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Pages 1205-1223

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 13, 1471-1484. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1955.

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Wade, Thomas, to be a notary public, 473.

-, -, vicar of Berrow, dispensation to, 640.

-, Thomas, an Augustinian canon of Ipswich, dispensation to, 714.

Waget, Thomas, vicar of Steeple Ashton, dispensation to, 490.

Wagott, William, archdeacon of Totnes, rector of Heanton Punchardon and vicar of Paignton, indult to, 746, 747.

Wakefeld, Edward, a monk of Selby, dispensation to, 527.

-, Richard, a Gilbertine canon of St. Catherine, Lincoln, and vicar of Bracebridge, sometime prior of the said priory, dispensation to, 496.

Wal. See Wall, James.

Walas. See Wallace, John.

Walche. See Walsh, James.

Walden, John, mayor of the staple of Calais, 232.

Waldingfield, Great, Waldyngfeld Magna, [co. Suffolk], rectory of, 317.

Waldingfield, Little, Parva Waldyngfeld, [co. Suffolk], John Colman of, 570.

Wales, Vallia, Wallia, absolution for sundry offences to be granted to persons in, 199.

-, collector of the papal Camera in. See Sante, John.

-, constitution forbidding the trial of ecclesiastics before secular judges in, 506.

-, indulgences in, suspension of, 50.

-, islands adjacent to, 51 (bis), 197, 199.

-, islands and places adjacent to, papal nuncio to. See Sante, John.

-, monasteries in, visitation of, 571.

-, papal nuncios etc. to. See Giglis, John de; Sante, John.

-, prince of. See Edward.

-, religious houses in, mandate for visitation of, 51.

-, two churches in, to be chosen for the purpose of the Jubilee indulgence, 198.

-, John Sante sent to, 197.

Wales, Margaret, wife of Thomas Johnson, party to a matrimonial suit, 788.

-, -, wife of William Nicholasson, party to a matrimonial suit, 781, 782.

Walker, John, dispensation to, 659.

-, William, rector of Rodmell, dispensation to, 571.

Wall, Val, Wal, James, a Friar Minor. [bishop-]elect of Kildare, 48.

-, -, provision of. 894, 894 note.

-, -, consecration of, 894.

-, Val, John, a canon of Kildare, papal mandatary, 66.

-, Wal, John, official foraneus of Westmeath, commissary of William [Sherwood], bishop of Meath, sentence of, 624.

Wallace, Wallate, George, to have a vicarage in the diocese of Glasgow, 903.

-, Valace, Vallas, Walas, John, pension from the priory of St. Andrews awarded to, 15.

-, -, reservation of pension for, 319.

-, Wallette, John, a suitor in the court of St. Andrews, 853.

Wallenclare. See Claregalway.

Wallette. See Wallace, John.

Wallingford, Vallingford, John, dispensation to, 907.

Walluocktarachi.e. Umall Uachdarach. See Umall, Upper.

Wallys, John, vicar of Messingham, dispensation to, 371.

Walsall, Valsale, Richard, dispensation to, 901.

Walsh, Vulena, David, a canon of Annaghdown, papal mandatary, 440.

-, Valencis, David, a canon of Tuam, inhibition of, 497.

-, -, papal mandatary, 461.

-, Walche alias Brenach, James, vicar of Killahy and Kilbeacon, to be also vicar of Kilcraggan, 718.

-, John, party to a matrimonial suit, 512, 513.

-, -, wife of. See Norwey, Alice.

-, -, unlawful wife of. See Glover, Alice.

-, Valeneene (recte Valentis), Vallensis, Milerus (Minerus), reservation for, 129.

-, -, to have a vicarage in the diocese of Tuam, 878.

-, Valche, Valsche, Wals, Oliver, a monk of Downpatrick, to be prior of the same, 368, 369.

-, -, prior of Downpatrick, and the convent of the same, farm of a benefice granted by, 513.

-, -, late prior of Downpatrick, 605.

-, Richard, rector of Trim, appeal against deprivation of, 820, 821.

Walsham, North, [co. Norfolk], vicarage of, 709.

Waltaitim. See Grange of Ballywalter.

Waltfeld, Richard, dispensation to, 866.

Waltham, Valden, Waltlim, [co. Essex], Augustinian abbey of the Holy Cross, abbot of, papal mandatary, 307, 560 (bis), 616, 851.

-, -, abbots elect of, indult that they need not go to Rome for confirmation, 201.

-, -, prior and canons of, confirmation of grant and exemption for, 907.

-, -, convent of, indult to, 201.

Waltham, John, rector of St. Mary Magdalen, Lincoln, and chanter or warden of St. Peter in Lincoln cathedral, sometime successively rector of Barton upon Humber and of North Thoresby, dispensation to, 78, 79.

Waltham, Great, Waltham Magna, [co. Essex], vicar of. See Lorde, John.

Waltlim (recte Walth[a]m). See Waltham.

Walton, Valton, [co. Somerset], manse of the rector of Street near, 293.

Walton, Valentot, John, [archbishop-] elect of Dublin, sometime abbot of Osney, 341.

-, -, provision of, 871.

-, -, consecration of, 871.

-, -, pallium for, 869, 881.

-, -, commission for, 909.

-, -, archbishop of Dublin (mistakenly written Tuam), appeal before, 23.

-, -, charge against, 453.

-, -, commissary of. See Waring, Luke.

-, -, monition of, 436.

-, -, resignation of, 846.

-, -, sometime archbishop of Dublin, pension for, 190.

-, -, indult to, 190.

-, Thomas, rector of Bucknall, dispensation to, 300.

Walwyn, William, abbot of Eynsham, indult to, 882.

-, -, petition of, 376.

Walyngford, William, archdeacon of St. Albans abbey, sentence of, 358.

Wamphray, Vamfra, Wamfra, [co. Dumfries], rectory of, 819.

Wandiford, George, rector of Kirklington, dispensation to, 752.

Wanflett, Robert, an Augustinian canon of St. Botolph, Colehester, rector of St. Peter, Sandwich, and vicar of Minister in Thanet, dispensation to, 239.

Wantage, Wanting, [co. Berks.], vicarage of, 600.

Warburton, Geoffrey, rector of Sandon, dispensation to, 737.

Warcug. See Waring.

Warde, Edmund, vicar of North Walsham, dispensation to, 709.

-, John, an Augustinian canon of Merton, dispensation to, 325.

-, John, rector of Upton Lovell, dispensation to, 396.

-, Richard, chaplain at the altar of All Saints in the parish church of St. Andrew in the Wardrobe, London, dispensation to, 660, 906.

Warden, Wardon, [in Old Warden parish, co. Bedford], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 541.

Wardhouse, Wradis, [in Insch, co. Aberdeen], Alexander Lesly of, 611.

Wardlaw, John, sometime prior of St. Mary's Isle, 732.

Wardon. See Warden.

Ware, John, vicar of Piddletrenthide, dispensation to, 405.

Warehorne, Warhorn, [co. Kent], rectory of, 445.

Waren, James, 313.

-, Wareyn, John, 313.

-, Robert, 314, 315 note.

Wareng, Wargug. See Waring.

Warhorn. See Warehorne.

Waring, Warcug, Wareng, Wargug, Luke, charge against, 453.

-, -, commissary of John Walton, archbishop of Dublin, 463.

-, Varing, William, late prior of St. John the Evangelist by Kilkenny, 653.

Warke, John, dispensation to, 869.

Warkeworth, John, rector of Cottenham, dispensation to, 317.

Warner, Peter, rector of Lydiard Millicent, dispensation to, 306.

Warter, de Wa[r]tria, [co. York], Augustinian priory of St. James, canon of. See Formby, John.

Warton, Warton in Londisdale, [co. Lancaster], rectory of, 855.

Wa[r]tria , priory de. See Warter.

Warwick, Warwijk, earl of. See Nevill, sir Richard.

Was, William. dispensation to, 886.

Waslyn, Alice, wife of John Sothel, absolution and dispensation to, 110.

Water, John, rector of Quarley, dispensation to, 300.

Waterford, Waterforden[sis], Watraforden[sis], [co. Waterford], bishop of. See Waterford and Lismore infra.

-, John bishop of. See Bulcomb.

-, Richard bishop of. See Martin.

-, episcopal mensa of, fruits of, 119.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 38.

-, chancellor of, papal mandatary, 174.

-, official of, executor of a papal mandate, 109.

-, -, papal mandatary, 38, 109.

-, cathedral church of the Holy Trinity, dean of, refusal of, to receive Nicholas O'Hennessy as bishop, 119.

-, -, precentor of, papal mandatary, 169.

-, -, treasurer of, papal mandatary, 38, 80, 109, 174, 325.

-, -, David treasurer of. See Sargent.

-, -, canons of. See O'Reilly, Eugenius; White, Nicholas.

-, -, chapter of, 40.

-, -, prebend in. See Corbally.

