Index of Persons and Places: S

Pages 1167-1192

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 13, 1471-1484. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1955.

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Saballo , abbey de. See Saul.

Sabina, [Italy], Julian cardinal bishop of. See de Ruvere.

Sabrycheworth. See Sawbridgeworth.

Sabyn, John, of Burford, to be a notary public, 648.

Sacri Nemoris abbey. See Holywood.

St. Agatha by Richmond, St. Agatha in the diocese of York, abbey of. See Easby.

St. Albans, [co. Hertford], Benedictine abbey of St. Alban, immediately subject to the Roman church, abbot of, papal mandatary, 111, 160, 485.

-, -, William abbot of. See Albon.

-, -, abbots-elect of, indult that they need not go to Rome for confirmation, 201.

-, -, archdeacon of, jurisdiction of, 358.

-, -, William archeacon of. See Walyngford.

-, -, monks of. See Dixwell, William; Gowlle, Henry; Harman, Richard.

-, -, convent of, indult to, 201.

St. Andrews, Sancti Andree, church of St. Andrew in Scotland, [co. Fife], bishop of, confirmation by, 207.

-, -, vicar-general of. See Scone, John abbot of.

-, James bishop of. See Kennedy.

-, Patrick bishop (afterwards archbishop) of. See Graham.

-, bishop, prior and chapter of, benefices in gift of, 278, 284, 330.

-, bishopric of, erected into an archbishopric, 15.

-, archbishop of, benefice in the gift of, 256.

-, -, benefice in the presentation of, 348.

-, -, collation by, 366.

-, -, election confirmed by, 170.

-, -, exemption from the jurisdiction of, 62, 63.

-, -, payments to be made by, for a crusade, 203.

-, -, metropolitical right of, 69, 105, 471, 798, 812, 813, 824, 825, 826, 846.

-, -, order of, 625.

-, -, papal letters to, 105, 165, 471, 555, 798, 812 (bis), 813, 824, 825 (bis), 827, 846.

-, -, papal mandatary, 97, 348, 665.

-, -, pension to be paid by, 142.

-, -, William Scheves appointed vicar of, 226.

-, Patrick, archbishop of. See Graham.

-, William archbishop of. See Scheves.

-, William administrator of. See Scheves.

-, archbishop, prior and chapter of, benefices in the gift of, 223, 2401, 664, 665.

-, archiepiscopal mensa of, 215, 227.

-, -, appropriations made to, 16, 17, 72, 107.

-, -, churches united to. See Edzel: and Scoonie.

-, -, lands belonging to, 348.

-, -, pension on, 142.

-, -, union of Lasswade to, dissolved, 54.

-, -, union of Tynninghame to, suspended, 72.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 58, 69, 118, 223, 571, 609, 610, 613, 732.

-, Alexander archdeacon of. See Inglis.

-, Robert archdeacon of. See Blackader.

-, Walter archdeacon of. See Stewart.

-, William archdeacon of. See S heves.

-, official of, cause committed to, 226.

-, -, election confirmed by, 554.

-, -, papal mandatary, 30, 33, 41, 54, 55 (bis), 69, 84, 93, 103, 165, 172, 188, 197, 197 note, 256, 295, 319, 329, 354, 366, 459, 543, 563, 578, 600, 613, 753, 756, 810, 817, 845.

-, David official of. See Meldrum.

-, Augustinian priory (cathedral), prior of, papal mandatary, 42, 338, 479.

-, -, -, pension charged upon, 319.

-, -, -, rights etc. of, 170.

-, -, John prior of. See Hepburn.

-, -, Walter prior of. See Moneypenny.

-, -, William prior of. See Cameron.

-, -, litigant for the office of prior. See Elbron, John.

-, -, prior and chapter of, benefice in the gift of, 256.

-, -, -, news of the madness of Patrick Graham sent to the pope by, 555.

-, -, canons of, benefice of Leuchars wont to be governed by, 378.

-, -, -, See also Granston, Thomas; Hepburn, John; Home, Robert; Moneypenny, Walter; Ruch, Thomas; Stag, Henry; Woodman, John; Wright, John.

-, -, chapter of, 61.

-, -, -, election of a prior by, 139.

-, -, -, papal letters to, 556.

-, -, -, vicar-general of. See Home, Robert.

-, -, chapter house of, 225.

-, -, convent of, election of a prior by, 170.

-, -, patron of. See James III, king of Scotland.

-, -, value of, 841.

-, church of, archdeaconry in. See Lothian.

-, -, erected into a metropolitan church, 226.

-, -, erection of, into an archbishopric, excepted from revocation of privileges etc., 277.

-, -, privileges etc. granted to, revoked, 277.

-, -, suffragans of, papal letters to, 556.

-, -, vassals of, papal letters to, 556.

-, cathedral church, lately made metropolitan, indulgence to persons visiting, etc., 203.

-, -, intention of Patrick Graham to return to, 203.

-, -, part of the alms arising from an indulgence in, to be devoted to the defence of the Christian faith against the Turks 202, 203.

-, -, pension to be paid in, 567.

-, -, priest in, 6.

-, -, vicar in. See Mulikyn, William.

-, city of, clergy of, 61.

-, -, pension to be paid in, 196 note.

-, city and diocese of, clergy and people of, papal letters to, 556.

-, -, James Lindsay, bishop of Varna, to exercise pontifical offices in, 142.

-, diocese of, Benedictine abbey [no name given] in, abbot of, indult to, 912.

-, -, -, William abbot and convent of, confirmation of papal letters to, 911.

-, -, certain clerks of, 27.

-, -, collegiate church in, 895.

-, -, hospital in, 899.

-, -, monasteries in, 867, 870 (bis), 873 (bis), 894, 911, 912, 914.

-, -, person dwelling in. See Dunbar, archpriest of.

-, -, persons of, 13, 16, 20, 24, 25, 27, 29, 30, 33, 34, 38, 42 (bis), 47, 48, 63, 65, 67, 72, 77 (bis), 83, 84 (bis), 86, 93, 96, 103 (ter), 108, 118 (ter), 166, 172, 192, 196 note, 208, 211, 226, 251, 256, 284, 329, 330, 347, 355, 360, 365, 366, 381, 385, 459 (bis), 461, 462, 479, 483, 492, 506, 542, 551, 552, 559 (bis), 560 note, 567, 568, 597, 610, 613, 614, 618 (bis), 643 (bis), 649 (bis), 657, 687, 694, 702, 750, 756, 810, 811, 819, 820, 823, 843, 857, 865, 867, 869, 870 (bis), 875 (bis), 880, 888, 898, 906, 907 (?), 911.

-, -, places in. See Abercrombie; Aberluthnet; Arbirlot; Aldcathie; Arbroath; Balmerino; Bass; Bathgate; Benholm; Berwick, North; Berwick on Tweed; Bolton, co. Haddington; Borthwick; Cambuskenneth; Carrington; Coldingham; Collessie; Corstorphine; Coupar-Angus; Craig; Crichton; Cupar; Currie; Dalkeith; Dalmeny; Dryburgh; Dunbar; Dunbarny; Dunbog; Dunfermline; Dunglass; Dunnottar; Dysart, co. Fife; Edinburgh (Holyrood); Edinburgh (Holy Trinity); Edinburgh (St. Giles); Edinburgh (St. Leonards); Fettercairn; Fishwick, Forteviot; Glamis; Halystane; Hartside; Hume; Inchbrayock; Kelso; Kettins; Kilmany; Kinglassie; Kinneil; Kinnell; Kinross; Kirriemuir; Lasswade; Laurencekirk; Legerwood; Leith; Leslie; Leuchars; Lindores; Linlithgow; Lintrathen; Logie; Luncarty; May, Isle of; Methven; Mordington; Musselburgh; Newbattle; Pentland; Pittenweem; hestennet; Rosslyn; St. Andrews (St. Mary the Virgin); St. Andrews (St. Salvator); St. Germains; Scone; Stirling; Stitchel; Tannadice; Torphichen; Tynninghame; Upsethngton, Wester; Yester.

-, -, preceptories in, 865, 866.

-, -, property in, 644.

-, -, rectories in, 215, 876, 896, 902, 908.

-, -, rectory in, erected into a canonry, 868.

-, -, vicarages in, 879, 897, 899 (bis), 905.

-, collegiate church (chapel royal) of St. Mary the Virgin, dean of, authorized to grant plenary remission to James III and queen Margaret, 212.

-, -, John dean of. See Home.

-, -, provost of, papal mandatary, 68 (bis), 843.

-, -, canon of. See Kennedy, Thomas.

-, -, canonry and prebend newly erected in, 599.

-, -, prebend in. See Dysart, co. Fife.

-, -, union of Coldingham priory to, 14, 19, 192.

-, collegiat church of St. Salvator, provost of, papal mandatary, 41, 68, 69, 403.

-, -, James provost of. See Ogilvy.

-, -, John provost of. See Lok.

-, -, provost, canons and other graduates of, or provost and chapter of, benefice in the presentation of. See Kilmany.

-, -, canons of. See Blackader, Robert; Boys, Giles; Fresel, John; Scheves, William.

-, -, canonry in, restrictions as to the holder of, 68.

-, -, masters and scholars of, 620.

-, -, canonry of and prebend of Lasswade in, appropriation of, 1078.

-, -, prebend in. See Lasswade.

-, -, common mensa of, 68.

-, -, exemption of, annulled, 19, 214, 215.

-, -, statutes of, 620.

-, Friars Preachers oratory or hospice of St. Mary, to be a conventual house, 571.

-, archiepiscopal palace at, 19, 214.

-, described as in Scotland, 202, 203, 853.

-, pension to be paid at, 142.

-, separated from Edinburgh by the sea, 215.

-, university of, 61.

-, John Hepburn of, 840.

-, Andrew Lesly of, 611.

St. Andrews, recte Glasgow, diocese of, place in. See Fail.

-, erroneously written Exovien- [sis], diocese of, person of, 893.

-, probably an error, diocese of, 907 note.

Saint-Antoine-de-Viennois, [Isre, France], Augustinian abbey of St. Anthony, canon of. See Haliday, Alexander.

-, -, house dependent on. See Leith.

St. Asaph, Assaven[sis], [co. Denbigh], bishop of, papal mandatary, 503.

-, -, claiming to be visitor and reformator-general of the abbot of Prmontr, 64.

-, Richard bishop of. See Redman.

-, Thomas late bishop of. See Knight.

-, Thomas, bishop of, resident in London, papal mandatary, 310.

-, Fulk dean of. See Salesbury.

-, diocese of, persons of, 880, 886, 914.

-, -, places in. See Conway; Denbigh; Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog; Llandyssil, co. Montgomery; Whitford; Whittington, Wrexham.

St. Athan, [co. Glamorgan], parish church of St. Tathana, rectory of, 425.

St. Benet Hulme, Holm(e), de Hulmo, sancti Benedicti, [in Horning, co. Norfolk], Benedictine abbey of St. Benedict, abbot of, faculty to, 829.

-, -, abbot of, papal mandatary, 616, 778.

-, -, Thomas abbot of. See Pakefield.

-, -, monk of. See Kebyng, John.

St. Bohynus, church of the house of. See Taughboyne.

St. Botolph, Augustinian priory of, in the diocese of London. See Colchester.

St. Breock, sancte Breace (recte sancti Breoci), [co. Cornwall], vicarage of, 791.

St. Buryan, [co. Cornwall], free chapel royal of St. Buryan the Virgin, dean of, control of, over the use of relics there, 591.

-, -, Robert dean of. See Rulloys.

-, -, statute regarding the rehes etc. of, 590.

SS. Cantius, Cantianus and Cantianilla, 587 note.

St. Chad the confessor, body of, 117.

St. Colmocus, priory of. See Inchmahome.

St. Columb Major, sancti Columbe maioris, [co. Cornwall], rectory of, 792.

St. Davids, Menenen[sis] (sic), Menecen[sis], Minicen[sis], [co. Pembroke], bishop of, collation made by authority of, 499.

-, -, consent of, to the exercise by a suffragan bishop of pontifical offices, 819.

-, -, election confirmed by, 508.

-, -, papal mandatary, 5.

-, -, presentation made to and institution made by, 21.

-, -, resignation made to, 508.

-, -, Thomas Wele to act at request of, 642.

-, Richard bishop-[elect] and late bishop of. See Martin.

