Index of Persons and Places: A

Pages 919-933

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 13, 1471-1484. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1955.

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Abandonnia. See Abingdon.

Abbarruthven. See Aberuthven.

Abbas, Thomas, dispensation to, 902.

Abberbrochok, Abberbrothoc, Abberbroyt. See Arbroath.

Abberdonen[sis] written for Aberdonen[sis], 220 note.

Abbernethy, Abberneti. See Abernethy.

Abbey, co. Clare. See Corcomroe.

Abbeyderg, Dearg, Derg, [in Taghsheenod parish, co. Longford,] Augustinian priory of St. Peter, prior of, papal mandatary, 19, 444.

-, -, priory dependent on. See Mohill.

Abbeyfeale, Kylficyll, Kylfycyll, [co. Limerick,] vicarage of, 758, 759.

Abbeygormacan, de Via noua, de Via nova, de Vianova, [co. Galway,] Augustinian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 348, 497, 760, 770, 835.

Abbey Isle in Kilcroghane, co. Kerry. See Aghamore.

Abbeyknockmoy, de Porta Magna Collis Victorie (i.e. Teampul an Dorusmoir), [co. Galway,] vicarage of, 740, 741.

-, See also Knockmoy.

Abbeyleix, Queen's co. See Leix.

Abbirnethi, Abbirnethy. See Abernethy.

Abbotrule, Abbotroul, [now divided between Hobkirk and Southdean, co. Roxburgh,] rectory of, 704.

Abbot's Hill farm, Hille, [in Halstock, co. Dorset,] tithes of, 374.

Abbrerbrothoch, Abbirbrocht, Abbrothoe. See Arbroath.

Abbyrco(m)me, Alexander, a litigant for the vicarage of Tarves, 341.

Abendon., Abendonia, Abentonia. See Abingdon.

Aberbrothoc. See Arbroath.

Abercrombie (or St. Monans), Sancti Monani in Inuerry, [co. Fife,] Friars Preachers oratory or hospice, called the chapel of St. Monan, to be a conventual house, 571.

Abercrome, Henry, abbot of Cambuskenneth, pension granted at petition of, 74, 75.

Aberdeen, Abberdonen[sis], Aberdin, Aberdonen[sis], Abirdene, Abredonen[sis], [co. Aberdeen,] bishop of, oaths to be taken to, 555, 556.

-, -, papal mandatary, 12, 13, 29 (ter), 34, 48, 105, 340, 542, 555, 556, 558, 657.

-, -, provision made by, 542.

-, -, resignation made to, and provision made by, 20.

-, Ingram late bishop of. See Lindsay.

-, Robert [bishop] elect and bishop of. See Blackader.

-, Thomas bishop of. See Spens.

-, William [bishop-] elect and bishop of. See Elphinstone.

-, episcopal mensa, fruits etc. of, 750.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 365.

-, James dean of. See Brown.

-, Alexander archdeacon of. See Rate.

-, James archdeacon of. See Fresel.

-, Laurence archdeacon of. See Piot.

-, Robert archdeacon and sometime archdeacon of. See Blackader.

-, litigant for the archdeaconry of. See Stewart, Robert.

-, chancellor of, papal mandatary, 64, 65, 578.

-, Andrew provided to the chancellorship of. See Young.

-, George chancellor of. See Brown.

-, Giles chancellor and late provided to the chancellorship of. See Boys.

-, John late chancellor of. See Nisbet.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 12, 55, 753.

-, treasurer of, papal mandatary, 563, 809, 834.

-, Andrew, treasurer of. See Liel.

-, dignity of, mandate for provision of, 664.

-, canons of. See Adournes, Anthony; Adournes, John; Balfour, John; Blacader, Robert; Brown, James; Bulle, Duncan; Chauser, Alexander; Culan, Alexander, Davidis, John; Fratour, William; Gordon, Adam; Hay, Thomas; Martini, Andrew; Stewart, Andrew; Vaus, Martin; Vaus, Thomas.

-, claimants to a canonry in. See Home, Patrick; Laufas, John.

-, canons provided of. See Meldrum, David; Vaus, Alexander.

-, canon and prebendary of. See Guthre, David.

-, canonry and prebend of, mandate for provision of, 664, 665.

-, chapter of, papal letters to, 824.

-, prebend in (unnamed), 753.

-, prebends in. See Banchory-Devennick; Kinkell; Methlick; Mortlach; Rathven.

-, church of, archdeaconry in. See Rayne.

-, -, vassals of, papal letters to, 824.

-, city and diocese of, clergy and people of, papal letters to, 824.

-, diocese of, benefices in, 868, 869, 873, 894 (bis),908.

-, -, clergy of, 62.

-, -, persons of, 58, 126, 295, 329, 462, 542, 559, 563, 795, 815, 817, 848, 855, 867, 882, 909.

-, -, places in. See Aberdeen (St. Nicholas); Banchory-Ternan; Bourtie; Coull; Culsalmond; Deer, Old; Glenmuick; Inverurie; Kildrummy; Logie Durno; Meldrum, Old; Monymusk; Rathen; St. Germanus (hospital); Tarves.

-, parish church of St. Nicholas, vicarage of, 257, 683.

-, burgh of, provost and baillies of, rent paid by, to the episcopal mensa of Orkney, 504.

-, -, rent of, 504.

-, Alexander Rate of, 462.

Aberdeen recte St. Andrews, diocese of, places in. See Aberluthnet.

Aberdin. See Aberdeen.

Aberdonen[sis], written Abberdonen[sis] and Abredonen[sis], 220 note.

Abergavenny, Berg[av]eney, [co. Monmouth,] Llangattock (q.v.) by, 850.

Abergwili, Abergoyle, Albergwille, [co. Carmarthen,] collegiate church of St. Mary, canon of. See Gethyn, Thomas.

-, -, canon and prebendary of. See Smith, John.

Ab[e]rillot. See Arbirlot.

Aberkirdor. See Marnoch.

Aberlady, Abidade, [co.Haddington,] a prebend in Dunkeld, 118.

-, See also Redspetall.

Aberluthnet, Abirluchnoch, Abirluthnoht, [now Marykirk, co. Kincardine,] parish of, towns in. See Barns and Inglesmaldie.

-, rectory of, 58.

Abernethay. See Abernethy, Walter.

Abernethy, Abbernethy, Abberneti, Abbirnethi, Abbirnethy, Abernethe, Aberneti, Abirnethy, [co. Perth,] collegiate church of St. Bride, provost of, papal mandatary, 28.

-, -, canon of. See Kant, John.

-, -, altar of St. John the Evangelist in, chaplaincy at, 28, 29, 83.

-, -, -, -, patron of, 28.

-, rectory of, 42, 79, 593.

Abernethy, Abernethay, Abernethi, Aberneti, Abirnethy, Alberneti, George, late provost of Dumbarton, executors of the testament of, petition of, 597.

-, George, rector of Lasswade, dispensation to, 428.

-, -, licence to, 451.

-, -, death of, 54.

-, Walter, of Glasgow, dispensed to hold the provostship of Dumbarton, 594.

Aberuthven, Abbarruthven, [now in Auchterader, co. Perth,] vicarage of, 810.

Abethorp. SeeApthorp, Walter.

Abidade. See Aberlady.

Abidelbek, river, [in Spennithorne parish, co. York], 383.