-, diocese of, persons of, 80, 173, 385, 433, 509.

-, -, places in. See Dungarvan; Kilmeadan; Waterford (St. Catherine); Waterford (St. John the Evangelist).

-, -, rectory in, 910.

-, Augustinian priory of St. Catherine without the walls of or by, of the order of St. Victor, prior of, rectories belonging to, 407.

-, -, Patrick prior of. See Cantwell.

-, -, Thady prior of. See O'Morrissey.

-, -, Thomas prior of. See Corr.

-, -, William prior of. See Winchedon.

-, -, prior and convent of, the rectory of Ballingarry let to farm by, 619, 620.

-, -, canons of. See Cantwell, Patrick; Corr, Thomas; Winchedon, William.

-, -, litigants concerning. See Cantwell, Patrick; O Morrissey, Thady; Winchedon, William.

-, -, distance of, from the cathedrals of Downpatrick and Connor, 326.

-, -, neglect etc. of, 326.

-, -, rectory appropriated to. See Ballingarry, co. Tipperary.

-, -, union of, to the episcopal mense of Down and Connor, 616.

-, -, -, alleged, 38.

-, -, -, to be dissolved, 325, 326.

-, Benedictine priory of St. John the Evangelist, Philip prior commendatary of. See Thancard alias O'Connor.

-, -, dependence of, on the priory of Bath, 385.

-, citizens of. See Butler, John; Risse, James.

-, Robert Brown of, 145.

-, Thomas Corr of, 109.

Waterford and Lismore, John [bishop-] elect of. See Bulcomb.

-, Nicholas bishop of. See O'Hennessy.

-, Richard bishop of. See Martin.

-, Robert late bishop of. See Poer.

-, Thomas bishop of. See Purcell.

-, episcopal mensa of, pension charged on, 40.

-, united churches of, chapter (or chapters) of, papal letters to, 148.

-, -, -, faculty to, to defend the said churches etc., sede vacante, 407, 408.

-, -, intruder in, 838.

-, -, subject to the archbishop of Cashel as metropolitan, 149.

-, united dioceses of, intimidation in, 61.

Watford, Hugh, abbot of Stratford Langthorne, dispensation to, 495.

Watulad, Thomas, dispensation to, 892.

Waton. See Watton, co. York.

Watraforden [sis]. See Waterford.

Watson, John, chaplain at the altar of St. Martin in the cathedral church of Wells, indult to, 470.

-, John, rector of Thurlaston, dispensation to, 650.

-, Thomas, rector of Kingsbury Episcopi, dispensation to, 806,

-, Thomas, rector of Ovington, dispensation to, 787.

-, William, late rector of Wrestlingworth, 541.

Watton, Wotton, [co. Norfolk]. vicarage of. 280.

Watton, Waton, [co. York], Gilbertine priory, prior of, papal mandatary, 238.

-, -, prior and convent of, 579.

-, -, the rectory of Hutton Cranswick appropriated to, 578.

Waus. See Vaus.

Waverley, de Vauerleya, [co. Surrey], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, monk of. See Alcetur, John.

Wawan, William, to be vicar of Kirriemuir, 843.

Wawne, co. York. See Meux.

Waynflete, Wayneflete, John, dean of Chichester, litigant, 560.

-, William, bishop of Winchester, patron of the priory of Sele and founder of Magdalen College, Oxford, consent of, to an appropriation, 1.

-, -, founder of Magdalen College, Oxford, 97.

Waywen, Nicholas, presented to the rectory of Warton, refusal to institute, 854, 855.

Wbaldis. See Ubaldis.

Wchicheford. See Whichford.

Webley. See Weobley.

Wedowe, Robert, rector of Stainton le Street, dispensation to, 321.

Weeting, co. Norfolk. See Bromehill.

Welbeck, Welbek, [co. Nottingham], Premonstratensian abbey, John abbot of. See Green.

Welby, Robert, rector of Gedney, dispensation to, 515.

Weldon, Thomas, rector of St. Peter, Pimperne, dispensation to, 695.

Wele, Thomas, a Benedictine monk, [bishop-]elect of Banados, dispensation to, 642, 642 note.

-, -, bishop of Banados, indult to and confirmation, 819.

-, -, date of provision of, 819 note.

-, Thomas. See Hartepyry.

Welford, Welneford, [co. Gloucester], manor of, 367, 368.

Welles. See Wells, Robert.

Wells, Vellen[sis], Welhen[sis], Wellen[sis], Wellia, [co. Somerset], bishop and diocese of. See Bath and Wells.

-, episcopal consistory of, seal of official of, 294.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 431, 569.

-, John dean of. See Gunthorp.

-, Leonard appointed dean commendatary of. See Grifo.

-, William dean of. See Wytham (or Haytell).

-, Richard archdeacon of (1494). See Nikke.

-, William archdeacon of. See Nikke.

-, chancellor of, papal mandatary, 10.

-, Thomas chancellor of. See Chaundeler; and Overay.

-, precentor of, papal mandatary, 406.

-, canons of. See Couton, Thomas; Lascy, John; Lichfield, Richard.

-, canons residentiary of, 486.

-, -, See also Pope, John; Sugar, Hugh.

-, chapter of, 486.

-, cathedral church, altar of St. Martin in, chaplaincy at, 470.

-, -, chantry at the altar of St. Stephen in, 449.

-, -, constitutions of, 445.

-, -, fabric of, 486.

-, church of, archdeaconry of Taunton in, 111.

-, Augustinian priory of St. John the Baptist, John prior commendatary of. See Valente.

-, -, brothers of. See Drew, William; Maior, John.

Wells, Vellys, Wellys, John, vicar of All Saints, St. Ives, dispensations to, 698, 911.

-, Wellys, Richard, See Chatris.

-, Vuellys, Welles, Wellys, Robert, a Friar Minor, to be bishop of Achonry, 331.

-, -, bishop-elect of Achonry, dispensation to, 332.

-, William, late abbot of St. Mary without the walls of York, and his successors, indult to, 726.

Welneford. See Welford.

Welnetham, Great, Whelwetham Magna, [co. Suffolk], parish church of St. Mary, rectory of, 586.

Welsly, Edward, litigant, collated to the rectory of Trim, 821.

Welton Rival, Weltan Rival, [in Welton, co. Lincoln], a prebend in Lincoln, 516, 536.

Welton Westhall, [in Welton, co. Lincoln], a prebend in Lincoln, annexed to the sub-deanery, 304.

Wencelaghi, Robert, vicar of Gargrave, dispensation to, 706.

Wendling, Wendlyng, [co. Norfolk] Premonstratensian abbey of St. Mary the Virgin, John abbot of. See Skerning.

-, -, canon of. See Fenwyke, Richard.

Wenllok. See Madoc, Thomas ap Jeuan.

Wenlok, William, a monk of Worcester, dispensation to, 726.

Wensley, [co. York, N.R.], parish of, chapel of West Witton within the bounds of, 327, 631.

Weobley, Webley, [co. Hereford], parish church of SS. Peter and Paul the Apostles, vicarage of, 808.

Wermouth, Richard, rector of St. George, Stamford, dispensation to, 596.

Werner, William, dispensation to, 887.

Werney. See Verney.

Wesignate (i.e. Westgate), parish church of the Holy Cross. See Canterbury.

West, Vest, John, a monk of Glastonbury, dispensation to, 637.

-, Richard, scholar, dispensation to, 833.

-, Vest, Thomas, dispensation to, 872.

Westbury, William, prior of Maiden Bradley, dispensation to, 828.

Westbury on Trym, Westbury, Westbury by Bristol, [co. Gloucester], collegiate church of the Holy Trinity and SS. Peter and Paul, dean of, appropriation of the rectory of Kempsey to, 25.

-, -, -, duty of hospitality of, 26.

-, -, Robert, provided to the deanery of. See Slymbrigge.

-, -, William dean of. See Canynges.

-, -, deanery of, reservation of, 27.

-, -, dean and chapter of, mensa of, 25.

-, -, -, petition of, 25, 26.

-, -, warden of, papal mandatary, 642.

-, -, fellows of, 26.

-, -, priests of the new chapel, 26.

Weste Bokeland. See Buckland, West.

Westecarre, William, bishop of Sidon, union made by, 1.

-, -, date of consecration of, 1 note.

-, -, commissary of. See Andover, John.

-, -, residing in London, papal mandatary, 307, 310, 356, 629, 735, 777, 788.

Westeham. See Westham, co. Sussex.

Westerdale, co. Yorks. See Baysdale.

Wester Upsetlington, Westirupsedlynton, [now part of Ladykirk, co. Berwick], parish of, to be joined to Hutton, 645.

-, parish church of, destroyed, 645.

-, rectory of, appropriation of, 645.

-, tithes of, 645.

-, rectory of, portion reserved out of, for the vicar of Hutton, 645.

-, -, vill and tithes of, 644.

