Index of Persons and Places: B

Pages 934-957

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 13, 1471-1484. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1955.

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B. See Spello, B. de.

Bacen [sis], written in error for Bathonien[sis] (i.e. Bath), 176.

Bacha alias Kliathceallay. See Beagh.

Bacheat (recte Bathcat), Bachlcat (recte Bathkat). See Bathgate.

Bachonthorpe. See Baconsthorpe.

Backwell, Bacwell, [co. Somerset,] rectory of, 562.

Baconsthorpe, Bachonthorpe, Banchotorpe, [co. Norfolk,] rectory of, 748, 783.

Baddesworth. See Badsworth.

Badelyf (recte Radelyf). See Radcliff, John.

Badingham, Badyngham, [co. Suffolk,] parish of, dispute as to extent of, 799.

-, rector of, party to a suit for tithes, 799.

-, See also Summannysfeld.

Badoney, Bodunig, [co. Tyrone,] rectory of, 11.

Badsworth, Baddesworth, [co. York,] rectory of, 317.

Badyngham. See Badingham.

Baellekyfy. See Ballykeefe.

Baileroibeid, Baileyorehid. See Robertstown.

Bainbridge, Bainbrios, Christopher, dispensation to, 250.

-, Baynbrig, Christopher, rector of St. Leonard Eastcheap, London, dispensation to, 752.

Baker, Cristina, litigant, petition of, 727.

-, Thomas, rector of Moore Critchell, dispensation to, 694.

-, William, rector of Heyford, dispensation to, 788.

Bakger, John, vicar of Melksham, indult to, 406.

Balafygnynyn, alias Balyncaryt, diocese of Ardfert, rural rectory of Balyncaryt in the parish church of, 343.

Balanrick. See Barlanark.

Balath. See Balfe.

BalaZuant, Paul, to have a rectory in the diocese of Laonen[sis], 904.

Balcinmotyn. See Ballymountain.

Baldewin, John, priest, a litigant in the provincial court of Canterbury, 851, 852.

Baldock, Baldok, [co. Herts,] rectory of, 737.

Baldry, Richard, vicar of All Hallows Barking, London, dispensation to, 697.

Ble, [Switzerland,] Council of, Martialis Eboracensis (sic) in list of bishops at, 617 note.

Baleantempull. See Ballynakill, King's county.

Balecluyc. See Ballyclog.

Balecula, a prebend (with Lackagh) in Annaghdown, 153.

Balegarri, Balegarry. See Ballingarry, barony of Coshlea, co. Limerick.

Balegybbun, Balegybun. See Ballygibbon.

Baleineanthowal (recte Bale-micanchowal), [? Ballyconnell, in Tomregan, co. Cavan,] rectory of the rural parish of, 362, 363.

Baleinmo[n]tyn. See Ballymountain.

Balemouta. See Ballymote.

Balenakylle alias Baleantempull. See Ballynakill, King's county.

Balenclar. See Claregalway.

Baleycomayn alias Ratruman. See Ballycommon.

Baleymulunyl. See Inishkenny.

Balfe, Balath, Walter, a canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 132.

Balfour, John, bishop of Brechin, sometime a canon of Aberdeen and prebendary of Banchory-Devenick, 20.

-, -, consent of, to the erection of a collegiate church, 138.

Balialy, in the parishes of Killmoyr and Dolud [i.e. Kilmore and Dolla, co. Tipperary, N.R.] parcel of tithes of, 96.

Balier, John, rector of Millbrook, dispensation to, 489.

Balimgarliat. See Ballygarry.

Balingary. See Ballingarry, co. Tipperary.

Balingcornyrry [i.e. Ballygourney]. See Ballintemple, co. Cork.

Ball alias Duffelde, Ballys, William, dispensations to, 884, 885.

Balla [co. Mayo,] rectory, called the rectory of Manulla, of the parish church of, 458.

-, vicarage of, united to the rectory of Manulla, 739, 741.

Ballantyne. See Bellantyne.

Balleclerethun. See Ballyclerahan.

Balleintempaill. See Ballintemple, co. Cavan.

Ballemartin. See Ballymartin.

Ballenacylli, Ballenacylly. See Ballynakill, co. Galway.

Ballicancartcart, Ballichancart. See Tankardstown.

Balligadi. See Ballingaddy.

Ballimartelli. See Mortlestown.

Ballimartyn. See Kilmartin, co. Kilkenny.

Ballinchalla, Lochmesg, [cos. Mayo and Galway,] rectory of, 132.

Ballindooly, Balydiuclan, [in Oranmore, co. Galway,] vicarage of, 566.

Ballingaddy, Balligadi, Ballinigady, Ballyngadi, Balygady [co. Limerick,] rectory of, 44, 397, 399, 400, 451, 452.

Ballingarry, Balegarri, Balegarry [barony of Coshlea, co. Limerick,] rectory of, 477.

-, -, in the presentation of the abbot and convent of Molana, 477.

- See also Glenlary.

Ballingarry, Balingary, Balyngari, [in Slievardagh barony, co. Tipperary,] parish church of, ruinous condition of, 606, 620.

-, rectory of, farm of, 620.

-, vicarage of, to be erected into a prebend of Cashel, 606.

-, -, cure to be exercised by a deputy of the chapter of Cashel, 606.

Ballinigady. See Ballingaddy.

Ballinrobe (north of the river Robe), Roba in Kera, [co. Mayo,] vicarage of, 666.

Ballinskelligs, de Rupe sancti Michaelis, St. Michael's Mount, Sancti Michaelis de Ruffe, de Rupe, de Ruppe, de Ruthfe, [in Prior parish, co. Kerry,] Augustinian priory of St. Michael, prior of, papal mandatary, 72, 120, 122, 301, 343, 344, 455, 460, 472, 572, 576, 588, 605, 651, 810, 841.

-, -, Dermit prior of. See O'sullivan.

-, -, John prior of. See Omulchonary.

-, -, prior and convent of, benefice in the presentation of. See Killinane.

-, -, canons of. See Omulchonary, Maurice; O'sullivan, Dermit.

-, -, convent of, presentation made by, 476.

Ballintemple, Balingcornyrry, [co. Cork,] parish church of, parcel of Ballyrobin in, 817.

Ballintemple, Balingcornyrry, [co. Cavan,] parish church of St. Patrick, rectory of the rural lands within the bounds of Kilmore and, 11.

Ballintober, de Fonte sancti Patricii, Sancti Patricii Ville-fontis, Villa fontis Sancti Patricii, [co. Mayo,] Augustinian abbey of the Holy Trinity, abbot of, papal mandatary, 459, 466, 533, 552, 663, 739, 741, 742, 761, 769, 794.

-, -, -, brother of, 423.

-, -, -, son of. See Oronan, Malachy.

-, -, Edmund (Eamon) abbot of. See de Stanton.

-, -, Riscerdus abbot of. See Valentii.

-, -, Thomas late abbot of. See Oronan.

-, -, abbot and convent of, rectory of Burriscarra detained by, 536.

-, -, canons of, 352.

-, -, -, See also Oronan, Malachy; Stanton, Edmund (Eamon) de; Valentii, Riscerdus.

Balliondara. See Claregalway.

Ballybeg, by Buttevant, de Botonia, juxta Bothonium, Bottoniam Butoniam, Buttoniam, [in Buttevant, co. Cork,] Augustinian priory of St. Thomas the Martyr, prior of, papal mandatary, 349, 350, 403, 699, 757, 761.

Ballyburley, king's county. See Coolcor.

Ballyclerahan, Balleclerethun, [co. Tipperary,] a prebend belonging to the deanery of Cashel, 638.

Ballyclog, Balecluyc, [co. Tyrone,] a prebend in Armagh, 511.

Ballycommon, Baleycomayn alias Ratruman, [co. Kildare,] rectory of, 359, 360.

-, -, patron of. See O'Connor, Concanus.

Ballyconnell, in Tomregan, co. Cavan. See Baleineanthowal.

Ballycuslane, co. Kerry. See Kilnananima.

Ballydeloughy, Balmyloca, Loacluatd alias de Stangno Cinerum, Lochlua, [co. Cork,] rectory of, 407.

-, vicarage of, 66, 476.

Ballygarry, Balimgarliat, [in Ballyovey, co. Mayo,] rectory of, united to the prebend of Moynkilly, 533.

Ballygibbon, Desertethuy alias Balegybun, Disertem, Discrteni, Disertheni, Dyserthen, alias Balegybbun, [co. Tipperary,] rectory of, 96, 160, 161.

Ballyhanccard. See Tankardstown.

Ballyhay, Villhathi, [co. Cork,] vicarage of, 174.

Ballyhean, Belahen, [co. Mayo,] vicarage of, 739.

Ballyhedyrsceoll. See Anascaul.

Ballyhooly (or Aghultie), Hathwli, [co. Cork,] a prebend in Cloyne, 174.

-, vicarage of, 174.

Ballykeefe, Baellekyfy, [in Tullaghanbrogue, co. Kilkenny,] chapel of, 831.

Ballylinny, co. Antrim. See Grange of Ballywalter.

Ballymartin, Ballemartin, [co. Antrim,] parish church of St. Mary, rectory of, 533.

Ballymore, Locheseudi, [co. Westmeath,] parish church of St. Mary, rectory of, 623, 624.

Ballymote, Balemouta, [in Emlaghfad, co. Sligo,] Franciscan friars' house, Donald prior (called master) of. See O'Dowd.

-, -, friars of, petition of, 120.

Ballymountain, Balcinmotyn, Baleinmo[n]tyn, [in Inishannon, co. Cork,] 428.

Ballynacorra, Ballynachory, [in Middleton, co. Cork,] alternative name for Middleton, rectory of, 831.

Ballynacourty, Magrayd, Meagrayd, Mearayd, Meari, [co. Galway,] vicarage of, 152, 153, 310, 311, 311 note, 354, 390.

Ballynacourty, co. Kerry. See Anascaul.

Ballynakill, Kilcroner, Killeruimthie (recte Killcruimchyr) alias Kineclechyn, Ryneleyn alias Ryndelayn, [in Leitrim barony, co. Galway,] parish church of St. Brandan, vicarage of, 602, 622.

- See also Tulla.

Ballynakill, Ballenacylli, Ballenacylly, [a townland in Ballynakill, in Leitrim barony, co. Galway,] annual rent of, united to the deanery of Clonfert, erected (with other annual rents) into the prebend of Drought in Clonfert, 602.

Ballynakill, Balenakylle alias Baleantempull, [King's county,] vicarage of, 519.

Ballynemona. See Mora, co. Tipperary.

Ballyngadi. See Ballingaddy.

Ballyorun, Alba Capella de. See Whitechurch [in the barony of Decies without Drum co. Waterford].

Ballyovey, Bellafen, [co. Mayo,] vicarage of, 552.

- See also Ballygarry and Moynkilly.

Ballyrobin, [in Ballintemple, co. Cork,] benefice called the parcel of, 817.

Ballys. See Ball alias Duffelde, William.

Ballysadare, de Asdara, de Astrura, [co. Sligo,] Augustinian abbey of St. Mary, Cornelius de facto abbot of. See Macserryd.

-, -, Donald abbot of. See Macdonkayd.

-, -, Donatus de facto abbot of. See Ocluan.

-, Magonius abbot commendatary of. See Macdonkayd.

-, Maurice late abbot of. See Macdonkayd.

-, -, canon of. See Oculan, Donatus.

-, -, convent of, 290.

-, -, ruinous condition of, 290.

Ballytarsney, co. Kilkenny. See Kilcraggan.

Ballythankarth. See Tankardstown.

Ballytiyhally alias Cluempet. See Clonpet.