-, Robert late bishop of. See Tully.

-, Thomas [bishop-]elect of. See Langton.

-, John archdeacon of. See Hunden.

-, Owen treasurer of. See Pole.

-, canon of, executor of papal letters, 628.

-, canons of. See Bell, John; William, John.

-, canon and prebendary of. See Smith, John.

-, chapter of, papal letters to, 743, 826.

-, church of, archdeaconries in. See Brecknock; Cardigan.

-, -, poverty etc. of, 749.

-, -, subject to the archbishop of Canterbury, 744.

-, -, vassals of, papal letters to, 743.

-, city and diocese of, clergy and people of, papal letters to, 743, 826.

-, -, exercise of pontifical offices in, 819.

-, -, Thomas Wele to act as bishop in, 642.

-, diocese of, persons of, 21, 550, 869, 871 (bis), 872 (bis), 875, 889 (4), 891, 913.

-, -, places in. See Carmarthen; Herbrandston; Hubberston; Le Parsons Place; Llangoedmore; Llansaintfraed, co. Brecon; Llanthony Prima; Mawdelenys hospital; Manorbier; Merthyr; Pill; Rudbaxton; St. John the Baptist, priory of; Swansea (hospital of St. David).

-, New College of St. Mary by the church of, John master of, See William.

St. Edward the Confessor, body of, buried in Westminster abbey, 579.

St. Feighin's, co. Westmeath. See Fore.

St. George's, de Sancto Georgio, [co. Glamorgan], Edmund Malefaunt lord of, 550.

St. Gerlaheius (i.e. St. Jarlath), wardenship of the relics of. See Tuam, church of the Shrine.

St. Germains, de Sancto Germano, [in Tranent, co. Haddington], Augustinian priory of the order of Cruciferi cum Stella, prior of, benefice in the presentation of. See St. Germanus, diocese of Aberdeen.

-, -, Walter prior of. See Moneypenny.

-, parish churches called the hospital of St. Germain at, 58.

-, -, parish churches united to. See Aberluthnet; Glenmuick.

St. Germanus, hospital of, in the diocese of Aberdeen, tithes belonging to, 462.

-, -, litigant for the benefice of. See Camera, John de.

St. Germanus, priory of, in the diocese of St. Andrews, See St. Germains.

St. Gluvias, Sancti Glubiaci, [co. Cornwall], vicarage of, 709.

St. Ives, villa Sancti Yvonis, [co. Huntingdon], parish church of All Saints, vicarage of, 698.

St. James in Compostella. See Santiago di Compostela.

St. Jarlath, St. Gerlaheius, Sancti Arlathei, custody or wardenship of the relics of. See Tuam, church of the Shrine.

St. John, Raynduyn, Renydwyn, Rynduyn, [co. Roscommon], priory of St. John the Baptist, of the order of the Cruciferi of Jerusalem, prior of, papal mandatary, 102, 758.

-, -, Thady de facto prior of. See O'Kelly.

-, -, William prior of. See O'Kelly.

St. John's, [in Bantry barony, co. Wexford], Augustinian priory of St. John the Evangelist by Enniscorthy, Innyscorthy, of the order of St. Victor, prior of, papal mandatary, 402, 404.

St. John the Baptist, in the diocese of St. Davids, priory of, united to Lanthony by Glucester, 912.

St. Lazarus of Jerusalem, order (militia), of. See Lazarite order (in Subject Index).

St. Leger, Seyntliger, Anthony, dispensation to, 270.

-, Saintleger, [sir] Thomas, witness, 689.

-, -, deposition of, 690.

St. Lurach, of Maghera, 398 note.

St. Malo, Maclovien[sis], Malleacen[sis], [Ille-et-Vilaine, France], bishop of, papal mandatary, 1945.

-, canon of. See Guillen, Yvo.

St. Margaret at Cliffe, Clyf, [co. Kent], parish church of St. Mary, recte St. Margaret, rectory of, 456.

St. Mary Magdalen, alias de Kylmohorog, church of. See Kilmurry, co. Limerick.

St. Mary Hall, Marihalle, [in Belchamp Walter, co. Essex], Richard Martini lord of, 269.

St. Mary's Isle or Trail, de Insula, de Insula Trayl, Traile, [in Kirkcudbright, co. Kirkcudbright], Augustinina priory, dependent upon Holyrood abbey, Edinburgh, John prior of. See Gaufridi.

-, -, John sometime prior of. See Wardlaw.

-, -, Robert prior of. See Bellantyne.

St. Mary's-Shandon, Scandon, Seandon, Standon, [co. Cork], parish church of St. Mary, rectory of. 39, 435.

-, -, John Roche rector of, 418.

St. Maul's, de Sancta Malla, [co. Kilkenny], a prebend in St. Canice, Kilkenny, 146.

St. Michael's Mount, in the diocese of Ardfert. See Balliangskelligs.

St. Mirren's in the diocese of Glasgow. See Paisley.

St. Monans. See Abercrombie.

St. Neots, de Sancto Neoto, [co. Huntingdon], Benedictine priory, prior of, papal mandatary, 693.

-, -, monks of. See Bettheley, Hugh; Semprengham alias Woode, John.

St. Omer, sanctus Adomarus, [Pas-de-Calais, France], cathedral church of St. Omer, canon of. See Doget, John.

St. Osyth, St. Osith, [co. Essex], Augustinian abbey of St. Osith, virgin and martyr, canons of. See Deth alias Woodbrigg, John; Hadley, Robert.

St. Patrick, vicarage of, in the diocese of Elphin. See Kiltrustan.

St. Peters, co. Roscommon. See Athlone.

St. Peter's Port, Guernsey, attacks by pirates upon, 258.

-, church of, papal letters to be posted on the doors of, 258.

St. Pol-de-Lon, Leonen[sis], Leonon [sis], [Finistre, France], bishop of, papal mandatary, 4, 97.

-, cathedra church of, papal letters to be posted on the doors of, 258.

St. Protus, martyrdom of. 587 note.

St. Radegund's, Sancte Radegundis, sancte Radegungis (sic), [in Poulton, co. Kent], Premonstratensian abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 456 (bis).

-, -, Ingram abbot of. See Fraunce (or Francys).

-, -, canon of. See Travers alias Leycest[er], John.

St. Tathana, diocese of Llandaff, rectory of. See St. Athan.

St. We burgh, diocese of Lichfield, abbot of. See Chester.

Saintes, Xanctonen[sis], Xantonen[sis], [Charente Infrie, France], church of, archdeaconry of Aunis in, 194, 195.

-, Johannes succentor of. SeeMarescalli.

-, canons of. See Marescalli, Johannes; Moneypenny, William.

-, diocese of, rectory in, 195 note.

Saints Island, Insula Sanctorum [in Cashel parish, co. Longford], Augustinian priory, prior of papal mandatary, 19.

SS. Mary and Thomas, hospital of, in the diocese of Winchester. See Southwark.

SS. Peter and Paul the Apostles, priory of, in the diocese of Ferns. See Selskar.

Salehurst, Salthurst, [co. Sussex], parish church of St. Mary, vicarage of, 853.

-, See also Robertsbridge.

Salerno, [Italy], Peter William archbishop of. See de Rocha.

Salesbury, Fulk, dean of St. Asaph and rector of Llandwrog, sometime rector of Denbigh, dispensation to, 473.

Salisbury, Saresbilien[sis] (sic), Saresburien[sis], Nova Saresbiria, [co. Wilts], bishop of, authority of, over the statutes of St. George's chapel, Windsor, 438.

-, -, faculties to, 469, 474 (bis), 648, 790.

-, -, oath to be taken before, 80.

-, -, papal mandatary, 80, 97, 192, 220, 258, 397, 401, 530, 600, 625, 668, 688, 691, 692.

-, -, provision made by, 530.

-, -, resignation made to, 600.

-, Henry bishop of. See Dean (or Deane).

-, Lionel bishop of. See Wydville.

-, Richard bishop of. See Beauchamp.

-, William late bishop of. See Ascough.

-, dean of, faculty to, 369.

-, James dean of. See Goldwell.

-, John dean of. See Davison.

-, Stephen dean commendatary of. See Nardini.

-, dean and chapter of, indult to, 662, 663.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 18.

-, precentor of, papal mandatary, 406.

-, Thomas precentor of. See Hawkyns.

-, canons of. See Cousin, Masculinus; de la Pole, Edward; Doget, John; Emwell, John; Lovibond, John; Newton, John; Pavy, Hugh; Sinwell, John; Vance, William.

-, canons and ministers of, 662.

-, chapter of, consent of, to an appropriation, 833.

-, prebends in. See Harnham, West, and Coombe Bissett; Lyme Regis and Halstock.

-, chapter of, papal letters to, 744.

-, church of, archdeaconry of Berks in, 238, 522.

-, -, vassals of, papal letters to, 744.

-, cathedral church, indulgence to persons visiting etc., 469.

-, -, misty and unwholesome air in, 662.

-, -, papal letters to be posted on the doors of, 258.

-, city of, dweller in. See Moren, John.

-, city and diocese of, clergy and people of. papal letters to, 744.

-, diocese of, benefices in, 889 note.

-, -, indulgences in, 881 (bis).

-, -, persons of, 220, 397, 474, 550, 551, 600, 625, 657 (bis), 687, 689, 690, 692, 713, 790, 822, 823 (bis), 865, 866, 872, 873, 874, 875, 878, 882, 884, 885, 886 (bis), 888, 889 (4), 889 note, 891 (4), 892 (bis), 900, 901, 907.

-, -, places in. See Abingdon; Aldermaston; Allington; Amesbury; Ashbury; Ashton, Steeple; Bereford St. Martin; Berwick St. John; Bindon; Besselsleigh; Bisham; Blewbury; Bradley, Maiden; Bremilham; Brightwell; Brockhampton; Bromham; Childrey; Chippenham: Colerne Dauntsey; Dean, Wes; Didcot; Easton; Eaton Hastings; Edington; Fontmell Magna; Ha stock; Highworth; Hooke; Horton; Hullavington; Hungerford; Hurley; Ilsley, East; Ilsley, West; Kingston Deverill; Kington Magna; Longbredy; Longworth; Lydiard Millicent; Lyme Regis; Newton, Maiden; Malmesbury; Melkesham; Milton Abbas; Monkton Far eigh; Moore Critchell; Panbourne; Pewsey; Piddletrenthide; Pimperne; Potterne; Poughley; Purton; Reading; Salisbury (chantry of St. Catherine); Salisbury college of St. Nicholas); Shaw; Sherborne; Spettisbury; Stanford Dingley; Stanley; Stapleford; Steventon; Stinsford; Stour Provost; Sutton; Tidpit; Upton Lovell; Upway; Wantage; Wilton; Windsor; Winfrith Newburgh; Winterborne Monkton; Winterborne Stickland; Wraxall, North; Wytham.

-, chapel called the chantry of St. Catherine in the churchyard of the parish church of St. Edmund, foundation statutes of, 557, 796, 797.

-, -, rector of. See Moren, John.

-, -, rectory of, 796.

-, college of St. Nicholas de Vaux, de Valle, fellow of. See Chaundeler, John.

-, -, statutes of, 244.

-, collegiate church of St., Edmund, Adam provost of See Coppandale.

-, earl of. See Nevill, sir Richard.

-, use of, 901 note.

Salisbury recte London, diocese of, place in. See Purleigh.

Salley. See Sawley.

Salop, John archdeacon of. See Fox.

Salopia . See Shrewsbury.

Salosburi, Fontkecha, dispensation to, 880.

Salsall. See Goxhill.

Salsberi, ord (sic). See Nevill, sir Richard.

Salscot, Thomas, bishop of Annaghdown, rector commendatary of Charleton, dispensation to, 491.

Salsebery, earl of. See Nevill, sir Richard.

Salter, Richard, rector of Standlake, dispensations to, 363, 910.

Sa'tfleetby, Saltfletby, [co. Lincoln], rectory of, 608.

Salthurst. See Salehurst.

Saluen alias Saluayn, Mary, relict of Thomas Saluen, dispensed to marry, 632.

-, Thomas, kinswoman of, 632.

-, -, relict of. See Saluen, Mary, above.

Salutatis, Benedict de, a merchant of Florence, 39, 132, 261.

Salvigiour. See Schrymgeour.

