Index of Persons and Places: T, U, V

Pages 381-383

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 14, 1484-1492. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1960.

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Tackley, Takley [co. Oxford], parish church of, 35.

Tahmnach. See Tawnagh.

Takley. See Tackley.

Tamnach. See Tawnagh.

Tanadas. See Tannadice.

Tane. See Graney.

Tannadice, Tanadas, Tannydes [co. Forfar], parish church of, 181, 284, 285.

Tarrant Monkton, Tarent Monachorum aliter Tarent Monketon [co. Dorset], parish church of, 323.

Tawnagh, Tahmnach, Tamnach, Tuamna [co. Sligo], parish church of, 73, 227, 266.

Taxinis, S., 243.

Tedeschini-Piccolomini, Francis, cardinal deacon of St. Eustachius, 260.

Temple Bruer, Erunbruuer, Templebruuer [co. Lincoln], hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, of, 7.

Templegaile. See Tisaxon.

Templeroan, Connach, alias Tempukoayn [co. Cork], vicarage of, 81.

Templetenny, Tempulltune, alias Tholackheye [co. Tipperary], parish church of, 124.

Templum album . See Tisaxon.

Templum novum. See Glanmakee.

Tempukoayn. See Templeroan.

Tempulltune. See Templetenny.

Tenos, Tinen[sis] [an island in the gean], bishop of. See Cornish, Thomas.

Terryglass, Tiraglas [co. Tipperary], parish church of, 43.

Terynden, Ferynden, Richard, bachelor in laws, rector of Ramsden Grays, dispensation to, 319.

Tewkesbury, Twekyesberry [co. Gloucester], Benedictine abbey of, abbot of, papal mandatary, 10.

Thady, prince of Desmond, 44.

-, -, Cormac, son of, 44.

Theacthnyng. See Tynan.

Thebaldis, M. de, 261.

Theramo, L. de, 34.

Tholachkheye, alias Tempulltune. See Templetenny.

Thomas, abbot of Fearn, 322.

Thomas, late abbot of Jerpoint, 142.

Thomas, abbot of Monasterevan, 198.

Thurgarton [co. Nottingham], Augustinian monastery of, canon of. See Hacworth, John.

Thurton, Tornetun [co. Norfolk], Eustace, clerk of, 204, note.

Timotheus, 159.

Tinien [sis]. See Tenos.

Tiningam. See Tynnninghame.

Tiraglas. See Terryglass.

Tisaxon, Templegaile, Templum album [in Monivea, co. Galway], prebend of, 162.

Tochet, Roger, vicar of Lewisham and rector of Beckenham, dispensation to, 284.

Tong, William, scholar of Lincoln, dispensation to, 305.

Tongueland, Tonglandum [co. Kircudbright], Premonstratensian abbey of, abbot of, papal mandatary, 192.

Tornetun. See Thurton.

Tournai [Belgium], bishop of, papal mandatary, 152, 183.

Tours, Turonen[sis] [France], scholasticus of, papal mandatary, 109.

Tracton, Albus tractus [co. Cork], Cistercian abbey of, abbot of, papal mandatary, 88, 89.

Tracy, Otrassi, Otrassy, Otreasly, Otreassi, Otreassy, Otressay, Otroassi, Ytreassy, John, to have canonry of Clonfert, 221.

-, Maurice, canon of Clonfert, 137.

-, -, -, papal mandatary, 81, 221.

Tragurien [sis]. See Trau.

Trajecten [sis]. See Utrecht.

Trapezuntius, A. de, secretary, 2, 34.

Trau, Tragurien[sis] [Dalmatia], bishop of. See Clericatus, Lionel.

Trguier, Trecoren[sis] [Ctes-du-Nord, France], bishop of, papal mandatary, 221.

Trent [co. Dorset], parish church of, 12.

Trerchoune, Trerthcoune. See Crechioun.

Treronit, John, clerk of Lon, notarypublic, 78.

Treues, Richard, to have canonry of Cashel, 64.

Tririario [sic] [Italy, in the diocese of Bologna], collegiate church of St. John in, 25.

Tristernagh, Dryssternac [in Kilbixy parish, co. Westmeath], Augustinian priory of, prior of, papal mandatary, 170.

Troi, Thomas, late canon of Ossory, 188.

Tuam [co. Galway], archbishop of, mensa of, 253.

-, -, papal mandatary, 290, 307.

See also Joy, William; O'Murray, Donatus.

-, archdeacon of, 268.

-, -, papal mandatary, 144, 271.

-, cathedral church of, 63.

