Index of Persons and Places: P, Q, R

Pages 374-377

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 14, 1484-1492. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1960.

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Padua [Italy], congregation of St. Justina of, 48.

Painter, Andrew, bishop of Orkney, detainer of abbey of Dunfermline, 43.

Palatio, Octavian de, administrator of Armagh, 165.

-, -, archbishop of Armagh, 165, 307.

Palenterus, Alexander, commissary of the Camera, 59, note.

Palestrina [Italy], cardinal-bishop of. See Barbus, Mark.

Palmer, Bartholomew, provost of the monastery of Ripoll, 5, note.

-, Thomas, bachelor in decrees, vicar of Fincham, 55.

Papbull. See Wale.

Pared. See Barrett.

Paris [France], bishop of, papal mandatary, 43.

-, University of, 29.

Parkar, Thomas, rector of Althorpe, 305.

Partheniensis , diocese [in India], 312.

Pasarella, James, bishop of Imola, apostolic legate to England and Scotland, 11, 14, 16, 2227, 51, 52, 56, 179.

Patrick, late abbot of Inishlounaght, 300.

Paul II, pope, household of, 109.

-, letters etc. of, 7, 32, 37, 45, 97, 139, 143, 150, 190, 228, 245, 271, 277, 278, 290, 291, 294, 300, 305, 308.

Payne, John, bishop of Meath, 202, 226, 298, 307, 319.

-, -, -, official of. See Hone, Richard.

Penderyn, Pennederyen, Pennederyn [co. Brecon], parish church of, 319.

Pereriis. See Perreriis.

Perreria, P. de, 2, 26, 308.

Perreriis, Pereriis, William de, papal chaplain and auditor, 212, 287, 304.

Peter, a friar preacher on pilgrimage from India, 312.

Peterborough, Burgus sancti Petri [co. Northampton], Benedictine abbey of, monk of, See Bekertun, William.

Petywem. See Pittenweem.

Philippus, 275, note.

Phinlay, Simon, collector of the Camera in Scotland, 57.

Phy, 238, note. and passim to 288, note.

Piercetown, Ardgayce, alias Ballepyaris [co. Westmeath], parish church of, 93.

Pigge, John, bishop of Beirut, papal mandatary, 321.

Pittenweem, May (Mayum), alias Petywem [co. Fife], Augustinian priory of, 157.

Pius II, pope, 37, 45, 52.

Poldo, Anthony de, canon of Geneva, papal mandatary, 323.

Polycarpus, 324.

Ponte Curvo, Phillipus de, 224, note, 266, note, 286.

Porcell, Porcelle. See Purcell.

Porta magna . See Inishmaine.

Portnashangan, Portnasengan [co. Westmeath], vicarage of, 226.

Portuspatrum . See Annaghdown.

Portuspurus . See Clonfert.

Potier, Nicholas, canon of Soissons, papal mandatary, 323.

Pupbull, Pupbulle. See Wale.

Purcell, Porcell, Porcelle, Jordan, claimant to chancellorship of Limerick, 299.

-, Thomas, claimant to archdeaconry of Ossory, 190.

Pykenham, William, auditor-general of Thomas Bourchier, archbishop of Canterbury, 322.


Qualeatis, Mariano de, bishop of Glandves, papal auditor, 286.

-, -, -, papal mandatary, 110, 284.

Quenegan. See Canterbury.

Quin, Conchi [co. Clare], rectory of, 147.

Quinn, Ocuayn, Ocuind, Ocuyn, Denis, detainer of Rathblayne, 93, 94.

-, Eugene, canon of Clonfert, papal mandatary, 167.

-, Geoffrey, sometime vicar of Killogileen, 65.


Rachdoni. See Rathdowney.

Radcliff-on-Trent, Ratclyf upon Trent [co. Nottingham], church of, 29.

Radoyny. See Rathdowney.

Rafinnad, Rafranna. See Rathfran.

Ragall, Ragele, Ragell. See Rathkeale.

Ragusinus, John, secretary, 2.

Raheuoyh. See Rattoo.

Rahigila. See Rathkeale.

Rahoon, Rahuna [co. Galway], vicarage of, 63.

Raithgela. See Rathkeale.

Ramsden Bell House, Ramysden Bellows [co. Essex], parish church of, 321.

Ramsden Crays, Ramysden Cray [co. Essex], parish church of, 319.