Balmerino, Balmorinoch, Balmureno, Baumerino, Belmerinach, Belmeryn[o]ch, Bolmorinoch, Valumerenoch, [co. Fife,] Cistercian abbey of St. Edward the Confessor (St. Eruardus) alias St. Mary, St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 18, 19, 225, 324, 338, 749.

-, -, Richard abbot of. See Cowyntie.

-, -, Walter abbot of. See Bunch.

Balmyloca. See Ballydeloughy.

Balsall, Balsal [co. Warwick,] Knights Hospitallers preceptory, John preceptor of. See Weston.

Balsall, Thomas, witness, 367.

Baltinglass, de Valle salutis, [co. Wicklow,] Cistercian abbey, abbot of, provision to Carrigillihy belonging to, 743.

-, -, father abbot of Leix, provision made by, 762.

Balydiuclan. See Ballindooly.

Balygady. See Ballingaddy.

Balyngari. See Ballingarry, co. Tipperary.

Balynycaryt, diocese of Ardfert, rural rectory of, in the parish church of Balafygnynyn alias Balynycaryt, 343.

BalZi, William, de facto vicar of Inverchaolain, 172.

Bamburgh, de Bamburgo, [co. Northumberland,] parish church of, annuity charged on, 41.

Bampton, Richard, a monk of Monk Bretton, dispensation to, 565.

Ban, John. See Oss.

Banados, Panaden[sis], Pan(e)aden[sis], Penaden[sis], [Thrace] Thomas [bishop-] elect and bishop of. See Wele.

-, church or see of, in partibus infidelium, 642, 819.

-, city and diocese of, danger of residence in, 642.

Banaster, John, vicar of Horsham, dispensation to, 727.

Banchory-Devenick, Banchie called de Vynyk, Banchridenny, Banchrinny, Banthey de Vinenk, Vimienk etc., [cos. Aberdeen and Kincardine,] a prebend in Aberdeen, 20, 348, 403.

-, variant spellings of, 348 note.

Banchory Ternan, Banchretenre, Banchretnr(e), Bancreterne, [cos. Aberdeen and Kincardine,] vicarage of, 762, 820.

Banchotorpe. See Baconsthorpe.

Banchretenre, Banchretnr(e). See Banchory-Ternan.

Banchridenny, Banchrinny. See Banchory-Devenick.

Bancreterne. See Banchory-Ternan.

Bandon, Banda, [co. Cork,] river of, 429.

Bangor, [co. Carnarvon,] bishop of, licence of, 698.

-, -, papal mandatary, 398.

-, -, resignation admitted by, 698.

-, Henry bishop of. See Dean.

-, Nicholas (recte Richard) bishop of. See Edenham.

-, diocese of, persons of, 279 (4), 380, 474, 698.

-, -, places in. See Beaumaris; Llanddyfnan; Llandwrog; Llaneilian; Llanfwrog, co. Denbigh; Ruthin.

Bangor, [co. Down,] Augustinian abbey of St. Congal, abbot of, papal mandatary, 161.

-, -, Nicholas abbot of. See O'Heggarty.

-, -, convent of, 513.

-, -, rectory belonging to, See Clonduff.

Bangour (recte, in the Valor, Clongowar). See Clungunford.

Banthey[recte Banchory] de Vinenk, Vimienk, etc. See Banchory-Devenick.

Banwell, Bawell, [co. Somerset,] vicarage of, 409.

Bapster, Simon, a Crutched friar of Ospringe, dispensation to, 633.

Barbancia . See Brabant.

Barbur, John, rector of St. Ebbe, Oxford, dispensation to, 795.

Barbus, Mark, cardinal bishop of Palestrina, Thomas Ross, member of the household of, 143, 157.

Barby with Onley, co. Northampton. See Onley.

Barcelona, Barchimonen[sis], Barchinonen[sis], [Spain,] bishop of, papal mandatary, 157.

-, canon of. See Ghualbis, Ferrarius son of Nicholas de.

Barchimonen [sis] written in error for Barchinonen[sis] (i.e. Barcelona) or for Brechinen[sis], q.v., 157 note.

Barchinonen [sis]. See Barcelona.

-, wrongly written Barchimonen[sis], 157 note.

Bardenay. See Bardney.

Bardis, Adrian de, treasurer of Hereford, dispensation to, 695.

-, Alexander de, a merchant of Florence, 39, 132, 261.

-, John de, a Florentine merchant, 261.

Bardney, Bardenay, [co. Lincoln,] Benedictine abbey of SS. Peter and Paul and St. Oswald the Martyr, Richard abbot of. See Horncastle.

-, -, impoverishment of, 286.

Bardo (sic), William, dispensation to, 876.

Bared, Baret. See Barrett.

Barfold, Est. See Bergholt, East.

Barfootte, John, vicar of St. Clement, Cambridge, dispensation to, 599.

Barford St. Martin, Bereford Martyn, [co. Wilts,] rectory of, 829.

Barforth, Robert, precentor of the Holy Cross, Crediton, indult to, 787.

Barihan. See Barnham, co. Suffolk.

Barker, John, citizen of London, indult to, 822.

-, -, Alice his wife, indult to, 822.

-, Robert, to have a benefice without cure in the diocese of Lincoln, 902.

-, Robert, provost of the chantry in the parish church of Towcester, 790.

Barking, Berckyng, Berkyng, [co. Suffolk,] rectory of, 594.

Barlanark, Browent alias Balanrick, Provant, [in Shettleston parish, co. Lanark,] a prebend in Glasgow, 188, 196 note.

Barleanabolloyit, a prebend in Clonfert, 349.

Barley, Barlee, [co. Hertford,] rectory of, 660.

Barlinch, de Berlech, Berlinch, [in Brompton Regis, co. Somerset,] Augustinian priory, canons of. See Langman, Robert; Spake, Stephen.

Barmondesey. See Bermondsey.

Barnaby, Matildes (sic), 908.

Barnby, Barnabi, [co. Suffolk,] parish church of, not to be united to another parish church or to a monastery without the consent of the parishioners, 778.

-, support of rector of, 778.

Barnby, John, litigant for the rectory of Hanbury, 777.

Barnham, Barihan, Barnhan, [co. Suffolk,] rectory of, 710.

Barns, Bernis [in Aberluthnet, co. Kincardine,] tithes of, 462.

Baron, William, vicar of Menheniot, dispensation to, 710.

-, William, of Hilton, party to a matrimonial suit, 661, 662.

-, -, wife of. See Bowis, Marjory.

Barra, Barray. See Barry.

Barre. See Barrie.

Barogh. See Berrow.

Barrett, Bared, Baret, Henry, de facto provost of Killala, monition to, 251.

-, -, rector of Moygawnagh and provost of Killala, to be removed from the latter dignity, 475.

-, -, a canon of Killala, papal mandatary, 299.

-, John, to bevicar of Dundee, 432.

-, Bar[e]d, Matthew, to have a rectory in the diocese of Killala, 878.

-, Baret, Raymund, dispensation to, 911.

-, Thomas, bishop of Annaghdown, papal mandatary, 607.

-, -, dwelling in the diocese of Chichester, papal mandatary, 615.

-, -, dwelling in London, papal mandatary, 512, 515.

-, -, bishop of Annaghdown and rector commendatary of Charleton, to be prior commendatary of Down, 604, 605.

-, Thomas, a canon of Killala, papal mandatary, 664.

-, -, provided to the provostship of Killala, monition for, 251.

-, -, vicar of Kilfian and a canon of Killala, to be precentor of Killala, 46.

-, -, vicar of Kilfian, a canon and precentor of Killala, to be provost of Killala, 475.

-, William, a canon of Killala, executor of a papal mandate, 664.

Barri. See Barry.

Barrie, Barre, John, dispensation to, 239.

-, -, to have a vicarage in the diocese of St. Andrews, 905.

-, John, vicar of Dundee, to be papal nuncio and collectorgeneral of the papal Camera in Scotland, 6, 211.

-, -, vicar of Dundee, papal nuncio and collector-general of the Camera in Scotland, a member of the household of Sixtus IV, safe-conduct for him and his retinue, 276.

-, -, to be dean of Brechin, 864.

- See also Barry.

Barrow, Rindweri, Ryndarc, Ryndweri alias Aglasnalanduy [in Ardfert, co. Kerry,] rectory of, 355.

-, vicarage of, 112, 354, 355.

Barrow, Thomas, rector of Cottingham and Olney, chancellor of Richard duke of York (recte Gloucester), sometime vicar of Chesterton, dispensation to, 736.

Barrowby, co. Lincoln. See Newbo.

Barrowstounness, co. Linlithgow. See Kinneil.

Barry, Barri, Edmund, late a canon of Cork and prebendary of Killaspugmullane, 772.

-, Barray, Barri, Gerald, holding a parcel of the tithes of Kildinan, to be a canon of Cork and prebendary of Killaspugmullane, 771, 772.

-, -, holding a parcel of the tithes of Kildinan, a canon and prebendary of Cork, to have the vicarage of Aghada united to the latter for his life, 772.

-, -, a canon of Cork, papal mandatary, 732.

-, Henry, to be vicar of Bolton, co. Haddington, 461.

-, Barri, John, papal mandatary, 187.

-, John, to have a rectory in the diocese of Cloyne, 902.

-, Barri, John, a canon of Cork, papal mandatary, 187, 773.

-, Barri, Robert, a claimant to the vicarage of Glamis, 24.

-, Barra, Thomas, de facto vicar of Garranekinnefeake, 189.

-, Thomas, to be a canon of Cloyne and to have a vicarage in that diocese, 902.

-, -, to be a canon of Cork and to have a rectory in that diocese, 902.

-, -, a canon of Cloyne, papal mandatary, 102.

-, Barri, William, dispensed to marry, 801.

Barryson, John, rector of Kentisbury, dispensation to, 448.

Barthorn, John, to be a notary public, 474.

Barton, John. See Burton alias Chambyr.

-, Ralph, rector of Great Waldingfield, dispensation to, 317.

-, Robert, of Holme, co. Nottingham, dispensation to, 709.

-, Thomas, an Augustinian canon of Kenilworth, dispensation to, 796.

Barton in the Clay [co. Bedford,] rectory of, 518.

Barton upon Humber, Barton, [co. Lincoln,] rectory of, 78.

Barton Mills, Barton Milles, [co. Suffolk,] rectory of, 568.

Barwick in Elmet, Berwyk in Elmet, [co. York,] rectory of, 569.

Bas. See Bass.

Baschurch, Bassechinch, Bassechirch, [co. Salop,] vicarage of, 511.

Basdale, Basdele. See Baysdale.

Base, James, dispensation to, 884.

Baset, James, to have a vicarage in the diocese of Moray, 879.

Bass, Bas, [an island off co. Haddington,] lord of, 843.

Bassechinch, Bassechirch. See Baschurch.

Basset, William, rector of Bennington, indult to, 426.

Bassyndan, John, de facto prior of Blantyre, 532.

Bat, John, a merchant of the Society of the Staple of Calais, 231.

Bateman, William, bishop of Norwich, colleges founded by, 900, 900 note.

Bath, Bacen[sis], Bathen[sis], Gacen[sis], [co. Somerset,] bishop of. See Bath and Wells infra.

-, city and diocese of, Robert Stillington bishop of Bath and Wells absent from, 473.

-, Benedictine prior (cathedral), prior of, the warden of St. John the Evangelist, Waterford, removeable at the will of, 385.

-, -, John prior of. See Dunster.

-, -, monks of, benefice held by, 385.

-, -, annual cess paid to, 176.

-, -, priory dependent upon. See Waterford (St. John the Evangelist).

Bath and Wells, bishop of, faculties to, 647, 648.

-, -, papal mandatary, 219, 255, 289, 734.

