Index of Persons and Places: C

Pages 958-985

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 13, 1471-1484. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1955.

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Cabco (recte Calco). See Kelso.

Caceiis, Stephen de, a canon of Vercelli, papal mandatary, 105.

Cadder, Cadar, Cader, [co. Lanark,] rectory of, annexed to the subdeanery of Glasgow, 276.

-, vicarage of, 24, 221, 276, 609.

-, -, church annexed to, 276.

Cadyngbrolie (recte Cadyngbroke). See Cattybrook Farm.

Caher, Cathyrbrisleayn, Ka[t]hyrbrisleaym alias Ynysdasliabog, [co. Kerry,] vicarage of, 510, 511.

-, Cathir, Cathyr, Cayrdunhesch, Kahirdunaheasey, Kahirdyinaheasey, Kahyrdunaheasey, [co. Tipperary,] Augustinian priory of St. Mary the Virgin, prior of, papal mandatary, 509.

-, -, -, rectories belonging to, 407.

-, -, Eugenius de facto prior of. See Magrath.

-, -, William prior of. See Olonregan.

-, -, William sometime prior of. See Tobyn.

-, -, canons of. See Cantwell, Patrick; Olonregan, William.

Caherconlish, Cahirkynlys, Chahirlis, [co. Limerick,] vicarage of, 64, 436, 437.

Cahernarry, Karimari, Karnarn, Karnnary, [co. Limerick,] vicarage of, 361, 362.

Cahirkynlys. See Caherconlish.

Caistor-next-Yarmouth, Castre, [co. Norfolk,] parish church of the Holy Trinity, vicarage of, 446.

Caithness, Cathanen[sis], Cathenen[sis], bishop of, oath to be taken to, 556.

-, -, papal mandatary, 556, 816.

-, John [bishop-] elect and bishop of. See Sinclair.

-, Prosper [bishop-] elect of. See Medicis, Prosper Camulius de.

-, Alexander archdeacon of. See Suthirlande.

-, canons of. See Gordon, Adam; Rate, William.

-, chapter of, papal letters to, 846.

-, prebend in. See Kildonan.

-, church of, vassals of, papal letters to, 846.

-, city and diocese of, clergy and people of, papal letters to, 846.

-, earl of. See Sinclair, William, earl of Orkney and Caithness.

Calahorra, Calaguritan[us], Calagurritan[us], [Spain,] John bishop of. See Diaz de Coca.

Calais, Calesie, Calesium, [Pas-de-Calais, France,] parish church of St. Mary, rectory of, 565.

-, parish church of St. Nicholas, indulgence to persons visiting etc., 448.

-, -, chapel of the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ in, 448.

-, -, rector of. See Lee, Alexander.

-, -, rector of, and five priests appointed by him to hear confessions, indult to, 448.

-, -, wardens of, 448.

-, captain of. See Beaufort, Henry, duke of Somerset; and Nevill, Sir Richard, earl of Warwick.

-, collector of the Camera in. See Sante, John.

-, defence of, 227.

-, garrison of, 228.

-, jurisdiction over, 252.

-, marches of, Gunes in, 585.

-, proposed departure of Richard Heron from, on pilgrimage to Rome, prevented, 230.

-, situation of, 227.

-, society of the merchants of the Staple of, mayor of. See Walden, John.

-, -, -, lieutenant of. See Proude, John.

-, -, mayor, constables and merchants of, 228.

-, -, mayor, constables and officers of, money lent by, 230.

-, -, mayor, constable, officers and merchants of, absolution etc. for, 252, 253.

-, -, -, not to be impleaded by Richard Heron outside England, 253.

-, -, members of. See Bat, John; Byngham, John; Fitz-Johan, William; Harthen, Philip; Heron, Richard; James, Nicholas; Tate, John; Whetehill, Richard.

-, -, most members of, English, 252.

-, -, jurisdiction over, 252.

-, -, two members of, sentence executed against, 252.

-, -, merchants of, monition to, 252.

-, -, registers of, 229.

-, -, rules of, 228.

-, -, seal of, 229.

-, -, treasurer of, seal of, 231.

-, staple for wool and woolfells ordained in, 227.

-, trade of, with Flanders, 230.

Calaito [? Calceto], vicarage de. See Templetogher.

Calandrini, Philip, cardinal bishop of Porto, major penitentiary, papal mandatary, 206.

Calbras. See Crosse.

Calceto. See Templetogher.

Calco. See Kelso.

Calder, John, to be archdeacon of Moray, 518.

Calesie , Calesium. See Calais.

Calixtus III, pope, action of, against the Turks, 203, 204.

-, dispensations granted by, 31, 299, 303, 316, 336, 339, 602, 617, 695.

-, faculties granted by, 34, 97, 296.

-, special privileges and indults regarding heresy sent to England by, 200.

Callan, Calla, [co. Kilkenny,] parish church of St. Mary, vicarage of, 638, 639, 767.

-, -, lay patrons of, 638, 639.

Calne, John, a monk of Malmesbury, dispensation to, 626.

Cambel. See Campbell.

Cambrai, Cameracen[sis], [Nord, France,] official of, papal mandatary, 246.

-, canons of. See Doget, John; Fineti, Nicholas.

-, diocese of, person of, 462.

-, -, places in. See Cambrai; Renaix.

Cambridge, Cantabrigia, Cantiburgen[sis], [co. Cambridge,] Augustinian hospital of St. John the Apostle and Evangelist, rector, called master, and brethren of, licence to, 614, 615.

-, -, -, petition of, 614.

-, -, brother of. See Togge, Thomas.

-, -, masses transfered to the church of, 615.

-, parish church of St. Botolph, bequest for masses in, 614.

-, -, masses transferred from, 615.

-, parish church of St. Clement, vicarage of, 599.

-, university of, teacher of theology in, 217.

-, -, Corpus Christi college in, the house or college of Corpus Christi and Blessed Mary, called Seynt Benettis College, master or warden and scholars of, petition of, 611.

-, -, -, statute for, that they may farm the rectory of Grantchester, 612.

-, -, Gonville and Cams College, 900 note.

-, -, Peterhouse, college of St. Peter, statutes of, 910.

-, -, Trmity Hall, 900 note.

Cambrigge, John, an Augustinian canon of Anglesey, dispensation to, 539.

Cambuskenneth, Cambuskinneth, Cambuskynneth, Carmbusbuskinich, [co. Clackmannan,] Augustinian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 585.

-, -, Alexander abbot of. See Ruch.

-, -, Henry abbot of. See Abererome.

-, -, canon of. See Ruch, Alexander.

-, -, founders of, 75.

Camell, Camel, alias Coping, Copping, Coppyinghe, Coppyngh, Coppynghe, Robert, confessor of Margaret duchess of Burgundy, rector of Hethel, indult to, 384.

-, -, rector of Hethel and of Patrick Brompton, dispensation to, 218.

-, -, provost of Wingham, indult to, 822.

-, -, petition of, 114, 115.

Camera, Alan de, late abbot of Kelso, 18.

-, Gilbert de, sometime prior of Inchmahome, 414, 416.

-, John de, a claimant to a canonry of Moray and the prebend of Kingussie, pension reserved for, 610, 611.

-, John de, to be rector commendatary of the hospital of St. Germains, 58.

-, -, sometime a litigant for the hospital of St. Germanus, diocese of Aberdeen, reservation of certain tithes in lieu of a pension for, 462.

-, -, proctor of. See Martini, Daniel.

-, Thomas de, dispensations to, 559, 880.

-, -, incomplete dispensation to, 560 note.

-, -, reservation of the vicarage of Kirkbean for, 551.

-, -, provided to the rectory of Kirkbean, death of, 71.

Cameracen[sis]. See Cambrai.

Camerino, [Macerata, Italy,] diocese of, person of, 6.

Cameron, William, prior of St. Andrews, action for libel taken by, against two of his canons, 2256.

-, -, award of arbitrator in favour of, 15.

-, -, petition of, 15.

-, -, suit of, 319.

-, -, to be a papal acolyte, 209.

-, -, prior of St. Andrews and a papal acolyte, death of, 139, 170, 841.

Camerton, Camlerton, [co. Somerset,] rectory of, 641.

Campagnano, in the diocese of Sutri, [Roma, Italy,] papal letters dated at, 61.

Campania . See Champagne.

Campbell, Cambel, Elizabeth, wife of George Les, dispensation to, 483.

-, -, first husband of, 483.

-, Cambel, John, archdeacon of Lismore (in Scotland), to be bishop of Sodor, 871 note.

Campion, Campyon, Thomas, rector of South Stoke, dispensations to, 831, 912.

Campoion, Edmund, vicar of Swaffham Prior, dispensation to, 712.

Camulius, Prosper. See Medicis, Prosper Camulius de.

Candedicase , written in error for Candide case, 585.

Canderer, Thomas, indult to, 889.

Candeur. See Candour.

Candia , Petro de, called in his obedience Alexander V, death of, before his letters were drawn up, 464 note.

Candicase , written in error for Candide case, 585 note.

Candida Casa , Candidacasa. See Whiteherne.

-, written in error Candedicase, Candicase, Candidicase, 585, 585 note.

Candour, Candeur, Candor, Caundour, Condouer, Thomas, official of Rochester, executor of a papal mandate, 458.

-, -, commissary of. See Marlowe, John.

-, -, union made by, 1.

-, -, a canon of Lincoln, chaplain of Latinus [de Ursinis,] cardinal bishop of Tusculum, sometime chamberlain of Eugenus IV and Nicholas V, to be a papal subdeacon, 222.

-, -, a canon of Lincoln and a papal subdeacon, envoy of Laurence Bothe, archbishop elect of York, bearer of the pallium, 505.

-, -, rector of Pimperne and of St. Antholin, London, a chaplain of Edward IV and his mother, a papal chamberlain, sometime vicar of Baschurch, dispensation to, 511.

Cannileo, Prosper de. See Medicis, Prosper Camulius de.

Canon, Thomas, an Augustinian canon of Bisham, dispensation to, 582.

Canon Island, Inisgad, Inysgad, Ynisgad, Ynisgud, [in Killadysert parish, co. Clare,] Augustinian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 140, 388, 520, 754.

-, -, -, unlawfully detaining the vicarage of Inishdadroum, 89.

-, -, Dermit abbot of. See Macgillapadryg.

-, -, Mauricius alias Maurus uncanonical abbot of. See Macgillapadryg.

-, -, canon of. See Macgillapadryg, Dermit.

Cant, Adam, a monk of Dunfermline, absolution for, 825.

-, -, to be abbot of Dunfermline, 825.

-, -, faculty for the blessing of, 825.

-, -, oath of fealty etc. of, 825.

-, Alexander, a litigant for the rectory of Kirkbean, 71.

-, George, dispensation to, 694.

-, Rant (recte Kant), John, a canon and prebendary of Abernethy, provided to the archdeaconry of Dunblane, 104 (bis).

-, John, a prebendary in Dalkeith, and chaplain of Margaret, queen of Scots, dispensation to, 645.

Cantabrigia . See Cambridge.

Cantavieja, Cantauetula, [Teruel, Spain,] Knights Hospitallers' bajuliva of, bajulus of. See Heredia, Peter Fernandi de.

Cantelon. See Cantillon.

Canterbury, Cantuarien[sis], [co. Kent,] archbishop of, collations by, 456, 859.

-, -, exhortation to, 242.

-, -, faculty to, 789.

-, -, monition to, 235.

-, -, papal letters to, 522 (bis), 657 (bis), 743, 744, 826.

-, -, papal mandatary, 2, 3, 5, 6, 28, 53, 85, 253, 255, 258, 445, 540, 737, 782.

-, -, right of collation belonging to, by lapse, 265.

-, -, rights of, saved, 522, 744, 827.

-, -, visitor of Wingham collegiate church, 114.

-, Henry archbishop of. See Dean (or Deane).

-, John, archbishop of. See Morton; and Peckham.

-, Robert archbishop of. See Kilwardby.

-, Thomas archbishop of. See Arundel; and Bourchier.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 4, 97.

-, cathedral church, papal letters to be posted on the doors of, 258.

-, -, confirmation of gift to, 913.

-, archiepiscopal or metropolitical court of, appeal to, from the official of London, 734.

-, -, auditor and auditorgeneral of. See Winterborn, Thomas.

-, -, charge of contempt of, 560, 561.

-, -, judge of. See Peese, John.

-, -, official of, deputy of. See William, David.

-, diocese of, appropriation in, 875.

-, -, indulgence in, 876.

-, -, persons of, 357 (ter), 456, 540 (bis), 660, 789, 867, 874 (bis), 875, 876, 879, 880, 882, 883, 886 (bis), 888 (bis), 898, 900, 901, 911.

-, -, places in. See Adisham; Aldington; Alkham; Ash; Benenden; Biddenden; Bilsington; Bockingfold; Boxley; Brabourne; Brasted; Calais; Canterbury (Holy Cross, Westgate); Cheriton; Dover; Dymchurch; Esthantham; Eynsford; Folkestone; Goodnestone; Mongeham, Great; Harbledown; Kennington, co. Kent; Kingsnorth; Leeds, co. Kent; Linsted; Minster in Thanet; Monks Horton; Newington, co. Kent; Nonington; Ospringe; Otham; St. Margaret at Cliffe; St. Radegund; Sandwich; Shoreham, co. Kent; Stowting; Sturry; Swanton; Tenterden; Warehorne; Wingfield; Wingham; Womenswould; Wormshill, Wye.

