Regesta 244: 1358

Pages 634-635

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 3, 1342-1362. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1897.

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Regesta, Vol. CCXLIV. K.

6 Innocent VI.

[Drafts of letters, numbered 1 to 395.]

Non. March.
(No. 78.)
To Alexander, bishop of Aberdeen, and William de Grenlaw, dean of Glasgow. Mandate to inform themselves touching the alleged occupation of benefices, void for twenty years, by persons without lawful title and institution, and to remove them, taking account of fruits received, and dues paid to the papal camera, readmitting the said persons if they be found fit, and sending a report of what has been done.
6 Id. March.
(No. 76.)
To Talairand, bishop of Albano, papal nuncio. Mandate to warn and require Simon, archbishop of Canterbury, under pain of excommunication, suspension, and interdict, to repay the loan of 16,000 florins, contracted by the late John, archbishop elect, with Anthony and Guy Malabayla, merchants of Asti, his successors being bound to repay the same, and archbishop Thomas having died without satisfying the claim. The sum is to be paid to Hugh Pelegrini, treasurer of Lichfield, papal nuncio.
(No. 77.)
To Hugh Pelegrini. Faculty to receive the said sum of 16,000 florins, and to give an acquittance for the same to the archbishop of Canterbury.
3 Id. March.
To Talairand, bishop of Albano. Ordering him to proceed against the archbishop of Canterbury, according to the pope's letters, for the aforesaid sum of 16,000 florins which, notwithstanding that he has had a charitable subsidy, he has not paid.
(No. 82.)
To Simon, archbishop of Canterbury. Informing him that the bishop of Albano has orders to compel him to pay the said sum.
16 Kal. April.
(No. 86.)
To William de North Tores, Augustinian canon of Wellow, in the diocese of Lincoln. The dignity of papal chaplain is conferred on him; with the form of oath of fealty to the pope, to be taken by him.
7 Id. April.
(No. 98.)
To Hugh Pelegrini, treasurer of Lichfield, papal nuncio. Acquittance for 405l. value 3000 gold florins, collected by him in the realm for the papal camera, and assigned on 25 May 1356 to Anthony Malabayla, merchant of Asti, and for 770l. 6s. 8d. value 5000 gold florins, collected and assigned by him in like manner on 2 Jan. 1357.
3 Id. April.
(No. 101.)
To the bishops of St. Andrews and Glasgow. Mandate to inform themselves touching the alleged non-payment to William de Grenlaw, collector, of sums of money collected for the papal camera by Robert de Den, canon of Glasgow, subcollector, and to cause the same to be paid, and accounts rendered by the said Robert.
2 Id. March.
(No. 183.)
To William de Grenlau, dean of Glasgow, papal nuncio. Mandate to enforce the payment of sums due to the papal camera from all persons, ecclesiastical and lay, and to send letters patent informing the said camera of what has been done.
6 Kal. April.
(No. 253.)
To king Edward. Requesting him to remit, reduce, or postpone the payment of the balance of the ransom of Lewis (Charles), duke of Brittany, his prisoner.
7 Kal. Oct.
(No. 289.)
Decree, with exemplification from the register, confirming the letters of Honorius III. to Savaricus de Malo Leone, crusader, dated at the Lateran, 12 Kal. May, anno 2, confirming the grant of king John for the coining of money in England, one gold mark a year to be paid to the pope, together with those of king John, dated at St. Paul's, London, 3 Oct. 1213, witnessed by the archbishop of Canterbury, the bishops of London, Winchester, Ely, and Lincoln, and others named, offering and granting the realm of England and Ireland to Innocent III. and the Roman church.
[See Fœdera.]
6 Id. Oct.
(No. 311.)
To the dean and chapter of St. Paul's, London. Mandate to publish the suspension of the processes and sentences against the archbishop of Canterbury for non-payment of the debt of 16,000 gold florins incurred by his predecessor John, archbishop elect, from 2 Kal. Oct. to 2 Kal. Dec.
13 Kal. Jan.
(No. 375.)
To Simon, archbishop of Canterbury. Acquittance for 10,000 gold florins, of which 6167 florins and 3½ gros Tournois have been paid, and 3832 florins and 8½ gros Tournois have been remitted by the pope, being part of the above-named debt of 16,000 florins.
Ibid. To the same. Indult, putting off the payment of the balance as follows:—2000 florins to be paid on the feast of St. Andrew in these three consecutive years; with further suspension of sentences incurred from 2 Kal. Dec. sentences incurred from 2 Kal. Dec.