Rana. See Coolavin.

Randown, Reindun [co. Roscommon], Knights Hospitallers priory of, prior of. See O'Kelly, William.

Raphoe [co. Donegal], cathedral church of, canons of. See Ennis, Nicholas; MacBride, John; O'Donnell, Falmeus; O'Lacy, John.

-, -, chapter of, 114.

-, -, dean of. See MacKane, Nicholas.

-, diocese of, 111115.

Rarich. See Keyth.

Rasima. See Roscam.

Rascuman. See Roscommon.

Ratclyf upon Trent. See Radcliffe-on-Trent.

Rath, Rathblayne [co. Clare], vicarage of, 93.

Rathbarry, Raybari [co. Cork], parish church of, 245.

Rathclarin, Kachlilin [co. Cork], parish church of, 85.

Rathdowney, Rachdoni, Radoyny, Ratou [co. Laois], parish church of, rectory of, 83, 168.

-, -, vicarage of, 87.

Rathdrought, Raythdrueta [in Ballinadee parish, co. Cork], rectory of, 219.

Rathfran, Rafinnad, Rafranna [in Templemurry, co. Mayo], vicarage of, 130, 132.

Rathkeale, Ragall, Ragele, Ragell, Rahigila, Raithgela, Rathgaela [co. Limerick], Augustinian priory of, canon of. See O'Fallon, Maurice.

-, -, prior of, papal mandatary, 130, 147, 227, 307.

Rathwire, Rhaghwyre, alias Killhukyn, Kyllhukyn [co. Westmeath], parish church of, 68, 77.

Rattoo, Raheuoyh, Raydthoyg, Raythuayt, Raythuoygh, Raytthwoyg [co. Kerry], Augustinian abbey of, abbot of, papal mandatary, 37, 185.

See also FitzMaurice, Brendan; FitzMaurice, Edmund.

-, -, commendatary of. See FitzMaurice, Edmund.

Ratou. See Rathdowney.

Raybari. See Rathbarry.

Raythoyg. See Rattoo.

Raythdrueta. See Rathdrought.

Raythoygh, Raythuayt, Raytthwoyg. See Rattoo.

Redman, Richard, bishop of St. Asaph, councillor of Richard III, commendatary of Shap, 13.

Reed, Reede, John, I.U.B., notary public, 17, 26.

Reindun. See Randown.

Renaix, Rothnacen[sis] [France], church of, provost of, papal mandatary, 116.

Renen[sis]. See Derry.

Rennahyl. See Greatconnell.

Rerich, Reyth. See Keyth.

Restalrig, Lestukyk [co. Midlothian], collegiate church of, 211213.

-, -, dean of. See Fresel, John.

Rhaghwyre. See Rathwire.

Rhodes [an island in the gean], master and convent of Hospitallers of, 57, 305.

-, turcopoliter of. See Kendal, John.

Riario, Raphael, cardinal deacon of St. George in Velabro, 54, 58.

-, -, -, to have abbey of Dunfermline in commendam, 43, 286.

-, -, -, household of, member of. See Dobi, Andrew.

Richard III, king of England, 5, 6, 10, 13, 17, note, 52, 77.

-, obedience made to pope by, 13.

-, councillor of. See Redman, Richard.

-, herald of. See Rose Blanche.

-, orator to pope of. See Langton, Thomas.

Richard, clerk of Besanon, 315, note.

Richmond, countess of. See Beaufort, Margaret.

Rigney, Origne, Edmund, detainer of Wherry, 95, 96.

Rilconeecehne. See Kilconickny.

Ringrone, Kynroyn [co. Cork], rectory of, 125.

Ripoll, Rivipullum [Spain], Benedictine monastery of, provost of. See Palmer, Bartholomew.

Roba in Kera. See Ballinrobe.

Robeen, Robyn [co. Mayo], parish church of, 101.

Robo in Caira, in Conmaicnecuile. See Ballinrobe.

Robyn. See Robeen.

Robynge (recte Rokynge). See Ruckinge.

Roche, Royhce, John, M.A., rector of Croscombe, dispensation to, 321.

-, Maurice, 44.

-, Philip, dean of Cloyne, 80.

Rochester, Roffen[sis], [co. Kent], bishop of, papal mandatary, 8, 36, 57, 59.

-, -, official of, papal mandatary, 307.

-, diocese of, 284, 307.

