Index of Persons and Places: L

Pages 356-359

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 14, 1484-1492. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1960.

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Lackagh, Lac, Leccacholie, Lencolay [co. Galway], prebend of Annaghdown, 68, 73, 96, 210.

Laeles. See Lawless.

Laing, Archibald, claimant to prebend in collegiate church of Lincluden, 195, 196.

Lancaster, duke of. See John.

-, house or family of, 1.

Landauen[sis], Lamdomonsis. See Llandaff.

Lane, Edmund, bishop of Kildare, 249, 307, 322.

-, -, -, papal mandatary, 321.

Lanercost [co. Cumberland], Augustinian priory of, prior of. See Bolton, William.

Langley, Langlee [co. Norfolk], Premonstratensian monastery of, canon of. See Gyllyngham, Thomas.

Langley, Thomas, sometime bishop of Durham, 133.

Langlois, Anglici, John, 319, note.

Langton, Langtom, Robert, clerk, nephew of Thomas, bishop of Salisbury, dispensation to. 9.

-, Thomas, bishop of Salisbury, orator of Richard III to the pope, 13.

-, -, -, chaplains of. See Bryndholme, Richard; Day, Robert; Hethcote, Ralph; Roston, Richard.

Lanigan, Olannagan, Malachy, late rector of Roscrea, 171, 172.

Lasswade, Lesuaide, Leswade [co. Midlothian], parish church of, 78, 79, 211213.

Laudonia . See Lothian.

Laurencekirk, Conwicht [co. Kinkardine], parish church of, 114.

Laurentius, Joannes, 2, 34.

Laurus, Baptista, doctor of decrees, archpriest of the collegiate church of Tririario [sic], notary by imperial authority and auditor of causes of the legate a latere in England and Scotland, 25.

Laus dei . See Ballyboggan.

Lawless, Laeles, Stephen, to have vicarage of Kiltormer, 81.

Laxton [co. York], parish church of, 217.

Laynallay. See Lynally.

Leccacholie. See Lackagh.

Leeds, Ledys [co. Kent], Augustinian priory of, prior of, 208.

Leicester [co. Leicester], collegiate church of, 31.

Leich. See Leith.

Leighlin [co. Carlow] (bishop of,) official of, papal mandatary, 239.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 125, 242.

-, cathedral church of, canons of. See Curren, Cornelius; Mec-Sarmoris, Nicholas; O'Byrne, Geoffrey; O'Lalor, Fintan.

-, -, chancellor of, papal mandatary, 239.

-, -, dean of, papal mandatary, 155.

-, -, precentorship of. See Cantwell, John.

-, diocese of, 125, 185, 239, 246, 281.

-, -, synodal constitutions of, 125.

Leith, Leich [co. Midlothian], Augustinian house of, preceptors of. See Crawford, Alexander; Halida, Alexander.

Leix, lex dei, lex dey [in Abbeyleix parish, co. Laois], Cistercian abbey of, abbot of, papal mandatary, 239, 242, 243, 246, 281.

Lenanag. See Nenagh.

Lencolay. See Lackagh.

Leonien[sis]. See St. Pol-de-Lon.

Lermouth, David, abbot of Scone, 42.

Lessy, Richard, papal chamberlain, 20.

Lestukyk. See Restalrig.

Lesuaide, Leswade. See Lasswade.

Lethome. See Kirkleatham.

Letterluna, Lictyrluna [co. Offaly], vicarage of, 174.

Levett, le Vet, Henry, bachelor in decrees, rector of St. John Baptist in the soke of Winchester, dispensation to, 318, 319.

Levingston, Levingsten, David, clerk, brother and curator of the baron of Coulter, 210.

-, James de, baron of Coulter, 210.

Levis, Philip de, late cardinal priest of SS. Peter and Marcellus, 45.

Lewisham, Leyuesham, Leysueshan [co. Kent], parish church of, 284.

Lichefeld, Edmund, rector or master of the hospital of Strood, petition of, 307.

Lichfield, bishop and diocese of. See Coventry and Lichfield.

Lickmolassy, Lyemolassy [co. Galway], vicarage of, 221.

Lictyrluna. See Letterluna.

Liester, John, a friar minor, collector of the Camera in Scotland, 57.

Ligberge, a possession in Kent, of Christchurch, Canterbury, 204, note.

Lignum viride . See Newry.

Lil, John, rector of Forteviot, 289, 290.

Liliis. See Giglis.

Limerick, Limiricen[sis], [co. Limerick], bishop of, papal mandatary, 36, 259.

