Vatican Regesta 708: 1484-1485

Pages 108-111

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 14, 1484-1492. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1960.

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Vatican Regesta, Vol. DCCVIII. (fn. 1)

Bullarum Liber XI.

2 Innocent VIII.

Non. Oct.
(7 Oct.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 34r.)
To Robert Skynner, a canon of Dunblane, M.A. Collation and provision to him, who is by both parents of a noble race of barons, of a canonry of Dunblane and the prebend which was formerly erected from the perpetual vicarage in the parish church of Abyrnethy in the diocese of Dunblane, yearly value not exceeding 18l. sterling, void by the death of Alexander Lumsden (fn. 2)extra R.c.; whether they be so void, or be void in any other way, and whether they be specially reserved to the pope's gift, or be generally reserved, because, as is alleged, the said Alexander was a chaplain-acolyte of the apostolic see, and a continual member of the household of Paul II and Sixtus IV and of divers cardinals deceased, and was collector of the Camera in those parts, or a sub-collector, etc.; with mandate hereby to the provost of Meffan in the diocese of St. Andrews, and John Mirton, and Gavin de Dumbar, canons of Dunkeld and Moray, to induct him, etc. Nobilitas generis, litterarum scientia, vite etc. (At the end: Duplicata scripta Jo. Cotini. Tax (ata) x. A. de Urbino, etc.) [3 pp.]
16 Kal. Oct.
(16 Sept.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 149v.)
To Robert Duloquhy, rector of the parish church of Benhan [sic] in the diocese of St. Andrews, M.A. Collation and provision of the said church, yearly value not exceeding 30l. sterling, provision of which, on its becoming void at the apostolic see, and therefore reserved, by the death there of John Eduardi, the pope granted to the late George Carmikael, priest, of the diocese of Glasgow, under date Id. Aug. anno 1 [1485], who has died at the said see before the papal letters of grant were drawn up, so that it is still void as above, and still reserved; whether it be specially reserved, or be generally reserved, because, as some allege, the said George was an acolyte of the pope and the said see. Litterarum scientia, vite etc.
Concurrent letters to the scholasticus of Tours (Turonen.), and the officials of St. Andrews and Moray. Hodie dilecto filio Roberto Daloquhy. (fn. 3) [3 pp.]

1 Innocent VIII.

1485 (recte
1484. (fn. 4) )
Prid. Id. Sept.
(12 Sept.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 152v.)
To Tyberius Ugolinus, [bishop] elect of Down and Conner. Decree, etc., as below. Provision of the said united churches, on their becoming void by the death extra R.c. of Thady, during whose lifetime Sixtus IV specially reserved them to his gift, was made by the said pope to the above Tyberius, rector of the parish church of St. Mary de Sillatiano in the diocese of Nepi (Nepesin.), doctor of decrees, in priest's orders and of lawful age, under date 16 Kal. March anno 12 [15 Feb. 1483/4]. The said pope's letters not having been drawn up by reason of his death, the pope decrees that the said provision shall hold good from the said date, as if the letters had been drawn up under that date, and that these presents shall be sufficient proof thereof; with mandate hereby to the chapters, clergy, people, and vassals. Decens reputamus. [32/3 pp.] In Eubel, from the ‘Schede di Garampi.’]

2 Innocent VIII.

16 Kal. Oct.
(16 Sept.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 241r.)
To James Brown, a canon of St. Salvator's at St. Andrews. Collation and provision to him, who is a priest, of a canonry of St. Salvator's at St. Andrews and the prebend de Tyni[n]ham therein, yearly value not exceeding 26l. sterling, void by the death at the apostolic see of George Carmikael, and therefore ipso facto reserved to the pope's gift; whether it be reserved in the said way, or because, as is asserted, the said George was an acolyte and chaplain of the said see; with mandate hereby to the bishop of Glandèves (Glandaten.), and the officials of Glasgow and Dunkeld, to induct him, etc. Vite etc. [3¼ pp.]

1 Innocent VIII.

Id. Aug.
(13 Aug.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 294r.)
To the abbot of St. Marys, Newry (de Viridi ligno), in the diocese of Dromore, and Thomas Macbruyn and Mark Macgin’, canons of Dromore. Mandate, as below. The pope has been informed by Donatus Obin’, priest, of the diocese of Down (Dunen.), that Raffarrus Orwonaga, a brother of the house of St. John Baptist of the English, Down, of the hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, made a bargain with the late Thady, bishop of Down, and the then temporal lord of the place, that if the said bishop made him provision of the mastership or priorship of the said house, and if the said lord helped him to obtain possession thereof, he would give them certain gifts (munera), thereby incurring simony and sentence of excommunication, etc., in pursuance of which bargain the said bishop made him collation and provision by his ordinary authority, and the said lord helped him to get possession, both of them having accepted the said gifts. The said collation and provision being therefore without force, and the said mastership or priorship being still void as above, the pope hereby orders the above three, if the said Donatus (who was lately dispensed by papal authority on account of illegitimacy, as the son of a priest and an unmarried woman, to be promoted to all, even holy orders and [receive and] retain a benefice even with cure, in virtue of which he has had himself made a clerk) will accuse the said Raffarrus before them, to summon the latter and others concerned, and, if they find the foregoing to be true, to declare the said collation and provision to be without force, and in that event to receive Donatus as a brother of the said hospital, give him the regular habit thereof, and receive his profession, and thereupon to collate and assign to him the said mastership or priorship, yearly value not exceeding 4 marks sterling, removing the said Raffarrus. The pope further specially dispenses him to receive and retain it, notwithstanding [the said defect], etc. Consuevit apostolice sedis circumspecta benignitas. [7 pp. In the margin: ’Sep (tembris).’]


  • 1. On the back of the volume: ‘Inn. viii. Bullar. Ann. i, ii. Lib. xi.' On the front half of the original sheepskin binding, preserved at the beginning of the volume, is the contemporary ‘xi. Bull. domini Inno (centii),’ below which is ‘R (ecipe) Drago,’ cancelled, and ‘R (ecipe) Campani.’ There is also the usual later ‘Innoc. 8. Lib. xi.’ There are 1–312 ff. of text and no ’rubricelle.’
  • 2. Or Lumisden.
  • 3. The second letter is blotted, and may be u as in the address.
  • 4. 12 Sept. anno 1 is 12 Sept. 1484, the day of the pope's coronation.