Index of Persons and Places: T, U, V

Pages 1193-1205

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 13, 1471-1484. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1955.

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Tabin (? recte Tobin). See Tobyn, John.

Tachdynayn, belonging to the episcopal mensa of Killaloe, fruits of, united to the prebend of Kyle, 701.

Tachshinny, Tencsynche, [co. Longford], rectory of, 444.

Tackley [co. Oxford], rectory of, 363.

Tadcaster, Tad[c]astur, [co. York], vicarage of, 516.

Tadmarton, Tadmerton, [co. Oxford], rectory of, 728.

Taghboy, Teachbayd, Teatby, [cos. Galway and Roscommon], vicarage of, 94, 302.

Taghsheenod, co. Longford. See Abbeyderg.

Taillour. See Taylor, Thomas.

Takham. See Thakeham.

Talbot, George, dispensed to marry, 635.

-, Talbott, Robert, absolution etc. for, 237.

-, William, vicar of North Cave and rector of Ribchester, dispensation to, 776.

Tallikahayn. See Tullabracky.

Talwyn, John, rector of St. James the Greater, Southrepps, dispensation to, 594.

Tamlaght-ard, Thamlattharda alias de Ardo, [co. Londonderry], rectory of, 437.

Tamworth, [co. Stafford], collegiate church, Ralph dean of. See Ferrers.

Tanfield, West, Tanfeld, [co. York], rectory of, 385.

Tankardstown, Ballicancartcart, Ballichancart, Ballyhanccard, Ballythankarth, [co. Limerick], church of, disrepair of, 452.

-, rectory of, 831.

-, -, farmed, 163, 452, 453.

Tannadice, Tannades, [co. Forfar], rectory of, 17.

Tanner, Matilda, defendant in slander suit, 358.

Tarazona, Tirasonen[sis], [Saragossa. Spain], bishop of, papal mandatary, 2, 29, 33, 34, 43, 54, 55, 223, 224, 448, 459.

Tarbolton, co. Ayr. See Fail.

Tardies. See Cardross.

Tarramud, Termundysuonayd, [in Shadbally, co. Galway], a prebend in Kilmaeduagh, 311.

Tarves, Tarwas, [co. Aberdeen], vicarage of, 341.

Tate, John, a merchant of the society of the Staple of Calais, 232.

Tatersale, John, dispensation to, 886.

Taughboyne, the house of St. Bohynus, Teachbuytyn, [co. Donegal], rectory of, 840.

-, vicarage of, 537.

Taunton, Taw[n]ton, Tawton, [co. Somerset], Richard archdeacon of. See Langport.

-, Augustinian priory of SS. Peter and Paul, abbot and convent of, 561.

-, -, canon of. See Chestyr, John.

-, -, burials in, 561.

-, parish church of St. Mary Magdalen, rector of, 561.

-, -, funeral fees due to, 561, 562.

Tavistock, Tavistoke, [co. Devon], Benedictine abbey, monk of. See Wyse, Nicholas.

Tavton, North. See Tawton. North.

Taw[n]ton. See Taunton.

Tawre, Simon, a canon of Hereford, papal mandatary, 376.

Tawton. See Taunton.

Tawton, North, Chepyng Towton, North Tavton, [co. Devon], rectory of, 568, 710.

Taylar. See Taylor, John.

Taylardi, Thomas, warden of Northill collegiate church, dispensation to, 409.

Taylor, Tayllour, Henry, rector of Cheam, dispensation to, 807.

-, Taylar, John, vicar of Hullavington, dispensation to, 641.

-, Taillour, Thomas, vicar of Lilleshall, dispensation to, 781.

Taynton, Teynton, [co. Oxford], manor of, 367, 368.

Teachbayd. See Taghboy.

Teachbuytyn. See Taughboyne.

Tealing, Telyn, [co. Forfar], rectory of, united to the archdeaconry of, Dunkeld, pension on the fruits of, 506.

Teampul an Dorusmoir. See Abbeyknockmoy.

Teatby. See Taghboy.

Tedburn, Tettebern, [co. Devon], parish church of St. Mary, rectory of, 381, 382.

Tehtford. See Thetford.

Telyn. See Tealing.

Tempalnascrine alias Custodia reliquiarum sancti Arlathei. See Tuam, parish church of the Shrine.

Templeboy, co. Sligo. See Aughris.

Templebrecan, Disertbracayn, Disertbratayn, [in Onaght parish, Inishmore (one of the Aran Islands), co. Galway], a prebend in Kilfenora, 390, 391.

Templecarn, Carna, [cos. Donegal and Fermanagh], rectory of, 667.

-, See also Lough Derg.

Temple Combe, Templecombe, [co. Somerset], Hospitallers preceptory, John sometime preceptor of. See Bourgh.

-, -, Walter preceptor of. See Fitzherbert.

-, -, William late preceptor of. See Daunay.

Templemichael, co. Waterford. See Molana.

Templepatrick, co. Antrim. See Grange of Molusk.

Templeport, Tempollinpont, [co. Cavan], Tempollinpont, [co. Cavan], parish church of St. Mary, alias of St. Medocius de Innisbrechmaich, vicarage of, 298.

Templeshanbo, Senbolhoch, [co. Wexford], parish church of St. Colman, rectory of, 574.

Templetogher, de Calaito, [co. Galway], vicarage of, 814.

Templetouhy, [co. Tipperary,] forming the corps of the prebend of Kilbragh, Kilbracha, a prebend in Cashel 652.

Templum novumalias Glennmuyki. See Glanmakee.

Tempollergeal. See Tisaxon.

Tempollinpont. See Templeport.

Temset, William, a brother of Edington, dispensation to, 712.

Tenandi alias Wiliamson, Christopher, rector of Kettlebaston, dispensation to, 528.

Tenby, co. Pembroke, hospital of St. Mar Magdalene. See Mawdelenys hospital.

Tencsynche. See Ta hshinny.

Tendurten. See Tenterden.

Tenni, William, indult to, 8.

Tenos, Tinen[sis], [i]land in the Aegean Sea, John bishop of. See V. 1 nte.

Tenterden, Tendurten, Tenturden, [co. Kent], parish church of St. Mildred, vicarage of, 800.

Teramo, master Gaspar de, a papal chaplain and auditor, appeal committed to, 88.