Salwoda, i.e. Selwood, forest of, Witham in. See Witham Friary.

Salzeburgen[sis] written in error for Saresburien[sis], 823.

Sameria , abbey de. See Assaroe.

Sampford Peverell, Sanpford Peverell, [co. Devon], rectory of, 495.

Samphon, John, prior of Horton, dispensation to, 607.

Sampson, William, rector of the free chapel of Lindsey, co. Suffolk, 778.

San. See Shandrum.

San, Thomas, dispensation to, 869.

Sanclar. See Sinclair, John.

Sancta Brigida , parish church of St. Mary de, in the diocese of St. Davids. See Llansaintfraed, co. Brecon.

Sancta Malla , prebend de. See St. Maul's.

Sancte Breace (recte Sancti Breoci). See St. Breock.

Sancteclare. See Sinclair, Thomas.

Sancte Radegundis , Sancte Radegungis (sic), abbey of. See St. Radegund's.

Sancti Albani de Gueerandia . See Gurande.

Sancti Andree . See St. Andrews.

Sancti Arlathei (i.e. St. Jarlath), custody of the relics of. See Tuam, church of the Shrine.

Sancti Benedicti , monastery of, in the diocese of Norwich. See St. Benet Hulme.

Sancti Cadoci by Berg[av]eney, parish church of. See Llangattock.

Sancti Carantoci , church of. See Crantock.

Sancti Colmoci de Insula , Sancti Colmoci Insula, priory of. See Inchmahome.

Sancti Columbe majoris . See St. Columb Major.

Sancti Criynneri (?) church of. See Crowan.

Sancti Fimbari , Fimbarri, Fimbraari, Fimparii, Finbari, Finbarri, Finnbarri, Finnbarry, Fymbarri, Fymbarrij, Fymmbarry, abbey de Antro. See Cork, Gill Abbey.

Sancti Glubiaci [ecclesia]. See St. Gluvias.

Sancti Hillarii , ecclesia, in the diocese of Bangore. See Llaneilian.

Sancti Molanfid , Insula. See Molana.

Sancti Moroke (sic), rectory of. See Llanfwrog, co. Denbigh.

Sancti Petroci , church of, in the diocese of Exeter. See Petrockstow.

Sancti Yvonis , villa. See St. Ives.

Sancto Claro, James de. See Sinclair.

Sancto Claro , place de. See Sinclair.

Sancto Georgio , demesne de. See St. George's.

Sancto Georgio, John Antonius (recte Antonii) de, bishop of Alessandria, a papal auditor and rector commendatary of Galliate, 136.

Sancto Germano , priory de. See St. Germains.

Sancto Neoto , priory de. See St. Neots.

Sanctus Adomarus . See St. Omer.

Sandewicum . See Sandwich.

Sandon, [co. Essex], rectory of, 737.

Sandretona. See Saunderton.

Sandrisshe. See Sandwich.

Sandron, Sandrum. See Shandrum.

Sandwich, Sandewicum, Sandrisshe, Sandwiche, Sandwicum, [co, Kent], parish church of St. Peter, rectory of, 239, 695.

-, port of, 230.

-, Elena Seruaunt of, 357.

Sandy, Sonden, Sondey, [co. Bedford], chantry in parish church of, 747.

Sannagvola. See Shanagolden.

Sanpford Peverell. See Sampford Peverell.

Sante, John, abbot of Abingdon, to be papal nuncio to Edward IV, and collector in England and Calais, 50.

-, -, to be papal nuncio to Edward prince of Wales, and collector in Wales, 50.

-, -, to be papal collector in Ireland, 50.

-, -, mandate to, to visit churches and monasteries in Ireland, 50.

-, -, papal nuncio to England, Wales and the adjacent islands, to visit all monasteries, etc., 50, 51.

-, -, faculty to, 51.

-, -, papal nuncio and commissary to England, Wales, Ireland and the adjacent islands, faculties to and renewal of faculties to, 2 (bis).

-, -, powers of a legate de latere granted to, 2.

-, -, not to visit Glastonbury abbey without joining with him the ordinary of the place, 571, 572.

-, -, an enemy of John de Sellwood, abbot of Glastonbury, 572.

-, -, legate de latere, declaration of the genuineness of the faculties granted to, 80.

-, -, failure of, to render an account, 197.

-, -, revocation of indulgences and faculties to, 197.

-, -, safe-conduct for, 223.

-, -, one of the presidents of the Benedictine chapter-general in England, visitation etc. held by, 617.

Santiago di Compostela, St. James in Compostella, Compustella [Galicia, Spain], absolution obtained at, 147.

-, vows of pilgrimage to, 198, 200, 206, 240, 245, 247, 249, 273.

Santiagvola. See Shanagolden.

Sapcote, Robert, rector of Turvey, dispensation to, 512.

Saragossa, [Spain], diocese of, place in. See Cantavieja.

Saresbiria , Nova. See Salisbury.

Saresburiensis , See Salisbury.

-, wrongly written Salzeburgen [sis], 823.

Sargent, Sarghent, Serghent, David, treasurer of Waterford, executor of a papal mandate, 109.

Sariont, Henry, rector of St. John the Baptist, Stamford, dispensation to, 713.

Sarsina, Sassenaten[sis], [Italy], F[ortunatus] bishop of. See de Pellicannis.

Saturalis, Stephen, notary public, 874.

Saul, de Saballo, [co. Down], Augustinian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 161, 547.

Saulei, Thomas, dispensed to marry, 872.

Saunderton, Sandretona [co. Bucks], grange of, 481.

Savage, Patrick, captain of the land of Lecale, 313.

-, Sawache, Thomas, to be vicar of Corkbeg, 553, 554.

Sawbridgeworth, Sabrycheworth, [co. Herts.,] vicarage of, 726.

Sawley, Salley, [in Bowland, co. York, W.R.,] Cistercian abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 854.

Sawtry, de Sawtria, [co. Huntingdon], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, Thomas abbot of. See Jarkesley.

Saxetti, Francis, a citizen and merchant of Florence, 235.

Saxlingham, Saxlyngham, [co. Norfolk], rectory of, 364.

-, William Say of, 307.

Say, Leonard, dispensation to, 595.

-, -, rector of St. Mary, Spaxton, dispensation to, 632.

-, Thomas, rector of Souldern, dispensation to, 749.

-, William, of Saxlingham, litigant, petition of, 307.

Sayerkeran. See Seirkieran.

Sayntlo, Christopher, rector of Camerton, dispensation to, 641.

Sayr, Sayrkeran. See Seirkieran.

Scack. See Stack, David.

Scacte (?). See Scott, Sir John.

Scala dei , chapel of St. Mary de. See Rome, Cistercian monastery of St. Anastasius.

Scandon. See St. Mary's-Shandon.

Scarborough, Scardeburgh, [co. York], vicarage of, 499.

Scarlet, Andrew, a Friar Preacher, dispensation to, 213.

Scarp. Se Sharp.

Scaterling. See Shatterling.

Scattery Island, Enyscat, In[i]sgayd, Inniscac, Inyskahy, Inyskaid, Vniscay, Ynischay, Ynischay[d] Yniskahe, Ynyskathyd, Yny[s]kayd, [in Kilrush, co. Clare], Augustinian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 842.

-, secular and collegiate church of St. Senan, prior of, papal mandatary, 391, 520, 700, 715, 754, 842.

-, -, Maurice (the elder) de facto prior of. See Ogillasenayn.

-, -, Maurice (the younger) prior of. See Ogillasenayn.

-, -, Dermit sacrist of. See Mackahan.

-, -, Eugenius sacrist of. See Ohoogonayn.

-, -, portionaries of. See Mackahan, Dermit; Ogillasenayn, Maurice (the elder); Ogillasenayn, Maurice (the younger); Ogillasenayn, Thady; O'Kelly, Denis; O'Kelly, Gilasius; O'Kelly, Rory.

-, -, portions in. See Kylltellynd; Raykcasgyn.

-, -, church called Moynwor in, portionaries in. See Macgorman, Thady; Okaermada, Donald.

-, See also Inniscattery.

Schaff, Miles, receiver of the Hospitallers priory of England, to be removed, 216.

Schappe. See Shap.

Schare, Schard, George, indult to, 867.

-, -, to be received into religion, 868.

-, -, to be an abbot or prior, 868.

-, -, absolution of, 868.

Schawe. See Shawe, Robert.

Schefelde, John, to be a notary public, 475.

Scheolayn. See Osannachan alias Oscullin.

Schepard. See Shepard, Richard.

Schepey. See Sheepy.

Scherarde, William, rector of Coppingford, dispensation to, 713.

Scheray, Alexander, to be vicar of Borthwick, 295.

-, -, petition of, 295.

Scheves, Scheues, Alexander, sometime vicar of Aberuthven, 810.

-, -, proctor of, 811.

-, Scheues, Schewes, Schives, Sclaues, Scleues, Sevese, Sheves; Sthewes, William, to be archdeacon of St. Andrews, 33, 34.

-, -, archdeacon of St. Andrews, dispensations to, 53, 212, 898.

-, -, intended promotion of, to a cathedral church, 65.

-, -, an Augustinian canon, archdeacon of St. Andrews, and councillor of James III, indult to, to visit by deputy etc., 495, 496.

-, -, to be dean of Dunkeld, 42, 43.

-, -, dean of Dunkeld, intended promotion of, to a cathedral church, 63.

-, -, vicar-general in spirituals of Patrick [Graham], archbishop of St. Andrews, institution refused by, and collation made by, 492.

-, -, refusal of, to institute, 41.

-, -, appointed by the archbishop of St. Andrews to visit the priory of St. Andrews, 226.

-, -, dean of Dunkeld and archdeacon of St. Andrews, to be coadjutor to Patrick [Graham], archbishop of St. Andrews, 555.

-, -, oath of, 556 (bis).

-, -, archdeacon of St. Andrews, coadjutor to Patrick [Graham], archbishop of St. Andrews, presentation made to, and institution made by, 574.

-, -, resignation made to, 649.

-, -, administrator of the church of St. Andrews, afterwards archbishop of the same, refusal of, to institute, 610.

-, -, archbishop elect of St. Andrews, decree for, 68, 69.

-, -, inhibited from using privileges that have been revoked, 277.

-, -, petition of, 68.

-, -, archbishop of St. Andrews, a collector of the papal camera in Scotland, 6.

-, -, consent of, to a pension, 142.

-, -, elections confirmed by, 139, 165.

-, -, exchange carried out by, 104 (bis).

-, -, kinsman of. See Inglis, Alexander.

-, -, petitions of, 105, 107.

-, -, proctor of, in the Roman Court, 105.

-, -, refusal of, to institute, 193.

-, -, resignation made to, 171.

-, -, resignations admitted by, 104 (bis), 165.

-, -, vicar-general in spirituals of, collation and provision made by, 658.

-, -, de facto a canon of St. Salvator, St. Andrews, and prebendary of Lasswade, 172.

Schirburne. See Sherborne St. John.

Schives. See Scheves.

Schiymgeoure (recte Schrymgeoure). See Schrymgeour.

Schona , abbey de. See Scone.

Schore, William, party to a matrimonial suit, 488.

-, -, wife of. See Lambert alias Schore, Elizabeth.

Schortt, William, dispensation to, 905.

Schrymgeour, Salvigiour, Schiymgeoure, Schrymgrour, Schryngeour, Scrimgiour, Scrumguoue, Alexander, to be received as a monk of, and to be abbot of Arbroath, 13, 14.

-, -, to be received into religion, 870.

-, -, to have a monastery, 870.

-, -, blessing of, 870.

-, -, grant to, 869.

-, -, surrogation of, 869.

-, -, absolution of, in order to have a monastery in the diocese of St. Andrews, 867.

-, -, late abbot of Arbroath, 226.

-, -, death of, 338, 567.

-, -, late a monk of Arbroath and abbot commendatary of the same, 555.

-, -, to have a vicarage in the diocese of Aberdeen, 868.

-, -, sometime a letigant for the vicarage of Tarves, 341.

Schuldin (? Schuld[ha]m), Edward, dispensation to, 884.

Schyffnall. See Shifnal.

Schyrley, Henry, dispensation to, 721.

Scipduna. See Shipton.

Sclater. Stephen, an Augustinian canon of Selborne, dispensation to, 796.

