Index of Persons and Places: M, N, O

Pages 359-374

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 14, 1484-1492. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1960.

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Macaedhagayn. See Mageoghegan.

Macaegaynd. See MacEgan.

Macanna, Machannact alias Omulloni, John, detainer of Fedamore, 324.

Macaraly. See Corless.

Macarca. See MacCarthy.

Macarten. See MacCartan.

Macbloscaid. See MacCloskey.

MacBreen, Macbreyn, Charles, canon of Emly, papal mandatary, 86.

MacBride, Mackylabride, MarZollayrdee, Micgillabridi, John, detainer of deanery of Derry, 75.

-, John, to have canonry of Raphoe, 113.

-, -, canon of Raphoe, papal mandatary, 120.

MacBrien, Macbruyn, Thomas, late canon of Dromore, rector of Tullylish, 297.

Maccabrenyne, Maccabrehyne. See Branan.

MacCall, Omachul, Omakayll, Edmund, Semundus [sic], prior of Leighlin, detainer of Straboe, 240.

-, Magonius, Ogonius, rector of Aghadowey, 99, 100.

MacCartan, Emackarttan, Macarten, Mecartan, Malachy, detainer of Kilmoylan, 62, 73, 74.

-, Thomas, canon of Annaghdown, papal mandatary, 275.

MacCarthy, Macara, Maccaryg, McKarryg, Mecarthaig, Donatus Juvenis, 44.

-, Florence, prince of Carbery, princeps Carbrientium, 44.

-, Florence, canon of Killagh, claimant to priorship, 122, 123.

-, Thady, bishop of Cork and Cloyne, 44.

-, Thady, bishop in the universal church, claimant to the see of Ross, 31, 259261, 310, 311.

Maccascurlaj. See Casserly.

MacCasey, Machahasyqua, Donald, canon of Clogher, 62.

MacCassidy, Mackasyg, Makassady, Donald, canon of Armagh, papal mandatary, 99, 115.

MacCawell, Macchmil, Makamuyl, Makayl, Eugene, to have deanery of Clogher, 115.

-, Thomas, claimant to deanery of Derry, 75.

-, Thomas, late dean of Armagh, 165.

Macchabrenin. See Branan.

Maccharibert. See FitzHerbert.

Macchmil. See MacCawell.

Macclanche. See Clancy.

MacCleary, Machacleri, Makecleri, Mecleri, Thady, to have vicarage of Tawnagh, 267.

-, Ymarus, late vicar of Tawnagh, 73, 227.

MacCloskey, Macbloscaid, Odo, canon of Derry, papal mandatary, 248.

MacCoghlan, Machcochlayn, Machoclan, Maclochain, Macochlain, Macochlayn, Charles, canon of Clonmacnois, papal mandatary, 90, 146.

-, Charles, canon of Cloyne, papal mandatary, 144.

-, Cormac, canon of Clonmacnois, provision of, to the see of Clonmacnois, 168.

-, -, to have priory of Gallen in commendam, 167, 168.

-, Fergal, to have vicarage of Wherry, 95, 96.

-, James, vicar of Wherry, 95, 96.

Macconmara. See Macnamara.

Maccorles. See Corless.

MacCostello, Machostello, de Angulo alias Macostello, Machcosdelun, Henry, canon of Limerick, papal mandatary, 28, 135, 324.

-, Richard, canon of Cashel, detainer of Killardry, 135.

MacCriskin, Machrissin, Thomas, canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 233.

MacDonagh, Macdonchayd, Tomaltachus, Thonultheus, canon of Achonry, papal mandatary, 266.

MacDonald, Elizabeth, countess of Ross, 210.

Macdowyl. See Doyle.

MacEgan, Macaegaynd, Macegayn, Macheyam, Machigan, Magaygaym, Makeyalin, Meaegam, Meckygayn, Andrew, canon of Ardagh, papal mandatary, 93, 96.

-, Carbry, the elder, late dean of Clonfert, 61.

-, Carbry, the younger, to have deanery of Clonfert, 61.

-, Carbry, vicar of Kilglass, 216.

-, Oddo, late canon of Clonfert, 70.

-, Odo, Oddo, to have stipend in the church of Tuam, 69.

-, -, stipendiary of Tuam, 139, 140.

-, Thady, canon of Clonfert, 222.

MacEllin, Machaelend, Maclin, David, Davit (sic), canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 209.

-, Donald, detainer of Tuamna, 267.

MacEvilly, Macmillod, Macmiloin, Hobert, to have canonry of Clonfert, 147.

-, -, canon of Clonfert, papal mandatary, 145.

-, William, detainer of Kilmeen, 147.

Macgillapadrach. See FitzPatrick.

Macgillaregin. See O'Regan.

Macgillaroyd. See MacGillroy.

Macgillanath, Macgillavanach, Macgillavanath. See MacGilvane.

MacGillroy, Macgillaroyd, John, to have vicarages of Athleague and Killeroran, 213, 214.

MacGillshenan, Macunchinan, Bernard, detainer of deanery of Clogher, 115.

MacGilvane, Macgillavanach. Macgillavanath, Dermit, to have church of Skreen, 136.

-, John, detainer of prebend of Annaghdown, 63.

-, Maurice, to have church of Killeenavara, 75.

-, Rory, detainer of Killeely, 68.

Macgollafadrig. See FitzPatrick.

MacGrath, Mackraghe, Magrayt, Cornelius Flavus, detainer of Inishkeel, 111.

-, Matthew, bishop of Clonfert, to have the monastery of Clonfert, 241, 242.

-, Thomas, sometime prior of Holy Cross by the Bridge of Limerick, 130.

Macgyllyssachdy. See MacLysaght.

Machaelend. See MacEllin.

Machacleri. See MacCleary.

Machaharrd. See Ward.

Machass. See Cashin.

Machcochlayn. See MacCoghlan.

Machcosdelun. See MacCostello.

Machean. See MacKane.

Macheyam. See MacReamoinn.

Machigan. See MacEgan.

Machkinay, Machkynayg. See Mac-Kenna.

Machnamara. See MacNamara.

Machoclan. See MacCoghlan.

Machomayry. See MacNamara.

Machonnuge. See MacNamee.

Machorm, Nelanus, canon of Derry, papal mandatary, 77.

Machostello. See MacCostello.

Machrissin. See MacCriskin.

MacHugh, Magachda, William, canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 101.

Machysog. See Cusack.

MacKane, Machean, Omechakayn, Maurice, canon of Ardagh, papal mandatary, 226.

-, Nicholas, dean of Raphoe, 70.

Mackarry. See Cashin.

Mackasyg. See MacCassidy.

Mackay, Maurus, to have church of Piercetown, 93.

MacKenna, Machkinay, Machkynayg, Okynayg, Oddo, detainer of Aghnameadle, 94.

-, Thady, detainer of Kilbarron, 95.

-, -, to have vicarage of Ardcrony, 161.

Mackraghe. See MacGrath.

Mackroll, Nicholas, to have vicarage of St. Nicholas, Limerick, 227.

Mackylabride. See MacBride.

Mackylleehan. See Kilcoyne.

Maclanchach, Maclanchai. See Clancy.

Maclin. See MacEllin.

Maclochain. See MacCoghlan.

MacLysaght, Macgyllyssachdy, Matthew, canon of Kilfenora, papal mandatary, 93.

MacMahon, Macmahana, Donatus, to have canonry of Killaloe and wardenship of Beltard, 124, 125.

Macmillod, Macmiloin. See Mac-Evilly.

Macmurgertayg. See Murtagh.