Terigyton. See Cheriton.

Termonmaguirk, Termuncommuyn, [co. Armagh], vicarage of, 396.

Termundysuonayd. See Tarramud.

Terni, Interamnen[sis], [Italy], bishop of, papal mandatary, 45.

-, Peter Anthony prior of. See de Nardis.

Trouan, Morinen[sis], [Pas-de-Calais, France], Peter de facto dean of. See Danby.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 246.

-, canon of. See Toureti, Lodovicus.

-, diocese of, person of, 219.

-, -, places in. See Calais; Ghyvelde; Gunes; St. Omer.

-, Nicholas Danby of, 484 note.

Terrey, John, rector of St. Michael, Bradden, dispensation to, 589.

Terrington, Treueryngton, [co. York], rectory of, 750.

Tesy, John, vicar of Lanlivery, dispensation to, 337.

Tessy, Richard, a counsellor of Cecily dowager duchess of York, indults to, 821 (bis).

Tetenham. See Tottenham.

Tettebern. See Tedburn.

Tetteney, John, a monk of Louth Park, dispensation to, 785.

Teudalia . See Teviotdale.

Teukesbury. See Tewkesbury.

Teviotd le, Teudalia, Thevidalia, Tyuidali, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 126.

-, Patrick archdeacon of. See Home.

-, archdeacons of, pension to be paid by, 45.

-, archdeaconry of, pension on, 45.

Tewe, Thomas, rector of Wollaton, dispensation to, 466.

Tewkesbury, Teukesbury, Theukesbury, [co. Gloucester], Benedictine abbey of the Assumption of St. Mary the Virgin, abbot of, the prior or warden of Deerhurst to be appointed by, 367.

-, -, John abbot of. See Galeys.

-, -, abbot and convent of, annual payments to be made by, 368.

-, -, letters of, exemplified, 368.

-, -, -, pensions to be paid by, 631.

-, -, -, petition on behalf of, 630.

-, -, -, petitions of, 366, 367.

-, -, -, proctor of. See Vance, William.

-, -, -, seal of, 368.

-, -, convent of, grant to, 367.

-, -, chapter house of, 368.

-, -, appropriation of Deerhurst priory to, 3668.

Teynton. See Taynton.

Thakeham, Takham, Thakham, [co. Sussex], rectory of, 853.

Thakenes, James, rector of Wormshill, indult to, 428.

Thakham. See Thakeham.

Thame, de Thama, [co. Oxford], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, taken under the protection of St. Peter, 480, 481.

-, -, indulgence for persons giving alms to, 481.

-, -, possessions of, 481.

-, -, rules and privileges of, 481.

-, -, chapel of St. Mary near the gate of, indulgence for persons visiting etc., 481.

-, parish church called the prebendal church of St. Mary, vicarage of, 728.

Thames, Thamisia, super Thamysiam, Henley (q.v) on, 775, 861.

Thamlattharda alias de Ardo. See Tamlaght-ard.

Thancard alias O'Connor, Oconchuhyr, Philip, to be prior commendatary of St. John the Evangelist, Waterford, 385.

Thanet, Athanatos (sic), island of, Minster in, q.v.

Tharfield, Therffeld, [co. Herts], rectory of, 832.

Thawaytes. See Thwaites.

Thaxted, Thaxsted, [co. Essex], parish church of St. Mary, confraternity of St. Mary the Virgin and St. John the Baptist in, confirmed, 781.

-, William Gase of, 781.

Thechsaosan. See Tisaxon.

Themolinberch. See Timolin.

Therffeld. See Tharfield.

Therigyton. See Cheriton.

Therynghton. See Thorington.

Thetford, Tehtford, [co. Norfolk], Cluniac priory of St. Mary, licence to Richard Oldemedew to transfer himself from Castle Acre to, 807.

Theukesbury. See Tewkesbury.

Thevidalia . See Teviotdale.

Thimolyn. See Timolin.

Thobym. Thobyn. See Tobyn, James.

Tholachviucke. See Tullabracky.

Thomas ap Morris, Mauritii, an Augustinian canon of Carmarthen, sometime prior of the same, absolution etc. for, 508, 509.

Thomas, John ap Jevan ap. See John ap Jevan ap Thomas.

-, William ap. See William ap Thomas.

Thomas, John, an Augustinian canon of Bodmin, dispensation to, 712.

Thome, Alexander, dispensation to, 875.

Thomgreni. See Tomgraney.

Thomond, Tonmonia, prince of, benefice in the patronage of, 755.

Thoresby, North, [co. Lincoln], rectory of, 78.

Thorington, Therynghton, [co. Suffolk], parish church of St. Clement, vicarage of, 680.

Thorley, Thomas, dispensation to, 869.

Thorne, John, abbot of Reading, indult to, 410.

Thorney, [co. Cambridge], Benedictine abbey of SS. Mary and Botulph, monk of. See Chatris alias Wellys, Richard.

Thornhill, [co. Yorks], rectory of, 844.

Thornton Dale, Thor[n]ton in Pikringlythe, Tornthon in Pikringleythe, [co. York], rectory of, 337, 338.

Thornton in Craven, Chorneton de Grauen, [co. York], rectory of, appropriation of, 59, 60.

-, -, patron of. See Pilkyngton, [sir] John.

-, vicarage or chaplaincy of, 60.

Thor[n]ton in Pikringlythe. See Thornton Dale.

Thorold, John, an Augustinian canon of St. Gregory, Canterbury, dispensation to, 675.

Thorpe, [co. Surrey], 777 (bis).

Thorpe, Thomas, late rector of Wrestlingworth, 541.

Thorton. See Monks Horton.

Threepland, Threplande, [in Inverwiek, co. Haddington], lands of, 644.

Thremhale. See Tremhale.

Threplande. See Treepland.

Thryngston alias Burton, Alice, of London, wife of John Shelton, party to a matrimonial suit, 735.

Thuamen[sis]. See Tuam.

Thuringia, Erfurt in, 729 note.

Thurlaston, Thurkeston, [co. Leicester,] rectory of, 650.

Thurles, Durlus, [co. Tipperary], rectory of, leased, 100.

Thuveyng (i.e. Thweyng). See Thwing.

Thwaites, Thawaytes, John, dean of St. Martin le Grand, London, refusal of, to hear a suit, 735.

