Regesta 77: 1323-1324

Pages 238-240

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 2, 1305-1342. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1895.

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Regesta, Vol. LXXVII.

Non. May.
(f. 23.)
Translation of James, bishop of Annadown, to the see of Connor, void by the death of Robert at the apostolic see.
Concurrent letters to the chapter of Canor, to the clergy, and to the people, to the archbishop of Armagh, and to the king.
[Theiner, 229.]
17 Kal. Jan.
(f. 24d.)
To James, bishop of Annadown, who when rector of Killocktit, in the diocese of Connor, incurred a sentence of excommunication for not having paid a debt due from Roland, late archbishop of Armagh, to Master Andrew Sapiti, for which the archbishop had made him responsible. Absolution, and also dispensation, for having celebrated divine offices while under the said sentence, and ratifying his appointment to the see of Annadown, void by the death of Gilbert.
2 Kal. June.
(f. 44.)
To Guy de la Valle [canon of Paris] rector of Maydenestan, in the diocese of Canterbury. Indult to be non-resident for five years while pursuing his studies.
14 Kal. April.
(f. 118.)
Appointment of John, archdeacon of Ardagh, to that see, void by the translation of Robert to that of Connor. The election made on the death of Matthew, by the dean and chapter of David, chancellor of Armagh, having been refused by him, and Robert being appointed by the pope, the chapter elected John, perhaps in ignorance that the appointment was reserved to the pope.
Concurrent letters to the chapter, to the people of the diocese, and to the king.
15 Kal. Aug.
(f. 129.)
To John, bishop of Winchester. Faculty to be enthroned by any bishop of his choice in communion with the apostolic see.
15 Kal. Feb.
(f. 130.)
To the same. Faculty to contract a loan of 4000l. to meet necessary expenses touching his church.
(f. 130d.)
To John de Lyschappon, archdeacon of Nantes, Manuel de Flisco, canon of Arras, and Robert de Cantuaria, canon of London. Mandate to see that the loan contracted by the bishop of Winchester is duly re-paid, under pain of suspension.
Kal. April.
(f. 131d.)
To William de Norvella, of the diocese of Lincoln. Dispensation touching the death of one of his fellow scholars, caused by a blow given in a fight with sticks about victuals which were being taken; the scholar dying forty days after the blow, perhaps by neglect of the physician. William may be ordained, and hold benefices.
4 Non. Aug.
(f. 195.)
To William called ‘Rogus,’ already dispensed as the son of a sub-deacon, and rector of Littlelton, in the diocese of Salisbury, value 2 gold florins. Dispensation to resign the same, it being insufficient to support him, and to accept another benefice.
2 Kal. Sept.
(f. 229d.)
To Thomas Randof, earl of Moray in Scotland, in whose labours to foster peace between the English and Scots the pope hopes and trusts. Indult to visit the Holy Sepulchre, notwithstanding sentences issued against those who do so, and, if he be reconciled to the church, he may obtain the indulgence granted to those who cross the sea in aid of the Holy Sepulchre.
Kal. Sept.
(f. 245d.)
To Robert de Bremeghan, of the diocese of Tuam, already dispensed on account of illegitimacy. Dispensation, at the request of Edmund earl of Kent, to obtain any benefice and episcopal dignity in Ireland.
2 Non. Sept.
(f. 254d.)
To Izarnus de Rapistagno. Provision of the rectory of Hornese, in the diocese of York, void by the death of Pilufort, cardinal of St. Anastasia's.
Concurrent mandate to Masters Robert de Pincebek, and Gilbert de la Bruere, canons of York, and another named.
4 Kal. May.
(f. 282.)
To Stephen, archbishop of Armagh, who has been consecrated by Raynald, bishop of Ostia. Mandate to proceed to his diocese, and govern it faithfully and prudently.
[Theiner, 228.]
17 Kal. Oct.
(f. 316.)
To William de Ayrmynne, canon of York. Reservation of a dignity or office in the same.
Concurrent mandate to the bishop of Lichfield, and Masters Robert de Baldok, archdeacon of Middlesex, and Adam Murimouth, canon of Hereford.
Kal. May.
(f. 342.)
To Roger de Convenis. Provision of the canonry, prebend, and deanery of Lichfield, void by the consecration of Stephen archbishop of Armagh.
Concurrent mandate to three persons beneficed out of England.
Kal. June.
(f. 357d.)
To John de Denton, rector of Luthteburch, in the diocese of Lincoln. Reservation of a canonry and prebend of Southwell, in the gift of the archbishop of York.
Concurrent mandate to the abbot of Gerwendon, and the prior of St. Mary's, Newark, in the dioceses of Lincoln and Winchester, and another named.
5 Id. June.
(f. 370.)
To Roger called ‘Kenethil.’ Provision of the canonry and prebend of St. Carantoc, in the diocese of Exeter, void by the death of Master Henry called ‘de Cornubia.’
Concurrent mandate to the prior of St. Thomas the Martyr, Haverforde, the archdeacon of St. Davids, and another named.
(f. 370d.)
Relaxation of the oaths taken by Aymer de Valentia, earl of Pembroke, who, when on his return to the king with answers from the pope, was, together with his natural son Henry, a knight, seized by John called ‘Lamulher’ and carried off to the county of Bar, where he was detained until he swore to pay 10,400l.
(f. 371.)
To the bishop of St. Davids. Mandate to assign to some fit person the church of Lothorn, void by the cession of Richard called ‘de Slesbechia,’ who held it as a pluralist without lawful dispensation.
Ibid. To the bishop of Rochester. Commission and mandate to confirm by papal authority the ordinance and donation touching the chapel founded by the ancestors of Aymer de Valentia, earl of Pembroke, in the parish of Melton, and endowed, first for two and afterwards for four priests. The bishop, at the earl's instance, ordered the priests to live under the Augustinian rule, and appropriated to the chapel the church of Melton; all which was confirmed by the archbishop of Canterbury.
Kal. Aug.
(f. 378d.)
The office of notary public is conferred on Thomas called ‘de Exonio,’ of the diocese of Exeter; and on Robert called ‘Askeby,’ of the diocese of Lincoln.
4 Non. Aug.
(f. 379d.)
To the bishop of Ardagh. Faculty to confer the office of notary public on one person.