-, -, prior-elect committed to prison by, 853.

-, -, refusal of, to confirm the election of a prior, 853.

-, -, to be joined with John Sante, in the event of the latter visiting the abbey of Glastonbury, 572.

-, -, vicar-general in spirituals of, faculty to, 473.

-, -, -, refusal of, to confirm an election, 853.

-, Robert bishop of. See Stillington.

-, diocese of, benefices in, 889 note, 906.

-, -, park, etc. in, dispute as to parish of, 291.

-, -, person dwelling in. See Wade, Thomas.

-, -, persons of, 298, 306, 408, 426, 447, 474, 647, 648, 678, 749, 869, 869 note, 874 (bis), 875, 883 (bis), 883 note, 888 (ter), 888 notes (ter), 890, 891, 891 note, 892 (bis), 892 notes (bis), 909, 912, 912 note.

-, -, places in. See Backwell; Banwell; Barlinch; Bath; Bawdrip; Berrow; Bickenhall; Bridgewater; Bristol (Holy Cross or Temple); Brompton Ralph; Bruton; Camerton; Charlinch; Chew Magna; Chew Stoke; Cleeve; Croscombe; Curry Mallet; Dunster; Eststretemore; Exford; Frome Selwood; Glastonbury; Glastonbury (St. John the Baptist); Hinton St. George; Huish Champflower; Keyford; Kingsbury Episcopi; Kingstom, co. Somerset; Langridge; Lydeard St. Laurence; Meare; Montacute; Petherton, South; Shepton Mallet; Sherphan; Spaxton; Staple Fitzpaine; Stoke sub Hamdon; Stoke Trister; Stratton on the Fosse; Street; Taunton; Tintinhull; Trull; Wells (hospital of St. John the Baptist); Weston-super-Mare; Weststretemore; Whatley; Withan Friary; Wrington; Yeovil.

-, -, suffragan in. See Hornse alias Shipton, John.

-, -, vicarage in, 906 note.

Bath and Wells (recte Wells), precentor of, papal mandatary, 406.

Bathgate, Bacheat, Bachlcat, Bathket, [co. Linlithgow,] vicarage of, 353, 459, 545.

Bathonien [sis] written Bethen[sis], 255 note.

-, written Bacen[sis], 176.

-, written Gacen[sis], 176.

Battle, [co. Sussex,] Benedictine abbey, abbot of, faculty to, 615.

-, -, -, right of presentation to, for institution by, 615.

Batys, Thomas, the elder, an Augustinian canon of Michelham, dispensation to, 784.

-, Thomas, the younger, an Augustinian canon of Michelham, dispensation to, 746.

Baudorp. See Bawdrip.

Baumerino. See Balmerino.

Bautre, Beutre, Thomas, executor of the will of Richard Benyngton the younger, 779, 780.

Bauuin, William, a canon of St. Peter, Lille, collation and provision to, 792, 793.

Bawdewyn, John, a brother of the hospital of St. Katherine by the Tower, London, and rector of Bygrave, dispensations to, 589 (bis).

Bawdrip, Baudorp, Bawdrop, [co. Somerset,] rectory of, 451, 838.

Bawell. See Banwell.

Baxster, William, rector of Cottered, dispensation to, 491.

Bayham, Begham, [in Lamberhurst, co. Sussex,] Premonstratensian priory, canon of. See Nayssh, Robert.

Bayleroybehyd. See Robertstown.

Bayly, John, prior of Monkton Farleigh, indult to, 636.

-, Margaret, relict and executrix of Thomas Bayly, petition of, 357.

-, Bayli, Richard, notary public, 874.

-, Thomas, relict and executrix of. See Bayly, Margaret supra.

-, Thomas, rector of St. Mary in Bredstrete, Wilton, dispensation to, 490.

Bayn, John, late provided to the vicarage of Bathgate, 459.

Baynbrig. See Bainbridge.

Baysdale, Basdale, Basdele, [in Westerdale, co. Yorks,] Cistercian nuns priory, nuns of. See Butler, Elizabeth; Dauell, Elizabeth.

-, -, described as of the Benedictine order, 807.

Bayster, Baystre, Elizabeth, of London, wife of John Croke, party to a matrimonial suit, 734.

-, -, petition of, 734.

Bayton, Robert, vicar of Slipton, dispensation to, 709.

Beachampton, Bechampton, [co. Buckingham,] rectory of, 788.

Beaconsfield, Bekinisfelde, [co. Buckingham,] rectory of, 608.

Beagh, Bacha alias Kliathceallay, [co. Galway,] rectory of, united to the deanery of Kilmacdnagh, 195, 196.

Beamond, [sir] William, knight, party to a matrimonial suit, 485, 627, 628.

-, -, wife of or former wife of. See Stafford, Joan.

Beauchamp, Richard, bishop of Salisbury, sentences of, 374, 458.

-, -, bishop of Salisbury, a privy councillor of Edward IV and chancellor of the order of the Garter, dispensed to hold a canonry and prebend of St. Stephen, Westminster, and the deanery of St. George, Windsor, 668, 669.

-, -, bishop of Salisbury, sometime bishop of Hereford, and previously archdeacon of Suffolk, indult to, 901, 901 notes (bis).

-, -, late bishop of Salisbury, 744.

Beaufort, Henry, cardinal priest of St. Eusebius, called the cardinal of England, heirs of, 52, 53.

-, -, money alleged to have been in the hands of, 52.

-, Henry, duke of Somerset, Gomerset, captain of Calais, 230, 231, 232.

Beaulieu, de Belloloco regis, Bewley, King's Beaulieu, [co. Hants,] Cistercian abbey of St. Mary the Virgin, abbot of, executor of a papal mandate, 289.

-, -, monks of. See Frome, John; Lincoln, William.

Beaumaris, Bewmarys, [co. Anglesea,] parish church of St. Mary, rectory of, 426.

Bechampton. See Beachampton.

Bechamwell, Bechanawell. See Beechamwell.

Beckingham, Bekyngham, [co. Lincoln,] parish church of All Saints, rectory of, 863.

Bedeforde. See Bedford, Pasqual.

Bedenden. See Biddenden.

Bedford, [co. Bedford,] hospital of St. John the Baptist, Henry master of. See Rudyng.

Bedford, Bedfordi, John, dispensation to, 869.

-, Bedeforde, Pasqual, a monk of Westminster, dispensation to, 738.

-, Thomas, rector of Lubbenham, dispensation to, 335.

-, -, also vicar of Scarborough, indult to, 499.

Bedill, Thomas, an Augustinian canon of Stonely, dispensation to, 594.

Bedlowe, Walter, notary public, proctor of lady Anne Raynesford, 692.

Beechamwell, Bechamwell, Bechanawell, [co. Norfolk,] rectory of, 802.

Beechamwell All Saints, Bylaham (? recte Bylcham), [co. Norfolk,] rectory of, 827.

Beeding, Upper, co. Sussex. See Sele.

Beele, Beyld, William, a brother of the hospital of SS. Mary and Thomas, Southwark, dispensation to, 469.

-, See also Bele.

Begham. See Bayham.

Behenk, Polus, of Danzig, a pirate, 235.

Beirut, Beriten[sis], Veriten[sis], [Syria,] bishop of, papal mandatary, 42, 564, 735, 782, 797, 837.

-, John bishop of. See Pigge.

-, Libertus (a Friar Minor) bishop of, residing in Lige, papal mandatary, 457 note.

Bekan, Kyllonegane alias Racurmayn, Rathcurnayn, Rathicurnayn, [co. Mayo,] rectory of the rural lands of, 394, 395, 435.

-, vicarage of, 479.

Beke, Thomas, rector of Alverdiscott, dispensation to, 629.

Bekinisfelde. See Beaconsfield.

Bekynden, William, dispensation to, 882.

Bekynell. See Bickenhall.

Bekyngham. See Beckingham.

Belahen. See Ballyhean.

Belchamp Walter, co. Essex. See St. Mary Hall.

Belclare, Belclar Tuam, [co. Galway,] vicarage of, 438.

Bele, Richard, of London, notary public, indult to, 676.

-, See also Beele.

Beleter, Thomas, late of London, testamentary suit concerning the estate of, 801.

Belgium, survival of the surname Langlee in, 222 note.

Bell, Belle, Edmund, notary public, 890.

-, Belle, Elias, vicar of Crosthwaite, dispensation to, 752.

-, Belle, John, dispensations to, 883, 884, 906.

-, John, a canon of St. Davids, papal mandatary, 627.

-, William, a monk of St. Augustine, Canterbury, dispensation to, 660.

-, William, vicar of Stokenham, indult to, 734.

Bellafen. See Ballyovey.

Bellantyne, Ballantyne, Bellantine, Bellantyni, Bellyntyne, Robert, an Augustinian canon of Holyrood, Edinburgh, to be prior of St. Mary's Isle, 732.

-, -, prior of St. Mary's Isle, provision of, to the abbey of Holyrood, Edinburgh, 165.

-, -, prior of St.Mary's Isle, provided to Holyrood abbey, absolution for, 1645.

-, -, abbot of Holyrood, Edinburgh, orator of James III to the pope, petition of, 171.

-, -, pension to be paid by, 165.

-, -, abbot of Holyrood, Edinburgh, sometime prior of St. Mary's Isle, resignation of his right in the latter, 168.

Belle. See Bell.

Bellerby [co. York,] a vill in Spennithorne parish, chapel of, 383, 384.

-, distance of, from Spennithorne church, 383.

-, petition of inhabitants of, 383.

Bellerue (sic), John, dispensation to, 884.

Bellesdon, a prebend in Cashel, 724.

Bellimartyn. See Kilmartin, co. Kilkenny.

Bellincinis, Bartholomew de, a papal chaplain and auditor, sentence of, 87.

Bello loco , Belloloco, priory de. See Killagh.

Belloloco regis , abbey de. See Beaulieu.

Bello portu , abbey de. See Kilculliheen.

Bellors. See Bryffyn, Catherine.

Bellyntyne. See Bellantyne.

Belmerinach, Belmeryn[o]ch. See Balmerino.

Benachumbi (in Muinter-Eolays q.v.), parish church of St. Cominus, rectory of, 344.

Benacre, [co. Suffolk,] parish church of St. Michael, rectory of, 155.

Benalcia. See Bennala.

Bendbowe, John, rector of Nailstone, dispensation to, 714.

Benedict XII, pope, constitutions of, 288, 289 note.

-, letters of (Ad perp. rei mem. Vos electionis Paulus Apostolus ) exemplified, 583.

Benedictione Dei , abbey de. See Kilbeggan.

Benenden, Benynden, [co. Kent,] parish church of St. George, vicarage of, 828.

Benfleet, South, Southe Benfelt, [co. Essex,] parish church of St. Mary, vicarage of, 813.

Benholm, Benham, [co. Kincardine,] parish church of St. Mary, rectory of, 26, 27.

Benid. See Kenid.

Bennala, Benalcia, John, late sacrist of Dunfermline, 574, 577, 834.

Bennington, Benyngton, [co. Lincoln,] rectory of, 426.

Bensted, Andrews, rector of St. Swithin Kingsgate, Winchester, dispensation to, 801.

Bentham, [co. York,] rectory of, 405.

Benynden. See Benenden.

Benyngton. See Bennington.

Benyngton, Richard, the elder, writings of, cancelled, and goods of, detained, 780.

-, Richard, the younger, executor of the will of. See Bautre, Thomas.

-, -, goods of, concealed, 780.

Berckyng. See Barking, co. Suffolk.

Bere, Martin, to be a notary public, 729.

Bereford Martyn. See Barford St. Martin.

Berengarii, Bonaffanatus, of Valencia, proctor of Vincent Clementis, 73.

