Regesta 74: 1322-1323

Pages 225-230

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 2, 1305-1342. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1895.

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Regesta, Vol. LXXIV.

7 John XXIL.

8 Kal. Oct.
(f. 26.)
To the bishop of Winchester. Faculty to carry out the exchange of benefices between Vitalis de Testa, dean and canon of London, and John de Everdone, canon of Salisbury and rector of Henneye. The canonry and prebend of Tarleton in Salisbury, and the rectory of Henneye, are to be given to Vitalis, and the deanery, canonry, and prebend of Newenton, in London, to John.
10 Kal. Nov.
(f. 39d.)
To the archbishop of York, the abbot of St. Blaise in Cantusequutu, Rome, and the dean of Lincoln. Mandate not to suffer Neapoleo, cardinal of St. Adrian's, to be molested touching his benefices and possessions in England.
12 Kal. Oct.
(f. 41d.)
To John, bishop of Clonfert, appointed by the pope and consecrated by Raynald, bishop of Ostia. Mandate to go to his diocese and rule it prudently and faithfully.
7 Id. Oct.
(f. 72.)
To Master Thomas de Wilton, S.T P. chancellor and canon of London. Indult, at the request of James, cardinal of St. George's, whose chaplain he is, to be non-resident, while engaged in his studies, from Non. Oct. 1321 to 1 November 1322, receiving the fruits of his benefices, including that of a canonry and prebend of Wells, and not being obliged to lecture in the schools of the cathedral church of London
Concurrent mandate to the abbot of St. Albans, the archdeacon of Arras, and John de Grandissono, canon of Lincoln.
2 Kal. Nov.
(f. 78.)
To the abbot and Augustinian convent of SS. Peter and Paul, Armagh. Ratification, with exemplification, of the indult granted to them by Innocent IV. dated Lyons, 15 Kal. Mar. an. 4, and which has been destroyed by age. This indult permits them to receive those who have incurred ecclesiastical sentences, and to absolve them from the same.
Ibid. To the same. Confirmation of their possessions and immunities, to wit, the priory of Maglemchailli, Balligilla, Balimgenornadugan, Damaeli, Inisnasub, Taelachonaeil, Cluamard, Caillmercaeda, Druimsidail, Mulana, Corrolochor, Druimudaimb, Balinagarba, Maginedam, Disearfindanid, Tapadan and Garbabrisdi, Druimtarrb, Macharidiriedirch and the church there, Carudinchairchanid, Cluamhaerba, Tirgarba, Achadogunnar, Tirinargaimb, Enach, Achadochainetan, Nacheli, Cimcha, Murbathindsiolagi, Achadofeachtugan, Achadnacailleath, Tirinedain, Aesgardug, Laegell, Enatheach, Achadictair, Inisrois, Teathonaegad, Cultaidifagarchaich, with an area at Ceallriaga, Claenlind, with Fabullbretain, the priory of Lochgoarg, with its churches of Diseartcriach, Keallcamill and Carna, Cluamincumbra, Carracinadugan, Coraracaerbi, Caillscandlan, Leauraamatham, Tuctanaichinaelin, Taelachnascyag with Caedi, Tamblachtagathsin, Cliach, Achadmeicdubrugan, Crasardachaid, Achadmunulindognadugan, areas at Gabairmacha, Tribatinassan with a meadow at Ocharmaic, near Tibrapadric, at Obranan, Ohandgaega, Ocharmachan, Ocheruchean, Meiccaircham by Lismacinolcluchi, that near the gate of St. Brigid, Tirinchaim, tithes of corn, hay, leeks, beans of the archbishop's lands, and other tithes and offerings.
Ibid. To the same. Ratifying, with exemplification, the privilege granted to them by Innocent IV. dated Lyons, 2 Id. Sept. 1245, which has been consumed by age. Their possessions named therein are the churches of St. Mary in Armagh, and Drumhint, with lands of Ratholy, Cremdruim, Karmigait, the church of St. Mary Fachgigeni, that of Killreda with lands of Magnegraim, Tirculam, three fisheries at Bann, the church of Kanmisceidel, the towns of Corrumim, Drumslessa, Iwardeclaveil, Tirinrigathan, Crosleth, Cladiach, Grien, Soffad, Baleomauran, Curriach, and Magfotirin, two mills at Ardin with their burgages and fisheries, three burgages at Ardin, Lisillena, Lismecgillamicheil, Lismetmolchichi, Telachloste, Tirmelacrarith, Druminachadnibti, Cleinnegappul, Toumachivellaim, Balemelsaim, Achadinnoir, Thelathosaran, Cnocingten, Adrumarga, Achadmochta, Inisilluchurban, Achradrathin, Drumluinchini, Vennaulad, and Drumgo, Vigalta, Maglemchilli, the tithe of the lordship of Ohanloin of Magtana, and the tithes of the land called Tulachog, with meadows, vineyards, lands, &c. and other privileges and immunities.
