Regesta 339: 1409-1410

Page 148

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 6, 1404-1415. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1904.

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Regesta, VOL. CCCXXXIX (fn. 1)

1 Alexander V

De Curia

3 Kal. Jan.
(f. 8d.)
To Marcellus de Strozis, clerk, of Florence, D.C.L., papal chamberlain (cubiculario nostro). Appointing him papal nuncio, and collector-general of dues of the camera in England.Ex fideli.
(f. 10d.)
To the same. Mandate to exact and receive the fruits etc. of the first year of voidance, recently reserved and applied to the papal camera by the pope, after the example of Urban V, Gregory XI and others of his predecessors, of all priories, dignities, personatus etc., canonries and prebends, parish and other churches and other benefices, now and before void and henceforth to become void, at the apostolic see or elsewhere, by death or otherwise, etc. He is to carry out the various clauses in the pope's declaration, e.g., that not the whole of the fruits etc. of such first year are to be taken, but that part of them for which the fruits etc. were taxed for the tenth etc.; that if a benefice become void twice or oftener in the same year the said fruits etc. are to be received once only; etc. Nuper in consideracionem.
2 Non. Feb.
(f. 12d.)
To all prelates and other clergy, secular and regular, dukes, etc. Safe conduct for the above Marcellus, whom the pope is sending as collector to England. Cum [nos] dilectum filium.
4 Kal. March.
(f. 74d.)
To the same. The like for John Lugneti, clerk, of the diocese of Meaux (Melden.), papal esquire (scutiferum nostrum) and serjeant-at-arms of the Roman church, bearer of these presents, whom the pope is sending to France, England and other parts, and whom he often sends, on business of the pope and the Roman church. Cum nos dilectum filium. (fn. 2)


  • 1. Described on the back as: To. 1 Alex. V Bullar. Anno i, and at the top of fol. 1 as: Registrum secundum litterarum apostolicarum cameram apostolicam tangencium ac de curia et aliarum in camera apostolica registratarum de anno pontificatus domini Alexandri pape quinti quem non complevit primo. The rubrice which precede fol. 1 are headed: Rubrice secundi libri sive registri de curia et aliarum apostolicarum litterarum [in] camera apostolica registratarum de annis primo et secundo domini Alexandri pape quinti.
  • 2. In Raynaldi, Annales, an. 1409 § 89 is a bull Sedes apostolica of Alexander V to Sbinco, archbishop of Prague, about the burning of Wycliffe's works, dated at Pistoia, 20 Dec. 1409, taken from ‘Alex. Reg. 2, ep. cur. p. 18’ and from an exemplification in the register of Martin V, ‘to. 8, divers. ep. cur. pag. 224.’ The register of Alexander V, referred to by the Annales, is not now in the Vatican Archives. Wilkins, Concilia, III, 331, has another bull of Alexander V, taken from Arundel's register.