Sclanpadraig. See Manulla.

Sclaues (recte Scheues), Scleues (recte Scheues). See Scheves.

Scocia . See Scotland.

Scone, de Schona, de Scona, [co. Perth], Augustinian abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 58, 136, 166, 484, 491, 567, 611, 853.

-, -, John abbot of, resignation made to, and collation made by, 34.

-, -, -, vicar-general of the bishop of St. Andrews, institution by, 329.

-, -, canon of. See Caveris, John.

Scoonie, Scowin, [co. Forfar], parish church of, united to the archiepiscopal mensa of St. Andrews, pension on, 142.

Scoreshulbe [Ettoreshuile in Monasticon], 114 note.

Scot. See Scott.

Scotia . See Scotland.

-, use of, in the title of the king (or queen) of Scots, instead of the more usual Scotorum, 66, 203 note, 204 note, 212 note, 225 note, 282, 427 note.

Scotia, John de. See Marescalli.

Scotland, Scocia, Scotia, church of St. Andrew or St. Andrews in. See St. Andrews.

-, collector or sub-collector of the papal Camera in, 451.

-, collectors of the papal Camera in, 41.

-, -, See also Medicis, master Prosper Camulius de; Scheves, William; Young, Patrick.

-, collectors and sub-collectors of the papal Camera in, 6.

-, debts due to the papal Camera in, 6.

-, ecclesiastical precedence in, 170.

-, Friars Minors in, vicar-general of. See Lindsay, James.

-, Friars Minors of the Observance in, licences to build houses of, 785, 786.

-, -, province of, vicar of, 786.

-, Friars Preachers in, houses of, 571.

-, -, vicar-general of, petition of, 571.

-, indult in, for aid in the defence of Rhodes, extended, 259.

-, introduction of the Irish method of obtaining a benefice into, 843 note.

-, king of. See James III.

-, -, papal nuncio with power of a legate a latere to. See Tollentis, Luke de.

-, legate a (de) latere to. See Ruvere, Julian de, cardinal bishop of Sabina.

-, metropolitan church of. See St. Andrews.

-, money of 15, 29, 48, 75, 84, 86, 97, 118, 126, 130, 142, 196, 319, 332, 347, 382, 504, 506, 545, 563, 628, 818.

-, money (specific coins) of:marks, 839, 844, 857.

-, value of, in gold florins of the Camera, 599.

-, value of, in pounds sterling, 542 (bis.)

silver marks, 405.

pounds, 844.

-, value of, in gold ducats of the Camera, 347.

-, value of, in gold florins of the Camera, 567.

-, value of, in pounds sterling, 558, 611, 844.

-, natives of, faculty to dispense, 34.

-, papal nuncios in. See Americus; Juliano, Bartholomew de.

-, papal nuncios and collectorsgeneral of the papal Camera in. See Barrie, John; Graham, Patrick; Marchionibus de Monticulo, Maria Franciscus de.

-, parish churches in, wont to be governed by regular canons, 13.

-, prelates and princes of, 203.

-, province of, faculty to dispense persons in, 272.

-, queen of, court of, 66.

-, -, See also Margaret.

-, realm of, minor penitentiary in Rome for, 206, 207.

-, sub-collectors of the papal Camera in, 205, 207.

-, tenth imposed on the clergy of, 204.

-, absence of Robert Blackader from, 130.

Scots, king of. See James III.

Scott, Scot, Alexander, rector of Wigtown, scribe in the privy council of James III, and master of the rolls of the register of the said king, dispensation to, 830.

-, Seot, James, to have a vicarage in the diocese of St. Andrews, 899.

-, Scot, James, late provided to the vicarage of Kilmany, 55.

-, Scacte, [sir] John, knight, dispensation to, 660.

-, alias Rotherham, Thomas, bishop of Rochester, executor of a papal mandate, 357.

-, -, translated from Rochester to Lincoln, 870 note.

-, -, bishop of Lincoln, sometime bishop of Rochester, 868 (bis), 868 note.

-, -, bishop of Lincoln, charge against, 376.

-, -, indult to, 238.

-, -, presentation made to and institution made by, 680.

-, -, public instrument drawn up for and sealed with the seal of, 693.

-, -, joint judge-delegate, letters of, exemplified, 688693.

-, -, sentence of, 691.

Scowinbb [recte Scowin et] Adayl. See Edzel; and Scoonie.

Screlley. See Strelley.

Scrimgiour. See Schrymgeour, Alexander.

Scrimhamanayn (i.e. Scrin Adamnan). See Skreen, co. Sligo.

Scrin. See Skreen, co. Meath.

Scrinannaiye (i.e. Scrin Adamnani). See Skreen, co. Sligo.

Scrivelsby, Skreuelby, [co. Lincoln], rectory of, 490.

Scrope, Ralph, dispensation to, 486.

Scrumguoue. See Schrymgeour.

Scruton, Scuryton, [co. York], rectory of, 540.

Scryn, parish church of. See Tuam.

Scryne. See Skreen, co. Meath.

Scuryton. See Scruton.

Scutt, John, rector of Donington on Bain, dispensation to, 409.

Scymer. See Seymer, John.

Seaham, Seham, [co. Durham], Thomas Langton rector of, 548.

-, rectory of, 347.

Seandon. See St. Mary's-Shandon.

Sebenico, Sebenicen[sis], Silenicen[sis] (sic), [Yugo-Slavia], bishop of, papal mandatary, 384.

-, Luke bishop of. See de Tollentis.

Sebrout, John, vicar of St. Peter the Apostle, Hereford, dispensation to, 446.

Sedes animarum . See Soulseat.

Sedgeberrow, Segisborow, [co. Worcester], 299 note.

Sedgebrook, co. Lincoln. See Newbo.

Sedgeforthe, Robert, rector of St. Giles, Winchelsea, dispensation to, 744.

Sedonen[sis], written for Sodoren[sis], 166.

Ses, [Orne, France], John bishop of. See de Neuville.

-, cathedral church of, converted from a church of secular clergy to a church of Augustinian canons regular, 400.

-, Augustinian priory (cathedral) of SS. Gervasius and Prothasius, prior of, and his brethren, papal letters addressed to, confirmed, 400.

-, -, Garinus prior and brethren of, letters addressed to, confirmed, 400.

-, -, Henry prior of, and his brethren, papal letters addressed to, confirmed, 400.

-, -, grant to, confirmed, 400.

-, abbey of St. Martin, charter of Henry II, to, 400 note.

Seffrey, Richard, rector of Stanton, 434.

Segden, John, archdeacon of Gloucester, letters of, exemplified, 368.

Segisborow. See Sedgeberrow.

Segobien[sis]. See Segovia.

Segobricen[sis]. See Segorbe.

Segobrien[sis], i.e. either Segorbe (Segobricen[sis] or Segovia (Segobien[sis], dean of papal mandatary, 773.

-, canon of. See Altissen, Peter.

-, confusion between the said two places, 849 note.

Segorbe, Segobricen[sis], [Valencia, Spain], precentor of, papal mandatary, 118, 139, 142, 157, 816, 834, 843.

-, Bernard de Assentio of, 25.

- See also Segobrien[sis].

Segovia (incorrectly Segorbe in text), Segobien[sis], [Spain], dean of, papal mandatary, 147, 181, 409.

- See also Segobrien[sis].

Seguntinen[sis], Seguntin[us]. See Siguenza.

Seham. See Seaham.

Sehelton. See Shelton.

Seinthlo. See Seynthlo, Christopher.

Seirkieran, Fyrkearan, Sayerkeran, Sayr, Sayrkeran, Seyrkyeran, Siartkerach, Syarkyran, Syrkyerayn, [King's county], Augustinian priory of St. Mary or St. Keranus, prior of, papal mandatary, 160, 638, 771, 772.

-, -, Cornelius prior of. See MacGilfoyle.

-, -, Donald prior of. See Omeduri.

-, -, Nicholas prior of. See Ominnachan.

-, -, Odo prior of. See O'Carroll.

-, -, former prior of, son of. See Ominnachan, Nicholas.

-, -, canons of. See Mac-Gilfoyle, Cornelius; Ominnachan, Nicholas.

-, -, chapel annexed or united to. See Fancroft (in Seirkieran parish).

Sela. See Sele.

Selborne, Selburne, [co. Hants]. Augustinian priory of St. Mary the Virgin, canon of. See Sclater, Stephen.

Selby, [co. York], Benedictine abbey, monk of. See Wakefeld, Edward.

Selby, John, a monk of Fountains, dispensation to, 493.

-, Robert, a monk of Meux, dispensation to, 675.

Selcrik. See Selkirk.

Seld, John, dispensation to, 900.

Sele, Sele alias Sela, [in Upper Beeding, co. Sussex], Benedictine priory, appropriation or union of, to Magdalen College, Oxford, 1, 356.

-, -, prior of, appropriation to take effect upon the death or resignation of, 1.

-, -, Richard prior of. See Alleyn.

-, -, monks of. See Alleyn, Richard; Grigg, Richard.

-, -, parish churches united to. See Shoreham, New; and Shoreham, Old.

-, -, patron of. See Waynflete, William.

-, -, incorrectly described as of the Augustinian order, 725.

Selkirk, Selcrik, [co. Selkirk], vicarage of, 12.

Seller, Giles, a monk of Combermere, dispensation to, 806.

Selling, William, abbot of St. Augustine, Canterbury, charges against 5.

-, -, deprivation or resignation of, 6.

-, -, dispensation to, 290.

-, -, petition of, 616.

-, -, suspension of, 617.

Sellwode, John de, abbot of Glastonbury, agreement made by, exemplified, 2914.

-, -, indult to, 571.

-, -, litigation of, 291, 292.

-, -, pension payable to, 293.

-, -, petitions of, 291, 571.

-, -, tithes belonging to, 292 (bis).

-, -, John Sante, abbot of Abingdon, alleged to be an enemy of, 572.

-, -, common seal of the convent and, 294.

Selot, John, official of Norwich, sentence of, 727.

Selsey, [co. Sussex], rectory of, 60.

Selskar, [in Wexford, co. Wexford], Augustinian priory of SS. Peter and Paul the Apostles, prior of, papal mandatary, 404.

Selwood, Salwoda, forest of, Witham in. See Witham Friary.

Semprengham alias Woode, John, a monk of St. Neots, dispensation to, 861.

Sempringham, Sempyngham, [co. Lincoln], Gilbertine priory of St. Gilbert, canon of. See Wetwange, Robert.

Senbolhoch. See Templeshanbo.

Senguallayin, Senguallayn, Sennagnolyn, Sennagoola. See Shanagolden.

Seot. See Scott, James.

Serghent. See Sargent.

Serin [sic]. See Skreen, co. Sligo.

Seriton, Robert, proctor of David Henrici, 84.

Ser Mathei, Francis, a citizen and merchant of Florence, attacked by pirates, 235.

Seruaunt, Elena, of Sandwich, party to a matrimonial suit, 357.

Seton, Sitonii, David, rector called vicar of Cupar, dispensation to, 855.

Settyll, Henry, to be a notary public, 474.

Sevese. See Scheves.

Seymeralias Seymor alias Seymur, John, rector of St. James the Apostle Garlickhithe, London, and of St. Peter, Gunes, sometime rector of Chalfont St. Giles, dispensations to, 585, 880.

Seynthlo, Christopher, dispensations to, 426, 890.

Seyntliger. See St. Leger.

Seyrkyeran. See Seirkieran.

Seys, Eugenius. See Omadagayn.

Shakel, John, money lent by, 241.

-, -, successor of. See Richardi, Peter.

-, Richard, 241.

Shaldo, William, vicar of Brabourne, dispensation to, 707.

Shanagolden, Sannagvola, Santiagvola, Senguallayin, Senguallayn, Sennagnolyn, Sennagvola, Stinnygolynd, [co. Limerick], vicarage of, 87, 152, 353, 482.

Shandrum, San, Sandron, Sandrum, [co. Cork], rectory of, 44, 162, 529.

Shap, de Heppa, Heppe alias Schappe, de Shappa alias Heppe, de Stuppa alias Hoppe, [co. Westmoreland], Premonstratensian abbey of St. Mary Magdalen, Richard abbot commendatary of. See Redman.

-, -, canons of. See Staynburne, Thomas; Wylton, William.

