Index of Persons and Places: H, I, J, K

Pages 349-356

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 14, 1484-1492. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1960.

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Hacket, Aked, Haked, Hakert, Halred, David, bishop of Ossory, 119, 187.

-, David, late prior of Athassel, 65.

-, Nicholas, late archdeacon of Ossory, 191.

-, Walter, late prior of St. Cross by the Bridge of Limerick, 130.

Hacworthalias Blacborn, John, canon of Thurgarton, dispensation to, 28, 29.

Haddington, Adintone [co. East Lothian], constabulary of, 7.

Hadrianus, 71, note, 209, note.

Hailes, Haylys [co. Gloucester], Cistercian abbey of, abbot of, papal mandatary, 10.

Haked, Hakert. See Hacket.

Halestu. See Halstow.

Halida, Alexander, late preceptor of Leith, 255.

Halkerston, Halherston, Halkarston, Robert, late rector of Coulter, 210.

-, William, claimant to rectory of Coulter, 210, 280.

Hallaghan, Ohalagan, Gilbert (Guylibertus), detainer of Rossenallis, 184.

Halnon. See Athlone.

Halred. See Hacket.

Halstow, Halestu [co. Kent], church of, 204, note.

Hamylton, Thomas, claimant to canonry of Dunkeld, 287, 288.

Hanrahan, Chanrarayn, David, canon of Kilfenora, papal mandatary, 127.

Haraghy, Oherrcatty, Eugene, to have vicarage of Addergoole, 163.

Hardkane. See Ardcanny.

Harington, Richard, vicar of Haslingfield, dispensation to, 217.

Harpley, Harple [co. Norfolk], parish church of, 317.

Haslingfield, Helbangefeld, Heslyngefeld [co. Cambridge], parish church of, 217.

Haute, Henry, master, scholar of London and kinsman of Queen Elizabeth, appointed a papal protonotary, 57.

Hawksworth, Hawkesworth [co. York], parish church of, 321.

Hay, Thomas, bishop of Ross, 322.

Haylys. See Hailes.

Haywardyn, Humphrey, clerk, doctor of laws, 175.

Hedran, Hedyan. See O'Hedian.

Helbangefeld. See Haslingfield.

Helisabeth. See Elizabeth.

Henachdunen[sis]. See Annaghdown.

Henkwyn, Ehenkwyn, John, doctor of decrees, 23.

Henry III, king of England, 102, note.

Henry VII, king of England, 33, 53, 196.

-, dispensation for marriage of, 1, 2, 1427.

-, indult to, 27, 28.

-, obedience to pope made by, 193, 195, 207, 306.

-, almoner of. See Urswick, Christopher.

-, chaplain of. See Baylife, John.

-, counsellor of. See King, Oliver.

-, household of, dean of chapel of. See Hill, Richard.

-, lieutenant in Ireland of. See FitzGerald, Gerald.

-, orators to pope of. See Hungerford, Walter; Selling, William; Weston, John.

-, secretary, first, of. See King, Oliver.

Henry, abbot of Cambuskenneth, detainer of monastery of Scone, 42.

Henry ap John, rector of Beckingham, dispensation to, 317, note.

Heppa . See Shap.

Hereford [co. Hereford], bishop of, papal mandatary, 29.

-, parish church of All Saints, 104, 107.

Herlewin, Herlowynus, prior of Christchurch, Canterbury, 202, 205, note.

Herlihy, Hoerlahe, Thomas, canon of Cloyne, papal mandatary, 91.

Herlowynus. See Herlewin.

Hert, John, canon of Howden, to hold church of Everingham, 320.

Heslyngefeld. See Haslingfield.

Hethcote, Ralph, bachelor in decrees, rector or warden of the chapel of Corpus Christi, London, and chaplain of Thomas, bishop of Salisbury, dispensation to, 89.

Hildesheim, Hildesemen[sis], Hildesheien[sis] [Germany], canon of. See Durcap, Egerdus.