See also Arthur, Thomas; Stacpoole, Richard.

-, -, official of, papal mandatary, 227, 254, 309.

-, cathedral church of, canons of. See Arthur, Eustace; Arthur, Roger; Burgo, Hubert de; Clancy, John; Geraldinis, James de; Geraldinis, Maurice de; Geraldinis, Thomas de; MacCostello, Henry; Morthi, Nicholas; O'Brien, Thady; O'Faolan, Maurice; O'Meirgin, Thomas; Wale, Thomas; Waryng, Richard; White, Thomas; White, William.

-, -, chancellors of. See Corkery, Maurice; Corkery, William; Geraldinis, John de; Geraldinis, Thomas de; O'Faolan, Denis; Purcell, Jordan.

-, -, chapter of, 199.

-, -, -, vicars-general of, 199.

-, -, dean of, papal mandatary, 130, 135, 324.

See also Arthur, Roger; Burgo, Miles de; Scullane, Thomas.

-, -, precentor of, papal mandatary, 227.

See also Stacpoole, Richard; White, William.

-, -, treasurer of, papal mandatary, 147.

See also Arthur, Geoffrey.

-, diocese of, 108, 112, 113, 123, 124, 130, 147, 200, 227, 228, 231, 236, 254, 299, 309, 311, 314.

-, Augustinian priory of the order of St. Mary of the Cruciferi, of Holy Cross, by the bridge of Limerick, 130.

-, -, canons of. See Arthur, Eustace; Fox, John.

-, -, prior of, papal mandatary, 227, 231, 309.

See also Arthur, Eustace; Arthur, Gilbert; Arthur, Thomas; FitzAdam, Richard; Fox, John; Hacket, Walter; MacGrath, Thomas; O'Faolan, George.

Lincluden [co. Kirkcudbright], collegiate church of, 195, 196.

Lincoln, Lincolnien[sis], Lingolnien[sis] [co. Lincoln], bishop of, papal mandatary, 30.

See also Russell, John.

-, -, official of, papal mandatary, 227.

-, archdeacons of. See Northaropton; Oxford.

-, cathedral church of, dean and chapter of, 183.

-, diocese of, 7, 8, 15, 26, 31, 35, 55, 59, 69, 126, 183, 285, 305, 315, 317, 320, 321, 323.

Lindsay, Lindesai, Lindesay, Lindissay, Lyndescy, Archibald, to have precentorship of Aberdeen, 183, 184.

-, James, late canon of St. Mary on the Rock, St. Andrews, 264, 272.

-, -, archdeacon of Aberdeen, late canon of Aberdeen, 267, 268.

-, John, canon of Creake, dispensation to, 317.

-, Walter, late precentor of Aberdeen, 184.

-, William, to have precentorship of Dunkeld, 280.

Lisbunny, Lisbonny, Lysboni, Lysbonni [co. Tipperary], parish church of, 86.

Lisgoole, Lisgabayn [in Rossory parish, co. Fermanagh], Augustinian abbey of, abbots of. See Bernard; Maguire, Laurence; William.

-, -, monk of. See Maguire, Laurence.

Lislee, Lyslenayn [co. Cork], 10.

Lismore [co. Argyll], bishop of, suffragan of Glasgow, 289.

-, archdeacons of. See Brown, John; Campbell, John; Campbell, Robert.

-, diocese of, 73.

Lismore [co. Waterford], bishop of, papal mandatary, 187, 254, 299, 300.

-, -, official of, papal mandatary, 124.

-, cathedral church of, canons of. See Brown, Robert; Hogan, John; O'Hedian, Robert; O'Kennedy, John; O'Kett, Philip; Ronan, Maurice; Russell, Edmund; Russell, James.

-, -, chancellors of. See O'Cahill, William; White, John.

-, diocese of, 116, 123, 124, 142, 171, 245, 299301, 324.

Lismore and Waterford. See Waterford and Lismore.

Lisnafunshin, Finchora [in Mothell, co. Kilkenny], parish church of, 117.

Lithoun. See Lythoun.

Little Wylburgham. See Wilbraham, Little.

Littoun. See Lythoun.

Llandaff, Landauen[sis], Landomon[sis] [co. Glamorgan], bishop of, 258.

-, cathedral church of, chancellor of. See Brokeburn, William.

-, diocese of, 197, 258, 285.

Lochia alias Stancnum. See Ballyloughloe.