MacNamara, Macconmara, Machnamara, Machomayry, Maconmara, Cornelius, to have canonry of Killaloe, 148.

-, John, canon of Killaloe, papal mandatary, 112, 299.

-, John, son of Thady, canon of Killaloe, papal mandatary, 76, 89, 136.

-,Laurence, son of Odo, detainer of Doora, 89, 90.

-, Odo, son of. See Laurence.

-, Thady, Tatheus, Thateus, son of. See John.

MacNamee, Machonnuge, Macnonne, Maconnuge, Macormuge, Mecnomie, Cormac, canon of Derry, to have rectories of Urney and Ardstraw, 248.

-, Roger, canon of Derry, papal mandatary, 70, 75, 132.

MacNelis, Magnell, Magnelly, Magneyll, Megnell, Dermit, sometime vicar of Skreen, 144.

-, Nemeas, Nimeas, canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 209.

-, -, -, judge-sub delegate, 139.

-, -, detainer of Skreen, 268.

Macnonne. See MacNamee.

Macochlain, Macochlayn. See Mac-Coghlan.

Maconkagri. See Conroy.

Maconmara. See Macnamara.

Maconnuge. See MacNamee.

Macormuge. See MacNamee.

Macostello. See MacCostello.

Macosti, Robert, to have vicarage of Terryglass to farm, 43.

MacReamoinn, Machiawayn, Macraywaynd, Thomas, vicar of Killoscobe, absolution of, 233, 234.

-, -, canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 232.

Macshalaid, Macschalayd. See Scally.

MacTagart, Mactagarth, Mascagarrth, Mastagarth, Magonius, canon of Derry, papal mandatary, 132, 134.

Macunchinan. See MacGillshenan.

Macynyla, Donatus, detainer of Lackagh, 74.

Macysogi. See Cusack.

Madanchach. See Clancy.

Maddeis, Thomas, S.T.B., clerk of Norwich, petition of, 29.

Madnurlay. See Magheranerla.

Magachda. See MacHugh.

Magaygaym. See MacEgan.

Magdreffnie. See Modreeny.

Mageoghegan, Macaedhagayn, Constantine, canon of Kildare, papal mandatary, 249.

Magheranerla, Madnurlay [townland in parish of Tiranascragh, co. Galway], church of, 221.

Magillage. See O'Gallagher.

Maginn, Magynd, John, rector of Tullylish and de facto canon of Dromore, 297.

-, William, archdeacon of Down, to have rectory of Tullylish, 297.

Magium . See Mayo.

Maglachia. See Moylough.

Magnell, Magnelly. See MacNelis.

Magner, Edmund, canon of Cloyne, papal mandatary, 91, 118.

Magneyll. See MacNelis.

Magoncogrit. See Conroy.

Magorni. See Maguran.

Magrawly, Magradallaid, Magrallay, Patrick, canon of Clontuskert, 164, 177.

Magrayt. See MacGrath.

Magruorec. See Groarke.

Maguran, Magorni, Mogoran, Donatus, to have church of Rathfran, 129, 132.

Maguire, Mechgugyr, Laurence, canon of Lisgoole, to have abbey, 100.

Magowry, Mogawin [co. Tipperary], rectory of, 244.

Magyllepadrig. See FitzPatrick.

Magynd. See Maginn.

Makahari, Dermit, late vicar of Kilferagh, 124.

Makamuyl. See MacCawell.

Makassady. See MacCassidy.

Makayl. See MacCawell.

Makcly, Donatus, canon of Elphin, to have prebend, 216, 217.

-, Malachy, detainer of prebend of Elphin, 217.

Makecleri. See MacCleary.

Makeyalin. See MacEgan.

Makidelana. See Delaney.

Male, Robert, bachelor in decrees, rector of Suffield, 317.

Malintius, Malintiis, Malmciis, Perseus, Porsen, Porsons de, dean of church of St. Michael de le Profeto, Bologna, papal chamberlain and commissary in England for the crusade, 52.

-, -, papal nuncio to Henry VII, 53.

Malone, Omullon, Omoyllon, Ymoleon, Cristinus, to have canonry of Clonmacnois, 146.

-, -, canon of Clonmacnois, papal mandatary, 237.

-, Eugenius, canon of Cloyne, papal mandatary, 144.

Malvern [co. Worcester], Benedictine priory of, property of, in Ireland, 10, 11.

Mancine, Mantin, 248, note, 266, note.

Marcellinis, L. de, 2, 27, 196, 243.

Margaret, queen of Scots, indult to, 11, 12.

-, sometime queen of Scots, mandate to report on life etc. and miracles of, 4.

Mares. See Morris.

Marpull, John, rector of Uttoxeter, dispensation to, 9.

Marrandi, Nicholas, intruder in canonry of Dunkeld, 288.

Marres. See Morris.

Marross, Merkeros [co. Glamorgan], parish church of, 258.

Martin, Martini, Martyn, Hugh, to have canonry of Aberdeen, 268.

-, -, claimant to vicarage of Fordoun, 286, 287, 304.

-, Richard, bishop in the universal church, dispensation to, 317.

Marzollayrdee. See MacBride.

Mascagarrth. See MacTagart.

Mascolay. See Scally.

Mastagarth. See MacTagart.

Matehy, Mathehy [co. Cork], vicarage of, 85.

May. See Pittenweem.

Maydreffnie. See Modreeny.

Mayewe, Richard [once wrongly called John], president of Magdalen College, Oxford, 126, 165, 175, 183.

Mayne, Mayn [co. Kilkenny], prebend of, 194, 195.

Mayo, Magium [co. Mayo], Augustinian abbey of, abbot of, papal mandatary, 215.

-, -, abbot and convent of, 101, 215.

Mayum . See Pittenweem.

McKarryg. See MacCarthy.

Meade, Myach, Myad, David, late archdeacon of Cork, 108.

-, William, bachelor in decrees, to have archdeaconry of Cork, 108.

Meagam. See MacEgan.

Meagher, Omeachayr, Ymechay, Ymeachayr, Dermit, de facto prior of Monaincha, 172.

-, Donald, sometime prior of Monaincha, 172.

-, Donald, to have priory of Meagher, 172.

Meath, Meden[sis], Miden[sis] [co. Meath], bishop of. See Payne, John.

-, -, official of. See Hone, Richard.

-, diocese of, 10, 68, 77, 170, 216, 226, 249, 297, 298, 319.

Mecartan. See MacCartan.

Mecarthaigh.See MacCarthy.

Meccoleg. See Scally.

Mechgugyr. See Maguire.

Meckygayn. See MacEgan.

Mecleri. See MacCleary.

Mecnomie. See MacNamee.

MecSarmoris, Nicholas, canon of Leighlin, papal mandatary, 185.

Meden [sis]. See Meath.

Meehan, Omehygayn, Omihigan, Omykayn, Cornelius, canon of Emly, papal mandatary, 123.

-, Thomas, canon of Cloyne, papal mandatary, 85, 90.

Meelick, Milecsyna [co. Galway], vicarage of, 144.

Meffan. See Methven.

Megneii. See MacNelis.

Meldrum, Henry, claimant to church of Newdosk, 74.

Meneven [sis]. See St. Davids.

Meraymor. See Oranmore.

Mre Dieu, la, Augustinian priory of, in the diocese of Bourges, prior of. See Horne, Thomas.

Merioneth [Wales], archdeacon of. See Bulkeley, Richard.

Merkeros. See Marross.

Methven, Meffan [co. Perth], collegiate church, provost of, papal mandatary, 109.

Micgillabridi. See MacBride.

Michael, Michel, Michil. See Mitchell.