Sharp, Scarp, Henry, archdeacon of Rochester, indults to, 4, 97.

Sharparow, John, rector of North Burton, dispensation to, 695.

Sharpham, Sherphan, [in the parish of St. John the Baptist, Glastonbury], park of, tithes of, 292.

Shatterling, Scaterling, [in Ash, co. Kent], 114 note.

Shaw [now part of Shaw cum Donnington, co. Berks], rectory of, 709.

Shawe, Ralph, rector of Harlton, indult to, 425.

-, alias Coventre, Richard, a monk of St. Mary the Virgin's, Coventry, dispensation to, 324.

-, Schawe, Robert, dispensation to, 901.

-, Robert, an Augustinian canon of Stafford, dispensation to, 569.

Sheen, Shene, [now Richmond, co. Surrey], Carthusian priory of Jesus of Bethlehem, prior and brethren of, petition of, 42.

-, -, brethren of, 8.

-, -, church of, 8.

-, -, chapel separate from the choir of, 8.

-, -, foundation of, 457 note.

-, -, -, confirmed, 42.

-, -, founders of, 8.

-, -, further endowed by Edward IV and his consort, 8.

-, -, licence for women to attend divine offices in, 696.

-, -, faculty to build a tribune for women in, 696.

Sheepy, Schepey, [co. Leicester], rectory of, 467.

Shelton, Sehelton, John, of London, 735.

-, -, wife of. See Thryngston alias Burton, Alice.

Shene. See Sheen.

Shenkwyn, Thomas, rector of Ashill, dispensation to, 785.

Shenley, [co. Bucks.,] parish church of St. Mary, rectory of, 687.

Shepard, Schepard, Richard, absolution for, 869.

Sheppherd. See Frende, Thomas.

Shepton Mallet, Shipton Malete, [co. Somerset], rectory of, 617.

Sherard, Henry, rector of South Croxton, dispensation to, 640.

Sherborne, Shirborn, Shireborne, Sirsborn, [co. Dorset], Benedictine abbey of St. Mary, abbot and convent of, claim of, to tithes in Lyme Regis and Halstock, 457, 458.

-, -, -, petition of, 374.

-, -, monk of. See Mudford, John.

-, -, tithes anciently belonging to, 374.

-, -, wrongly described as of the Augustinian order, 457.

Sherborne St. John, Schirburne, [co. Hants.], parish church of St. John, rectory of, 814.

Sherman, John, rector of Wigston, witness, 693.

Sherphan. See Sharpham.

Sherwood, Shirwode, [a forest in co. Nottingham], priory de Nouo loco, i.e. Newstead (q.v.) in, 859.

Sherwood, Shirwod, Suwod, master John, archdeacon of Richmond, to be a papal protonotary, 209.

-, -, orator of Richard III to the pope, and proctor of John [de Bulcomb], bishop of Waterford and Lismore, 148.

-, -, archdeacon of Richmond and a papal [proto-]notary, provision of, to the bishopric of Durham, 845.

-, William, bishop of Meath, collation made by, 312, 624.

-, -, institution made by, 312.

-, -, presentations made to, 312.

-, -, commissary of. See Wall, John.

-, Shirwodi, William, a canon of Llandaff, to be a minor penitentiary in the basilica of the Prince of the Apostles, Rome, and a papal chaplain, 210.

-, Shirwod, William, rector of St. Michael the Archangel, Oxford, and vicar of St. Paul, Malmesbury, dispensation to, 596.

-, Shirwod, William, succentor of St. Paul's, London, papal mandatary, 783.

Shetland, Zetlandia, James archdeacon in. See Sinclair.

-, John archdeacon of. See Sinclair.

Shettleston, co. Lanark. See Barlanark.

Sheves. See Scheves.

Shifnal, Schyffnall, [co. Salop], vicarage of, 736.

Shillington, Shitlington, Shydlyngton, [co. Bedford], rectory of, 304, 695.

Shipton, Scipduna, [in Quainton, co. Bucks.], grange of, 481.

Shipton, John. See Hornse.

-, Thomas, rector of the second portion of the rectory of Cotgrave, dispensation to, 456.

Shipton Malete. See Shepton Mallet.

Shirborn, Shireborne. See Sherborne.

Shirwod. See Sherwood, John; and Sherwood, William.

Shirwode, i.e. Sherwood, [a forest in co. Nottingham], priory de Nouo loco, i.e. Newstead (q.v.) in, 859.

Shirwodi. See Sherwood, William.

Shitlington. See Shillington.

Shordyche, Agnes, indult to, 381.

Shoreham, Shorham, Shorsam, [co. Kent], rectory of, 316, 317.

-, rural-deanery of, 828, 828 note.

Shoreham, New, New Shorham, [co. Sussex], rectory of, appropriated to Sele priory, united to Magdalen College, Oxford, 1.

Shoreham, Old, Old Shorham, [co. Sussex], rectory of, appropriated to Sele priory, united to Magdalen College, Oxford, 1.

Shorne, [co. Kent], vicarage of, 514.

Shorsam. See Shoreham, co. Kent.

Shorwell, [Isle of Wight], rectory of, 677.

Shotts, co. Lamark. See Bertramshotts.

Shrewsbury, Salopia [co. Shropshire], Benedictine abbey of St. Peter, abbot of, benefice in the collation of. See Edgmond.

-, -, Thomas abbot of. See Mynde.

-, -, abbatial mensa of, diminished fruits of, 610.

-, -, -, appropriation of the rectory of Edgmond to, 610.

-, -, buildings of, threatened with ruin, 610.

-, collegiate church of St. Chad, canon of. See Bykley, John.

Shrule, co. Mayo. See Kinlough.

Shyane, Cyan, [co. Tipperary], rectory of, leased, 100.

Shydlyngton. See Shillington.

Siartkerach [sic]. See Seirkieran.

Sibenicen[sis]. See Sebenico.

-, written in error Silenicen[sis], 282.

Sibton, Sybeton, [co. Suffolk], Cistercian abbey, monk of. See Cove alias Sybeton, Robert.

Sicily, Cicilia, king of. See Ferdinand II.

Sidenam, Simon, vicar of South Petherton, dispensation to, 594.

Sidon, Sidonen[sis], Sindonien[sis], bishop of, papal mandatary, 487, 735, 736 note, 782.

-, William bishop of. See Westecarre.

Sigston, Syggeston, [co. York], rectory of, 709.

Siguenza, Seguntinen[sis], Seguntin[us], [Spain], dean of, papal mandatary, 24, 43, 332.

Silenicen[sis] written in error for Sibenicen[sis] (i.e. Sebenico), 282.

Silisden, Thomas, an Augustinian canon of Coxford, dispensation to, 752.

Silke, William, to be a notary public, 474.

Silkstone, Silkeston, [co. York], rector of, manse of, 608.

- rectory of, united to the priory of Pontefract, 608.

-, vicar of, suit regarding the portion of, 608.

-, vicarage of, institution of, 608.

Silk Willoughby, Sylkwylowby, [co. Lincoln], rectory of, 542.

Silvia, in the diocese of Tuam, [? Galway, co. Galway], vicarage of, 92.

Simonis, Alexander, to be vicar of Banchory-Ternan, 762.

-, -, vicar of Banchory- Ternan, dispensation to, 820.

Sinclair, de Sancto Claro, [co. Caithness] lord of. See Sinclair, William.

Sinclair, de Sancto Claro, James, reservation of the archdeaconry of Shetland for provision to, 855.

-, -, to have a vicarage in the diocese of Moray, 905.

-, Sanclar, John, archdeacon of Shetland, provision of, to the bishopric of Caithness, 846.

-, -, bishop-elect of Caithness, archdeacon in Shetland, 855.

-, -, faculty for the consecration of, 846.

-, -, oath of fealty etc. of, 846.

-, -, bishop of Caithness, sometime a canon of Glasgow and prebendary of Barlanark, 188.

-, Sancteclare, Thomas, to be rector of Pentland, 756.

-, -, father of, 756.

-, William, earl of Orkney and Caithness, lord of Sinclair, founder of the collegiate church of Rosslyn, petition of, 557.

-, -, palace of, at Rosslyn, 556.

Sindonien[sis]. See Sidon.

Si(n)donien[sis] a mistake in Eubel for Sidonien[sis], 356 note.

Singleton, Robert, absolution of, 835.

-, -, Margaret wife of, sometime wife of the late Robert Bothe, absolution of, 835, 836.

-, -, -, daughter of, 836.

-, -, stepdaughter of, 836.

Sinibaldis, Falco de, a canon of St. Peter's (the basilica of the Prince of the Apostles), Rome, papal mandatary, 484, 563, 578.

-, Franciscus de, a canon of St. Peter's, Rome, papal mandatary, 84.

Sinwell, John, a canon of Salisbury, indult to, 822.

Sion. See Syon.

Sirsborn. See Sherborne.

Sitonii . See Seton, David.

Sittingbourne, Sydyngborn, [co. Kent], Heuinton (recte Neuinton) by. See Newington, co. Kent.

Sixtus IV, pope, bull of, entered in a register of Paul II, 284.

-, bull of, Ad. fut. rei mem. Apostolice Sedis providentia. , 281.

-, bulls of, in a register of Innocent VIII, 863 note, 864.

-, chamberlains of. See Estoutevilla, William de, cardinal bishop of Ostia; Riario, Raphael, cardinal deacon of St. George in Velabro; Ursinis, Latinus de, cardinal bishop of Tusculum.

-, chapel of, precentor in. See le Kent, Pascasius.

-, date of death of, 860 note.

-, first day of the pontificate of, 10 note.

-, honorary esquire and domestic member of the household of, 209, 242.

-, letters of, in the form of a brief, 50.

-, letters of Paul II, not drawn up at his death, made valid by, 866 note.

-, members of the household of, reservation of benefices held by, 665.

-, - See also Altissen, master Peter; Barrie, John; Bigneti, James; Gerona, master John; Granston, Thomas; Grifo, Leonard; Guarnetis, Nicholas Jacobi de; Heron, Richard; James, Michael; Marshall, William; Minutolis, Antonius de; Minutolis, Paulinus de; Monstreul, John de; Rate, Alexander; Weston, John; Young, Andrew.

-, notary, nuncio and commissary of. See Huseman, John.

-, orator of Edward IV to. See Doget, John.

-, orator of James III to. See Blackader, master Robert.

-, orator of Louis XI to. See Perandi, Raymund.

-, orators of the master and convent of Rhodes and of the chapter-general of the Knights Hospitallers to, 254.

-, original bull of, at Eton College, 254.

-, penitentiary of, 162, 520.

-, petition to, 309.

-, prayers for, 667.

-, presentation made to, of a reserved benefice, 843.

-, proctor of the physician of. See Eugubio, Anthony de.

-, provision confirmed by, 457 note.

-, provision of William Elphinstone to the see of Ross, made by, 738.

-, register of, bull of Paul II in, 284.

-, reservation of all conventual priories by, 439.

-, reservation, special, by, 812, 813.

-, resignation made to, 823.

-, revocation, general, of faculties to nuncios, etc., made by, 2.

-, second year of the pontificate of, dates of, 202 note.

-, secretary of. See Grifo, Leonard.

-, war between the Florentines and, 245.

Skay, Richard, vicar of Painswick, dispensation to, 785.

Skelton, William, dispensation to, 900.

Skelton Cote, Skeltoncota [in Bellerby, co. York], a vill in Spennithorne parish, petition of inhabitants of, 383.

-, distance of, from Spennithorne church, 383.

Skerning, John, abbot of Wendling, dispensation to, 699.

Skipton, co. York, W.R. See Bolton Abbey.

Sklater, Gilbert, dispensation to, registered twice, 819, 820.

Skreen, Scrin, Scryne, [co. Meath], house of Friars Hermits dedicated to the Holy Trinity, brother of. See Otedura, Odo.

-, parish church of St. Columba, vicarage of, 312.

-, -, -, patrons of, 312.

Skreen, Scrimhamanayn, Scrinannaiye, Serin, [co. Sligo], a prebend in Killala, 674.

-, vicarage of, 12, 756.

Skreuelby. See Scrivelsby.

Skyllyng, Thomas, rector of Shorwell, dispensation to, 677.

Skypwich, Thomas, rector of one portion of a chantry at the altar of the Holy Ghost in St. Paul's cathedral, London, dispensation to, 746.