Loch Leven [co. Kinross], Augustinian priory of, prior of. See Monypenny, Walter.

Lochluat, Lochluatha. See Ballyloughloe.

Lochque. See Lough Key.

Lochryach. See Loughrea.

Lochsydeil. See Lough Oughsewdy.

Lochwochdayr. See Lough Oughter.

Loconeris [in diocese of Evreux, France], parish church of, 319, note.

Locsydy. See Loughsewdy.

London, bishop of, 8, 25.

-, -, papal mandatary, 34.

See also Kemp, Thomas.

-, archdeacon of. See Gigliis, John de.

-, cathedral church of, 14.

-, -, canon of. See Doctor, John.

-, -, precentor of, papal mandatary, 6.

-, city of, 322.

-, -, churches in:

All Hallows, Bread Street, 204, note.

Corpus Christi, college of, 9.

-, -, warden of. See Hethcote, Ralph.

St. Benet Fink, 102, note, 104, 107.

St. Dunstan-in-the-East, 204, note.

St. Laurence near Candlewick Street, 9.

St. Leonard, Eastcheap, called Melchiede, 204, note.

St. Mary Arches, 14, 23, 26.

-, dean of. See William, David.

St. Mary Magdalen, Milk Street, 204, note.

St. Michael, Crooked Lane, 204, note.

St. Michael, Paternoster Royal, 204, note.

St. Pancras, Soper Lane, 204, note.

St. Vedast, Foster Lane, 204, note.

St. Werburgh, 204, note.

-, -, religious houses in:

Augustinian hospital of St. Anthony, 101107.

Augustinian hospital of St. Catherine by the Tower, warden of. See Wryxham, William.

Knights Hospitallers priory of St. John without the walls of London. See Clerkenwell.

-, diocese of, 195, 208, 282, 316, 319, 321323.

Londonderry. See Derry.

Long, Hugh, priest, appointed a papal acolyte, 59.

Loose, Hlost [co. Kent], mill of, 204, note.

Lorkan, Olorcam, Olorcayn, Olorichayn, Ylorcann, Cornelius, to have sacristship and a prebend of Clonfert, 138.

-, Donatus, detainer of sacristship of Clonfert, 138, 142.

-, John, late holder of sacristship of Clonfert, 138.

-, Thady, detainer of Lickmolassy, 221.

Lorrha, Fons vini de Lochara, Fons vivus de Lochra [co. Tipperary], Augustinian priory of, priory of, papal mandatary, 94, 161, 171.

Lothian, Laudonia [Scotland], archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 64.

Lough Key, Lochque [on Trinity Island, in Kilbryan parish, co. Roscommon], Premonstratensian abbey of, abbot of, papal mandatary, 72, 211.

Lough Oughter, Loughwochdayr [co. Cavan], Premonstratensian priory of, prior of, papal mandatary, 234.

Loughrea, Lochryach [co. Galway], vicarage of, 242.

Loughsewdy, Lochsydeie, Locsydy [in Ballymore parish, co. Westmeath], Augustinian priory of, 216, 298.

-, -, canon of. See Omulynnan, Ludovicus.

-, -, prior of. See O'Daly, Bernard.

Lucca [Italy], 56.

Lumsden, Lumisden, Alexander, chaplain-acolyte of the apostolic see, member of the household of Paul II and Sixtus IV, canon of Dunblane and collector of the Camera in Scotland, 109.

Lwmpre, Thomas, detainer of precentorship of Ardfert, 185.

Lydd, Lydde [co. Kent], parish church of, 317.

Lyemolassy. See Lickmolassy.

Lynally, Laynallay [co. Offaly], rectory of, 176, 177.

Lynch, Olance, Olynche, Cornelius, detainer of vicarage of St. Nicholas, Limerick, 227.

-, Matthew, detainer of chancellorship of Ross, 92, 93.

Lyncolim, John, rector of Ramsden Bell House, dispensation to, 321.

Lyndesai, Lyndesey. See Lindsay.

Lysboni, Lysbonni. See Lisbunny.

Lysgabayn. See Lisgoole.

Lyslenayn. See Lislee.

Lythoun, Lithoun, Littoun, David, canon of Glasgow, treasurer and counsellor of the king of Scotland, appointed a papal protonotary, 56.

-, -, archdeacon of Ross and canon of Aberdeen, to be received as a monk of Arbroath, 63, 85, 318.

-, -, granted monastery of Arbroath in commendam, 320.

Lyversiche, Emmota, widow of Roger Lyversiche, dispensation to, 6.