Middleton, Chorus benedicti [co. Cork], Cistercian abbey of, abbot of, papal mandatary, 118.

Miden [sis]. See Meath.

Migillafoil. See Gilfoyle.

Milandia . See Mile End.

Milecsyna. See Meelick.

Mile End, Milandia [co. Essex], parish church of, 323.

Minden, Mindensis [Germany], dean of. See Durcap, Egerdus.

Minehead, Mynlhede [co. Somerset], vicarage of, 12.

Mirton, John, canon of Dunkeld, papal mandatary, 109.

Missenden, Myssenden [co. Buckingham], Augustinian monastery of, canon of. See Dicheyate, Thomas.

Mitchell, Michael, Michel, Michil, Thomas, canon of Cashel, papal mandatary, 224, 256, 301.

Mochylney. See Muchelney.

Modena, Mutinen[sis] [Italy], canon of. See Ferrariis, John Baptista de.

Modreeny, Magdreffnie, Maydreffnio [co. Tipperary], rectory of, 176, 177.

Mogawin. See Magowry.

Mogoran. See Maguran.

Mohan, Omokan, Cornelius, late bishop of Achonry, 167.

-, Fergal, to have benefice in Achonry, 167.

-, Odo, provost of Elphin, 214.

Monaghan, Omaenacham, Nicholas, canon of Seirkieran, detainer of the priorship, 117, 118.

Monaincha, Insula viventium [in Corbally parish, co. Tipperary], Augustinian priory of, prior of, papal mandatary, 86, 87, 94, 174, 176, 177.

See also Meagher, Dermit; Meagher, Donald; Obrioy, Patrick.

Monasterevan, Rosglasse alias Rosa vallis, Rossavallis, de Rossvallis [co. Kildare], Cistercian abbey of, abbot of, papal mandatary, 81, 198, 319.

See also Thomas.

Monipenx. See Monypenny.

Monisart, Joannes, bishop of Tournai, papal mandatary, 152.

Monssardus, Stephen, chaplain at altar of St. Blaise in parish church of St. Peter, Besanon, 315, note.

Mont St.-Michel, sancti Michaelis in Monte Tuba [France], church of, pilgrimage to, 312.

Montacute, Mons acutus [co. Somerset], Cluniac priory of, convent of, 80.

-, -, priors of. See Doore, John; Uater, John.

Monypenny, Monipenx, Walter, prior of St. Andrews, to resign the priorship of St. Servatius, 98.

Mooney, Omagnayd, Omany, Omaynay, Omaynayd, Omyanayo, Omynayd, Magonius, canon of Tuam, 209, 210, 268, 269.

-, -, -, papal mandatary, 69, 101, 139, 144, 163.

-, Thomas, vicar of Shrule, 144, 145.

Moray [co. Elgin], bishop of, papal mandatary, 232.

-, -, official of, papal mandatary, 109.

-, cathedral church of, canons of. See Dunbar, Gavin de; Zezland, John.

-, -, chancellor of, papal mandatary, 85.

-, -, deanery of. See Dunbar, Gavin de; Spens, John.

-, diocese of, 85, 264, 265.

Morgan, Orgam, John, detainer of Castleinch, 120.

-, -, to have canonry of Ossory and church of Castleinch, 130, 131.

Mori. See Mury.

Moriarty, Omurhyrtygh, Odo, de facto prior of Killagh, 122, 123.

Morley, Omurile, Omuryle, Murianus, Maurianus, claimant to church of Kilmoylan, 62, 73, 74.

Morris, Mares, Marres, Edmund, claimant to priory of Athassel, 65.

-, -, detainer of canonry of Cashel, 64, 65.

Morthi, Nicholas, canon of Limerick, papal mandatary, 28.

Moritilia . See Mothel.

Mortimar, Stephen, late vicar of Fordoun, 286.

Mortlach, Murthlayk [co. Banff], a prebend in Aberdeen, 85.

Morton, earl of. See Douglas, James.

Morton, John, archbishop of Canterbury, commissary in England for the crusade, 53.

-, -, -, papal mandatary, 35, 51.

-, -, -, register of, 34, 51.

-, Robert, archdeacon of Winchester, master of the rolls of Chancery and proctor of Henry VII, 1417.

Mothel, Moritila, Motalia [co. Waterford], Augustinian abbey of, abbot of, papal mandatary, 142, 171, 187, 190, 301, 302.

Mouuat, William, canon of St. Mary on the Rock, St. Andrews, 175.

Moylough, Maglachia [co. Galway], vicarage of, 233.

Moyn. See Moyne.

Moynagh, Mumneath, Thomas, detainer of Clonca, 132.

Moyne, Moyn [co. Tipperary], vicarage of, 194, 195.

Moyvore, Mydonrra [co. Westmeath], parish church of, 170, 171.

Mucciarellis, D. de, referendary, 2.

Muchelney, Mochylney [co. Somerset], Benedictine abbey of, abbot of, papal mandatary, 80.

Mulhall, Omulcaly, Ymaylchyll, Donatus, detainer of Killermogh, 82, 83.

-, James, claimant to priory of Crossed Friars, Athy, 281, 282.

Multyfarnham, Multefaranan [co. Westmeath], rectory of, 226.

Mumneath. See Moynagh.

Munter Kenny, Muntercinay [in Rossclogher parish, co. Leitrim], parish church of, 244.

Murhede, Richard, M.A., bachelor in theology, to have archdeaconry of Ross, 63, 64.

Murphy, Humurchu, Omerchu, Omurchu, Omurchuu, Ymurchun, Cornelius, precentor of Cork, to have vicarage of Kinneigh, 218220.

-, Donatus, detainer of treasureship of Cork, 89.

-, Donatus, canon of Cloyne, papal mandatary, 119, 245.

-, Thady, canon of Cork, papal mandatary, 264.

Murtagh, Macmurgertayg, Eugene, detainer of Clonbroney, 97, 98.

Murtlayk. See Mortlach.

Mury, Mori, William de, canon of Ardfert, petition of, 36.

-, -, -, absolution of, 262, 263.

Mutien[sis]. See Modena.

Myach, Myad. See Meade.

Mydonrra. See Moyvore.

Mynlhede. See Minehead.

Myssenden. See Missenden.


Naas, Nassa [co. Kildare], Augustinian priory of, prior of, papal mandatary, 208.

Nantes [France], canon of. See Bonneti, Michael.

Narnia, 108, note, 264, note.

Naples [Italy], cardinal of. See Carafa, Oliver.

Nasen, Aurelius, 249, note.

Nassa . See Naas.

Nayrd. See Ardfield.

Nepi, Nepesin[us] [Italy], diocese of, 109.

Neudosk. See Newdosk.

Neville, Cecily, duchess of York, mother of Edward IV, 18, 19.

-, George, sometime archbishop of York, 21, note.

-, Ralph, late earl of Westmorland, 133.

-, Richard, earl of Salisbury, 18.

Newark, Novus Locus [co. Surrey], Augustinian priory of, prior of. See Brigge, Richard.

Newark, Newerk [co. Nottingham], parish church of, 230.

Newbattle, Nyubotal [co. Midlothian], Cistercian abbey of, abbot of, papal mandatary, 213.

Newdosk, Neudosk [in Edzell parish, co. Kincardine], parish church of, 74.

Newerk. See Newark.

New Romney, Romenele sive Romeney [co. Surrey], hospital called the chantry or free chapel of SS. Stephen and Thomas the Martyr, 175, 176.

Newry, Viride lignum [co. Down], Cistercian abbey of, abbot of, papal mandatary, 110.

Newtyle, Newtile [co. Forfar], vicarage of, 190.