Hill, Richard, dean of the chapel of King Henry's household, 1417.

Hlost. See Loose.

Hoctharlayn. See Holycross.

Hodahill. See O'Dahill.

Hoerlahe. See Herlihy.

Hodahill. See O'Dahill.

Hogan, Ohaeadgan, Ohaegyn, Ohogan, Ohogayn, Cornelius, priest of Killaloe, 174.

-, Denis, canon of Cashel, papal mandatary, 169, 255, 301, 302.

-, Denis, canon of Emly, papal mandatary, 184.

-, Denis, dean of Killaloe, papal mandatary, 177.

-, Donatus, rector of Kinnitty, 247.

-, John, canon of Lismore, papal mandatary, 171, 190.

-, Patrick to have vicarage of of Letterlura, 174, 175.

Holycross, Hoctharlayn, Howtyrlawne, Oterlain, Uchtherllaym, Votthtarlaumd, Woctharlayn, Wottarlawyn [co. Tipperary], Cistercian abbey of, 225, 256.

-, -, abbot of, papal mandatary, 42, 130, 299.

See also O'Dwyer, William; O'Mulryan, Matthew.

-, -, prior of, papal mandatary, 86.

Holy Cross, monastery of. See Waltham.

Holy Land, pilgrimage to, 3, 28.

Holywood, Sacrum nemus [co. Dumfries], Premonstratensian abbey of, abbot of, papal mandatary, 4, 213, 285.

See also Nicholas; Wulgas, John.

Hom, John, dean of St. Mary on the Rock, former claimant to Coldingham priory, 4548.

-, Patrick, papal notary, late prior commendatary of Coldingham, 45, 46.

Hone, Houe, Richard, official of Meath, 319.

Hop [co. Kent], 204, note.

Horan, Ohurayn, Ohwuiriy, Donatus, canon of Clonfert, papal mandatary, 142, 221.

Hornchurch, Hornchiech [co. Essex], parish of, 322.

Horne, Horue, Thomas, prior of the priory de la Mre Dieu, in the diocese of Bourges, 323.

Hornse alias Shipton, John, bishop of Ross [in Ireland], papal mandatary, 133.

Horue. See Horne.

Hosse. See Hussey.

Houe. See Hone.

Howden, Houeden, [co. York], collegiate church of, canon of. See Hert, John.

Howtyrlawne. See Holycross.

Huctotte. See Uttoxeter.

Hueyny. See Abington.

Humurchu. See Murphy.

Hungerford Farley. See Farleigh Hungerford.

Hungerford, Walter, knight, lord of Farleigh Hungerford, orator of Henry VII to the pope, 308.

Hussey, Hosse, John, claimant to the chancellorship of Ardfert, 37, 38.

Hyde abbey. See Winchester.

Hyland, Ohacglan, Ohycalayn, Yheglan, James, canon of Killeigh, detainer of priory, 249.

-, Maurice, prior of Killeigh, 84, 249.

Hyllsyllam. See Kilsheelan.


Ibreyn. See O'Brien.

Idunabra. See Dooner.

Igriffa. See Griffey.

Igwyr. See O'Dwyer.

Ikellyd. See O'Kelly.

Ilston, Ylston [co. Glamorgan], parish church of, 69.

Imelacen[sis]. See Emly.

Imera. See O'Meara.

Imola [Italy], bishop of. See Pasarella James.

Inbernacill, Inbernaculle. See Inver.

Inch, Insula [cos. Wexford and Wicklow], rectory of, 223.

Inchaffray, Inchasfora [in Madderty parish, co Perth], Augustinian abbey of, abbot of, papal mandatary, 78.

Inchbrayock, Inchbrick [co. Forfar], parish church, 181.

Inchcolm, Insula sancti Columbae [in the Firth of Forth], Augustinian abbey of, abbot of, papal mandatary, 42, 196.