Bereworth, Stephen, dispensation to, 886.

Berford, Thomas, rector of South Ferriby, dispensation to, 627.

Bergholt, East, Est Barfold, [co. Suffolk,] chapel of, annexed to the rectory of Brantham, 526.

Berg[av]eney [i.e. Abergavenny co. Monmouth,] parish church Sancti Cadoci by. See Llangattock.

Bericen [sis] recte Beriten[sis]. See Beirut.

Beriten [sis]. See Beirut.

-, corruptly written, 735 note.

Berkeley, Anne, wife of John Gyse, dispensation for, 277.

-, -, kinswoman of. See Eleanor wife of John Gyse.

Berks, Berkshirie, John archdeacon of. See Russell.

Berkyng. See Barking, co. Suffolk.

Berkyng, parish church of St. Mary. See London: parochial churches.

Berlech, Berlinch. See Barlinch.

Bermingham, Bremechean, William, dispensation to, 892.

-, Brannachym, Bremchiam, Bremessley, William, archdeacon of Tuam, charges against, 663.

-, -, de facto abbot of the Holy Trinity, Tuam, 656.

-, -, de facto archdeacon of Tuam, 770.

Bermondsey, Barmondesey, Bermondesay by London, Bermondesey, Bermo[n]dsay, [co. Surrey,] Cluniac abbey (previously priory) of St. Saviour, abbot of, papal mandatary, 727, 837.

-, -, John abbot of. See Marlowe.

-, -, monks of. See Coventre alias Leenes, John; Ownysbye John.

Bernard, Bernardi, Eustace, prior of Ravenstone, dispensations to, 523, 620.

-, Richard, dispensation to, 888.

Bernis. See Barns.

Bernis, John, vicar of Swaffham Prior, dispensation to, 223.

Berrow, Barogh, [co. Somerset,] vicarage of, 640.

Berthlan, John, indult to, 882.

Bertramshotts, Vertranschotis [now Shotts, co. Lanark,] parish church and poor hospital of St. Catherine, foundation and endowment of, confirmed, 489, 490.

-, lord of. See Hamilton, James de.

Berwick, North, North Berwyk, Nortaberwick, [co. Haddington,] Cistercian nuns abbey, Alizona abbess of. See Home.

-, -, Elizabeth abbess (called prioress) of. See Forman.

-, -, Mariota abbess (called prioress) of. See de Ramsay.

-, -, nuns of, 23.

-, -, -, See also Forman, Elizabeth; Home, Alizona.

Berwick on Tweed, Berwik, [co. Northumberland,] Trinitarian friars' house, united to that of Peebles, 491.

-, -, parish church annexed to. See Kettins.

Berwick St. John, Berwike, [co. Wilts,] parish church of St. John, rectory of, 494.

Berwik. See Berwick on Tweed.

Berwike, diocese of Salisbury. See Berwick St. John.

Berwyk in Elmet. See Barwick in Elmet.

Berwyk, North. See Berwick, North.

Beryehateley. See Cockayne Hatley.

Besaon, Bisuntin[us], [Doubs, France,] canons of. See Moreaul, Guy de; Villeninodi, Guichardus.

Besselsleigh, Beselislie alias Lye, Beselyslye, [co. Berks,] parish church of All Saints, rectory of, 364, 364 note.

Bethen [sis] written for Bathonien[sis], 255 note.

Bethlehem, Bethleem, [Palestine]. See Jesus of Bethlehem in Subject Index under Dedications.

Betnes (recte Ketnes). See Kettins.

Bettheley, Dettheley, Hugh, a monk of St. Neots, dispensation to, 325.

Beueli. See Carrigaline.

Beuerilai. See Beverley, John.

Beuyn, John, vicar of the Friars Minors house of St. Francis, Dumfries, joint-executor of the will of William Hanson, petition of, 406, 407.

Beverley, [co. York,] collegiate church of St. John, canon of. See Chaderton, Edmund.

-, -, prebend at the altar of St. Catherine in, 516.

-, -, second prebend at the altar of St.Catherine in, 536.

-, house of the Friars Minors, John guardian of. See Linwod.

Beverley, Beuerilai, John, dispensed to marry, 829.

-, Bevverley, Thomas, indult to, 381.

-, -, Alice his wife, 381.

-, William, dean of the chapel of St. George, Windsor, and rector of All Hallows Lombard Street, London, sometime rector of, Middleham, dispensation to, 863, 864.

Bevverley. See Beverley, Thomas.

Bewley. See Beaulieu.

Bewmarys. See Beaumaris.

Bewton. See Bruton.

Beyld. See Beele.

Bickenhall, Bekynell, [co. Somerset,] chapel of, within the bounds of the parish church of Staple Fitzpaine, rights of burial etc. granted to, 505.

-, chaplain of, indult to, 505.

Biddenden, Bedenden, Bideden, Bidenden, [co. Kent,] rectory of, 22.

Bideford, Biteford alias Buteford, [co. Devon,] rectory of, 425.

Bidenden. See Biddenden.

Bieeyd (or Bikeyd), Richard, to be vicar of the united vicarages of Carrigdownane (with its annex Legayn) and Derryvillane, 595.

Bigbury, Bigbery, [co. Devon,] rectory of, 686.

Bigneti, James, chancellor of Chartres, abbreviator of papal letters, a member of the household of Sixtus IV, safe-conduct for, 256.

Bikeyd. See Bieeyd.

Bikkarton, John, a commensal member of the household of James III, king of Scotland, dispensation to, 427.

Bille, Thomas, dispensation to, 901.

Billenolan. See Kilmoylan.

Bilsington, Bylsyngton, [co. Kent,] Augustinian priory, canon of. See Cornhil alias Cornel, Robert.

Bindon, Byndon, Bynedun, [in Wool, co. Dorset,] Cistercian abbey, John abbot of, 784.

-, -, -, dispensation to, 784.

-, -, monk of. See Dawson alias Bywell, Robert.

Binelly, in the diocese of Moray, priory of St. Augustine, prior of, papal mandatary, 143.

Binham, Binhin, Binhm, Byncham, Bynham, [co. Norfolk,] Benedictine priory of St. Mary, William prior of. See Dixwell.

-, -, incorrectly stated to be in the diocese of Lincoln, 806.

-, vicarage of, 156, 796.

Birnie, Birneth, Breneth, [co. Elgin,] barony of, belonging to the bishop of Moray, 818.

Birton. See Burton, co. Lincoln.

Bisham, Buschollezam, Bustlesham de Montegu, (fn. 1) [co. Berks,] Augustinian priory of the Holy Trinity, prior of, papal mandatary, 431.

-, -, canon of. See Canon, Thomas.

Bishcope, William, rector of Hardwick, dispensation to, 634.

Bishop's Cleeve, Clyve episcopi, [co. Gloucester,] rectory of, 299, 304.

Bishopton, Byscoby [in Whiteherne, co. Wigtown,] tithes of, 322.

Bishopwearmouth, Bysschope Wermoth, Byssehopewermoth, [co. Durham,] rectory of, 248, 620.

Bisswel. See Boswel.

Bisuntin [us]. See Besanon.

Biteford alias Buteford. See Bideford.

Bituricen[sis]. See Bourges.

Blac. See Blake.

Blacadir. See Blackader.

Blach. See Blake.

Blachadia. See Blackader.

Black Abbey, monasterium Nigrum in Ardo alias in Ardullaid, [in Greyabbey, co. Down,] Benedictine priory, Dermit prior commendatary of. See Oconmuil.

Blackader, Blacadir, Blachadia, Blackadier, Blackdir, Blakadier, Blakadir, Blakadyr, Blaukadir, Robert, orator of James III to the pope, safe conduct for, 226.

-, -, to be a canon and prebendary of Aberdeen and of Glasgow, 223.

-, -, to be a papal protonotary, 208.

-, -, orator and proctor of James III in the Roman Court, to be precentor of Dunkeld, 33.

-, -, dispensation to, 370.

-, -, to be rector of Lasswade, 53.

-, -, licence to, 54.

-, -, a litigant for the rectory of Lasswade, 542.

-, -, pension for, 898.

-, -, proctor of. See Drenthedel, Lambert.

-, -, rector of Lasswade, intention of, to found a hospital at Lasswade, 70.

-, -, petitions of, 68 (bis).

-, -, provision of, to a canonry of St. Salvator, St. Andrews and to the prebend of Lasswade, 68 (bis).

-, -, provision of, to the abbey of Melrose, confirmed, 14.

-, -, provided to the abbey of Melrose, resignation of, and assignment of pension and grant of Hartside to, 29.

-, -, a papal notary and orator of James III to the pope, to be archdeacon of St. Andrews, 65.

-, -, indult to, to visit by deputy, 69.

-, -, to be archdeacon of Aberdeen, 664, 665.

-, -, bishop elect of Aberdeen, sometime archdeacon of Aberdeen, 84, 93.

-, -, sometime a canon of St. Salvator, St. Andrews and prebendary of Lasswade therein, 107.

-, -, sometime a canon of Glasgow and prebendary of Cardross, 794.

-, -, resignation made to, and collation made by, 848.

-, -, sometime archdeacon of St. Andrews, a papal notary, and a pensioner upon the fruits of Melrose abbey, 750.

-, -, translation of, to Glasgow, 130, 824 (bis).

-, -, [bishop-] elect of Glasgow, sometime [bishop-] elect of Aberdeen, indults to, 130, 838, 839.

-, -, bishop of Glasgow, safeconduct for, 272.

-, -, bishop of Glasgow, sometime bishop [-elect] of Aberdeen, debts of, 181, 182.

-, -, bishop of Glasgow, sometime [bishop-] elect of Aberdeen, and a canon of St. Salvator, St. Andrews, and prebendary of Lasswade, 172.

Blackburn, Blakburn, [in Chirnside, co. Berwick,] rent in the vill of, 644.

Blackdir. See Blackader.

Blacke. See Blake.

Black Monastery in Ardo alias in Ardullaid. See Black Abbey.

Blackmore, Blakamore, [co. Essex,] Augustinian priory, William prior of. See Moneypenny.

Blaenkymmyl, [in the diocese of Llandaff,] Thomas Johannis lord of, 380.

Blair, Blar, John, late vicar of Stevenston, 37.

-, William, priest, 37.

-, -, false charge made by, 405.

Blair Athole, Blar, [co. Perth,] rectory of, 485.

Blakadier, Blakadir, Blakadyr. See Blackader.

Blakamore. See Blackmore.

Blakborn, Blalhboen, Nicholas, notary public, 889.

Blakburn. See Blackburn.

Blake, Richard, a monk of Coventry, dispensation to, 451.

-, Thomas, dispensation to, 907.

-, Blac, Blach, Blacke, Walter, a canon of Annaghdown, papal mandatary, 121, 152, 153, 154, 697, 794, 848, 857.

-, -, provided to the vicarage of Galway, to be chaplain of St. Mary without the walls of Galway, 93, 94.

-, -, unlawful vicar of Galway and of Claregalway, to have collation afresh of the vicarage of Galway, 90.

-, -, a canon of Annaghdown and vicar of St. Nicholas, Galway, to have collation afresh of the vicarage, 672, 673.

-, Blach, Blacke, Klach, Walter, a canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 92, 121, 135, 814.

-, -, a canon of Tuam, to be archbishop of Tuam, 827.

Blakwyn, John, rector of Barwick in Elmet, dispensation to, 569.

-, -, rector of Hanbury, appeal of, 777.

Blalhboen. See Blakborn.

Blamyre, William, rector of Eastington, dispensation to, 406.

Blanchefort, Guy de, preceptor of Morterolles, 254.

Bland, Oliver, chaplain of John Nevill, lord Montagu, de facto rector of Richmond and a canon of Norton, 307.

