Vatican Regesta 770: 1488-1489

Pages 309-314

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 14, 1484-1492. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1960.

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Vatican Regesta, Vol. DCCLXX. (fn. 1)

Bullarum Communium Liber LXXIII.

5 Innocent VIII.

4 Id. Nov.
(10 Nov.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 106r.)
To Maurice Ofaelan, Eustace Artur, and Thomas Omergeyn, canons of Limerick. Mandate, as below. The pope lately, upon learning that the deanery of Limerick, a major dignity, was void, although Miles de Burgo, priest, of the diocese of Limerick, was detaining possession of it, without any title, ordered the prior of the monastery of Rathgaela, wont to be governed by a prior, and the prior of the priory of SS. Mary and Edward, King and Martyr, in the said diocese, and the official of Limerick, to summon the said Miles and others concerned, and if they found the said deanery to be void in any way, to collate and assign it to Roger Artur, a canon of Limerick, make him provision thereof, and induct him, removing the said Miles and any other unlawful detainer. Seeing, however, that, as the recent petition of the said Miles contained, he had obtained the said deanery by canonical collation, and was in canonical possession, as he still is, laudably doing his duty as dean, (fn. 2) of which facts no mention was made in the letters of the said Roger, which are therefore surreptitious, the pope hereby orders the above three to summon the said Roger and others concerned, and if they find the statements made by the said Miles to be true, to declare the said letters surreptitious, and their consequences null and void, not to allow the said Miles to be molested under pretext thereof in regard to the said deanery, even by the said priors and official, and to inhibit them from proceeding to further execution of the said letters, invoking, if necessary, the aid of the secular arm. Justis et honestis. [2⅓ pp.]
9 Kal. Feb.
(24 Jan.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 107r.)
Declaration, etc., as below. The recent petition of Thady, bishop of Ross, contained that (although Sixtus IV, with the counsel of his brethren [the cardinals], of whom the present pope was one, made provision to him of the church of Ross, then void by the death of bishop Donald extraR.c., and although in virtue thereof he obtained possession, or almost, of the rule and administration), nevertheless Odo Ohederscoyll, priest, of the diocese of Ross (falsely alleging that the said church had become void, not by the death but by the resignation of the said Donald, and that provision thereof had been made to him as being void by such resignation), under pretext of certain motu proprio letters of menition, etc., from the said pope Sixtus, and also from the present pope, against the said Thady and his adherents, got them proclaimed as excommunicate and interdicted, and also got the city and diocese of Ross, etc., laid under interdict, from which sentences, etc., the said Thady appealed to the apostolic see, meanwhile celebrating masses and other divine offices, but not in contempt of the Keys, and sometimes causing them to be celebrated by others; that, being prevented by a lawful impediment, he did not prosecute his appeals within the lawful time; and that, having been proclaimed unheard, he desired an inquiry to be made to whom the said church lawfully belonged, and that he was ready to obey justice. The pope, therefore, at the said petition of the said bishop Thady, ordered Oliver, bishop of Sabina, a cardinal of the holy Roman church, called [the cardinal] of Naples, to hear the causes of the said appeals, etc., and of the principal matter, cognizance of which, being major causes, can only be taken by the said see, (fn. 3) and meanwhile to absolve the said bishop Thady and his adherents from the said sentences, etc., dispense them on account of any irregularity contracted, relax any interdicts, cite the said Odo and all others interested, etc., and, after making the process, to report thereon to the pope in secret consistory, in order that, along with his brethren, he might duly provide, notwithstanding the foregoing and the said lapse of time, etc. Seeing that the said cardinal has absolved the said bishop Thady and James Bordius, layman, of the diocese of Limerick, both of them present in person before him, and at their petition, from the