Lateran Regesta 137: 1409-1410

Pages 160-164

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 6, 1404-1415. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1904.

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Lateran Regesta, Vol. CXXXVII (fn. 1)

1 Alexander V

De Regularibus

Kal. Aug.
(f. 5d.)
To the bishop of Veszprém (Vesprimien.), the abbot of Holy Trinity, Lochque, in the diocese of Elphin, and the dean of Elphin. Mandate to collate and assign to John Obeachnachan, Augustinian canon of St. Mary's, Inchmacnerin (Insula Macneri), in the diocese of Elphin, priest, the perpetual vicarage, value not exceeding 4 marks, of Cuilleada in the said diocese, wont to be served by secular clerks, so long void—because the late Maccraith Macabreicheannin, who held it, obtained by collation of the ordinary, the perpetual vicarage of Cillmickallan in the same diocese—that by the statutes of the Lateran Council its collation has lapsed to the apostolic see. John is hereby dispensed for life to hold it. Religionis zelus, vite ac morum.
2 Id. Aug.
(f. 18d.)
To the abbot of St. Mary's, Boyle (de Boellio), in the diocese of Elphin. Mandate to collate and assign to Cornelius Omaileanaid, Augustinian canon of St. Mary's in Portu, in the diocese (sic) of Ravenna (Rauanaten.), if found fit in Latin, the Augustinian priory, which is conventual, a dignity and elective, and whose value does not exceed 24 marks, of St. Mary, Inchmacnerin (Insula Maeneri), in the diocese of Elphin, void by the death of Malachy Macabreicheannin. Dignum arbitramur.
Id. Oct.
(f. 30d.)
To Thomas, prior, and the convent of Bridlington, O.S.A., in the diocese of York. Indult for the prior and his successors to wear the mitre, ring and other pontifical insignia, and in the priory, its subject places and in churches belonging to it, to give solemn benediction after mass, vespers and matins, provided that no bishop or papal legate be present. Exposcit vestre devocionis.
7 Kal. Dec.
(f 37.)
To the bishop of Veszprem (Vesprimien.), the prior of Cluayn Tuaisgeart Omanie in the diocese of Clonfert, and the dean of Clonmacnoise (Cluanen.). Mandate to collate and assign to Dermit Macaedagan, brother of the house of the hospital of St. John of Jerusalem at Rynndum in the diocese of Elphin, the son of a priest religious and an unmarried woman, the Augustinian priory, a dignity with cure, conventual and elective, value not exceeding 60 marks, of St. Comanus alias St. Mary, Roscoman, in the same diocese, void by the death of Dermit Odubthaid. Macaedagan is hereby dispensed on account of his illegitimacy. He is to wear the habit worn in the priory. Religionis zelus, vite etc.
Id. Oct.
(f. 54d.)
To Richard, prior, and the convent of St. Frydeswyde's, Oxford, O.S.A. Indult as above, f. 30d. Exposcit etc.
3 Kal. Sept.
(f. 60.)
To the abbot and convent of Westminster, O.S.B. Indult for their steward and their provost, also called bailiff—who are often obliged to visit its places and manors, distant two, three, four miles or thereabouts from parish churches, and to stay there for a number of days, on account of which they cannot assist at mass and other divine offices—to have on such occasions a portable altar on which they may celebrate and have celebrated mass and other divine offices, even before daybreak and in places under interdict. Sacre religionis.
12 Kal. Dec.
(f. 75.)
To Richard ap Morgan of Wales, a Friar Preacher. Licence to him, a priest—to whom Thomas de Fiemo (i.e. Firmo), master of the order of Friars Preachers, has, as far as in him lay, granted the like licence, provided that the transfer were carried out within three months from the date of his grant—to transfer himself to the order of St. Benedict. Exhibita nobis. (Gratis de mandato.)
4 Kal. Oct.
(f. 146d.)
To John Byrlay, Augustinian canon of SS. Mary and Cuthbert's, Wyrksop, in the diocese of York. Dispensation to hold a benefice with cure, wont to be served by secular clerks, even if it be of the patronage of laymen, or be a perpetual vicarage, and to resign it, for exchange or otherwise, more than once. Religionis zelus, vite etc.
2 Id. Aug.
(f. 164.)
To the abbot of Saint-André, in the diocese of Avignon. Mandate to collate and assign to Humbert de Brione, canon of the monastery of Saint-Antoine, Vienne, who is studying canon law at Avignon, the preceptory of the Augustinian house of St. Anthony, London, otherwise called of England, dependent on, and wont to be governed by the canons of, the said monastery, not conventual nor a dignity nor a personatus, and not elective, and value not exceeding 150 marks, void by the death of Geoffrey de Lymona (or Lymoua) [See Cal. Lett. IV, p. 254]; provided that, in case it have cure, he be found fit in Latin and otherwise, or in case he be not found fit in Latin, and if it have not cure, that he be found otherwise fit. Dignum arbitramur.
6 Id. July.
(f. 176d)
To the archbishop of York. Mandate to appropriate to the prior and friars of the Carmelite house of St. Michael by Kyngeston upon Hulle, in the diocese of York, the parish church of Hoggestorp, in the diocese of Lincoln. Their recent petition contained that Urban VI, on its being set forth to him that the house had formerly been built for a prior and twelve friars, but had not yet been sufficiently endowed, and that the patronage of the said church had been given to them by certain lay patrons for purpose of appropriation, commissioned the archbishop of York, without mention of his name, to make the appropriation for five years only; that Boniface IX, at their petition, ordered the archbishop of York, if he found the above to be true, to appropriate perpetually to the priory, value not exceeding 180 marks, the said church, value not exceeding 120, reserving a fit portion for a perpetual vicar, a secular [priest]; that Thomas, archbishop of Canterbury, then archbishop of York, carried out the appropriation ordered by pope Boniface, reserving such portion, and that the prior and friars, upon the free resignation of Eudo la Zouch, took possession and held it for some years; that the said appropriation became null by pope Boniface's general annulment on 11 Kal. Jan. anno 14 [1402, see Cal. Lett. V, p. 599] of appropriations, and that pope Boniface made provision of the church, as being thus void, and previously reserved, to the same Eudo, who, after holding possession for some time, again freely resigned; and that the prior and friars, relying on a grant by Innocent VII that the said appropriation should henceforward hold good notwithstanding Boniface IX's said annulment, took possession of the church anew, thus void by the second resignation of Eudo, but that they have since been despoiled by John Brynnesley, priest, of the diocese of Lincoln. The pope orders the archbishop to appropriate the church to them in perpetuity, so that on the resignation or death of the present rector they may take possession, provided that the aforesaid portion be reserved, if not already done, for a perpetual vicar, who shall be a secular priest. Digna exandicione.
4 Kal. Dec.
(f. 194d.)
To the official of Meath. Mandate, at the recent petition of the Augustinian prioress and convent of the priory of Holy Trinity (de Trinitate) at the place of Lysmulin alias Lysmulyn in the diocese of Meath—containing that the late Richard, bishop of Meath, appropriated to them the parish church, of the patronage of the bishop of Meath, of Ardmulewan, reserving a portion for a perpetual vicar; and adding that they doubt whether the appropriation, which has not yet taken effect, has not since by apostolic see been generally or specially revoked—if the facts be so, to perpetually appropriate to the priory, value not exceeding 400 marks, the said church, value, after deducting the said portion, not exceeding 25. On the resignation etc., as usual. Sacre religionis.
Non. Feb.
(f. 202d.)
To Edward Brydham, Augustinian canon of Hertyngham (corrected, a few lines further on, to Heryngham), in the diocese of Chichester. Dispensation as above, f. 146d, as far as ‘even if it be of the patronage of laymen,’ or be a parish church or a perpetual vicarage, and to resign it, for exchange or otherwise, as often as he pleases. Religionis etc.
3 Id. Feb.
(f. 222d.)
To the prior of St. Mary's, Cluantuasgutomane (sic), in the diocese of Clonfert. Mandate to collate and assign to Simon Macadagan, Hospitaller—whose recent petition contained that on the voidance by the death of David Omurain of the Hospitallers’ priory of Rinndun in the diocese of Elphin, the brethren thereof, to whom the election by ancient custom belongs, elected prior him, who was then duly ordained priest, and who afterwards received papal dispensation, as the son of a priest religious and an unmarried woman, to be eligible for all Hospitallers’ dignities, administrations and offices; that he consented to the election and obtained its confirmation by the ordinary, and still holds the priory; and that he doubts whether the election and confirmation to the priory, which, as the pope has learned, is still void as above, hold good—the said priory, which has cure, value not exceeding 40 marks, if he find Simon, who has lately made his regular profession as a Hospitaller, to be fit in Latin and otherwise, and to have been dispensed as above. Dignum arbitramur.
(f. 228d.)
To the bishops of Veszprém (Vesprimien.) and Clonfert, and the abbot of Kellehanne in the diocese of Meath. Mandate to collate and assign to Patrick Macmurcerhaid, canon of the Augustinian monastery of St. James de Ortigaria, without the walls of Pisa, priest—who lately received papal dispensation, as the son of a priest and an unmarried woman, to be promoted to all, even holy orders and hold a benefice even with cure—the priory, of the same order, of Blachinat alias St. Mary, Dorean, in the diocese of Elphin, dependent on no monastery or other regular place, value not exceeding 30 marks, so long void that the mode of voidance is uncertain They are to transfer him from his said present house, and the pope hereby dispenses him, on account of his said illegitimacy, to hold the priory. Religionis etc. (Stephanus, viiii, residuum pro deo, de Prato.)
Non. July.
(f. 231.)
To the bishop of Lincoln. Mandate, as below. Angelus Corario, then called in his obedience Gregory XII, on 14 Kal. April anno 2 [1408], at the petition of the Augustinian prioress and convent of Horewodi in the diocese of Lincoln—setting forth that the priory stood hard by the public road or street, and had to maintain great and expensive hospitality; that on account of the flooding of a certain great river called the Owse they very often suffered great losses; that its houses, buildings and enclosures were in a ruinous state, and its fruits etc. insufficient for such hospitality, for rebuilding and for other burdens of the prioress and nuns, formerly, as then, thirteen in number; and that king Henry had therefore given them, for purpose of appropriation, his patronage of the parish church of Shabirston (sic) in the said diocese—granted appropriation to the priory, value not exceeding 60 marks, of the said church, value not exceeding 40, so that, on the resignation or death of the rector, they might take possession, a perpetual vicar's portion being reserved, but before his letters were drawn up Angelus was by the Council of Pisa declared heretic and schismatic. The pope therefore decrees that the grant shall take effect from the said date, as though the said letters had been drawn up, and orders the above bishop to carry it out. Racioni congruit.


  • 1. Described on the back as Liber 5.