-, -, canon of. See Scot, John.

Inchinabacky, Ynsuybachi [co. Cork], parish church of, 245.

Inchmacnerin, Insula Machum, Insula Macneri de Lochque, Insula Macnery, Insula Micneri [an island in Lough Key, now known as Church Island, in Boyle, co. Roscommon], Augustinian priory of, prior of, papal mandatary, 167, 211.

See also Banahan, Donatus.

Indebernaculle. See Inver.

India, pilgrims from, 312.

Iniscail, Iniscayl. See Inishkeel.

Inismolachan, See Castleinch.

Iniscronain, Inniscronane, Yniscroman, Yniscronahin, Yniscronnan [co. Clare], Augustinian priory of, prior of, papal mandatary, 36, 37, 76, 136.

Inishkeel, Iniscail, Iniscayl [co. Donegal], rectory of, 111.

Inishlounaght, Surium, Suryum [co. Tipperary], Cistercian abbey of, abbot of, papal mandatary, 171. See also O'Cahill, Thomas; O'Donohoe, William; Patrick.

Inishmaine, Porta magna [in Ballinchalla parish, co. Mayo], vicarage of, 162.

Inisschahe. See Inniscattery.

Inistioge, Inistiogh, Inystiok, Ynistiog [co. Kilkenny], Augustinian priory of, 313, 314.

-, -, canon of. See Doyle, Eugene.

-, -, prior of, papal mandatary, 194.

Inniscattery, Inisschahe, Innys Kathid, Jnnys Rathid, Juniis Rathid, Junys Kathyd [Scattery Island in Kilrush parish, co. Clare], collegiate church of, 124.

-, -, warden of, papal mandatary, 36.

Innisgat. See Canon Island.

Inniscronane. See Iniscronain.

Innocent VI, pope, 1, note, 204, note, 205, 207, 315, note.

Innocent VIII, pope, 1, note, 4, note, 9, 10, 14, 15, 23, 35.

Innsgad. See Canon Island.

Innys Kathid. See Inniscattery.

Insiuolachan, Insiuolokan. See Castleinch.

Insula. See Inch.

Insula inyscum. See Island.

Insula Machum , Macneri de Lochque, Macnery, Micneri. See Inchmacnerin.

Insula Sancte Columbe , Sancti Columbae. See Inchcolm.

Insula viventium . See Monaincha.

Insula alias Ynisduny. See Island.

Insywolachom. See Castleinch.

Inver, Inbernacill, Inbernaculle, Indebernaculle [co. Donegal], rectory and vicarage of, 111, 112.

Inystiok. See Inistioge.

Ireland, 33, 34, 262.

-, collectors of Camera in. See Index of Subjects.

-, lieutenant of. See FitzGerald, Gerald.

-, province of, of Friars Preachers, 312.

Island, Insula inyscum, Insula alias Ynisduny [Coast parish, co. Cork], prebend of, 92, 93, 283, 284.

-, vicarage of, 282, 284.

Islandeddy, Canda [an island in Galway Bay], prebend of, 276.

Isertkelly, Sterkela [co. Galway], a prebend in Kilmacduagh, 65.


James III, king of Scots, 11, 44, 51, 52, 56, 112, 140, 172, 267.

-, indults to, 4, 11, 12.

-, obedience to pope made by, 4, 152, 181, 220.

-, petitions of, for appointments of bishops etc., 4.

-, chaplain of. See Flescher, John.

-, counsellor of. See Lythoun, David.

-, kinsman of. See Drummond, Walter.

-, orators to the pope of. See Blacader, Robert; Forman, Andrew; Schevez, William.

-, treasurer of. See Lythoun, David.

James, late abbot of Clonard, 201.

Jane, Thomas, doctor of decrees, archdeacon of Essex, 23.

Januen, Vincentius, 315, note.

Jedburgh, Gedword, Jedworth [co. Roxburgh], Augustinian abbey of, abbot of. See Cranston, Thomas.