Westgate, parish church of the Holy Cross. See Canterbury.

West Ham, co. Essex. See Stratford Langthorne.

Westham, Westeham, [co. Sussex], vicarage of, 417.

Westilburi. See Tilbury, West.

Westirupsedlynton. See Wester Upsetlington.

Westmeath, Wustmidia, official foraneus of. See Wall, John.

Westminster, Vestinonassij, Vestmoster, [co. Middlesex], Benedietine abbey of St. Peter, immediately subject to the Roman church, abbot of, matrimonial jurisdiction of, 399.

-, -, -, -, person dwelling within. See Acton, John.

-, -, -, official of. See Chinnore, William.

-, -, -, papal mandatary, 4, 97, 111, 160, 235, 242, 425, 582, 799.

-, -, George abbot of. See Norwich.

-, -, John abbot of. See Esteney.

-, -, Thomas sometime abbot of. See Milling.

-, -, abbots of, penalty for unlawful alienation of possessions by, 582.

-, -, abbots-elect of, indult that they need not go to Rome for confirmation, 201, 202.

-, -, abbatial mensa of, 581.

-, -, abbot and convent of, benefice in the gift of. See Hampstead.

-, -, -, indult to, 581.

-, -, -, petitions of, 201, 579, 581 (bis).

-, -, -, the vicar of Hendon to be appointed by, 579.

-, -, monks of. See Amesham, John; Bedford, Pasqual; Cele alias Crystemnas, John.

-, -, convent of, indult to, 201, 202.

-, -, church of, bond executed in, 241.

-, -, appropriation of the rectory of Hendon and the annexed chapel of Hampstead to, 579.

-, -, concourse of natives and strangers to, 581.

-, -, fewness of monks in priests orders in, 581.

-, -, unlawful sales etc. of the property of, declared null and void, 581, 582.

-, free chapel royal of St. Mary the Virgin and SS. Stephen the Protomartyr and Edward the Confessor in the royal palace of, dean of, statute regarding the absence of, 678.

-, -, -, to make known a new statute to the canons, 679.

-, -, canons of, statute regarding the absence of, 678.

-, -, canons and prebendaries of. See Beauchamp, Richard; Chaderton, Edmund.

-, -, statutes of, modification of, 678.

-, -, vicars choral of, statute and ordinance for, 679.

-, -, chapel of St. Mary the Virgin in, commonly called the chapel de la Puwe, indulgence to persons visiting etc., 498.

-, -, -, indulgence (unfinished) to persons visiting etc., 530.

-, royal palace of, houses contiguous to, 669.

Westmoreland, Ralph earl of. See Nevill.

Weston, [co. York], rectory of, 796.

Weston, John, Turcopolarius of Rhodes, a knight of the order of St. John of Jerusalem, appointed a member of the household of Sixtus IV, 281.

-, -, safe-conduct for, 281.

-, -, Turcopolarius of Rhodes, prior of the priory of England of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, confirmation of, 62.

-, -, also preceptor of Quenington, Balsall and Newland and Ossington, dispensation to, 61.

-, -, preceptor of Melchbourne, resignation of, 59.

-, -, prior of the Knights Hospitallers priory of England and preceptor of Balsall, sometime preceptor of Melchbourne, 69.

-, -, prior of the Hospitallers' priory of Clerkenwell, charges against, 253.

-, Nicholas, bishop of Derry, 398 note.

-, -, declaration of voidance made by, 643.

-, -, dispensation to, 300.

-, -, grant made by, 437.

-, -, resignation made to, 48.

Weston Colville, Weston Colvile, [co. Cambridge], rectory of, 697.

Weston Subedge, Weston Underegge, [co. Gloucester], rectory of, 4.

Weston-super-Mare, Ueston super more, Weston super more, [co. Somerset], rectory of, 449.

Weststretemore [in the parish of St. John the Baptist, Glastonbury], tithes of, 292.

Wetwange, Robert, a Gilbertine canon of Sempringham, dispensation to, 545.

Wexford, Weyffordia [co. Wexford], parish church of St. Mary, rectory of, 402.

- See Selskar.

Weybayhouse. See Upway.

Weyer, Adam, rector of Carmichael, dispensation to, 321.

Weyffordia . See Wexford.

Weyght (recte Wryght). See Wright, Alice.

Whalley, Wille, [co. Lancaster], Cistercian abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 46, 854.

Whalley, Wiliam, dispensation to, 902.

Wharton, Quyrton, Qwh[a]rton, John, a claimant to the vicarage of Auchterhouse, 30, 31.

Whatley, Whatlegh, [co. Somerset], rectory of, 315.

Wheery, Fuyer, [King's county], vicarage of, 49.

Whelpdale, John, rector of Raleigh, dispensation to, 851.

Whelwetham Magna. See Welnetham, Great.

Whetehill, Wlgeteill, Richard, a merchant of the Society of the Staple of Calais, 231.

Whetherisfelde. See Withersfield.

Whichford, Withicheford, [co. Warwick], rectory of, 304.

Whitby, [co. York], Benedictine abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 238.

Whitcastell. See John alias Whitcastell, William.

Whitchurch, Whitehirch, Richard, a monk of Hailes, dispensation to, 286.

White, Fuyt, Denis, a Friar Preacher, to be bishop of Glendalough, 744.

-, Fuyt, Whit, Whyt, John, a canon of Cloyne, papal mandatary, 578, 595, 6812.

-, -, sentence of, 145.

-, -, de facto a canon of Cloyne and prebendary of Ballyhooly, 174.

-, Fuych, Whyt, John, to be archdeacon of Cloyne, 877.

-, -, de facto archdeacon of Cloyne, 435.

-, Whit, John, archdeacon of Meath and guardian of the spiritualities of that see, sede vacante, commissaries of, 821 (bis).

-, Whyte, John, a monk of Dunkeswell, dispensation to, 618.

-, Fuit, Fwyth, Whyt, Whyte, Wyth, Wythe, Nicholas, a canon of Ossory, papal mandatary, 76, 129, 139, 616, 638, 651, 717, 857.

-, -, a canon of Ossory and prebendary of Freshford, indult to, 146.

-, Wlith, Nicholas, a canon of Waterford, papal mandatary, 174.

-, Whyte, Richard, a monk of Kilbeggan, to be rector of Dysart, co. Westmeath, 412.

-, Whyte, Simon, rector of Huish Champflower, dispensation to, 736.

Whitechurch, Alba Capella de Ballyorun, [in Decies without Drum barony, co. Waterford], vicarage of, 351.

Whiteherne, Candida Casa, Candidacasa, Candedicasa, [co. Wigtown], bishop of, collation made by, 295.

-, -, papal mandatary, 86.

-, -, presentation made to, 586.

-, -, refusal of, to institute, 586.

-, George bishop of. See Vaus.

-, Ninian late bishop of. See Spot.

-, Thomas bishop of. See Spens alias Spence.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 295.

-, Premonstratensian priory (cathedral) of St. Ninian, provision of, 813.

-, -, Patrick prior of. See Vaus.

-, -, prior and chapter of, appeal by, 323.

-, -, -, citation of, 322.

-, -, -, litigants for the tithes of Bishopton, 322.

-, -, -, petition of, 322.

-, -, -, presentation made by, 586.

-, -, canons of, benefice wont to be governed by. See Lezayre.

-, -, - See also Hobuntar, Alan; Vaus, Patrick.

-, -, chapter of, papal letters to, 813.

-, church of, vassals of, papal letters to, 813.

-, city and diocese of, clergy and people of, papal letters to, 813.

-, diocese of, persons of, 257, 295, 599, 682, 813, 867, 888, 911.

-, -, places in. See Bishopton; Dundrennan; Dunrod; Kirkeudbright; Minnigaff; St. Mary's Isle; Soulseat; Tongueland; Whiteherne (St. Ninian); Wigtown.

-, parish of, Bishopton (q.v.) within the bounds of.

-, parish church of St. Martin, chapel of St. Mary the Virgin in, 599.

-, See also Galloway.

Whitehurch. See Whitchurch, Richard.

Whitekirk and Tynninghame, co. Haddington See Tynninghame.

White Knight, the, militis albi, Gerald son of, a canon of Cloyne, papal mandatary, 174.

White Knight of Clangibbon, son of. See FitzGibbon, David.

Whitelaw, Quhialaw, Quhytlals, Quhytlaw, Quilacoo, Archibald, archdeacon of Lothian, petition of, 844.

-, -, collation of the vicarage of Currie, except the first turn, to belong to, 844.

-, -, archdeacon of Lothian, and secretary of James III, king of Scots, indult to, to visit by deputy and to receive procurations in ready money, 541.

-, -, provided to the subdeanery of Glasgow, 118.

-, -, principal secretary of James III, king of Scots, to be sub-dean of Glasgow, 817.

-, Quinhlaw, Archibald, provided to a canonry and the succentorship of Moray, resignation of, 77.