-, Thwaytes, Thomas, esquire, a councillor of Edward IV, indult to, 260.

-, -, Alice his wife, 260.

Thwing, Thuveyng, [co. York], rectory of a moiety of, 498.

Thyden, Thynden. See Finedon.

Tibard, William, president of Magdalen College, Oxford, petition of, 356.

Tibberaghny, Tyburdny, [co. Kilkenny], rectory of, annexed to the vicarage of Ullid, 858.

Tibbermore, Tibermur, [co. Perth], vicarage of, 25.

Tibrud. See Tubbrid.

Tickhill, Tykhyll, [co. York], house of Friars Hermits, brother of. See Totnas, William.

Tidpit, Tutpyl, [in Martin, co. Hants. formerly Wilts.], rectory of, 831.

Tilbury, West, Westilburi, [co. Essex], rectory of, 626.

Tilney All Saints, Tylney, Tylney, [co. Norfolk], parish church of All Saints, parishioners of, alleged petition of, 721.

-, -, -, indult to, 883.

-, parish of. chapel of St. Laurence the Martyr in. See Tilney St. Laurence.

-, -, Fenne End in. See Fen End.

Tilney St. Laurence, chapel of St. Laurence the Martyr in the parish of Tilney All Saints, [co. Norfolk], 885.

-, -, grant of right of burial to, 721.

-, See also Fen End.

Tilson. Tylshon, Thomas, a monk of Swineshead, dispensations to, 746, 884.

Tilston, Tylston, [co. Chester], rectory of, 469.

Timolin, Themolinberch, Thimolyn, [co. Kildare], abbey of Augustinian canonesses, abbess and convent of, citation of, 453.

-, -, -, rectory belonging to. See Uregare.

-, -, abbess and nuns (sic) of, farm granted by, 163.

-, -, churches united to. See Cloncagh; and Tankardstown.

Tinen[sis]. See Tenos.

Tinmouth. See Tynemouth.

Tintagel, Tyndagell, [co. Cornwall], chapel, wardenship of, 272.

Tintinhull, Tintenil alias Tintinhull, Tyntynhul, Tyntynhull, [co. Somerset], rectory of, 785, 791, 792.

Tirasonen[sis]. See Tarazona.

Tir-Briuin-na-Sinna, Tyrbruyn, [the parishes of Aughrim, Clooncraff and Kilmore, co. Roscommon], rectory of, called a prebend in Elphin, 121.

Tirley, co. Gloucester. See Haw, the.

Tiry, Gilbert, provided to a canonry of Brechin, grant to, 402.

Tisaxon, Kylmacnek alias Tempollergeal or Thechsaosan, Trachssasa, [now in Monivea, co. Galway], a prebend in Tuam, 848.

-, vicarage of, 848.

Titchfield, Tychefeld, [co. Hants.], Premonstatensian abbey of SS. Mary and John the Evangelist, abbot of, papal mandatary, 35.

-, William abbot of. See Winchestour alias Fryer.

Tiverton, Tuuerton, [co. Devon], Pitt portion of the rectory of, 484.

Tivoli, [Italy], Anthony bishop of. See de Grassis.

-, diocese of, place in. See Vicovaro.

-, papal letters dated at, 2, 23 (bis), 24, 25, 327, 329, 330, 332, 335, 336, 345, 353, 357, 369, 548.

Tobyn, Edmund, to be vicar of Kyllwanawayn, 100.

-, Thobym, Thobyn, James, to be a canon of Lismore, 906.

-, -, de facto archdeacon of Lismore, 682.

-, Tabm, John, dispensation to, 899.

-, William, sometime prior of Caher, 324.

Tockington, Tokyngton, [in Olveston, co. Gloucester], chapel of, William Gyan rector of, 289.

Todegill, Richard, rector of a moiety of Thwing, dispensation to, 498.

Todforde. See Dodford.

Togge, Thomas, a brother of the hospital of St. John the Apostle and Evangelist, Cambridge, dispensation to, 518.

Tokyngton. See Tockington.

Tollachartem. See Tullaghorton.

Tollachnonasbyg, Tollachnynasbyg. See Tulla, co. Clare.

Tollentis, Luke de, bishop of Sebenico, papal nuncio with power of a legate a latere to the kings of England and Scotland, and to the dominions of the duke of Austria and Burgundy, faculty to, 282.

Tolomei, John, a Florentine merchant, 132.

Tolosa, master Michael de, vice-chancellor of the Roman church, 400.

Tomefyrd. See Toomour.

Tomgraney, Thomgreni, Tuomgrene, [co. Clare], a prebend in Killaloe, 70, 71, 547.

-, vicarage of, united thereto, 70, 71.

Tomregan, co. Clare, Ballyconnell in. See Baleinanthowal.

Tomyow, Thomas, dispensation to, 409.

-, -, rector of St. Columb Major, dispensation to, 792.

Tonbregge. See Tunbridge.

Tongueland, Tongla[n]d, [co. Kirkeudbright], Premonstatensian abbey, canons of, rectory wont to be governed by. See Minnigaff.

Tonmonia . See Thomond.

Tonstall, John, dispensation for, 498.

-, Richard, dispensation for, 487.

Tonygam. See Tynninghame.

Toomour, Tomefyrd, [co. Sligo], vicarage of, 190.

Top (? recte Toy), Richard, dispensation to, 891.

Topcliff, John, rector of All Saints Pavement, York, dispensation to, 815.

-, Topclyff, Robert, a monk of Ely, dispensation to, 493.

Topley, Thomas. See Copley.

Torbes. Walter, to have a vicarage in the diocese of Aberdeen, 894.

Torbryan, Torre Draian (sic), [co. Devon], rectory of, 705.

Torington Magna. See Torrington, Great.

Tormohun, co. Devon. See Torre.

Tornacen[sis]. See Tournai.

Tornay. See Tournay, William.

Tornthon in Pikringleythe. See Thornton Dale.

Torpenhow, Torpenhoo, [co. Carlisle], vicarage of, 808.

Torphichen, Torphium, [co. Linlithgow], Hospitallers preceptory of St. John of the Hermils, preceptor of, faculty to, 213.

-, -, indult to persons visiting and giving alms to, 212.

Torre, de Torro, [in Tormohun, co. Devon], Premonstratensian abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 862.