Jehdanazan alias Scolayn. See Scullane.

Jerpoint, Jerepons, Serepons [co. Kilkenny], Cistercian abbey of, abbot of, papal mandatary, 121. See also Brit, Thomas; Cantillon, Maurice; Thomas.

-, parish church of, 194, 195.

Jerusalem [Palestine], pilgrims to, 312.

-, St. John of. See Hospitallers in Index of Subjects.

Jnnys Rathid. See Inniscattery.

John, abbot of Hyde, 166.

John, late abbot of Scone, 42.

John, canon of St. Anthony, Vienne, on pilgrimage, indulgence for, 312.

John of Gaunt, duke of Lancaster, 18, 19.

Joy, Johy, Yoi, Edmund, claimant to church of Kinlough, 129.

-, John, detainer of canonry of Annaghdown, 68.

-, Richard, canon of Annaghdown, papal mandatary, 63, 96, 157.

-, William, archbishop of Tuam, 215.

-, -, -, faculty to, 262.

Juniis Rathid, Junys Kathyd. See Inniscattery.


Kachlilin. See Rathclarin.

Kallmadlara, Kayllmallara. See Killmolara.

Kanedi. See Kennedy.

Karmichal. See Carmichael.

Kayr. See Cahir.

Keanneych. See Kinneigh.

Keelan, Okellayn, Donatus, rector of Geashill, 84.

Kegworth, Regworth [co. Nottingham], parish church of, 285.

Kells, Kenlis [co. Kilkenny], Augustinian priory of, prior of, papal mandatary, 194.

Kellun. See Collingham.

Kelso, Calcum [co. Roxburgh], Benedictine abbey of, abbot of, papal mandatary, 7, 8, 78, 289.

Kemp, Thomas, bishop of London, 17, 23, 25, 282.

-, William, rector of Stepney and Orsett, dispensation to, 282.

Kendal, John, prior of the priory of England of the hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, member of the pope's household, made a member of the family of Cibo, grant of exemptions to, 273, 274.

-, -, -, -, captain of the custodia of the Sultan Djem, 275.

-, -, turcopilier of Rhodes, sent as orator to Rome, 305.

Kenlis . See Kells.

Kenedy. See Kennedy.

Kenmura. See Kinvarradoorus.

Kennedy, Kanedi, Kenedy, Gilbert, layman of Carmichael, 7.

-, Thomas, sometime vicar of Kilmany, 131, 132.

Kera. See Carra.

Kerkanychall, Kerkmychall, See Carmichael.

Keych. See Keyth.

Keynsham [co. Somerset], Augustinian abbey of the Observance of St. Victor, canon of. See Graunt, John.

Keyth, Keych, Rarich, Rerich, Reyth, Alexander, claimant to canonry of St. Mary on the Rock, St. Andrews, 265, 272, 273.

-, Gilbert, lay patron, 272.

Kilarocari. See Kilcrohane.

Kilbarron, Kylbbarrayn, Kyllbarrayn [co. Tipperary], parish church of, 95, 161.

Kilbeggan, Kilbegane, Benedictio dei, alias Kilbeagin [co. Westmeath], Cistercian abbey of, abbot of, papal mandatary, 68, 170, 249.

Kilbonane, Kylmaneayn [co. Cork], parish church of, 32.

Kilbrogan, Kylbrogayn [co. Cork], rectory of, 32.

Kilchenia . See Kilkenny.

Kilcolmanbrack, Colymbruych [co. Leix], parish church of, 125.

Kilconickny, Rilconeecehne [co. Galway], vicarage of, 137, 138.

Kilcooly, Kylcowyll [co. Tipperary], Cistercian abbey of, abbot of, papal mandatary, 130.

Kilcoyne, Mackylleehan, Murianus, canon of Killala, papal mandatary, 138.

Kilcrohane, Kilarocari, Kyllrochayn [co. Kerry], vicarage of, 90, 95.

