Index of Persons and Places: B

Pages 330-334

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 14, 1484-1492. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1960.

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Bagarothus, B., 192.

Bagnorea, Balneoregien[sis] [Italy], cathedral church of, archpriest of, papal mandatary, 263.

-, -, canons of, papal mandataries, 263.

Bailenroba. See Ballinrobe.

Baird. See Barrett.

Balbanus, Jerome, secretary, 2, 4, 26, 27, 142, note, 230, note, 272, note.

Baleaybun alias Dysertteny. See Ballygibbon.

Baleinclaer. See Claregalway.

Baleomoryn. See Ballymorin.

Baleycheyn. See Ballykean.

Baleynclair. See Claregalway.

Balibagam. See Ballyboggan.

Balischascary. See Ballysakeery.

Ballannik, Ballantre. See Blantyre.

Ballingarry, Gare [co. Limerick], vicarage of, 231.

Ballinoulter, Galenavolort [in Kilreekill parish, co. Galway], prebend of, 149.

Ballinrobe, Bailenroba, Roba, Robo [co. Mayo], in Carra [the parish in part of Ballinrobe north of River Robe], parish church of, 215, 270.

-, in Conmaicne Cile Tola [the parish in part of Ballinrobe south of River Robe], vicarage of, 70, 270.

Ballinskelligs, Rupes, Ruppes [co. Kerry], Augustinian priory of, prior of, papal mandatary, 37, 94, 122.

See also O'Mulconry, John; O'sullivan, Dermit.

Ballintober, Villa fontis, alias Thratinoig [co. Laois], parish church of, 240.

Ballintober, Villa fontis Sancti Patritii [co. Mayo], Augustinian abbey of, canons of. See Stanton, Edmund; Stanton, William.

Ballybeg, by Buttevant, iuxta Butoniam, iuxta Butoniem [in Buttevant, co. Cork], Augustinian priory of, prior of, papal mandatary, 80, 118.

Ballyboggan, Balibagam, Laus dey [co. Meath], Augustinian priory of, canon of. See Ydugnach, Odo.

Ballybunion, Kylleytric [co. Kerry], cemetery of parish church of, 294.

Ballycahane, BellicaZan [co. Limerick], prebend of, 227.

Ballygibbon, Baleaybun alias Dysertteny, Disserthethyny alias Balygybun [co. Tipperary], parish church of, 86, 177.

Ballykean, Baleycheyn, Balykeyn [co. Offaly], vicarage of, 81, 82, 198.

Ballyloughloe, Lochia alias Stancnum, Locluat alias Stagnum cinerum, Lochluatha [co. Westmeath], vicarage of, 67, 91, 146.

Ballymorin, Almoritia, villa Amoricii, Baleomoryn [co. Westmeath], rectory of, 170, 171, 297299.

Ballysakeery, Balischascary [co. Mayo], vicarage of, 136.

Balmerino, Balmurenoch, Belmerinach [co. Fife], Cistercian abbey of, abbot of, papal mandatary, 114. See also Bunch, Walter; Fernedd, Robert; Roth, James.

Baltinglass, Vallis salutis [co. Wicklow], Cistercian abbey of, abbot of, papal mandatary, 125.

Balu, John [cardinal] bishop of Albano, 212.

-, -, -, household of, commensal of. See Forman, Andrew.

Balykeyn. See Ballykean.

BalZbe, Thomas, M.A., to have rectory of Coulter, 280, 281.

Banahan, Obenachan, Ybenachhan, Donatus, prior of Inchmacnerin, 73, 227, 266.

Bangor [co. Carnarvon], cathedral church of, 321.

Baracer, Berchaciarum [in Bridge, co. Kent], tithes of, 204, note.

Barbus, Mark, cardinal bishop of Palestrina, 212, 290.

Barchexiria . See Berkshire.

Barefeld. See Bayfield.

Baret. See Barrett.

Barkeley. See Berkeley.

Barksore, Berchesere [in Lower Halstow, co. Kent], 204, note.

Barnsole, Bermesole [co. Kent], 204, note.

Barre. See Barry.

Barrett, Baret, Baird, Miler (Melerus), detainer of Rathfran, 132.

-, William, canon of Killala, papal mandatary, 61.

-, William, detainer of Ballysakeery, 136.

Barri, Barrie. See Barry.

Barrow, Ryndbeara [co. Kerry], parish church of, 36.