-, -, canon of. See Cullyng, William.

Torre Draian (sic). See Torbryan.

Torrington, Great, Torington Magna, [co. Devon], parish church of St. Michael, rectory of, 747.

Torro , abbey de. See Torre.

Torthworth. See Tortworth.

Tortosa, Dertuensis, [Tarragona, Spain], master John Gerona of, 242, 243 note.

Tortworth, Torthworth, [co. Gloucester], rectory of, 492.

Tothoth, Thomas, of Boston, litigant, appeal of, 779, 780.

Totnas, William, a Friar Hermit of Tickhill, dispensation to, 592.

Totnes, [co. Devon], William archdeacon of. See Wagott.

Tottenham, Tetenham, [co. Middlesex], vicarage of, 587.

Toul, Tullen[sis], [Meurthe-et-Moselle, France], diocese of, archdeaconry in. See Reynel.

Toullesworth, Clement. See Heth.

Toure, Alexander, treasurer of Dunkeld, dispensation to, 627.

Toureti, Lodovicus, Ludouicus, a canon of Trouane, papal mandatary, 246, 753.

Tournai, Tornacen[sis], [Belgium], bishop of, papal mandatary, 235, 242.

-, bishop and chapter of, benefice in the gift of, 793.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 793.

-, diocese of, persons of, 631 note, 753.

-, -, places in. See Bruges; Lille.

Tournay, Tornay, Tumei, William, late preceptor of Melchbourne, 59, 69.

-, -, prior of the Knights Hospitallers priory of England, summoned to Rhodes to justify his accounts, 216.

-, -, death of, 62.

-, -, possessions of, sequestrated, 216.

Towcester, Towcestre, [co. Northants], parish church of, provost of the chantry in. See Barker, Robert.

Towrys, William, rector of Northiam, dispensation to, 306.

Trachssasa (recte Teachssasa[n]). See Tisaxon.

Tracton, de Alboirattu, de Albotracto (sic), de Albo tractu, de Albotractu, de Arbo (sic) tractu, [co. Cork], Cistercian abbey of the Holy Cross, abbot of, papal mandatary, 39, 124, 144, 393, 740, 748, 757, 761, 765, 800.

-, -, Raymund abbot of, executor of a papal mandate, 124.

Trafford, Traffordi, [sir] John, knight, charge of adultery against, 503, 504.

Trafontanis, [described in Reg. Magni Sigilli as in co. Berwick], place of, 644.

Trail, Traile. See St. Mary's Isle.

Tralee, Trally, [co. Kerry], priesthouse of, 455.

-, rectory of, 455.

-, vicarage of, united to the rectory, 455.

Tranent, co. Haddington. See St. Germains.

Trapel, John, to have a rectory in the diocese of St. Andrews, 908.

Trapezuntius , A., correction made by order of, 102 note.

Trappe, Nicholas, to be a notary public, 648.

Travers alias Leycest[er], John, a Premonstratensian canon of St. Radegund's, dispensation to, 799.

Trealu[n]t, James, provided to a canonry and prebend of Ardfert, to be vicar of Dunurlin and also of Barrow. 112.

Trecen[sis]. See Troyes.

Trecoren[sis]. See Trguier.

Tregansson, John, vicar of Morwenstow, dispensation to, 487.

Trguier, Trecorensis, [Ctes-du-Nord, France], cathedral church of, papal letters to be posted on the doors of, 258.

-, diocese of, benefice in, 157 note.

Tregury, Michael, archbishop of Dublin, confirmation of an election by, 312.

-, -, late archbishop of Dublin, 371 note.

Tremhale, Thremhale, [in Stansted Mountfitchet, co. Essex], Augustinian priory of St. James the Apostle, John prior of. See Herbert.

Trenakis. See Nakis.

Treueryngton. See Terrington.

Trewe, John, dispensation to, 871.

Trim, de Aurichamo (sic), Hactruym, Trin, Truym, Trym, [co. Meath], Augustinian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 132 (and corrigenda), 261 (and corrigenda), 453, 462.

-, -, canon of. See Oschota, Maurus.

-, parish church of St. Patrick, rectory of, 820, 821.

-, house of St. John near. See Newtownclonbun.

-, priory of St. Peter by. See Newtown.

Trimingham, Trymyngham, [co. Norfolk], rectory of, 733.

Trinsthal. See Tunstall, William.

Tristernagh, Tristernagh alias Chilyvischi, Kylbixi, Tristyrnach alias Kylbiski, [in Kilbixy, co. Westmeath], Augustinian priory of St. Mary, prior of, papal mandatary, 816.

-, -, Simon late prior of. See Nugent.

-, -, William prior of. See Ofaelan.

-, -, canons of. See Ofaelan, William; Ripa, Nicholas son of Denis de.

Tritiis, Stephen de, a canon of Vercelli, papal mandatary, 459.

Trottiscliffe, Trottescliue, [co. Kent], rectory of, 634.

Trovlon, Thomas, dispensation to, 888.

Troy, Thomas, a canon of Ossory, papal mandatary, 347.

Troyes, Trecen[sis], [Aube, France], precentor of, papal mandatary, 355.

Trull, Tull, [co. Somerset], chapel of, 561.

-, -, parishioners of, licence to, for a churchyard, 561.

Trumbul. See Turnbull, Walter.

Truym, Trym, (i.e. Trim), monastery of St. Peter by. See Newtown.

Trym (i.e. Trim), house of St. John near. See Newtownclonbun.

Trymyngham. See Trimingham.

Tuam, Thuamen[sis], Tuamen[sis], Tuhamen[sis], [co. Galway], archbishop of, benefices in the gift of, 90, 129.

-, -, collations by, 739, 766.

-, -, collation and provision made by, 422.

-, -, Cong abbey subject to, 132.

-, -, faculty granted by, 848.

-, -, monitions of, contemned, 849.

-, -, papal letters to, 331.

-, -, papal mandatary, 251, 258, 328, 377, 389, 434, 663.

-, -, presentation to, and institution by, 394.

-, -, resignation made to, 765.

-, -, rights of, saved, 93, 132, 352.

-, -, statute of, annulled by the pope, 88.

-, Donatus archbishop of. See O'Murray.

-, Walter [archbishop-] elect of. See Blake.