Kildare, Daren[sis], Dayren[sis] [co. Kildare], bishop of, 84.

-, -, papal mandatary, 297. See also Lane, Edward.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 83.

-, cathedral church of, canons of. See Behan, James; Delaney, Malachy; MacGeoghegan, Constantine; O'Meany, Gilbert.

-, -, chapter of, 82.

-, -, dean of, papal mandatary, 81, 83, 198.

See also Moloney, Malachy.

-, diocese of, 81, 176, 184, 198, 208, 249.

-, -, sede vacante, 208.

Kildare, earl of. See FitzGerald, Gerald.

Kildellig, Delge [co. Leix], rectory of, 87.

Kilfarboy, Kyllanaferbuy, Kylnaferbuj, Kylnaferbuy, parish church of, 128.

Kilfearagh, Rylfeurac [co. Clare], parish church of, 124.

Kilfenora, Finaboren[sis], Fyniboren[sis] [co. Clare], cathedral church of, canons of. See Hanrahan, David; MacLysaght, Matthew; O'Brien, Dermit; O'Dea, Donald.

-, diocese of, 93, 128.

Kilgarvan, Kylgarvayn [co. Kerry], vicarage of, 118.

Kilglass, Kilglas [co. Roscommon], parish church of, 216.

Kilgobnet, Kyllgobnathayg [co. Waterford], vicarage of, 169.

Kilkenny, Kilchenia, Kylkeman, Kylkenia [co. Kilkenny], Augustinian priory by, canons of. See Cantwell, John; Seys, John.

-, -, prior of, papal mandatary, 119.

See also Cantwell, John; Sanath, Richard; Seys, John; White, William.

Kilkenny West, Kilkenne, Kylkynny [co. Westmeath], priory of Hospitallers of, 170.

-, -, brother of. See Groarke, Rory.

-, -, prior of, papal mandatary, 297.

Kilkerrin, Cillcoryrin [co. Galway], rectory of, 232.

Killaedamuyr. See Kilnadeema.

Killagh, Belluslocus [in Kilcolman parish, co. Kerry], Augustinian priory of, canon of. See Mac-Carthy, Florence.

-, -, patron of, 123.

-, -, prior of, papal mandatary, 33, 117, 185.

See also Geraldinis, John de; MacCarthy, Florence; Moriarty, Odo.

Killala, Aladen[sis] [co. Mayo], archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 61, 136.

-, cathedral church of, canons of.

See Barrett, William; Cox, David; Kilcoyne, Murianus; O'Broghan, Thomas; O'Donachan, John.

-, -, dean of, papal mandatary, 68, 132, 136, 138.

-, -, provost of, papal mandatary, 136.

-, diocese of, 61, 68, 132, 136, 138, 227.

Killaloe, Laonian[sis], Laonien[sis], Launien[sis] [co. Clare], bishop of, 86, 147, 148.

-, -, papal mandatary, 275, 299.

See also Griffey, Matthew; O'Brien, Turlough.

-, -, official of, papal mandatary, 94, 161, 176.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 65, 112.

-, cathedral church of, canons of. See Duggan, William; Mac-Mahon, Donatus; Mac-Namara, Cornelius; Mac-Namara, John; O'Brien, Dermit; Obtiel, Matthew; O'Carroll, John; O'Carroll, Rory; O'Dea, Denis; O'Grady, Donatus; O'Kennedy, O'Philip; O'Meara, John; Scully, Nemeas.

-, -, chancellor of, papal mandatary, 86, 88, 95, 168, 177, 255, 301.

-, -, chapter of, 86, 147, 148.

-, -, dean of, 43.

-, -, -, papal mandatary, 65, 112, 168, 171, 177, 199.

See also Hogan, Denis.

-, -, precentor of, papal mandatary, 95, 135, 136, 199.

See also O'Curry, Lucanus.