Abindon by Northh[a]mpton. See Abington, co. Northampton.

Abingdon, Abandonnia, Abendon., Abendonia, Abentonia [co. Berks] Benedictine abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, election of, 5.

-, -, -, faculty to, 4.

-, -, -, grant to, 5.

-, -, -, protection of, 62.

-, -, -, papal mandatary, 62, 97, 255, 852.

-, -, John abbot of. See Sante.

-, -, abbot and convent of, petition of, 4.

-, -, monk of. See Wolley, Florence.

-, -, monks of, protection of, 62.

Abington, de Huena, de Huonia, de Huonya, de Huotnia, de Wothnya, [in Owneybeg barony, co. Limerick,] Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 387, 477, 478.

-, -, Florence abbot of. See Quinleian.

-, -, Richard abbot of, resignation of, 401.

-, -, monk of. See Quinleian, Florence.

-, -, rectories belonging to. See Galbooly; Moyne; Rahelty; Shyane; Thurles.

Abington, Abindon by North[a]mpton, [co. Northampton,] parish church of SS. Peter and Paul, rectory of, 243, 244.

Abirbroth[o]k. See Arbroath.

Abirdene. See Aberdeen.

Abirluchnoch, Abirluthnoht. See Aberluthnet.

Abirnethy. See Abernethy and Abernethy, George.

Abney, John, rector of St. Peter's, Stamford, dispensation to, 562.

Abraham, Thomas, an Augustinian canon of Ravenstone, dispensation to, 486.

Abrebrothoc. See Arbroath.

Abredonen[sis], written for Aberdonen- [sis], 220 note.

Abrincensis. See Avranches.

Abulen[sis]. See Avila.

Abyrbrothos. See Arbroath.

Acadeo, [rural-]deanery of. See Aghadoe.

Acharym Omane. See Aughrim, co. Galway.

Acchabolog. See Aghabulloge.

Acelim, Thomas, notary public, 874.

Achabo. See Aghaboe.

Achaden[sis]. See Achonry.

-, erroneously written Hadaden[sis], 120 note.

Achadeo, archdeacon and vicarage de. See Aghadoe.

Achadfinach. See Aghinagh.

Achaduy. See Aghadowey.

Achaluma. See Aghaloo.

Achalurcayre. See Aghalurcher.

Achamicayrt, Achamycayrt. See Aghmacart.

Achdrumomane. See Aughrim, co. Galway.

Achedeo, archdeacon de. See Aghadoe.

Achfada. See Aghada.

Achinson, John, a monk of Newbattle and de facto abbot of the same, provision to, 656.

-, -, faculty for the blessing of, 656.

-, -, oath of fealty of, 657.

Achleck, Achlak, Denis, late provided to a canonry of Moray and the prebend of Kinoir, 733.

Achleck, William, rector of Laurencekirk, a canon of Brechin and prebendary of Glenbervie, a canon of Glasgow and prebendary of Barlanark, consent of, to a pension, 196 note, 197 note.

Achmeckart. See Aghmacart.

Achonry, Achaden[sis], Akaden[sis], Archaden[sis] (sic), Hadaden[sis], [co. Sligo,] bishop of, papal mandatary, 120, 184, 290.

-, -, papal letters addressed to, 687.

-, -, rights of, saved, 290.

-, -, simoniacal agreement made by, 729.

-, Bernard bishop of. See Oheadra.

-, Cornelius bishop of. See Omochan.

-, Robert bishop of. See Wells.

-, Thomas bishop of, sometime archdeacon of Achonry, 190.

-, -, provision to, 179.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 179.

-, Bernard late dean of. See Oconnean.

-, Odo sometime dean of. See Otedura.

-, Thomas dean of. See Ocongulain.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 179 (ter), 184.

-, Matthew archdeacon of. See O'Callanan.

-, Thomas archdeacon of. See Thomas bishop of Achonry supra; and Ocongulain.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 179, 295, 553.

-, provost of, papal mandatary, 189, 441, 729.

-, canons of. See Macbrenn, Eugenius; Ocluan, John; Ocluan, William; Oconnochan, Ludovicus; Ohanigan, Dermit; Ohara, John; Ohara, Maurice; Ohara, Rory; Ominnachan, Donald; Omochan, Odo; O'Murphy, Alexander; Ostanlayn, Cornelius.

-, canon provided of. See Ocongulain, Thomas.

-, chapter of, papal letters to, 179, 331.

-, prebend in. See Emlaghfad.

-, church of, vassals of, papal letters to, 331.

-, clergy etc. of, papal letters to, 179.

-, city and diocese of, clergy of, papal letters to, 331.

-, -, intimidation in, 815.

-, diocese of, persons of, 120, 190, 338, 441, 876.

-, -, places in, 877, 904 (bis).

-, -, -, See also Ballymote; Ballysadare; Cloonoghill; Court; Emlaghfad; Kilmacallan; Kilmacteige; Kyllnaheind; Manulla; Toomour.

-, See also Court.

Achros, de Achros. See Aughris.

Achruymomane. See Aughrim, co. Galway.

Ackaduin. See Aghadown.

Acton, John, dwelling within the jurisdiction of the abbot of Westminster, party to a matrimonial suit, 398, 399, 399 note.

-, -, wife of. See Weyght, Alice.

Adam, Robert, dispensation to, 879.

Adams, Thomas, rector of Chew Stoke, dispensation to, 335.

Adare, Adar, Ahdarryd, Athar, Athare, A[t]hdarryd, [co. Limerick,] house of the Friars Minors, called of the Observance, brother of. See Geraldinis, David son of John Dubyly de.

-, Trinitarian Friars house of St. James, Eugenius minister or prior of. See Ofaelan.

-, -, John minister or prior of. See Maclanchy.

-, -, Richard prior of. See Purcell.

-, -, brother of. See Ofaelan, Eugenius.

-, vicarage of, 36.

Adayl. See Edzel.

Adderbury, Eadburbyry, [co. Oxford,] vicarage of, 321.

Addergoole, Oycaiblochacon, [co. Mayo,] vicarage of, 299.

Adisham, Addesham, [co. Kent,] parish church of the Holy Innocents, rectory of, 244.

Adonis, John, an Augustinian canon of Llanthony Prima, dispensation to, 746.

Adournes, Anthony, sometime a canon of Aberdeen, 753.

-, -, proctor of. See Crigneti, Peter.

-, John, a canon and prebendary of Lille, to be also a canon and prebendary of Aberdeen, 753.

Adria, A. de, 684.

Ady, Thomas, an Augustinian canon of Ospringe, dispensation to, 579.

Aelerien[sis]. See Aleria.

Aelysbeare. See Aylesbeare.

Agalasmachala, Agalasmaschala. See Aglish.

Agard, Nicholas, of Newborough, co. Stafford, dispensation to, 404, 405.

-, -, kinsman of. See Montgomery, Nicholas.

-, -, wife of. See Vernon, Isabel.

-, Philip, dispensation to, 694.

Aggrigentin[us]. See Girgenti.

Aghaboe, Achabo, Archabo, [Queen's co.,] parish church of St. Canice (St. Rinicus), rectory of, 773.

Aghabulloge, Acchabolog, [co. Cork,] vicarage of, 858, 859.

Aghada, Achfada, [co. Cork,] vicarage of, 772.

