.

Kuyllmoille. See Kilmoyly.

Kychomagayn. See Kylchomagayn.

Kydley, Thomas, rector of Clipsham, dispensation to, 839.

Kydlyngton. See Kidlington.

Kykonayn. See Kilronan, in Middlethird barony, co. Waterford.

Kylandle. See Killanly.

Kylarne. See Killarney.

Kylariray. See Killererin.

Kylaryey. See Killardry.

Kylaspuchmylan. See Killaspugmullane.

Kylathnasuleach. See Kilnasoolagh.

Kylauerau[n]d alias Metnatenaidi (?). See Annagh, co. Mayo.

Kylbatnicdyn. See Kilbarrymeaden.

Kylbiski, Kylbixi [i.e. Kilbixy], an alternative name for Tristernagh, q.v., 816, 823.

Kylbryd Maior. See Kilbreedy-major.

Kylchomagayn, Kychomagayn Kyllchomayn, Kyllechomgaym, diocese of Ardfert, vicarage of, 122.

Kylcolgrin, See Kilcolgan.

Kylcumin. See Kilcummin.

Kylcuna. See Kilcoona.

Kyldale, Robert, a monk of Jervaulx, dispensation to, 495.

Kyldaryey. See Kildorrery.

Kyldoynyn. See Kildinan.

Kyldromahyarrayn alias Kylnauanayn. See Kildrum.

Kyldrumy. See Kildrummy.

Kyle, Cluonfarthamoluad, [Queen's county], rectory of, erected into a prebend in Killaloe, 701.

Kylficyll, Kylfycyll. See Abbeyfeale.

Kylgacuayr. See Kilgeever.

Kylhalaghtan, diocese of Clonfert, vicarage of, 377.

Kylhpatrie. See Kilpatrick, Simon.

Kylimagyn. See Moynkilly.

Kylkeydayn. See Kilcredan.

Kylkydei. See Kilkeedy, co. Limerick.

Kyllaemarbolga. See Killimorbologue.

Kyllaiayn. See Killaan.

Kyllakyde. See Kilkeedy, co. Clare.

Kyllansuyllach (recte Kyllnasuyllach). See Kilnasoolagh.

Kyllaoyn. See Killaan.

Kyllarda. See Killard.

Kyllardyn. See Killardry.

Kyllarne. See Killarney.

Kyllatthy. See Killahy.

Kyllaylyhyn. See Kilculliheen.

Kyllayne. See Kilquane.

Kyllbayb. See Kilbeagh.

Kyllbecog. See Kilbeacon.

Kyllbekan. See Kilpeacon.

Kyllcamayr. See Killimer.

Kyllchomayn. See Kylchomagayn.

Kyllchomyyn. See Kilcummin, in Killiney, co. Kerry.

Kyllcluonfert. See Kilclonfert.

Kyllcomene. See Kilconickny.

Kylldallan. See Kildallan.

Kylldoynyn. See Kildinan.

Kylleamayr. See Killimer.

Kyllechomgaym. See Kylchomagayn.

Kyllemicallan. See Kilmacallan.

Kyllemnatha. See Kilcomnata.

Kyllene. See Killiney.

Kylleren. See Killearn.

Kyllfearbi and Colleboum, parish church of, called Obracayn. See Kilmurry.

Kyllfynatan. See Kilfinaghta.

Kyllfyorach. See Kilfearagh.

Kyllgayuayn (sic). See Kilgarvan.

Kyllhyreryn alias Moynthyrhathay. See Killererin.

Kyllide. See Killeedy.

Kyllidgayn [Killethan in the Taxatio] now part of Kilfian, q.v.

Kyllirachayn. See Kilrainy.

Kyllis, priory de. See Kells, co. Kilkenny.

Kyllkewan. See Kilcavan.

Kyllmachkyny, Kyllmachyny. See Kilmahon.

Kyllmacnenayn. See Kilmacrenan.

Kyllmalle. See Kilmaley.

Kyllmellkedeyr. See Kilmalkedar.

Kyllmicluym. See Kilmicluym.

Kyllmodono. See Kilmacdonogh.

Kyllmoille. See Kilmoyly.

Kyllmolonog. See Kilmalinoge.

Kyllmonayn, Kyllmoneayn. See Kilmaniheen.

Kyllmor. See Kilmore, co. Cavan.

Kyllmoyr. See Kilmore, co. Tipperary, N.R.

Kyllmoyrnasina. See Kilmore-na-Sinna.

Kyllmychleynein. See Kilmaclenine.

Kyllnaheind, diocese of Achonry, [? Kilvarnet, co. Sligo], vicarage of, 338.

Kyllnamona. See Kilnamona.

Kyllnohoroc. See Kilmurry.

Kyllocayn alias Cnochanahagillsy. See Killowen.

Kyllogramedi. See Killokennedy.

Kyllomaird. See Killymard.

Kyllonayn. See Killinane.

Kyllonegane alias Racurmayn. See Bekan.

Kyllonucon alias Kyncolman. See Kilcolman.

Kyllorayn. See Killoran.

Kyllroys. See Kilrush.