Whitford, Whitfforde, [co. Flint], rectory of, 776.

Whitmor, John, dispensation to, 883.

Whittington, Whityngton, [co. Salop], rectory of, 778.

Whityngton, Mhityngton, John, dispensation to, 866.

Whney, William, rector of Letchworth, dispensation to, 796.

Whynlyngworth, Whyrlyngworth. See Worlingworth.

Whyt. See White.

Whytaeris, Whytaeris, Thomas, rector of All Saints, Letchworth, dispensation to, 583.

Whyte. See White.

Whytorodyng. See Roding, White.

Wicher, Thomas, indult to, 890.

Wicken, Wykdyve, [co. Northants.], parish church of St. John the Evangelist, rectory of, 787.

Wickham, West, West Wikham, [co. Kent], parish church of St. John the Baptist, rectory of, 545.

Wideville. See Wydville.

Wieri, Adam, to be a canon of a parish church erected into a canonry, diocese of St. Andrews, 868.

Wifalda. See Wyfold.

Wigborough, Great, Wigerow, [co. Essex], rectory of, 489.

Wight, Isle of, insula Vecta, attacks of the French upon, 336.

-, Brading in, q.v.

Wigolinen [sis], Wigornien[sis]. See Worcester.

Wigston, Wygeston, [co. Leicester], John Sherman rector of, 693.

Wigtown, Vigtoune, Vuigotune, Vuigtoune, Wigtounne, [co. Wigtown], rectory of, 585, 586, 830.

Wikham, West. See Wickham, West.

Wilberfoss, Vilberforse, Wilberfosse, [co. York], Benedictine nuns' priory of St. Mary the Virgin, nun of. See Esyngwold, Margaret.

Wilde. See Wylde, Robert.

Wilhelmus, Nicholas, a Friar Minor, dispensation to, 250.

Wiliamson (i.e. Williamson), Christopher. See Tenandi.

Wilkesdon. See Willesden.

Wilkeshere, William, prior of Flitcham, dispensations to, 373, 413.

William. See William, David.

Wille (recte Walle). See Whalley.

Willelmi, Gvillermini, John, to be a canon of Lincoln, 873.

Willeminodi. See Villeninodi.

Willemot. See Lughtburgh.

Willesden, Wilkesdon, [co. Middlesex], vicarage of, 383.

Willesford, Richard, rector of Dymchurch, dispensation to, 486.

Willewyn, Richard, dispensed to marry, 517.

-, -, maternal uncle of. See Springeaux, Fulk de.

Willeynson (? recte Willeynson), Edmund. See Lockay.

William ap Jeuan ap Grono, rector of Merthyr, indult to, 549.

William ap John (Johannis), William Johannis, a canon of Llandall, papal mandatary, 508, 514.

William ap Thomas, archdeacon of Breeknock, dispensation to, 779.

William, William, Willian, Williani, WillZ(a)m, David, locum tenens of the official of Canterbury, appeal from sentence of, 799.

-, -, official of the province of Canterbury, appeal from, 851.

-, -, commissary of Thomas [Bourchier], archbishop of Canterbury, suit before, 837.

-, -, dean of St. Mary lo Bow (de Arcubus), i.e. dean of Arches, deputy of the official of the court of Canterbury, suit before, 734.

-, -, locum leucus of the official of Thomas Bomchier, archbishop of Canterbury and papal legate, appeal from, 801.

-, David, warden of the hospital of St. David, Swansea, dispensation to, 425.

-, John, a canon of St. Davids, sometime master of the New College of St. Mary by St. Davids, petition of, 496.

-, Villiam, Richard, absolution of, 901.

-, Robert, rector of St. Athan, dispensation to, 425.

Williams, Nicholas, rector of Twyford, to be also rector of Great Snoring, 164.

Williamson, Wiliamson, Christopher. See Tenandi.

-, WilZamson, John, a litigant for the rectory of Aldeathie, 492.

-, Willianson, John, party to a matrimonial suit, 797.

-, Villiamson, Richard, dispensation to, 880.

Williani (? Williams), David, dispensation to, 913.

Willingale Doe, Wyllyngaledo, [co. Essex], rectory of, 453.

Willoughby, Wyllughebi, Christopher, lord of Parham, indult to, 821.

-, -, Mariota his wife, indult to, 821.

-, Wyllughby, Edward, vicar of Milton Abbot, dispensation to, 779.

-, Willughby, John, an Augustinian canon of St. Bartholomew, London, dispensation to, 374.

-, Willughby, John, chaplain of the chantry of St. John the Baptist in Chichester cathedral, dispensation to, 616.

Willoughton, Willuton, [co. Lincoln], knights Hospitallers preceptory, John preceptor of. See Kendall.

Willughby. See Willoughby.

Willuton. See Willoughton.

Willz(a)m. See William, David.

Wilschyria . See Wiltshire.

Wilson, Robert, rector of Kirkby in Kendal, dispensation to, 306.

Wilsthuya . See Wiltshire.

Wilton, Wylton, [co. Wilts.], parish church of St. Mary in Bredstrete, rectory of, 490.

Wiltshire, Vylsthuga, Wilschyria, Wilsthuga, county of, Edmgton in, 641.

-, Hullavington in, 641, 641 note.

Wilzamson. See Williamson, John.

Wimbledon, Wymbaldon, [co. Surrey], rectory of, 335.

Wimborne St. Giles, co. Dorset. See Brockhampton.

Wimes, Vimes, Alexander, de facto vicar of Dysart, co. Fife, rehabilitation, etc. of. 613.

Winchedon, Vnsidon, Winchiton, Wirchedu, Wynchiddon, Wynchidwn, Wynchiton, William, a canon of Lismore and prebendary of Kilbarrymeadan, to be received as an Augustinian canon of St. Catherine, Waterford, 433.

-, -, afterwards an Augustinian canon of St. Catherine's by Waterford, 145.

-, -, an Augustinian canon of St. Catherine, Waterford, charges against, 616.

-, -, to be received as an Augustinian canon and to be prior of St. Catherine's by Waterford, 38.

-, -, an Augustinian canon of St. Catherine, Waterford, de facto prior of the same, 639.

-, -, appointed papal nuncio and collector of the Camera in all Ireland, 110, 210.

-, -, charges against, 81, 109.

-, -, faculty to, to exercise the cure of the said priory by deputy, 110.

-, -, molestation of, 81, 109.

-, -, petition of, 109.

-, -, to have collation afresh of the priory of St. Catherine by Waterford, 109110.

-, -, prior of St. Catherine, Waterford, to be precentor of Lismore and rector (archpriest) of Dungarvan, 756.

Winchelsea, Wynchelse, Wynchilsee, [co. Sussex], parish church of St. Giles within the vill of, rectory of, 744.

-, parish church of St. Thomas the Martyr, foundation of two chantries at the altar of St. Mary in, 615.

-, -, rector of, to be summoned, 615.

-, -, rectory of, 790.

-, Matilda Farnecombe of, 615.

Winchester, Vimtonien[sis], Vintonien[sis], Vittomen[sis], Wintonien[sis], [co. Hants.], bishop of, Elizabeth Brooke confirmed as abbess of Romsey by, 804.

-, -, faculty to, 648.

-, -, inhibition to, 107, 803.

-, -, Magdalen College, Oxford, subjected to, 97.

-, -, papal mandatary, 42, 53, 398.

-, -, petition of, 804.

-, William bishop of. See Waynflete.

-, William bishop of, temp. Clement VI. See Edington.

-, Benedictine priory (cathedral), formerly secular, canonry and prebend of, rectory of Havant united to, 246.

-, Benedictine abbey of Hyde, abbot of, papal mandatary, 852.

-, Benedictine nuns abbey of St. Mary, canon of. See Housbond, David.

-, -, prebend in. See Leckford.

-, collegiate church of St. Elizabeth near the walls of, Walter provost of. See Felde.

-, parish church of St. George, rectory of, 518.

-, parish Church of St. Swithin Kingsgate (Sancti Swythynny Ryngesgate, Ryngesgute), rectory of, 801.

-, diocese of, Augustinian hospital of SS. Mary and Thomas in. See Southwark.

-, -, person dwelling in, Nicholas Rede alias Piers, 648.

-, -, persons of, 270, 564 (bis), 659, 852 (bis), 886, 893, 899 (bis), 900, 901, 902, 907.

-, -, places in. See Aldbury, Alresford; Beauhen; Bermondesey; Brading; Briston (Isle of Wight); Chilcomb, Christchurch; Coulsdon; Craw ley; Droxford, Eastrop; Faringdon; Havant; Headley; Kingston on Thames; Lingfield; Longparish; Merton; Millbrook; Monxton; Mottiston; Ockham; Quarley; Quarr; Romsey; Selborne; Sheen; Sherborne St. John; Shorwell; Southampton; Southwark (SS. mary and Thomas); Southwark (St. Olave); Stoneham, North; Sutton, co. Surrey; Thorpe; Titchfield; Waverley; Wimbledon; Winchester (Hyde abbey); Winchester (St. Swithin).