-, peculiar jurisdiction of, places in. See Cheam; Darenth; Malling, South; London (St. Dionis Backchurch); London (St. Mary Aldermary).

-, province of, constitutions of, 447, 648, 727, 851.

-, -, London in, 777.

-, -, official of. See William, David.

-, Augustinian priory of St. Gregory without the walls of, canons of. See Crosse, William; Thorold, John.

-, Benedictine abbey of SS. Peter and Paul and St. Augustine near or without the walls of, abbot of, papal mandatary, 852.

-, -, John abbot of. See Dunster.

-, -, William abbot of. See Selling.

-, -, monks of. See Bell, William; Dunster, John.

-, -, convent of, papal letters to, 813.

-, -, vassals of, papal letters to, 813.

-, parish church of the Holy Cross, Westgate, Wesignate, vicarage of, 640, 641.

-, parish church of St. Paul without the walls, vicarage of, 488.

-, archbishop's palace at, letters dated at, 114.

Canthewil, Canthuel. See Cantwell.

Cantiburgen[sis]. See Cambridge.

Cantillon, Cantelon, Cantulini, Cantulun, Conchulu[n], Condulum, Contelon, Contolini, Contlun, Contulun, Thomas, to be a canon of Limerick, 895.

-, -, a canon of Limerick, papal mandatary, 89, 183, 256, 440, 703, 739.

-, -, de facto a canon of Limerick and prebendary of Donaghmore, 420.

-, -, a canon of Limerick and prebendary of Dysert, to have the rectory of Dromin united to his prebend, 858.

-, Cantulu[n], Thomas, proctor of David Maccrawan, 707.

Canton, Edmund, holding the parcel of Lynam in the parish of Britway, to be a canon of Cloyne and prebendary of Killeenemer and vicar of Glanworth, 855, 856.

-, Maurice, a canon of Cloyne, papal mandatary, 563.

Cantori. See Contin.

Cantour, Eleanor, absolution etc. for, 237.

Cantuarien[sis]. See Canterbury.

-, changed into Cicestren[sis], 744 note.

Cantuel, Cantuell. See Cantwell.

Cantulini, Cantulu[n], Cantulun. See Cantillon.

Cantwell, Ellen, wife of Richard Butler, party to a matrimonial suit, 21, 525.

-, -, petition of, 525.

-, Cantwel, James, dispensation to, 885.

-, Cantuell, Cantuuel, James, a canon of Cashel, papal mandatary, 358, 385, 411.

-, Cantwel, James, to be treasurer of Ossory, 671.

-, Canthuel, Canthuell, Cantuel, Cantuell, Cantwel, James, to be treasurer of Cashel, 423, 424.

-, -, provided to the treasurership of Cashel, to be also treasurer of Lismore, 420.

-, -, sometime treasurer of Cashel, 670.

-, -, sometime treasurer of Cashel, treasurer of Lismore and chancellor of Cashel, to be archdeacon of Cashel, 672.

-, -, archdeacon of Cashel, sometime treasurer and chancellor of Cashel and treasurer of Lismore, to have the chancellorship of Cashel united to the archdeaconry, 667, 668.

-, -, archdeacon of Cashel, death of, 98, 718.

-, John, archbishop of Cashel, annexation dissolved by, 350.

-, -, collations made by, 54, 122, 472, 563, 765.

-, -, commissary of. See O'Meagher, William.

-, -, executor of a papal mandate, 638.

-, -, information supplied by, 142.

-, -, papal mandatary, 251.

-, -, resignation made to, 534.

-, -, sentence confirmed by, 768.

-, -, sentence promulgated by, 535.

-, -, to have the farm of certain benefices, 346.

-, -, union made by, 472.

-, -, death of, 846.

-, Patrick, 315 note.

-, Canthewil, Cantwel, Patrick, an Augustinian canon of Caher, to be prior of St. Catherine's, Waterford, 326.

-, -, a litigant for the priory of St. Catherine by Waterford, 109.

-, -, pension assigned to, 109.

-, -, death of, 80, 81, 109.

-, Cantuel, Patrick, an Augustinian canon of St. Catherine, Waterford, charges against, 616.

-, Cantuel, Peter, a canon and prebendary of Cashel, with the vicarage of Fethard united thereto, to be also archdeacon of Ossory, 174.

-, -, late archdeacon of Ossory, 23, 286.

-, Cantuuell, Thomas, to be dean of Ossory, 74.

Canyng, John, rector of Pangbourne, dispensation to, 516.

Canynges, William, dean of Westbury on Trym, 26, 27.

Cape, Christopher, rector of Wiston, co. Sussex, dispensation to, 518.

- See also Stanford alias Cape, John.

Capel. See Wyntt alias Capel, John.

Capodistria, Justinopolitan[us], [Italy,] James bishop of. See Valaresso.

-, Simon bishop of. See Vosich.

Capton, Hugh, dispensation to, 885.

Carabris, George, vicar of Selkirk, to be also vicar of Coull, 12.

- See also Carebrys.

Carafa, Oliver, cardinal priest of St. Eusebius, member of the household of. See Oss alias Ban, John.

-, -, papal commissary, 15.

Carbery, Carbriemtes, prince of. See MacCarthy, Florence.

Cardellis, John de, bishop of Girghenti, residing at the Roman Court, papal mandatary, 597.

Cardiff, Kerdiff, [co. Glamorgan,] parish church of St. Mary the Virgin, vicarage of, 449.

Cardigan, archdeacon of. See Lewis ap Owen.



Albano, Rodrigo (Roderich) de Lanzol-Borja of, 474, 515 note.

Ostia, William of. See de Estoutevilla.

Palestrina, Mark Barbus of, 143, 157.

Porto, Bernard de Languissel of, 115.

-, Philip Calandrini of, 206.

Sabina, Julian of. See de Ruvere.

Tusculum, Latinus de Ursinis of, 205, 208, 222.


St. Adrian, Stephen of. See Nardini.

St. Balbina, John Kempe of, 52, 53.

St. Ciriac in Thermis, Thomas of. See Bourchier.

St. Clement, Bartholomew Roverella of, 372.

St. Eusebius, Henry of. See Beaufort.

St. Eusebius, Oliver Carafa of, 15, 353.

St. Mary in Trastevere, Stephen of. See Nardini.

St. Peter ad Vincula, Julian of. See de Ruvere.

St. Sabina, Berardus Eruli of, 15.

St. Sixtus, Peter Ferriciy Comentano of, 63, 64, 65.


St. George in Velabro, Raphael Riario of, 6, 127, 168, 733, 127, 168, 733.

S. Maria Nuova, Francis de Gonzaga of, 42, 593.

St. Theodore, Theodore Paleologo di Monferrato of, 47, 340.

Cardinals, dues to the college of, 181, 182.

Cardross, Cudros, Tardios, [co. Dumbarton,] a prebend in Glasgow, 794, 795, 809.

Carebrys, Cariberis, Thomas, a litigant for the vicarage of Tarbes, 341.

-, Thomas de, late vicar of Kirkintilloch, 295.

- See also Carabris.

Careudris. See Carrudris.

Carew, Carow, John, dispensation to, 888.

-, Robert, commissary of John Carpenter, bishop of Worcester, in matrimonial causes in the rural deanery of Bristol, 512.

Carglich. See Dysert, in Trughanacme barony, co. Kerry.

Cariberis. See Carebrys.

Carkathkahat. See Monagay.

Carlisle, [co. Cumberland,] bishop of, papal commissary, 661, 662.

-, -, sub-commissaries of. See Dudley, William, bishop of Durham, and Ellerton, William, abbot of Easby (St. Agatha in the diocese of York).

-, -, papal mandatary, 219, 358, 425, 583.

-, Augustinian priory (cathedral) of, prior of, papal mandatary, 46.

-, diocese of, persons of, 250, 493, 887.

-, -, places in. See Appleby; Brougham; Clifton, co. Westmorland; Crosthwaite; Dacre and Gilsland; Edenhall; Shap; Torpenhow.

Carlow, Kerlac, [co. Carlow,] rectory of, 722.

Carmarthen, Kermerdyl, [co. Carmarthen,] Augustinian priory of St. John the Evangelist, Maurice late prior of. See Wynter.

-, -, Thomas sometime prior of. See Thomas ap Morris.

-, -, canon of. See Thomas ap Morris.

-, -, convent of, election of a prior by, 508.

Carmarthen (?), priory of St. John the Baptist in the diocese of St. Davids, united to the priory of Lanthony by Gloucester, 912.

Carmbusbuskinich. See Cambuskenneth.

Carmichael, [co. Lanark,] rectory of, 321.

Carmichael, Chernikel, George, pension for, 913.

Carna. See Templecarn.

Carnesechis, Francis de, a citizen and merchant of Florence, 235.

Carnis, William, dispensation to, 888.

-, -, late vicar of Glamis, 24.

Carnoten[sis]. See Chartres.

Carow. See Carew, John.

Carpenter, John, bishop of Worcester, appropriations made by, 256, 3668, 630.

-, -, commissary of, 512.

-, -, erroneously put for John Barrett, bishop of Annaghdown, 515.

-, -, letters of, exemplified and confirmed, 256, 3678.

-, -, seal of, 25.

-, -, prosecution of appropriation before, 368.

-, -, rectory in the gift of. See Kempsey.

-, -, a bishop in the universal church, sometime bishop of Worcester, cession of, 522.

-, -, pension reserved for, 516.

-, Carpynter, William, rector of Cuxton, dispensation to, 751.

Carr formerly Brande, Robert, an Augustinian canon of Newstead, uncanonical vicar of Ringmer, to have collation afresh of that vicarage, 859.

-, Thomas, dispensation to, 887.

Carrickfergus, co. Antrim. See Woodburn.

Carrick-on-Suir, Carrig, Carryg, [co. Tipperary,] vicarage of, 167.

Carrigaline, Beueli, [co. Cork,] a prebend in Cork, union of Rathclarin and Burren to, 70.

Carrigdownane, Carydunayn, [co. Cork,] vicarage of, 595.

-, -, parcel annexed to. See Legayn.

Carrigillihy, de Fonte vivo, de Fontevivo, [in Myross, co. Cork,] Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 450.

-, -, Donatus abbot of. See Ohuallacayn.

-, -, John late abbot of, 743.

-, -, monk of. See Ohuallacayn, Donatus.

-, -, provision to, belonging to the abbot of Baltinglass, 743.

Carrigleigh, Glearnaredealle alias Carrithlyayh, [in Drishane, co. Cork,] a prebend in Ardfert, 472.

Carrington, Kerington, [co. Edinburgh,] rectory of, 19.

Carrithlyayh. See Carrigleigh.

Carrudris, Carutheris, Roger de, vicar of Dumfries, joint-executor of the will of William Hanson, petition of, 406, 407.

-, -, vicar of Dumfries, sometime rector of Wamphray, dispensation to, 818.

-, William, dispensation to, 891.

-, Careudris, William, rector of Middlebie, and provided to the vicarage of Dunrod, dispensation to, 430, 431.

Carryg. See Carrick-on-Suir.

Carsy, David, rector of Ringrone, to be a canon of Cork with his rectory of Ringrone erected into a prebend, 748.

Carter, Edmund, dispensation to, 901.

-, John, rector of Burnham Deepdale, dispensation to, 833.

Carutheris. See Carrudris.

Carydunayn. See Carrigdownane.

Caryngton, Richard, vicar of Felpham, dispensation to, 319.

Casalen[sis] written for Casselen[sis], 169.

Casbro (sic), monastery de. See Fermoy.

Casellton. See Castlemagner.

Cashel, co. Longford. See Saints Island.

Cashel, Casalen[sis], Casselen[sis], Cassellen[sis], Cassellis, [co. Tipperary,] archbishop of, appeal from, 525.

-, -, benefices in the gift of, 100.

-, -, clerk made by, 731.

-, -, collation and provision by, 652.

-, -, concurrent letters to, 906 note.

-, -, erection of a prebend by, 673.

-, -, excommunication pronounced by, 187.

-, -, fruits of certain vicarages received by, 95.

-, -, interdict laid by, 605.

-, -, lapse of collation to, 765.

-, -, letters of protection granted by, 391.

-, -, papal letters to, 148, 351, 352 (bis), 471, 743.

-, -, papal mandatary, 54, 119, 144, 183, 184, 193, 436, 531, 534.

-, -, petition of, 525.

-, -, provision made by, 653.

-, -, rights of, saved, 149, 352 (bis).

-, -, sentence of, in a matrimonial suit, 525.

-, -, suffragans of, 187.

-, -, union made by, 422.

-, David archbishop [-elect] and archbishop of. See Creagh.

-, John archbishop of. See Cantwell.

-, archiepiscopal mensa of, slenderness of, 346.

-, archbishop, dean and chapter of, benefices in the gift of, 98, 185.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 95, 98, 193, 401, 421, 452, 841.

-, Edmund dean of. See Mares.

-, John dean of. See O'Hedian.