Blandurnok. See Llandwrog.

Blantyre, Blantar, [co. Lanark,] Augustinian priory of the Holy Cross, John de facto prior of. See Bassyndan.

-, -, John prior of. See Turnbull.

-, -, foundation of, recited, 532.

-, -, dependent on Jedburgh abbey, 532.

Blar. See Blair; and Blair Athole.

Blaukadir. See Blackader.

Blaunwyll, Thomas, temporal lord of Staimard, indult to, 847.

Blenk, John, minister of the Trinitarian friars house of Peebles, with the Trinitarian friars house of Berwick on Tweed united thereto, petition of, 491.

Bleuet, Richard, an Augustinian friar, dispensation to, 829.

Blewbury, Bl[e]wbari, [co. Berks.,] rectory of, 865.

Bliburgh. See Blyborough.

Blickling, Blyclyng, [co. Norfolk,] rectory of, 738.

Blondel, Blundel, Thomas, abbot of Jerpoint, arbitrator, 23.

-, -, a Cistercian monk, de facto abbot of Jerpoint, 681.

Blosset, Peter, indult to, 875.

Blount, Robert. See Aylesbury.

Bloxham, [co. Oxford,] rectory of, 580, 614.

Blundel. See Blondel.

Blundell, Thomas, dispensation to, 890.

Blyborough, Bliburgh, [co. Lincoln,] rectory of, 695.

Blyclyng. See Blickling.

Blyth, Blythe, [co. Nottingham,] vicarage of, 776.

Bobille, Bryce, dean of Reims, proctor of James Lindsay, 27.

Bocardus, Nicholas, dispensation to, 867.

Bocat, Richard, clerk, dispensation to, 749.

-, Bochat, Rinaldus [? Richard], indult to, 912, 912 note.

Bochalont. See Buckland, West.

Boche, Robert, dispensation to, 888.

Bochelny (recte Bothelny). See Meldrum, Old.

Bockingfold, Bokenfeld, [in Yalding, co. Kent,] free chapel of, 527.

Bodmin, Bodamina, Bodman, Bodmynya, Villa Bodminie, [co. Cornwall,] Augustinian priory of SS. Mary and Petroc, canons of. See Nakis alias Trenakis, Richard; Thomas, John.

-, parish church of St. Petroc, altar of St. John in, indulgence to persons visiting etc., 494.

-, vicarage of, 466.

Bodon Magna. See Bowden, Great.

Bodunig. See Badoney.

Boigny, de Boigniaca, [Loiret, France,] house of the order of St. Lazarus, former dependence of Burton Lazars on, 3.

Bois, George, a monk of Arbroath, absolution of, 554.

-, -, de facto abbot of Arbroath, sometime a monk of Lindores and afterwards of Arbroath, provision of, to the said abbey, 554, 555.

-, -, oath of fealty of, 555.

-, -, abbot of Arbroath, petition of, 593.

-, -, death of, 812.

-, See also Boys.

Boitisham, Richard, rector of Langham, dispensation to, 800.

Boix. See Boys, Giles.

Bokelond. See Buckland Tout Saints.

Bokelond, Weste. See Buckland, West.

Bokelont. See Buckland Tout Saints.

Bokenam. See Buckenham, Old.

Bokenfeld. See Bockingfold.

Bokenham. See Buckenham, Old.

Boket, Bokett, sir William, rector of Street, agreement made by, exemplified, 2914.

-, -, litigation of, 291, 292.

-, -, petition of, 291.

-, -, tithes assigned to, 292.

-, -, not possessing a seal, 294.

Bole, John, late archbishop of Armagh, 868 note.

Boled. See Kertelyng.

Boleyn, Bollene, Henry, precentor of Lincoln, indult of non-residence for, 220.

-, Henry, rector of Halesworth, dispensation to, 321.

Boligot, John, dispensation to, 885.

Bolmerinoch. See Balmerino.

Bolney, Bolne, John, rector of Lingfield, a litigant in the provincial court of Canterbury, 852.

-, Bolno, Thomas, rector of Cheriton, dispensation to, 250.

Bologna, Bononien[sis], [Italy,] archpriest of, papal mandatary, 30, 188.

-, canon of. See Grassis, Anthony de.

-, papal letters dated at, 263.

Bolton, [co. Haddington,] vicarage of, 461.

Bolton, Andrew, sometime abbot of Jedburgh, 519.

Bolton Abbey, Bolton in Crawen, Bowlton in Crawen, [in Skipton, co. Yorks,] Augustinian priory, prior of, papal mandatary, 661, 662.

-, -, Christopher sometime prior of. See Laschoris.

-, -, Gilbert prior elect of See Marsden.

-, -, convent of, election made by, 46.

Boludeherst. See Gowdeherst.

Bolyngbroke, John, dispensation to, 882.

Bolzeniha (?), John, dispensation to, 898.

Bomgh. See Bourgh.

Bonaparte , N. de, 285, 286, 296, 297, 303 (bis), 311.

Bonattus , B. [? recte M.], 759.

-, M., 650, 739, 754 (ter), 758 (bis), 740, 757, 760, 762, 763, 764 (bis), 770, 793.

Bondington, William de, bishop of Glasgow (12311259), consent of, to the foundation of Blantyre priory, 532.

Bonele (? recte Bouele), John, dispensation to, 873.

Boner, John, public notary, 103.

Boniface VIII, pope, constitution (Execrabilis ) of, 738.

-, exemption granted to the university of Oxford by, 9.

-, privileges granted by, 278 note.

-, reservation of all benefices void at the Apostolic See made by, 503.

Boniface IX, pope, letters of, exemplified, 445, 448.

-, register of, exemplification from, 445, 448.

Bononien [sis]. See Bologna.

Bonvile, Cecily, dispensed to marry, 219.

-, -, a certain Anne her kinswoman, 219.

Bootyll, Hugh, vicar of Potterne, dispensation to, 406.

Bordesley, Bordisley, [in Aston, co. Warwick,] Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 623, 635.

Bordwell, Borduyl, [Queen's co.,] parish church of St. Finlinus, rectory of, 773.

Borley, Thomas, dispensation to, 300.

Bornhale (? recte Burnhale), Thomas, indult to, 883.

Borowe, Robert, notary public, 874.

Borrisleigh. See Twomileborris.

Borsted Parva. See Burstead, Little.

Borthwick, Lochoutwart, Locohvart, [co. Edinburgh,] vicarage of, 295, 657, 658.

Boscenhin (recte Boscenh[a]m, i.e. Bosham). See Bosham, William.

Bosgawyn, John, a Friar Minor, dispensation to, 325.

Bosham, co. Sussex (in text incorrectly Suffolk), 866 note.

Bosham, Boscenhin, William, dispensation to, 866.

Boston, Bostone, [co. Lincoln,] 779.

-, parish church of St. Botolph, gild of St. Mary in, brothers and sisters of, indult to, 469.

Boston, William, dispensation to, 850.

Boswel, Bosuile, Bosvile, Hugh, rector of Darfield, dispensations to, 860, 869.

-, Bisswel, Bysswel, Robert, to be a canon of Glasgow and prebendary of Barlanark, 188.

-, -, a claimant to a canonry of Glasgow and the prebend of Barlanark, pension for, 196 note, 197 note.

Bosworth, [co. Leicester,] battle of, 822 note.

Boteler, Boteller. See Butler.

Bothanis , collegiate church de. See Yester.

Bothe, Charles, dispensation to, 698.

-, John, bishop of Exeter, sometime warden or master of the collegiate church of Manchester, a litigant for the latter, 308, 309, 319, 320.

-, -, death of, 657.

-, Laurence, bishop of Durham, afterwards archbishop of York, absolution of, 885, 885 note.

-, -, archbishop of York, sometime bishop of Durham, translation of, 523.

-, -, oath of fealty of, 505, 523.

-, -, late bishop of Durham, archbishop-elect of York, despatch of pallium for, 505.

-, -, mandate to assign the pallium to, 505.

-, -, envoy of. See Candour, Thomas.

-, -, voidance in the see of Durham caused by the translation of, 523.

-, -, date of translation of, 583 note.

-, -, appropriation made by, 59.

-, -, charge of dilapidation and waste against, 583, 584.

-, -, William [Dudley] bishop of Durham, a suffragan of, 584.

-, Ralph, rector of Long Newton, dispensation to, 589.

-, -, rector of Long Newton and archdeacon of York, dispensation to, 669.

-, Robert, dean of York and rector of Great Bowden, sometime rector of St. Matthew, Ipswich, decree for, 67.

-, -, dispensation to, 696, 697.

-, Robert, a Premonstratensian canon of Sulby, dispensation to, 518.

-, Robert, death of, 835.

-, -, Margaret his relict, wife of Robert Singleton, 835.

-, Thomas, abbot of St. Mary without the walls of York, and his successors, indult to, 726.

-, -, petition of, 726.

-, -, and the convent of the same, grant to, 745.

-, -, petition of, 745.

-, William, archbishop of York, ordinance of, respecting the vicarage of Silkstone, 608.

Bothonium (i.e. Buttevant), priory of St. Thomas the Martyr juxta. See Ballybeg.

Bothwell, Bothell, Bothuel, [co. Lanark,] parish church of St. Mary, Bertramshotts within the bounds of, 489.

-, -, distance of Bertramshotts from, 489.

-, collegiate church, provost of, papal mandatary, 294.

Bothwell, Bothwille, Alexander, vicar of Musselburgh, dispensation to, 523.

Botiller. See Butler, John.

Botonia , priory de. See Ballbeg.

Botte. Thomas, rector of Goxhill, dispensation to, 385.

Botteller, Bottilier, Bottiller, Bottillier. See Butler.

Bottonia (i.e. Buttevant). See Ballybeg.

Botyler. See Butler.

Bouet, Richard, a Premonstratensian canon of Newbo, dispensation to, 752.

Boun, John, rector of St. Mary Aldermary, London, dispensation to, 750.

Bouquil, William, a monk of Arbroath, to be abbot of the same, 812.

-, -, faculty for the blessing of, 812.

-, -, oath of fealty and seal of, 812.

Bourchier, Thomas, archbishop of Canterbury, cardinal priest of St. Ciriac in Thermis, legatus natus, appeal to, from Norwich consistorial court, 860.

-, -, commission to, to visit and correct a monastery in the diocese of London, 872.

-, -, confirmation to, 913.

-, -, indults to, 912, 913.

-, -, auditor-general of causes in the court of, suit before, 708.

-, -, auditor-general of causes of the court of. See Peese, John; Pykenham, William; Winterborn, Thomas.

-, -, cause committed by, 837.

-, -, collation made by, 640.

-, -, commensal chaplain of. See Lichfield, Edmund.

-, -, commissary of. See William, David.

-, -, executor of a papal mandate, 782.

-, -, indult to, 167.

-, -, litigation before, 777 (bis).

-, -, official of, locum tenens of. See William, David.

-, -, papal envoy to, 211.

-, -, papal mandatary, 62.

-, -, resignation made to, 640.

-, -, testamentary suit before, 801.

-, -, threat to cause a person to be punished before, 784.

Bourges, Bituricen[sis], [Cher, France,] archbishop of, papal mandatary, 208.

-, -, oath to be taken to, 207.

-, canon of. See Potier, John.

Bourgh, Bomgh, John, sometime preceptor of Temple Combe, 255.

Bourne, Brunne, [co. Lincoln,] Augustinian abbey, canon of. See Multon alias Prowell, Richard.

Bourtie, Bourty, [co. Aberdeen,] vicarage of, 848, 849.

Boutiller. See Butler.

Bovevagh, Repbhad, [co. Londonderry,] rectory of, 11.

Bovey, North, North Bovi, Northbovy, [co. Devon], rectory of, 409, 694.

