Index of Persons and Places: A

Pages 327-330

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 14, 1484-1492. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1960.

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Abbeydorney, O'Dorney, Kyneloyson, Kyrieleyson [co. Kerry], Cistercian abbey of, abbot of, papal mandatary, 32, 33, 36, 37, 124, 185

Abbeygormacan, Nova via, Via nova [co. Galway], Augustinian abbey of, abbot of, papal mandatary, 137, 138, 147, 149, 162, 221, 236.

Abbeylara, Granard, Granardum, Guanardum, alias Leathen [co. Longford], Cistercian abbey of, abbot of. See O'Farrell, William.

-, commendataries of. See O'Farrell, Cornelius; O'Farrell, William.

-, monk of. See O'Regan, Patrick.

Abbeyleix. See Leix.

Aberdeen [co. Aberdeen], bishop of, 155.

-, -, papal mandatary, 44, 174, 180, 183, 270, 289.

See also Blacader, Robert; Elphinstone, William.

-, -, official of, papal mandatary, 180, 184.

-, [bishop-] elect of, papal mandatary, 4.

-, archdeacon of. See Lindsay, James.

-, cathedral church of, canons of. See Garden, David; Lindsay, James; Lythoun, David; Martin, Hugh; Simpson, Alexander; Strachanchin, Thomas.

-, -, precentors of. See Lindsay, Archibald; Lindsay, Walter.

-, -, treasurer of, papal mandatary, 114.

Aberdour, Abodour [co. Fife], poor hospital near, 196, 197.

Abernethy, Abyrnethy [co. Perth], collegiate church of, provost of, papal mandatary, 73.

-, -, prebend of, 109.

See also Abirnethi.

Abington, Hueyny [in Owneybeg barony, co. Limerick], Cistercian abbey of, abbot of, papal mandatary, 86.

Abirbrothot. See Arbroath.

Abircrumby, Abirtrumby, Abritrumby, Arbitrumby, James, priest, 42.

Abirlot, Abirilloc [co. Forfar], parish church of, 324.

Abirnethi, John, rector of Tannadice, 284, 285.

-, Walter, provost of Dumbarton, reservation to, 284, 285.

Abirtrumby. See Abircrumby.

Abodour. See Aberdour.

Abraham, Henry, M.A., rector of Harpley, dispensation to, 317.

Abribrothot. See Arbroath.

Abritrumby. See Abircrumby.

Abyrnethy. See Abernethy.

Acchamechart. See Aghmacart.

Accoduhaid. See Aghadowey.

Accoltis, Peter de, master, papal chaplain and auditor, papal mandatary, 264, 272.

Achabo. See Aghaboe.

Achadeo. See Aghadoe.

Achamartan. See Athnowen.

Achamicarth, Achamicharyt, Achamichayrt. See Aghmacart.

Achdraym Omane. See Aughrim.

Achemacart. See Aghmacart.

Achlek, William, detainer of Laurencekirk, 114.

Achlicgmaynagan, Achlycgmaynagan.

See Athleague.

Achmacayrt. See Aghmacart.

Achonry, Akaden[sis] [co. Sligo], bishop of. See Mohan, Cornelius.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 266.

-, cathedral church of, canon of.

See MacDonagh, Tomaltachus.

-, -, provost of, papal mandatary, 266.

-, diocese of, 167.

Acroym Omaney. See Aughrim.

Acscollyn. See Killermogh.

Adam, late abbot of Dunfermline, 43, 286.

Adare, Athadard, Athdar [co. Limerick], Trinitarian Friars' house of, commendatary of. See Creagh, David.

-, -, ministers of. See Appulgard, John; O'Faolan, Eugene.

Addergoole, Adrugul [co. Galway], parish church of, 163.

Adintone. See Haddington.

Adolia , Adolya. See Athol.

Adrugul. See Addergoole.

Aduren[sis]. See Aire.

Aelmer. See Elmer.

Aghaboe, Achabo [co. Laois], parish church of, 242.

Aghadoe, Achadeum, Archadeum [sic] [co. Kerry], archdeacon of. See O'sullivan, Dermit.

Aghadowey, Accoduhaid [co. Londonderry], parish church of, 99.

Aghiart, Arcierta [in Ballynakill parish, co. Galway], parish church of, 218.

Aghmacart, Acchamechart, Achamicarth, Achamicharyt, Achamichayrit, Achemacart, Achmacayrt, Aghmacarth, Athamicairt [co. Laois], Augustinian priory of St. Mary, alias St. Tierney, sancti Tigernachi, alias of St. Tergnasius, prior of, papal mandatary, 82, 83, 117, 119, 121, 313.