-, Edmund claimant to the deanery of. See Mares.

-, deanery of, prebend belonging to. See Ballyclerahan.

-, -, value of, 54.

-, dean and chapter of, benefices in the gift of, 100.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 51, 95, 169, 180, 185, 421, 500, 509, 652, 653, 730, 841.

-, -, son of, 169.

-, James archdeacon of. See Cantwell.

-, John archdeacon of. See Brenach and O'Hedian.

-, Robert archdeacon of. See Hacket.

-, Thomas archdeacon of. See Purcell.

-, John provided to the archdeaconry of. See Brenach.

-, chancellor of, papal mandatary, 654.

-, James chancellor of. See Cantwell.

-, John chancellor of. See O'Hiffernan.

-, chancellorship of, to be united to the archdeaconry of the same, 668.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 98, 180, 185, 423, 452.

-, precentor of, papal mandatary, 99, 653, 671.

-, treasurer of, papal mandatary, 421, 436, 841, 857.

-, James treasurer of. See Cantwell.

-, Peter treasurer of. See O'Hedian.

-, Richard treasurer of. See Osichan.

-, canons of. See Burgo, Edmund de; Butler, Richard; Cantwell, James; Cantwell, Peter; Everard, Richard; Mares, Edmund; Michell, Thomas; O'Cahill, Philip; O'Cahill, Thomas; Oconnvynch, John; O'Curran Boy, Aidan; O'Fogarty, Philip; Ogicakan, Thomas; Ohanigan, Thady; O'Hiffernan, Adam; O'Hogan, Denis; Ohurayn, Maurice; Olachnayn, Thady; O'Meagher, William; O'Mulcahy, Thomas; Omulwihyll, Thomas; O'Quirk, Matthew; Purcell, Patrick; Vacenstin, Maurice.

-, canon provided of. See Olamfhyd, Dermit.

-, de facto canons of. See Corr, Thomas; Oberch, Thomas; Ohurayn, Maurice; Purcell, Patrick.

-, claimant to a canonry of. See Vacenstin, Maurice.

-, sometime canons of. See Corr, Thomas; Macuorinyla, John.

-, late canon of. See Oduchony, John.

-, chapter of, deputy of, to exercise the cure of a vicarage erected into a prebend, 606.

-, -, papal letters to, 846.

-, prebends in. See Ballingarry (in Slievardagh barony, co. Tipperary); Bellesdon; Crohane; Killardry; Killardry and Cloonfinglass; Mullaghnoney; Rathcool, Templetouhy.

-, church of, suffragans of, papal letters to, 846.

-, -, vassals of, papal letters to, 846.

-, city and diocese of, clergy and people of, papal letters to, 846.

-, -, intimidation in, 64, 348, 509, 606, 767.

-, diocese of, benefices in, farm of, 346.

-, -, persons of, 21 (bis), 54, 76, 95, 98, 99, 180, 184, 185, 345, 387, 422, 424, 450, 509, 525, 531, 606, 669, 670, 673, 724 (bis), 767, 857.

-, -, places in. See Alba; Athassel; Ballingarry, co. Tipperary: Crampscastle; Crobane; Fethard; Galbooly; Holyeross; Hore abbey; Kilcooly; Kilmacloy; Kilmelath; Knockgraffon; le Agmeche; Liath-mochaevog; Magowry; Moyne; Rahelty; Rathcool; Shyane; Thurles; Two-mileborris.

-, -, rectory in, 899.

-, province of, 110, 127, 208.

-, -, benefices belonging to the hospital of St. John the Baptist, Dublin, in, 180.

-, -, penalty for clerical concubinage in, 394.

-, provincial councils of, 143.

-, provincial statutes of, 394.

-, priory of Athassel (q.v.) incorrectly called the priory of, 64.

-, Rock of, de Rupe Cassellis (i.ede Rupe in the diocese of Cashel), abbot of. See Hore abbey.

Caslak, John, indult to, 898.

Casselen[sis]. See Cashel.

-, incorrectly written Cassinen[sis], 356 note.

Cassellen[sis]. See Cashel.

Cassellis (recte Casselensis diocesis), abbot de Rupe. See Hore abbey.

Cassinen[sis] incorrectly written for Casselen[sis], 356 note.

Castelacre. See Castle Acre.

Castell Forme, Castell Frome. See Castle Frome.

Castello, Nicholas de, an abbreviator of papal letters, proctor of Andrew Stewart, 542.

Castellton, Magnel. See Castlemagner.

Castile and Leon, priory of, in the order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, 223 note.

Castillon, Castillone in Gascony [Gironde, France,] Poncius lord of, heir of, 242.

-, -, money borrowed by, 241.

Castle Acre, Castelacre, [co. Norfolk,] Cluniac priory, monk of. See Oldemedew, Richard.

Castleconor, de Castro Conchuur, Castroconhatuy, [co. Sligo,] vicarage of, 121, 664.

- See also Killanly.

Castle Frome, Castell Forme, Castell Frome, [co. Hereford,] rectory of, 792.

Castlemagner, Casellton, Castellton Magnel, [co. Cork,] vicarage of, patron of, 421.

-, united with Moymarrach, vicarage of, 421.

Castre. See Caistor-next-Yarmouto.

Castres, Castren[sis], [Tarn, France], John bishop of. See de Armanhaco.

Castris Lermitage , priory de. See Chateau l'Hermitage.

Castro Conchuur , Castroconhatuy, vicarage de. See Castleconor.

Castro dei , abbey de. See Fermoy.

Catfield, Catfeld, Cattfeld, [co. Norfolk,] both portions of the rectory of, 16, 215.

-, second portion of the rectory of, 675.

-, -, patron of, 16.

Cathanen[sis], Cathenen[sis], See Caithness.

Cathir. See Caher, co. Tipperary.

Cathorp. See Catthorpe.

Cathyr. See Caher, co. Tipperary.

Cathyrbrisleayn. See Caher, co. Kerry.

Cattfeld. See Catfield.

Catthorpe, Cathorp, [co. Leicester,] rectory of, 582.

Cattybrook Farm, Cadyngbrolie, [in Almondsbury, co. Gloucester,] tithes of, 289.

Cauerij, Caueris. See Caveris.

Caundour. See Candour.

Caurien[sis]. See Coria.

Cave, North, [co. York,] vicarage of, 776.

Caveris, Cauerij, Andrew, indult to, 875.

-, -, to have a monastery in the diocese of St. Andrews, 894.

-, -, blessing of, 894.

-, -, abbot of Lindores, indult to, 551.

-, Caueris, John, an Augustinian canon of Scone, provided to the priory of Inchmahome, 414, 415.

-, -, appeal of, 415.

-, -, death of, 415, 416.

-, -, rights of, in Inchmahome priory, Alexander Ruch surrogated to, 416.

Cawod, Nicholas, rector of Little Burstead and a vicar choral of the chapel of St. George, Windsor, dispensation to, 714.

Cawse, Mariona, indult to, 381.

Cayrdunhesch. See Caher, co. Tipperary.

Cecestren[sis]. See Chichester.

Cecily, dowager duchess of York, mother of Edward IV, chaplain of, 511.

-, counsellor of, 821.

-, devotion of, to the Carthusian house of St. Mary the Virgin without the walls of London, 260.

-, petition of, 106.

-, prayers for, 667.

Cele alias Crystemnas (? recte Crystenmas), John, a monk of Westminster, dispensation to, 496.

Cella nigra , abbey of St. Columba de. See Londonderry.

Cella parva , abbey de. See Annaghdown.

Celomoc. See Killermogh.

Cenomanen[sis]. See Le Mans.

Ceretanis, master John de, a papal chaplain and auditor, cause before, 332.

-, -, cause committed to, 341.

-, -, papal mandatary, 341.

-, -, sentence of, 308.

-, -, bishop of Nocera, papal auditor, appeal committed to, 87.

-, -, sentence of, 88.

-, -, cause committed to, 702.

-, -, papal commissary, 661.

-, -, resident in the papal court, appeal to, 63.

-, -, cause before, 811.

-, -, papal mandatary, 63.

Cervia, Cervien[sis], [Italy,] bishop of, papal mandatary, 459.

Cesarinis, master John de, a papal chaplain and auditor, 24.

-, -, papal mandatary, 16, 308, 309.

Chaalon. See Chlons-sur-Marne.

Chaddleworth, co. Berks. See Poughley.

Chaderton, Edmund, rector of Staunton, de facto a canon of Lincoln and prebendary of Welton Rival, a canon of Beverley and prebendary at the altar of St. Catherine, a canon and prebendary of Southwell and of St. Stephen's, Westminster, and a pensionary of Kirkby Lonsdale, sometime rector of Upper Broughton, dispensation to, 516, 517.

-, -, to have collation afresh of his canonries and prebends, 536.

Chadkirk, Ckadkyrk, Richard, rector of Loughton, dispensation for, 300.

Chagford, Chagesford, [co. Devon,] parish church of St. Michael, rectory of, 470.

Chahirlis. See Caherconlish.

Chalcon. See Chilcomb.

Chalfont St. Giles, Chalfehunte, [co. Buckingham,] parish church of St. Giles, rectory of, 585.

Chalfont St. Peter, Challsunt, [co. Buckingham,] parish church of St. Peter, chantry in, 637.

Chlon-sur-Sone, [Sone-et-Loire, France,] diocese of, place in. See Cteaux.

Chlons-sur-Marne, Chaalon, [Marne, France], Hospitallers house of, Reynerius preceptor of. See Pot.

Chamberleyn, Elizabeth, wife of Robert Chamberleyn, knight, 158.

-, Margaret, mother of Robert Chamberleyn, knight, 158.

-, Chamburleyn, John, vicar of Swanbourne, dispensation to, 752.

-, [sir] Robert, knight, lord of Gedding, affection of, for Ixworth priory, 158.

-, -, father of. See Chamberleyn, Roger.

-, -, mother of. See Chamberleyn, Margaret.

-, -, wife of. See Chamberleyn, Elizabeth.

-, Roger, father of Robert Chamberleyn, knight, 158.

Chambyr, John. See Burton.

Champagne, Campania, [France,] a priory of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, 216.

Channel Islands, attacks by pirates upon, 258.

Channelkirk, co. Berwick. See Hartside.

Chapel of Garioch, co. Aberdeen. See Logie Durno.

Chapman, Cheopman, John, party to a dispute, 618.

-, Chepman, Thomas, priest, to be absolved for homicide, 618.

-, -, brother of. See Chapman, John.

-, Chapinau, William, dispensation to, 885.

-, Chepman, William. See Hynton alias Chepman.

Charles [surname omitted], to be vicar commendatary of Magheracloone, 810.

Charleton, [co. Devon,] rectory of, 491, 604.

Charlinch, Cherdelynch, [co. Somerset,] rectory of, 778.

Chartres, Carnoten[sis], [Eure-et-Loir, France,] James chancellor of. See Bigneti.

-, canon of. See Goupillon, Stephen.

Charwelton, [co. Northants,] rectory of, 397.

Chteau I'Hermitage, de Castris Lermitage, [in Pontvillain, Sarthe, France,] Augustinian priory, canon of. See More, Adam.

Chatris alias Wellys, Richard, a monk of Thorney, dispensation to, 376.

Chaumer, Chawmyr, John, pension to, on the episcopal mensa of Orkney, confirmed, 504, 505.

-, -, petition of, 505.

-, John, vicar of Yell, dispensation to, 569.

-, Chawmer, Thomas, vicar of Crichton, to be also vicar of Glamis, 24.

Chaundeler, John, fellow of the college of St. Nicholas de Vaux, Salisbury, dispensation to, 244.

-, Chawndeler, Thomas, rector of Childrey, indult to, 549.

-, -, chancellor of York, indult to, 582.

-, -, to be a papal notary, 80, 210.

-, -, a papal notary, rector of Childrey and chancellor of York sometime chancellor of Wells, dispensation to, 727.

Chauntre, William, archdeacon of Derby, witness, 693.

-, -, archdeacon of Derby and of Leicester, sometime rector of Ilfracombe, dispensation to, 662.

Chauser, Alexander, rector of Laurencekirk, to be a canon of Aberdeen and prebendary of Banchory-Devenick, 403.

Chawmer, Chawmyr. See Chaumer.

Chawndeler. See Chaundeler.

Cheam, Cheyham, [co. Surrey,] rectory of, 807.

Checkendon, co. Oxford. See Wyfold.

Checkley, Chekley, [co. Stafford,] rectory of, 572.

Chedsey, [in Lyme Regis or Halstock, co. Dorset,] tithes of, 374.

Chedworth, John, bishop of Lincoln, election of an abbess confirmed by, 32.

-, -, late bishop of Lincoln, 868 note.

-, -, institution by, 16.

Chekley, See Checkley.

Cheneley, John, defendant, 307.

Cheopman. See Chapman.

Chepingcampden. See Chipping Campden.

Chepman. See Chapman.

Chepyng. See Chipping.

Chepyng Towton. See Tawton, North.

Cherdelynch. See Charlinch.

Cheriton, Terigyton, Therigyton, [co. Kent,] rectory of, 250.

Cheriton Bishop, Cheriton Episcopi, Curyton Episcopi, [co. Devon,] parish church of St. Michael, rectory of, 736, 782.