Nicholas V, pope, 9, 103, 181.

Nicholas, abbot of Holywood, 198.

Nierburge. See London, St. Werburgh.

Nocera, Nucerin[sis], Nucerino [in Salerno, Italy], bishop of. See Ceretanis, John.

Normandy, 312.

Northampton [co. Northampton], archdeacon of, 183.

-, parish church of St. Peter of, 55.

North Wibshier, Wiltes. See Wiltshire.

Norwich, Noruicen[sis], Norvicen[sis] [co. Norfolk], bishop of. See Goldwell, James.

-, city of, rent from, 204, note.

-, diocese of, 29, 34, 55, 236, 316, 317, 321.

Nottingham, Notyngham, earl of. See Berkeley, William.

Noua abbatia , Nouabla. See Sweetheart.

Novara [Italy], archpriest of. See Caccia, James.

Nova via . See Abbeygormacan.

Novus locus . See Newark.

Noxete, 248, note.

Nucerino, Nucerin[sis]. See Nocera.

Nyckel alias Aldenhoven, James, notary public, 311.

Nyubotal. See Newbattle.


Oacdhga. See O'Heed.

Oacenasi. See O'Hennessy.

Obduda. See O'Dowd.

Obebill. See O'Boyle.

Obecayn, Obechan. See Behan.

O'Beirne, Oberrynd, Oberyn, Obryn, Yberrynd. Eugenius, archdeacon of Elphin, 6, 71.

-, John, detainer of stipend in the church of Tuam, 143.

-, -, to have stipend in the church of Tuam, 163.

-, William, clerk of Elphin, absolution of, 6.

Obenachan. See Banahan

O'Bergin, Obergyn, Ybergyn, Cornelius, to have canonry of Ossory, 82, 83.

-, Thady, to have churches of Aghaboe and Rosconnell, 242, 243.

Oberrynd, Oberyn. See O'Beirne.

Obeyll, Obethyll. See O'Boyle.

Obin, Donatus, to have priorship of house of St. John Baptist of the English, Down, 110, 111.

Oboligi, John, detainer of Courtown, 223.

O'Boyle, Obebill, Obethyll, Obeyll, Obuuill, Obuyll, Obygill, Ohygell, Bernard, to have vicarage of Ardstraw, 75.

-, Patrick, late vicar of Ardstraw, 75.

-, Tancretus, canon of Derry, papal mandatary, 111, 113.

-, Tholomeus, canon of Derry, papal mandatary, 75.

-, Tholomeus, rector of Ardstraw, 248.

-, William, canon of Annaghdown, papal mandatary, 62.

-, William, canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 143, 144, 163.

Obraein, Donald, canon of Derry, papal mandatary, 248.

Obragriy. See O'Brogy.

O'Brien, Ibreyn, Obren, Obreyn, Cornelius, vicar of Lisbunny, 86.

-, Cornelius, detainer of Kilmurry and Clonlea, 147.

-, Dermit, the younger, canon of Kilfenora and Killaloe, to have church of Oughtdarra and vicarage of Rath, 93, 94.

-, Thady, Tedricus, Thedericus, canon of Limerick, 200, 201.

-, Thady, detainer of Kildellig, 87.

-, Turlough, Theodericus, bishop of Killaloe, late dean of Kilmacduagh, 145.

Obrioy, Patrick, late prior of Monaincha, 171.

O'Brogy, Obragriy, Obrog, Obrogay, Obrogy, Odo, behaving as Augustinian canon, detainer of Muinterkenny and Meelick, 144.

-, William, canon of Clonfert, papal mandatary, 148, 237.

-, William, detainer of Almoritia, 297.

-, William, to have archdeaconry of Clonfert, 144.

-, William, canon of Clonfert (O.S.A.), 241.

O'Brohan, Obruchan, Opruchan, Thomas, canon of Killala, papal mandatary, 68, 132.

O'Brollan, Obrollan, William, canon of Elphin, papal mandatary, 227.

Obroth. See Brophy.

Obroym, John, to have sacristship of Clonfert, 142.

Obruchan. See O'Brohan.

Obryen. See O'Brien.

Obryn. See O'Beirne.

Obryn. See O'Byrine.

Obtiel, Matthew, canon of Killaloe, papal mandatary, 99.

Oburu, Laurence, detainer of Kilmany, 131.

Obuuill, Obuyll, Obygill. See O'Boyle.

O'Byrne, Obryn, Obyrnd, Ybryn, Bernard, to have rectory of Killinchy, 108.

-, Geoffrey, canon of Leighlin, to have archdeaconry of Glendalough, 185, 186.

-, Patrick, sometime archdeacon of Glendalough, 185, 186.

-, Thomas, canon of Dromore, papal mandatary, 297.

O'Cathill, Ocahyl, Ocahyll, Okayl, Okayll, Okill, Philip, detainer of Ballingarry, 231.

-, Thomas, vicar of Kilsheelan, to have abbey of Inishounaght, 300.

-, William, canon of Emly, papal mandatary, 86, 123.

-, William, to have chancellorship of Lismore, 116.

Ocanalayd. See O'Connolly.

O'Canavan, Ocennamayn, Ychanynyn, Malachy, canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 308.

-, Maurice, canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 270.

-, Miles, canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 270.

O'Carolan, Ocearbalhain, Ocearbhalan, Ochuerlan, Okerualan, Okeruallan, Cornelius, canon of Derry, papal mandatary, 77.

-, Donald, canon of Derry, papal mandatary, 132, 134.

-, Donald, rector of Urney, 248.

-, William, canon of Derry, papal mandatary, 111, 114.

O'Carroll, Ocearmayll, Ocerwall, Okaerull, Onearawayl, John, canon of Killaloe, papal mandatary, 87.

-, John, claimant to rectory of Birr, 176, 247.

-, Rory, to have canonry of Killaloe, 176, 177.

-, -, claimant to rectory of Birr, 247.

Ocassin. See Ua Caisin.

Ocaymain. See O'Keavane.

Occelayd. See O'Kelly.

Occinkyayn. See Kinnane.

Occoner. See O'Connor.

Oceallaig. See O'Kelly.

Ocearbalhain, Ocearbhalan. See O'Carolan.

Ocearmayll. See O'Carroll.

Ocenan. See O'Keenan.

Ocennamayn. See O'Canavan.

Ocerwall. See O'Carroll.

Ochallaid. See O'Kelly.

Ochinan. See O'Keenan.

Ochogury. See O'Curry.

Ochohych, Cornelius, detainer of Kilmacdonogh, 239.

Ocionyn. See Cronin.

Ochonaltha. See O'Conalty.

O'Chonbay. See O'Connell.

Ochuerlan. See O'Carolan.

Oclonan, Ocluayn. See Cloonan.

Oclymassa, Rory, late vicar of Ballykean, 81.

Ococenmaynd. See Concannon.

Ococlib, Gerald, canon of Tuam, vicar of Ballinrobe, 270.

Ocombay. See Conway.

O'Conalty, Oconalta, Ochonaltha, Eugenius, canon of Ardagh, papal mandatary, 226.

-, Thomas, late stipendiary in the church of Tuam, 143.

Oconcabhair. See O'Connor.

Oconcenaynd, Oconceyird. See Concannon.

Oconchuyr, Oconcuach, Oconcuarb. See O'Connor.

Ocongayl. See Conneely.

O'Conlan, Okonallayn, Edmund, detainer of Croghan, 249.

O'Conliske, Ocynlis, John, canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 233.

O'Connair. See O'Connor.

O'Connell, Ochonoyul, John, sometime dean of Clonfert, 61.