15 Kal. Dec.
(f. 78d.)
To the master, priors, castellan, and preceptors of the Hospitallers. Concession to sell or let one of two houses they may have in any city, castle, or town of the realm, keeping that which is most useful to the order.
4 Id. Nov.
(f. 80d.)
To the abbot of St. Albans and two others named. Licence to execute the papal reservation made at the request of Neapoleo, cardinal of St. Adrian's, to his kinsman and chaplain, Paul, canon of Lichfield, of the prebend of the same, void by the death of Peter de Comite on September 10, although the reservation was not made until 13 Kal. Oct.
4 Id. Sept.
(f. 118.)
To Adam de Wy[n]ton, monk of Winchester. Reservation, at the request of Philip, late king of France and Navarre, of Edward, king, and Isabella, queen of England, of any dignity or office in the Benedictine order, in the city or province of Canterbury, or in any cathedral church of the province which may become void in a month.
Concurrent mandate to three persons beneficed out of England.
5 Kal. Oct.
(f. 125.)
Decree whereby the omission of the statement that Laurence, son of the late Processus Caputia of Rome, was a canon and prebendary of Lincoln by provision of Benedict XI. about which he is litigating, shall not be to his prejudice.
15 Kal. Dec.
(f. 140d.)
To the bishops and chapters of the realm. Mandate to see that fit persons are chosen to carry out the concession made to the Hospitallers of selling or letting some of their possessions in order to free themselves from debt.
18 Kal. Feb.
(f. 142d.)
To Geoffrey de Gropo, doctor of canon law. Provision, at the request of Luke, cardinal of St. Mary's in Via Lata, whose auditor and chaplain he is, of the canonry and prebend of Beverley, void by the consecration of Barnabas, bishop of Luni, notwithstanding that he is rector of Gardenton, in the diocese of Lincoln.
Concurrent mandate to the bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, and two others named.
2 Non. Feb.
(f. 153.)
To the dean and chapter of York. Intimation that the pope has reserved to his collation the prebend of Rikale, void by the consecration of Henry, bishop of Lincoln.
10 Kal Jan.
(f. 182d.)
To Aymo de Jovenzano. Provision of the perpetual portion of Leydebery, in the diocese of Hereford, void by the death of John de Acquablanca, papal chaplain, notwithstanding that Aymo is rector of Chestonte, in the diocese of London, and has a canonry and prebend of Chichester.
Concurrent mandate to the prior of Bermondesey, the archdeacon of Northampton, and another named.
Ibid. To John de Britannia, earl of Richmund. Indult that his confessor may give him the last sacraments.
Ibid. To the same. Indult, that his confessor may hear the confessions of all members of his household.
15 Kal. April.
(f. 190d.)
To the abbots of St. Augustine's, Canterbury, Waltham, and St. Albans. Mandate not to suffer the abbot and convent of Westminster to be molested touching their possessions.
4 Non. Mar.
(f. 203.)
To the bishops of Cork, Lismore, and Ross. Commission and mandate to free from prison the dean and canons of Cloyne, and to replace them in their dignities and benefices. Their proctor, David Walen, has stated that William, archbishop of Cashel, in the time of the late bishop Nicholas, came to visit in person the church of Cloyne, sending Master Walter Lerede, and Maurice de Wems, to visit the rest of the diocese, extorting immoderate and uncanonical procurations, taking 40l. from the dean, 100 marks from Maurice, archdeacon of Cloyne, and 50 marks from the clergy and people of the city and diocese. On the death of bishop Nicholas, the archbishop usurped the episcopal jurisdiction and made a visitation of it by Masters Richard and Owen Walen, and Roger Contum, taking not only procurations in kind, and many gifts and ensennia, but also in money, and extorted besides 300l. The archbishop ordered the said archdeacon, who was the bishop's coadjutor, to send him, within eight days, the pontifical insignia of the see, to wit, the ring, cope, and palfrey, and, on the archdeacon's appealing to pope, imprisoned him, and subsequently excommunicated, and by royal writ imprisoned also the precentor, treasurer, and chancellor of Cloyne, Hamund and Nicholas le Blund, Bernard Osulewan, Robert