Bowde, Thomas, rector of Kelshall, a member of the household of Edward, prince of Wales, dispensation to, 638.

-, Thomas, vicar of the Holy Trinity, Coventry, indult to, 806.

Bowden, Great, Bodon Magna, [co. Leicester,] rectory of, 7, 697.

Bower, John, rector of the Pitt portion of Tiverton, dispensation to, 484.

Bowis, Marjory, wife of William Baron, party to a matrimonial suit, 661, 662.

Bowland, co. York, W.R. See Sawley.

Bowlton in Crawen. See Bolton Abbey.

Bowtman, John, dispensation to, 907.

Boxley, Boxle, [co. Kent,] Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, abbot and convent of, indult to, 875.

-, -, monk of. See Burbage, Thomas.

Boyes. See Boys, Giles.

Boyle, co. Roscommon. See Inchmacnerin.

Boys, David, to have a priory in the diocese of Moray, 903.

-, Boix, Boyes, Giles, proctor of John Garden, 702.

-, -, proctor of James de Hakilhude, 756.

-, -, a claimant to the precentorship of Moray, 763.

-, -, precentor of Moray, proctor of Stephen Angel, 762.

-, -, proctor of David Henrici, 108.

-, -, late a canon of St. Salvator, St. Andrews, and prebendary of Lasswade, 172.

-, -, provided to the vicarage of Marnoch, dispensation to, 506.

-, -, late vicar of Arbirlot, 815.

-, -, to be chancellor of Aberdeen, 904.

-, -, late provided to the chancellorship of Aberdeen, 816.

-, Henry, reservation of the vicarage of Linlithgow for collation to, 355.

-, Patrick, dispensation to, 687.

-, -, sometime vicar of Banchory-Ternan, 762.

-, William, prior of Pluscardine, proposed resignation of, 510.

-, -, pension to be reserved for, 510.

-, William, sometime sacrist of Dunfermline, 577.

-, See also Bois.

Brabant, Barbancia, Brabancia, export of wool to, forbidden, 227.

-, trade with, 229.

Brabourne, Braiborn, [co. Kent,] vicarage of, 707.

Bracciano, Turrisbacchane, [Italy,] papal letters dated at, 102, 106. 262, 264, 605, 606, 608, 609, 611, 616620, 632, 635 (bis), 636, 640, 657, 694, 749, 763, 786, 798, 799, 807 (bis).

-, robbery at, 221.

Bracebridge, Bracebryg [co. Lincoln, partly in the city of Lincoln,] vicarage of, 496.

Bradden, [co. Northants,] parish church of St. Michael, rectory of, 589.

Brade, Richard, dispensation to, 251.

Bradefeld, William. See Bradsylde.

Bradelegh, Richard, dispensation to, 900.

Bradi, John, vicar of Stirling, a litigant for a canonry of Dunbar and the prebend of Dunse, pension reserved to, 844, 845.

Brading, Breerding, [Isle of Wight,] vicarage of, 336.

Bradley, Maiden, Mayden Bradley, Maydenbredley, [co. Wilts,] Augustinian priory, William prior of. See Westbury.

-, -, canon of. See Herford, Richard.

Bradsylde alias Bradefeld, William, vicar of Chesterton, dispensation to, 748.

Braggs, Roger, dispensation to, 907.

Braham. See Brantham.

Braiborn. See Brabourne.

Brakstede. See Brasted.

Brakynburck, John, dispensation to, 908.

Brampton, Robert, dispensation to, 883.

Branchona, David, de facto vicar of Kilmaniheen, 183.

Brande. See Carr formerly Brande, Robert.

Brandiston, Brandeston, [co. Norfolk,] parish church of St. Nicholas, rectory of, 808.

Brannachym. See Bermingham, William.

Branston, Braunceton, [co. Lincoln,] rectory of, 304.

Brantham, Braham, [co. Suffolk,] parish church of St. Michael, with the chapel of East Bergholt annexed thereto, rectory of, 526.

Brasse, John, vicar of St. James, Great Grimsby, dispensation to, 726.

Brasted, Brakstede, [co. Kent,] parish church of St. Martin, rectory of, 491.

Braua, George, an Augustinian canon of All Hallows without the walls of Dublin, absolution for, 826.

-, -, to be bishop of Dromore, 826.

Braunceton. See Branston.

Bray, Clement, dispensation to, 866.

Brayly, Richard, dispensation to, 899.

Braytost [sic], Alan, vicar of Tunbridge, dispensation to, 749.

Brechin, Brechinen[sis], Vrchinen[sis], [co. Forfar,] bishop of, oaths to be taken to, 555, 556.

-, -, papal mandatary, 23, 27, 42, 66, 139, 142, 169, 188, 552, 555, 556.

-, -, presentation to, and refusal of, to institute, 817.

-, John bishop of. See Balfour.

-, bishop and chapter of, rights of, reserved, 138.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 42.

-, John dean of. See Barrie, and Spalding.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 138.

-, chancellor of, papal mandatary, 432.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 84, 459, 462, 762, 864.

-, precentor of, papal mandatary, 432.

-, canons of. See Achleck, William; Chison, James de; Gordon, Adam; Ogilvy, William; Oliphant, William.

-, canons provided of. See Meldrum, David; Rate, Alexander; Tiry, Gilbert.

-, canonry of, pension on, 196 note.

-, chapter of, consent of, to the erection of a collegiate church, 138.

-, prebend in, called pensionaria, 763, 809.

-, sometime prebend in. See Guthrie.

-, prebends in. See Glenbervie; Guthrie.

-, diocese of, persons of, 41, 58, 72, 77, 84, 157, 239, 284, 432, 504, 610, 733, 794, 854.

-, -, places in. See Dundee; Guthrie; Kirkbuddo.

-, See also Barchimonen[sis].

Brechinen [sis] written Vrchinen[sis], 762.

Brecknock, archdeacon of. See William ap Thomas.

Brecnay, Brecnai, Thomas, prior of Downpatrick, sometime a monk of the same, charges against, 369.

Bredach. See Moygawnagh.

Bredon, Bredon alias Breden, [co. Worcester,] rectory of, 299, 303.

-, Robert Slymbrigge rector of, 27.

Breerding. See Brading.

Breggelond, Roger, rector of Stowting, dispensation to, 592.

Bregoge, Bregog, [co. Cork,] vicarage of, 350.

Brekenoke, William, a monk of St. Andrew, Northampton, claiming to be prior of the same, 485, 486.

-, -, claiming to be a visitor of the said priory, 486.

Brekny, Brekyn. See Churchtown (or Bruhenny).

Bremechean, Bremchiam. See Bermingham, William.

Bremelham. See Bremilham.

Bremen, Bremensis, [Germany,] archbishop of, monition to, 236.

-, provost of, papal mandatary, 762.

-, diocese of, places in. See Bremen; Hamburg; Stade.

-, one of the Hanse towns, commonalty of, 235.

Bremessley. See Bermingham, William.

Bremilham, Bremelham, [co. Wilts,] rectory of, 667.

Brenach, Brennach, David, a canon of Annaghdown, papal mandatary, 310.

-, Brennac, Geoffrey, vicar of Killererin, to be vicar of Moylough also, 696.

-, Brennat, Geoffrey, vicar of Annagh, to be vicar of the church of the Shrine, Tuam, 653.

-, James. See Walsh alias Brenach.

-, Brenake, James, de facto rector of Coolcashin, 173.

-, John, provided to the archdeaconry of Cashel, 98.

-, -, vicar of Liath-mochaevog with the vicarage of Twomileborris annexed, to be archdeacon of Cashel, 718.

-, Brenache, John, de facto vicar of Ullid and sometime vicar of le Agineche, to be vicar of Ullid with the rectory of Tibberaghny annexed and rector of Kilmartin, 857, 858.

-, Brenake, Maurice, to be rector of Coolcashin, 173.

Brend, William, vicar of Bodmin, dispensation to, 466.

Brene, Thomas, dispensation to, 902.

Breneth. See Birnie.

Brennac, Brennach, Brennat. See Brenach.

Brereton, Brerton, [co. Chester,] sir William Brerton lord of, 551.

Brerton, [sir] William, knight, lord of Brereton, indult to, 551.

-, -, wife of, 551.

Breslau, Wladislavien[sis], [Prussia,] bishop of, monition to, 236.

-, diocese of, place in. See Danzig.

Brici, Nicholas son of Andrew, to have a monastery in the diocese of Ross [in Scotland], 896.

Brid, Richard, rector of Northmoor, dispensation to, 364.

-, alias Maysmore, Peter, a monk of St. Peter, Gloucester, dispensation to, 625.

Brida. See Brydy.

Bridgetown, Villa pontis, Villapontis, [co. Cork,] Augustinian priory of St. Mary, prior of, papal mandatary, 182, 350, 407, 421, 435, 578, 681.

-, -, Dermit de facto prior of. See Oleyni.

-, -, Philip prior of. See Roche.

-, -, canon of. See Roche, Philip.

Bridgewater, Briggewater, [co. Somerset,] Augustinian priory of St. John the Baptist, Richard priorelect of. See Spenser.

-, -, canon of. See Spenser, Richard.

-, -, convent of, prior elected by, 852.

Bridi. See Brydy.

Bridlington, Bridlyngton, [co. York,] Augustinian priory of St. Mary, prior of, bulla cut off from papal letters by, 286.

-, -, -, papal mandatary, 238.

-, -, Peter prior of. See Hollard.

-, -, Robert prior of. See Bristwyk and Wylly.

-, -, prior and convent of, 286.

-, -, canons of. See Bristwyk, Robert; Duke, Nicholas; Hollard, Peter.

-, -, house within the bounds of, 499.

-, -, house called Alymhous in, 499.

Briggewater. See Bridgewater.

Brighteston. See Brixton (Isle of Wight).

Brighton, Bristelmestona, Bristelmestuna, [co. Sussex,] grants of the land of, 400, 400 note.

Brightwell, Brythwel, [co. Berks,] rectory of, 790.

Brioton. See Bruton.

Briscolia (recte Bristolia). See Bristol.

Bristall, Richard, a citizen of London, party to a matrimonial suit, 629, 630.

-, -, petition of, 630.

Bristelmestona, Bristelmestuna. See Brighton.

Bristol, Briscolia recte Bristolia, Bristollei, Bristollii, [co. Somerset,] Augustinian abbey of St. Augustine, of the order of St. Victor, abbot and convent of, grant to, 878.

-, -, -, litigants concerning certain tithes, 289, 290.

-, -, -, petition of, 289, 290.

-, -, parish church united to. See Almondsbury.

-, parish church of the Holy Cross or Temple, Holy Cross in the Temple, vicarage of, 775.

-, rural deanery of the town of, commissary of the bishop of Worcester in matrimonial causes in, 512.

-, -, resident in. See Walsh, John.

Bristwyk, Gristwyk, Robert, prior of Bridlington, sometime an Augustinian canon of the same, 499.

-, -, petition of, 500.

Britcham, Britclim, John, a litigant in the provincial court of Canterbury, appeal of, 851, 852.

Britii, Eugenius, rector of Kilfinichen, charge against, 166.

Brittany, duchy of, 283.

-, duke of. See Francis.

-, Vannes in, q.v.

Britway, Brygoyas, [co. Cork,] parish of, the parcel of Lynam in, 856.

Brixton alias Brighteston, [Isle of Wight], rectory of, 21, 22, 35, 36.

Brocke, Richard, dispensation to, 884.

Brockhampton, Brokyngton, [in Wimborne St. Giles, co. Dorset,] John Ingelere lord of, 380.

Brocklesby, co. Lincoln. See Newsham.