-, archbishop, dean and chapter of, benefices in the gift of, 673, 793, 794.

-, archbishop and chapter etc. of, benefice in the gift of, 88.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 327, 352, 741, 762.

-, Milerus late dean of. See de Burgo.

-, Walter dean of. See Prenussen.

-, dean and chapter of, benefice in the gift of, 129.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 11, 92, 327, 328, 422, 602, 663, 666.

-, Thomas archdeacon of. See Joy.

-, Walter archdeacon of. See de Burgo.

-, William archdeacon of. See Bermingham; and Joy.

-, officials of, collation by, 848.

-, provost of, papal mandatary, 392, 394, 422, 434, 435, 656, 741.

-, canons of. See Angulo, Thomas de; Balfe, Walter; Blake, Walter; Burgo, David de; Burgo, Edmund de; Burgo, Eymundus de; Burgo, John de; Burgo, John de, the elder; Burgo, Walter de; Cousin, Walter; Joy, Maurice; Joy, Thomas; Macbressim, Thomas; Maccassurlay, Dermit; Macglyn, David; Macneil, Nimeas; Obethill, William; O'Brien, Thady; Ochamlis, John; Ochanly, Thady; O'Concannon, Malachy; O'Cullen, Celestine; O'Cullen, John; Odermody, Odo; O'Fahy, Nicholas; Ohahyn, Donatus; Ohalutayn, Thady; Ohanly, Thady; Ohuband, William; O'Kearney, John; O'Kearney, Thady; O'Kelly, John; Olachnayn, William; Olanru, Dermit; Oleannayn, Decanus; Oleannayn, Donatus; O'Malley, Malachy, Omiechan, Thady; O'Murray, David; Orkemmin, John; Oscara, Dermit; Prendergast, David; Scanton, Edmund (Eamon) de; Walsh, David.

-, chapter of, benefices in the gift of, 90.

-, -, papal letters to, 827.

-, prebends in. See Killabegs; Kilmeen; Moynkilly; Tisaxon.

-, church of, the church of Annaghdown united to, 90, 441, 673.

-, -, suffragans of, papal letters to, 827.

-, -, vassals of, papal letters to, 827.

-, city of, intimidation in, 352.

-, city and diocese of, clergy and people of, papal letters to, 827.

-, -, intimidation in, 622, 653, 654, 696.

-, diocese of, monastery in, 873.

-, -, persons of, 11, 44, 83 (bis), 86, 92 (bis) 93, 129, 132, 135, 151, 295, 327, 352, 353, 387, 394, 422, 434, 435 (bis), 458, 459, 466, 479, 521, 533, 535, 552 (bis), 602 (bis) 651, 666, 696, 741, 742 (bis), 762 (bis), 765, 770, 793, 814, 848, 892.

-, -, places in. See Abbeyknockmoy; Annagh; Balla; Ballinchalla; Ballinrobe (north of the river Robe); Ballintober; Ballygarry; Ballyhean; Ballyovey; Bekan; Belclare; Burriscarra; Cong; Crossmolina; Dunmore; Kilge ver; Kilkerrin; Killererin; Killoscobe; Kiltullagh; Kinlough; Knockmoy; Manulla; Mayo; Moylough; Moyrus; Omey; Rosslee; Silvia Templetogher; Tisaxon; Tuam, city of; Tuam (Holy Trinity); Tuam (St. John the Evangelist); Tuam (church of Scryn); Turlough; Umall, Upper.

-, -, provostship in, 906.

-, -, rectory in, 915.

-, -, vicarages in, 865, 878, 882, 896, 897, 902, 905, 908.

-, province of, 110, 127, 208.

-, Augustinian abbey of St. John the Evangelist, abbot of, papal mandatary, 533.

-, -, Milerus abbot of. See de Burgo.

-, -, Thady abbot of. See O'Kearney.

-, -, Thomas abbot of. See Oheaga.

-, -, canon of. See Burgo, Milerus de.

-, Premonstratensian abbey of the Holy Trinity, Maurus abbot of. See O'Kenealy.

-, -, William de facto abbot of. See Bermingham.

-, -, canons of, chapel wont to be held by, 94.

-, parish church of the Shrine, Scryn, Tempalnascrine, (i.e. Tempull na Scrine), vicarage of, alias the wardenship of the relics of St. Jarlath, sancti Arlathei, Gerlaheius, 151, 152, 653.

-, vicarage (?) of, 742.

-, William Olachnayn of, 311.

Tuam, recte Dublin, John [Walton], archbishop of, 23.

Tuba , P., 160.

Tubbrid, Tibrud, [co. Tipperary], vicarage of, 351.

Tuchet. See Audley, sir John.

Tuhamen[sis], See Tuam.

Tulach, diocese of Clonfert. Tulla, co. Galway.

Tulach, diocese of Raphoe. See Tullyfern.

Tulach, diocese of Ross. See Tullagh.

Tulach, William de, bishop of Orkney, grant of pension by, 504.

-, -, letters of, mentioned, 505.

-, -, services of John Chaumer to, 504.

-, -, about to be translated to the see of Moray, absolution for, 565.

-, -, translation of, to the see of Moray, 556.

-, -, oath of, 556.

-, -, bishop of Moray, the patronage of a canonry of Moray and the prebend of Kingussie claimed and exercised by, 610.

-, -, death of, 798.

Tulachfirma. See Tullyfern.

Tull. See Trull.

Tulla, Tollachnonasbyg, Tollachnynasbyg, [co. Clare], a prebend in Killaloe, 333, 334.

-, vicarage of, 334.

Tulla, Tulach, Tullach, [a townland in Ballynakill, Leitrim barony, co. Galway], annual rent of, united to the deanery of Clonfert, erected (with other annual rents) into the prebend of Drought in Clonfert, 602.

Tullabracky, Tallikahayn, Tholachviucke, [co. Limerick], a prebend in Limerick, 349, 411.

Tullach. See Tulla, co. Galway.

Tullagh, Tulach, [co. Cork], parish church of St. Conaldus, vicarage of, 768, 769.

Tullaghanbrogue, Tyllychambrog, [co. Kilkenny], rectory of, 831.

-, See also Ballykeefe.

Tullaghorton, Tollachartem, [co. Tipperary], a prebend in Lismore, 682.