son of Nicholas, Henry Osecheha, William, son of Geoffrey, and Philip Ocolman, canons of the same; the dean having been appointed by the pope to the see, and put the church under an interdict. Hamund Leblund was deprived of his perpetual vicarage of Yhohil, which was given to Maurice de Rupeforti, and other benefices were given to laymen of those parts, to whom the archbishop relaxed forty days of enjoined penance. The archbishop, not having paid what was due to the papal camera and college of cardinals, incurred excommunication, but nevertheless confirmed the bishops elect of Killaloe and Kilmacduagh, and consecrated them; he confirmed also Thomas, prior elect of St. Mary's, Bugeton, an Augustinian house in the diocese of Cloyne, who was excommunicate. He is said to be father of fourteen spurious daughters, to whom he has given dowers, and has married them to rich and noble men, thereby increasing his power, and oppressing the clergy and people of his province. If this statement, or any part of it be true, the archbishop is to be cited before the pope.
Id. Mar.
(f. 218d.)
To Fulk Corbet. Provision of a canonry of Lichfield, with reservation of a prebend, notwithstanding that he is rector of Ichetield, in the said diocese.
Concurrent mandate to the abbot of Haumon, in the said diocese, the archdeacon of Nottingham, and Master Benedict de Piston (Paston), papal chaplain, canon of Exeter.
Id. Mar.
(f. 220.)
To Robert Corbet, lord of the town of Morton, in the diocese of Lichfield, and Elizabeth, daughter of Fulk Lestrange, seneschal of the duchy of Aquitaine. Dispensation to remain in the marriage which they contracted in ignorance that they were related in the fourth degree, declaring their past and future offspring legitimate.
9 Kal. May.
(f. 234.)
To Raymund, cardinal of St. Mary's in Cosmedin. Provision of the archdeaconry and prebend of Canterbury, void by the death at Paris of Simon de Convenis, papal chaplain.
Concurrent mandate to three persons beneficed out of England.
2 Kal. May.
(f. 254.)
To Stephen, archbishop elect of Armagh, primate of Ireland. Prorogation of the time of his consecration until a year from next Ascension, he meanwhile retaining the deanery of Lichfield and other canonries, prebends, and benefices.
17 Kal. April.
(f. 281d.)
Appointment of Stephen to the see of Armagh, void by the cession of Roland.
Concurrent letters to the chapter, to the clergy, and to the people of the diocese, to vassals of the church, to suffragans of the see, and to the king.
8 Id. May.
(f. 287.)
To Nicholas de la Wylle. Provision, at the request of Robert, king, and Sanctia, queen of Sicily, of a canonry of Wells, with reservation of a prebend, notwithstanding that he is rector of Childefrome, in the diocese of Salisbury, value 6 marks.
Concurrent mandate to John de Ros, canon of Hereford, Benedict de Paston, canon of Exeter, and another named.
Non. April.
(f. 322d.)
Appointment of Robert, an Augustinian, S.T.P. to the see of Ardagh, void by the death of Matthew.
Concurrent letters to the chapter, to the clergy, and to the people, and to vassals of the church.
(f. 323.)
Letters testimonial of Robert's consecration by the bishop of Palestrina.
16 Kal. June.
(f. 325d.)
To Raymund, cardinal of St. Mary's in Cosinedin. Indult to visit his archdeaconry of Canterbury by deputy for five years, and to receive procurations.
Concurrent mandate to three persons beneficed out of England.
Id. June.
(f. 328.)
To Robert called ‘Elyot’ of Nortwhelle Wodehous, who, being subdeacon, was successively rector of three churches, and, being ordained priest, retained one of them, and obtaining canonries and prebends of Lincoln, Southwell, and Auckland, resigned his rectory. Dispensation, at the king's request, whose clerk he is to retain the canonries and prebends, remitting to him the fruits received, of which the proceeds of one year are to be given to the fund against infidels.
4 Non. June.
(f. 328.)
To Adam Limbergh. Provision, at the king's request, of a canonry of Chichester, with reservation of a prebend, notwithstanding that he is perpetual vicar of Hinton, in the diocese of Ely, and has a canonry of St. Patrick's, Dublin, with the prebend of Monumahennok.
Concurrent mandate to the bishop of Coventry, the abbot of Peterborough, and the archdeacon of Lincoln.