Broedbent, William, chaplain at the altar of SS. Saviour and Anne, in Lichfield cathedral, 267, 268.

Brokbury, William, rector of Coychurch, dispensation to, 492.

Broke. See Brook, William.

Brokyngton. See Brockhampton.

Brokysbury. See Broxbourne.

Bromecroste (? recte Bromecrofte), in the diocese of Hereford, William Burley of, 517.

Bromehill, Browmhill, Browmhyll, [in Weeting, co. Norfolk,] Augustinian priory, prior of, papal mandatary, 661, 662.

Bromeley. See Bromley-by-Bow.

Bromfeld, Richard, vicar of Wrexham, dispensation to, 676.

Bromham, [co. Wilts,] rectory of, 634.

Bromius . See Brown.

Bromley [co. Kent,] rectory of, 386.

Bromley - by - Bow, Bromeley, [co. Middlesex,] Robert Mortimer of, 528.

Brompton, [co. York,] rectory of, 202.

Brompton, Patrick, Brompton alias Patrik Brompton, Patrecbronton, [co. Yorks,] parish church of St. Peter or St. Patrick, rectory of, 218, 862.

Brompton Ralph, Brompton Raaff, Brompton Raff, [co. Somerset,] rectory of, 316, 317, 335.

Brompton Regis, co. Somerset. See Barlinch.

Bron. See Brown, George.

Bronun (recte Brouun). See Brown, James.

Brook, Brooke, Elizabeth, abbess of Romsey, indult and grant to, 107.

-, -, indult to, restricted in scope, 803, 804.

-, -, chaplains and household of, 803, 804.

-, -, right of, to grant corrodies, 804.

-, Broke, William, rector of Combe Martin, dispensation to, 778.

Brosna, co. Kerry. See Kilmaniheen.

Brougham, Burgtham alias Brugtham, [co. Westmorland,] rectory of, 792.

Broughton, Browghton [? in co. Lincoln, co. Northants or co. Oxford,] rectory of, 545.

Broughton Astley, Broughton Asteley, [co. Leicester,] rectory of, 726.

Broughton, Upper, Brughton, [co. Notts.,] rectory of, 516, 536.

Broum, Broun, Broune. See Brown.

Brouse, Robert, dispensation to, 886.

Browent alias Balanrick. See Barlanark.

Browmhill, Browmhyll. See Bromehill.

Brown, Bron, Broum, Broun, Browne, George, to be rector of Aldcathie, 41.

-, -, petition of, 41.

-, -, rector of Aldcathie, dispensation to, 649.

-, -, to be rector of Tyninghame, 71, 72.

-, -, to be chancellor of Aberdeen, 816.

-, -, chancellor of Aberdeen, about to be provided to the bishopric of Dunkeld, absolution for, 851.

-, -, chancellor of Aberdeen, provided to the bishopric of Dunkeld, monition in favour of, 276, 277.

-, -, [bishop-] elect of Dunkeld, provision of, 915.

-, -, consecration of, 915.

-, -, sometime rector of Aldcathie, 843.

-, James, to be a canon of Glasgow, of Dunkeld and of Aberdeen, with reservation of prebends for, 197.

-, -, to be dean of Aberdeen, 914.

-, Broun, John, a Friar Preacher, transfer of, from his order to the monastery of Melrose, 150.

-, -, to be received as a monk of Melrose, 150.

-, -, appointed coadjutor to Richard [Lambe,] abbot of Melrose, and provided to that abbey, when vacant, 150, 151.

-, -, dispensation to, 150.

-, -, oath and blessing of, 150.

-, Browne, John, late rector of Aldcathie, 41, 492.

-, Browne, John, to be rector of Kirkbean, 71.

-, Broun, John, rector of West Tilbury, dispensation to, 626.

-, Broune, Mary, late prioress of Godstow, 633.

-, Richard, prior of Pontefract, dispensation to, 859, 860.

-, -, petition of, 573.

-, Broun, Robert, proctor of Alexander Holyng, 823.

-, Robert, reservation of benefice for, 184.

-, Broyn, Robert, to be a canon of Lismore and prebendary of Kilbarrymeaden, 433.

-, -, of Waterford, a canon of Lismore and prebendary of Kilbarrymeaden, appeal of, 145.

-, Broun, Robert, a litigant for the vicarage of Innerleithen, 63.

-, Bromius, Broune, Thomas, charge against, 453.

-, -, a notary public, of Dublin, excommunication and appeal of, 463.

-, Thomas, vicar of Kildrummy. dispensation to, 839.

Broxbourne, Brokysbury, [co. Hertford,] vicarage of, 280.

Broxholme, Broxholm, [co. Lincoln,] rectory of, 565.

Broyn. See Brown, Robert.

Bruera, Gilbert de, chantry of, in St. Paul's cathedral, London, 559.

Bruern, de Bruera, [co. Oxford,] Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, monk of. See Altetyr, Thomas.

Bruges, Brugen[sis], [Belgium,] collegiate church of St. Donatianus, dean of, papal mandatary, 649.

-, escape of Richard Heron to, 232.

-, temporal court of, action in, 232.

-, town of, bound to a treaty, 229.

Brughton. See Broughton, Upper.

Brugtham. See Brougham.

Bruis, Bryhuse, Brynhuse, [co. Tipperary,] rectory of, 477.

-, -, patrons of, 477.

-, church of, dilapidation of, 477.

Brun, Robert, sometime rector of Luncarty, 614.

Brunne. See Bourne.

Bruree, Brury, [co. Limerick,] vicarage of, 703.

Bruton, Bewton, Brioton, [co. Somerset,] Augustinian priory of St. Mary, John prior of. See Henton.

-, -, canon of. See Hows, William.

-, -, convent of, indult to, 892.

Brydy, Brida, Bridi, Malcolm, a monk of Arbroath, intruded abbot of the same, 13, 14.

-, -, sometime abbot of the same, 555.

Bryffyn alias Bellors, Catherine, dispensed to marry, 543.

-, -, first husband of, 543.

Brygeman, Joan, wife of John Goldl smith, party to a matrimoniasuit, 676.

Brygge, Peter, an Augustinian friar, dispensation to, 781.

Brygoyas. See Britway.

Bryhuse. See Bruis.

Bryndholme, Richard, rector of Roos, dispensation to, 485.

Brynhuse. See Bruis.

Bryte, Richard, rector of Marwood, dispensation to, 491.

Brythwel. See Brightwell.

Bubbe, John, rector of Horsemonden, dispensation to, 726.

Bubbewyth, Bubbeweyeh, Nicholas, late vicar of the Holy Cross, Westgate, Canterbury, 640.

Bublesthorp [sic]. See Lubbesthorpe.

Buchan, co. Aberdeen. See Deer, Old.

Buckenham, Old, Bokenam, Bokenham, [co. Norfolk,] Augustinian priory of St. James, canons of. See Levyngset, John; Pittecok, Thomas.

-, -, statutes of, 640.

Buckingham, Bukyngham, county of, Fleet Marston in, 551.

Buckland Tout Saints, Bokelond, Bokelont, [co. Devon,] chapel of St. Peter, sometime in the parish of Loddiswell, erected into a parish church, 862, 863.

-, -, patronage of, belonging to the rector of Loddiswell, 862.

-, inhabitants of, petition of, 862.

-, lord of. See Hill, William.

-, tithes of, sometime belonging to Loddiswell, assigned to the rector of Buckland Tout Saints, 863.

Buckland, West, Bochalont, Weste Bokelond, [co. Devon,] rectory of, 364, 364 note.

Bucknall, Bukenell, [co. Lincoln,] rectory of, 300.

Bucteller (recte Butteller). See Butler.

Budcley (recte Budeley). See Butleigh.

Buefod, Bueford. See Burford.

Bugwyt, Giles, dispensation to, 914.

Bukenell. See Bucknall.

Bukton, Robert, dispensed to marry, 776.

Bukyngham. See Buckingham.

Bulcomb, Bulcom, Bulconis, John, afterwards bishop of Waterford and Lismore, dispensation to, 889, 889 note.

-, -, bishop-elect of Waterford and Lismore, dispensed to retain the rectory of Bawdrip in commendam, 451.

-, -, provision, absolution and consecration of, 894.

-, -, pension to be paid by, 40.

-, -, bishop of Waterford, arbitrator, 109.

-, -, bishop of Waterford and Lismore, fictitious resignation of, 119, 148, 838.

-, -, proctor of. See Sherwood, John.

-, -, rector of Longworth and vicar of Highworth, sometime rector of Bawdrip, dispensation to, 838.

Bulle, Bully, Duncan, rector of Kinnell, previously a canon of Glasgow and prebendary of Renfrew, a canon of Aberdeen and prebendary of Methlick, and a chaplain at the altar of the Holy Rood in the parish church of the Holyrood, Stirling, rehabilitation of, 34.

-, -, collation to, 35.

-, -, dispensation to, 211.

-, -, sometime rector of Kinnell, to be archdeacon of Dunblane, 103, 104.

Bullock, Maud, of Rickmansworth, charge against, 777.

Bullseany. See Kilshanny.

Bully. See Bulle.

Bulse, John, dispensation to, 872.

Bulwyk, John, claiming to be a visitor of the priory of St. Andrew, Northampton, 486.

Bunbury, co. Chester, 903 note.

Bunbury, Bumbere, Bumbure, Henry, dispensation to, 903.

Bunch, Bunche, Duncan, a canon of Glasgow, papal mandatary, 35, 294, 378.

-, -, a canon of Glasgow and prebendary of Renfrew, death of, 38, 42.

-, -, late provided to the deanery of Dunkeld, 40.

-, Walter, prior of Dunbog, to be abbot of Balmerino, 135, 136.

-, Bunche, William, to have a monastery in the diocese of Glasgow, 887.

-, blessing of, 887.

Burbage, Thomas, a monk of Boxley, dispensation to, 781.

Burford, Buefod, Bueford, [co. Oxford,] John Sabyn of, 648.

Burgen, Simon, acting as commissary or dean of the abbot of Bury St. Edmunds, sentence of, 676.

Burgen[sis]. See Burgos.

Burges, John, an Augustinian friar, dispensation to, 853.

Burgeskera alias Villanova, Burgeskerra. See Burriscarra.

Burgesle. See Twomileborris (or Borrisleigh).

Burgh. See Burgh St. Margaret.

Burgh, Robert, clerk, to be a notary public, 829.

-, -, oath of fealty of, 829.

-, William, rector of Clifton, dispensation to, 839.

Burgh St. Margaret, Burgh, [co. Norfolk,] parish church of St. Margaret, rectory of, 838.

Burgo, David de, commission for, 915.

-, David de, archdeacon of Kilmacduagh, and a litigant for the same, 328, 329.

-, -, intimidation by, 328.

-, David de, to be a canon of Clonfert and prebendary of Drought with the rectory of Loughrea united thereto, 670, 671.

-, David de, to be a canon of Emly and prebendary of Lattin, 387.

-, David de, to be a canon of Tuam, 897.

-, -, a canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 11.

-, Edmund de, to be a canon of Cashel and prebendary of Killardry and Cloonfinglass, 767.

-, Edmund de, to be archdeacon of Annaghdown with the vicarage of Roscam united thereto, 194.

-, Edmund de, a canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 650.

-, -, late a canon of Tuam and prebendary of Kilmeen, 622.

-, Eymundus de, a canon of Tuam and prebendary of Killabegs, marriage of, 135.

-, Henry de, to have a rectory in the diocese of Annaghdown, 895.

-, Henry de, rector of Oranmore, to be also treasurer of Kilmacduagh, 56.

-, Hubert de, a canon of Killala, to be also vicar of Turlough, 83.

-, John de, commission for, 915.

-, John de, to be vicar of Loughrea, 741.