-, diocese of, 36, 37, 43, 65, 76, 8689, 9395, 99, 117, 124, 127, 136, 145, 147, 148, 161, 172, 174, 176, 177, 184, 246, 247.

Killannin, Killenayn [co. Galway], vicarage of, 275.

Killanully, Kyllynnyllan [co. Cork], a prebend in Cork, 89.

Killardry, Kyllarari, Kyllarary [co. Tipperary], vicarage of, 135.

Killaspugmoylan, Kylashocmyllayn, Kylleausbucmaellam [in Kilconickny parish, co. Galway], a prebend in Clonfert, 65, 70.

Killcomilcumen, Killconnlenin. See Kilmeelchon.

Killdromahayaraynd, Killdromahyaaynd. See Brosna.

Killenayn. See Killannin.

Killeedy, Kylidy [co. Limerick], prebend of, 123.

Killeely, Kyllfeyll [cos. Clare and Limerick], parish church of, 130.

Killeely, Kyllyly [co. Galway], parish church of, 68.

Killeenadeema, Killaedamuyr, Killynaduna, Kyllinaduna [co. Galway], vicarage of, 221.

Killeenavara, Kylfinbara [co. Galway], parish church of, 74, 75.

Killeennagarriff, Ryllmagarayff alias Aglas Ydonyn [co. Limerick], vicarage of, 184.

Killeigh, Killehe, Killethye, Kylley [in Geashill, co. Offaly], Augustinian priory of, 84.

-, -, canons of. See Hyland, James; O'Connor, Rory.

-, -, prior of, papal mandatary, 208.

See also Hyland, James; Hyland, Maurice; O'Connor, Rory; O'Meany, John.

Killemorayn. See Kilmoleran.

Killenayn. See Killannin.

Killeorbay. See Croghan.

Killermogh, Acscollyn, Killermy, Kylermy [co. Laois], parish church of, 82, 83.

Killeroran, Cyllargualand [co. Galway], parish church of, 213, 214.

Killethye. See Killeigh.

Killhukyn. See Rathwire.

Killilagh, Kylleyleach [co. Clare], rectory of, 93, 94.

Killinchy, Kyllwynchy [co. Down], rectory of, 108.

Killinan, Ryllcuayn, Kyllenayn [co. Galway], vicarage of, 66, 67.

Killmabui. See Kilmacow.

Killmolara, Cayllmadlara, Kallmadlara, Kayllmallara, Killmallara, Kilmallara [co. Mayo], parish church of, 270.

Killogilleen, Kyllogylhin, Kyllokyllhyn, Ryllogylhin [co. Galway], parish church of, 65, 70.

Killooaun, Kyllduayn, Kyllduban [in Ballymacward parish, co. Galway], vicarage of, 164, 177, 178.

Killoran, Killorain [co. Galway], parish church of, 169.

Killosagileayn. See Killosolan.

Killoscobe, Calceum, Cyllosgobum [co. Galway], parish church of, 233, 234.

Killosolan, Killosagileayn, Kyllosagileayn, Kyllosagilleayn, Kyllosagyleain [co. Galway], parish church of, 240.

Killury, Killuri, Killuuri, Kinlluori [co. Kerry], rectory of, 262, 263.

Killwyllechon. See Kilmucklin.

Killynaduna. See Killeenadeema.

Kilmabenotht. See Kilmaveonaig.

Kilmabui. See Kilmacow.

Kilmacallan, Cyllmacallan [co. Sligo], vicarage of, 211.

Kilmacdonogh, Kyllinodoch [co. Cork], parish church called the prebendal church of, 239.

Kilmacduagh, Duacen[sis] [co. Galway], bishop of, papal mandatary, 65, 70.

See also O'Molony, Cornelius.

-, -, official of, papal mandatary, 145.

-, cathedral church of, canons of.

See Burgo, John de; Burgo, Raymund de; Gernon, Florence; O'Molony, Malachy.