Aghadoe, de Acadeo, de Achadeo, de Achedeo, [co. Kerry,] archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 120, 572.

-, [rural-] deanery of, place in. See Kilcummin.

-, vicarage of, 344, 345, 651, 652.

-, -, erected into a prebend of Ardfert, 841.

-, See also Innisfallen.

Aghadowey, Achaduy, [co. Londonderry,] rectory of, 423.

Aghadown, Ackaduin, [co. Cork,] vicarage of, 146, 147.

Aghaloo, Achaluma, [co. Tyrone,] rectory of, 303.

Aghalurcher, Achalurcayre, [cos. Fermanagh and Tyrone,] parish church of St. Romandus, vicarage of, 773, 774.

Aghamore, Akamory [now Abbey Isle in Kilcroghane, co. Kerry,] chapel of, 677.

Aghavallen, Hacmallind, [co. Kerry,] rectory of, 359.

-, vicarage of, 358, 359.

Aghinagh, Achadfinach, [co. Cork,] vicarage of, 108.

Aghmacart, Achamicayrt, Achamycayrt, Achmekart, Ahagamicart, Hacmakarthy, [Queen's co.,] Augustinian priory of St. Tierny alias St. Mary, prior of, papal mandatary, 74, 160, 638, 771, 772.

-, -, James sometime prior of. See Obuogy.

-, -, Patrick prior of. See Obuogy and Ollearaysa.

-, -, William prior of. See Obeothe.

-, -, canons of. See Obeothe, William; Ollearaysa, Patrick.

Aghouor. See Freshford.

Aghultie. See Ballyhooly.

Aglasmaythoada, Aglasmaythoala. See Aglish, co. Cork.

Aglasnalanduy. See Barrow.

Agliscormyc. See Aglishcormick.

Aglish, Agalasmachala, Agalasmaschala, Aglasmaythoada, Aglasmaythoala, [co. Cork,] vicarage of, 127, 858, 859.

Aglishcormick, Agliscormyc, [co. Limerick,] rectory of, 478, 479.

Agrigentin[us], Agrigento. See Girgenti.

Ahagamicart. See Aghmacart.

Ahamlish, co. Sligo. See Inishmurray.

Aharra. See Ohara, Maurice.

Ahdarryd. See Adare.

Ainderby Steeple, Aynderby Concampanili, Cuncampanille, [co. York, N.R.] rectory of, 326, 327.

-, -, appropriation of, 631.

-, vicarage of, erection of, 632.

Aithlek, William, rector of Laurencekirk, dispensation to, 580.

Akaden[sis]. See Achonry.

-, written in error Archaden[sis], 179.

Akamory. See Aghamore.

Akesford. See Alresford.

Akymys, i.e. Hacmys, [an ancient deanery in co. Kerry,] ecclesia Nova de. See Nohaval, co. Kerry.

Akyngan, Akyngrin, John, late rector of Minnigaff, 295.

Aladen[sis]. See Killala.

-, written Auluden[sis], 217, 218 note.

Alamani, Andrew, of Denmark, vicar of Kirkbean, physician of James III, king of Scotland, dispensation to, 305.

Alassia, P., correction made by, 744 note.

Alba, diocese of Cashel, parish church of St. Mary de, vicarage of, 422.

Alba Capella de Ballyorun. See Whitechurch, [in Decies without Drum, co. Waterford].

Alban Hills, [Italy,] Frascati in the, 851 note.

Albano, [Italy], Roderick, [cardinal-] bishop of. See de Lanzol-Borga.

Alberwille. See Abergwili.

Alberneti (recte Abberneti). See Abernethy, George.

Alboirattu (recte Albotractu), abbey de. See Tracton.

Albon, William, abbot of St. Albans, presentation by, 806.

Albotracto (sic), Albo tractu, Albotractu, abbey de. See Tracton.

Alcetur, John, a monk of Waverley, dispensation to, 747.

Alcock, Alcok, John, dispensation to, 883.

-, John, bishop of Rochester, papal mandatary, 357.

-, -, provision of, 870.

-, -, chancellor of England, statutes of the chapel of St. Stephen, Westminster, declared by, 678.

-, -, translated to Worcester, 870 note.

-, -, bishop of Worcester, sometime bishop of Rochester, 516.

-, -, pension to be paid by, 516.

-, -, translation of, 522.

-, -, oath of fealty of, 522.

-, -, vacancy in the see of Rochester caused by the translation of, 522.

Aldbrough, Aldeburgh, [co. York,. E.R.,] parish church of St, Bartholomew the Apostle, vicarage of, 530.

Aldbury, Aldebury, [co. Surrey,] Augustinian priory, prior and convent of, 909.

Aldca[n]mos, land in the vill of, 644.

Aldcathie, Aldeathy, Aldenthe, Auldcachy, Auld Cathy, [now part of Dalmeny, co. Linlithgow,] lands of, baron of. See Hamilton, James de.

-, -, lord of, 843.

-, lord of. See Lawder, Robert.

-, rectory of, 41, 492, 649, 843.

-, -, patron of, 843.

-, -, -, See also Lawder, Robert.

Aldeburgh. See Aldbrough.

Aldebury. See Aldbury.

Aldelym, John, rector of Beaumaris, dispensation to, 426.

Aldenthe. See Aldcathie.

Alder, William, rector of St. Mary, Ashen, dispensation to, 583.

Aldermary church. See London, parish churches.

Aldermaston, Aldremanston, [co. Berks,] Thomas de la Mare lord of, 219.

Alderney, Annerey, [Channel Islands,] inhabitants of, petition of, 258.

Aldington, Alyngton, [co. Kent,] parish of, suit concerning certain tithes in, 837.

-, rector of, 837.

-, vicar of, 837.

Aldhamstokis. See Oldhamstock.

Aldremanston. See Aldermaston.

Aldyncraw, lands in the vill of, 644.

Alen, Aley, Nicholas, an Augustinian canon of Elsing-spital, London, dispensation to, 288.

Aleprandis, Peter de, papal acolyte and nuncio, safe-conduct for, 212.

Alerdes, James, to be archdeacon of Moray, 702.

-, -, archdeacon of Moray, dispensation for, 611.

Aleria, Aelerien[sis], Alerien[sis], [Corsica,] bishop of, papal mandatary, 48, 87, 241, 599, 771.

Alessandria, [Italy,] John Antonius bishop of. See de Sancto Georgio.

Alestre, John, rector of Weston, dispensation to, 796.

Alexander III, pope, bull of, recapitulated, 480.

-, privilege of, exemplified, 400, 400 note.

Alexander IV, pope, privileges granted by, 278 note.

Alexander V, pope, letters of, not drawn up at his death, 463, 464 note, 465.

Alexii. See Alleyn, Richard.

Aley[? recte Alen). See Alen, Nicholas.

Aleyn, Aleyne. See Alleyn.

Alford, Robert, a Premonstatensian canon of Hagnaby, dispensation to, 445.

Alkham, [co. Kent,] vicarage of, 456 (ter).

Alladen[sis]. See Killala.

Alle, Thomas, indult to, 874.

Alleyn, Aleyn, Henry, rector of Kyrkbi, dispensation to, 337.

-, Aleyn alias Keruer, John, rector of the second portion of All Saints, Gedling, dispensation to, 591.