Slapton [? co. Buckingham or Northampton], rectory of, 565.

Slapton, [co. Devon], collegiate church, rector of, to celebrate divine offices in the chapel of Buckland Tout Saints, 862.

Slimbridge, Slymb[r]ygge, [co. Gloucester], parish church of St. John the Evangelist, rectory of, 820.

Slipton, Slypton, [co. Northampton], vicarage of, 709.

Sloughtur, William, vicar of Chew Magna (or Chew Stoke), dispensation to, 580.

Slymbrigge, Glymbrige, Robert, charges against, 359.

-, Robert, rector of Bredon, provision of, to the deanery of Westbury on Trym, 27.

-, -, licence to, 28.

Slymb[r]ygge. See Slimbridge.

Slypton. See Slipton.

Smalwode, Richard, litigant, 310.

-, -, wife of. See Twytyng, Agnes.

Smart, John, rector of Leckonfield, dispensation to, 338.

Smith, Smyth, Henry, indult to, 381.

-, Smyt, John, dispensation and grant to, 318.

-, Smyth alias Smethe, John, rector of Great Wigborough, dispensation to, 489.

-, Jmyth, John, indult to, 874.

-, John [bishop]-elect of Llandaff, dispensation to, 898 note.

-, -, provision of, 898.

-, -, consecration of, 898.

-, -, to continue to hold canonries and prebends of St. Davids and Abergwili in titulum for life and other benefices to the value of 100l. in commendam, 480.

-, Smyth, John. See Lokyngton.

-, Smyth, Philip, dispensation to, 872.

-, Smyth, Richard, rector of Kirk Ireton, dispensation to, 862.

-, Smyth, Robert, lord of Palgrave, indult to, 549.

-, Smyth alias Poynton, Robert, rector of Donington on Bain, dispensation to, 335.

-, Smyth, Thomas, witness, 692.

-, Smyth, Thomas, notary public, 875.

-, Smyth, Thomas, rector of Old Radnor, and chancellor of St. Paul's, London, dispensation to, 802, 803.

-, -, chancellor of St. Paul's, London, indult to, 808.

-, -, Smyth, Thomas, late rector of Great Snoring, 164.

-, Smyth, William, dispensation to, 524.

-, Smyth, William, rector of Rodley, petition of, 359.

-, Smyth, William, rector of Saltfleetby, dispensation to, 608.

Snelland, Snelleslond, [co. Lincoln], rectory of, 16.

-, -, patron of, 15.

Snoring, Great, Snoryng Magna, [co. Norfolk], rectory of, 164.

Soboltor. See Subulter.

Sodonen[sis] written for Sodoren[sis], 166.

Sodor, Iodoren[sis], the Isles, [i.e. the Southern Islands or Hebrides], bishop of, exemption from the jurisdiction of, 67.

-, bishop of, papal mandatary, 324.

-, Angus [bishop-]elect of, provision of, 871.

-, -, facuity for the consecration of, 871.

-, Angus bishop of, 67.

-, -, collation made by, 166.

-, -, mandate of, 66.

-, -, petition of, 711.

-, John bishop of. See Campbell.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 166, 325.

-, Gilbert archdeacon of. See Wright.

-, city (sis) or diocese of, benefice in, 166.

-, diocese of, person of, 166.

-, -, places in. See Iona; Kilfinichen; Lezayre; Oransay; Rushen.

-, -, rectory in, 879.

Sodoren[sis], written in error Sedonen[sis] and Sodonen[sis], 166.

Soest, Susacien[sis], Susaciten[sis], Susatien[sis], Suzacien[sis], Germany], collegiate church of St. Patroclus, dean of, papal mandatary, 69, 118.

-, John dean of. See Huseman.

Solby. See Sulby.

Soldwyn. See Goldwyn.

Solloghodmore, Sulcoth, [co. Tipperary], vicarage of, 478.

Solomei, Solosmei, John, a merchant of Florence, 39, 261.

Somerby, Robert, rector of Bromley, dispensation to, 386.

Somerleytown, Somerleitowne, [co. Suffolk], parish church of St. Mary, rectory of, 483.

Somerset, duke of. See Beaufort, Henry.

Sompnor, Oliver, rector of Dowdeswell, dispensation to, 589.

Somuig (recte Soning). See Sonning, John.

Sonden, Sondey. See Sandy.

Sonning, co. Berks and Oxford, 908 note.

Sonning, Somuig, John, dispensation to, 908.

Sose, John de, absolved from apostasy, 898.

Soterin (? recte Sot[h]er[a]m), Robert, dispensation to, 889.

Sothel, alias Suthil, alias Sutil, John, absolution and dispensation to, 110.

-, -, wife of. See Waslyn, Alice.

Sotheworth, William, dispensation to, 901.

Sotton. See Sutton, Robert.

Souche, Thomas, witness, 692.

Soude (or Sonde), Thomas, dispensation to, 883.

Souldern, Sulthurn, [co. Oxford], rectory of, 749.

Soulseat, Sedes animarum, [in Inch, co. Wigtown], Premonstratensian abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 599.

Southampton, Hampton, [co. Hants], port of, 230.

Southcote, Nicholas, an Augustinian canon of St. Bartholomew Smithfield, London, dispensation to, 322.

Southdean, co. Roxburgh. See Abbotrule.

Southe Benefelt. See Benefleet, South.

Southfolehiet (recte Southfolchie). See Suffolk.

Southik. See Southwick.

Southrepps, South Reppes, [co. Norfolk], parish church of St. James the Greater, rectory of, 594.

Southwark, Suthwerk, [co. Surrey], Augustinian hospital of SS. Mary and Thomas, brother of. See Beele, William.

-, parish church of St. Olave, rectory of, 565.

Southwell, Sowthwell, Suthwell, [co. Notts.], Collegiate church of St. Mary, canon and prebendary of See Chaderton, Edmund.

-, -, benefices in, 872.

-, -, canonry and prebend in, 516, 536.

-, -, vicarage in, 582.

Southwick, Southik, [now Colvend, co. Kirkcudbright], rectory of, 564.

Sovoth Pederton. See Petherton, South.

Sowch (sic) Fereby. See Ferriby, South.

Sowthefeld. See Suffield.

Sowth M[a]llyng. See Malling, South.

Sowth Stoke. See Stoke, South.

Sowthwell. See Southwell.

Spain, Segorbe and Segovia in, 849 note.

Spake, Stephen, an Augustinian canon of Barlinch, dispensation to, 776.

Spalding, Spaldyng, Spaldynge, [co. Lincoln], Benedictine priory, prior of, papal mandatary, 708.

-, -, Thomas prior of. See Molton.

Spalding, Epaldyng, Spaldyng, Hugh, a brother of Burton Lazars hospital and rector of Doddinghurst, confirmation to, 7.

-, Spaldyn, John, dean of Brechin, vicar of Dundee and rector of Kinnell, Charge against, 432, 433.

-, -, dean of Brechin, deprivation of, 864.

-, -, sometime rector of Kinnell, 34.

Spaldingmor, Huton (sic) in. See Holme on Spalding Moor.

Sparke, Thomas, vicar of West Rudham, dispensation to, 674.

Spaxton, [co. Somerset], parish church of St. Mary, rectory of, 632.

-, care of souls in, 632.

Spello , B. de, corrections made by, 102 note, 106 note, 163 notes.

Spence. See Spens, Thomas.

Spencer. See Spenser, William.

Spennithorne, Spennethorne, [co. York], parish of, vills in. See Bellerby; and Skelton Cote.

-, rector of, 383, 384.

Spens, Speny, David, a litigant concerning a canonry of Glasgow and the prebend of Barlanark, 196 note.

-, -, to be a canon of Glasgow, 910.

-, alias Spence, Thomas, bishop of Aberdean, exemption of, from the jurisdiction of the archbishop of St. Andrews, 62, 63.

-, -, indult to, 867.

-, -, absolution of, 869.

-, -, resignation made to, 542.

-, -, formerly a canon and succentor of Moray and a papal notary, then bishop of Whiteherne, 77.

-, -, sometime bishop of Whiteherne, 867 note.

-, -, late bishop of Aberdeen, resignation made to and collation and provision made by, 685, 686.

-, Thomas, vicar of Kinglassie, pension to be paid by, 118.

Spenser, John, rector of a mediety of St. Mary, Denver, dispensation to, 806.

-, Richard, an Augustinian canon of Bridgewater and prior elect of the same, confirmation of the election of, refused, 852.

-, -, imprisonment of, 853.

-, Spencer, William, to be a notary public, 889.

-, master William, notary public, depositions taken in the presence of, 689.

-, -, papal letters delivered in the presence of, 688.

-, -, appointed scribe of the acts of a certain matter, 689.

-, -, public instrument drawn up and authenticated by, 688693.

-, -, sign of, 688.

Speny. See Spens, David.

Spettisbury, Spette[s]buri, [co. Dorset], rectory of, 495.

Spicer, John, rector of Eaglescliffe, dispensation to, 319.

Spillesby. See Splisby.

Spilman, William, and others, grant to, confirmed, 781.

-, -, petition of, 781.

Spilsby, Spillesby, [co. Lincoln], Halton by. See Halton Holgate.

Spineto , castle de. See. Spynie.

Spinosis ,? a clerk of the papal chancery, 219 note.

Spittall, in Aberlady, co. Haddington. See Redspetall.

Spot, Ninian, late bishop of Whiteherne, 813.

Sprenseos, Nicholas, late uncanonical vicar of Aghada and of Corkbeg, 772.

Springeauxalias Sprinchose, Fulk de, maternal uncle of Richard Willewyn, divorced husband of Margaret Burley, and godfather of the latter's daughter, 517.

Sprouston, Sproston, [co. Roxburgh], vicarage of, 67.

Spynie, de Spineto, [co. Elgin], castle of, appointment of constable of, confirmed, 818.

-, -, invasion etc. of, 818.

Squire, Sqwyer, John, temporal lord of Gandifer, indult to, 847.

-, Squier, Laurence, vicar of Torpenhow, dispensation to, 808.

-, Squyer, Thomas, dispensation to, 901.

Sraydbali. See Stradbally.

Sreke (? recte Stake). See Stack, Richard.

Stack, David, late vicar of Killahan, 654.

-, Scack, David, a canon of Ardfert, vicarage united to the canonry of, 871.

-, -, to be precentor of Ardfert, 877.

-, Stack, Stak, John, bishop of Ardfert, charges against, of preventing John Pigge from receiving the fruits of the episcopal mensa of Ardfert, 296.

-, -, collation made by, 378.

-, -, difficulties concerning the references to, 457 note.

-, -, presentation to and institution by, 455.

-, -, provision of, confirmed, 49.

-, -, resignation made to, and collation made by, 576.

-, -, union of benefices made by, 175, 455, 577.

-, -, union of benefices dissolved by, 455.

-, -, vicar-general of, presentation made to, and institution made by, 476.

-, -, sometime rector (archpriest) of Dungarvan, 756.

-, Maurice, late bishop of Ardfert, resignation made to, 476.

-, Statk, Maurice, a canon of Ardfert, papal mandatary, 629.

-, Stach, Stak, Maurice, a canon of Lismore, papal mandatary, 345, 349, 385, 420.

-, de facto a canon of Lismore and prebendary of Tullaghorton, 682.

-, Philip, archdeacon of Ardfert, to be abbot commendatary of O'Dorney, 306.

-, -, provided to the bishopric of Ardfert, 352, 457 note.

-, -, bishop-elect of Ardfert, consent of, to a pension, 372.

-, -, bishop of Ardfert, erection of a canonry and prebend by, 841.

-, -, letters conservatory for, 250.

-, -, petition of, 629.

-, -, poverty of, 654.

-, -, to be vicar commendatary of Killahan and of Kilmoyly, 654.

-, Sreke, Richard, to have a vicarage in the diocese of Ardfert, 869.

Stackpole Elidor, Stacpole Elidie, [co. Pembroke], corrected to Manorbier, 494 note.

Stackpool, Staliapoll, Philip, to be a canon of Limerick and prebendary of Donaghmore, 758.

-, Stakbol, Stakboll, Richard, to be archdeacon of Ossory, 22, 23, 286.

-, Stakapol, Stakliapool, Stakobol alias Rosterdu[n], Richard, to be a canon of Limerick, and prebendary of Donaghmore, 670.