-, -, transfer of Magdalen College, Oxford, from the diocese of Lincoln to, 97.

Winchestour alias Fryer, William, abbot of Titchfield, dispensation to, 545.

Winchiton. See Winchedon.

Windeyates, John, chantry priest at the altar of St. Saviour in the church of York, dispensation to, 828.

Windsor, de Vindesora, Windesor, Wyndesore, [co. Berks], collegiate church (chapel royal, chapel of the Order of the Garter), dedicated to SS. Mary the Virgin, George the Martyr and Edward the Confessor, in the royal castle of, dean and chapter of, union of a vicarage to the capitular mensa of, 902.

-, -, Richard dean called warden of. See Beauchamp.

-, -, William dean of. See Beverley.

-, -, deanery of, 863, 864.

-, -, dean, canons etc. of, 2467.

-, -, dean and chapter of, 438.

-, -, enlargement and endowment of, 437.

-, -, ordinance regarding the statutes of, 438.

-, -, vicar choral of. See Cawod, Nicholas.

-, -, benefactions of Edward IV to, 438.

-, -, indulgences for persons visiting, etc., 8, 240, 667.

-, -, military order of the Garter in, 669.

-, Eton by, q.v.

Winfrith Newburgh, Winfred Newburgh, [co. Dorset], rectory of, 600.

Wingefeld. See Wyngefeld, Henry.

Wingham, Wyngham, [co. Kent], collegiate church, confirmation of the erection and statutes of, 114117.

-, -, Peter provost of. See de Geldeford.

-, -, Robert provost of. See Camell.

-, -, provostship of, endowment of, 115.

-, -, provost and canons of, duties, etc. of, 115117.

-, -, taxation of, 115, 115 note.

-, canons houses at, 117.

-, meadow below the vill of, 115.

-, parish and chapels of, 114.

Wingham Barton, la Berthon, [in Ash, co. Kent], tithes of, 115.

Winkburn, Wymkeborne, [co. Nottingham], Knights Hospitallers' preceptory, John preceptor of. See Kendall.

Winterborne, Winterbinen, Winterborn, Winterburn, Wynterborun, Wynterbron, Wynterbuen, Wynterburn, Thomas, auditor of the metropolitical court of Canterbury, sentence of, 289.

-, -, auditor of the court of Thomas [Bourchier] archbishop of Canterbury, sentence of, 309.

-, -, auditor of causes of the audience of Thomas [Bourchier], cardinal priest of St. Ciriac in T[h]ernus, refusal of, to pronounce sentence, 629, 630.

-, -, auditor of causes of the court of Thomas [Bourchier] cardinal priest of St. Ciriac in Thermis and papal lgate in England in virtue of the church of Canterbury, suit before, 570.

-, -, auditor-general of the court of the archbishop of Canterbury, appeal from, 357.

-, -, suit before, 705.

-, -, auditor-general of causes of the court of Thomas [Bourchier], archbishop of Canterbury, sentence of, 541.

-, -, suit before, 837.

-, -, judge of the court of Thomas [Bourchier], cardinal priest of St. Ciriac in Thermis, archbishop of Canterbury and legatus natus, sentence of, 564.

Winterborne Monkton, Monketon, [co. Dorset], chapel of, wardenship of, 272.

Winterborne Stickland, Winterborn Stykelane, Wyntyrbourne Styklane, [co. Wilts], rectory of, 557, 850.

Wintonien [sis]. See Winchester.

Wintyr. See Wynter.

Winwick, Wynwyk, [co. Lancaster], rectory of, to be united to the rectory of Hawarden, 617.

Wiot, Philip, late a canon of Lismore and prebendary of Kilrossanty, 61.

Wirchedu [sic]. See Winchedon.

Wirkyngton in Cowplande. See Workington.

Wiseman, Robert, vicar of High Easter, dispensation to, 789.

Wiston, Wyston, [co. Sussex], parish church of St. Michael the Archangel, rectory of, 518.

Wistow, Wystowe, [co. Hunts.], rectory of, 490.

Wistow, [co. York, W.R.], a prebend in York, 271.

Witham. See Wytham, William.

Witham Friary, Witham in the forest of Salwoda, [co. Somerset], Carthusian priory, prior and convent of, confirmation of an appropriation to, 891.

Withersdale, Wydierisdal, [co. Suffolk], rectory of, 788.

Withersfield, Whetherisfelde, [co. Suffolk], parish church of St. Mary the Virgin, rectory of, 556.

Withyham, Vithiam, Withiam, [co. Sussex], rectory of, 706.

Witton, West, West Wittonen, West Wytton, [co. York, N.R.], chapel of St. Leonard, 327.

-, -, appropriation of, 631.

Wittysham, John, a monk of Little Malvern, dispensation to, 850.

Wladislavien [sis]. See Breslau.

Wlgeteill. See Whetehill.

Wlith. See White, Nicholas, a canon of Waterford.

Wly[p]ttrott, Wlyttiott, John, commissary of James [Goldwell], bishop of Norwich, 860.

Wngarwam (recte de Dungarwan). See Dungarvan.

Wochtar[la]mand, Wocturlawayn. See Holycross.

Wocuayl. See Nohaval, co. Kerry.

Wod, Wode. See Wood.

Wodecok, William, rector of St. Edmund, London, dispensation to, 316.

Wodehill, Roger, late rector of Street, 291 (bis), 292.

Wodham Water. See Woodham Walter.

Woketon. See Woughton on the Green.

Wolaton. See Wollaton.

Wolf, Richard, notary public, registrar of the episcopal court of Hereford, indult to, 721.

Wolfhampcote, Wolfhamcot, [co. Warwick], vicarage of, 791.

Wollaton, Wolaton, [co. Nottingham], rectory of, 466.

Wolley, Florence, a monk of Abingdon, provision of, to the bishopric of Clogher, 472.

-, -, bishop of Clogher, dispensation to, 630.

Wolston. See Woolstone.

Woltres, John, rector of both portions of Catfield, 16.

Wolvercot, co. Oxford. See Godstow.

Wolvey, [co. Warwick], vicarage of, 416.

Wombwell, Wombevell, Robert, dispensation to, 879.

Womenswould, Wymelingewelde, Wymelingwelde, [co. Kent], chapel of, 115, 115 note.

Wood, Wode, George, rector of Cranfield, dispensation to, 449.

-, Wod, John, late provided to a canonry of Moray and the prebend of Kinoir, 733.

-, Wod, William, de facto a canon of Moray and prebendary of Kinoir, 733.

Woodbrigg. See Deth alias Woodbrigg, John.

Woodburn, Utburim, Vdburnn, Wrburrun, [in Carrickfergus, co. Antrim], Premonstratensian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 370, 532.

-, Premonstratensian abbey of the Holy Trinity, formerly of St. Mary, Dermit abbot of. See Oconmuil.

Woode. See Semprengham alias Woode, John.

Woodham Walter, Wodham Water, [co. Essex], John Dinham, lord Dinham, lord of, 823.

Woodman, John, late bishop of Ross [in Scotland], 105.

-, -, debt owed to certam merchants of Florence by, 738.

-, Vodman, John, an Augustmian canon of St. Andrews, provided to Jedburgh abbey, cession of his right made by, 519.

Wool, co. Dorset. See Bindon.

Woolhouse, Vuolhous, Thomas, vicar of St. Martin, Stamford, dispensation to, 484.

Woolstone, Wolston, [co. Gloucester], manor of, 367, 368.

Wootton,? co. Northants. or Oxford. See Wotton.

Worcester, Vigorinen[sis], Wigolinen[sis], Wigorinen[sis], Wigornien[sis], [co. Worcester], bishop of, faculty to, 514.

-, -, indemnity to, 368.

-, -, jurisdiction of, safeguarded, 368.

-, -, manor of. See Northwick.

-, -, papal mandatary, 85, 277, 583.

-, -, proxy reserved to, 25.

-, John bishop of. See Alcock; and Carpenter.

-, episcopal mensa of, pension on fruits of, 516.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 28.

-, Thomas archdeacon of. See Hawkyns.

-, Benedictine priory (cathedral) of St. Mary, Thomas prior of, letters of, exemplified, 368.

-, -, prior and chapter of, indemnity to, 368.

-, -, -, prosecution of appropriation before, 368.

-, -, -, proxy reserved to, 25.

-, -, prior and convent of, pension reserved for, 631.

-, -, monks of. See Aylesbury alias Blount, Robert; Don alias Kyngislan, Roger; Wenlok, William.

-, -, chapter of, 25.

-, -, -, papal letters to, 522.

-, -, chapter or convent of, letters of, exemplified, 368.

-, -, chapter house, letters dated at, 368.