O'Connolly, Ocanalayd, Patrick, to have canonry of Clogher, 62.

O'Connor, Occoner, Oconcabhair, Oconcuach, Oconcuarb, Oconchuyr, Oconnair, Yconcubar, Yconcwar, Bernard, canon of Elphin, dispensations to, 120, 121.

-, -, -, papal mandatary, 227.

-, Bernard, late rector of Killilagh, 94.

-, Charles, sometime canon of Elphin, 121.

-, Felimy, Felmicus, canon of Elphin, papal mandatary, 215.

-, John, canon of Elphin, papal mandatary, 218, 240.

-, Rory, Roricus, canon of Killeigh, to be prior, 249.

Oconthy. See Canty.

Ocronyn. See Cronin.

Octuama. See O'Twomey.

Ocuayn, Ocuind. See Quinn.

Oculeayn. See Collins.

Ocurryn. See Curren.

Ocuylleayn. See Collins.

Ocuyn. See Quinn.

O'Curry, Ochogury, Lucanus, precentor of Killaloe, 86.

O'Cormacan, Ocormakayn, Ocorroakeryn, John, detainer of Magheranerla, 221.

Ocyllyd. See O'Kelly.

Ocynaid, Ocynayd. See O'Kenny.

Ocynlis. See O'Conliske.

Odagh, Castrum Duach [co. Kilkenny], vicarage of, 125, 126.

O'Dahill, Hodahill, Odahyll, Maurice, canon of Emly, papal mandatary, 90.

-, -, -, to have priory of Bridgetown and church of Kilmacdonogh, 239.

-, -, to have deanery of Cloyne and vicarage of Templeroan, 81, 118.

O'Daly, Odalay, Odalayd, Odalle, Odally, Ydalayd, Bernard, canon of Ardagh, papal mandatary, 93.

-, Bernard, prior of Loughsewdy, to be absolved, 297299.

-, Cornelius, vicar of Athlone, 90, 91, 148.

-, Denis, vicar of Doora, 89.

-, Geoffrey, to have church of Rathwire, 68, 69, 77.

-, John, bishop of Clonmacnois, 146.

-, Matthew, detainer of canonry of Cork, 89.

O'Dea, Odayd, Odeag, Odeagig, Odeay, Oduy, Denis, canon of Killaloe, papal mandatary, 89, 99, 275.

-, -, canon of Kilfenora, papal mandatary, 127.

-, Patrick, detainer of canonry of Ossory, 120.

Odenawan. See O'Donovan.

O'Dennellan, Odonalain, Odonalayn, Odonallan, Odonnlan, Cornelius, canon of Clontuskert, petition of, 169.

-, Dermit, canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 143, 209.

-, Fergal, vicar of Kiltormer, 221, 222.

Odermaday. See Dermody.

Odingyn. See Deegan.

Odobym. See O'Dugan.

Odoeleayn. See Dolan.

O'Doherty, Odocgardaid, Odochartayah, Odochartaydhet, Donatus, canon of Derry, papal mandatary, 113, 114.

-, William, canon of Derry, papal mandatary, 248.

Odolayn. See Delaney.

Odoma. See Dunne.

Odomnachu. See O'Donohoe.

O'Donachan, Odonachan, Odonagan, Odonnagan, John, canon of Killala, papal mandatary, 68, 132, 136, 138.

-, John, to have rectory of Castleconor, 61.

Odonalain, Odonalayn, Odonallan. See O'Donnellan.

Odonayll. See O'Donnell.

Odonchu. See O'Donohoe.

Odonewan. See O'Donovan.

Odonna. See Dunne.

Odonnagan. See O'Donachan.

O'Donnell, Odonayll, Ydonayll, Donatus, to have canonry of Annaghdown, 187.

-, Falmeus, to have canonry of Raphoe, 114, 115.

O'Donohoe, Odomnachu, Odonchu, Odonchw, Odunchu, Geoffrey, priest, detainer of Kilthomas, 76.

-, Laurence, to have canonry of Kilmacduagh, 66, 67.

-, -, treasurer of Kilmacduagh, 276.

-, -, abbot commendatary of St. Mary's, Kilmacduagh, 277.

-, William, a monk, detainer of abbey of Inishlounaght, 300, 301.

O'Donovan, Odenawan, Odonowayn, Ydonowayn, Cornelius, administrator of the fruits etc. of the fabric of the priory of Ross, 264.

-, Donald, late bishop of Ross, 92, 259, 261, 310.

-, Donatus, detainer of canonry of Ross, 283.

-, James, to have precentorship of Ross and vicarage of Chillintyan, 283.

Odooleayn. See Dolan.

O'Dorney, abbey of. See Abbeydorney.

Odouna. See Dunne.

Odowayn. See Dwane.

O'Dowd, Obduda, Odubda, Oduda, Ytuayd, Dermit, detainer of Castleconor, 61, 62.

-, Maurice, detainer of Easky, 138.

-, Odo, to have church of Aghiart, 218.

Odownylay. See Dolan.

O'Driscoll, Ohederscoyll, Ohedrescoll, Oherdersegeoll, Ohedyrceoyl, Bernard, canon of Ross, papal mandatary, 116.

-, Donald, clerk of Ross, petition of, 10.

-, Donatus, canon of Ross, papal mandatary, 10.

-, Odo, claimant to the see of Ross, 259261, 310, 311.

-, Thomas, dean of Ross, chief of his sept, 264.

Oduarla, Odubarlayd. See Doorley.

Odubda. See O'Dowd.

Odubgyla, Odubgylla. See Doyle.

Odubyin. Odubym, etc. See O'Dugan.

Oduda. See O'Dowd.

O'Dugan, Odobyin, Odubym, Odubyun, John, canon of Derry, papal mandatary, 70.

-, -, to have deanery of Derry, 75.

-, -, late vicar of Donaghmore, 78.

Odugeen. See Deegan.

Odugilla. See Doyle.

Odugyn. See Duggan.

Odulgayn, Odulgayng. See Dillon.

Odullany, Odullayn, Odullaynd. See Delaney.

Oduluyn. See Dillon.

Oduna. See Dunne.

Odunchu. Odunchw. See O'Donohoe.

Odurura, Malachy, claimant to vicarage of Skreen, 143.

Oduuyr. See O'Dwyer.

Oduy. See O'Dea.

Oduygyn. See Duggan.

Oduylyng. See Delaney.

Oduyn. See Dunne.

O'Dwyer, Igwyr, Oduyn, Oduuyr, William, detainer of precentorship of Cashel, to have abbey of Holycross, 224, 225, 256, 257, 300303.

Odwygyn, Odyayn. See Duggan.

Odygyn, Odyngyn. See Deegan.

Oengasa. See Ennis.

Ofaelan. See O'Faolan.

Ofaelecam. See Whelehan.

O'Fallon, Ofallamayn, Offalum, Offallun, Charles, canon of Elphin, papal mandatary, 240.

-, Maurice, canon of Rathkeale, claimant to priory of Clontuskert, 150, 236, 237.

O'Faolan, Ofaelan, Offellain, Offinlan, Ofilan, Ofyllan, Ybelcon, Denis, sometime chancellor of Limerick, 299.

-, Eugene, detainer of Durrow, 82, 83.

-, Eugene, detainer of Eglish Nichole, 87.

-, Eugene, late minister of the Trinitarian house in Adare, 254, 259.

-, George, late commendatary of priory of Holy Cross by the Bridge of Limerick, 130.

-, John, canon of Ferns, papal mandatary, 208.

-, Maurice, canon of Limerick, papal mandatary, 309.

