Regesta 342: 1410-1411

Pages 168-169

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 6, 1404-1415. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1904.

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Regesta, Vol. CCCXLII

1 John XXIII

Liber Tercius (fn. 1) Sive Regestrum Tercium Litterarum Apostolicarum Cameram Apostolicam Tangencium, Acde Curia Et Aliarum In Camera Apostolica Registratarum.

2 Id. July.
(f. 15.)
To Anthony, cardinal priest of St. Mark's. Faculty, motu proprio, to resign to the ordinaries, simply or for exchange, without requiring papal licence, the parish church of Schetlington, in the diocese of Lincoln, and the archdeaconry of Exeter, of which benefices he received on their voidance, having been previously reserved, papal provision, but possession of which he has not obtained; with faculty to the ordinaries to carry out of the exchanges, which ordinaries are to certify the camera or its collector with regard to names and dates. Quanto Romanam ecclesiam. (Gratis pro persona domini cardinalis. Collacionata.)
18 Kal. Sept.
(f. 36.)
To patriarchs etc. and other clergy, secular and regular, dukes etc. Requesting safe-conduct for Master John Fraunceys, papal writer and member of the papal household, whom the pope is sending to Venice and other parts of Italy on business of the pope and the Roman church. Cumdilectum tilium. (Collacionata. In margin, de C[ancellari]a, and de Curia.)
6 Non. March.
(f. 160d.)
To William Cawode, Cistercian monk of Rievaulx (de Rierallis) in the diocese of York. Appointing him a papal chaplain, with the enjoyment of the usual exemptions, privileges etc. Virtutibus clarens. (Collacionata per me P. de Trilhia et tradita d[omino] Sy[moni] Northew procuratori in c[uri]a xxvii Marcii, et d[ebet] restituere ad meam pet[icionem] antequam tradat parti, presentibus R—et Jo[hanne] Anburi.)
5 Kal. March.
(f. 160d.)
To Alexander Nerozos (sic) de Albertis and Gualbertus Bartholomei de Morellis, merchants, dwelling in London, of the society of the Albertini, merchants of Florence. Power to receive from Walter Grendon, prior, and William Hulles, Richard Paule, William Roke, John Kalquit and Thomas Launceleure, brethren, of the hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in England near the city of London, commonly called Clerkenwell, or from John Burdet, clerk, of the diocese of York, their proctor in the Roman court, the sum of 300 gold florins of the camera, due to the papal camera, and to give them acquittance. The said sum is to be sent by the above Alexander and Gualbertus to those of the above society of the Albertini who shall be in residence in the Roman court, to be by them assigned to the camera. Cum nuper dilectus filius. (Collacionata.)
7 Kal. April.
(f. 182d.)
To Marcellus de Strocciis, canon (sic) of Florence, collector to the camera in England and papal nuncio. Faculty for Ugolinus de Presbiteris, knight, of Bologna—whom the pope has sent as nuncio to England and other realms and parts, with a mandate to the above collector to pay him or his proctor 300 gold florins of the camera for his expenses—to give the said collector acquittance. Of payments made, the said collector is to make two public documents, one to be kept by him and the other sent to the camera. Cum pro nonnullis. (Subscribed, Collacionata, and in margin De curia. The letter is cancelled by strokes, with the note: Cancellata de mandato domini card[inalis], quia virtute originalis nichil recepit, sed apportavit originalem et est cancellata per me P. Stalpipe.)


  • 1. Described also on the baok as Liber iii.