Barry, Barre, Barri, Barrie, Berry, John, M.A., vicar of Dundee, collector of the Camera in Scotland, 58.

-, -, former vicar of Newtyle, 189, 190.

-, -, claimant to deanery of Brechin, 136, note, 141, 162.

-, John, canon of Cork, papal mandatary, 10, 92.

-, William, opponent of bishop of Cork and Cloyne, 44.

Baslic [co. Roscommon], vicarage of, 215.

Bath and Wells [co. Somerset], bishop of, 258.

-, diocese of, 12, 39, 80, 107, 258, 308, 321.

Batteyn, John, layman of Bristol, 33.

-, -, Joan, widow of, 33.

Bayfield, Barefeld [in Ospringe, co. Kent], tithes of, 204, note.

Baylife, John, I.U.B., chaplain of Henry VII, petition of, 29.

Bayly. See Dicheyate.

Beaufort, Joan, daughter of John, duke of Lancaster, 18, 19.

-, John, duke of Somerset, 18, 19.

-, John, earl of Somerset, 18, 19.

-, Margaret, countess of Richmond and Derby, 18, 19.

Becchis, R. de, 261.

Beckenham, Belrahan [co. Kent], parish church of, 284.

Beckingham, Bekyngham [co. Lincoln], parish church of, 317, note.

Bedford, duke of. See Tudor, Jasper.

Behan, Obecayn, Obechan, James, canon of Kildare, papal mandatary, 81, 83, 198.

Beirut, Beriten[sis] [Syria], bishop of. See Pigge, John.

Bekertun, Bekertin, William, monk of Peterborough, dispensation to, 320.

Bel, William, sometime abbot of Culross, 192.

Bellus locus , Belluslocus. See Killagh.

Belmeninach. See Balmerino.

BellikaZan. See Ballycahane.

Belrahan. See Beckenham.

Beltard, Bolichotynd [near Kilkee, co. Clare], wardenship of, in the church of Inniscattery, 124.

Benedict XII, pope, 204, note.

-, constitutions of, 205, 207.

Benedictio dei . See Kilbeggan.

Benholm, Benhan [co. Kincardine], parish church of, 109.

Berchaciarum . See Baracer.

Berchesere. See Barksore.

Berkeley, Barkeley, William de, earl of Nottingham, 16, 20, 21.

-, William, layman of Worcester diocese, dispensation to, 11.

Berkshire, Barchexiria, archdeacon of. See King, Oliver.

Bermesole. See Barnsole.

Bermingham, Bremechiam, Bremechian, Raymond, late rector of Dunmore, 269.

-, Thomas, canon of Tuam, 268, 269.

Bernard, sometime abbot of Lisgoole, 100.

Berry. See Barry.

Bertinis, Leonard de, master of the register of petitions, 196.

-, -, clerk of Siena, 231, 232.

Bertis, Bertus de, citizen and merchant of Florence, 153.

Besanon, Bisuntin[us] [France], diocese of, 315, note.

-, parish church of St. Peter, chaplaincy at the altar of St. Blaise in, 315, note.

Beverley, William, dean of St. George's, Windsor, dispensation to, 317, note.

Biknell, John, gentleman, 21.

Binocti, John, rector of St. Helier, 318.

Birr, Birra [co. Offaly], rectory of, 176, 177, 247.

Bischop, Robert, M.A., rector of Woodham Walter, dispensation to, 316.

Bishopsbourne, Burue [co. Kent], house in, 204, note.

Bissnuel, Robert, clerk of St. Andrews, 174.

Bisunin[us]. See Besanon.

Bituricen[sis]. See Bourges.

Blacader, Robert, bishop of Aberdeen, translated to Glasgow, 152.

-, -, bishop of Glasgow, debts of, 30, 152156.

-, -, -, exempted from the jurisdiction of St. Andrews, 220, 289.

-, -, -, faculties granted to, 160.

-, -, -, orator of the king of Scots, 4, 159, 172, 220, 315.

-, -, -, prebends held by, 79, 172174.

-, -, -, vicars-general of, 210.

-, -, archbishop-elect of Glasgow, 289.

Blacborn. See Hacworth.

Blake, Blach, Black, Blacke, Walter, canon of Annaghdown, papal mandatary, 62, 66.

-, -, canon of Clonmacnoise (fn. 1) , provided to see of Clonmacnoise, 168, note.