-, Alexii, Aleyn, Richard, prior of Sele, charges against, 356.

-, -, dispensation to, 493.

-, -, a monk of Sele, sometime prior of the same, dispensation to, 725.

-, Aleyne, Sampson, rector of Sherborne St. John, dispensation to, 814.

-, John, a litigant for the vicarage of Skreen, 312.

-, -, dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin, litigant, 312, 313.

-, -, petitions of, 453, 463.

-, -, jurisdiction of, impeded, 453, 463.

-, -, sentence of excommunication pronounced by, appeal against and appeal by, 463.

-, Cf. also Alen and Alyn.

Allington, Elyngdon alias Elyndon, [co. Wilts,] rectory of, 22, 36.

Allington, East, Alvy[ng]ton, [co. Devon,] rector of, to celebrate divine offices in the chapel of Buckland Tout Saints, 862.

Alma Urbs. See Rome.

Almain [i.e. Germany], mission of Nicholas Jacobi de Guarnetis to, 278.

-, papal nuncio to. See Juliano, Bartholomew de.

-, priory of, of the Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, 223 note.

-, -, prior and preceptors of, 256 note.

-, -, provincial chapter of, 256 note.

-, -, seal of, 256 note.

Almondsbury, Almondesbury [co. Gloucester,] parish church of, united to Bristol abbey, 289.

-, parishioners of, 289.

-, See also Cattybrook Farm; Ellinghurst Farm; Worthy Farms.

Alnewike, Alnewyck, Alnewyk, Alnewyyk. See Alnwick.

Alnisien[sis]. See Aunis.

Alnwick, Alnewike, Alnewyck, Alnewyk, Alnewyyk, [co. Northumberland,] Premonstratensian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 307, 661.

-, -, abbot and convent of, indult to, 64.

-, -, canon of. See Steyll, John.

Alpalhargues. See Arpaillargues.

Alperien[sis]. See Pareds.

Alps, publishing of the Crusade beyond the, 159.

Alresford, Akesford, [co. Hants,] rectory of, 22.

Alston, John, rector of Nunburnholme, dispensation to, 637.

Alta Estre. See Easter, High.

Altetyr, Thomas, a monk of Bruern, dispensation to, 675.

Altissen, master Peter, 810, 811, 816, 832 note.

-, -, a papal scriptor and member of the pope's household, proctor of Thomas Maklennoquhy, 844.

-, -, a canon of Segorbe (or Segovia), proctor of William Flemyng, 849.

Alton. See Halton, East.

Altun, James de. See Dalton.

Alvard. See Alward.

Alverdiscott, Aluerdescode, [co. Devon,] rectory of, 629.

Alvy[ng]ton. See Allington, East.

Alward, Alvard, Thomas, indults to, 380, 898.

-, -, Margery, his wife 380, 898.

Alyn, Thomas, rector of Kingston Deverill, dispensation to, 749.

Alyngton. See Aldington.

Amberley, Amburley, [co. Sussex,] rectory of, 60.

Ambresbury. See Amesbury.

Ambroubothe. See Arbroath.

Amburley. See Amberley.

Amelia, Ameria [Perugia, Italy,] papal letters dated at, 54, 238, 479, 496, 498, 499, 505, 510, 512516, 518, 522, 523, 525, 582, 537539, 647.

Americus, a Friar Minor, a papal nuncio in Scotland, 6.

Amesbury, Ambresbury, [co. Wilts,] Benedictine nuns abbey, of the order of Fontevrault, prioress, nuns and sisters of, indult to, 549.

-, -, nun of. See Asherdon, Mary.

-, -, chapel of St. Mary the Virgin in, image of the Crucifixion in, indult to visitors to, 219.

Amesham, John, a monk of Westminister, dispensation to, 214.

Amiobren, Joan, 914.

Ampthill, Hamtyll, [co. Beds,] parish church of St. Andrew, rectory of, 406.

Amullachiayd. See O'Mullahy.

Anachcrochayn alias Clonfertha, Anacherocayn alias Cluoynfearta. See Clonfert, co. Cork.

Anachuduib. See Annaduff.

Anactonen[sis] erroneously written for Enachdunen[sis], 389.

Anagni [Italy,] papal letters dated at, 400.

Anascaul, Ballyhedyrsceoll, [in Ballynacourty, co. Kerry,] rectory of, 175.

Anathonen[sis], written erroneously for Enachdunen[sis], 389.

Ancaster, John, abbot of Tupholme, dispensation to, 416.

Andover, John, a canon of Ardfert, commissary of William [Westecarre,] bishop of Sidon, sentence of, 735, 736.

Andrew, Andrew, vicar of Prees, dispensation to, 333.

-, John, rector of Wicken, dispensation to, 787.

Angel, Stephen, sometime vicar of Banchory-Ternan, 762.

Anglesey, [in Lode, co. Cambridge,] Augustinian priory of St. Mary, canon of. See Cambrigge, John.

Anglesey, [Wales,] William archdeacon of. See Mogiis.

Angulo, Thomas de, a canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 742.

Anna Beko. See Monxton.

Annaduff, Anachuduib, [co. Leitrim,] vicarage of, 621.

Annagh, Enga, [co. Cavan,] vicarage of, 412.

Annagh, Eenac, [co. Kerry,] rectory of, 455.

Annagh, Kylauerau[n]d alias Metnatenaidi (?), [co. Mayo,] vicarage of, 653, 654.

Annaghdown, Anactonen[sis], Anathonen[sis], Enachdunen[sis], Enagdunen[sis], Enechdunen[sis], Evachdunen[sis], [co. Galway,] Thomas bishop of. See Barrett; and Salscot.

-, episcopal mensa of, unprofitableness of, 491.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 56, 193, 310, 552, 650, 653, 654, 674, 695, 697, 700.

-, -, suit pending before, 153.

-, Maurus dean of. See O'Kenealy.

-, deanery of, vicarage annexed to. See Moycullen.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 94, 310, 672.

-, Donatus late archdeacon of. See Omadagayn.

-, Edmund archdeacon of. See de Burgo.

-, Richard archdeacon of. See de Burgo.

-, Walter archdeacon of. See de Burgo.

-, William archdeacon of. See Olasserey.

-, canons of. See Blake, Walter; Brennach, David; Burgo, Richard de; Burgo, Theobald de; Burgo, Thomas de; Burgo, William de; Joy, John; Joy, Richard; Macgillavanach, John; Mackarlayd, Roger; Mackarlayd, Rory; Mackartayn, Donald; Obethill, William; O'Callanan, Odo; O'Dunn, John; O'Flaherty, Dermit; O'Flaherty, Thady; O'Kenealy, Decanus; O'Kenealy, Donatus; O'Tierny, Odo; Walsh, David.

-, canon and prebendary of. See Joy, John.

-, claimant to a canonry of. See Mackartayn, Donald.

-, chapter of, benefices in the gift of, 90.

-, prebend in. See Lackagh and Balecula.

-, church of, united to Tuam, 90, 441.

-, -, chapter of, benefices in the gift of, 673.

-, -, vicarage or chaplaincy in, 75.

-, city and diocese of, intimidation in, 196, 389, 390, 393.

-, diocese of, benefices in, 895, 896.

-, -, persons of, 90, 153 (bis), 196, 258 (bis), 389, 3923, 440, 441, 566 (bis), 684, 697, 700.