-, -, a canon of Limerick and prebendary of Donaghmore with the vicarage of Killeely united thereto, 707.

-, -, sometime a canon of Limerick and prebendary of Donaghmore, 758.

-, -, Stakopoll, Richard, precentor of Limerick, sometime vicar of Abbeyfeale, 758.

Stacpole Elidie. See Stackpole Elidor.

Stade, [Germany], one of the Hanse towns, commonalty of, 235.

Stafford, [co. Stafford], William archdeacon of. See Mogiis.

-, -, Augustinian priory of St. Thomas the Martyr by, canon of. See Shawe, Robert.

-, county of, Newborough in, q.v.

Stafford, Joan, wife of [sir] William Beamond, knight, party to a matrimonial suit, 485.

-, -, wife of [sir] William Knyvet, knight, formerly wife of William Beamond, knight, party to a matrimonial suit, 627, 628.

-, -, petition of, 627.

Stag, Henry, an Augustinian canon of St. Andrews, charge against, 2256.

Staimard, diocese of Norwich, 847.

Stainden, William, a monk of Robertsbridge, dispensation to, 375.

Staindrop, Stayndropp, [co. Durham], collegiate church, William warden of. See Lambert.

Stainton. See Staunton.

Stainton le Street, Stanton in le Strete, [co. Durham], rectory of, 321.

Stak. See Stack.

Stakapol, Stakboll, Stakliapoll, Stakopoll. See Stackpool.

Stalffeld. See Stalisfield.

Staliapoll.See Stackpoll, Philip.

Stalisfield, Stalffeld, Stalsefeld, [co. Kent], Knights Hospitallers' preceptory, John preceptor of. See Kendall.

Stalworth. See Massyngham, Simon.

Stambridge, Great, Stanbrygge Magna, [co. Essex], rectory of, 814.

Stamford, Stanfordia, Stanforth, Staunfordia, [co. Lincoln], parish church of All Saints, Claymonte hospital alleged to be within the bounds of the parish of, 708.

-, -, vicar of. See Stoke, Thomas.

-, parish church of St. George, rectory of, 596.

-, parish church of St. John the Baptist, rectory of, 713.

-, parish church of St. Martin, vicarage of, 484, 713.

-, parish church of St. Mary, rectory of, 696.

-, parish church of St. Michael in the market, Claymonte hospital alleged to be within the bounds of the parish of, 708.

-, -, rectory of, 680.

-, -, rectory of. See Elys, John.

-, parish church of St. Peter, rectory of, 562.

-, poor hospital called Claymonte hospital in, right of administering the sacraments to the inmates of, 708.

Stamford, John, vicar of All Saints, Evesham, indult to, 822.

Stammer Magna. See Stanmore, Great.

Stampe, John, an Augustinian canon of St. Botolph, Colchester, licence to, 791.

Stanbrygge Magna. See Stambridge, Great.

Stanbury, John, late bishop of Hereford, 887 note.

Stancona. See Stanton, Hubert de.

Standerwyke, Standeruoyke, John, indult to, to be made a notary public, 447.

-, -, wife of, 447.

-, Standerwike, Thomas, an Augustinian canon of Edington, rector of Selsey, sometime vicar of Icklesham and rector of Amberley, 60.

Standlake, Stanlake, [co. Oxford], parish church of St. Giles, rectory of, 363.

Standley, James, clerk, dispensation to, 9.

Standon. See St. Mary's-Shandon.

Stanesgate, Staynysgate, [in Steeple, co. Essex], Cluniac priory, monk of. See Rygdon, Robert.

Stanfeld, John, a monk of Bury St Edmunds, dispensation to, 542.

Stanford alias Cape, John, a Carmelite friar, dispensation to, 854.

Stanford Dingley, Stanford, [co. Berks] rectory of, 721.

Stanfordia , Stanforth. See Stamford.

Stangno Ciner[um], vicarage de. See Ballydeloughy.

Stanhoe, Stanhowe, [co. Norfolk], rectory of, 706.

Stanhope, William, rector of Rattlesden, dispensation to, 375.

Stanhowe. See Stanhoe.

Stanlai. See Stanley.

Stanlake. See Standlake.

Stanley, Stanlai, [in Chippenham, co. Wilis], Cistercian abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 668.

Stanley, George, witness, 693.

-, James, a kinsman of Edward IV, rector of Eccleston, dispensation to, 113.

-, James, rector of Winwick and Hawarden, brother of, 617.

-, -, petition of, 617.

-, John, witness, 693.

Stanmore, Great, Stammer Magna, [co. Middlesex], rectory of, 526.

Stanney, John, petition of, 560, 561.

Stansted Mounthtchet, co. Essex. See Tremhale.

Stanton, Staunton by Hayles, [co. Gloucester], parish church of St. Bartholomew the Apostle, rectory of, 795.

Stanton, [co. Suffolk], parish church of St. John the Bapfist, rectory of, 434.

Stanton, Stantona, Edmund (Eamon) de, to be received as a canon of Ballintober and to be abbot of the same, 92, 93.

-, -, abbot of Ballintober, charges against, 92, 93, 352.

-, -, papal mandatary, 46.

-, Stantona, Stantone, Stoncona, Edmund (Eamon) de, a canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 92 (bis), 740, 742, 757, 762, 765.

-, -, a canon of Tuam and rector of Manulla, to have the vicarage of Balla united thereto, 741.

-, -, a canon of Tuam and rector of Manulla with the vicarage of Balla united thereto, to be also vicar of Ballyhean, 739.

-, -, rector of the rectory called the rectory of Manulla, of the parish church of Balla, to have collation afresh, 458.

-, Stancona, Stantona, Hubert, (Hobertus) de, reservation of a benefice for collation to, 793.

-, -, to be vicar of Omey, 93.

-, Stantona, John de, late rector of Burriscarra, 535.

-, Stantona, Milerus de, to be rector of Burriscarra, 535.

-, Stantona, Richard de, sometime vicar of Burriscarra, 460.

-, Stantona Richard de, late rector of the rectory called the rectory of Manulla, of the parish church of Balla, 458.

-, Thomas de, patron of the rectory of Manulla, presentation by, 458.

Stanton in le Strete. See Stainton le Street.

Stanton, Long. [co. Cambridge.] parish church of St. Michael, rectory of, 712.

Stanys, Patrick, vicar of St. Nicholas, Rochester, dispensation to, 786.

Staple Fitzpaine, Staple, [co. Somerset], chapel of Bickenhall within the parish of, 505.

-, -, rector of, 505.

Stapleford, Stapulforth, [co. Herts.], rectory of, 448.

Stapleford, Stapulford, [co. Wilts.], rectory of, appropriation of, confirmed, 833.

-, -, patrons of, 833.

Stapleford Tawney, Stapolforth et Hanj, Stapolforth et Hany, [co. Essex], parish church of St. Mary, rectory of, 837.

Stapolforth et Hanj, Stapolforth et Hany, (recte Stapolforth Thanj). See Stapleford Tawney.

Stapolton. See Archer, Edmund.

Stapulford. See Stapleford, co. Wilts.

Stapulforth. See Stapleford, co. Herts.

Stapulton. See Archer, Edmund.

Stargrave, Cristina, party to a matrimonial suit, 564.

Startons. See Stavertons.

Statk. See Stack, Maurice.

Staunfordia . See Stamford.

Staunton, Stainton, [co. Notts.], rectory of, 516, 536.

Staunton, Robert, of Onley, witness, 689.

-, -, deposition of, 690.

-, Thomas, witness, 693.

Staunton by Hayles. See Stanton, co. Gloucester.

Stauvell, William, rector of Barley, dispensation to, 660.

Stavertons, Startons, [in Eyke, co. Suffolk], Thomas Alward lord of, 380.

Staynburne, Thomas, a Premonstratensian canon of Shap, dispensation to, 828.

Stayndrope, Richard, an Augustinian canon of Royston, dispensation to, 637.

Stayndropp. See. Staindrop.

Staynysgate. See Stanesgate.

Staynton, Laurence, rector of Woughton on the Green, dispensation to, 487.

Stbart (recte Stvart). See Stewart, Alexander.

Stechelle. See Stitchel.

Steeple, co. Essex. See Stanesgate.

Stendal, Stendalien [sis], [Germany], collegiate church of St. Nicholas, dean of, papal mandatary, 583.

Stenston. See Stevenston.

Stephenet, William, prior of All Saints, Dublin, charge against, 453.

-, -, commissary of John Walton, archbishop of Dublin, 463.

Stephyn, Thomas, vicar of Okehampton, dispensation to, 543.

Stephyns, Catherine. See Mortimer.

Stepul Gydyng. See Gidding, Steeple.

Stepyl Asshton. See Ashton, Steeple.

Sterelley, [sir] Robert, knight, witness, 693.

Sterre, Thomas, rector of St. Olave, Silver Street, London, dispensation to, 616.

Steuart. See Stewart.

Steuenton. See Steventon.

Steuuard. See Stewart.

Steuynwech. See Steynwlech.

Stevenesson, Henry, sometime rector of the second portion of the church of Catfield, 16, 215.

Stevenston, Stenston, Steynston, [co. Ayr], Robert Foster vicar of, 405.

-, vicarage of, 37.

Steventon, Steuenton [co. Berks.], parish church of St. Michael, vicarage of, 426.

Stevyns, John, rector of Tintinhull, dispensation to, 785.

Stewart, Alexander, late preceptor of Leith, 88.

-, Alexander, sometime a claimant to a canonry and the succentorship of Moray, 77.

-, Stbart, Alexander, sometime vicar of Kirkbean, 551.

-, Steuart, Andrew, a canon of Aberdeen and prebendary of Rathven, pension to be paid by, 542.

-, -, proctor of. See Castello, Nicholas de.

-, Andrew, a canon of Glasgow and prebendary of Killearn, dispensation to, 296.

-, Steward, Andrew, dean of Moray, about to be provided to the bishopric of Moray, absolution of, 797.

-, -, provision to, of the bishopric of Moray, 798.

-, -, [bishop-]elect of Morray, faculty for the consecration of, 798.

-, -, form of oath to be taken by, 798.

-, -, union of a collegiate church to his episcopal mensa, 907.

-, -, sometime subdean of Glasgow, 817, 818.

-, David, bishop of Moray, collations made by, 519, 702.

-, -, constable of Spynie castle appointed by, 818.

-, -, seal of, 818.

-, -, late bishop of Moray, 556.

-, James, constable of the castle of Spynie, grant to, confirmed, 818.

-, John, absolution for, 882.

-, Mary, wife of James Hamilton, absolution etc. for, 222.

-, -, relatives of, 222.

-, Robert, a litigant for the archdeaconry of Aberdeen, 16.

-, Thomas, rector of Rockhampton, dispensation to, 408.

-, Stuart, Walter, heirs of, petition of, 382.

-, Steuuard, Walter, a papal chaplain and acolyte, archdeacon of St. Andrews, resignation of, 33, 34.

-, Stewurt, Walter, late a papal chaplain and acolyte and archdeacon of Dunblane, 33, 103.

-, William, indult to, 867.

-, Steuart, William, rector of Glassford, dispensation to, 845.

Steyll, John, a Premonstratensian canon of Alnwick, dispensation to, 707.

Steynston. See Stevenston.

Steynton, co. Pembroke. See Pill.

Steynwlech, Stenynwech, Henry, provost of St. George, Cologne, proctor of David Hamilton, 545.

-, -, proctor of William Elphinstone, 558.

Sthewes. See Scheves.

Stieuelin (recte Streuelin). See Stirling.

Stillington, Robert, bishop of Bath, absent from his city and diocese, 473.

-, -, in remote parts, 294.

-, -, official principal of, 294.

-, -, submission to jurisdiction of, 294.

-, -, vicar general in spirituals of. See Sugar, Hugh.

-, -, also chancellor of England, William Nikke a nephew of, 322.

Stinesford. See Stinsford.

Stinnygolynd. See Shanagolden.

Stinsford, Stinesford, [co. Dorset], vicarage of, 813.

Stirling, Stieuelin, Streueling, Striueling, [co. Perth], parish church of Holyrood, chaplaincy at the altar of the Holy Rood in, 34.

-, vicar of, 844.

-, vicarage of, 833, 834.

