Regesta 82: 1326-1327

Pages 254-256

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 2, 1305-1342. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1895.

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Regesta, Vol. LXXXII.

11 John XXII.

4 Kal. Oct.
(f. 24d.)
To Thomas son of the late Richard de Bingham, knight, of the diocese of York, the illegitimate son of a married man. Dispensation to be ordained and hold a benefice.
3 Kal. Oct.
(f. 25.)
To the archbishop of York. Commission and mandate to unite to the Augustinian priory of Newstead in Shirewood, the parish church of Egmanton, value 10l. of their patronage; to take effect on its voidance, a perpetual vicar being appointed.
4 Kal. Oct.
(f. 42.)
To Master John Luterelli. Provision of the rectory of Bishopsbourne, void by the consecration of John, bishop of Carlisle.
Concurrent mandate to John de Grandissono, archdeacon of Nottingham, John de Wynchelse, canon of Salisbury, and another named.
Id. Oct.
(f. 45d.)
To Walter, archbishop of Canterbury. Touching the indult to visit his seventeen suffragans, who, on account of the illness of archbishop Robert and other causes, have not been visited for many years. The interpretation put by some of the suffragans on the indult authorising him to visit them is declared to be contrary to the intention of the pope granting it. He is empowered to visit them once.
Id. Oct.
(f. 46.)
To the same. Faculty to appropriate to the prior and chapter of his church a small holding called ‘Caldecotes,’ near the city, with adjoining land, valued at 10l. absolving him in this particular from his oath against alienating archiepiscopal property.
13 Kal. Nov.
(f. 61.)
To John de Grandissono, papal chaplain. Indult to visit his archdeaconry of Nottingham by deputy for two years, and receive procurations.
Concurrent mandate to the bishops of Lichfield and Lincoln and the archdeacon of Derby.
6 Id. Nov.
(f. 97.)
To the prior of Thornholm. Commission and mandate to go to the Benedictine monastery of Bretton, in the diocese of York, and there make enquiry touching the charges made by Henry de Sandal, monk of the same, against the prior, William de Went, of dilapidation and other crimes. The prior has made William Bassete, an apostate Friar Preacher, subprior against the will and protest of the monks; Robert de Langestoft, an excommunicate and forger of papal letters, has been made cellarer, and the monks who could give evidence on these points have been shut up; and in the archbishop's absence the prior obtained favour by gifts to the nobles and powerful men of the city and diocese. A report is to be sent to the pope, before whom the prior is to be cited.
4 Non. Dec.
(f. 153d.)
To the bishop of Lincoln. Mandate to summon before him John Beleu of Scaleby, a forger of papal letters, and compare those which the pope sends with the forgeries, by which provision was made to the said John of a benefice in the gift of the prior and convent of Thornholm, whose proctor, William de Grimesby has made the specified charge against John before the archdeacon of Nottingham and other papal auditors. Whatever has been done under the said letters is to be cancelled, and the forger or forgers prosecuted according to the constitution of Innocent III.
6 Id. Dec.
(f. 183d.)
To the bishop of Ardagh and the archdeacons of Dublin and Ardagh. Commission and mandate to ascertain the value of those benefices and churches belonging to the priories of Lantoni in Wales, and Lantoni near Gloucester, which are situate in the dioceses of Armagh and Meath; in order that they may be applied to the income of the archbishop of Armagh, who, according to the statement of the bishops of Derry and Clogher, is reduced to poverty and burdened with debt. [Theiner, 234.]
14 Kal. Feb.
(f. 297.)
To Vitalis de Testa. Provision of the rectory of Shoreham, with chapel annexed, void by the death of William, cardinal of St. Ciriac's.
Concurrent mandate to three persons beneficed out of England.
7 Kal. Feb.
(f. 312d.)
To Master Stephen de Ledebirey, D.C.L. Declaration that the provision made to him of the canonry and deanery of Hereford, void by the death of John de Aquablanca, notwithstanding that he was litigating about the church of Westhorsle, in the diocese of Winchester, shall hold good, although in the said letters of provision it was not stated that the deanery had cure of souls.
Id. Feb.
(f. 372d.)
To the archbishop of Armagh. Mandate to cause Nicholas de Wyterol, abbot of St. Thomas the Martyr, Dublin, to be freed from the prison in which he has been detained by Stephen Tirel, who procured himself to be made abbot on the resignation of Ralph, and on Nicholas being appointed by the pope by false representations obtained papal letters in his own favour. [Theiner, 235.]
12 Kal. Mar.
(f. 379.)
To John called ‘Albon.’ Provision of the rectory of Pakelisham, in the diocese of London, value 15 marks, void by the death, at the papal see, of Henry de Sywardeston.
Concurrent mandate to the bishop of Norwich, the abbot of Waltham, and another named.
14 Kal. Mar.
(f. 388d.)
Appointment of William, a Carmelite, master of theology, to the see of Meath, void by the translation of John to that of Cashel. He has been consecrated by Bertrand, bishop of Tusculum.
Concurrent letters to the clergy and to the people of the diocese, to vassals of the church, to the archbishop of Armagh, and to the king.
[Theiner, 234.]
Kal. May.
16 Kal. Sept.
4 Non. Oct.
(f. 392d.)
The office of notary public is conferred on Roger de Mundham of the diocese of Chichester, Robert called ‘le Spicer’ of Farendon, in that of Salisbury, John called ‘de Beautre’ of that of Worcester, John de Chayle of that of Lincoln, and, at the request of Henry earl of Lancaster and Leicester, on two persons nominated by him.