Blackeneye, Henry, representative of provost of Wingham, 41.

Blankrose. See Rose Blanche.

Blantyre, Ballanrik, Ballantre [co. Lanark], episcopal prebend of, 172, 173.

Blodywell, Richard, I.U.B., rector of Alderton, dispensation to, 320.

Blondus, F., 108, note, 111, note, 124, note, 159, note, 196, 266, note.

Blundeston [co. Suffolk], parish church of, 321.

Bockeford. See Bockingfold.

Bocking, Bockynge [co. Essex], church of, 204, note.

Bockingfold, Bockeford [co. Kent], rent from, 204, note.

Bockynge. See Bocking.

Bodi, Vodi, Henry, M.A., rector of Kegworth, rehabilitation of, 285.

Bokill. See Boulrille.

Bolichotynd. See Beltard.

Bologna, Bononien[sis] [Italy], church of St. Michael de la Profeto, dean of. See Malintius, Perseus.

-, citizen of. See Laurus, Baptista.

-, diocese of, 25.

Bolton, William, prior of Lanercost, dispensation to, 314.

Bonaparte, 243, note, 258, note.

Bonattus, G., 2.

Boncianis, Gaspar de, citizen and merchant of Florence, 153.

Bonneti, Michael, canon of Nantes, solicitator of apostolic letters and member of the pope's household, indult to, 315.

Bononien[sis]. See Bologna.

Booth, Laurence, late archbishop of York, 133.

Bordius, James, layman of Limerick, 311.

Boruyt. See Skreen.

Boswel, Boswelem, Goswellem, John, preceptor of Temple Bruer, 7.

Bosworth [co. Leicester], battle of, 17, note.

Botheman. See Gyllyngham.

Boulrille, Bokill, Boukil, Boulrill alias Bouoklen, John, claimant to church of Kilmaveonaig, 324, 325.

Bourchier, Thomas, cardinal priest of St. Ciriac in Thermis, archbishop of Canterbury, 193, note, 322.

Bourges, Bituricen[sis] [France], diocese of, 323.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 323.

Bouys [co. Cork], parish church of, 32.

Bowdon, Thomas, M.A., rector of Kingham, dispensation to, 8.

Bowet, Henry, sometime archbishop of York, 133.

Boyle, Buellium [co. Roscommon], Cistercian abbey of, 308.

Boysse, Nicholas, canon of Dublin, papal mandatary, 198.

Brackley, Brakley [co. Northants.], house or hospital of, 183.

Branan, Maccabrehyne, Macchabrenin, Maccabrenyne, Charles, to have vicarage of Kilmacallan, 211.

-, Cornelius, vicar of Kilmacallan, 211.

Braunton, Brawoton [co. Devon], vicarage of, 35.

Bray, Reginald, knight, 21.

Brechin, Brechinen[sis], Brithincen[sis] [co. Forfar], bishop of, papal mandatary, 56, 152, 232, 318, 322.

-, -, official of, papal mandatary, 141, 162.

-, cathedral church of, deans of. See Barry, John; Douglas, Hugh; Spalding, John.

-, -, precentors of. See Douglas, Hugh; Spalding, John.

-, -, treasurer of, papal mandatary, 114.

-, diocese of, 29, 58, 114, 189, 267.

Bremechiam, Bremechian. See Bermingham.

Breuquet, James du, canon of Cambrai, papal mandatary, 280.

Bridgetown, Villa pontis [co. Cork], Augustinian priory of, commendatary of See O'Hennessy, Nicholas.

-, -, prior of, papal mandatary, 80.

See also O'Daly, Maurice; O'Leyne, Dermit; Roe, Philip; Walcoe, John.

Brigge, Richard, prior of Newark, 126, 183.

Brigham, Brigan [co. Cumberland], parish church of, 133.

Brinny, Brine, Bryne [co. Cork], church of, 32.

Bristol, Bristollia, 33.

Brit, Brych, Bryth, Thomas, detainer of Jerpoint abbey, 142.

Brithincen[sis]. See Brechin.

Brokeburn, William, chancellor of Llandaff and rector of Marross, provided to Shepton Mallet, 258.

Bron. See Brown.

Brophy, Obroth, William, prior of Aghmacart, judge delegate, 168, 169.

Brosna, Killdromahayaraynd, Killdromahyaaynd, Kylldromahyaraynd, Kyllidromayarynd [co. Kerry], parish church of, 294.