-, -, chancellor of, papal mandatary, 74, 145.

-, -, deans of. See Burgo, Theobald de; O'Brien, Turlough.

-, -, provost of, papal mandatary, 160.

-, -, treasurer of, papal mandatary, 145.

See also Burgo, Henry de; O'Donohoe, Laurence.

-, diocese of, 63, 66, 7476, 145, 160, 275.

-, Augustinian abbey of, 66, 74, 75, 275.

-, -, abbots of. See O'Donohoe, Laurence; O'shaughnessy, Eugene.

Kilmacow, Killmabui, Kilmabui [co. Kilkenny], united rectory and vicarage of, 119.

Kilmacrehy, Kylimacryhynatraga, Kylimacryhynatraga [co. Clare], vicarage of, 128.

Kilmacrenan, Cyllmacnenain [co. Donegal], rectory of, 113, 114.

Kilmaellan. See Kilmoylan.

Kilmainbeg, Kyllmeaynbeg Apostolorum [co. Mayo], vicarage of, 291.

Kilmaley, Kyllynally [co. Clare], vicarage of, 99.

Kilmalkedar, Kylmolkedar [co. Kerry], rectory of, 37.

Kilmanenoth. See Kilmaveonaig.

Kilmaniheen, Kilmancan, Kylmancan [in Brosna, co. Kerry], a prebend of Ardfert, 116.

Kilmany, Kilmani [co. Fife], vicarage of, 131.

Kilmaveonaig, Kilmabenotht, Kilmanenoth [in Blair-Atholl parish, co. Perth], parish church of, 324, 325.

Kilmeelchon, Killcomilcumen, Killconnlenin, Kyllomilcon [in Lusmagh parish, co. Offaly], vicarage of, 67, 146.

Kilmeen, Cilmeyn [co. Galway], parish church, of, 147.

Kilmoganny, Kylmodymognecano [co. Kilkenny], rectory of, 194, 195.

Kilmoleran, Killemorayn [co. Waterford], with Dysert, a prebend of Lismore, 171.

Kilmon. See Kilmun.

Kilmore [co. Cavan], diocese of, 234.

Kilmore, Kilmor, Kilmornasyna, Kilmur, Kyllmornasynna, Kylmornesina, Kylmornisinna [co. Roscommon], Augustinian priory of, prior of, papal mandatary, 162, 213, 214, 216.

Kilmoylan, Kilmaellan, Kylmilan [co. Galway], parish church of, 62, 73.

Kilmucklin, Killwyllechon [co. Tipperary], prebend of, 190, 191.

Kilmun, Kilmon, Kylmun [part of Dunoon and Kilmun, co. Argyll], collegiate church of, provost of, papal mandatary, 73.

Kilmur. See Kilmore.

Kilmurry, Chilmure, Kyllmure [co. Offaly], rectory of, 147.

Kilshannig, Kyllsanayg [co. Cork], vicarage of, 91, 92.

Kilsheelan, Hyllsyllam [cos. Tipperary and Waterford], parish church of, 300.

Kilteskill, Kilteskyll [co. Galway], prebend of, 137.

Kilthomas, Kilthomus [co. Galway], rectory of, 76, 77.

Kinealarga. See Kinnitty.

King, Oliver, archdeacon of Oxford and Berkshire, counsellor and first secretary of Henry VII, indult to, 226.

Kingham, Kynkam [co. Oxford], parish church of, 8.

Kinlluori. See Killury.

Kinlough, Cenlaca [in Shrule parish, co. Mayo], vicarage of, 129.

Kinnane, Occinkyayn, Philip, to have vicarage of Killecnagariff, 184.

Kinnell, Kynnel [co. Forfar], parish church of, 181.

Kinneigh, Keanneych [co. Cork], parish church of, 219.

Kinnitty, Kynethy alias Kinealarga, Kynealarga [co. Offaly], parish church of, 171, 247.