-, -, a canon of Clonfert and prebendary of Drought with the rectory of Loughrea annexed thereto, charges against, 670, 671.

-, John de, a canon of Kilmacduagh, union of two rectories to the canonry of, 882.

-, John de, a canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 153, 327, 849.

-, John de, to be a canon of Emly and prebendary of Inch St. Laurence, 387.

-, John de, a canon of Kilmacduagh, papal mandatary, 389.

-, John de, de facto vicar of Killeenadeema, 757.

-, John de, to be vicar of Oranmore, 684.

-, John de, the elder, a canon of Tuam, to be abbot commendatary of Knockmoy for four years, and then to be received as a monk and to be abbot of the same, 95.

-, -, abbot commendatary of Knockmoy, charges against, 154, 155.

-, John de, the younger, a monk of Knockmoy and de facto abbot of the same, 94, 95.

-, Melerus (Mulerus) de, a canon of Limerick, papal mandatary, 362.

-, -, to be rector of Derrygalvin, 30.

-, -, to be treasurer of Limerick and rector of Derrygalvin, 378, 379.

-, -, to be dean of Limerick, 659.

-, Milerus de, late dean of Tuam, 761.

-, Milerus de, to be received as an Augustinian canon of St. John the Evangelist, Tuam, and to be abbot of the same, 521.

-, -, oath of fealty of, 521.

-, -, de facto abbot of St. John the Evangelist, Tuam, 664.

-, Molerus de, dispensation to, 888.

-, Raymond de, to be a canon of Kilmacduagh and to have a vicarage in that diocese, 903.

-, Remundus de, of Limerick, to be a canon of Limerick and prebendary of Donaghmore with the vicarage of Kilmurry united thereto, 619.

-, Richard de, archdeacon of Annaghdown, de facto vicar of Galway, 90.

-, -, de facto archdeacon of Annaghdown, 193, 194.

-, -, a canon of Annaghdown, de facto vicar of Galway, 672, 673.

-, Richard de, captain of his sept, monition to, 251.

-, -, sons of, 251.

-, -, wife of, 251.

-, alias O'Cane, Okahayn, Richard de, formerly a litigant for the deanery of Leighlin and acting as rector of Glashare, de facto treasurer of Ossory, to be received as an Augustinian canon of St. John the Evangelist by Kilkenny and to be prior of the same, 652, 653.

-, -, sometime treasurer of Ossory, 671.

-, Richard son of William de, sometime rector of Derrygalvin, 30.

-, Richard (Riscerdus, Rustardus) de, abbot of Cong, confirmation of an abbot of Gill Abbey, Cork, by, 125.

-, -, charges against, 132.

-, -, abbot of Cong and father abbot of the Augustinian order, charges against, 800.

-, Theobald de, a canon of Annaghdown and prebendary of Lackagh and Balecula, charges against, 153.

-, Theobald de, to be dean of Kilmacduagh, 897.

-, Theobald de, a Friar Preacher, to be prior of Roscommon, 287.

-, -, a Friar Preacher, prior of Roscommon, charges against, 413, 723.

-, Theobald de, late vicar of Killeenadeema, 302.

-, Thomas de, a canon of Annaghdown, papal mandatary, 193, 700.

-, -, a canon and prebendary of Annaghdown, to have the rectory of Killererin united to his prebend and to be abbot commendatary of Knockmoy, 154, 155.

-, Thomas de, de facto vicar of Caherconlish, to be received as an Augustinian canon of Athassel and to be prior of the same, 436, 437.

-, -, an Augustinian canon of Athassel, detainer of certain benefices belonging thereto, 193.

-, -, prior of Athassel (in text incorrectly Cashel), provision of, surreptitions, 64.

-, -, prior of Athassel, charges against, 76, 77.

-, -, charges made by and against, 534, 535.

-, Walter de, a canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 666.

-, Walter de, sometime a canon of Tuam and rector of Ballinchalla, to be an Augustinian canon of Cong and abbot of the same, 132.

-, -, a canon and abbot of Cong, sometime archdeacon of Annaghdown, 194.

-, -, abbot of Cong, commissary of Donatus O'Murray, archbishop of Tuam, collation made by, 459.

-, Walter de, to be archdeacon of Tuam and rector of Dunmore, 770.

-, Walter de, vicar commendatary of Catherconlish and an Augustinian canon of Athassel (in text incorrectly Cashel), to be prior of the same, 64.

-, -, prior of Athassel, charges against, 76, 77, 436.

-, -, sometime prior of Athassel, formerly a canon of the same, 534, 535.

-, Walter de, de facto rector of Kilthomas, 155.

-, William de, abbot of Knockmoy, charges against, 353.

-, -, indult to, 549.

-, -, death of, 94.

-, -, a monk of Knockmoy and de facto abbot of the same, 654.

-, William de, to be a canon of Annaghdown and prebendary of Lackagh and Balecula, with the vicarages of Lackagh and Ballynacourty annexed, 153.

Burgos, Burgen[sis], [Spain,] canon of. See Pardo, Peter.

Burgtham alias Brugtham. See Brougham.

Burgundy, duchess of. See Margaret.

-, duke of, service of and in the dominion of, 783.

-, -, See also Maximilian and Philip.

Buri, Peter de, late rector of Ghyvelde, 643 note.

Burler (? recte Burlei, i.e. Burley) William, dispensation to, 883.

Burley, Margaret, relict of William Burley, divorced wife of Fulk de Springeaux, dispensed to marry Richard Willewyn, 517.

-, -, daughter of, 517.

-, William, of Bromecroste, late husband of Margaret Burley, 517.

Burnham. See Nunburnholme.

Burnham Deepdale, de Pedale (recte de Depedale), [co. Norfolk,] parish church of St. Mary, rectory of, 833.

Burren, Buryn, [in Rathclarin, co. Cork,] rectory of, united to the prebend of Carrigaline, 70.

Burriscarra, Burgeskera alias Villanova, Burgeskerra, [co. Mayo,] rectory of, 535, 536.

-, vicarage of, 459, 460.

Burrough on the Hill, Ardbrogh, [co. Leicester,] rectory of, 713.

Burry, Joan, party to a matrimonial suit, 735.

Burstead, Little, Borsted Parva, Byrstede Minor, [co. Essex,] rectory of, 9, 714.

Burton, Birton, Byrton, [co. Lincoln,] rectory of, 676.

Burton, diocese of Coventry and Lichfield, abbey of. See Burton on Trent.

Burton, diocese of Lincoln, hospital. See Burton Lazars.

Burton, diocese of York, priory of. See Monk Bretton.

Burton, Alice. See Thryngston.

-, alias Chambyr, Barton, John, of London, party to a matrimonial suit, 735.

-, -, alleged wife of. See Thryngston alias Burton, Alice.

-, Thomas, a brother of the hospital of St. Leonard alias St. Peter, York, dispensation to, 243.

Burton Lazars, Burton, [co. Leicester,] hospital of the order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem, dispensation to, 836.

-, -, exemption of, from dependence upon the house of Boigny, and immediate subjection of, to the apostolic see, 3.

-, -, William master of. See Sutton.

-, -, master and brethren of, dangers run by, in having recourse to Boigny, 3.

-, -, brethren of, petition of, 3.

-, -, -, admission of, 3.

-, -, -, See also Spalding, Hugh; Sutton, Robert.

Burton, North, [co. York,] rectory of, 695.

Burton on Trent, Burton, [co. Stafford,] Benedictine abbey, Thomas abbot of. See Felde.

Burwell, Thomas, rector of Ockham, dispensation to, 304.

Buryn. See Burren.

Bury St. Edmunds, Bury, Edmund's de Bury, Euey, [co. Suffolk,] Benedictine abbey of St. Edmund king and martyr, abbot of, commissary or dean of. See Burgen, Simon; Pike, John.

-, -, -, jurisdiction of, district of, 676.

-, -, monks of. See Kertelyng alias Boled, John; Stanfeld. John.

-, hospital of St. Peter in the suburb of, without Rysby Gate, Rysbygare, John rector of. See Frense.

-, Rysby Gate, Resbygare, Rysbygare, in, 396.

Buschollezam. See Bisham.

Bussh, John, dispensation to, 889.

Bussy, William, rector of Manton, co. Lincoln, dispensation to, 489.

Bustlesham de Montegu. See Bisham.

Buteford. See Bideford.

Butillier. See Butler.

Butleigh, Budcley, [co. Somerset,] John Hobbys vicar of, 291.

Butler, Boteller, Cathelina, wife of Richard Butler, 21.

-, Botiller, Elina, an Augustinian nun of Kilculliheen, absolution etc. of, 636.

-, Boteler, Elizabeth, a nun of Baysdale, dispensation to, 808.

-, Boteller, James, patron of Callan, 767.

-, Bottilier, Bottillier, James, of Dublin, dwelling in London, to be a notary public, 530.

-, Botiller, John, dispensation to, 873.

-, Bottiller, John, a citizen of Waterford, 119.

-, Butteler, Richard, commission for, 915.

-, Boteller, Bottillier, Richard, party to a matrimonial suit, 21, 525.

-, -, wives of. See Butler, Cathelina; Cantwell, Ellen.

-, Bucteller, Richard, reservation of a benefice for, 185.

-, Botteller, Richard, to have a rectory in the diocese of Cashel, 899.

-, Boutiller, Richard, rector of Kilberry, to be also a canon of Lismore, prebendary of Donaghmore and vicar of Magowry, 185.

-, Botyler, Butillier, Buttiler, Richard, rector of Crohane, to be a canon of Cashel and prebendary of Templetouhy, with the rectory of Crohane united thereto, 652.

-, -, a canon of Cashel, papal mandatary, 188, 191.

-, Buttiler, Richard, to have a farm of benefices in the province of Cashel belonging to the hospital of St. John the Baptist, Dublin, 180.

-, Bottiller, William, rector of Kilberry, dispensation to, 787.

Butley, Buttele, Buttle sive Buttele, [co. Suffolk,] Augustinian priory of St. Mary, prior of, benefices in the gift of, 779.

-, -, canons of, secular benefice (Worlingham) wont to be held by, 802.

-, -, -, See also Plummer, William; Wyntt alias Capel, John.

Butonia (i.e. Buttevant). See Ballybeg.

Buttele. See Butley.

Buttevant, Bothonium, Bottonia, Butonia, [co. Cork,] priory of St. Thomas the Martyr by. See Ballybeg.

Buttiler. See Butler.

Buttler sive Buttele. See Butley.

Bygrave, [co. Herts,] rectory of, 589.

Bykley, John, a canon of St. Chad, Shrewsbury, indult to, 677.

Bylaham (? recte Bylcham). See Beechamwell All Saints.

Byllyng, William, a Premonstratensian canon of Newbo, dispensation to, 789.

Byllyngham, Richard, a monk of Durham, dispensation to, 326.

Bylsyngton. See Bilsington.

Byncham. See Binham.

Byndelavse, John, rector of Radcliffe, co. Lancs., dispensation to, 801.

Byndon, Bynedun. See Bindon.

Bynell, William, prior of St. Andrew, Hexham, dispensation to, 527.

Byngham, Bynghayn, John, a merchant of the Society of the Staple of Calais, 231.

-, Bynghem, Richard, and his wife, indult to, 867.

Bynham. See Binham.

Byrde, Thomas, vicar of Newington, co. Kent, dispensation to, 641.

Byrstede Minor. See Burstead, Little.

Byrton. See Burton, co. Lincoln.

Byschton, Richard, rector of Hardingham, dispensation to, 799.

Byscoby. See Bishopton.

Bysschope Wermoth, Byssehopewermoth. See Bishopwearmouth.

Bysswel. See Boswel.

Bywell, Robert. See Dawson.