-, -, incorrectly described in papal letters as of the order of St. Augustine, 631.

-, church of, vassals of, papal letters to, 522.

-, city and diocese of, clergy and people of, papal letters to, 522.

-, diocese of, archdeaconry in. See Gloucester.

-, -, churches in, appropriated to Dcerhurst priory, 368.

-, -, persons of, 25, 367 (bis), 512, 514, 515, 642, 819, 865, 866, 869, 886 (bis), 892, 898, 901 (ter), 907, 908, 912.

-, -, places in. See Bishop's Cleeve; Bordesley; Bredon; Bristol; Childs Wickham; Chipping Campden; Clifford Chambers; Coughton; Deerhurst; Dowdeswell; Eastington; Evesham; Gloucester (St. John the Baptist); Gloucester (St. Peter); Hailes; Halesowen; Kempsey; Lanthony by Gloucester; Lapworth; Lechlade; Leigh, co. Worcester; Malvern, Great; Malvern, Little; Naunton Beauchamp; Painswick; Peopleton; Pershore; Quenington; Rockhampton; Rodley; Slimbridge; Stanton; Stoulton; Stow on the Wold; Stowe, co. Salop; Studley; Tewkesbury; Tockington; Tortworth; Wesbury on Trym; Weston Subedge; Whichford; Worcester (St. Nicholas); Wotton under Edge.

-, parish church of St. Nicholas, rectory of, 791.

-, manor of Northwick by, 367.

Worcester, county of, rents in, 367.

Workington, Wirkyngton in Cowplande, Wyrkyngton, [co. Cumberland], rectory of, 202, 570.

Worlingham, Wyrlyngham Magna, [co. Suffolk], rectory of, 273, 802.

Worlingworth, Whynlyngworth, Whyrlyngworth, [co. Suffolk], rectory of, 280, 417.

Wormshill, Wormesell, [co. Kent], parish church of St. Giles, rectory of, 428.

Worsley, William, a canon of St. Paul's, London, indult to, 548.

-, William, rector of Pickering and archdeacon of Nottingham, dispensation to, 540.

Worthy Farms, Orthiend, [in Almondsbury, co. Gloucester], tithes of, 289.

Wosley, William, a canon of York, indult to, 381.

Wotheytrath. See Outeragh.

Wothnya , abbey de. See Abington, co. Limerick.

Wothterlanay. See Holycross.

Wotton, diocese of Lincoln, [? Wootton, co. Northants., or Wootton, co. Oxford], rectory of, 384.

Wotton, diocese of Norwich. See Watton, co. Norfolk.

Wotton, William, a brother of Ashridge, dispensation to, 287.

Wotton under Edge, Wotton under Egge, [co. Gloucester], rectory of, 808.

Woughton on the Green, Woketon, [co. Bucks.], rectory of, 487.

Wradis. See Wardhouse.

Wragby, co. York, W.R. See Nostell.

Wrangwys, Robert, rector of Patrick Brompton, dispensation to, 862.

Wrastelyngworth. See Wrestlingworth.

Wraxall, North, Wroxald, [co. Wilts.], rectory of, 775, 776.

Wrburrun. See Woodburn.

Wrco. See Wroo.

Wrentham, Wrenthin, [co. Suffolk], rectory of, 464, 465, 514, 515.

-, -, patron of, 514.

Wrestlingworth, Wrastelyngworth, [co. Bedford], rector of. See Wylde, Robert.

-, late rectors of. See Thorpe, Thomas; and Watson, William.

-, parishioners of, threat to compel to go to the church of Cockayne Hatley, 541.

-, parishioners and tithes of, claimed by the rector of Cockayne Hatley, 541.

Wrexham, Wrixham, [co. Denbigh], vicarage of, 676.

Wright, Weyght, Alice, late wife of John Acton, 398.

-, Vrytht, Gilbert, archdeacon of Sodor, papal mandatary, 324.

-, Henry, rector of Aynho, dispensation to, 560.

-, Wrighte, John, an Augustinian canon of St. Andrews, dispensation to, 325.

-, Wryght, Nicholas, dispensation to, 886.

-, -, warden of the collegiate church of Wye, indult to, 881.

-, Wryght, Thomas, chantry chaplain in the parish church of Sandy, dispensation to, 747.

-, William, rector (called vicar) of Fontmell Magna, 850.

Wrington, Wryngton, [co. Somerset], rectory of, 58, 218.

Writh. See Godney alias Writh, John.

Wrixham, See Wrexham.

Wroo, Wrco. Henry, vicar of Hindolveston, dispensation to, 632.

Wroxald. See Wraxall, North.

Wryght. See Wright.

Wryngton. See Wrington.

Wustmidea . See Westmeath.

Wy. See Wye.

Wybbe, William, rector of Suffield, dispensation to, 580.

Wybosten, Wybolbston, Wyboldeston, [in Eaton Socon, co. Beds.], chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary and SS. James the Apostle and Christopher at, 693, 891.

-, inhabitants of, to be compelled to attend their parish church on customary days, 693, 694.

-, -, indult to, 891.

-, -, See also Laurenson, John; Stoker, Henry; Stoker, John; Stoker, [sir] William.

Wydevill, Wydeville, Wydewille. See Wydville.

Wydierisdal. See Withersdale.

Wydville, Wideville, Wydeville, Anthony, earl Rivers, brother of queen Elizabeth, robbery of, 221.

-, -, devotion of, to the chapel of la Puwe, 498, 530.

-, Wideville, Wydevill, Wydewille, Lionel, [brother] german of Elizabeth, queen consort of Edward IV, rector of Bishopwearmouth, dispensation to, 620.

-, -, dean of Exeter, rector of Bishopwearmouth and archdeacon of Oxford, dispensation to, 248.

-, -, dean of Exeter, to be bishop of Salisbury, 744.

-, -, dispensation to, 806.

-, -, faculty for the consecration of, 744.

-, -, oath etc. of, 744.

Wye, Wy, [co. Kent], collegiate church, Nicholas warden of. See Wright.

Wyfold, Wifalda [in Checkendon, co. Oxford], grange of, 481.

Wygeston. See Wigston.

Wyghtham. See Wytham.

Wykdyve. See Wicken.

Wykewon. See Childs Wickham.

Wykwyke, William, vicar of Rye, dispensation to, 568.

Wylde, Peter, dispensation to, 912.

-, Vyld, Robert, rector of Little Chishall, dispensation to, 434.

-, Wilde, Robert, rector of Wrestlingworth, litigant about tithes etc., 541.

-, Wyld, Walter, rector of Kington Magna and of Tidpit, dispensation to, 831.

-, -, indult to, 884.

-, William, precentor of St. Paul's, London, indult to, 380.

-, William, rector of St. Leonard, Colchester, dispensation to, 711.

Wylkynson, William, rector of St. Denis, York, dispensation to, 396.

Wyll, John, rector of Milton Damerel, dispensation to, 799.

Wylles, Stephen, vicar of Alkham, indult to, 456.

-, -, vicar of Alkham, rector of St. Margaret at Cliffe and rector of Sturry, absolution etc. for, 456.

-, -, to have collation a fresh of the vicarage of Alkham and the rectory of Sturry, 456.

Wyllughby, Wyllughebi. See Willoughby.

Wylly, Robert, late prior of Bridlington, house built by, 499.

Wyllyngaledo. See Willingale Doe.

Wylton. See Wilton.

Wylton, William, a Premonstratensian canon of Shap, dispensation to, 585.

Wyly, Vily, Richard, late a monk of Kelso, formerly provided to a canonry and the succentorship of Moray, 77.

-, -, a claimant to the abbey of Kelso, 18.

-, -, proctor of. See Durisder, Andrew de, bishop of Glasgow.

Wylyes, John, dispensation to, 865.

Wymark, John, vicar of Oakham, dispensation to, 637.

Wymbaldon. See Wimbledon.

Wymbusch, Robert, rector of Branston and sub-dean of Lincoln with the prebend of Welton Westhall annexed, sometime rector of Whichford and rector of Halton Holgate, dispensation to, 304.

Wymelingewelde, Wymelingwelde. See Womenswould.

Wymer, Thomas, rector of Burgh St. Margaret, dispensation to, 838.

Wymkeborne. See Winkburn.

Wymondham, [co. Norfolk], Benedictine abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 357, 851, 860.

-, -, John abbot of. See Kertelyngge.

Wynchelse. See Winchelsea.

Wynchiddon, Wynchudwn, Wynchiton. See Winchedon.

Wynchilsee. See Winchelsea.

Wyndesore. See Windsor.

Wynfred Newburgh. See Winfrith Newburgh.

Wyngefeld, Elizabeth, the younger, widow, relict of John Wyngefeld, knt., indult to, 822.

-, Wingefeld, Henry, rector of Baconsthorpe, dispensations to, 748, 783.

-, sir John, knt., relict of. See Wyngefeld, Elizabeth, the younger.