Cheriton Fitzpaine, Cheryton Fyppayn, [co. Devon,] rectory of, 781.

Chernikel (recte Cherm[i]kel). See Carmichael, George.

Cherrigia . See Kerry.

Chery Staunton. See Churchstanton.

Cheryton Fyppayn. See Cheriton Fitzpaine.

Chesenoll, Hugh, rector of Clifford Chambers, dispensation to, 726.

Cheshunt, Chestonte, [co. Hertford,] Benedictine nuns priory, prioress and nuns of, petition of, 273.

-, -, -, indult to, 273.

-, -, bell-tower, houses etc. of, indult to persons giving alms to, 273.

-, -, chapel dependent on. See Cheshunt, chapel of St. Giles infra.

-, chapel of St. Giles in the parish of, indult to persons visiting, 273.

Chester, [co. Chester,] archdeacon of, collector of Peter's pence, 101.

-, John archdeacon of. See Morton.

-, Roger archdeacon of. See Rotherham.

-, archdeaconry of, persons in, 101.

-, Benedictine abbey of St. Werburgh, abbot of, papal mandatary, 101.

-, parish church of the Holy Trinity, rectory of, 798.

Chesterton, [co. Cambridge,] vicarage of, 736.

Chesterton, Chestredona, Chestyrton alias Chesterton, [co. Oxford,] grange of, 481.

-, vicarage of, 748.

Chestonte. See Cheshunt.

Chestredona. See Chesterton, [co. Oxford].

Chestyr, John, an Augustinian canon of Taunton, dispensation to, 516.

-, -, also rector of Langridge, dispensation to, 660.

Chestyrton. See Chesterton, [co. Oxford].

Chesyll Parva. See Chishall, Little.

Cheueri, Thomas, party to a matrimonial suit, 735.

Cheverell, John, esquire, indult to, 823.

-, -, Margery his wife, indult to, 823.

Chevington, Chevyngton, [co. Suffolk,] rectory of, 405.

Chew Magna, Chew, [co. Somerset,] vicarage of, 580.

Chew Stoke, Stoke by Chew, [co. Somerset,] parish church or chapel of St. Nicholas, rectory of, 335.

Cheyham. See Cheam.

Cheyne, John, dispensed to marry, 625.

-, -, indult to, 823.

-, -, kinsman of. See Stourton, William de.

-, -, wife of. See Stourton, Margaret de.

-, William, to have a chamber and a certain sum of money in the hospital of the English, Rome, 903.

Chicheley, Henry, archbishop of Canterbury, constitution of (Cum ex eo ), 447.

Chichester, Cecestren[sis], Cicestren[sis], [co. Sussex,] bishop of, collation made by, 60.

-, -, faculty to, 473.

-, -, papal mandatary, 85, 103.

-, -, to be summoned, 615.

-, John bishop of. See Arundel.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 60, 356.

-, John dean of, See Cloos; and Waynflete.

-, dean and chapter of, consent of, to an appropriation, 1.

-, John archdeacon of. See Doget.

-, Peter archdeacon of. See Huse.

-, -, John treasurer of. See Doget.

-, canons of. See Housbond, David; Rebow, John.

-, prebends in. See Eartham; Henfield.

-, cathedral church, chantry of St. John the Baptist in, 616.

-, -, chantry royal at the altar of St. Mary the Virgin in, 565.

-, -, chaplain of the Holy Cross and St. Augustine in, 1.

-, diocese of, Thomas [Barrett,] bishop of Annaghdown dwelling in, 615.

-, -, persons of, 473, 560, 615, 833, 867, 871 (bis), 884, 892 note, 906, 909, 912 (ter).

-, -, places in. See Amberley; Battle; Bayham; Chiddingly; Chiltington, West; Durford; Felpham; Hastings; Horsham; Icklesham; Lewes; Michelham; Northiam; Plumpton; Robertsbridge; Rodmell; Rye; Salehurst; Sele; Selsey; Shoreham, New; Shoreham, Old; Stoke, South; Thakeham; Westham; Winchelsea; Wiston; Withyham.

-, hospital of St. Mary the Virgin, chantry in church of, 752.

Chichester, Chichestre, William, a monk of Daventry, dispensations to, 287, 861.

Chicksands Priory, Chixsand, [co. Bedford,] Gilbertine priory, John prior of. See Aton.

Chiddingly, Chitynglygh, [co. Sussex,] vicarage of, 663.

Chilcomb, Chalcon, Chilcom, [co. Hants,] rectory of, 779.

Childaria (i.e. Kildare), earl of. See Fitz Gerald, Thomas (Fitz Maurice).

Childrey, Chilrey, Chylrey, [co. Berks,] rectory of, 727.

-, Thomas Chaundeler rector of, 549.

Childs Wickham, Wykewon, [co. Gloucester,] vicarage of, 616.

Chilloschobo. See Killoscobe.

Chilltrostan. See Kiltrustan.

Chilrey. See Childrey.

Chiltington, West, Chilthington, [co. Sussex,] rectory of, 562.

Chilvers Coton, co. Warwick. See Erdbury.

Chilvvischi (i.e. Kilbixy), an alternative name for Tristernagh, q.v., 136.

Chilwri, Chilwry. See Killury.

Chinarnocam, i.e. Cinel-Luachain. See Oughteragh.

Chinlos. See Kinloss.

Chinnock, John, late abbot of Glastonbury, 291 (bis).

Chinnore, William, official of the abbot of Westminster, matrimonial suit before, 398, 399.

Chippenham, Chyppenham, [co. Wilts,] parish church of St. Andrew, vicarage of, 623.

-, See also Stanley.

Chipping, Chepyng, [co. Lancaster,] rectory of, 828.

Chipping Campden, Chepingeampden, [co. Gloucester,] vicarage of, 829.

Chirnside, Chyrnside, [co. Berwick,] lands in the vill of, 644.

- See also Blackburn.

Chishall, Little, Chesyll Parva, [now in co. Cambridge,] rectory of, 434.

Chison, James de, a canon of Brechin and prebendary of Guthrie, consent of, to the erection of Guthrie collegiate church, 138.

Chitynglygh. See Chiddingly.

Chixsand. See Chicksands Priory.

Chorneton de Grauen. See Thornton in Craven.

Choro Benedicti , abbey de. See Middleton.

Chrehac. See Creagh, David.

Christchurch, Christchurch Twynham, Twynham, [co. Hants,] Augustinian priory, canons of. See Harryes, John; Hynton alias Chepman, William.

Christian I, king of Denmark, 213.

Christow, Cristaw, [co. Devon,] vicarage of, 779.

Chuller, Roger, vicar of Mayland, dispensation to, 830.

Chulmeigh, Chylincleygh (recte Chylmeleygh), [co. Devon,] rectory of, 785.

Churchstanton, Chery Staunton, [co. Somerset, formerly co. Devon,] rectory of, 585.

Churchtown (or Bruhenny), Brekny, Brekyn, [co. Cork,] vicarage of, 576.

Chuylhogothy, Chuylhogoty. See Killahan.

Chylincleygh (recte Chylmeleygh). See Chulmleigh.

Chyllinduna. See Killeenadeema.

Chylrey. See Childrey.

Chyluayn. See Killaan.

Chyppenham. See Chippenham.

Chyrnside. See Chirnside.

Chyylhothy. See Killahan.

Cicestren[sis]. See Chichester.

-, altered into Conventren[sis] et Lichfelden[sis], 404 note.

-, substituted for Cantuarien[sis], 744 note.

-, written in error Cistercien[sis], 630.

Cieilia , i.e. Sicily, king of. See Ferdinand II.

Cilcoryn. See Kilkerrin.

Cilfarsa. See Killursa.

Cilkibrud. See Kiltubbrid.

Cilktrenan (in Muinter-Eolays, q.v.), parish church of St. Trenanus, rectory of, 344.

Cilleamduy. See Kilkenny West.

Cillmacnagyn. See Kilmacowen.

Cillmoirnasyna. See Kilmore-na-Sina.

Cilltachmure. See Kiltoghert.

Cinithy. See Kinnitty.

Cirtw[i]lleag. See Court.

Cistercien[sis] written in error for Cicestren[sis], 630.

Cteaux, Cistercien[sis], [Cte-d Or, France,] Cistercian abbey, abbot of, papal letters to, 331, 826.

Citt, [Italy,] bishop of, See Civitaten[sis].

Citt di Castello, Civitas Castelli, [Perugia, Italy,] bishop of, papal mandatary, 45.

Ciudad Rodrigo, [Spain,] bishop of, See Civitaten[sis].

Civitas Castelli . See Citt di Castello.

Civitaten[sis], [either Citt, Italy, or Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain,] bishop of, papal mandatary, 575.

Ckadkyrk. See Chadkirk.

Claines, co. Worcester. See Northwick.

Clangibbon, Clangibun, the White Knight of, son of. See Fitz-Gibbon, David.

Claontuascyrthyomane. See Clontuskert.

Clar. See Clare and Claregalway.

Clare, Clayr alias de Furgio, de Forgeo, Forgio, Forgyo alias de Clar, [in Clare abbey parish, co. Clare,] Augustinian abbey of SS. Peter and Paul the Apostles, abbot of, papal mandatary, 70, 318, 333, 342, 502, 520, 715.

-, -, Donatus abbot of. See Magrath.

-, -, Matthew abbot commendatary and sometime abbot of. See Magrath.

-, -, Milerus abbot of, executor of papal letters, 715.

-, -, Theodoric abbot commendatary of, See O'Brien.

-, -, canons of. See Magrath, Donatus (1); Magrath, Donatus (2); Magrath, Matthew (2); Magrath, Thomas.

-, -, cure of souls of parishioners belonging to, 842.

Claregalway, Balenclare, Balliondara, Clar, Wallenclare, [co. Galway,] parish church of St. James, vicarage of, 88, 90, 700.

Clarke, Henry, a monk of Cleeve, dispensation to, 805.

-, William, rector of Bremilham, dispensation to, 667.

- See also Clerke.

Clarofonte , abbey de. See Macosquin.

Clarvaux, John, an Augustinian canon of Kirkham priory, dispensation to, 596.

Claybrooke, Claybroke, [cos. Leicester and Warwick,] vicarage of, 219.

Claymonte hospital. See Stamford.

Clayr. See Clare.

Clayton, William son of master (sic). rector of Sigston, dispensation to, 709.

Cleeve, de Clyva, [co. Somerset,] Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, monk of. See Clarke, Henry.

Clemberwey. See Glenbervie.

Clement III, pope, indult granted by, 410.

Clement IV, pope, privilege of, exemplified, 400.

-, privilege of, not mentioned in Potthast, 401 note.

-, privileges granted by, 278 note.

Clement VI, pope, letters of (Quam amabile deo ) confirmed, 263.

-, statutes of the chapel of St. Stephen, Westminster, made by authority of, 678.

Clement, John, vicar of Salehurst, dispensation to, 853.

Clementis, Vincent, provost of Valencia, collector of the Camera in England, dispensation granted by, 78.

-, -, incorrectly styled Clement Vincentij de Valentia, collector of the Camera in England, to be compelled to render an account, 214.

-, -, deputies of, 214.

-, -, late a canon of Valencia and collector of the Camera in England, heirs and executors of, 73.

-, -, proctors of, 73. See also Berengarii, Bonaffanatus.

Clene. See Cleue.

Clent, Richard, witness, 25, 367.

Clerici, John, late rector of Logie, 817.

Clerke, John, an Augustinian canon of Maxstoke, dispensation to, 713.

-, alias Hugh, John, rector of Thakeham, dispensation to, 853.

-, Clerk, Robert, notary public, 889.

-, Elerke, William, vicar of Linsted, dispensation to, 574.

- See also Clarke.

Clerkenwell, Clertenveld, [in the suburbs of London,] Augustinian canonesses priory of St. Mary, prioress and convent of, petition of, 224.

-, -, prioress and nuns (sic) of, petition of, 244.

-, -, indulgence to persons visiting and giving alms to, 244, 245.

-, -, Muswell chapel, etc. belonging to, 225.

-, -, parish church, of St. James, Clerkenwell, united to, 225.

-, Knights Hospitallers priory of St. John without the walls of London, John prior of. See Weston.

-, -, expenditure of William Tournay upon, 216.

-, -, repair of, 253.

-, parish church of St. James, united to Clerkenwell priory, farmers of Muswell treated as parishioners of, 225.

Clertenveld. See Clerkenwell.

Cleue, Clene, Michael, rector of Droxford, dispensation to, 571.

-, -, rector of Crawley, [co. Hants], and of Monxton, sometime rector of Droxford, dispensation to, 728, 729.

Cleuely, Henry, vicar of East Halton, dispensation to, 318.

Cleveland, Cliveland, Clyveland, [co. York,] archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 326, 499, 631.

-, William archdeacon of. See Posteman.

Cleveland, William, vicar of Tadcaster, dispensation to, 516.

Clifford Chambers, Clyfford Chambrer, [co. Gloucester,] rectory of, 726.

Clifton, Cliston, [co. Westmorland,] rectory of, 839.

Clifton, Clyston, Sir Gervase, knt., witness, 693.

