Lateran Regesta 78: 1399-1400

Pages 296-298

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 5, 1398-1404. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1904.

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Lateran Regesta, Vol. LXXVIII.

11 Boniface IX.

De Exhibitis.

4 Non. June.
St. Peter's, Rome
(f. 29.)
To the bishops of London, Ely and Tuy. Mandate motu proprio to collate and assign to Master John Fraunceys, bachelor of canon law, papal writer and member of the pope's household, and abbreviator of apostolic letters, the canonry and prebend of Ilton in Wells, value not exceeding 50 marks, collation and provision of which he obtained from bishop Ralph on their becoming void, as they still are, by the death of Thomas Bockyng. John doubts whether the said collation holds good. Grata familiaritatis. Pro [s]ocio.
Id. June.
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 119.)
To Master Nicholas de Vordis, papal chaplain and auditor. Mandate to surrogate, etc., as below. The petition of William Lovell, clerk, of [the diocese of] York, B.C.L., contained that a cause between Peter Marsle, priest, of the said diocese, and the late William Burnolf, clerk, about the parish church of Welbery, in the said diocese—Burnolf's provision of which, obtained under papal letters, Marsle opposed, preventing possession—was introduced, on Burnolf's appeal, to the apostolic see, and was committed by the pope to the above auditor. The petition adds that while the cause has been pending Burnolf has died at the said see. The pope therefore orders the auditor. to surrogate Lovell to Burnolf, and if he find that Marsle has and that Burnolf had no right in the said church, value not exceeding 20 marks, to collate and assign it to Louell; notwithstanding that the pope has lately ordered provision to be made to him of canonries, with expectation of prebends, of St. John's Beverley, St. Mary's Southwell, and St. Wilfrid's Ripon, and of a benefice with [or without] cure in the common or several gift of the Augustinian prior and convent of Newburgh (Noroburgo), in the said diocese. Upon his obtaining Welbery the last mentioned provision is to be null as far as regards such benefice with cure only. Litterarum sciencia, vite ac morum.
Id. Oct.
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 120d.)
To the bishops of Telese and St. Asaph and the dean of St. Asaph. Mandate to collate and assign to William Chirk, clerk, of the diocese of St. Asaph, the parish church of Llandiffnan, in the diocese of Bangor, value not exceeding 40 marks, which he obtained and still holds, by presentation of king Richard, the patron, and institution by the ordinary, on its voidance through the late John ap Rys obtaining by papal authority the archdeaconry of Anglesey. William doubts whether the presentation and collation hold good. Vite ac morum.
15 Kal. Jan.
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 129.)
To the bishop of Tuy, the abbot of Westminster and the official of London. Mandate motu proprio to collate and assign to Richard Felde, priest, of the diocese of Worcester, the church of Clyve, in that diocese, value not exceeding 200 marks, which he obtained by exchange with John Hassely for his perpetual benefice, called a prebend, in Chichester, and his church of St. Michael Cornhull, London, the resignations being made to Henry, bishop of Worcester, who had special power from the bishops of London and Chichester. Richard doubts whether bishop Henry's collation holds good. Vite ac morum. (De mandato.)
15 Kal. May.
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 131.)
To the archbishop of Armagh and the bishops of Ferns and Meath. Mandate to collate and assign to Master John Preue, doctor of canon and civil law, papal chaplain and auditor of causes of the apostolic palace, the deanery of Dublin, value not exceeding 250 marks, which he obtained by papal authority on its voidance, being previously reserved, through Master Henry Bowet, then papal chaplain and auditor-general of causes of the court of the camera, obtaining by papal authority the archdeaconry of Lincoln. The cause which arose in the Roman court between Preue and Thomas Everdon, priest, of the diocese of Lincoln, who intruded himself, was committed by the pope to Angelus, cardinal priest of St. Laurence's in Damaso, who adjudged the deanery to Preue and issued the usual processes against Everdon, among others, of excommunication, deprivation of his benefices, and disability to hold them or others. Everdon has submitted and resigned, but it is asserted, as the pope has learned, that the provision to John does not hold good, and that the deanery became void otherwise than as above. John has hereby dispensation, also motu proprio, to hold the deanery together with his other benefices with or without cure, and to exchange [it] whensoever (quociens) it seems good to him. Devocionis obsequia. (De mandato.)
17 Kal. Nov.
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 145d.)
To the bishop of Tuy, and the dean and archdeacon of Kildare. Mandate to collate and assign to Maurice Oduynn, priest, of the diocese of Kildare—who has had papal dispensation as the son of an unmarried man and an unmarried woman to be promoted to all, even holy orders, and hold a benefice even with cure— the perpetual vicarage of Oregan, in the said diocese, value not exceeding 12 marks, which he obtained on its voidance through the resignation of John Harper to bishop Robert, by presentation of the prior of St. John of Jerusalem, Kilmaynan, and institution by the said bishop. Maurice doubts whether the presentation and institution hold good. Vite ac morum.
17 Kal. Aug.
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 193.)
To the bishops of St. Davids, Concordia and Ascoli (Esculan.). Mandate to collate and assign to Walter Jakes, alias Amneney, canon of Hastynges in the diocese of Chichester, the canonry and prebend of Llandogy in Abergwyly, value not exceeding 30 marks, which he obtained by exchange with Richard Wynchecombe for his canonry and prebend of Morton and Whaddon in Hereford, the resignations being made by their respective proctors, Robert Basseit (sic), clerk, and John Hastley, canon of Chichester, to Guy, bishop of St. Davids, who had special power from John, bishop of Hereford. Walter doubts whether bishop Guy's collation holds good. The collation is to be made notwithstanding that Walter holds a canonry and prebend of Hastyng[es], value not exceeding 20 marks. Vite ac morum.