-, -, places in. See Annaghdown (abbey of the Holy Trinity); Annaghdown (priory of St. Mary); Ballindooly; Ballynacourty; Claregalway; Galway; Galway (Friars Minors); Galway (St. Nicholas); Gnobeg; Kilconna; Killeany; Killursa; Lackagh; Moycullen; Oranmore; Rahoon; Roscam.

-, de Portu patrum, Augustinian priory of St. Mary, canon of. See Offlaforen, Cornelius.

-, de Cella parva, Premonstratensian abbey of the Holy Trinity, abbot of, papal mandatary, 152, 440, 441, 566.

Annan, Annande, [co. Dumfries,] rectory of, 332.

-, -, pension upon, 118, 332.

Annerey. See Alderney.

Anrolone. See O'Mullony, Malachy.

Antivari, Antibaren[sis], [Montenegro,] archbishop of, papal mandatary, 18, 19, 286, 319.

-, Simon archbishop of. See de Montona.

Antro Fymbarri, sancti Fimbari, Fimbarri, Fimbraari, Fimparii, Finbari, Finbarri, Finnbarri, Finnbarry, Fymbarri, Fymbarrij, Fymmbarry, abbey de. See Cork, Gill abbey.

Antwerp, [now in Belgium,] cathedral church of St. Mary, canon of. See Doget, John.

Anurgar. See Ardnurcher.

Any. See Knockainy.

ap David, Reginald. See Reginald ap David.

ap Grono, William ap Jeuan. See William ap Jeuan ap Grono.

Aphiri, Walter, dispensation to, 890.

ap Jeuan ap Grono, William. See William ap Jeuan ap Grono.

ap John, David. See David ap John.

ap John, Richard. See Richard ap John.

ap John, William. See William ap John.

ap Meredith, Meredundi, Hugh ap Robert. See Hugh ap Robert ap Meredith.

ap Morris, Thomas. See Thomas ap Morris.

ap Owen, Lewis. See Lewis ap Owen.

ap Robert ap Meredith, Meredundi, Hugh. See Hugh ap Robert ap Meredith.

Appilby. See Appleby and Appleby, William.

Appleby, Appilby, [co. Westmoreland,] parish church of St. Michael, vicarage of, 637.

Appleby, Apuwy, Geoffrey, party to a testamentary suit, 860.

-, Appilby, William, rector of Rettendon, dispensation to, 861.

Appulton, Richard, dispensation to, 889.

Appylyerde, William, party to a testamentary suit, 357.

Apthorp, Thomas, notary public, 889.

-, Abethorp, Walter, dispensaton to, 892.

Apuwy (recte Apulby). See Appleby, Geoffrey.

Aquileia, [Italy,] 587 note.

-, diocese of, place in. See Krainburg.

Aragon, business of Richard Heron in, 234.

-, florins of, 241.

Araill. See Yonghal.

Aran Islands, co. Galway. See Templebrecan.

Arben[sis]. See Rab.

Arbirbroch. See Arbroath.

Arbirlot, Ab[e]rillot, [co. Forfar,] vicarage of, 815.

Arbo [rectius Albo] tractu, abbey de. See Tracton.

Arbroath, Abberbrochok, Abberbrothoc, Abberbroyt, Abbrerbrothoch, Abbribrocht, Abbrothoe, Aberbrothoc, Abirbroth[o]k, Abrebrothoc, Abyrbrothos, Ambroubothe, Arbirbroch, Arbubroth, [co. Forfar,] Benedictine abbey of St. Thomas the Martyr, abbot of, death of, 13.

-, -, -, papal mandatary, 138, 816, 843.

-, -, Alexander abbot and abbot commendatary of. See Schrymgeour.

-, -, George abbot and late abbot of. See Bois.

-, -, Malcolm abbot of. See Brydy.

-, -, Patrick abbot and abbot commendatary of. See Graham.

-, -, Richard abbot of. See Guthrie.

-, -, Walter sometime abbot of. See Painter.

-, -, abbot and convent of, litigants, 79.

-, -, monks of. See Bois, George; Bouquil, William; Brydy, Malcolm; Guthrie, Richard; Schrymgeour, Alexander.

-, -, convent of, election made by, 13.

-, -, -, election by, null and void, 812.

-, -, -, petition of, 593.

-, -, -, papal letters to, 555, 812.

-, -, pension reserved from, 226.

-, -, union of the rectory of Abernethy to, temporarily dissolved, 42.

-, -, vassals of, papal letters to, 555, 812.

-, -, voidance of, litigation concerning, 42.

-, chapel of St. Mary, rectory of, 820.

Arbubroth. See Arbroath.

Archabo. See Aghaboe.

Archaden[sis], written in error for Akaden[sis], 179.

Archaten, monastery de. See Ardchattan.

Archer, Ardier alias Stapolton, Stapulton alias Archier, Edmund, to be received as an Augustinian canon and to be prior of Kells, co. Kilkenny, 345, 346.

-, -, sometime prior of Athassel, 534.

-, Thomas, late dean of Ossory, 74.

Archison, Robert, to be received as a canon of Jedburgh and to be abbot of the same, 173.

-, -, abbot of Jedburgh, consent of, to appointment of a prior of Blantyre, 532.

-, -, petition of, 531, 532.

Ardacha, in the diocese of Killaloe, parish church of, (with four other parish churches), rectory of, 609.

Ardagh, Ardakaden[sis], Ardaken[sis], [co. Longford,] bishop of, division of the rectory of Muintir-Eolays into seven prebends made by, 442.

-, Cormac bishop of. See Mac-Gauran.

-, John late bishop of, 99.

-, William bishop-elect of. See O'Farrell.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 417.

-, Fantutius dean of. See O'Farrell.

-, Gerard dean of. See O'Farrell.

-, William de facto dean of. See Macmurhyrtay.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 417, 442.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 417.

-, canons of. See Macconkagri, Eugenius; MacConky, Andrew; MacConky, Morianus; Macraynaill, Cormac; O'Farrell, Donald; O'Farrell, Roger; O'Farrell, William; Orodochan, Eugenius.

-, chapter of, mandate to, 99.

-, church of, vassals of, papal letters to, 99.

-, city and diocese of, clergy and people of, papal letters to, 99.

-, -, intimidation in, 65, 344.

-, diocese of, benefices in, 894, 902.

-, -, persons of, 344 (bis), 361, 397, 417, 442, 444(bis), 666.

-, -, places in. See Abbeyderg; Annaduff; Benachumbi; Cilktrenan; Cloon; Fenagh; Granard; Kilcommock; Killanummery; Kiltoghert; Kiltrinan; Kiltubbrid; Mohill; Muintir-an-ghaile; Muintir-Eolays; Saints Island; Tachshinny.

-, -, vicarage in, 96.

Ardakaden[sis], Ardaken[sis]. See Ardagh.

Ardbrogh. See Burrough on the Hill.

Ardcanny, Ardchanne, [co. Limerick,] a prebend in Limerick, 87.

Ardchattan, de Archaten, [co. Argyle,] priory of the order of Val des Choux, prior of, papal mandatary, 711.

Ardfert, Ardferten[sis], Arften[sis], Arteferten[sis], Arteforden[sis], Artfen[sis], Artferten[sis], [co. Kerry,], bishop of, collations by, 301, 358, 731.