-, Cliston, Clyston, Robert, dispensation to, 711.

-, -, a canon of York and prebendary of Wistow, grant etc. to, 271.

-, Clyfton, William, indult to, 636.

Clinton, Thomas, late a canon of St. Patrick's, Dublin, and a litigant for the deanery of that church, 312, 313.

Clipsham, Clipsam, [co. Rutland,] rectory of, 839.

Cliston [recte Clifton]. See Clifton.

Cliveland. See Cleveland.

Clochor, Clochoren[sis]. See Clogher.

Clocluayneas. See Clones.

Cloenach. See Clonagh.

Cloenforses. See Cloony.

Clogher, Clochor, Clochoren[sis], Cloronen[sis], [co. Tyrone,] bishop of, collations by, 774, 810.

-, -, member of the household of, 774.

-, -, union made by, 667.

-, Florence bishop of. See Wolley.

-, Roger bishop of. See Maguire.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 395, 667.

-, Philip archdeacon of. See Magriis.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 575, 773.

-, canons of. See Macathassaid, Donald; Macmahon, Philip; MacManus, Charles; Macmarcayd, Peter; Maguire, James; Maguire, Thomas; Magunssinan, Bernard; Ocathasay, Bartholomew; O'Hanratty, Edmund; Okeenan, Patrick; Olannagan, Peter.

-, chapter of, consent of, to the erection of a prebend, 575.

-, -, papal letters to, 472.

-, prebend in, erection of, 881.

-, prebends in. See Devenish; Muckno.

-, cathedral church of, chaplains in. See Machagyrr, John; and O'Cullen, John.

-, -, nearness of Clones to, 580.

-, -, church of, vassals of, papal letters to, 472.

-, -, city and diocese of, intimidation in, 810.

-, -, papal letters to, 472.

-, diocese of, benefices in, 865, 867, 910.

-, -, monasteries in, 875, 910.

-, -, persons of, 57, 303, 395, 396, 575, 667, 773, 774 (4), 810, 907.

-, -, places in. See Aghalurcher; Clogher (abbey of St. Mary); Clones; Devenish (St. Laserianus); Devenish (St. Mary); Dartry; Galloon; Lough Derg; Magheracloone; Magheracross; Muckno; Templecarn.

-, Augustinian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 395.

Clogherbrien, Clwhyrbryn, Clwirbryn, [co. Kerry,] rectory of, 185.

Clomosgyrtomane. See Clontuskert.

Clonagh, Cloenach, [co. Limerick,] vicarage of, 439.

Clonagheen, Clonnechan, Clonuenhan, [Queen's co.,] rectory of, 259.

-, vicarage of, 763.

Clonallan, Clondallayn, Cloyndallayn, [co. Down,] parish church of St. Colman, a prebend in Dromore, 35, 141.

Clonard, Clonarde, Cluynaarridt, [co. Meath,] Augustinian abbey of St. Peter, James abbot of. See Dalton.

-, -, Maurus abbot of. See O'Connor.

-, -, canon of. See Dalton, James.

Clonatuascerta Omane. See Clontuskert.

Clonca, Cluaink, [co. Donegal,] rectory of, 650.

Cloncagh, Cogaurat, Congaurat, [co. Limerick,] rectory of, let to farm, 163.

Cloncrew, Clonkrenyg, [co. Limerick,] Donald Oronan vicar of, 349.

Clondagad, Cloyndagad, Cloyndagat, Cluondagat, Glundagut, [co. Clare,] a prebend in Killaloe, 520, 613, 710.

-, rectory of, 502, 503.

-, vicarage of, 131, 621, 683, 755.

-, -, united to the prebend of Ogormuck in Killaloe, 755.

Clondallayn. See Clonallan.

Clondavaddog, Cluaindabugod, Cluaindabnogot, Kuilandavochdog, [co. Donegal,] rectory of, 112.

-, vicarage of, 760.

Clondrohid, Clondrohyd, Cloydrohyth, [co. Cork,] vicarage of, 624, 765.

Clonduff, Cluandam, [co. Down,] farm of rectory of, 513.

Clone, in the diocese of Killaloe. See Clooney, in the barony of Bunratty Upper, co. Clare.

Clone, David, vicar of Weobley, dispensation to, 808.

Clonenagh, Clonnethe, [Queen's co.,] vicarage of, 763.

Clonen[sis]. See Cloyne.

-, altered from Corkagen[sis], 102 note.

-, erroneously written Colen[sis], 766.

-, erroneously written Colonien[sis], 724.

-, erroneously written for Cluanen[sis], 49, 521.

Clones, Clocluayneas, Cluanhos, Cluayneys, [cos. Fermanagh and Monaghan,] Augustinian abbey of SS. Peter and Paul, abbot of, papal mandatary, 152, 667.

-, rectory of, 579, 580.

-, nearness of, to Clogher cathedral, 580.

Clonfeacle, Clo[n]fecna, Clonfuylcla, [co. Tyrone,] a prebend in Armagh, 56, 57.

-, rectory of the parish church, called a prebend, united to the chancellorship of Armagh, 795.

Clonfert, Anachcrochayn alias Clonfertha, Anacherocayn alias Cluoynfearta, [co. Cork,] vicarage of, 674, 675, 699.

Clonfert, Clonferten[sis], [co. Galway,] bishop of, benefices in the gift of, 49.

-, -, collation by, 588.

-, -, deprivation by, 588.

-, -, letters dimissory granted by, 588.

-, -, papal mandatary, 120, 258.

-, -, refusal of, to ordain, 588.

-, -, rights of, saved, 390.

-, -, union made by, 602.

-, Matthew bishop of. See Magrath.

-, episcopal mensa of, poverty of, 842.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 370, 375, 764.

-, Carbricus dean of. See Mac-Egan.

-, John dean of. See O'Connell.

-, deanery of, annual rents united to, 602.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 89, 302, 340, 348, 370, 373, 497, 835.

-, Donatus late archdeacon of. See Ohanim.

-, John archdeacon of. See O'Kelly.

-, canons of. See Burgo, David de; Burgo, John de; MacEgan, Odo; Ocluan, Thady; O'Fahy Nicholas; Ohurayn, Donatus; O'Kelly, William; O'Kenny, Cornelius; Olorchan, Thady; O'Mullaly, Donald; O'Mullaly, Magonius; Otressay, Maurice.

-, de facto canon of. See O'Cormachan, Maurice.

-, chapter of, benefices in the gift of, 49.

-, prebends in. See Barleanabolloyit; Drought; Killaan.

-, prebends (unnamed) in, 760, 770 (bis).

-, city and diocese of, false allegation of intimidation in, 497.

-, -, intimidation in, 158, 377, 390, 461, 671, 741.

-, diocese of, persons of, 49, 92, 121, 157, 348, 588, 670, 741 (bis), 757, 760, 764 (bis), 835.

-, -, places in. See Abbeygormacan; Aughrim, co. Galway; Ballynakill, in Leitrim barony, co. Galway; Clonfert, co. Galway; Clonkeen; Clontuskert; Drought; Duniry; Kilconictary and Killilan; Kilcooly; Killaan; Killeenadeema; Killeenacosue; Killimorbologue; Killoran; Kilmalinoge; Kiltormer; Kylhalaghtan; Kylmainduis; Lickmolassy; Loughrea; Magunacclay; Micrusclaymi, Tulla.

-, -, vicarages in, 891, 895 (bis), 903, 905.

-, Augustiniain abbey of St. Mary de Portu puro, abbot of, papal manadatary, 835.

-, -, Eugenius abbot of. See Omadagayn alias Seys.

-, -, Charles intruded abbot of. See Omadagayn.

-, -, William late abbot of. See Omadagayn.

Clonfertha. See Clonfert, co. Cork.

Clonherkin, Cluenyryhyny, Eluenyryhyny, [now included in Matehy, co. Cork,] vicarage of, 563.

Clonkeen, Cluayncayn Caryll, [co. Galway,] church of the monastery of the third order of St. Francis at, Cornelius master of. See Omuilcharyll.

-, -, indulgence for persons visiting and giving alms to, 836.

Clonkrenyg. See Clonerew.

Clonlea, Clonlaig alias Oblayd (q.v.), Cluonleidt, Cluynleyg, [co. Clare,] rectory of, 753.

-, united with Killokennedy, Kilseily and Kilfinaghta, rectory of, 683, 684.

-, vicarage of, united to the treasurership of Killaloe, 843.

Clonloghan, Clonlocan, Clonlochan, Cloymlaen, [co. Clare,] rectory of, 126, 127.

-, vicarage of, 131.

Clonmacnoise, Cluanen[sis], [King's county,] John bishop of. See O'Daly.

-, Cucagrus dean of. See Oegullen.

-, Eugenius dean of. See Macholan.

-, Odo late dean of. See O'Mullen.

-, Toroleius late dean of. See Omoleacylyn.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 49.

-, canons of. See Diluyn, Hobertus; O'Mullen, Eugenius.

-, diocese of, persons of, 49 (bis), 521 (bis).

-, -, places in. See Gallen; Wheery.

Clonmeen, Clonmyn, [co. Cork,] vicarage of, 757, 761.

Clonmore, Clunmore, [co. Louth,] parish church of St. Columba, rectory of, 625.

Clonmyn, See Clonmeen.

Clonnechan. See Clonagheen.

Clonneochille. See Cloonoghill.

Clonnethe. See Clonenagh.

Clonpet, Ballytiyhally alias Cluempet, [co. Tipperary,] rectory of, farmed, 454.

Clonsast, Cluaynsast, [King's country], rectory of, 539.

Clonthwoscyrt. See Clontuskert.

Clontuarscecatanasyna. See Cloontuskert.

Clontuskert, Claontuascyrthyomane, Clomosgyrtomane, Clonatuascerta Omane, Clonthwoscyrt, Clontuasgerta Omana, Clontuasgerta Omane, Clontuasgertaomane, Clontuasgertomane, Clontuosgerromane, Cluayntuaisgeata Omane, Cluayntuasgirt, Cluntuoscert Omany, [co. Galway,] Augustinian priory of St. Mary, of the Order of Arrouaise, prior of, chaplain in Killoran parish church appointed by, 89.

-, -, -, papal mandatary, 49, 121, 302, 348, 370, 724, 760.

-, -, Donald prior of. See O'Kelly.

-, -, Donatus prior of. See O'Kelly.

-, -, Maurice prior of. See O'Falvin.

-, -, claimant for. See O'Kelly, Donald.

-, -, canons of, benefice wont to be held by. See Kylhalaghtan.

-, -, -, chapel wont to be governed by. See Killoran.

-, -, -, irregularity of, 461.

-, -, -, See also Magrallayd, Patrick; O'Donellan, Cornelius; O'Donellan, Malachy; O'Kelly, Donald.

-, -, pretended canon of. See O'Donellan, Thomas.

-, -, chaplaincy belonging to. See Killoran.

Clonuenhan. See Clonagheen.

Clooncraff, co. Roscommon. See Tir-Briuin-na-Sinna.

Cloone, Cluain, [co. Leitrim,] parish church of St. Fregida, rectory of, 344.

Clooney, Clone, [in the barony of Bunratty Upper, co. Clare,] vicarage of, 655.

Cloonfinglass, Cloynfluglas, [in Killardry. co. Tipperary,] a prebend (with Killardry, q.v.,) in Chashel, 767.

Cloonoghill, Clonneochille, [co. Sligo,] vicarage of, 441.

Cloontuskert, Clontuarscecatanasyna, [co. Roscommon,] Augustinian priory, prior of, papal mandatary, 794.

Cloony, Cloenforses, [in Corcomroe barony, co. Clare,] rectory of, 132.

Cloos, John, dispensation to, 892.

-, -, indult to, 906.

-, John, dean of Chichester and rector of Brougham, erroneously described as rector of Tintinhull, grant to, 791, 792.

Cloronen[sis] (recte Cloc[h]oren[sis]). See Clogher.

Clowen[sis] (recte Clonen[sis]). See Cloyne.

Cloydrohyth. See Clondrohid.

Cloymlaen (?). See Clonloghan.

Cloyndagad, Cloyndagat. See Clondagad.

Cloyndallayn. See Clonallan.

Cloyne, Clonen[sis], Cloven[sis], Clowen[sis], Loven[sis], [co. Cork,] bishop of, collations made by, 576, 772.

-, -, consent of, to a farm, 186.

-, -, papal mandatary, 399, 476.

-, Gerald bishop of. See Fitz-Richard.

-, -, Jordan bishop of. See Purcell.

-, William bishop of. See Roche.

-, Walter administrator of. See Cotf.

-, -, See also Cork and Cloyne.

-, dean of, appointed an additional judge delegate, 454.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 94, 182, 183, 189, 350, 403, 421, 433, 578, 855.

-, Conconfinus dean of. See O'Dolan.

-, Donatus dean of. See Magrath.

-, Gerald dean of. See de Geraldinis.

-, James (son of Philip) dean of. See de Geraldinis.

-, Philip dean of. See Roche.

-, dean and chapter of, farm of certain benefices granted by, 186.

-, Fergallus archdeacon of. See MacEgan.

-, John archdeacon of. See Roche.

-, John archdeacon and de facto archdeacon of. See White.