Tullen[sis]. See Toul.

Tully, Robert, late bishop of St. Davids, 743.

Tullyallen, co. Louth. See Mellifont.

Tullyfern, Tulach, Tulachfirma, [co. Donegal], rectory of, 161, 759.

Tullyniskan, Tullyneschi, [co. Tyrone], rectory of, 665.

Tuly, Nicholas, prior of Greatconnell, vicar-general in spirituals of Richard Long, bishop of Kildare, institution by, 360.

Tumci (recte Turnei). See Tournay.

Tunbridge, Tonbregge, [co. Kent], vicarage of, 749.

Tunstall, [sir] Richard, knight, witness, 689.

-, -, deposition of, 690.

-, Thomas, indult to, 524.

-, -, wife of. See Nevill, Alice.

-, Trinstal, William, dispensation to, 884.

Tuomgrene. See Tomgraney.

Tupholme, Tupholm, [co. Lincoln], Premonstratensian abbey of St. Mary, John abbot of. See Ancaster.

Tuppin, Thomas, rector of Feltwell, dispensation to, 301.

Turibwl (recte Turnbul). See Turnbull, William.

Turlough, Turlach, Turlachomaceyn, [co. Mayo], vicarage of, 83, 552.

Turnar. See Turner.

Turnbull, Turnbul, John, an Augustinian canon of Jedburgh, to be prior of Blantyre, 532.

-, Turnbul, Robert, an Augustinian canon of Jedburgh, to be abbot of the same, 519.

-, -, oath of fealty of, 519.

-, -, petitions of, 507, 519.

-, -, abbot of Jedburgh, blessing of, 890.

-, -, to have a rectory in the diocese of Glasgow, 897.

-, Turnbul, Robert, sometime rector of Lilliesleaf. 704.

-, -, proctor of. See Liel, Andrew.

-, Trumbul, Walter, late abbot of Jedburgh, 173.

-, Turibwl, Turnbul, William, to be vicar of Cadder, 24.

-, -, vicar of Cadder, dispensation to, 221.

-, Turnbul, Turrnbul, William, to be vicar of Innerleithen, 43, 63, 97.

-, -, consent of, to grant of a pension out of the vicarage of Innerleithen, 97.

-, -, a canon of Dunkeld and prebendary of Aberlady, vicar of Colvend and of Innerleithen, and pensionary of Annan, pension on the subdeanery of Glasgow reserved for, 118.

-, -, a litigant for the rectory of Annan, pension reserved for, 332.

Turner, Turnor, John, dispensation to, 905.

-, Turnar, Simon, rector of Stapleford, dispensation to, 448.

Turrisbacchane . See Bracciano.

Turrnbul. See Turnbull, William.

Turvey, Turswey, [co. Bedford], rectory of, 512.

Tusculum, Tusculan[us], [Italy], Latinus cardinal bishop of. See de Ursinis.

-, diocese of, place in. See Frascati.

Tutpyl. See Tidpit.

Tuuerton. See Tiverton.

Twemlow, Thomas, rector of Tilston, dispensation to, 470.

Twomileborris (or Borrisleigh), Burgesle, [co. Tipperary], vicarage of, 718.

Twyford, [co. Middlesex], John Elrington lord of, 379.

Twyford, [co. Norfolk], rectory of, 164.

Twynham. See Christchurch.

Twynyho, Christopher, of Keyford, dispensation to, 678, 698.

Twytyng, Agnes, wife of Richard Smalwode and of Robert Hilton, 310.

Tyburdny. See Tibberaghny.

Tychefeld. See Tichfield.

Tygybon. See Ogibon.

Tykhull, William, rector of Morley, dispensation to, 416.

Tykhyll. See Tickhill.

Tyler, Thomas, dispensation to, 911.

Tyllychambrog. See Tullaganbrogue.

Tylney. Tylney. See Tilney All Saints.

Tylshon. See Tilson, Thomas.

Tylston. See Tilston.

Tyndagell. See Tintagel.

Tynden. See Finedon.

Tynemouth, Tinmouth, [co. Northumberland], Benedictine priory, prior of, papal mandatary, 661.

Tynninghame, Tonygam, Tynyghan, Tynyngham, [now united to Whitekirk, co. Haddington], rectory of, appropriated to the archiepiscopal mensa of St. Andrews, 17.

-, -, union of, to the archiepiscopal mensa, suspended for one turn, 72.

-, rent in the vill of, 644.

Tyntynhul, Tyntynhull. See Tintinhull.

Tynyghan, Tynyngham. See Tynninghame.

Tyrbruyn. See Tir-Briuin-na-Sinna.

Tyri. Gilbert, dispensation to, 892.

Tyuidalia . See Teviotdale.


Ubaldi, Frederic, duke of Urbino, gonfalonier of the papal forces, a knight of the Garter, 8, 240.

Ubaldis, Wbaldis, master Nicholas de, a papal chaplain and auditor, sentences of, 31, 308.

-, -, sentence revoked by, 415.

Ubdonlovell. See Upton Lovell.

Ueston super more. See Weston-super-Mare.

Ugborough, Vaggeburgh, [co. Devon], rectory of, 590.

Ugley, co. Essex, See Ocley.

Uhagual. See Nohaval, co. Kerry.

Ui Bloid. See Oblayd.

Ui Cormaic. See Ogormuck.

Ulfurt, Richard, dispensation to, 890.

Ullid, Elleth, [co. Kilkenny], vicarage of, 857, 858.

-, -, rectory of Tibberaghny annexed to, 858.

Ulster, Ards in, Ardullaid, Monasterium Nigrum in. See Black Abbey.

Umall, Upper, Walluocktarach, [now barony of Murrisk, co. Mayo], rectory of the rural lands of, 327.

-, native of. See O'Malley, Arthur.

Umbria, [Italy], Amelia near Narni in, 479 note.

Umfrey, Vinfiey, Vinfrey, Vmfiey, Vmfrey, John, litigant in the provincial court of Canterbury, appeal of, 852.

-, See also Vynfrey.

Umullechlaind. See Omullachlan.

Unchbryok. See Inchbrayock.

Underwode, Edward, rector of St. Margaret Moses, London, dispensation to, 589.

Upgate, Vbgate, William, vicar of Caistor-next-Yarmouth, dispensation to, 446.