-, -, papal mandatary, 354, 677.

-, -, provision made by, 651.

-, bishop of (bishop suffragan in England), papal mandatary, 358, 376, 485 (bis).

-, John bishop of. See Stack.

-, John bishop of (bishop suffragan in England). See Pigge.

-, Maurice late bishop of. See Stack.

-, Philip [bishop-] elect and bishop of. See Stack.

-, episcopal mensa of, 250, 296.

-, -, fruits of, detained by laymen, 654.

-, pension on fruits of the bishopric of, 371.

-, bishop and chapter of, consent of, to the erection of a canonry and prebend, 841.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 131, 146, 301, 353, 482, 526, 538, 572, 612.

-, Edmund dean and late dean of. See Fitz Maurice.

-, John dean of. See Fitz-Maurice.

-, Patrick dean of. See Fitz-Maurice.

-, dean and chapter of, consent of, to a union, 175.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 107, 175, 378, 440, 476, 526.

-, Philip archdeacon of. See Stack.

-, chancellor of, papal mandatary 131, 175, 185, 296, 343 (bis), 344, 353, 440, 526.

-, David chancellor of. See FitzMaurice.

-, John chancellor and de facto chancellor of. See Hussey and FitzMaurice.

-, Maurice chancellor of. See FitzMaurice.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 72, 122, 472, 476, 526, 538, 605, 80910, 838, 839.

-, precentor of, papal mandatary, 131, 146, 186, 343, 613, 699, 732.

-, David precentor of. See Stack.

-, John precentor of. See Fitz-Maurice.

-, Maurice precentor of. See FitzMaurice.

-, Patrick precentor and de facto precentor of. See FitzMaurice.

-, treasurer of papal mandatary, 353, 354, 677, 699.

-, Patrick treasurer of. See de Curcy.

-, canonry in, vicarage united to, 871.

-, canons of. See Andover, John; FitzMaurice, Maurice; FitzMaurice, Nicholas; Fitz-Maurice, Robert; FitzMaurice, William; Geraldinis, Thomas son of John de; Hussey, John;

Johannis, Thomas; MacConnor, Maurice; Odych, Thady; Ofyn, John; Ohurayn, Thady; O'Kelly, Dermit; O'Murrily, Odo; O'sullivan, Dermit; O'sullivan, Donald; O'sullivan, Maurice; O'Toomy, Dermit; Stack, David; Stack, Maurice.

-, provided to a canonry and prebend of. See Trealu[n]t, James.

-, de facto canon. See Ohurayn, Thady.

-, chapter of, consent of, to the erection of a canonry and prebend, 841.

-, -, consent of, to unions of benefices, 455, 576.

-, -, papal letters to, 352.

-, prebends in. See Aghadoe (vicarage); Carrigleigh; Dysert; Fenit; Kilmaniheen; Murher.

-, church of, archdeaconry of Aghadoe in, 120, 572.

-, -, subject to the archbishop of Cashel, 251.

-, -, vassals of, papal letters to, 352.

-, cathedral church, vicarage in, 810.

-, city and diocese of, clergy and people of, papal letters to, 352.

-, -, intimidation in, 102, 183, 306, 684, 685, 731.

-, diocese of, benefices in, 869, 870, 888, 897 (ter), 906, 908.

-, -, persons of, 72, 100 (bis), 102 (ter), 107 (bis), 112 (bis), 120 (bis), 122 (bis), 124, 164, 170, 183, 185, 296, 301 (bis), 336 (bis), 343 (bis), 344 (bis), 345, 354, 358, 378, 433, 440, 455, 460, 472, 510, 526, 538, 563, 576, 588 (bis), 605, 651 (ter), 677, 684, 685 (ter), 699 (bis), 703, 731, 742, 810, 833, 838 (bis), 841.

-, -, places in. See Aghadoe; Aghamore; Aghavallen; Anascaul; Annagh; Balafygnynyn; Ballinskelligs; Balyncaryt; Barrow; Caher, co. Kerry; Clogherbrien; Cullen; Cullen and Nohovaldaly; Drishane; Dromeryn; Dunurlin; Glanmakee; Innisfallen; Iraghticonnor; Kilcummin; Kildacom; Kildrum; Kilgarvan; Killagh; Killaha; Killahan; Killarney; Killehenny; Killinane; Killiney, co. Kerry; Killowen; Killury; Kilmalkedar; Kilmaniheen; Kilmicluym; Kilmoyly; Kilnananima; Kilquane; Kilshannig; Kyllwanawayn; Leac; Listowell; Nohaval; Nohovaldaly; O'Dorney; Ralsan; Rattoo; Ryndarc; Tralee.

-, -, monasteries in, 884, 897.

-, Patrick Fitz Maurice of, 840.

-, John O'sullivan of, 73.

Ardferten[sis] erroneously written Arften[sis] and Artfen[sis], 572.

Ardier. See Archer, Edmund.

Arding. See Hardi, William.

Ardkeen, Arkyn, [co. Down,] rectory of, 161, 162.

Ardmore, Ardmor, Ardnor, [co. Waterford,] vicarage of, 578, 700.

Ardnabair, diocese of Achonry, quarter of, 687 note.

Ardnor. See Ardmore.

Ardnurcher, Anurgar, [King's co. and co. Westmeath,] vicarage of, 613.

Ardo (i.e. Ards, q.v.) monasterium Nigrum in. See Black Abbey.

Ardo, parish church de, in the diocese of Derry. See Tamlaght-ard.

Ardrahan, Ardrahayn, [co. Galway,] vicarage of, 340.

Ards, Ardo, [a barony in co. Down,] monasterium Nigrum in. See Black Abbey.

Ardstraw, [co. Tyrone,] the see of Rathlure removed to, and subsequently transferred to Derry from, 398 note.

Ardullaid [i.e. Ards in Ulster,] monasterium Nigrum in. See Black Abbey.

Are. See Ayr.

Areadcht Yconchuyr. See Iraghticonnor.

Arften[sis], erroneously written for Ardferten[sis], 572.

Argentan, de Argen[to]mo, [Orne, France,] castle of, 401.

Argyll, Ergadien[sis], alias Lismore, [co. Argyll,], bishop of, collation made by, 172.

-, -, papal mandatary, 711.

-, George bishop of. See Lawder.

-, Robert bishop-elect of. See Colquhoun.

-, city and diocese of, intimidation in, 172.

-, diocese of, persons of, 172, 321, 892.

-, -, places in. See Ardchattan; Inverchaolain; Kilmun.

Arigul. See Errigal.

Arkyn. See Ardkeen.

Arles, [Bouches-du-Rhne, France,] archbishop of, papal mandatary, 319.

Arley, [co. Warwick,] rectory of, 747.

Arlington, co. Sussex. See Michelham.

Armagh, Armachan[us], Artmachan[us], [co. Armagh,] archbishop of, papal letters to, 472, 825, 826.

-, -, papal mandatary, 99, 119, 823.

-, -, responsible for the debt of his predecessor, 39, 40.

-, -, rights of, saved, 154, 603, 825.

-, Edmund archbishop of. See Connesburgh.

-, John archbishop of. See Foxhole; and Mey.

-, John late archbishop of. See Bole.

-, Octavian (or Octavianus) archbishop of. See de Palatio.