Brown, Bron, Browain, Browne, Brun, George, bishop of Dunkeld, commensal of the pope, 5, 6.

-, George, to have canonry of Dunkeld, 287, 288.

-, James, to have canonry in church of St. Salvator, St. Andrews, 110.

-, John, late archdeacon of Lismore, 54, 263.

-, John, vicar of Kirkcowan, 193.

-, Maurice, late vicar of Rathwire, 68, 77.

-, Robert, canon of Lismore, papal mandatary, 142.

Bruges [Belgium], 41, 153.

Brun. See Brown.

Brych. See Brit.

Bryndholme, Richard, bachelor in decrees, rector of Little Wilbraham, chaplain of bishop of Salisbury, dispensation to, 8.

Bryne. See Brinny.

Bryth. See Brit.

Buckingham, duchess of. See Stafford, Katherine.

Buellium . See Boyle.

Buin, Walter, sometime vicar of Rahoon, 63.

Bulkeley, Richard, bachelor in laws, archdeacon of Merioneth, dispensation to, 321.

Bunch, Walter, abbot of Balmerino, 192.

Burgo, David, Davit, de, canon of Clonfert, papal mandatary, 76,

-, Edmund de, canon of Cashel, to have vicarage of Killardry, 135.

-, Edmund de, the elder, canon of Tuam, 70, 71.

-, Edmund, Edimund, de, the younger, to have canonry of Tuam, 70, 71.

-, -, canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 143, 271, 290.

-, Edmund de, claiment to abbey of Annaghdown, 295, 296.

-, Henry de, treasurer of Kilmacduagh, papal mandatary, 94.

-, Hubert de, canon of Limerick, papal mandatary, 28, 130, 135.

-, John de, to have canonry of Annaghdown and rectory of Dunmore, 96.

-, -, canon of Annaghdown, to have vicarage of Skreen, 209, 210.

-, -, alleged detainer of Skreen, 268, 269.

-, John de, canon of Kilmacduagh, death of, 65.

-, John de, to have canonry of Annaghdown and vicarage of Kilmoylan, 73, 74.

-, John de, canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 129.

-, -, -, warden of the collegiate church of Athenry, 91, 250254.

-, Miles, Miler, Melerus, de, dean of Limerick, appointed nuncio and collector-general of the Camera in Ireland, 58.

-, -, -, to be commendatary of Athassel, 65.

-, -, alleged detainer of deanery of Limerick, 227, 228, 309, 310.

-, Raymund de, canon of Kilmacduagh, papal mandatary, 70, 160.

-, Richard de, to have canonry of Annaghdown, 63.

-, -, canon of Annaghdown, papal mandatary, 73, 96, 295.

-, Richard de, to have canonry of Kilmacduagh, 145.

-, Richard de, to have canonry of Tuam and church of Athenry, 252254.

-, Richard de, late abbot of Annaghdown, 295.

-, Richard de, abbot of Cong, 271.

-, Theobald de, to have vicarage of Oranmore, 76.

-, Theobald de, canon of Clonfert, to have vicarage of Kilconickny and church of Duniry, 137, 138.

-, -, resignation by, 147.

-, Theobald de, granted deanery of Kilmacduagh in commendam, 146.

-, Thomas de, canon of Annaghdown, papal mandatary, 66.

-, Thomas de, canon and detainer of Athassel, 65.

-, Thomas de, canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 268, 271.

-, Thomas de, to have vicarage of Shrule, 144, 145.

-, Walter de, to have canonry of Annaghdown and vicarage of Killeely, 68.

-, Walter de, detainer of Kilthomas, 76.

-, Walter de, late abbot of Cong, 272.

-, William de, abbot of Annaghdown, absolution of, 295, 296.

-, William de, detainer of canonry of Annaghdown and rectory of Dunmore, 96.

-, William de, detainer of Oranmore, 76.

-, William de, canon of Annaghdown, papal mandatary, 62.

-, -, canon of united churches of Tuam and Annaghdown, to have rectory of Ballinrobe, 215.

-, -, canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 290.

Burgus sancti Petri . See Peterborough.

Burton, Richard, rector of Wood Walton, dispensation to, 317.

Burue. See Bishopsbourne.

Butley, Buttley [co. Suffolk], Augustinian priory of, canon of. See Donstaple, George.

Byketh, Richard, detainer of Templeroan, 81.