Regesta 108: 1334

Pages 412-413

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 2, 1305-1342. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1895.

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Regesta, Vol. CVIII.

19 John XXII.

6 Kal. Oct.
(f. 17.)
To the archdeacons of London and Norwich, and John de Acon, canon of Lincoln. Mandate to assign to John de Wendlynghoton the church of Scaldewell, value 8 marks, void by the cession of Master Henry de Harwendon, who has obtained that of Norwold, in the diocese of Norwich, and to remove from Scaldewell Henry de Draughton who holds it unlawfully.
15 Kal. Non.
(f. 21.)
To William de Lahegh. Provision of a canonry and prebend of Boseham, void by the consecration of Richard, bishop of Durham, notwithstanding that he has a canonry and prebend of St. Thomas the Martyr, Glasneye (Penryn), in the diocese of Exeter, value 4 marks.
Concurrent mandate to the archdeacon of Norwich, Henry de Hydesworth, and John de Offord, canons of London.
13 Kal. Nov.
(f. 25.)
To Edmund, son of William Trussel, knight. Provision of the canonry and prebend of Salisbury, void by the consecration of Richard, bishop of Durham.
Concurrent mandate to the archbishop of Canterbury, the bishop of London, and the archdeacon of Norwich.
5 Kal. Nov.
(f. 36d.)
To Henry de Haroudon. Provision of the canonry and prebend of Southwell void by the death of Thomas de Sancto Albano, notwithstanding that he has a suit about the church of Norwold, and has had provision made to him of that of Hadenham.
Ibid. Concurrent mandate to the archdeacons of London and Norfolk, and another named.
4 Id. Non.
(f. 68d.)
To John, archbishop of Canterbury. Indult that six of his clerks engaged in his service shall receive the fruits of their benefices being non-resident.
Concurrent mandate to the abbots of Langedon and Westminster, and Master William de Northwyco, archdeacon of Norwich.
15 Kal. Nov.
(f. 70.)
To Nicholas, son of Philip de la Beche, knight of the diocese of Salisbury. Indult that his confessor shall give him plenary remission at the hour of death.
Ibid. To Philip de la Beche, knight. The like indult.
5 Kal. Nov.
(f. 74d.)
To Simon, bishop of Worcester. Faculty to confer the office of notary public on two clerks nominated by Roger de Glatton, prior provincial of the Augustinians.
10 Kal. Oct.
(f. 75.)
To Michael de Werays, knight, and Margaret de Abernetti, Dispensation to intermarry, they being related in the fourth degree. Owing to the death of so many nobles in the realm of Scotland many noble ladies remain unmarried, or are taken by low-born Englishmen, some of whom are apostates from religion, or already married.
7 Kal. Oct.
(f. 92.)
To Mary de Sancto Paulo, countess of Pembroke. Indult to enter monasteries of women, with a suite of four matrons and four knights.
5 Id. Oct.
(f. 92d.)
To John, earl of Cornwall, and Mary, daughter of Ferdinand of Spain, lord of Lara. Dispensation, at the request of Philip king of France, of king Edward, and other kinsmen and friends to intermarry, they being related in the third and fourth degrees.
10 Kal. Oct.
(f. 94.)
To the bishop of Exeter. Mandate to grant a dispensation to John de Cuddlegh and Thomasia de Kyrcham to remain in the marriage which they contracted in ignorance that a woman with whom John had lived was related to Thomasia in the second degree and to declare their past and future offspring legitimate.
10 Kal. Oct.
(f. 96d.)
To John de Skelton, priest, of the diocese of York, who, after many mortifications and prayers, has finally castrated himself in ignorance of the law against self-mutilation. Dispensation to minister in the orders which he has received, and hold a benefice.
Id. Nov.
(f. 97.)
To Anibaldus, bishop of Tusculum. Indult to visit his archdeaconry of Buckingham by deputy for three years, and receive procurations.
Concurrent mandate to the bishop of London, the abbot of Westminster, and another named.
Ibid. To the same. The like indult, touching his archdeaconry of Nottingham.
Concurrent mandate as above.
7 Kal. Oct.
(f. 98d.)
To Master Itherius de Concoreto, archdeacon of London, papal nuncio. Mandate to make a report to the pope on the income of the abbess and convent of Waterbeche who have petitioned the pope to appropriate to them the church of Bydenham, in the diocese of Lincoln, value 15 marks.