See also Brophy, William.

Aghnameadle, Aithenid [co. Tipperary], vicarage of, 94.

Aghowur. See Freshford.

Aglanyssincol. See Eglish-Nichole.

Aglas Ydonyn. See Killeenagarriff.

Agney, Anges [in Old Romney, co. Kent], tithes of, 204, note.

Ahascragh, Athasgrach [co. Galway], vicarage of, 240.

Aire, Aduren[sis] [France], 26.

Aithenid. See Aghnameadle.

Akaden[sis]. See Achonry.

Aked. See Hacket.

Aladen[sis]. See Killala.

Albano [Italy], bishop of. See Balu John.

Albus tractus , See Tracton.

Alcock, John, bishop of Worcester, chancellor of England, 15, 16, 17, 23.

Alderton, Aldecton [co. Northampton], parish church of, 320.

Aleria, Alerien[sis] [corsica], bishop of, papal mandatary, 201, 228.

Alessandria, Alexandrino [Italy], bishop of. See Sancto Georgio, John.

Alexander III, pope, 202, 203, 205, note.

Alexander VI, pope, 35, 315, note.

Alexandrino . See Alessandria.

Aller, AlZe [co. Somerset], parish church of, 12.

Almoritia. See Ballymorin.

Althayssyl. See Athassel.

Althorpe, Althorp [co. Lincoln], parish church of, 305.

Altissen, Peter, scriptor of apostolic letters and member of the pope's household, 74, 212, 308.

Alwether, Robert, rector of Mile End, dispensation to, 323.

Alyngton, Elizabeth, dispensation to, 306.

AlZe. See Aller.

Amerinus, 243, note.

Andrew, Richard, sometime dean of York, 217.

Anges. See Agney.

Anglo. See MacCostello.

Annaghdown, Enacdunen[sis], Enachdunen[sis], Enachedunen[sis], Henachdunen[sis] [co. Galway], bishop of, 63, 187.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 187.

-, cathedral church of, canons of. See Blake, Walter; Burgo, John de; Burgo, Richard de; Burgo, Thomas de; Burgo, William de; Dunne, John; Joy, Richard; MacCartan, Thomas; O'Boyle, William; O'Donnell, Donatus; O'Loughlin, William.

-, -, chapter of, 187.

-, -, dean of, papal mandatary, 63.

-, -, vicarage or chaplaincy in, 63.

-, diocese of, 62, 63, 68, 72, 73, 76, 96, 145, 187, 209, 275, 295.

-, Portuspatrum, Augustinian abbey of, abbot of, papal mandatary, 62.

See also Burgo, Edmund de; Burgo, Richard de; Burgo, William de.

Annolete, 136, note.

Anselm, a benefactor of Christchurch, Canterbury, 204, note.

Antivari, Antibaren[sis] [Yugoslavia], archbishop of. See Gaius, Philip.

Antrum sancti Fimbarri [sis]. See Cork, Gill abbey.

Antwerp [Belgium], 41.

-, St. Mary's, dean of, papal mandatary, 255.

Appulgard, John, minister of Trinitarian house of Adare, 259.

Arbitrumby. See Abircrumby.

Arbowchnot. See Arbuthnott.

Arbroath, Abirbrothot, Abribrothot [co. Forfar], Benedictine abbey of, commendatary of. See Lythoun, David.

-, -, monk of. See Lythoun, David.

Arbuthnott, Arbowchot [co. Kincardine], prebend of, 175.

Archadeo. See Achadeo.

Arcierta. See Aghiart.

Ardagh, Ardachaden[sis], Ardakaden- [sis] [co. Longford], bishop of, 97, 224, 228, 229.

See also O'Farrell, William.

-, -, commissaries of, 229.

-, cathedral church of, canons of. See Conroy, Eugene; MacEgan, Andrew; MacEgan, Maurice; O'Conalty, Eugene; O'Daly, Bernard; O'Farrell, Donald; O'Farrell, Donatus; O'Farrell, John; O'Farrell, Maurice; O'Rattigan, Cormac; O'Rodeghan, Eugenius.

-, -, chapter of, 97, 228.

-, -, dean of, papal mandatary, 223.

See also O'Farrell, Cornelius.

-, -, repair of, 228.

-, diocese of, 10, 93, 96, 97, 166, 223, 224, 226, 228, 229, 234236.

Ardcanny, Hardkane [co. Limerick], vicarage of, 113.

Ardcrony, Arderone [co. Tipperary], vicarage of, 161.