-, archiepiscopal mensa of, 39, 134.

-, -, obligations on, 133, 134, 261, 262.

-, archbishop and chapter of, benefice in the gift of, 181.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 82, 665.

-, dean and chapter of, consent of, to an appropriation, 320.

-, Edmund provided archdeacon of. See O'Hanratty.

-, chancellor of, papal mandatary, 320.

-, Donald chancellor of. See O'Cullen.

-, chancellorship of, union of a prebend to, 795.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 82, 181, 312, 313.

-, canons of. See Corcran, Henry; Leyche, John; Macathassaid, Donald; Machayid, Donald; Mackamail, Thomas; Margaue, Malachy; O'Cullen, Thomas; Okylty, James; Omulcahan, Cormac.

-, de facto canon of. See O'Cullen, Donald.

-, litigant for a canonry of. See Synegoc, William.

-, prebends in. See Ballyclog; Clonfeacle.

-, church of, administratorperpetual of. See Palatio Octavianus de.

-, cathedral church of, college of beneficiaries called Culdees in, prior of, papal mandatary, 82.

-, -, -, John prior of. See Olucharean.

-, -, -, petition of, 320.

-, -, -, rectory appropriated to. See Donaghmore, co. Tyrone.

-, -, vicars called Colledei in, 619.

-, city and diocese of, intimidation in, 511, 619.

-, diocese of, benefices in, 876, 895 (bis), 905.

-, -, persons of, 57, 181, 511, 618, 665 (bis) 867, 869.

-, -, places in. See Aghaloo; Clonfeacle; Clonmore; Donaghmore, co. Tyrone; Drogheda; Dundalk; Kilmore, co. Armagh; Louth; Mellifont; Termonmaguirk; Tullyniskan.

-, province of, 110, 127, 208.

-, Augustinian abbey of SS. Peter and Paul, abbot of, papal mandatary, 35.

-, -, Thomas abbot of, charges against, 603.

-, -, Thomas abbot provided to. See Mackamail.

-, -, canon of. See Mackamail, Thomas.

Armanhaco, John de, bishop of Castres, pension of, on the fruits of Inchmahome priory, 84.

Aront, Laurence, provost of Dumbarton, litigant, petition of, 597.

Arpaillargues, Alpalhargues, [Gand, France,] rectory of, 417 note.

Arras, [Pas-de-Calais, France,] canon and precentor of. See Monstreul, John de.

-, diocese of, person of, 222 note.

Artesia. See Artois.

Arteferten[sis]. See Ardfert.

Artfen[sis], erroneously written for Ardferten[sis], 572.

Artferten[sis]. See Ardfert.

Artmachan[us]. See Armagh.

Arthesium. See Artois.

Arthur, Arthuc, Artur, Hartor, Eustace, to be a canon of Limerick, 895.

-, -, a canon of Limerick, papal mandatary, 793.

-, Geoffrey, a canon of Limerick, papal mandatary, 89, 793.

-, -, a canon and prebendary of Limerick, provided to the vicarage of Killeely, to be treasurer of Limerick, 113.

-, -, a canon, prebendary and treasurer of Limerick, to be also vicar of Abbeyfeale, 758.

-, Gilbert alias Gibunnus, treasurer of Limerick, to be prior commendatary of SS. Mary and Edward the Martyr, Limerick, 318.

-, -, late treasurer of Limerick, 379.

-, -, late treasurer of Limerick, previously a canon of Limerick and prebendary of Donaghmore, 420.

-, Thomas, bishop of Limerick, sometime treasurer of Limerick, 379.

-, -, canon created by, 460.

-, -, collation by, 307.

-, -, collation and provision made by, void, 794.

-, -, commissary of. See Giraldi, Thomas.

-, -, information supplied by, 142.

-, -, petition of, 256, 257.

-, -, unfounded charges made by, 529.

-, -, to be prior commendatary of St. Cross alias SS. Mary and Edward the king and martyr by the bridge of Limerick, 44, 257.

Artois, Artesia, Arthesium, [France,] export of wool etc. to, forbidden, 227.

Artur. See Arthur.

Aruicampo, abbey de. See Kilcooly, co. Tipperary.

Arundel, Arundell, John, dispensation to, 885.

-, Arundale alias Arundell, Arundell, John, bishop of Chichester, appeal to Apostolic see from, 356.

-, -, commissaries of, 1.

-, -, resignation made to, and collation made by, 60.

-, John, chancellor of Hereford, witness, 693.

-, Thomas, archbishop of Canterbury, letters of, exemplified, 114.

-, -, register of, taxation of benefices in, 115.

-, Thomas, vicar of Stinsford, dispensation to, 813.

Arvicampo, abbey de. See Kilcooly, co. Tipperary.

Aschele. See Ashill.

Ascough, William, late bishop of Salisbury, appropriation made by, 833.

Asdara, monastery de. See Ballysadare.

Ash, Asshe, Esche, Esse, [co. Kent,] chapel of, 115.

-, rectory of, 674.

-, See also Great Pedding farm; Hoaden; Knell; Overland; Shatterling; Wingham Barton.

Ashbury, Aysshebury, [co. Berks,] rectory of, 851.

-, vicar of, cure of souls exercised by, 851.

Ashby de la Zouch, Esshby la Zouche, [co. Leicester,] parish church of, papal letters received in, 688.

Ashen, Esse, [co. Essex,] parish church of St. Mary, rectory of, 583.

Asherdon, Mary, a nun of Amesbury, absolution etc. for, 401.

Ashill, Aschele, [co. Norfolk,] parish church of St. Nicholas, rectory of, 785.

Ashridge, Asserugge, Assherugge, [formerly in Pitstone, co. Bucks,] house or hospital of Bonnshommes, of the order of St. Augustine, brothers of, discord between, 544.

-, -, -, See also Harewell, Philip; Michell, Thomas; Nicholas; Wotton, William.

Ashton, Steeple, Stepyl Asshton, [co. Wilts.,] parish church of St. Mary, vicarage of, 490.

Ashwell, Asshwell, [co. Hertford,] vicarage of, 10.

Askeaton, Askethyny, [co. Limerick,] vicarage of, 856.

Asku alias Askue, John, dispensation to, 659.

Aspremont, Daspremont, Despremont, John d, vicomte d'Orthez, heir of, 242.

-, -, money borrowed by, 241.

Assaroe, de Sameria, [in Kilbarron parish, co. Donegal,] Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, Emundus abbot of. See Orobfarryn.

-, -, John abbot of. See O'Gallaher.

-, -, John abbot commendatary of. See Olasce.

-, -, monk of. See Orobfarryn, Emundus.

Assaven[sis]. See St. Asaph.

Assentio, Bernard de, of Segorbe, proctor of John Ruch, 25.

Asserugge. See Ashridge.

Asshe. See Ash.

Assherugge. See Ashridge.

Asshwell. See Ashwell.

Assisi, [Italy,] church of St. Mary de Portiuncula alias de Angelis, indulgence gained by visit to, 448.

Asting. See Hastings, sir William de.

Astingis, place de. See Hastings.

Astrura, monastery de. See Ballysadare.

Atfenne. See atte Fenne.

Athanatos, insula. See Thanet.

Athar, Athare. See Adare.

