Vatican Regesta 715: 1486

Pages 126-129

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 14, 1484-1492. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1960.

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Vatican Regesta, Vol. DCCXV. (fn. 1)

Bullarum Liber XVII.

2 Innocent VIII.

8 Id. June.
(6 June.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 61v.)
Confirmation, etc., as below. The recent petition of John Mayewe, the present president, and the scholars of the college of St. Mary Magdalen, founded in the university of Oxford, in the diocese of Lincoln, contained that whereas in the priory of Seleborn’, O.S.A., in the diocese of Winchester, in which, according to its foundation, several canons regular ought to have been residing and taking part in divine worship, the prior alone was dwelling, the observance of the rule being neglected, and that its goods were being in no small measure wrongfully consumed for the profit of laymen, (fn. 2) Richard, prior of Newstead (de Nouo loco) in the said diocese [of Lincoln], having, as he alleged, special faculty from William, bishop of Winchester, united and appropriated in perpetuity, with consent of the said bishop (to whose presentation the said priory [of Seleborn’] belonged) and of the prior and chapter of Winchester, and the then prior of the said priory of Seleborn’, and others interested, the said priory [of Seleborn’], with all its places, members, rights, goods, possessions and appurtenances, by the ordinary authority [of the said bishop], to the said college, in virtue whereof the said president and scholars took possession and at present hold it, as is said to be contained more fully in certain authentic letters or public instruments. At the petition, therefore, of the said president and scholars, who allege that the yearly value of the said priory and its members does not exceed 160 gold florins of the Camera, the pope hereby suppresses the said order, etc., in the said priory, even if it be elective and have cure of souls, approves and confirms the said union, etc., and further, pro potiori cautela, himself unites and appropriates the said priory of Seleborn’, with all its said members, places, etc., to the said college of St. Mary Magdalen, again (de novo) and for ever, etc. Ad perp. rei mem. Iniunctum nobis. [4¼ pp. In the margin at the end: Jul (ii).]
12 Kal. Aug.
(21 July.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 95r.)
To John, bishop of Lincoln. Faculty, at his recent petition (containing that he is so infirm of body that he cannot continue to exercise the rule and administration of the church of Lincoln, and for this and other causes he proposes to resign it into the hands of some prelate extra R.c.), that whenever it shall please him he may so resign into the hands of some prelate extra R.c., in the presence of a notary public and witnesses, with faculty for the prelate of his choice to receive such resignation, reserving to him a yearly pension for life of a thousand gold ducats of the Camera from the fruits, etc., of the episcopal mensa, to be paid to him by his successors. The pope further wills and decrees that such resignation shall be eo ipso deemed to be admitted by the pope, and shall have as full force as if it had been made into his hands, and as if he had admitted it. (fn. 3)Personam tuam. [2 pp. In the margin at the end: ‘Junii’ [sic].]
5 Id. May.
(11 May.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 263r.)
To the abbot of St. Mary's, Innisgat, in the diocese of Killaloe (Laon [i]en.), and Denis Odeay and David Chanrarayn [sic], canons of Kilfenora (Finaboren.). Mandate, as below. The pope has been informed by William Macgyllapadrayc, (fn. 4) clerk, perpetual beneficiary, called the rector, in the parish church, called the ecclesiastic see, of Kyllnaferbuy in the diocese of Killaloe, that David Omyllayn, (fn. 5) clerk, wrongfully (fn. 6) aspiring to the perpetual vicarage [of the parish church] of Kylymacryhynatraga in the diocese of Kilfenora, has committed simony, (fn. 7) perjury and fornication, thereby incurring sentence of excommunication and deprivation. The pope has also learned that the perpetual vicarage [of the parish church] of Kyllanaferbuy in the said diocese of Killaloe became and is void because John Marchomayn [sic], sometime vicar of the said church of Kyllanaferbuy, having obtained the said vicarage de Kylnaferbuy by canonical collation, held it for more than a year without having himself promoted to the priesthood, and without dispensation, although he has for between twelve and fourteen years detained possession of the said vicarage of Kylnaferbuy after the said voidance, without any fresh title or right. At the recent petition of the said William, containing that he was present at a certain warlike act (fn. 8) and conflict in which divers men were wounded and slain, but without slaying any one himself, the pope hereby orders the above three to absolve him from the said excess, enjoining a salutary penance, etc., dispense him on account of irregularity contracted, and dispense him to be promoted to all, even holy orders and minister therein, but short of the ministry of the altar, and receive the below-named canonry of Killaloe and prebend and annexes, and rehabilitate him, and in the event of their so doing, and if he will accuse the said David before them, to summon the latter and others concerned, and also those interested, and if they find the foregoing to be true, and if, after summoning the said John, they find the said vicarage of Kylnaferbuj [sic] to be void, as above, to deprive and remove the said David from the said vicarage of Kylimacry[h]ynatraga, erect, with the consent of the chapter, the said [perpetual] benefice, yearly value not exceeding 3 marks sterling, into a prebend of Killaloe for the lifetime of the said William, and, in the event of their making such deprivation and erection, to unite the said vicarages of Kyllimacry[h]ynadraga [sic] and Kylnaferbuj [sic], yearly values not exceeding 10 and 8 marks, respectively, whether the former be void by the said deprivation and removal, or whether they be void in any other ways, to the said prebend thus to be erected, for as long as the said William shall hold the latter, and to collate and assign a canonry of Killaloe and such prebend, with the said annexes, to the said William, removing the said David from the said vicarage of Kylimacry[hy]natraga, and the said John from that of Kylnaferbuj, and any other unlawful detainers. Apostolice sedis indefessa clementia. [9 pp. In the margin at the end: ‘Ju (nii)’.]


  • 1. On the back of the volume: ‘Inn. viii. Bullar. Ann. i, ii. Li. xviii.’ On the front half of the original sheepskin binding is the contemporary ‘Libro decimo octavo Innocencij,’ and the usual later ‘Innoc. 8. Lib. xviii.’ There are 1–99–c–cccvi ff. of text, and no ‘rubricelle.’
  • 2. plures canonici regulares residere ac divinis obsequiis vacare debebant, solus prior regularibus observantiis pretermissis moraretur et illius bona in non parva quantitate in laicorum usus indebite consumerentur.
  • 3. John Russell, bishop of Lincoln, did not take advantage of the above faculty to resign, but retained the see until his death on 30 Dec. 1494, his successor, William Smith, being translated from Coventry and Lichfield to Lincoln by bull dated 6 Nov. 1495. See Eubel, Hierarchia, ad loc., where ‘1488,’ given for the year of Russell's translation from Rochester, is an error for ‘1480,’ correctly given under ‘Eboracen.’ and ‘Roffen.’ See also Le Neve, Fasti, ed. Hardy, II, p. 20, and note, and D.N.B.
  • 4. Perhaps rather written ‘Maegyllafadrayc.’ There is an obscuring correction between the f and the d, and the latter is of an unusual shape.
  • 5. Seemingly corrected from ‘Omellayn.’
  • 6. improbe.
  • 7. simonie labem in titulo beneficiicommittere non expavit.
  • 8. cuidam actui bellico.