Ardesterthch. See Ardstraw.

Ardfert [co. Kerry], bishop of, 263, 295.

-, -, papal mandatary, 124.

See also FitzMaurice, Nicholas; Stack, John; Stack, Philip.

-, -, officials of, 36.

-, archdeacon of, 36.

-, -, papal mandatary, 124.

See also Aghadoe.

-, cathedral church of, canons of. See FitzMaurice, Maurice; Mury, William de; O'Twomey, Dermit.

-, -, chancellor of, papal mandatary, 32, 291.

See also FitzMaurice, David; FitzMaurice, John; Hussey, John.

-, -, chancellorship of, 37.

-, -, dean of, papal mandatary, 32.

See also FitzMaurice, Edmund.

-, -, precentor of. See Courcey, Patrick de; Fitz-Maurice, John.

-, -, treasurer of. See Courcey, Patrick de.

-, diocese of, 33, 36, 37, 85, 90, 94, 95, 116118, 122, 124, 185, 263, 277, 291.

-, -, visitation of, by archbishop, 292, 293.

Ardfield, Nayrd [co. Cork], vicarage of, 92.

Ardgayce. See Piercetown.

Ardstraw, Ardesterthch, Ardsraha, Arsdrath [co. Tyrone], parish church of, 75, 248.

Armagh [co. Armagh], administrator of the church of. See Palatio, Octavian de.

-, -, commissaries of, 229.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 165, 319.

-, cathedral church of, canons of. See MacCathasaigh, Donald; O'Heed, Patrick.

-, -, dean of, papal mandatary, 99.

See also MacCawell, Thomas; O'Molloy, Peter.

-, -, priorship of the Culdees in, 165.

-, Augustinian abbey of, abbot of, papal mandatary, 115.

-, province of, 58.

Arone. See Dunleckny.

Arsdrath. See Ardstraw.

Arthur, Artur, Eustace, canon of Limerick, prior of Holy Cross by the Bridge of Limerick, 199, 200.

-, -, -, papal mandatary, 309.

-, Geoffrey, treasurer of Limerick, to have priory of Holy Cross in commendam, 130, 200.

-, Roger, canon of Limerick, papal mandatary, 227.

-, -, dean of Limerick, 227, 309, 310.

-, Thomas, late bishop of Limerick and commendatary of Holy Cross, 130, 199.

Asola . See Athassel.

Assaroe, Sameria [in Kilbarron parish, co. Donegal], Cistercian abbey of, abbots of. See O'Gallagher, John; O'Gallagher, Neil; O'Lacy, John; O'Rafferty, Edmund.

Atavante, 218, note.

Athadard. See Adare.

Athamicairt. See Aghmacart.

Athasgrach. See Ahascragh.

Athassel, Althayssyll, Asola, Athasell, Athassell [co. Tipperary], Augustinian priory of, canons of. See Burgo, Thomas de; FitzMaurice, John.

-, -, commendatary of, 28.

See also Burgo, Miles.

-, -, detainers of. See Burgo, Thomas de; Morris, Edmund.

-, -, prior of. See Hacket, David.

-, -, ruinous state of, 28, 65.

-, -, steward of. See O'Heffernan, Cornelius.

Athdar. See Adare.

Athenry, Athnareg, Athnarig, Athnaryg [co. Galway], parish church of, erected into a collegiate church, 91, 250253.

-, -, warden of. See Burgo, John de

Athleague, Achlicgmaynagan, Achlycgmaynagan [co. Roscommon], vicarage of, 213, 214.

Athlone, Athluan, Athluayn, Halnon [co. Westmeath], parish church of, 90, 91, 148.

-, Benedictine priory [in St. Peter's, co. Roscommon], prior of, papal mandatary, 167, 214.

Athnareg, Athnarig, Athnaryg. See Athenry.

Athnowen, Achamartan [co. Cork], parish church of, 32.

Athol, Adolia, Adolya [Scotland], John, earl of, 324, 325.

Athy [co. Kildare], Crutched Friars' priory of, priors of. See Mulhall, James; O'Lalor, John.

Attis, D., 142, note, 212, note, 243.

Aughnish, Eahinis [co.Donegal], parish church of, 114, 115.

Aughrim, Achdraym Omane, Acroym Omaney [co. Galway], Augustinian priory of, prior of. See Fahy, Eugenius.

Aureli, 223, note.

Avignon [France], 204, note.

Aylward, Eluwart, Richard, canon of Cashel, 191.

Aynho, Aynehoo [co. Northants.], house or hospital of, 183.