Upton, William, abbot of Evesham, oath of, to be relaxed, 635.

-, -, predecessor of, 635.

Upton Lovell, Ubdonlovell, [co. Wilts.], rectory of, 396.

Upway, Upwey alias Weybayhouse, [co. Dorset], rectory of, 787.

Upwell, Uxwelle [cos. Cambridge and Norfolk], parish church of SS. Peter and Paul, rectory of, 569.

Upwey alias Weybayhouse. See Upway.

Urban VI, pope, privileges granted by, 278 note.

Urbino, Urbinat[us], Urbinaten[sis], [Italy], bishop of, papal mandatary, 42, 48, 55, 224, 378.

-, John bishop of. See de Melinis.

-, Frederic duke of. See Ubaldi.

Urbs . See Rome.

Uregare, Urgarry, [co. Limerick], rectory of, farmed, 452, 453.

-, church of, disrepair of, 452.

Urgel, Urgellen[sis], [Spain], canon of. See Fiela, James.

Urney, Kedy alias de Nurni, [co. Cavan], rectory of, 173.

Urney, Formayr, Furmaigy, [co. Donegal and Tyrone], rectory of, 164.

-, vicarage of, 759.

Ursinis, Baptista de, master-general of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, collation made by, 62.

-, -, letters of, confirmed, 216 (ter).

-, Orsini, Latinus de, cardinal bishop of Tusculum, the pope's chamberlain, member of household of. See Candour, Thomas.

-, -, oaths to be taken to, 205, 208.

Urso , hospital of St. Mary de, i.e. founded by Ursus de Swemele. See Drogheda.

Urswick, Christopher, dispensation to, 898.

Utburim (recte Utburnn). See Woodburn.

Uticen [sis]. See Uzs.

Uxwelle. See Upwell.

Uzs, Uticen[sis], [Gard, France], diocese of, place in, See Arpaillargues.


Vacenstin, Maurice, to be a canon of Cashel and prebendary of Rathcool, 673.

-, -, a claimant to a canonry, of Cashel and the prebend of Rathcool, 95.

Vadam, John, and others, grant to, confirmed, 781.

-, -, petition of, 781.

Vaggeburgh. See Ugborough.

Vaghan alias Davy, John, vicar of Aylesbeare, dispensation to, 860.

Vaison, Vasionen[sis], [Vaucluse, France], bishop of, papal mandatary, 41.

Val. See Wall, James; and Wall, John.

Valace. See Wallace.

Valaresso, Valeresso, James, of Venice, to be bishop of Capodistria, 812 note.

Valche. See Walsh, Oliver.

Valde, George, notary public, 908.

Valden. See Waltham.

Val des Choux, order of, house of. See Ardchallan.

Valencia, Valentin[us], [Spain], Vincent, provost of. See Clementis.

-, canon of. See Clementis, Vincent.

-, diocese of, intimidation in, 242.

-, -, person of, 241.

-, Bonaffanatus Berengarii of, 73.

-, Vincent Clementis of, 214.

Valencis . See Walsh, David.

Valeneene (recte Valentis). See Walsh, Milerus.

Valente, John, bishop of Tenos, rector commendatary of Lydeard St. Laurence and prior commendatary of St. John the Baptist, Wells, dispensation and decree for, 305.

Valentia, Clement Vincentij de. See Clementis, Vincent.

Valentii, Riscerdus, to be received as a canon of Ballintober and to be abbot of the same, 352.

Valentinus . See Valencia.

Valentot. See Walton, John.

Valeresso. See Valaresso.

Vallas. See Wallace.

Vallei, Thomas, dispensation to, 886.

Vallensis . See Walsh, Milerus.

Valle salutis , abbey de. See Baltinglass.

Vallia . See Wales.

Vallingford. See Wallingford, John.

Valsale. See Walsall, Richard.

Valsche. See Walsh, Oliver.

Valton. See Walton.

Valtres, John, rector of both portions of the church of Catfield, confirmation for, 215.

Valumerenoch (recte Balumerenoch). See Balmerino.

Vamfra. See Wamphray.

Vance, Vauce, master William, a canon of Salisbury, witness, 25.

-, William, proctor of the abbot and convent of Tewkesbury, petition of. 367.

-, -, appointment of, 368.

Vannes, Veneten[sis], [Morbihan, France], canons of. See James, Michael; Prioris, John.

Vanys alias Liathmuoyn. See Leighmoney.

Varing. See Waring, William.

Varis. See Vaus, George.

Varna, Dionisien[sis], [Bulgaria], Arnold late bishop of. See de Roten.

-, James bishop of. See Lindsay.

-, John [bishop-]elect of. See de Ilton.

-, church of, in partibus infidelium, 142.

-, city and diocese of, James Lindsay, bishop of Varna, not to exercise pontifical offices without, 141.

Varris , Petrus de, a papal scriptor, 285 and passim to 774.

-, -, correction made by, 623 note.

-, -, corrections initialled by, 299 note, 515 note, 553 note, 558 note.

-, -, See also P.

Varutia, Sancho de, pension for. 907.

Vasconia . See Gascony.

Vasionen [sis]. See Vaison.

Vasor, Peter, rector of Henley on Thames, dispensation to, 861.

Vasy, Ralph, dispensation to, 425.

Vatonni, Gerald, to be received as a monk of Jerpoint and to be abbot of the same, 681.

-, -, blessing of, 681.

Vauce. See Vance.

Vauerleya , abbey de. See Waverley.

Vaus, Alexander, sometime vicar of St. Nicholas, Aberdeen, to be precentor of Moray, 257, 258, 682, 683.

-, -, precentor of Moray, dispensation to, 839.

-, -, a claimant to the precentorship of Moray, 763.

-, Alexander, a litigant for a canonry of Aberdeen and the prebend of Rathven, pension reserved for, 542.

-, Andrew, a mistake for Alexander, 258 note.

-, George, rector of Lundie, to be also rector of Wigtown, 585.

-, Varis, George, to be bishop of Whiteherne, 813.

-, -, faculty for the consecration of, 813.

-, -, oath of fealty and seal of, 813.

-, Martin, chancellor of Glasgow, dispensation to, 280.

-, Martin, dean of Ross (in Scotland), exchanges carried out by, 257, 683.