said sentences, etc., and has dispensed them on account of the said irregularity, and has ordered the said other adherents to be absolved, interdicts to be relaxed, and the said Odo and others to be cited and inhibited, etc., as is more fully contained in certain public instruments sealed with the seal of the said cardinal, the pope (lest any doubt arise concerning the said absolution, commission, mandates, citations, inhibitions, etc., because they are not proved by his seal, inasmuch as in those parts, on account of the greatness of the distance, the seal and hand of the notary employed are perhaps unknown, and lest the said bishop Thady and others interested be thereby frustrated of the advantage and effect of the foregoing), hereby declares and attests that all the foregoing were done by the said cardinal by the pope's special commission, as is lawfully proved by the public instruments fortified with the seal of the said cardinal and with the hand of James Nyckel alias Aldenhouen’, clerk, of the diocese of Cologne, notary public by apostolic and imperial authorities, the scribe chosen by the said cardinal in the said cause. The pope further wills and decrees that all the foregoing shall have the same force, etc., as if they had emanated under his seal, and had been done by him, and shall be so deemed and judged by all, and that any attempt to the contrary shall be null and void; notwithstanding, etc. (fn. 4)Ad fut. rei mem. Ne de hiis que in Romana curia per commissarios ad id deputatos … 3¾ pp. See Reg. Vat. DCLXXXVI, f. 188r., above, p. 31.]
16 Kal. Feb.
(17 Jan.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 138r.)
To all Christ's faithful who shall see the present letters. Indulgence, as below. Whereas Peter, a Friar Preacher of the convent of St. Thomas in the diocese of Partheniensis, (fn. 5) and John, a canon of the monastery of St. Antoine Viennois (sancti Antonii de sancto Antonio), O.S.A., in the diocese of Vienne, and George, a layman, of the diocese of Partheniensis, came from India to Jerusalem, and stayed there for several years, and have come to Rome in order to visit the basilicas of the Apostles Peter and Paul and other basilicas, and intend to visit the church of St. James in Compostella and the churches of St. Mary, Finistére (de finibus terre), Mont Saint-Michel (sancti Michaelis in Monte Tuba) in Normandy, and St. Thomas of Canterbury in England, and then to return to Jerusalem, and thence to India; and whereas they have not the means to make the said pilgrimages, and the alms, etc., of the faithful are very useful to them, the pope grants to all faithful who, being penitent and having confessed, give alms, etc., to the said Peter, John, and George, or to any one of them, if the others are absent or deceased, until they return to India, a relaxation of three years and three quarantains of enjoined penance; the present letters, which the pope forbids to be carried about by ‘pardoners’ (fn. 6) to hold good for three years only from the date thereof. Quoniam ut ait apostolus. (Gratis de mandato sanctissimi domini nostri pape.) [1¾ pp.]
Non. March.
(7 March.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 158r.)
Exemplification from the register of Sixtus IV, at the recent petition of the provincial of the Order of Friars Preachers of the province of Ireland, and of the friars of the said Order [and] province, of the letters of the said pope: Ad perpetuam rei memoriam. Regimini universalis ecclesie meritis licet insufficientibus disponente domino presidentes, curis perurgemur assiduis ut, iuxta credite nobis desuper dispensationis officium, quieti subditorum quorumlibet, presertim sub religionis predicatorum habitu, studio vacantium pie vite in quorum utique prosperitate reficimur (?) etc. prout est reg(ist)rata de verbo ad verbum libro bullarum anni quarti fe(licis) re(cordationis) d(omini) Sixti [pape iiij] in apostolica secretaria folio primo; with decree hereby that the present exemplification shall have the same force as the original letters, etc. Ad fut. rei mem. Provisionis nostre. (Gratis de mandato sanctissimi domini nostri pape.) [1¼ pp.]
(f. 159r.)