-, -, canons of. See Bermingham, Thomas; Burgo, Edmund de; Burgo, John de; Burgo, Thomas de; Burgo, William de; Collins, John; Concannon, Cornelius; Concannon, Malachy; Corless, Rory; Cucuz, Walter; Dermody, Odo; Dunne, John; Finn, Thomas; MacCriskin, Thomas; Mac-Ellin, David; MacHugh, William; MacNelis, Nemeas; MacReamoinn, Thomas; Mooney, Magonius; O'Boyle, William; O'Canavan, Malachy; O'Canavan, Maurice; O'Canavan, Miles; O'Coclib, Gerald; O'Conliske, John; O'Donnellan, Dermit; O'Gara, Dermit; O'Keavane, Thomas; O'Kenny, Cornelius; O'scingin, Cornelius; O'Tierney, Thady; Spelman, Christinus.

-, -, dean of, 139.

-, -, -, papal mandatary, 209.

-, -, offices or stipends in, 69, 129, 139.

-, diocese of, 62, 70, 73, 91, 96, 101, 129, 132, 139, 143, 144, 147, 162, 209, 215, 218, 232, 233, 250, 268, 270, 271, 291.

-, Augustinian abbey of, abbot of, papal mandatary, 129.

Tuamna. See Tawnagh.

Tuba, P., 4, 12, 286.

Tudor, Jasper, Gasper, duke of Bedford, 15, 23.

Tulaclis. See Tullylish.

Tullenessel. See Tullynessle.

Tullylish, Tulaclis [c. Down], parish church of, 297.

Tullynessle, Tullenessel [co. Aberdeen], prebend of, 267.

Turks, service against, 5.

-, tyrant of, 275.

-, warfare against, 195.

Turnbull, Turrnbul, William, priest of Glasgow, 74, note.

Turolio [Spain, in the diocese of Saragossa], altar of St. Thomas of Canterbury in the church of St. Mary in, 282, note.

Turonen [sis]. See Tours.

Turrnbul. See Turnbull.

Twekyesberry. See Tewkesbury.

Tyler, William, knight, 17, 21.

Tynan, Theacthnyng [co. Armagh], church and prebend of, 62.

Tyne, river, near Haddington [co. East Lothian], fishery of, 7.

Tynninghame, Tinningam, Tyninham, Tynyngame [co. East Lothian], lands of, 7.

-, prebend of, 110.


Ua Caisin, Ocassin [area covered by the parishes of Quin, Tulla, Clooney, Kilraughtis, Kiltoolagh, Templemayley, Inchicronan, Kilmurry na nGall and Doora, co. Clare], rectory of, 147.

Uater, John to have priory of Montacute, 80.

Ubaldis, Matthew de, master, papal chaplain and auditor, papal mandatary, 267.

UeuZberis(?), Robert, baron of Coulter, 280.

Ugolinus, Tyberius, doctor of decrees, rector of Sillatiano, to be bishop of Down and Connor, 109.

Uphall, Strabrok, Strahrok [co. West Lothian], prebend of, 264, 265, 272.

Urban V, pope, 204, note.

Urban VI, pope, 204, note.

Urbino, Urbinaten[sis] [Italy], bishop of papal mandatary, 289.

Urbino, Vrbino, A. de, 2, 159.

Urney, Furnay [co. Tyrone], rectory of, 248.

Urswick, Urswike, Urswyke, Wrswyke, Christopher, archdeacon of Wiltshire, almoner of Henry VII, 17, 20, 20, note.

Utrecht, Trajecten[sis] [Holland], diocese of, 255.

Uttoxeter, Huctotte [co. Stafford], parish church of, 9.


Valle. See Wale.

Vallis salutis . See Baltinglass.

Vas, Martin, dean of Ross, 322.

Vchtforny. See Oughtdarra.

Vercelli, Vercellen[sis] [Italy], canon of. See Caciis, Stephen de.

Veris. See Vries.

Verisius, notary of the Camera, 315, note.

Veryn. See Skreen.

Vestacre, See West Acre.

Vestegate, William, canon of West Acre, dispensation to, 317.

Vestwale. See Westwell.

Vet, le. See Levett.

Vgingin, Vgingyn, Vgygyn. See Deegan.

Via nova . See Abbeygormacan.

Vich, Vicen[sis] [in Catalonia, Spain], diocese of, 5, note, 308.

Viennois. See Saint-Antoine-de-Viennois.

Villa Amoricii . See Ballymorin.

Villadiego, Gundisalvus de, bishop of Oviedo, former papal chaplain and auditor, 211, 212, 290.

Villa fontis , alias Thrationoig. See Ballintober [co. Laois].

Villa fontis Sancti Patritii . See Ballintober [co. Mayo].

Villa pontis . See Bridgetown.

Vindesore. See Windsor.

Viride lignum . See Newry.

Visdemum. See Wissenden.

Viterbo [province of Rome, Italy], 112, 113.

Vothhamfeir, in diocese of Llandaff (?), parish church of St. Mary, 285.

Vodi. See Bodi.

Votthtarlaumd. See Holycross.

Vrber, Carbricus, canon of Elphin, papal mandatary, 167.

Vrbino. See Urbino, A. de.

Vries (?), Veris [Holland], St. Mary's de, dean of, papal mandatary, 255.

Vulterris, R. de, 196.

Vyngham. See Wingham.