O'Farrell, Ofergayl, Offergayl, Yfergayl, Yffergayll, Cornelius, dean of Ardagh, absolution of, 9698.

-, -, -, to have abbey of Abbeylara in commendam, 236.

-, -, -, to have vicarage of Carrig-patrick, 98, 228, 235.

-, -, -, to have vicarage of Clonbroney, 97, 229.

-, Donald, canon of Ardagh, papal mandatary, 166.

-, Donatus, canon of Ardagh, to have vicarage of Granard, 223, 224.

-, -, -, papal mandatary, 226.

-, John, canon of Ardagh, papal mandatary, 166.

-, Maurice, canon of Ardagh, papal mandatary, 223.

-, William, bishop of Ardagh, sometime abbot, now commendatary, of Abbeylara, 235.

-, William, vicar of Granard, 223, 224.

O'Fehilly, Offychallaygh, Eugene, vicar of Kinneigh, 219.

Ofergayl, See O'Farrell.

Offalum, Offalun. See O'Fallon.

Offarkyllaym. See Offerlane.

Offathi, Offay. See Fahy.

Offellain. See O'Faolan.

Offergayl. See O'Farrell.

Offerlane, Offarkyllaym [co. Leix], parish church of, 313.

Offillan, Offinlan. See O'Faolan.

Offlanet. See O'Flannery.

Offlannagan, Offlannagayn, Offlanygan. See O'Flanagan.

Offlyn. See O'Flynn.

Offyagna. See Feeney.

Offychallaygh. See O'Fehilly.

Offyn. See Finn.

Ofilan. See O'Faolan.

O'Flaherty, Oflatartha, Dermit, late vicar of Roscam, 187.

O'Flanagan, Offlannagan, Offlannagayn, Offlanygan, Oflannagan, Oflannagayn, Oflannigan, Bernard, vicar of Baslic, 215.

-, Dermit, canon of Elphin, papal mandatary, 71.

alias Maghingan, Donald, canon of Elphin, to have provostship, 214.

-, -, -, -, papal mandatary, 211, 213, 216, 217.

-, John, to have priory of Seirkieran, 117, 118.

-, John, canon of Ferns papal mandatary, 228.

-, Lewis, late dean of Elphin, 163.

-, Malachy, dean of Elphin, 71, 163.

-, Nicholas, bishop of Elphin, 72.

O'Flannery, Offlanet, Thomas, detainer of Killeengariff, 184.

Oflannigan. See O'Flanagan.

Oflatartha. See O'Flaherty.

O'Flynn, Oflayn, Offlyn, Edmund, claimant to vicarage of Carbury, 81, 82, 198.

Ofrescyl, Thady, Thyhius, detainer of Robeen, 101.

Ofyllan. See O'Faolan.

Ofyncho, John, vicar of Portnashangan, 226.

O'Gallagher, Ogallcabhair, Ogallcubayr, Ogallen Bhau, John, late abbot of Assaroe, 134.

-, Laurence, to have deanery of Raphoe, 70.

-, Nial, to have abbey of Assaroe, 134.

alias Magillage, Patrick, detainer of Inishkeel, 111.

O'Gara, Oscara, Dermit, canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 215.

-, Thomoltheus, detainer of Coolavin and Rana, 167.

Ogaunayn, Ogearauayan. See Gernon.

Ogearaugyn. See Garvin.

Ogeranan, Ogernayn, etc. See Gernon.

Ogeymrigayn. See O'Gormley.

Ogillagimayn, William, monk of Ross, 264.

Ogilvy, Ogplby, Oguilby, Ogylby, Alexander de, late rector of Fettercairn, 73, 269.

-, James, rector of Newdosk, 74.

Orgirna. See Gernon.

O'Gleeson, Yglessayn, Maurice, late prior of Nenagh, 88.

Ogorman. See Gernon.

O'Gormley, Ogeymrigayn, Donatus, detainer of Inver, 111.

Ogoroan. See Gernon.

Ogplby. See Ogilvy.

O'Grady, Ograda, Ogradi, Donatus, canon of Killaloe, papal mandatary, 76, 89, 93, 199.

Ogriffa. See Griffey.

Oguilby. See Ogilvy.

Ogulla, Gorallo [co. Roscommon], parish church of, 215.

Ogygyn. See Deegan.

Ogylby. See Ogilvy.

Ohacglan. See Hyland.

Ohaeadgan, Ohaegayn. See Hogan.

Ogaegha. See O'Heed.

Ohalagan. See Hallaghan.

Ohangusa, Ohangussa. See Ennis.

O'Hanly, Ohanly, Thady, detainer of canonry of Annaghdown and rectory of Dunmore, 96.

O'Hanrahan, Ohanrahayn, Donatus, to have church of Doora, 89.

O'Hart, Yharpa, Thomas, late canon of Elphin, 120.

Ohayuli. See O'Healy.

O'Hea, Chega, Oheaa, Ohega, John, to have vicarage of Ardfield and chancellorship and canonry of Ross, 92, 93.

-, -, detainer of canonry of Ross, 283.

O'Healy, Ohayuli, Oheli, Ohelij, Ohely, Dermit, sometime vicar of Rathdowney, 87.

-, Malachy, to have church of Skreen, 68.

-, -, to be removed, 137.

-, -, to have church of Tawnagh, 73, 227.

-, Thady, Taddeus, detainer of Dunmore, 269.

Ohederscoyll. See O'Driscoll.

O'Hedian, Hedran, Hedyan, Ohedyan, James, to have precentorship of Cashel, 194.

-, John, bishop of Ossory, 82, 87.

-, Robert, canon of Lismore, papal mandatary, 300.

-, Robert, claimant to archdeaconry of Ossory, 190192.

-, Thomas, to have deanery of Elphin, 163.

-, Thomas, the elder, detainer of canonry of Ossory, 194.

-, Thomas, the younger, detainer of Jerpoint, 194.

Ohedrescoll. See O'Driscoll.

Ohedyan. See O'Hedian.

Ohedyrceoyl. See O'Driscoll.

O'Heed, Oacdhga, Ohaegha, Patrick, canon of Armagh, papal mandatary, 99, 115.

O'Heffernan, Ohyfernayn, Cornelius, to be appointed steward of Athassell monastery, 28.

Ohega. See O'Hea.

Ohelathe. See O'Herlihy.

Oheli, Ohelij, Ohely. See O'Healy.

O'Hennessy, Oacenasi, Ohenassy, Nicholas, bishop of Waterford and Lismore, to have priory of Bridgetown in commendam, 119.

-, -, -, alleged detainer of the same, 239.

-, Thady, to have deanery of Cloyne, 118.

Oherdersegeoll. See O'Driscoll.

O'Herlihy, Ohelathe, Oherlaj, Ohierlathy, Ohyerlachy, Ohyerlahy, Ohyerlathy, Donatus, canon of Cork, papal mandatary, 264.

-, Gilbert, to have vicarage of Kilgarvan, 118.

-, John, junior, to have treasurership of Cork, 89.

-, John, senior, detainer of treasurership of Cork, 89.

-, Thomas, sometime precentor of Cork, 219.

-, William, canon of Cloyne, papal mandatary, 238.

Oherrcatty. See Haraghy.

Ohierlathy. See O'Herlihy.

Ohogan, Ohogayn. See Hogan.

O'Houlihan, Ohuallachayn, Ohuolachayn, John, canon of Ross, papal mandatary, 116.

-, -, detainer of chancellorship of Ross, 92, 93.

Ohurayn. See Horan.

O'Hurley, Ohurrhile, John, to have church of Kilbarron, 95.