Kyllseami. See Kilshannig.

Kyllsenayd. See Kilshanny.

Kylltacunich, Kylltamurgh. See Kiltoghert.

Kylltellynd, a portion in the collegiate church of Scattery Island, 342.

Kyllthogichayn, Kyllthogichyn, Kyllthogyhayn, Kylltogichayn (recte Kyllc[r]ogichayn). See Kilcraggan.

Kylltura. See Killuran.

Kylluffyn, Kyllufyn, Kyllusyn. Se Killofin.

Kyllura. See Killuran.

Kyllvlaen. See Kilbolane.

Kyllvynnyn. See Kilwinning.

Kyllwanawayn, diocese of Ardfert, vicarage of, 100.

Kyllynanalyn, diocese of Emly [? Cullen, co. Tipperary], vicarage of, 476, 477.

Kyllyngworth. See Kenilworth.

Kyllynillay. See Killanully.

Kyllynymury. See Killanummery.

Kyllys, priory de. See Kells, co. Kilkenny.

Kylmacnek alias Tempollergeal or Thechsaosan. See Tisaxon.

Kylmageny. See Kilnageni.

Kylmahorog. See Kilmurry.

Kylmainduis, diocese of Clonfert, vicarage of, 588.

Kylmanagh. See Kilmanagh.

Kylmany. See Kilmany.

Kylmaynan. See Kilmainham.

Kylmeklay in the diocese of Cashel, [Kilmacloy in the Taxatio], vicarage of, 95.

Kylmellayn. See Kilmoylan.

Kylmicluym. See Kilmicluym.

Kylmini, diocese of Killaloe, rectory of, 753.

Kylmohorog. See Kilmurry.

Kylmokarry. See Kilmacar.

Kylmore alias Kylmahorog. See Kilmurry.

Kylmydayn. See Kilmeadan.

Kylnanala. See Nalt.

Kylnanama. See Kilnananima.

Kylnauanayn. See Kildrum.

Kylogenedyac. See Killokennedy.

Kylsernil, diocese of Killaloe, vicarage of, 377.

Kylsynacthy [recte Kylfynacthy]. See Kilfinaghta.

Kyltena. See Kilshanny.

Kyltoeyly. See Kilseily.

Kyltoili. See Kiltoola.

Kyltokichan. See Coolcashin.

Kyltyle. See Kilteely.

Kylueyn. See Kilmeen.

Kyl[uy]nyng, Kylwynyng. See Kilwinning.

Kymalle. See Kilmaley.

Kymmynhall. See Leigh, co. Worcester.

Kynardi. See Kennedy, James.

Kyncardin. See Kincardine, co. Inverness.

Kyncolman. See Kilcolman.

Kyng. See King.

Kyngesbur Episcopi. See Kingsbury Episcopi.

Kyngeslane. See Kingsland.

Kyngeston by Narbiton. See Kingston on Thames.

Kyngislan. See Don, Roger.

Kyngorn. See Kingorn, John de.

Kyngt. See King, Joan.

Kyngton Magna. See Kington Magna.

Kyngy (recte Kyngg). See King Richard.

Kyngyssnoth, Est. See Kingsnorth.

Kynidy. See Kennedy, Henry.

Kynkel, Kynkell, See Kinkell.

Kynlos. See Kinloss.

Kynnard. See Kennedy, James.

Kynnell. See Kinnell.

Kynnell, diocese of St. Andrews (? Kinneil, co. Linlithgow, or Kinnell, co. Forfar), rectory of, appropriated to the archiepiscopal mensa of St. Andrews, 17.

Kynneyle. See Kinneil.

Kynolos. See Kinloss.

Kynros. See Kinross.

Kynston. See Kingston, co. Somerset.

Kyreleyson, Kyrieleison, Kyrieleyson, Kyrileyson, abbey de. See O'Dorney.

Kyrimur. See Kirriemuir.

Kyrkall, John, rector of Middleton Stoney, dispensation to, 838.

Kyrkben. See Kirkbean.

Kyrkbi, diocese of York, rectory of, 337.

Kyrkby in Hundoldall. See Kirkby in Kendal.

Kyrkby Londisdale, See Kirkby Lonsdale.

Kyrkby Mallesherd. See Kirkby Malzeard.

Kyrkebi Caine. See Kirby Cane.

Kyrkeby Londisdale. See Kirkby Lonsdale.

Kyrkely (? recte Byrkely), Thomas, dispensation to, 901.

Kyrkereton. See Kirk Ireton.

Kyrkinytel (recte Kyrkmycel). See Kirkmichael.

Kyrkland, Robert, chantry priest in the hospital of St. Mary the Virgin, Chichester, dispensation to, 752.

Kyrkly Mallesherd. See Kirkby Malzeard.

Kyrklyngton. See Kirklington.

Kyrkmichael, Kyrkmychel. See Kirkmichael.

Kyrkpatrie juxta, Kyrkpatrik iuxta. See Kirkpatrick-Juxta.

Kyrkyntuloch. See Kirkintilloch.

Kysosancta. See Kilrossanty.

Kyvve. See O'Keeffe, William.