Index of Persons and Places: W, X, Y, Z

Pages 383-385

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 14, 1484-1492. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1960.

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Walchaw. See Waltham.

Walcoe, John, late prior of Bridgetown, 119.

Wale, Valle, Walle, alias Papbull, Pupbull, Pupbulle, John, detainer of Rathwire, 69, 77.

-, Nicholas, to have vicarage of Ballingarry, 231.

-, Thomas, canon of Limerick, papal mandatary, 231.

Wallace, Wales, Wallate, John, clerk of Glasgow, 287, 304.

Walle. See Wale.

Walter, Gadlerus, 204, note.

Waltham, Walchaw [co. Essex], Augustinian abbey of, abbot of, papal mandatary, 208.

Wanborough, Wamburgh, alias Wamberge [co. Wiltshire], college or chapel of, 165, 166.

Ward, Warde, Machaharrd, Thady, to have vicarage of Killosolan, 240, 241.

-, William, chaplain, dispensation to, 319.

Waryng, Richard, canon of Limerick, papal mandatary, 259.

Waterford [co. Waterford], Augustinian priory of, prior of, papal mandatary, 243.

Waterford and Lismore [co. Waterford], bishop of. See O'Hennessy, Nicholas.

Waynflete, William, sometime bishop of Winchester, 127, 166, 176.

Wellys, John, lord de, 15, 23.

West Acre, Vestacre, Westacre [co. Norfolk], Augustinian priory of, canon of. See Vestgate, William.

Westcarre, William, bishop of Sidon, papal mandatary, 321.

Westminster [co. Middlesex], Benedictine abbey of, abbot of, papal mandatary, 107.

-, royal palace at, 15.

Westmorland, earl of. See Neville, Ralph.

Weston, John, prior of the hospital of St. John of Jerusalem without London, called the prior of England, 57, 16, 19, 20, 195.

-, -, -, appointed member of the pope's household, 5.

-, -, -, orator of Henry VII to the pope, 195.

-, Nicholas, bishop of Derry, 100.

Westwell, Vestwale [co. Kent], Anselm mariscus of, 204, note.

Wheery, Fuyre [co. Offaly], vicarage of, 95, 96.

Whelehan, Ofaelecam, Edmund, canon of Clonard, 201.

White, Chyt, Fuyth, Whgthe, Whith, Whycte, Whyte, Whyth, Wyth, Wythe, John, detainer of chancellorship of Lismore, 116.

-, Nicholas, canon of Ossory, papal mandatary, 83, 184.

-, -, -, petition of, 187, 188.

-, Thomas, canon of Cashel, papal mandatary, 116, 135.

-, Thomas, canon of Limerick, papal mandatary, 227, 254.

-, William, I.U.B., to have precentorship of Limerick, 135.

-, William, sometime prior of Kilkenny, 121, 243, 244.

Whithorn, Whitherne, Candida Casa [co. Wigtown], bishop of, papal mandatary, 42.

-, -, suffragan of Glasgow, 289.

-, -, official of, papal mandatary, 192.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 192.

-, diocese of, 63, 193.

Whycte, Whyte, Whyth. See White.

Wibshier, North. See Wiltshire.

Wicklow, Wikelo [co. Wicklow], rectory of, 185, 186.

Wilbraham, Little Wylburgham [co. Cambridge], parish church of, 8.

William, abbot of Clonfert, 241, 242.

William, late abbot of Lisgoole, 100.

William, David, doctor of decrees, dean of St. Mary Arches and commissary-general of the court of Canterbury, 14, 16, 17.

Wilschire, Clement, layman of Bristol, dispensation to, 33.

Wiltshire, North Wibshier, North Wiltes, archdeacon of, 166.

See also Urswick, Christopher.

Wimborne, Wymbourn [co. Dorset], chapel royal of, 15.

Winchester, Wintonien[sis] [co. Hants.], bishop of. See Courtenay, Peter; Waynflete, William.

-, archdeacon of. See Morton, Robert.

-, diocese of, 126, 166, 183.

-, Benedictine abbey [Hyde], abbot of. See John.

-, Benedictine priory of, prior and chapter of, 127.

-, soke of, parish church in, 318, 319.

Windsor, Vindesore, Wyndesore [co. Berkshire], royal free chapel of the college, called the college of St. George, in the castle of, 5, 6, 101107.

-, -, dean of. See Beverley, William.

Wingham, Vyngham [co. Kent], collegiate church of, 36, 40, 41.

Wintonien [sis]. See Winchester.