Kinvarradoorus, Kenmura, Kynmara [co. Galway], prebend of Kilmacduagh, 76, 145.

Kirkbride, Kirkbrid, Kwkbrid [in Keir, co. Dumfries], prebend of, in church of Lincluden, 195.

Kirkcowan, Kyrkcun, Kyrlicun [co. Wigtown], parish church of, 193.

Kirkheugh alias St. Mary de Rupe. See St. Andrews.

Kirkleatham, Lethome [co. York] parish church of, 133.

Knockanure, Cnocnyur [co. Kerry], vicarage of, 117.

Knockmoy, Collis victorie [in Abbeyknockmoy parish, co. Galway], Cistercian abbey of, commendatary and convent of, 233.

Knyvet, Knywett, William, knight, 17, 21.

Kwkbrid. See Kirkbride.

Kylashocmyllayn. See Killaspugmoylan.

Kylbbarrayn. See Kilbarron.

Kylbrogayn. See Kilbrogan.

Kylcowyll. See Kilcooly.

Kylermy. See Killermogh.

Kylfinbara. See Killeenavara.

Kylgarvayn. See Kilgarvan.

Kylidy. See Killeedy.

Kylimacryhynatraga. See Kilmacrehy.

Kylkeman. See Kilkenny.

Kylkenia . See Kilkenny.

Kylkynny. See Kilkenny West.

Kyllarari, Kyllarary. See Killardry.

Kyllbarrayn. See Kilbarron.

Kylldromahyaraynd. See Brosna.

Kyllduayn, Kyllduban. See Killooaun.

Kylleausbucmaellam. See Killaspugmoylan.

Kyllenayn. See Killinan.

Kylley. See Killeigh.

Kylleyhtric. See Ballybunion.

Kyllfeyll. See Killeely.

Kyllgobnathayg. See Kilgobinet.

Kyllhukyn. See Rathwire.

Kyllidromayarynd. See Brosna.

Kyllinaduna. See Killeenadeema.

Kylline alias Ryayr. See Rower.

Kyllinodonoch. See Kilmacdonogh.

Kyllkynny. See Kilkenny West.

Kyllmeaynbeg Apostolorum. See Kilmainbeg.

Kyllmornasynna. See Kilmore.

Kyllmure. See Kilmurry.

Kyllanaferbuy. See Kilfarboy.

Kyllokyllyhn. See Killogilleen.

Kyllomilcon. See Kilmeelchon.

Kyllosagileayn, Kyllosagilleayn, Kyllosagyleain. See Killosolan.

Kyllrochayn. See Kilcrohane.

Kyllsanayg. See Kilshannig.

Kyllwynchy. See Killinchy.

Kyllyly. See Killeely.

Kyllynally. See Kilmaley.

Kyllynnyllan. See Killanully.

Kylmancan. See Kilmaniheen.

Kylmaneayn. See Kilbonane.

Kylmilan. See Kilmoylan.

Kylmodymognecano. See Kilmoganny.

Kylmolkedar. See Kilmalkedar.

Kylmun. See Kilmun.

Kylmornesina, Kylmornisinna. See Kilmore.

Kylnaferbuj, Kylnaferbuy. See Kilfarboy.

Kyltormora, Kyltormoyr. See Kiltormer.

Kylymacryhynatraga. See Kilmacrehy.

Kynealarga. See Kinnitty.

Kyneloyson . See Abbeydorney.

Kynkungkher, Kyrkungkher [in diocese of St. Andrews], parish church of, 314.

Kynete. See Kinnitty.

Kynethy. See Kinnitty.

Kynkam. See Kingham.

Kynmara. See Kinvarradoorus.

Kynnel. See Kinnell.

Kynroyn. See Ringrone.

Kyrieleyson . See Abbeydorney.

Kyrkcun. See Kirkcowan.

Kyrkungkher. See Kynkungkher.

Kyrlicun. See Kirkcowan.