Roe, Philip, canon of Bridgetown, claimant to priory, 119.

Roffen[sis]. See Rochester.

Rokynge. See Ruckinge.

Rollok. Richard, clerk, 288.

Rome, [Italy], basilica of the prince of the apostles at, 312, 316.

-, churches and basilicas of, 12, 178, 189, 312.

-, congregation of Augustinian canons of St. John Lateran, 48.

-, journey to, 33, 75.

-, Lateran palace, count palatine of. See Forman, Andrew.

-, St. Mark's, papal letters dated at, 281, note.

-, St. Mary in Trastevere, papal letters dated at, 204.

-, St. Peter's, papal letters dated at, 23, 32, note, 38, 206.

-, -, minor penitentiary of. See Caccia, James.

-, shrines of the Apostles Peter and Paul, 3, 28, 189, 316.

Romenale, Romeney. See New Romney.

Ronan, Oronayn, Orronayn, Maurice, detainer of canonry of Lismore, 171.

-, Philip, clerk of Cork, 44.

-, -, canon of Cork, papal mandatary, 125.

Roos, Rosse [co. York], parish church of, 8.

Rosa Vallis. See Monasterevan.

Roscam, Rasima [in Oranmore, co. Galway], vicarage of, 187.

Rosconayl. See Rosconnell.

Roscommon, Rascuman [co. Roscommon], Augustinian priory of, prior of, papal mandatary, 216.

Rosconnell, Rosconayl [co. Laois], rectory of, 242, 243.

Roscrea, Roscre [co. Tipperary], rectory of, 171, 172.

Rose Blanche, Blankrose, herald (?) of Richard III, 9.

Rose, Nicholas, canon of Glasgow, papal mandatary, 198.

Rosenallis, Rossanclays alias Casleainbreac [co. Laois], parish church of, 184.

Rosglasse. See Monasterevan.

Ross, Rossen[sis] [co. Cork], bishop of, papal mandatary, 206, 238, 262.

See also Hornse, John; Mac-Carthy, Thady; O'Donovan, Donald; O'Driscoll, Odo.

-, cathedral church of, canons of. See O'Donovan, Donatus; O'Driscoll, Bernard; O'Hea, John; O'Houlihan, John; O'Longan, Florence; O'Mulconry, Donald, O'Naughton, Donald.

-, -, chancellor of. See Lynch, Matthew; O'Hea, John; O'Houlihan, John.

-, -, dean of, papal mandatary, 218.

See also O'Driscoll, Thomas.

-, diocese of, 10, 92, 264, 283, 310.

-, Benedictine priory of, administrator of fruits etc. of the fabric of. See O'Donovan, Cornelius.

-, -, monk of. See Ogillagimayn, William.

Ross, Rossen[sis], [Scotland], bishop of. See Elphinstone, William; Hay, Thomas.

-, archdeacon of. See Litton, David; Murhede, Richard.

-, cathedral church of, dean of. See Vas, Martin.

-, -, precentor of. See Scot, Laurence.

-, diocese of, 322.

Ross, countess of. See MacDonald, Elizabeth.

Rossanclays. See Rosenallis.

Rosse. See Roos.

Rossavallis , Rossvallis. See Monasterevan.

Roston, Richard, M.A., I.U.B., chaplain of the bishop of Salisbury, dispensation to, 10.

Roth, James, abbot of Balmerino, to have abbey of Culross, 192.

Rotherham, Thomas, archbishop of York, 15, 230.

-, -, -, commissary in England for the crusade, 53.

Rothnacen[sis]. See Renaix.

Rower, Kylline alias Ryayr [co. Kilkenny], rectory of, 313, 314.

Royhce. See Roche.

Ruckinge, Robynge, Rokynge [co. Kent], 204, note.

Rudell, Richard, canon of Dunmow, dispensation to, 316.

Rupe , Ruppe, church of St. Mary de. See St. Andrews.

Rupes , Ruppes. See Ballinskelligs.

Russell, Russel, Edmund, canon of Lismore, papal mandatary, 124.

-, James, canon of Lismore, papal mandatary, 124, 299.

-, John, bishop of Lincoln, 127, 183.

Ryayr. See Rower.

Rylfeurac. See Kilferagh.

Ryllcuayn. See Killinan.

Ryllogylhin. See Killogilleen.

Ryllymagarayff. See Killeenagarriff.

Ryndbeara. See Barrow.