Vatican Regesta 755: 1490-1491

Pages 281-283

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 14, 1484-1492. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1960.

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Vatican Regesta, Vol. DCCLV. (fn. 1)

Bullarum Liber LVIII.

7 Innocent VIII.

10 Kal. May.
(22 April.)
St. Mark's, Rome. (fn. 2)
(f. 140v. (fn. 3) )
To the abbot of St. Mary's Abbeyleix (de Lege dei), in the diocese of Leighlin. Mandate, as below. The recent petition of James Ymaylchyll, prior of the monastery, wont to be governed by a prior, of St. Thomas the Martyr, Athy, of the Order of Cruciferi, in the diocese of Dublin or Glendalough (Dublinensis sive Glandalacensis diocesis), contained that on the voidance in a certain way of the priorship of the said monastery he got provision made to him by papal authority, and in virtue thereof held and possessed it for several years; that afterwards John Olerhur, clerk, of the diocese of Leighlin, falsely alleging that it belonged to him, impetrated papal letters to certain judges in those parts, under pretext of which he caused the said James to be summoned before the said judges who, wrongfully proceeding, promulgated a definitive adjudicatory sentence in favour of the said John and against the said James, who appealed therefrom to the apostolic see, and obtained the commission of the cause of appeal by papal letters to certain other judges in those parts, who, rightfully proceeding, promulgated a definitive sentence revoking the said former sentence, which second sentence became a res judicata; and that subsequently the said James, at the intervention of common friends of him and the said John, agreed by oath that the said John should yearly take a part of the fruits, etc., of the said priorship, which he still does, etc. The said petition adding that in the said letters of provision it was not mentioned that the said priorship was by special papal privilege of lay patronage, and that he therefore fears that they may be held to be surreptitious, and also that, because he has contracted the crime of adultery and fornication, he may be molested in regard to them, and be deprived, and that it is alleged that the said priorship became and is still void, otherwise than as above, the pope hereby orders the above abbot to absolve the said James from the said crime of adultery and fornication, enjoining a salutary penance, etc., not to permit him to be molested on the said ground, and decree and declare that he cannot be deprived, and, moreover, summoning the said John and others concerned, if he find the foregoing to be true, to relax the said oath, restore the said priorship in regard to its fruits, and not permit the said James to be molested by the said John in respect of them, and decree and declare that if he cease to make further payment to him or to any others he shall not incur perjury, causing his decision to be observed by ecclesiastical censure; and, in the event of his so doing, to decree that the said letters, and the collation and provision made to the said James in virtue thereof, etc., shall hold good from the date of these presents, as if they had mentioned the said lay patronage, howsoever the said priorship, which is conventual, and whose yearly value does not exceed 20 marks sterling, be void, etc. Sedes apostolica pia mater. [2⅓ pp. In the margin at the end: ‘Jun(ii).’]
19 Kal. Jan.
(14 Dec.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 224v.) (fn. 4)
To William Kemp, rector of the parish church of Stebynheth in the diocese of London. Dispensation, as below. His recent petition contained that after provision had been canonically made to him of the said church of Stebynheth, the cure of souls of which has been wont to be exercised by a perpetual vicar, and after he had obtained possession thereof, on the voidance of the parish church of Orset in the same diocese, the cure of which has been wont to be exercised, not by a perpetual vicar, but by its rector, the late Thomas, bishop of London, made him collation and provision thereof by his ordinary authority, in virtue of which, after the death of the said bishop, he obtained possession of it, and has held it, as he still does, together with the said church of Stebynheth without other indult (fn. 5) or licence; and that there is a doubt whether he can hold both without dispensation. The pope, therefore, hereby specially dispenses him to retain the said churches together for life. Vite etc. [2 pp. In the margin at the end: ‘Jul(ii).’]


  • 1. On the back of the volume: ‘Inn. viii. Bullar. Ann. vii. Lib. lviii.’ The front cover of the original sheepskin binding, preserved at the beginning of the volume, has only the contemporary number ‘58,’ and on the back of it the usual later ‘Innoc. 8. Lib. 58.’ There are ff. 1–19–xx–xlv–x16–x17–cccxli (corrected to ccc31) of text, many of the folio numbers being a combination of roman and arabic numerals, like those here shown. There are no ‘rubricelle.’
  • 2. Datum Rome apud sanctum Petrum, but Petrum is cancelled, and Marcum substituted above it. This is the first bull, so far, dated at St. Mark's, instead of at St. Peter's.
  • 3. MS. c40.
  • 4. On the verso of f. cccxxll (corrected to ccc12), under date 1491, 18 Kal. July, is a mention of the altar of St. Thomas the Martyr, archbishop of Canterbury, in the church of St. Mary in the town (opidi) de Turolio, in the diocese of Saragossa (Cesaraugustane diocesis).
  • 5. into, i.e. indulto; mto, i.e. mandato, may also, of course, be read, but does not apply.