Wissenden, Visdemum [in Bethersend, co. Kent], 204, note.

Wood Walton, Wode Walton [co. Huntingdon], parish church of, 317.

Wooderoofe, Robert, S.T.B., clerk of London, petition of, 29.

Woodham, Walter, Woodham Water [co. Essex], parish church of, 316.

Woodville, Lionel, sometime bishop of Salisbury, 165, 166.

Worcester, Wigornien[sis] [co. Worcester], bishop of, 20, 25.

-, -, papal mandatary, 11, 33.

See also Alcock, John.

-, -, official of, papal mandatary, 34.

-, cathedral church of, 34.

-, diocese of, 10, 11, 29, 33, 320.

Wottarlawyn. See Holycross.

Wricht, Wucht, Isabella[also called Joan], sister of the Third Order of St. Francis, to have hospital of Aberdour, 196, 197.

Wrswyke. See Urswick.

Wryxham, William, master in theology, warden of the hospital of St. Catherine by the Tower of London, dispensation to, 314.

Wucht. See Urswick.

Wulgas, John de, M.A., to have abbey of Holywood, 198.

Cf. Douglas.

Wymbourn. See Wimborne.

Wyndesore. See Windsor.

Wyth, Wythe. See White.


Xericius, Joannes de, 12.


Ybelcon. See O'Faolan.

Ybenachan. See Banahan.

Ybergyn. See O'Bergin.

Yberrynd, Ybryn. See O'Beirne.

Ycarmacayn. See Cormocan.

Ycellayd, Yceallayg. See O'Kelly.

Ycenai. See O'Kenny.

Ychanynyn. See O'Canavan.

Ycluayn. See Cloonan.

Yconcubar, Yconcwar. See O'Connor.

Yccall, William, canon of Clonfert, petition of, 308.

Ydalayd. See O'Daly.

Ydonayll. See O'Donnell.

Ydonowayn. See O'Donovan.

Ydugnach, Odo, canon of Ballyboggan, to have abbey of Clonard, 201, 202.

Ydullaind. See Dillon.

Yfergayl, Yffergayll. See O'Farrell.

Ygerubayn. See Gernon.

Yglessayn. See O'Gleeson.

Yharpa. See O'Hart.

Yheglan. See Hyland.

Ykellay. See O'Kelly.

Ykonccanayd. See Concannon.

Yllyn, de. See Dillon.

Ylorcann. See Lorkan.

Ylston. See Ilston.

Ymachuna. See O'Mahon.

Ymaylchyll. See Mulhall.

Ymaynaid, Ymaynard. See Mooney.

Ymeachayr, Ymechay. See Meagher.

Ymera. See O'Meara.

Ymlechaissell. See Easky.

Ymolacen[sis]. See Emly.

Ymoleon. See Malone.

Ymulcorcery, Ymulcoyre. See Corkery.

Ymurchun. See Murphy.

Ynisboyn. See Ennisboyne.

Yniscroman, Yniscronahin, Yniscronnan. See Inniscronane.

Ynisduny. See Island.

Ynistiog. See Inistioge.

Ynsuybachi, Ynsuynbachi. See Inchinabacky.

Yoi. See Joy.

York, Eboracen[sis] [co. York], archbishop of, 20.

-, -, papal mandatary, 116.

See also Booth, Laurence; Bowet, Henry; Neville, George; Rotherham, Thomas.

-, cathedral church of, altar of St. Andrew and St. Cuthbert in, 319.

-, -, chantry of St. Saviour in, 217.

-, -, dean of. See Andrew, Richard.

-, diocese of, 8, 10, 28, 29, 133, 217, 320, 321.

-, Benedictine abbey of St. Mary without the walls of, abbot of, papal mandatary, 107.

-, chapel of St. Anthony without the walls of, 105, 107.

York, duchess of. See Neville, Cecily.

-, family or house of, 1.

Youghal [co. Cork], commonalty of, 44.

Young, Zong, Zong, Zoung, Andrew, late vicar of Kilmany, 131.

-, Patrick, late precentor of Dunkeld, 280.

Ysullenayn, Ysullevayn, etc. See O'sullivan.

Ytreassy. See Tracy.

Ytyernaig. See O'Tierney.

Ytuayd. See O'Dowd.

Yve, John, layman of Derby, dispensation to, 6.


Zezland, John, canon of Moray, papal mandatary, 322.

Zizimus (Djem), Sultan, custodia of, 275.

Zong, Zong, Zoung. See Young.