Athassel, Athasel, Athassyl, Athayssil, Haassell, Hachassel, Hassel, Hathassel, Hathasseyll, [co. Tipperary,] Augustinian priory of St. Edmund the king and martyr, prior of, papal mandatary, 323, 324, 730.

-, -, -, patron of the vicarage of Kilmurry, co. Limerick, presentation by, 356.

-, -, David prior of. See Hacket.

-, -, Dermit prior of. See O'Hiffernan.

-, -, Edmund prior of. See Archer and Mares.

-, -, Thomas prior of. See de Burgo.

-, -, Walter prior of. See de Burgo.

-, -, prior and convent of, cited, 453.

-, -, canons of, mode of life of, 193.

-, -, canons of. See Burgo, Thomas de; Burgo, Walter de; Hacket, David; Mares, Edmund.

-, -, benefices belonging to, 193.

-, -, rectory belonging to. See Glenogra.

-, -, ruinous state of, 193.

-, -, incorrectly called Cashel, 64.

A[t]hdarryd. See Adare.

Athens, [Greece,] George Braua, bishop of Dromore, a native of, 826.

Atherton, John, vicar of Thame, dispensation to, 728.

Athlacca, Aulackay, [co. Limerick,] rectory of, erected into a prebend (with Dromin) of Limerick, 460.

-, vicars of, 460.

Athleague, co. Roscommon. See Kilcomnata.

Athlone, Athluayn, Atylnayn, [in St. Peters, co. Roscommon,] Benedictine priory of SS. Peter and Paul de Innoscencia by, prior of, papal mandatary, 301, 534.

-, -, Cornelius prior of. See Onechean.

-, -, Nemeas prior of. See Ocarneayn alias Magonel.

-, -, monk of. See Ocarneayn alias Magonel, Nemeas.

Athneasy, Auuenesey [co. Limerick,] vicarage of, 477.

Athy, Haty, [co. Kildare,] Crutched Friars priory of St. Thomas the Martyr, James prior of. See Omallchayl.

-, -, John prior of. See O'sheridan.

-, -, brother of. See Omallchayl, James.

-, -, ruin of, 395.

Aton, John, prior of Chicksands priory, dispensation to, 591.

atte Fenne, Atfenne, Hugh, indult to, 880.

-, -, will of, 880 note.

Attwode. See Atwode, Richard.

at Wade, William, layman, executors of the testament of, 860.

-, -, testament of, litigation concerning, 860, 861.

Atwell, Atwelle, Thomas, prior of Lewes, indult to, 272.

-, -, and his successors indult to, 792.

Atwode, Attwode, Richard, prior of Studley, dispensation to, 524.

-, Thomas, prior of Studley, dispensation to, 713.

Atylnayn (recte Athluayn). See Athlone.

Auchones. See Aughnish.

Auchterader, co. Perth. See Aberuthven.

Auchterhouse, Outhtrehowse, [co. Forfar,] vicarage of, 30, 31.

Audley, Audeley, master Edmund, archdeacon of the East Riding, chaplain of Edward IV, indult to, 67.

-, -, witness, 693.

-, -, archdeacon of the East Riding and rector of Berwick St. John, dispensation to, 494.

-, -, about to be provided to the see of Rochester, absolution for, 713.

-, (or Tuchet), [sir] John, lord Audley, witness, deposition of, 689, 691 note.

Auendorset. See Avon Dassett.

Auenesclose [in Street parish, co. Somerset,] tithes of, 292.

Aughnish, Auchones, [co. Donegal,] rectory of, 479.

Aughrim, Acharym Omane, Achdrumomane, Achruymomane, Ehacdrui[m] Omaine, [co. Galway,] Augustinian priory of St. Catherine, prior of, papal mandatary, 760.

-, -, Cabricus prior of. See Machayid.

-, -, Eugenius prior of. See Osfay.

-, -, John prior commendatary of. See O'Kelly.

-, -, canon of. See Oschota, Maurus.

Aughrim, co. Roscommon. See Tir-Briuin-na-Sinna.

Aughris, de Achros, [in Templeboy, co. Sligo,] alias Inishmurray (q.v.), Augustinian priory of St. Mary, prior of, papal mandatary, 46, 673.

-, -, John late prior of. See Oflangole.

-, -, Malachy, prior of. See Oflangole.

-, former site of and alternative name for the Augustinian priory of Inishmurray, 475.

Augsburg, [Bavaria,] diocese of, place in. See Feuchtwangen.

Aulackay. See Athlacca.

Auldcachy, Auld Cathy. See Aldcathie.

Auluden[sis] a mistake for Aladen[sis], 217, 218 note.

Aungent. See Nugent.

Aunis, Alnisien[sis], [France,] Raymund archdeacon of. See Perandi.

Aunna Beko. See Monxton.

Auricampo (recte Aruicampo), abbey de. See Kilcooly, co. Tipperary.

Aurichamo (recte Ath-truim), abbey de. See Trim.

Aurifabri alias Goldsmitht, Goldsmyth, John. See Goldsmith.

Aurificampo (recte Aruicampo), abbey de. See Kilcooly, co. Tipperary.

Austell, Thomas, rector of Cheriton Fitzpaine, dispensation to, 781.

Austin, William, a canon of Rouen, 147 note.

Austria, duke of. See Maximilian.

Autun, Eduen[sis], [Sane-et-Loire, France,] canon of. See Moreaul, Guy de.

Auuenesy. See Athneasy.

Avelyne, Anne, widow, relict of Richard Avelyne, and daughter of Robert Osborne, appeal of, 777.

-, Richard, of Thorpe, relict of. See Avelyne, Anne.

Averey, Walter, a canon called a brother of the Crutched Friars' hospital of SS. John the Baptist and John the Evangelist, Oxford, dispensation to, 596.

Avignon, [Vaucluse, France] legate to. See Ruvere, Julian de.

-, papal letters dated at, 263, 583.

Avila, Abulen[sis], [Spain,] canon of. See Gyenenes, Peter de.

Avodall, Christopher, 895.

Avon, river, a certain river between Loddiswell and Buckland Tout Saints, [co. Devon,] 862.

Avon Dassett, Auendorset, [co. Warwick,] rectory of, 637.

Avranches, Abrincensis, [Manche, France] diocese of, place in. See Mont Saint Michel.

Awon. See Owen.

Aylee, John, abbot of Malmesbury, old age of, 668.

-, -, grant of pension etc. to, 668.

Aylesbeare, Aelysbeare, [co. Devon,] vicarage of, 860.

Aylesbury alias Blount, Robert, a monk of Worcester, dispensation to, 674.

Aylestone, co. Leicester. See Lubbesthorpe.

Aylysham, Richard, rector of Cockayne Hatley, a litigant about tithes etc., 541.

Aynderby concampanili, cuncampanille (i.e. cum campanili). See Ainderby Steeple.

Aynesworth, Henry, rector of Greenford, dispensation to, 424.

Aynho, Ayno, [co. Northants.,] rectory of, 560.

Aypun, Nicholas, dispensation to, 888.

Ayr, Are, [co. Ayr,] parish church of St. John, chaplaincy at the altar of the Holy Trinity in, 294.

Ayskarch, John, rector of Stanhoe, dispensation to, 706.

Aysshebury. See Ashbury.

Ayssheton, Edmund, charges made by, 503.

-, John, knight, charges made by, 503.