Ohwuiriy. See Horan.

Ohycalayn. See Hyland.

Ohyerlachy, Ohyerlahy. See O'Herlihy.

Ohyfernayn. See O'Heffernan.

Ohygell. See O'Boyle.

Okaellid, Okaely. See O'Kelly.

Okaerull. See O'Carroll.

Okayl, Okayll. See O'Cahill.

Okeally. See O'Kelly.

O'Keane, Okeayn, Cornelius, to have vicarage of Ardcanny, 112, 113.

O'Keavane, Ocaymain, Thomas, canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 268.

O'Keeffe, Okywe, Thady, canon of Cloyne, petition of, 245.

-, William, clerk of Cloyne, petition of, 245.

O'Keenan, Ocenan, Ochinan, Okianan, Patrick, canon of Derry, papal mandatary, 75, 77, 111, 114.

Okellayn. See Keelan.

O'Kelly, Ikellyd, Occelayd, Oceallaig, Ochallaid, Ocyllyd, Okaellid, Okaely, Okeally, Okellay, Okelley, Okellid, Okyle, Yceallayg, Ycellayd, Ykellay, Cornelius, detainer of Knockanure, 117.

-, David, canon of Cong, claimant to church of Kinlough, 129.

-, Donald, Donatus, canon of Clontuskert, claimant to priory, 148152, 236, 237.

-, John, archdeacon of Clonfert, 144.

-, John, canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 215.

-, John, canon of Clontuskert, detainer of Crych, 66.

-, John, detainer of Ballintubber, 240.

-, John, monk, detainer of Inishmaine, 162.

-, Kervalus, detainer of Ballinrobe, 70.

-, Malachy, late vicar of Aghiart, 218.

-, Odo, to have vicarage of Athlone, 148.

-, Thady, late prior of Clontuskert, 149.

-, William, prior of Reindun, 213.

Okenaj. See O'Kenny.

O'Kennedy, Okemeduig, Okenedyg, Okennedyg, Donatus, to have priory of Nenagh in commendam, 88.

-, John, to have canonry of Lismore, 171.

-, Maurus, to have church of Ballygibbon, 177.

-, Philip, canon of Killaloe, papal mandatary, 174.

-, -, to have church of Lisbunny and precentorship of Killaloe, 86.

-, -, detainer of Ballygibbon, 177.

O'Kenny, Ocynaid, Ocynayd, Okenaj, Okynny, Okyny, Ycenai, Cornelius, canon of Clonfert, papal mandatary, 138, 170.

-, Cornelius, canon of Clonmacnois, papal mandatary, 95.

-, Cornelius, canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 167.

-, David, vicar of Killmolara, 270.

-, William, to have vicarage in church of Tuam, 139, 140.

O'Kett, Oketh, Olreth, Philip, canon of Lismore, papal mandatary, 142, 187, 190.

Okianan. See O'Keenan.

O'Kiernan, Okyrnayn, Maurice, detainer of Inch, 223.

O'Kill. See O'Cahill.

O'Kinnealy, Okinnella, Okynnella, Dermit, Delmitius, detainer of Inniscattery, 124, 125.

Okonallayn. See O'Conlan.

Okonorayn. See Conran.

Okonqueun. See Concannon.

Okyle. See O'Kelly.

Okynayg. See MacKenna.

Okynnella. See O'Kinnealy.

Okynny, Okyny. See O'Kenny.

Okyrnayn. See O'Kiernan.

Okywe. See O'Keeffe.

Olacnayn. See O'Loughnane.

O'Lacy, Olasci, John, canon of Raphoe, to have vicarage of Clanca, 132.

-, John, commendatary of Assaroe, 134.

Olaegne. See O'Leyne.

O'Lalor, Olecgluair, Olerchur, Olerhur, Olucgluar, Cornelius, detainer of Kilcolmanbrack, 125.

-, Donatus, to have vicarages of Clonenagh, Straboe and Ballintober, 239, 240.

-, Fintan, canon of Leighlin, papal mandatary, 125, 242.

-, John, claimant to priory of Athy, 281, 282.

Olance. See Lynch.

Olannagan. See Lanigan.

Olasci. See O'Lacy.

Olecgluair, Olerchur, Olerhur. See O'Lalor.

Olercayn. See Lorkan.

O'Leyne, Olaegne, Oleyn, Dermit, pretended prior of Bridgetown, 119.

-, Dermit, to have canonry of Cork, 89.

Olocgluar. See O'Lalor.

O'Longan, Olonygayn, Florence, canon of Ross, papal mandatary, 218.

Olorcam, Olorichayn. See Lorkan.

O'Loughlin, Omibleachlin, Omulaclin, Omuleachlin, Omulealchlyn, William, canon of Annaghdown, papal mandatary, 62, 63.

-, William, to have vicarage in the church of Annaghdown, 62, 63.

O'Loughnane, Olacnayn, William, detainer of Oranmore, 76.

Olreth. See O'Kett.

Olynche. See Lynch.

Omachul. See MacCall.

Omaelanhil, Thomas, canon of Ossory, papal mandatary, 83.

Omaena. See O'Meany.

Omaenacham. See Monaghan.

Omaeylygan. See O'Mulligan.

Omagna. See O'Meany.

Omagnayd. See Mooney.

O'Mahon, Omahuna, Ymachuna, Cornelius, clerk of Cork, petition of, 32.

-, John, canon of Cloyne, papal mandatary, 118.

Omakayll. See MacCall.

O'Malley, Omalle, Rory, to have church of Easky, 138.

Omany. See Mooney.

Omayna. See O'Meany.

Omaynay, Omaynayd. See Mooney.

Omeachayr. See Meagher.

O'Meany, Omaena, Omagna, Omayna, Gilbert, to have canonry of Kildare, 81, 82, 198.

-, John, to have priory of Killeigh and church of Geashill, 84.

-, Thady, late rector of Geashill, 84.

O'Meara, Imera, Omera, Ymera, John, to have canonry of Killaloe, 94.

-, -, canon of Killaloe, papal mandatary, 88, 95.

-, -, detainer of Ardcrony, 161.

Omechakayn. See MacKane.

Omehygayn. See Meehan.

Omeirgin, Omergeyn, Thomas, canon of Limerick, papal mandatary, 309.

O'Melaghlin, Omilleclyn, Arthur, detainer of Ballymorin, 170, 171.

Omera. See O'Meara.

Omerchu. See Murphy.

Omergeyn. See Omeirgin.

Omerguy, Patrick, canon of Derry, to have church of Aghadowey, 99, 100.

Omibleachlin. See O'Loughlin.

Omihigan. See Meehan.

Omilleclyn. See O'Melaghlin.

Omokan. See Mohan.

Omolanna. See O'Mullaney.

O'Molloy, Omollayd, Omulmoy, Donald, canon of Clonfert, papal mandatary, 250.

-, Magonius, canon of Clonfert, papal mandatary, 250.

-, Peter, to have deanery of Armagh, 165.

O'Moloney, Omolonay, Omullonai, Omulloni, Omullony, Omulony, Cornelius, bishop of Kilmacdaugh, 65.

-, Malachy, canon of Kilmacduagh, 76, 145.

-, -, -, papal mandatary, 65, 70, 74.

O'Moore, Omorra, Donatus, vicar of Odagh, to have vicarage of Dunleckny, 125, 126.

O'Moran, Omurayn, John, detainer of Ardcanny, 113.

O'Morrissey, Thady, late bishop of Down and Connor, 110.

Omoyllon. See Malone.

Omukian, Omukyayn. See O'Mulryan.

Omulaclin. See O'Loughlin.