Exemplification, as in the preceding, of the letters of Sixtus IV: Ad perp. rei mem. Sacri predicatorum et minorum fratrum ordinis, instar duorum primorum fluminum a celestium voluptatum et amenitatum paradiso egredientium, sacrosancte universalis ecclesie terrarum ne mundanarum cupiditatum et viciorum calore arescat etc. prout est reg(ist)rata de verbo ad verbum libro primo bullarum anni noni fe(licis) re(cordationis) d(omini) Sixti pape iiij in secretaria apostolica folio cccclxxxvi; with decree, as in the preceding. Ad fut. rei mem. Provisionis nostre. (Gratis de mandato sanctissimi domini nostri pape.) [1¼ pp.]
5 Id. Feb.
(9 Feb.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 163r.)
To the prior of the monastery of St. Mary alias of St. Tergnasius, Acchamechart, in the diocese of Ossory, wont to be governed by a prior, and the official of Ossory. Mandate, as below. The recent petition of Patrick Macgillapadrach, clerk, of the diocese of Ossory, contained that the fruits, etc., of the rectory of the parish church of Offarkyllaym, belonging to the monastery of St. Saviour alias Dusque, O.Cist., and that of Kylline alias Ryayr, belonging to the monastery, wont to be governed by a prior, of St. Columba alias St. Mary, Ynistiog, O.S.A., in the said diocese, have been wont to be granted to farm under yearly pensions of 8 or 9 marks [sterling] and 2 marks, or less, respectively (fn. 7); that, inasmuch as divers powerful laymen and clerks have been wont to hold possession of the said fruits, etc., and turn them to their own uses, paying some pensions to the said monasteries, the said churches suffer ruin, and divine worship therein is diminished; and that if the said fruits, etc., were granted to the said Patrick for life under a yearly pension, he would pay yearly, over and above the greatest pension wont to be paid within the memory of man, (fn. 8) twelve and four pounds of wax to the said monasteries of St. Saviour and St. Columba, respectively, and would cause the said churches to be repaired and divine offices celebrated therein, to the manifest utility of the said churches and monasteries. The pope, therefore, at the said petition, hereby orders the above two to summon the abbot of St. Saviour's and the prior of St. Columba's, and the convents, and others concerned, and, observing the form of the letters of Paul II, Ad perpetuam rei memoriam. Cum in omnibus judiciis sit rectitudo justicie et conscientie puritas observanda, id multo magis in commissionibus alienationum rerum ecclesiasticarum convenit observari etc. prout in Paulina, (fn. 9) to inform themselves, and if they find the facts to be as stated, and that the said grants, if made, will be to the manifest utility of the said monasteries and churches, to grant, with consent of those interested, the said fruits, etc., to the said Patrick for life, under the said pension and augmentation. Ex iniuncto nobis. [2½ pp.]
Kal. May.
(1 May.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 196r.)
To William Wryxham, master called the warden of the hospital of St. Catherine by the Tower of London, O.S.A., master in theology. Dispensation to receive and retain for life with the said mastership or, without it, with any other regular benefice of the said Order, any benefice with or without cure wont to be held by secular clerks, even if a parish church, etc., and to resign it, simply of for exchange, when he pleases. Religionis zelus, vite ac morum. (fn. 10) [2 pp.]
17 Kal. June.
(16 May.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 297v.)
To Andrew Formani, perpetual vicar of the parish church of Kyrkungkher in the diocese of St. Andrews. Dispensation to him, who is of noble birth by both parents and a licentiate in arts, and who is a continual commensal of the household of John, [cardinal] bishop of Albano, to receive and retain for life with the said vicarage of Kynkungkher any two other benefices, and without it any three benefices, with cure or otherwise incompatible, even if dignities, etc., or parish churches, etc., and to resign them, simply or for exchange, as often as he pleases: provided that not more than two be parish churches or their perpetual vicarages. Nobilitas generis, vite etc. (Gratis de mandato domini nostri pape.) [2 pp.]
9 Kal. Feb.
(24 Jan.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 345v.)
To William Bolton, prior of the priory of Lanercost, O.S.A., in the diocese of Carlisle. Dispensation to receive and retain for life with the said priory, or with any other priory of the said Order, or without it, any benefice with or without cure wont to be governed by secular clerks, even if a parish church, etc., and to resign it, simply or for exchange, as often as he pleases. Religionis zelus, vite etc. [1½ pp.]