Stitchel, Stechelle, [co. Roxburgh], vicarage of, 192, 193.

Stiward. See Styward.

Stobo, [co. Peebles], rectory of, 213.

Stobo, John. See Rede.

Stoches. See Stoke Talmage.

Stoches sub Hamendon. See Stoke sub Hamdon.

Stocker, William, an inhabitant of Wyboston, indult to, 891.

Stodeley. See Studley.

Stogle, Richard, rector of Chagford and Petrockstow, indult to, 470.

Stokcke. See Stoke, Thomas.

Stoke. See Stoke Poges.

Stoke, diocese of York. See Stoke, East.

Stoke, Stokcke, Thomas, vicar of All Saints, Stamford, litigant, 708.

-, Stokk, Stokke, [sir] William, of Pipewell, knight, witness, 689.

-, -, deposition of, 690.

Stoke by Chew. See Chew Stoke.

Stoke, East, Stoke. [co. Nottingham], vicarage of, 727.

Stoke Poges, Stoke, [co. Buckingham], Oliver Mannyngham lord of, 551.

Stoke, South, Sowth Stoke, [co. Sussex], rectory of, 831.

Stoke sub Hamdon, Stoches sub Hamendon, [co. Somerset], collegiate church, William provost of. See Coorte.

-, -, provostship of, 363.

Stoke Talmage, Stoches, [co. Oxford], grange of, 481.

Stoke Trister, Stoke Trest[er], [co. Somerset], chapel of, rectory of, 822.

Stokenham, Stokynham, [co. Devon], vicarage of, 734.

Stoker, Henry, inhabitant of Wyboston, petition of, 693.

-, John, a citizen of London, inhabitant of Wyboston, petition of, 693.

-, [sir] William, knight, inhabitant of Wyboston, petition of, 693.

Stokes, John, dispensation to, 892.

Stokesley [co. York], parish church of SS. Peter and Paul, rectory of, 408.

Stokynham. See Stokenham.

Stokys, William, rector of Trimingham, dispensation to, 733.

Stolond. See Sutton. William.

Ston. See Stone.

Stoncona. See Stanton. Edmund (Eamon) de.

Stondun, Stondon, Stondondum, Maurice, a canon of Cloyne, papal mandatary, 124.

-, -, de facto dean of Cork, 740.

-, -, dean of Cork, to be also rector of Kilmocomoge, 773.

-, Robert, to be rector of Croom, 392.

Stondwen, Hubert, sometime vicar of Barrow, 354.

Stone, Ston, David, to be a notary public, 474.

-, Ston, David, rector of Stonesfield, dispensation to, 397.

-, John, late rector of Street, 291 (bis), 292.

Stoneham, North, North Stonham, [co. Hants.], rectory of, 677.

Stonely, Stonlee, [in Kimbolton, co. Huntingdon], Augustinian priory, canon of. See Bedill, Thomas.

Stonesfield, Stonsfild, Stonssild, [co. Oxford], rectory of, 397.

Stonham, North. See Stoneham, North.

Stonlee. See Stonely.

Stonsfild, Stonssild. Se Stonesfield.

Storor (? recte Stonor) Edmund, indult to, 892.

Storrey. See Sturry.

Stoulton, Stulten, Stulton. [co. Worcester], chapel of, 25, 26.

-, chapel of St. Edmund, to be licenced for burials, 623.

-, -, indult for burials in, 911.

-, -, four vills near, petition of inhabitants of, 623.

-, -, -, inhabitants of, indult to, 911.

Stour Provost, Stour Priaux alias Stour Priaulx, [co. Dorset], rectory of, 713.

Stourton, Margaret de, baroness Stourton, wife of John Cheyne, indult to, 823.

-, William de, late kinsman of John Cheyne, 625.

-, -, Margaret relict of, dispensed to marry, 625.

Stow, diocese of Norwich, John Horoth lord of, 822.

Stow, diocese of Worcester. See Stow on the Wold.

Stow on the Wold, Stow, Stowe, [co. Gloueester], parish church of St. Edmund, king and martyr, rectory of, 386, 795.

Stowe, Thomas, rector of the chapel of St. Catherine in the churchyard of St. Edmund, Salisbury, dispensation to, 796.

Stowting, Stowtyng, Stowyng, [co. Kent], rectory of, 592.

Stradbally, co. Galway. See Tarramud.

Stradbally, Sraydbali, [co. Limerick], Cornelius O'Mullony vicar of, 420.

Stradlyng, Henry, indult to, 549.

-, -, Elizabeth his wife, 549.

Stratford Langthorne, Stratford, Stratteford Langhorne, [in West Ham, co. Essex], Cistercian abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 560 (bis), 727.

-, -, Hugh abbot of. See Watford.

Stratton on the Fosse, Stretton super Fossam, [Somerset], rectory of, 807.

Street, Strete, [co. Somerset], parish of, dispute as to extent of, 291, 292.

-, -, places in. See Auenesclose, Eswall, Newman closis, Peminellis, Rwclose.

-, rector of, 291.

-, -, allowance of fuel to, 293.

-, -, chaplain of, 293.

-, -, rights of pasture allowed to, 293.

-, -, tithes assigned to, 292.

-, rectors of. See also Boket, sir William; Lax, John; Stone. John; Wodehill, Roger.

-, bailiff or reeve of, 293.

-, grange of the mansion of, 292.

Strelley (or Screlley), Thomas, dispensation to, 217.

Strete. See Street.

Strete, John, rector of Hinton St. George, dispensation to, 496.

Stretton super Fossam . See Stratton on the Fosse.

Streueling. See Stirling.

Streytebarell, James, rector of Chipping, dispensation to, 828.

Striueling. See Stirling.

Strobull, Thomas, rector of Tortworth, dispensation to, 492.

Strong, John de facto dean of Ossory, 74.

Stroziis, Philip, de, a merchant of Florence, loan made by, 181.

Stuama. See Ocuaina, Dermit.

Stuart. See Stewart, Walter.

Stubbes, John or John de, vicar of Plymouth and rector of Badsworth, dispensation to, 317.

-, -, a canon, prebendary and precentor of Exeter, rector of Ugborough and vicar of Plymouth, indult to, 590.

-, Richard, rector of Dodbrooke, dispensation to, 434.

Stubury, Thomas, prior of St. Andrew, Northampton, petition of, 485.

Studley, Stodeley, [co. Warwick], Augustinian priory of St. Mary, Richard prior of. See Atwode.

-, -, Thomas prior of. See Atwode.

Stulten, Stulton. See Stoulton.

Stuppa (sic) alias Hoppe (rectius Heppe), monastery of. See Shap.

Sturdi, Robert, rector of Aldington, party to a tithe suit, 837.

Sturry, Storrey, [co. Kent], rectory of, 456 (bis).

Styward, Stiward, William, a minor canon and prebendary of St Paul's, London, holding two united chantries in that church, and rector of Wrentham, dispensation to, 463, 464, 465.

-, -, petition of, 463, 464.

-, -, a canon of St. Paul's, London, and rector of Wrentham, absolution etc. for, 514, 515.

Subulter, Soboltor, [co. Cork], vicarage of, 421.

Suffield, Sowthefeld, [co. Norfolk], rectory of, 580.

Suffolk, Southfolehiet, Suffolchia, Richard archdeacon of. See Beauchamp.

-, country of, Lavenham in, 379.

-, -, Kettlebaston in, 528.

-, Alice duchess of. See de la Pole.

-, John duke of. See de la Pole.

Sugar, Hugh, a canon residentiary of Wells, vicar general of Robert [Stillington], bishop of Bath and Wells, 291.

-, -, agreement confirmed by, 294.

-, -, seal of office of, 294.

Suker, Robert, to be archdeacon of Kildare, 419.

Sulby, Solby, [co. Northants.], Premonstratensian priory, canon of. See Bothe, Robert.

Sulcoth. See Solloghodmore.

Sulthurn. See Souldern.

Su(m)maister, William, rector of Rewe, dispensation to, 512.

Summannysfeld, claimed to be both in the parish of Dennington and in that of Badingham, [co. Suffolk], 799.

Sumpter, Joan, dispensed to remain in her marriage, 802.

Suno, Francis de, a canon of Novara, papal mandatary, 765, 766.

Surio , abbey de. See Inishlounaght.

Susacien[sis], Susatien[sis]. See Soest.

Susaciten[sis]. See Soest.

-, altered from Susasten[sis], 118 note.

Susasten[sis] corrected into Susuciten[sis], 118 note.

Sussex, county of, parish church of Rye in, 568.

-, -, Sele in, 725 note.

Sustine(a)tia , parish church de, diocese of Raphoe, vicarage of, 840.

Suthil. See Sothel.

Suthirlande, Alexander, archdeacon of Caithness, to be a papal acolyte, 209.

Suthmallyngge, Suthmalvngge. See Malling, South.

Suthwell. See Southwell.

Suthwerk. See Southwark.

Sutil. See Sothel.

Sutotton. See Sutton, in the diocese of Salisbury.

Sutrensis . See Sutri.

Sutrhon. See Hogson.

Sutri, Sutren[sis], Sutrin[us], [Roma, Italy], diocese of, places in. See Bracciano; Campagnano; Ronciglione.

Sutton, Sutton Magna, [co. Essex], rectory of, 675.

Sutton, [co. Surrey], rectory of, 705.

Sutton, Sutotton, in the diocese of Salisbury, [? Sutton Veney, co. Wilts, or Sutton Walrond, co. Dorset], rectory of, 305.

Sutton, Lewis, rector of Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog, dispensation to, 727.

-, Sotton, Robert, a canon of Ferns, papal mandatary, 22.

-, Robert, a Lazarite brother of Burton Lazars, indult to, 369, 370.

-, Thomas, prior of Poughley, dispensations to, 4, 245.

-, Thomas, rector of West Tanfield, dispensation to, 385.

-, William, master of the hospital of Burton Lazars, petition of, 3.

- alias Stolond, William, an Augustinian canon of Leeds and chaplain of Bockingfold, dispensation to, 527.

Suwod (recte Sirwod). See Sherwood, John.

Suzacien[sis]. See Soest.

Swaffham Prior, Swash[a]m Prior sive Priour, Swisham Prior, [co. Cambridge], parish church of SS. Ciricus and Julita, vicarage of, 223, 712.

Swanbourne, Swanborn, Swanbron, [co. Bucks.], parish church of St. Swithin the bishop, vicarage of, 752.

Swansea, Swaynse [co. Glamorgan], hospital of St. David, David warden of. See William.

Swanton, [in Lydden, co. Kent], John Moni[ns] lord of, 549.

Swash[a]m Prior sive Priour. See Swaffham Prior.

Swayne, William, donsel, indult to, 822.

Swaynse. See Swansea.

Sweden, Lund in, 793 note.

Swerder, Thomas, a student in the university of Oxford, dispensation to, 854.

Swineshead, Swyneshed, [co. Huntingdon], rectory of, 707.

Swineshead, Swyneshede, [co. Lincoln], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, monk of. See Tilson, Thomas.

Swisham Prior. See Swaffham Prior.

Swyft, Walter, vicar of Dunrod, dispensation to, 465.

Swyneshed. See Swineshead, co. Huntingdon.

Swyneshede. See Swineshead, co. Lincoln.

Syarkyran. See Seirkieran.

Sybeton. See Sibton; and Cove alias Sybeton, Robert.

Sydyngborn. See Sittingbourne.

Syggeston. See Sigston.

Sylkwylowby. See Silk Willoughby.

Syllers, William, dispensation to, 540.

Symeon, Geoffrey, rector of Colerne, dispensation to, 803.

Symkok, Joan, petition of, 540.

Symmes, Thomas, a monk of Quarr, dispensation to, 626.

Sympil, William, a canon of Glasgow, papal mandatary, 322.

Synegoc, William, a litigant for a canonry of Armagh and the prebend of Clonfeacle, 57.

Synger, William, vicar of Yarnton, dispensation to, 726.

Syon, Sion, [in Isleworth, co. Middlesex], Augustinian nuns abbey of the order of St. Saviour, dedicated to St. Saviour and SS. Mary the Virgin and Bridget, confessor-general and convent of, indult to, 789, 790.

-, -, church of, altars in, 789, 790.

-, -, privileges of, confirmed, 217.

Syrkyerayn. See Seirkieran.