Lateran Regesta 201: 1419

Pages 114-115

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 7, 1417-1431. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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Lateran Regesta, Vol. CCI (fn. 1)

De Prebendis Et Dignitatibus Vacantibus

2 Martin V

17 Kal. Feb.
(f. 54d.)
To the bishop of Sessa, the archdeacon of Annadown, and John Olongayn, canon of Killaloe. Mandate to collate and assign to Frargallus (sic) Oconry, clerk, of the diocese of Kilfenora (who has studied canon and civil law for some time, and whom the pope has this day rehabilitated on account of his having, after receiving papal dispensation, as the son of a priest and an unmarried woman, to be promoted to all, even holy orders and hold a benefice even with cure, obtained by collation of the ordinary, without further dispensation, the canonry and prebend of Kyllennyarann in Kilfenora on their voidance by the death of David Ybary, and whom the pope has required to resign), the said canonry and prebend, value not exceeding 3 marks, void as above, and also the deanery of the same church of Kilfenora, a major elective dignity with cure, value not exceeding 10 marks, void because John Oconbaych has entered and made his profession as a Cistercian monk of St. Mary's, Corcomroe (de Petra fertili), in the diocese of Kilfenora. He has hereby the necessary dispensation. Vite etc. (Antonius. xxx. Septimo Kal. Februarii Anno Secundo. de Ponto.)
10 Kal. Sept.
(f. 69d.)
To John Schenes, canon of Moray. Mandate to receive John Lang's proposed resignation of his canonry and prebend and chancellorship, a non-major, non-elective dignity, of Dunkeld, and to collate and assign the same, value altogether, with the daily distributions, not exceeding 26l. of old sterlings, to Nicholas Chylde, priest, rector of Hailes (de Halis) in the diocese of St. Andrews, licentiate in arts; notwithstanding that he holds he said parish church, value not exceeding 22l., with which he is hereby dispensed to hold for three years the said chancellorship, even if it have cure, etc. Dignum etc. (Antonius. xxx. Decimo Septimo Kal. Aprilis Anno Tercio. de Ponto.)
Id. Sept.
(f. 71d.)
To Master Geminianus de Prato, provost of Pistoia, papal chaplain and auditor. Mandate as below, the pope having learned from John Wer, rector of Lyne in the diocese of Glasgow, bachelor of canon law, by both parents of noble birth, that the late John de Erskyne and John Busby agreed to exchange the chancellorship of Glasgow with its annexed canonry and prebend of Camsy, and the parish church of Eglisame in the said diocese, value not exceeding 60 and 40l. of old sterlings respectively, on divers simoniacal conditions, e. g. that Busby should pay Erskyne 40 marks of the usual money of those parts; and that bishop William, perhaps in ignorance of the agreement, carried out the exchange. The pope hereby orders the above auditor, if Wer duly accuses Busby, to summon the latter and others concerned, and, if he find the facts to be as stated, to declare the bishop's proceedings null and void, and in that event to collate and assign the said chancellorship, a non-major, non-elective dignity with cure, and its said annexed canonry and prebend, to Wer; notwithstanding that he holds Lyne, value not exceeding 20 marks, and that the pope has lately [p. 101] ordered provision to be made to him of a canonry of Glasgow with expectation of a prebend and dignity etc., and of a benefice with or without cure, wont to be assigned to secular clerks, in the gift of the bishop and the prior and chapter of St. Andrews. Upon obtaining the said chancellorship etc. he is to resign Lyne, and the said mandate of provision is to be null as far as regards a canonry and prebend of Glasgow and a dignity etc., and a benefice with cure only. Nobilitas generis, litterarum etc. (Ja. xxx. Non. Novembris Anno Quinto. de Cerretanis.)

[De Beneficuiis Vacantibus.]

4 Id. April.
(f. 162.)
To the dean of Killaloe. Mandate to collate and assign to Thady Ymuneachayn, priest, of the diocese of Killaloe, who lately obtained by collation of the ordinary the perpetual vicarage, value not exceeding 3 marks, of Kyllokennedig in the said diocese, as void by the death of John Ymaelluyn, the said vicarage, void, as the pope has learned, because Dermit Omaelluyn, obtained and held with it the rectory of Cluoynlaeg, of the half cantred of Yllacyd in the said diocese. Dignum etc. (Franciscus. xx. Nono. Kal. Augusti Anno Secundo. de Agello.)


  • 1. On the top edge of the volume is the almost illegible description: Secundus(?) de Exhibitis, de prebendis et (?) dignitatibus vacantibusMartini pape Quinti. The volume contains no other indication of the number of the Liber.