  • 1. On the back of the volume, which is unusually thick, is: ‘Inn. viii. Commun. Anno v. Li. lxxiii.’ On the front cover of the original sheepskin binding, preserved at the beginning of the volume, is the contemporary ‘Reg(ist)r(u)mbullarum communium de anno quinto,’ ‘Vidit Ihe.,’ and two or three other unimportant notes; and on the back of it is the later description, ‘Registrum commune anni 5, nunc Lib. 73.’ There are ff. i–cccclxiii + 464–488 of text (these last foliated in arabic numerals), preceded by 21 pp. of ‘rubricelle.’
  • 2. officium suum in predicta ecclesia, prout ad eum ut decanum pertinet, laudabiliter exercendo.
  • 3. … causas, que cum de maioribus existant per sedem predictam dumtaxat cognosci debent.
  • 4. Cum autem prefatus cardinalis eundem Thadeum episcopum ac dilectum filium Jacobum Bordius laicum Limericensis diocesis, coram eo personaliter constitutos et id humiliter petentes, a sentenciis censuris et penis predictis auctoritate nostra absolverit, et super irregularitate predicta dispensaverit, et alios adherentes predictos in partibus constitutos absolvi, et interdicta relaxari, et eundem Odonem et alios sua communiter vel divisim interesse putantes citari et inhiberi et alia fieri mandaverit, prout in quibusdam instrumentis publicis desuper confectis et sigillo dicti cardinalis munitis, quorum etiam tenorem presentibus haberivolumus pro sufficienter expressis, plenius continetur, Nos, ne de absolutione commissione mandatis citationibus inhibitionibus et aliis premissis, pro eo quod de illis per bullam nostram non constat, cum in partibus illis ob nimiam locorum distantiam sigillum et manus notarii qui rogatus fuit forsan incognita existant, hesitari contingat, dictique T[h]adeusepiscopus et alii quorum interest premissorum commodo et effectu propterea frustrentur, debite providere volentes, auctoritate apostolica et ex certa scientia tenore presentium declaramus fidem facimus et attestamur omnia premissa prout superius enarrantur ex nostra speciali commissione per dictum cardinalem gesta fuisse prout etiam de illis per instrumenta publica sigillo dicti cardinalis munito et manu dilecti filii Jacobi Nyckel alias Aldenhouenclerici Colonien. dioc. publici apostolica et imperiali auctoritatibus notarii et in huiusmodi causa scribe per dictum cardinalem electi legitime constat, volentes et prefata auctoritate decernentes quod premissa omnia et singula illud idem robur eandemque vim eundemque vigorem per omnia habeant et eadem prorsus fides adhibeatur quandocunque et ubicunque in judicio sive alibi, prout fieret si illa omnia et singula sub bulla nostra emanassent ac per nos gesta fuissent, sicque ab omnibus censeri et judicari debere, irritum quoque et inane si secus super hiis a quoquam quavis auctoritate scienter vel ignoranter contigerit attemptari, non obstantibusDatum.
  • 5. This diocese is not in Eubel, Hierarchia, nor in Gams, series Episcoporum, and it is not mentioned in chevalier, Répertoire (Topa-bibliog.). Mas Latrie, Tresor, has a diocese Partheniensis, but this is in Mauritania (French West Africa), whereas the diocese mentioned in the pope's bull appears to be in the East, apparently in India.
  • 6. quas per questores deferri prohibemus.
  • 7. continebat quod fructus redditus et proventus de Offarkyllaym ad sancti Salvatoris alias de Dusq(ue) ac de Kylline alias de Ryayr ad per priorem solitis gubernari sancti Columbe alias beate Marie de Ynistiog monasteria dicte diocesis Cisterciensis et sancti Augustini ordinum pertinentium parrochialium ecclesiarum eiusdem diocesis rectoriarum videlicet Offarkyllaym ad sub octo vel novem et de Kylline ad sub duarum vel minus marcharum pensionibus annuis firmam concedi consueverunt.
  • 8. ultra maiorem solitam pensionem per tempus cuius contrarii hominum memoria non existit solui solitam.
  • 9. See Reg. Vat. DCCLXIX, f. 422r., above, pp. 308, 309.
  • 10. The brief ‘rubricella’ is: ‘Dispensatio ad duo. Willelmo Wryxham datur dispensatio, fo. clxxxvj,’ illustrating the baldness of the rubricelle.