-, William archdeacon of. See Roche.

-, chancellor of, papal mandatary, 182, 189.

-, Richard chancellor of. See Ogibun.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 183, 187, 435, 500, 563, 595, 817.

-, precentor of, papal mandatary, 553, 719, 772, 817, 858.

-, treasurer of, papal mandatary, 553, 563.

-, canons of. See Barry, Thomas; Canton, Edmund; Canton, Maurice; Gerald son of the White Knight; Geraldmis, John (son of Edmund) de; Geraldinis; John (son of Maurice) de; Herly, William; Macholan, Eugenius; Machoyd, Gerald; O'Carroll, Donald, O'Daly, Cornelius; O'Daly, Eneas; Ofaelan, Eugenius; O'Hely, Dermit, O'Hely, Thomas; O'Hennessy, William; Oherlache, William; O'Keeffe, Dermit; O'Kenna, Cornelius; O'Mahony, John; O'Murphy, Donatus; O'Murphy, William; Oronan, Richard; Oronan, Thomas; Osannachan alias Oscullin, Thomas; Roche, Egimundus; Roche, Leonard; Roche, Philip; Stondun, Maurice; White, John.

-, de facto canons of. See O'Hely, Donatus; O'Hely, Maurice; White, John.

-, chapter of, consent of, 186.

-, -, monition to, 187.

-, -, papal letters to, 351.

-, prebend in, vicarages of Bregoge and Kilmaclenine annexed to, 350.

-, prebends in. See Ballyholly (or Aghultie); Donaghmore, co. Cork, E.R.; Kilcredan and Imphrick; Killeenemer; Kilmacdonogh.

-, cathedral church of, benefices belonging to the fabric or community of, 186.

-, -, goods of the vicars of, 187.

-, -, manse of the vicars of, 187.

-, -, cemetery of, 187.

-, church of, vassals of, papal letters to, 351.

-, city of, burning and sacking of, 187.

-, city and diocese of, clergy and people of, monition to, 187.

-, -, -, papal letters to, 351.

-, -, intimidation in, 720, 774.

-, -, spoil of, 187.

-, diocese of, churches in, 318.

-, -, persons dwelling in, 575, 772.

-, -, persons of, 66 (ter), 76, 108, 123, 152, 162, 183, 189, 318, 350, 388, 404, 421, 553, 575, 595, 624, 717, 719, 724, 739, 740, 742, 757 (bis), 761, 765 (bis), 766, 771, 774, 801, 817, 855, 858, 879.

-, -, places in. See Aghabulloge; Aghada; Aghinagh; Ballybeg; Ballydeloughy; Ballyhay; Ballyhooly; Ballynacorra; Ballyrobin; Bregoge; Bridgetown; Britway; Carrigdownance; Castlemangner; Churchtown (or Bruchenny); Cloncagh, Clondrohid; Clonfert, co. Cork; Clonherkin; Clonmeen; Corkbeg; Dangandonovan; Derryvillane; Dromor; Fermoy; Garranekinnefeake; Garryvoe; Glanworth; Inch, co. Cork; Inchinabacky; Kilbolane; Kilcolman; Kildorrery; Kilmacdonogh; Kilmaclenine; Kilmahon; Kilnamartery; Lynam; Mallow; Matehy; Middleton; Moymarrach; Muskerry; Rathgoggan; Rosskeen; Shandrum; Subulter; Youghal.

-, -, rectories in, 902 (bis).

-, -, town in, 908.

-, -, vicarage in, 879.

-, Edmund Purcell of, 146.

-, Thomas Purcell of, 831.

Cloyne (? recte Ross), diocese of, place in. See Rathbarry.

Cloynfluglas. See Cloonfinglass.

Cluain. See Cloone.

Cluaindabuogod, Cluaindabnogot. See Clondavaddog.

Cluaink. See Clonca.

Cluandam. See Clonduff.

Cluanen[sis]. See Clonmacnoise.

-, erroneously written Clonen[sis], 49, 521.

Cluanhos. See Clones.

Cluayncayn Caryll. See Clonkeen.

Cluayneys. See Clones.

Cluaynsast. See Clonsast.

Cluayntuaisgeata Omane, Cluayntuasgirt. See Clontuskert.

Cluempet. See Clonpet.

Cluenyryhyny. See Clonherkin.

Clungunford, Bangour (Clongowar in the Valor), [co. Salop,] rectory of, 807.

Clunmor. See Clonmore.

Cluntuoscert Omane. See Clontuskert.

Cluny, [Sane-et-Loire, France,] Cluniac abbey, abbot of, collation made by, 486.

-, -, -, priory of St. Andrew, Northampton, alleged to be in the collation of, 485.

-, -, -, visitor of Lenton priory, neglect of, 191.

-, -, -, and his vicars, exemption of Lenton priory from, 192.

-, -, abbot and convent of, privileges of, granted to the abbot and convent of Paisley, 854.

-, -, exemption of Lewes priory from, 85.

-, -, exemption of Lenton priory from, 191, 192.

-, -, expense of sending to, for election of a prior of Lewes, 85.

-, -, Paisley abbey dependent upon, 157, 854.

Cluondagad, See Clondagad.

Cluonfarthamoluad, See Kyle.

Cluonleidt. See Clonlea.

Cluoynfearta. See Clonfert, co. Cork.

Cluynaarridt. See Clonard.

Cluynleyg. See Clonlea.

Clwhyrbryn, Clwirbryn. See Clogherbrien.

Clyf, parish church of St. Mary (sic). See St. Margaret at Cliffe.

Clyfford, William, vicar of Benenden, dispensation to, 828.

Clyfford Chamber. See Clifford Chambers.

Clyfort, John, de facto vicar of Aghadoe, 345.

Clyfton. See Clifton.

Clys. See Elys.

Clyston (recte Clyfton). See Clifton, sir Gervase; and Clifton, Robert.

Clyva , abbey de. See Cleeve.

Clyve episcopi. See Bishop's Cleeve.

Clyveland. See Cleveland.

Cnocgrafoyn. See Knockgraffon.

Cnochanahagillsy. See Killowen.

Cnokruag. See Knockroe.

Coac. See Cook, David.

Cockayne Hatley, Hatleport alias Beryehateley, [co. Bedford,] rector of. See Aylysham, Richard.

-, tithes claimed as belonging to the church of, 541.

Cockburn, Henry, bishop of Ross [in Scotland], collation made by, 329.

Cockersand, Cockershan, [co. Lancaster,] Premonstratensian abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 854.

Cocksford, Cokesforth, [in Lead, co. York,] inhabitants of, petition of, 507.

Cockys, William, rector of St. Margaret, New Fish Street, London, dispensation to, 592.

Codderede. See Cottered.

Codgrave. See Cotgrave.

Codlringg (?), tithe of, 115.

Codth, Walter, to be vicar of Inch, co. Cork, and of Kilmahon, 183, 184.

Cogaurat. See Cloncagh.

Coggeshall, Coggeshal, [co. Essex,] Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, monk of. See Goday, John.

Coghton. See Coughton.

Cok. See Cook.

Cokesforth. See Cocksford.

Cokke. See Cook.

Cokkesson, Agnes, of London, wife of Richard Lessy, litigant, 309, 310.

Cokylstone. See Cuxton.

Cokysford. See Coxford.

Colchester, [co. Essex,] Augustinian priory of St. Botolph, canons of. See Stampe, John; Wanflett, Robert.

-, parish church of St. Leonard, rectory of, 711.

Coldingham, Col[d]ingame, Coldingan, Coldinghame, [co. Berwick,] Benedictine priory, prior of, the vicarage of Stitchel in the presentation of, 192.

-, -, -, union to take place upon the death of, 14.

-, -, John prior of. See Home; and Pincher.

-, -, Patrick prior commendatary of. See Home.

-, -, union of, with Durham priory, dissolved, 19.

-, -, union of, to the collegiate church of St. Mary the Virgin, St. Andrews, 14, 19, 192.

-, -, erection of, into a collegiate church, 19.

-, collegiate church, Patrick dean of. See Home.

-, -, patron of, 19.

Coldyburgh, Coldysburgh. See Goldsborough.

Colen[sis], written in mistake for Clonen[sis], 766.

Colerne, Colern, Colhern, [co. Wilts,] parish church of St. John the Baptist, rectory of, 572, 803.

Colfex, Richard, rector of St. Peter, Sandwich, dispensation to, 695.

Colinghen. See Colyngham.

Colleboum. See Kilmurry.

Collesdon. See Coulsdon.

Collessie, Cullesse, [co. Fife,] vicarage of, 649.

Collingham, co. York, 887 note.

Collis victorie , abbey. See Knockmoy.

Colman, John, to be a notary public, 789.

-, John, of Little Waldingfield, party to a matrimonial suit, 570.

Colmarel. See Kilmalcolm.

Coln St. Dennis. Culne St. Denis, [co. Gloucester,] manor of, 367, 368.

Colocen[sis]. See Colossi and Kalocsa.

Cologne, Colonien[sis], [Germany,] collegiate church of St. George, Henry provost of. See Steynwlech.

-, citizen of, 240 note.

-, diocese of, person of, 240 note.

-, -, place in, See Soest.

Colonien[sis]. See Cologne.

-, written in error for Clonen[sis], 724.

Colonsay, co. Argyll. See Oransay.

Colossi, Colocen[sis], Kolossi, [Rhodes,] archbishop of, papal mandatary, 130, 302.

Colquhoun, Colguoho[n]ne, Culqudone, Culquhone, Robert, about to be provided to the see of Argyll, dispensation to, 892.

-, -, [bishop-] elect of Argyll, provision of, 893.

-, -, a canon and prebendary of Glasgow, bishop-elect of Argyll, grant to, 417.

-, -, bishop of Argyll, party to a testementary suit, 597.

Colros. See Culross.

Coltell, John, a canon of Heytesbury, relaxation of oath of, 429, 430.

Coluyl. See Colvill.

Colvend, Cowen, [co. Kirkcudbright,] vicarage of, 118.

- See also Southwick.

Colvill, Coluyl, Robert, a monk of Ely, dispensation to, 493.

Coly, Alice. See Honywode.

-, Walter, party to a matrimonial suit, 357.

-, -, wife of. See Honywode alias Coly, Alice.

Colyngham, Colinghen, Robert, absolution of, 887.

-, -, vicar of East Stoke, dispensation to, 727.

Colynson, John, archdeacon of Northampton, indult, to, 18.

Combe, John, rector of Croscombe, dispensation to, 557.

-, John, rector of Chulmleigh, dispensation to, 785.

-, William, rector of Shaw, dispensation to, 709.

Combe Martin, Comba Martini, [co. Devon,] rectory of, 778.

Comber, Comur, [co. Down,] Cistercian abbey of St. Benedict [sic], abbot of, papal mandatary, 532.

Combermere, Cumbermer, [in Dodcott cum Wilkesley, co. Cheshire], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, monk of. See Seller, Giles.

Comnaci (or Comnay), priory of St. Mary du. See Greatconnell.

Compostella, St. James in. See Santiago di Compostela.

Compton. Little, Compton, [co. Gloucester,] manor of, 367, 368.

Compastella . See Santiago di Compostela.

Comt Venassin, [an ancient division of France,] legate to. See Ruvere, Julian de.

Comur. See Comber.

Conall. See Greatconnell.

Conca , Concha, abbey de. See Cong.

Concent. See Cantillon.

Conchulu[n]. See Cantillon.

Condulum. See Cantillon.

Conel, David, bishop-elect of Kildare, sometime archdeacon of Kildare, 419.

-, -, death of, 47, 48.

-, -, late bishop of Kildare, previously archdeacon of Kildare, 894 note.

Conesbrook. See Connesburgh, Edmund.

Conewale, church of St. Peter de. See Lincoln.

Cong, de Conca, de Concha, de Conga, de Cunga, de Cungha, [co. Mayo,] Augustinian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 151, 739, 793.

-, -, Richard (Riscerdus, Rustardus) abbot of. See de Burgo.

-, -, Walter abbot of. See de Burgo.

-, -, abbot and convent of, contirmation of the canons of Gill Abbey, Cork, belonging to, 800.

-, -, canon of. See Burgo, Walter de.

-, -, convent of, charges against, 800.

-, -, Gill Abbey, Cork, dependent upon, 126.

-, -, subject to the archbishop of Tuam, 132.

Congaurat. See Cloncagh.

Coningsburgh. See Connesburgh, Edmund.

Connall, Connallis beate Marie, Connayl, See Greatconnell.

Conneren[sis]. See Connor.

-, written in error Connerinen[sis], 419.

-, written in error Connermen[sis], 537.

Connerinen[sis], written in error for Conncren[sis], 419.

Connermen[sis], written in error for Conneren[sis], 537.

Connesburgh, Conesbrook, Coningsburgh, Connyngesburgh, Konbesburgh, master Edmund, a canon of Killala, ambassador of Edward IV to the pope, petitions of, 217, 218.

-, -, [archbishop-]elect of Armagh. provision of, 893.

-, -, archbishop of Armagh, afterwards a bishop in the universal church, proceedings against, 133.

-, -, never obtained possession, 134.

-, -, responsible for his predecessor's debts, 261.

-, -, resignation of, 261, 903 note.