Wyngham. See Wingham.

Wynnesbury, John, of London, one of the executors of the testament of John Derby, 784, 785.

Wynter, Wintyr, Maurice, late prior of Carmarthen, sometime a secular priest, son of. See Thomas ap Morris.

-, William, vicar of Christow, dispensation to, 779.

Wynterborun, Wynterbron, Wynterbuen, Wynterburn. See Winterborne.

Wyntryngham, William, an Augustinian canon of Markby, petition of, 445.

Wyntt alias Capel, John, an Augustinian canon of Butley, dispensation to, 820.

Wyntyrbourne Styklane [recte Stykland]. See Winterborne Stickland.

Wynwyk. See Winwick.

Wyrkyngton. See Workington.

Wyrlyngham Magna. See Worlingham, co. Suffolk.

Wyse, Nicholas, a monk of Tavistock, dispensation to, 589.

Wyston. See Wiston.

Wystowe. See Wistow, co. Hunts.

Wyth. See White, Nicholas, a canon of Ossory.

Wytham, Wyghtham, [co. Berks.], rectory of, 724.

Wytham, Witham, or Haytell, William, dean of Wells, judge delegate, commissaries of, 431.

-, -, death of, 2.

Wythe. See White, Nicholas, a canon of Ossory.

Wythone, Richard, dispensation to, 888.

Wytton, West. See Witton, West.


Xanctonen [sis], Xandonen[sis]. See Saintes.


Y. See Iona.

Yahey. See Oahey.

Yalding, co. Kent. See Bockingfold.

Yamnyn. See O'Amnyn.

Yamyl. See Oduurla.

Yara. See Ohara, Rory.

Yarborough, Verburch, Yerburch, [co. Lincoln], parish church of SS. Peter and Paul, rectory of, 789.

Yarchi. See Oarchi.

Yarnton, Erdyngton, [co. Oxford], vicarage of, 726.

Yarom, Thomas, an Augustinian canon of Newburgh, and prior elect of the same, 238.

Ybeltunathan. See Obenachan.

Yberind. See Oberind, Cornelius.

Ybernia . See Ireland.

Ybeuachallay. See Obeuachallay.

Ybigoneayn (i.e. Obigoneayn). See Macneil, Thomas.

Ybrangale. See Obrangale.

Ybrathayn. See Ibrickan.

Ybrien. See O'Brien, Dermit.

Ycamayn. See O'Cane, Rory.

Ycernayd. See O'Kearney, Malachy.

Ychachayn. See O'Cane, Odo.

Ycholghan. See Ocolgan, Dermit.

Ychonayn. See Ochonayn.

Ychonnchuyn recte Ychonnchuyr. See O'Connor, John.

Ycluan. See Ocluan, Malachy.

Ycolghan. See Ocolgan, Kervallus; and Ocolgan, William.

Yconacayn. See Oconacayn.

Yconchuyr. See O'Connor, John; and O'Connor, Maurus.

Yconcubair. See O'Connor, Maurice.

Yconier. See O'Connor, Rory.

Ycormayt. See Ogormuck.

Yconnochayn. See Oconnochan, William.

Ycrunnle. See Ocrunle.

Ycuillynan, Ycullenan. See O'Cullinan.

Ycynedyg, Ycyredyg. See O'Kennedy, Maurice.

Ydohnmayll. See O'Donnell, Bernard Macmeanman.

Ydol, Walter, late vicar of Tarves, 341.

Ydoncho. See Odonchua, John.

Ydonhyn, Ydonochow. See O'Donoghue, William.

Yduba. See O'Dowd, Nellanus.

Ydubda. See O'Dowd, Cornelius.

Yduchony. See Oduchony.

Yduggilla. See Oduggilla.

Ydulchanta. See Odulchanta.

Ydulyn. See O'Dolan, Concofinus.

Ydwygyn. See O'Duggan.

Yebell. See Yeovil.

Yedyod (recte Yedwod). See Jedburgh.

Yegullen. See Oegullen.

Yehachayn. See O'Cane, Odo.

Yelden, Yeveldey, Yeveley, [co. Bedford], vicarage of, 385.

Yell, Zaile, [Shetland Islands], vicarage of, 569.

Yelverton, John, a monk of Norwich priory (cathedral), absolution etc. for, 714.

Yeovil, Yebell, Yevell, [co. Somerset], vicarage of, 781.

Yerburch. See Yarborough.

Yester, de Bothanis, [co. Haddington], collegiate church, Andrew provost of. See Hay.

Yeveldey, Yeveley (sic). See Yelden.

Yevell. See Yeovil.

Yeyndaelagin. See Ocyndaelagh.

Yfaelan. See Ofaelan, Maurice.

Yfaircheallaich. See Ofaircheallaich.

Yfathy. See O'Fathy, William.

Yfergail. See O'Farrell.

Yffaclan. See Ofaelan, Maurice.

Yfflannygayn. See O'Flannagan, John.

Yflahirthyd. See O'Flaherty.

Yflayn. See O'Flynn, Cornelius.

Ygalleabayr. See O'Gallagher, John.

Ygartan, Ygarthan. See Ogartan.

Ygiy. See Ogiy.

Yglesayn. See Oglesayn.

Ygonam. See Ogonain.

Ygriffa, Ygryffa. See Ogriffa.

Ygyayg. See O'Dea, Cornelius.

Ygyllagymayn. See Ogillagymayn.

Ygyllahnayn. See Ogillahanayn.

Yhaelayn. See Ohaelayn, Gilbert.

Yhallacan. See Ohallacan.

Yhallinoran. See Ohalluran, Dermit.

Yhedersgcoyll, Yhedersgroyll. See O'Driscoll, Donatus.

Yhedian. See O'Hedian, John.

Yherlathy. See Oherlache, Rinaldus.

Yhida. See Ohida.

Yhieralay. See Ohieralay.

Yhondonayn, diocese of Killaloe. Augustinian monastery of St. Mary de, Patrick warden of, See Omitria.

-, -, warden and convent of, to be summoned, 830.

-, -, yearly payment to, 830.

-, -, convent of, consent of, 830.

-, -, high altar of the church of, 830.

-, -, vicarage of All Saints [no place] united to, farm of the fruits of, 830.

Yhong, Yhoung, Yhowng, Yhowyng, Yhowyngu. See Young.

Yhurayn. See Ohurayn.

Yhustyn [i.e. Ohustyn]. See O'Lalor, Maurice.

Yhyffirnan. See O'Hiffernan, Adam.

Yhynrachthy. See O'Hanratty, Dermit.

Ykaeally. See O'Kelly, Robert.

Ykaelly. See O'Kelly, Matthew.

Ykaemayn. See O'Cane, Malachy.

Ykallanain. See O'Callanan, Odo.

Ykealachyr. See Okealachyr.

Ykearball. See O'Carroll, Odo.

Ykellid, Ykellyd. See O'Kelly.

Ykemedyg, Ykennedyg. See O'Kennedy, Philip.

Ykeraroyll. See O'Carroll, Donald.

Yketh. See Oketh, William.

Ykonedyg. See O'Kennedy, Maurice.

Ylachn[a?]cayn. See O'Lachnayn, William.

Ylannagan. See Olannagan, Peter.

Ylasserey. See Olasserey.

Yldysley, West. See Ilsley, West.

Ylean. See Olean, Florence.

Ylechalur. See O'Lalor, Maurice.

Yloryn. See Oloryn.

Yluakyg. See Oluakyg.

Ymacnaic, Ymaenaac, Ymaenaic, Ymaenoac. See Omacnaic.

Ymallchayl. See Omallchayl, Donatus.

Ymbrych. See Imphrick.

Ymerean. See Omerayn.

Ymir. See O'Meagher, Malachy.

Ymissill. See Myshall.

Ymlecfada. See Emlaghfad.

Ymlechiseell. See Easky.

Ymlefada, Ymlerfada, Ymlerfeda, Ymlirfada. See Emlaghfad.

Ymoleacylyn. See Omoleacylyn.

Ymoleon. See O'Mullen, Odo.

Ymorra. See Omorra.

Ymoryssa. See O'Morrissey, William.

Ymothlain. See Omothlayn, Rory.

Ym[u]lcorkara, Ymulcorkay. See Omulcorkay.

Ymulkatha. See O'Mulcahy, John.

Ymullontus. See Omullontus.

Ymulnotore. See O'Mulmochory, Maurice.

Ymurchu, Ymurchw, Ymurvhu. See O'Murphy.

Ymyr. See O'Meagher, Thady.

Ynche. See Inch, co. Cork.

Ynchmahowmo. See Inchmahome.

Yngelby. See Ingelby, Joan.

Ynghs. See Inghs, Alexander.

Ynischay, Ynischay[d]. See Scattery Island.

Yniscronan, Yniscronayn, Yniseronan. See Inniscronane.

Ynisfaclynd. See Innisfallen.