Omulcaly. See Mulhall.

Omulchionvyll, Cornelius, claimant to church of Killoscobe, 233, 234.

O'Mulconry, Omulchonere, Omulconyr, Donald, canon of Ross, 37.

-, -, John, prior of Ballinskelligs, 90.

Omuleachlin, Omuleachlyn. See O'Loughlin.

Omulind. See Clonlea.

O'Mullally, Omullaalyd, Omullaid, Omullnalyd, Carbry, claimant to vicarage of Killooaum, 164, 177.

-, Cornelius, bishop of Elphin, 166.

O'Mullaney, Omolanna, Omullanni, Malachy, dean of Kildare, papal mandatary, 198.

-, Richard, claimant to church of Kinlough, 129.

O'Mulligan, Omaeylygan, Nicholas, detainer of Killinchy, 108.

Omullnalyd. See O'Mullally.

Omullon. See Malone.

Omullonai, Omulloni, Omullony. See O'Moloney.

Omulmoy. See O'Molloy.

Omulony. See O'Moloney.

O'Mulryan, Omukian, Omukyayn, Omulruon, Omulryaen, John, detainer of Kilgobnet, 169.

-, Matthew, to have church of Kilgobnet, 169.

-, Matthew, abbot of Holycross, 225, 256, 257, 301303.

O'Mulstey, Omwsteagh, Omysteod, Denis, canon of Dromore, papal mandatary, 107, 108, 297.

Omulynnan, Ludovicus, canon of Loughsewdy, to be transferred to Clontuskert, 216.

Omurayn. See O'Moran.

Omurchu, Omurchuu. See Murphy.

Omurhyrtygh. See Moriarty.

Omurile. See Morley.

O'Murray, Donatus, archbishop of Tuam, 63, 72, 91, 163, 250, 253.

-, Donatus, detainer of Kilbarron, 95.

Omuryle. See Morley.

Omwsteagh. See O'Mulstey.

Omyanayo. See Mooney.

Omykayn. See Meehan.

Omynayd. See Mooney.

O'Naughton, Onchaytin, Donald, canon of Ross, papal mandatary, 116.

Onearawayl. See O'Carroll.

O'Neill, Onel, Bernard, vicar of Killeroran, 213, 214.

Opruchan. See O'Brohan.

O'Rafferty, Orobbartaidh, Edmund, claimant to abbey of Assaroe, 134.

Oranmore, Meraymor [co. Galway], parish church of, 76.

O'Rattigan, Orarachayam, Cormac, canon of Ardagh, papal mandatary, 96.

O'Regan, Macgillaregin, Patrick, monk of Abbeylara, 234, 235.

Orgam. See Morgan.

Origne. See Rigney.

Orkney [Scotland], bishop of. See Painter, Andrew.

Ornoli, John, detainer of Aghiart, 218.

Orobbartaidh. See O'Rafferty.

O'Rodeghan, Orodakan, Eugene, canon of Ardagh, papal mandatary, 96.

Oronayn. See Ronan.

O'Rooney, Orwonaga, Raffarrus, prior of the house of the St. John Baptist of the English, Down, 110, 111.

Orphini, the Marchese, 59, note.

Orronayn. See Ronan.

Orsett [co. Essex], parish church of, 282.

Orte, Ortan[us] [province of Rome, Italy], bishop of, papal mandatary, 80, 98, 284.

Orwonaga. See O'Rooney.

O'Ryney, Oryena, William, detainer of stipend in church of Tuam, 69.

Oscachnaso. See O'shaughnessy.

Oscara. See O'Gara.

O'scingin, Osgingin, Osgingyn, Osgyngin, Osgyngyn, Cornelius, canon of Elphin, papal mandatary, 71, 213, 214, 215.

-, Cornelius, canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 232.

-, Peter, canon of Elphin, papal mandatary, 218.

O'shea, Ossega, Donatus, vicar of Glanmakee, to have vicarage of Kilmanaheen, 116.

O'sheehan, Osykayn, Thady, detainer of Kilshanning, 92.

Osgingin, Osgingyn. See O'scingin.

Osgula, Osgulla. See Scully.

Osgyngin, Osgyngyn. See O'scingin.

O'shaughnessy, Oscachnaso, Ostrachenasy, Eugene, alias Wochur, abbot of Kilmacduagh, 66, 67, 275277.

O'sheil, Osyagayl, Cormac, Carmacius, canon of Derry, papal mandatary, 70.

Ospelan, Ospellan. See Spelman.

Ossega. See O'shea.

Ossida. See Shecdy.

Ossory, Ossorien[sis] [Kilkenny, co. Kilkenny], bishop of, 87, 242.

-, -, papal mandatary, 307. See also Hacket, David: O'Hedian, John.

-, -, official of, papal mandatary, 82, 194, 313.

-, archdeacon of. See Hacket, Nicholas; O'Hedian, Robert.

-, cathedral church of, canons of. See Comerford, Edmund; Fitz-Patrick, William; Forstall, Richard; Morgan, John; O'Bergin, Cornelius; O'Dea, Patrick; O'Hedian, Thomas; Omaelanhil, Thomas; Troi, Thomas; White, Nicholas.

-, -, chapter of, 87, 187.

-, -, dean of, 187.

-, -, -, papal mandatary, 117.

See also Comerford, Edmund.

-, -, precentorship of, 131.

-, diocese of, 82, 83, 87, 117, 119121, 130, 131, 142, 168, 190, 191, 194, 222, 242, 313.

-, -, statutes and customs of, 188.

Ossullewain. See O'sullivan.

Osterland [in parish of Stoke, co. Kent], 204, note.

Ostia [Italy], cardinal-bishop of. See Estoutvilla, William de.

Ostrachenasy. See O'shaughnessy.

O'sullivan, Ossullevayn, Ossullewain, Ossullyauyn, Ysullenayn, Ysullevayn, Yssullimayn, Dermit, late archdeacon of Aghadoe, 95.

-, Dermit, to have vicarage of Kilcrohane, 95.

-, Dermit, to have priory of Rupe, 90.

-, Dermit, detainer of Kilmaniheen, 116.

-, Donatus, 90.

-, Eugene, canon of Cork, papal mandatary, 264.

-, John, priest, 95.

-, John, detainer of Brosna, 294, 295.

-, Maurice, detainer of Kilgarvan, 118.

Osyagayl. See O'sheil.

Osydy. See Sheedy.

Osykayn. See O'sheehan.

Othomgh, Thady, rector of Aughnish, 114, 115.

O'Tierney, Othyarny, Ytyernaig, Bernard, canon of Cong, to have vicarage of Kilmainbeg, 290.

-, Thady, canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 129.

Otrassi, Otreassy, etc. See Tracy.

Otto and Ottobon, sometime papal legates in England, 41, 59.

O'Twomey, Octuama, Otuoma, alias Keanfela, Charles, vicar of Matehy and Clonherkin, 85.

-, Dermit, canon of Ardfert, papal mandatary, 122.

Oughtdarra, Vchtforny, alias Glaey [in Killilagh, co. Clare], rectory of, 93.

Oviedo, Oveten[sis] Oviten[sis] [Spain], bishop-elect of. See Villadiego, Gundisalvus de.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 165.

Ownonayll, Thady, detainer of Galey, 294.

Oxford, Oxonien[sis] [co. Oxford], archdeacon of. See King, Oliver.

-, University of, 29.

-, -, college of St. Mary Magdalen in, appropriations to, 126, 127, 165, 166, 175, 176, 183.

-, -, -, president of. See Mayewe, Richard.

Oxonien[sis]. See also Exeter.