-, -, suffragan to the bishops of Norwich and Ely, 903 note.

Connor, Conneren[sis], [co. Antrim,] bishop of. See Down and Connor.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 370, 538.

-, cathedral church of, distance of Waterford from, 326.

-, diocese of, places in. See Ballymartin; Grange of Ballywalter; Invermore; Muckamore; Woodburn.

-, abbey of St. John the Baptist de Deserto, abbot of, papal mandatary, 538.

Connyngesburgh. See Connesburgh.

Conquincaile (i.e. Conmacniculi) and Conquinemara (i.e. Conmacnemara), small churches of. See Killabegs.

Conquinemara (i.e. Conmacnemara). See Killabegs.

Constable, Constabel, John, dispensation to, 616.

-, Cunstable, William, rector of Tharfield and of Holme on Spalding Moor, sometime vicar of Hutton Cranswick, dispensation to, 832.

Constantine, bishop of Glasgow (sic). pension for, 868, 868 note.

Contareno, de Contarenis, master Gabriel, papal chaplain and auditor, appeal committed to, 415.

-, -, cause committed to, 47.

-, -, papal mandatary, 414, 415.

Contelon, Contlun, Contolini (?), Contulun. See Cantillon.

Contin, Cantori, Concent. [co. Ross,] a prebend in Ross (Scotland), 329, 339.

Conuentre. See Coventry.

Conuenuciy [? recte Conncunciy]. See Kingussy.

Conuehet, Conuetht, Convent. See Laurencekirk.

Conventre. See Coventry.

Conventren[sis] et Lichfelden[sis] substituted for Cicestren[sis], 404 note.

Conway, Conwey, [co. Carnarvon,] Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, monk of. See David ap John.

Conynghame. See Cunningham.

Conyngston, William, vicar of the united parish churches of St. Peter and St. Andrew, Norwich, dispensation to, 796.

Conyton, Paul, vicar of Mildenhall, dispensation to, 499.

Cook, Coac, Cok, David, a canon of Killala, papal mandatary, 121, 664.

-, Cooke, master John, allegation made by, 689.

-, Cokke, Robert, rector of Catthorpe, dispensation to, 582.

-, Coocke, Thomas, rector of SS. Peter and Paul, Upwell, dispensation to, 569.

Coolcashin, Kyltokichan, [co. Kilkenny,] rectory of, 173.

Coolcor, Culcoora [in Ballyburly, King's country, to which the benefice was united,] rectory of, 569.

Coombe Bissett, Coombe, [co. Wilts,] a prebend (with West Harnham) in Salisbury, 808.

Coorte, William, rector of Tackley and provost of Stoke sub Hamdon, dispensation to, 363.

Cope, Anne, wife of John Cope, party to a matrimonial suit, 515.

-, John, party to a matrimonial suit, 515.

-, -, wife of. See Cope, Anne supra.

Copeland, Cowplande [a district in co. Cumberland,] Workington in, 202.

Coping. See Camell.

Copley, (fn. 1) Thomas, rector of Hunsdon, dispensation to, 708.

Copmanford. See Coppingford.

Copmer (recte Copiner). See Coppinger.

Coppandale, Adam, provost of St. Edmund, Salisbury, and rector of Kirklington, dispensation to, 465.

Copping. See Camell.

Coppingford, Copmanford, [co. Huntingdon,] rectory of, 713.

Coppinger, Copmer, Philip, a canon of Cork, papal mandatary, 176.

Coppyinghe, Coppyngh, Coppynghe. See Camell.

Cor. See Corr.

Corbally, co. Tipperary. See Monaincha.

Corbally, Corvale, [co. Waterford,] a prebend in Waterford, 653.

Corca-Archlann, Korcachland, [a territory in the east of co. Roscommon (fn. 2) ], rectory of, 423.

Corcagia Parva . See Corkbeg.

Corchasien[sis], written in mistake for Corkagen[sis]. 856.

Corckagen[sis], See Cork.

Corcomio, Corcome[o]ga. See Corcu Mogha.

Corocomohide, Corcomohyt, Corkomoyt, [cos. Cork and Limerick,] vicarage of, 123, 124.

Corcomroe, de Petra fertili, [in Abbey parish, co. Clare,] Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 328.

-, John abbot of. See Ochonnabayd.

-, -, Laurence de facto abbot of. See O'Tiernan.

-, -, Odo abbot of. See O'Tiernan.

-, -, monks of. See Ochonnabayd, John; O'Tiernan, Laurence.

Corcran, Corcrain, Henry, a canon of Armagh, papal mandatary, 35.

Corcu Mogha, Corcomio, Corcom[o]ga, [an ancient tribal division of co. Galway,] an alternative name for Kilkerrin (q.v.), 45, 762.

Cordangan, Corroguny, [co. Tipperary], rectory of, farmed, 454.

Coria, Caurien[sis], [Spain,] bishop of, papal mandatary, 575.

Coringdon, Coryngdon, [now in Corscombe, co. Dorset,] tithes of, 374.

Cork, Corckagen[sis], Corkagen[sis], [co. Cork,] bishop of. collations made by, 164, 761, 773.

-, -, institution by, 766.

-, -, presentations made to, 766 (bis).

-, -, union made by, 766.

-, William bishop of. See Roche.

-, bishop and chapter of, benefices in the gift of, 70, 165.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 70, 127.

-, Matthew dean of. See O'Mahony.

-, Maunice de facto dean and dean of. See Stondun.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 70, 684.

-, David archdeacon of. See Meagher.

-, chancellor of, papal mandatary, 164.

-, Cornelius chancellor of. See O'Flynn.

-, David chancellor of. See Ohalinain.

-, Matthew chancellor of. See O'Mahony.

-, William chancellor of. See MacGibbon.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 39, 166, 393, 740, 748, 765.

-, precentor of, papal mandatary, 70, 164.

-, Cornelius precentor of. See O'Murphy.

-, Donatus precentor of. See O'Riordan.

-, John precentor of. See Roche.

-, Thomas precentor of. See O'Hely.

-, treasurer of, papal mandatary, 428, 761, 800.

-, Donatus treasurer of. See O'Murphy.

-, Eugenius treasurer of. See O'sullivan.

-, Patrick treasurer of. See Lawless.

-, canons of. See Barry, Gerald; Barry; John; Barry, Thomas; Coppinger, Philip; Creagh, David; Guil(lelmi), Philip; Hoyrluada, Reynaldus; Mac-Garry, Thady; Meagher, David; Ocronin, John; O'Cullen, Odo; Odabayg, Eneas; O'Daly, Matthew; O'Daly, Thady; O'Donovan, Donatus; Ohalinain, David; Oherlache, Donatus; Oherlache; John; Oherlache, Maurice; Oherlache, Reynaldus; Oherlache, Thomas; O'Mahony, Matthew; Omordayn, Donatus; O'Murphy, Donatus.

-, de facto canons of. See O'Daly, Eugenius; Ohalinain, David; O'Mahony, Matthew.

-, canon provided of. See Creagh, David.

-, late canon of. See Barry, Edmund.

-, chapter of, consent of, to erection of a prebend, 748.

-, -, monition to, 187.

-, -, papal letters to, 351.

-, -, union made by, 70.

-, -, prebend in, annexed to the archdeaconry, 144.

-, prebends in. See Carrigaline; Cork (Holy Trinity); Desertmore, co. Cork; Dunbulloge; Inishkenny; Killanully; Killaspugmullane; Ringrone.

-, church of, vassals of, papal letters to, 351.

-, city and diocese of, clergy and people of, monition to, 187.

-, -, -, papal letters to, 351.

-, -, intimidation in, 125, 418, 422.

-, -, spoil of, 187.

-, diocese of, benefices in, 870, 902.

-, -, persons of, 142, 144, 164, 165, 176, 343, 428 (bis), 429, 742, 743, 757, 765 (bis), 783, 801, 856.

-, -, places in. See Aglish; Burren; Cork (Gill Abbey); Dunbulloge; Inishannon; Insmacnel; Kilcrohane; Kildinan; Killanully; Kilmocomoge; Kinsale; Leighmoney; Liscleary; Moviddy; Nohaval; Rathclarin; Rathcooney; Ringrone; St. Mary's-Shandon; Tracton.

-, Gill Abbey alias St. Finbar's cave, de Antro Fymbarri, de Antro sancti Fimbari, Fimbarri, Fimbraari, Fimparii, Finbari, Finbarri, Finnbarri, Finnbarry, Fymbarri, Fymbarrij, Fymmbarry, Augustinian abbey of St. John the Evangelist, abbot of, papal mandatary, 39, 108, 144, 165, 393, 624, 684, 739, 740 (bis), 742, 743, 748, 757, 761 (bis), 765 (bis), 766.

-, -, Cornelius abbot of. See O'Flynn.

-, -, Donald abbot of. See Machardich.

-, -, abbot-elect of, confirmed by the abbot of Cong, 125.

-, -, canons of, choice and confirmation of, 800.

-, -, -, election of an abbot by, 125.

-, -, - See also Machardich, Donald; Omadagayn alias Seys, Eugenius.

-, -, dependence of, upon Cong abbey, 126.

-, free chapel royal of the Holy Trinity, a prebend in Cork, 144, 861.

-, David Ohalinain of, 739.

Cork and Cloyne, united churches of, Gerald bishop of. See Fitz-Richard.

-, -, Jordan, late bishop of. See Purcell.

-, -, William bishop of. See Roche.

-, -, canonries and prebends of, 125.

Corkachbeg. See Corkbeg.

Corkagen[sis]. See Cork.

-, altered into Clonen[sis], 102 note.

-, written in error Corchasien[sis], 856.

Corkbeg, Corcagia Parva, Corkachbeg, [co. Cork,] vicarage of, 553, 554, 772.

Corker, Henry, a monk of Robertsbridge, dispensation to, 375.

Corkomoyt. See Corcomohide.

Cormac, Cormac son of Thady son of, papal mandatary, 187.

Cornel. See Cornhil, Robert.

Corneto, [Italy,] papal letters dated at, 808.

Cornewale, Robert, rector of Churchstanton, dispensation to, 585.

Cornhil, Cornhill alias Cornel, Robert, an Augustinian canon of Bilsington, dispensations to, 782, 900.

Cornscombe alias Croscombe. See Croscombe.

Cornwall, free chapel royal of St. Buryan the Virgin (q.v.) in, 590.

-, Roche (q.v.) in, 832.

Cornysshe, Thomas, plaintiff in a slander suit, petition of, 358.

Corr, Cor, Thomas, to be received as an Augustinian canon and to be prior of St. Catherine by Waterford, 80, 81, 109.

-, -, de facto a canon of Cashel and prebendary of Killardry, 509.

-, -, sometime a canon of Cashel and prebendary of Killardry and Cloonfinglass, 767.

Corroguny. See Cordangan.

Corscombe, co. Dorset. See Coringdon.

Corsragil, Corsraguel, See Crossraguel.

Corstorphine, Corstorfin, Corstorphin, Corstorphyn, [co. Edinburgh,] collegiate church of St. John the Baptist, provost of, papal mandatary, 168, 171, 172.

Cortell, John, rector of Great Stanmore, dispensation to, 526.

Cortenai. See Courtenay, John.

Coruriniuuair. See Curranure.

Corvale[sic]. See Corbally, co. Waterford.

Corwlond. See Crowland.

Cory Malet. See Curry Mallet.

Coryngdon. See Coringdon.

Coryngdon, John, rector of Diptford, dispensation to, 306.

Cosalmot. See Culsalmond.

Coscarella, James, dispensed to marry, 873.

Cosyn. See Cousin.

Cosyngton. See Ossington.

Cotenham. See Cottenham.

Cotesbech. See Cottesbach.

Cotf (?), Walter, administrator of Cloyne, to have a farm of certain benefices, 186.

Cotgrave, Codgrave [co. Nottingham,] second portion of the rectory of, 456.

Cotis, Cottis, Robert, vicar of Sprouston, and a litigant for the same, 67.

-, -, vicar of Dalmeny, dispensation to, 433, 434.

Cottenham, Cotenham, [co. Cambridge,] rectory of, 317.

Cottered, Codderede, [co. Herts,] rectory of, 491.

Cottesbach, Cotesbech, [co. Leicester,] rectory of, 484.

Cottingham, Cotyngham, [co. York,] rectory of, 738.

Cottis. See Cotis.

Cotyngham. See Cottingham.

Coughton, Coghton, [co. Warwick,] vicarage of, 797.

Coull, Quoll, [co. Aberdeen,] vicarage of, 12.

Coulsdon, Collesdon, [co. Surrey,] rectory of, 641.

Counuecht (i.e. Conveth), See Laurencekirk.

Coupar-Angus, Coupar, de Cupro, [co. Forfar,] Cistercian abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 157, 484, 749.

-, -, proceedings of, 130.

-, vicarage of, 366, 567.

Couper, Robert, rector of Misterton, dispensation to, 364.

-, William, proctor of Alexander Scheves, 811.

Court, Cirtw[i]lleag, Curtluweag, Curtwilleag, [in Lavagh townland, Achonry parish, co, Sligo,] house of the third order of St. Francis, master and friars of, papal letters exemplified at the petition of, 687.