Ynisgad, Ynisgud. See Canon Island.

Yniskahe. See Scattery Island.

Yniskate. See Inniscattery.

Ynisscaeyl. See Innishkeel.

Ynistiok. See Inistioge.

Ynkepenne, Robert, of Longparish, party to a matrimonial suit, 564.

Ynochetroyn. See Onochetroyn, Cornelius.

Ynyscronan. See Inniscronane.

Ynysdasliabog. See Caher.

Ynyskathyd, Yny[s]kayd. See Scattery Island.

Ynyssteoc. See Inistioge.

Yogari (recte Yogan). See O'Hogan, Denis.

Yogayn. See O'Hogan, John.

Yokennedig. See O'Kennedy, Maurice.

Yolannam. See Olonan. Thady.

Yolayn. See O'Holan.

Yole, Robert, dispensation for the ordination of, 626.

Yong, Yonge. See Young.

York, Eboiacen[sis], Eboraren[sis], Heboracen[sis], [co. York], archbishop of, annates due to, 632.

-, -, collation by, 499.

-, -, commencement of a bull to, 363 note.

-, -, erection of a collegiate church by, 751.

-, -, exhortation to, 242.

-, -, faculty to, 475.

-, -, grant of a pension, etc. made by, 499, 500.

-, -, monition to, 235.

-, -, papal letters to, 523, 845.

-, -, papal mandatary, 5, 67, 192, 271, 383, 487, 498, 507, 578, 608, 632, 776, 829, 835.

-, -, resignation made to, 499.

-, -, rights of, saved, 523.

-, George archbishop of. See Nevill.

-, John archbishop (cardinal) of. See Kempe.

-, Laurence archbishop of. See Bothe.

-, William archbishop of. See Bothe; and la Zouche.

-, vacancy in the see of, 238.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 364.

-, Robert dean of. See Bothe.

-, dean and chapter of, annates due to, 631.

-, -, refusal of, to confirm an election, 238.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 431.

-, Ralph archdeacon of. See Bothe.

-, Thomas chancellor of. See Chaundeler.

-, official of. faculties to, 473, 474 (bis).

-, -, papal mandatary, 276, 326, 364, 499, 536, 582, 631, 680.

-, William precentor of. See Eure.

-, Thomas treasurer of. See Portington.

-, canons of. See Clifton, Robert; Hope, Thomas; Preston, Thomas; Wosley, William.

-, chapter of, papal letters to, 523.

-, prebend in. See Wistow, co. York.

-, prebend (unnamed) in, 365.

-, cathedral church, chantry at the altar of St. Saviour in, 828.

-, church of, archdeaconries in. See Cleveland; East Riding; Nottingham; Richmond.

-, -, suffragans of, papal letters to, 523.

-, -, vassals of, papal letters to, 523.

-, city and diocese, clergy and people of, papal letters to, 523.

-, diocese of, abbey of St. Agatha in. See Easby.

-, -, indulgence in, 912.

-, -, person dwelling in. See Plasket, John.

-, -, persons of, 60, 84, 102, 106, 110 (bis), 147, 243, 271 (bis), 316, 381 (bis), 473, 474 (bis), 475, 486, 487, 498 (bis), 512, 524, 614, 616, 626, 632, 633, 634, 636, 637, 690, 693 (bis), 704, 711, 712, 776, 829, 835, 854, 855, 866 (bis), 867 (ter), 869 (bis), 872 (bis), 874 (ter), 875 (4), 879, 881 (bis), 883, 884, 885, 886, 889 (bis), 890, 893, 900, 901, 904, 906, 908, 911, 913 (bis).

-, -, places in. See Ainderby Steeple; Aldbrough; Badsworth; Barwick in Elmet; Baysdale; Bellerby; Bentham; Beverley; Beverley (house of Friars Minors); Blyth; Bolton; Bolton Abbey; Bridlington; Brompton; Brompton, Patrick; Broughton, Upper; Burton, North; Cave, North; Chipping; Cockersand; Cocksford; Cotgrave; Cottingham; Darfield; Easby; Easingwold; Finningley; Fountams; Furness; Cargrave; Gedling; Goldsborough; Goxhill; Hedon; Hemingbrough; Hexham; Holme, co. Notts.; Holme on Spalding Moor; Hutton Cranswick; Jervaulx; Kingston upon Hull; Kirkby in Kendal; Kirkby Lonsdale; Kirkby Malzeard; Kirkham Priory; Kirklington; Kyrkbi; Langton; Lead; Leake; Leckonfield; Lenton; Meux; Middleham; Monk Bretton; Newburgh; Newstead; Nunburnholme; Nunnington; Pickering; Pontefract; Portington; Ribchester; Riccall; Richmond; Roos; Rotsea; Ryther (cum Ossendyke); Salley; Scarborough; Scruton; Selby; Sigston; Silkstone; Skelton Cote; Southwell; Spennithorne; Staunton; Stoke, East; Stokesley; Tadcaster; Tanfield, West; Terrington; Thornhill; Thornton in Craven; Thornton Dale; Thwing; Tickhill; Warter; Warton; Watton; Weston; Whitby; Welbeck; Wensley; Whalley; Witton, West; Wollaton; Workington; York (Holy Trinity); York (St. Mary).

-, -, priest of, marriage to be celebrated before, 524.

-, Benedictine abbey of St. Mary without the walls of, abbot of, papal mandatary, 326, 631, 751.

-, -, Thomas abbot of. See Bothe.

-, -, William late abbot of. See Wells.

-, -, abbot and convent of, grant to, 745.

-, -, convent of, petition of, 745.

-, -, monks, lay brothers and household servants of, 726.

-, Benedictine priory of the Holy Trinity, monk of. See Huby, Robert.

-, Gilbertine priory of St. Andrew without the walls of, prior of, papal mandatary, 507, 578.

-, hospital of St. Leonard alias St. Peter, brother of. See Burton, Thomas.

-, -, statutes of, 243.

-, parish church of All Saints Pavement, rectory of, 815.

-, parish church of St. Denis, rectory of, 396.

York rectius Lincoln, diocese of, place in. See Donington on Bain.

York, duchess or dowager duchess of. See Cecily.

-, duke of. See Richard, father of Edward IV; Richard, son of Edward IV.

-, earl (sic) of. See Richard, father of Edward IV.

York and Norfolk, duke of. See Richard, son of Edward IV.

York, Peter, abbot of Newbo, dispensation to, 592.

Youghal, Araill, [co. Cork], Friars Minors house of, friar of. See Olygomeayn, Donald.

Young, Yhowyng, Yhowyngu, Zong, Andrew, a member of the household of Jerome Visconti de Riano, to be vicar of Kilmany, 55.

-, -, sometime provided to a canonry of Moray and the prebend of Kinoir, a member of the household of Raphael [Riario], cardinal deacon of St. George in Velabro, 733.

-, -, a member of the pope's household, dispensation to, 237.

-, -, reservation for, 223.

-, -, a commensal member of the household of Sixtus IV, provision of, to the chancellorship of Aberdeen, surrendered, 816.

-, -, grant to, of the vicarage of Arbirlot, surrendered, 815.

-, Yong, Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Young, charge against, 777.

-, Yhoung, Yhowng, Patrick, late dean of Dunkeld, 40, 47.

-, Iowng, Yhoung, Patrick, precentor of Dunkeld, dispensation to, 470.

-, -, late precentor of Dunkeld, a papal acolyte and collector of the Camera in Scotland, 33.

-, Yong, Thomas, of Thorpe, charge against, 777.

-, -, wife of. See Young, Elizabeth.

-, Yonge, Thomas, a monk of Durham, dispensation to, 634.

-, Yhong, William, notary public, 889.

Yoy. See Joy.

Ypres, Yper, [now Belgium], town of, bound to a treaty, 229.

Yrby, Robert, dispensation to, 866.

Yrlandia, John de, dispensation to, 643.

Yrodrigi. See Orodrigi.

Yroman, Yronan, Yronayn. See Oronan.

Yrriwrdayn (recte Yrriourdayn). See O'Riordan, Donatus.

Yruechan. See Oruechan.

Yschanachayn, Yscheanacan, Yscheolayn. See Osannachan.

Ysflayn. See O'Flynn, Dermit.

Yssullivayn. See O'sullivan, Dermit.

Ysingyn. See Osingyn, Bernard.

Ystanlayn. See Ostanlayn.

Ysuliba[y]n, Ysullyvayn. See O'sullivan.

Ysyeayn. See Osichan, Richard.

Yunger, Denis, sometime vicar of Kilmaley, 710.

Ysunneuayn. See O'sullivan, Maurice.

Yxworth. See Ixworth.


Zeeland, Zelandia, Zelandria, export of wool etc. to, forbidden, 227.

-, trade with, 229.

Zetlandia . See Shetland.

Zouche. See la Zouche, William.


Zaile. See Yell.

Zong. See Young, Andrew.