-, -, to be also a canon of Aberdeen and prebendary of Mortlach, 685, 686.

-, Waus, Patrick, prior of Whiteherne, sometime rector of Wigtown, and subsequently a Premonstratensian canon of Whiteherne, 586.

-, Waus, Thomas, precentor of Moray, to be a papal acolyte, 209.

-, -, a member of the household of William [de Estoutevilla], cardinal bishop of Ostia, an acolyte of the pope and vicar of St. Nicholas, Aberdeen, sometime precentor of Moray, 257.

-, -, sometime a canon of Aberdeen and prebendary of Mortlach, 685, 686.

-, -, dean of Glasgow, sometime precentor of Moray, a member of the household of William [de Estoutevilla, cardinal] bishop of Ostia and a papal acolyte, and afterwards vicar of St. Nicholas, Aberdeen, 682, 683.

-, -, late precentor of Moray, and a papal acolyte, 106.

-, -, late precentor of Moray, a papal acolyte and a member of the household of William [de Estoutevilla, cardinal] bishop of Ostia, papal chamberlain, 763.

Vavasour, Henry, rector of Terrington, dispensation to, 750.

-, Thomas, rector of North Bovey, dispensation to, 694.

Vbgate. See Upgate.

Vcorronby. See O'Curran Boy.

Vdburnn. See Woodburn.

Vecta , insula. See Wight, isle of.

Veer. See Vere.

Vellen [sis]. See Wells.

Vellys. See Wells, John.

Veneten [sis]. See Vannes.

Venice, [Italy], 812 note.

Ventona, manor of, Brighton part of the land of, 400, 400 note.

Vepham, John, rector of the chapel of Frome Whitfield, petition of, 530.

Verburch. See Yarborough.

Vercelli [Novara, Italy], canons of, See Cacciis, Stephen de; Tritiis, Stephen de.

-, altar of St. Mary in the cathedral church of, chaplaincy of St. Thomas of Canterbury at, 694 note.

Verden, [Germany], bishop of, suffragan to. See Roten, Arnold de.

Verdun, Richard, late vicar of Roscam, 193.

Vere, Veer, John [de], sometime earl of Oxford, indult to, 822.

-, -, Margaret his wife, indult to, 822.

Vericen [sis] recte Bericen[sis]. See Beirut.

Vernacciis, Vernaciis, Vernatiis, Leonard de, a merchant of Florence, 39, 132, 261.

Verney, Werney, Ralph, lord of Fleet Marston, indult to, 551.

Vernon, Isabel, of Cubley, wife of Nicholas Agard and relict of Nicholas Montgomery, dispensation to, 404, 405.

Vertranschotis. See Bertramshotts.

Vest. See West, John.

Vestinonassij (recte Westmonasterii). Vestmoster. See Westminster.

Vetralla, Vetrale, [Italy], papal letters dated at, 53, 224, 646.

Vhalutayn. See Ohalutayn.

Via noua . Via noua, Vianova, abbey de. See Abbeygormacan.

Vicovaro, diocese of Tivoli, papal letters dated at, 21.

Vienne, [Isre, France], diocese of, place in. See Saint-Antoine-de-Viennois.

Vierana, John de, of Imola, pensionary on the rectory of Galliate, 136.

Vigorinca [sis]. See Worcester.

Vigtoune. See Wigtown.

Vilberforse. See Wilberfoss.

Villadiego, master Gundissalvus de, a papal chaplain and auditor, appeal committed to, 736.

Villa fontis sancti Patricii . See Ballintober.

Villalemire (recte villa Lenne). See Lynn, Bishop's.

Villanova in the diocese of Tuam. See Burriscarra.

Villa pontis , Villapontis. See Bridgetown.

Villeninodi, Willeminodi, Guichardus, a canon of Besanon, papal mandatary, 197.

Villhathi. See Ballyhay.

Villiam. See William, Richard.

Villiamson. See Williamson, Richard.

Vily. See Wyly.

Vimes. See Wimes.

Vimyffahond(i.e. Ynnysfalond). See Innisfallen.

Vincentij, Clement, de Valentia. See Clementis, Vincent.

Vinctonien [sis]. See Winchester.

Vindesora . See Windsor.

Vinfiey, Vinfrey. See Umfrey.

Vintonien [sis]. See Winchester.

Viridi ligno . Viridiligno, abbey de. See Newry.

Viris, Martin, dispensation to, 873.

Visconti de Riano, Jerome, papal vicar-general in Imola, member of the household of. See Young, Andrew.

Viterbo, Viterbiensis, [Italy], diocese of, place in. See Vetralla.

Vithiam. See Withyham.

Vittonien [sis]. See Winchester.

Vmfiey, Vmfrey. See Umfrey.

Vniscay (recte Yniscay, i.e. Iniscay). See Scattery Island.

Vnsidon. See Winchedon.

Vodman. See Woodman.

Vornan, Hugh, a Friar Preacher, dispensation to, 370.

Vosich, Simon, archbishop of Patras, corrections made by command of, 366 note, 385 note, 404 note, 494 note.

-, -, correction made by command of, at the pope's instruction, 618 note.

-, -, corrections made by command of, for the Vicechancellor, 409 note, 587 note, 645 note, 736 note.

-, -, residing in the Roman Court, papal mandatary, 236, 279, 466, 618, 640.

-, -, archbishop of Patras and bishop of Capodistria, correction made by, 513.

-, -, corrections made by command of, for the Vicechancellor, 515 note, 568 note, 582 note.

-, -, bishop of Capodistria, death of, 812 note.

Voterlaim. See Holycross.

Vowell, John, vicar of Floore, dispensation to, 409.

-, -, indult to, 889.

Vrchinen [sis] written in error for Brechinen[sis] (q.v.), 762.

Vrytht. See Wright, Gilbert.

Vuellys(i.e. Wellys). See Wells, Robert.

Vuigotune, Vuigtoune. See Wigtown.

Vulena. See Walsh, David.

Vuolhous. See Woolhouse.

Vyddyrspan (recte Vydderspon, i.e. Wotherspoon), Hugh, to have a rectory in the diocese of St. Andrews, 876.

Vyld. See Wylde, Robert.

Vylsthuya . See Wiltshire.

Vynfrey, Thomas, rector of Kingsnorth, dispensation to, 799.

- See also Umfrey.