-, -, foundation of, exemplified, 687, 687 note.

Courtenay, Cortenai, John, indult to, 867.

-, Peter, dean of Exeter, about to be provided to the see of Exeter, absolution for, 635.

-, -, provision of, to the bishopric of Exeter, 657.

-, -, faculty fo the consecration of, 657.

-, -, oath of fealty of, 657.

Cousin, Cosyn, James, prior of the houses of Cruciferi, Newtownclonbun, commissary of John White, archdeacon of Meath and guardian of the spiritualities of that see, sede vacante, sentence of, 821.

-, Cosyn, Masculinus, a canon of Salisbury, to be a notary public, 648.

-, Cucin, Culsin, Cusin, Cussyn, Cusyn, Walter, a canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 279, 459, 466, 535.

-, -, a canon of Tuam and prebendary of Moynkilly with the rectory of Ballygarry united thereto, to be also vicar of St. Geraldus, Mayo, 533, 534.

-, Cwssin, William, de facto vicar of Ballyholly and Ballyhay, 174.

Contances [Marche, France,] diocese of, places in. See Alderney; Guernsey; Jersey.

Couton, Thomas, a canon of Wells, papal mandatary, 10.

Couuriniuuair. See Curranure.

Cove alias Sybeton, Robert, a monk of Sibton, dispensation to, 839.

Coventre alias Leenes, John, a monk of Bermondsey, dispensation to, 725.

-, Richard. See Shawe alias Coventre.

Coventry, Conuentre, Conventre, Conventren[sis], [co. Warwick,] Benedictine priory (cathedral) of St. Mary the Virgin, monks of. See Blake, Richard; Drowthz, Richard; Shawe alias Coventre, Richard.

-, parish church of the Holy Trinity, vicarage of, 806.

-, parish church of St. Michael, vicarage of, 807.

Coventry and Lichfield, bishop, church and diocese of. See Lichfield and Coventry.

Cowbridge, Cowbrigge [co. Glamorgan,] Llanblethian, Llanblevian juxta, 589.

Cowen. See Colvend.

Cowpen, John, dispensation to, 899.

Cowplande (i.e. Copeland, q.v.) Wirkyngton in, See Workington.

Cowyntie, Richard, late abbot of Balmerino, 136.

Coxa , Baltaxar, called in his obedience John XXIII, letters of, 464 note.

Coxford, Cokysford [in East Rudham, co. Norfolk,] Augustinian priory of St. Mary, canon of. See Silisden, Thomas.

Coychurch, Coychurche, [co. Glamorgan,] parish church of St. Ciriac, rectory of, 492.

Crafort, Crafurd. See Crawford.

Craggis, John, dispensation to, 913.

Craig, Insula sancti Brioci, [co. Forfar,] rectory of, 695.

Crampscastle, Crompiston, [in Peppardstown, co. Tipperary,] vicarage of, 95.

Cranfield, Cranfyld, [co. Bedford,] parish church of St. John, rectory of, 449.

Cranston, Thomas. See Granston.

Crantoch, Sancti Carantoci, [co. Cornwall,] collegiate church, John dean of. See Michell.

Cranwell, Richard, rector of Shenley, dispensation to, 687.

Craunce, Alan, dispensation to, 866.

Crausurde (recte Craufurde). See Crawford, John.

Craven, Crawen, Grauen, [a district in co. York,] Bolton Abbey (q.v.) in, 46, 661.

-, Thornton in Craven (q.v.) in, 60.

Crawford, Crafurd, Alexander, sometime vicar of Dysart, co. Fife, 613.

-, Archibald, abbot of Holyrood abbey, Edinburgh, resignation made to, and provision made by, 33, 34.

-, -, resignation of, 165.

-, -, pension reserved for, 165.

-, -, -, payment of, 165.

-, -, sometime abbot of Holyrood abbey, Edinburgh, amount of pension of, to be determinted, 171.

-, Crafort, Crausurde, John, a Premonstratensian canon of Dryburgh, about to be provided to that abbey, absolution of, 586.

-, -, late a Premonstratensian canon of Dryburgh, and provided abbot of the same, 811.

Crawley, [co. Hants,] rectory of, 728, 729.

Creagh, Cribeach, [co. Cork,] vicarage of, 768.

Creagh, Chrehac, Creach, Crehac, Crernag, Crewagh, David, a canon of Limerick, papal mandatary, 411, 703.

-, -, to be a canon of Cork and prebendary of the Holy Trinity, Cork, 144.

-, -, about to be provided to the archbishopric of Cashel, absolution for, 846.

-, -, provision of, to the archbishopric of Cashel, 845.

-, -, [archbishop-] elect of Cashel, sometime rector of Dromin, 858.

-, -, [archbishop-] elect of Cashel, a canon of Limerick and prebendary of Effin, provided to a canonry of Cork and the prebend of Holy Trinity, dispensation to, 861.

-, -, archbishop of Cashel, papal mandatary, 187.

-, William, bishop of Limerick, exchange carried out by, 411.

-, -, resignation and presentation made to, and institution by, 392.

Credition, [co. Devon,] collegiate church of the Holy Cross, Robert precentor of. See Barforth.

Crehac, David. See Creagh.

Creichton. See Crichton.

Crernag, David. See Creagh.

Crese, Nicholas, precentor of Ottery St. Mary, dispensation to, 330.

Cressuer (? recte Cressuel), Alexander, in dult to, 874.

Crethon. See Crichton; Crichton, John; and Crichton, Kentigernus.

Crethton. See Crichton; and Crichton, John de.

Cretton. See Crichton.

Crewagh. David. See Creagh.

Cribeach. See Creagh.

Crichton, Creichton, Crethon, Crethton, Cretton, [co. Edinburgh,] collegiate church, provost of, papal mandatary, 71, 496.

-, vicarage of, 24.

Crichton, Crigton, Henry, abbot of Paisley, pension to be paid by, 18.

-, Crethon, Crethton, John de, a monk of Newbattle, to be abbot of the same, 331.

-, -, faculty for the blessing of, 331.

-, -, oath of, 331.

-, -, death of, 656.

-, Crethon, John, precentor of Glasgow, dispensation to, 370.

-, Crethon, Kentigernus, to be vicar of Legerwood, 360.

Crigneti, Peter, proctor of Anthony Adournes, 753.

Crigton. See Crichton, Henry.

Cristaw. See Christow.

Cristor, John, a canon of Lismore, papal mandatary, 699.

Crochan, Crochayn, See Crohane.

Croft, Croste, [co. Lincoln,] parish church of, chantry priest in, 838.

Crohane, Crochan, Crochayn, Kilthruayn, [co. Tipperary, a prebend in Cashel, 54, 193.

-, rectory of, 652.

Croke, Elizabeth, wife of John Croke, party to a matrimonial suit, 734.

-, John, of Haliwell, party to a matrimonial suit, 734.

-, -, wives of. See Croke, Elizabeth; Bayster. Elizabeth.

-, -, Thomas, notary public, indult to, 634.

Croma, Crom[m]a. See Croom.

Crome, Alice, unwilling wife of John Williamson, appeal of, 797.

Cromer, William, a monk of Norwich priory (cathedral), dispensation to, 802.

Crompistion. See Crampscastle.

Croom, Croma, Crom[m]a, [co. Limerick,] rectory of, 36, 392.

Cros. See Cross.

Croscombe, Cornscombe alias Croscombe, [co. Somerset,] rectory of, 557.

Crose. See Crosse, Richard.

Cross, Cros, [in Kilmore Erris, co. Mayo,] Augustinian priory of St. Brandan, prior of, papal mandatary, 475, 673.

Crosse, Crose, Richard, rector of Stapleford Tawney, dispensation to, 837.

-, alias Calbras, Thomas, rector of Somerleytown, dispensation to, 483.

-, William, an Augustinian canon of St. Gregory, Canterbury, dispensation to, 372.

Crossethwayte. See Crosthwaite.

Crossmolina, Croswilin, [co. Mayo,] vicarage of, 435.

Crossraguel, Corsragil, Corsraguel, [co. Ayr,] Cluniac abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 382, 794.

Croste (recte Crofte). See Croft.

Crosthwaite, Crossethwayte [co. Cumberland,] parish church of St. Mungo (alias St. Kentigern), vicarage of, 752.

Croswilin. See Crossmolina.

Crowan, Sancti Criynneri (?), [co. Cornwall,] vicarage of, 562.

Crowland, Crowlond, Crowlond, Crowlonde, Croyland, [co. Lincoln,] Benedictine abbey, abbot of, empowered to dispense monks professed therein to be ordained before the lawful age, 610.

-, -, -, manors etc. of, 625.

-, -, -, papal mandatary, 779, 784, 801.

-, -, -, presentation made by, 680.

-, -, abbots of, rights of, saved, 625.

-, -, Richard abbot of. See Crowland.

-, -, abbot and convent of, indult to, to eat flesh between Septuagesima and Quinquagesima, 288, 289 note.

-, -, -, petition of, 288, 289 note.

-, -, monk of. See Gedney alias Writh, John.

-, -, monks of, power to dispense, to be ordained before the lawful age, 610.

-, -, convent of, indult to, 625.

-, -, -, manors etc. of, 625.

-, -, exposed situation of, 288, 289 note.

-, -, lack of priestes in, 610.

Crowland, Richard, abbot of Crowland, indult to, 625.

-, -, petition of, 610.

Crowlond, Crowlonde. See Crowland.

Croxby, John, rector of Serivelsby, dispensation to, 490.

Croxton Kerrial, Croxton, [co. Leicester,] Premonstratensian abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 777.

Croxton, South, [co. Leicester,] rectory of, 640.

Croydon, [co. Surrey,] rural deanery of, Harrow within the bounds of, 734.

Croyland. See Crowland.

Cruasgnen[sis]. See Glasgow.

Crul. See Knell.

Crystemnas (? recte Crystenmas), John. See Cele.

Cubley, [co. Derby,] Isabel Vernon of, 404.

Cucchery, James, pension for, 900.

Cucin. See Cousin.

Cudros. See Cardross.

Cueffalen (recte Enesfalen). See Innisfallen.

Cuellar, Ferrandus or Ferdinand de, a canon of Oviedo, papal mandatary, 166, 185.

Cuenca, Conchen[sis], [Spain,] church of, archdeaconry in. See Huete.

Cuerton, William, a monk of Kingston upon Hull, absolution etc. of, 55.

Cuintdbe. See Quin.

Culan, Alexander, a canon of Aberdeen, papal mandatary, 848.

Culcoora. See Collcor.

Culguoho[n]ne. See Colquhoun.

Cullen, Cullynalla, Cunllyn Allan, Cuyllynalla, [in Duhallow barony, co. Cork,] vicarage of, 102, 731.

-, -, united to that of Nohovaldaly, 301.

Cullen, co. Tipperary, See Kyllynanalyn.

Cullesse. See Collessie.

Culleyn, John, de facto a canon of Lismore and prebendary of Kilrossanty, 61.

Cullynalla. See Cullen, co. Cork.

Cullyng, William, a Premonstratensian canon of Torre, dispensation to, 490.

Culne St. Denis. See Coln St. Dennis.

Culqudone, Culquhone. See Colquhoun.

Culross, Colros, Culros, de Culrosa, Culros(e), Culrose, [co. Perth,] Cistercian abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 157, 405, 479, 552, 553, 567 (bis), 577.

Culsalmond, Cosalmot, [co. Aberdeen,] parish church of St. Germanus, vicarage of, 343.

Culsin. See Cousin, Walter.

Cumberford, William, dispensation to, 382.

Cumbermer. See Combermere.

Cunga , Cungha, abbey de. See Cong.

Cunhi. See Quin.

Cunllyn AllanSee Cullen.

Cunningham, Conynghame, Alan, a litigant for the vicarage of Galston, 346, 347.

Cunoa. See Macnamara, Cornelius son of Thady.

Cunstable. See Constable.

Cupar, Cwpar, [co. Fife,] rectory called vicarage of, 855.

Cupro , abbey de, vicarage de. See Coupar-Angus.

Cur, Robert, dispensation to, 911.

Curcy, Patrick de, to be treasurer of Ardfert, 985.

Cure, Curie. See Currie.

Curranure, Coruriniuuair, Couuriniuuair, [in Inishannon, co. Cork,] 428.

Currie, Cure, Curie, [co. Midlothian,] parish church of, united to the archdeaconry of Lothian, erection and endowment of a vicarage in, 844.

-, vicarage of, collation of, 857.

Curry Mallet, Cory Malet, [co. Somerset,] rectory of, 675.

Curtluweag, Curtw[i]lleag. See Court.

Curyton Episcopi. See Cheriton Bishop.

Cusin. See Cousin, Walter.

Custodia reliquiarum sancti Arlathei . See Tuam.

Cussyn. See Cousin, Walter.

Cut, Thomas, dispensation to, 301.

Cuxton, Cokylston, [co. Kent,] rectory of, 751.

Cuyllynalla. See Cullen.

Cuynea. See Macnamara, Cornelius son of Thady.

Cwper. See Cupar.

Cwssin. See Cousin, William.

Cyan. See Shyane.

Cyllenana. See Killeany.

Cynithy. See Kinnitty.