Vatican Regesta 356: 1426-1430

Pages 17-19

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 7, 1417-1431. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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Vatican Regesta, Vol. CCCLVI

De Curia

9 Martin V

15 Kal. Dec.
SS. Apostoli, Rome.
(f. 16d.)
To John, archbishop of York. Faculty to collate and make provision of the canonries and prebends which William, bishop of Norwich and William, bishop of London held, and the chancellorship of York (accustomed under the statutes to be held by a doctor or a licentiate or an inceptor in theology) which John, bishop of Chichester held, at the time of their promotion to their sees, and which by the said promotion and their consecration without the Roman court became void, as they still are, and reserved to the pope. The chancellorship is to be collated to a doctor, licentiate or inceptor in theology, who shall resign incompatible benefices, unless specially dispensed. Of names and dates the papal camera or its collector in those parts is to be certified. Eximie devocionis.

10 Martin V

15 Kal. April.
SS. Apostoli, Rome.
(f. 23.)
To patriarchs, etc. Requesting safe-conduct, during one year, for Master James de Ugolinis, papal writer and member of the pope's household, whom the pope is sending as nuncio to France and England on business of the pope and the Roman church. Cum dilectum filium.

13 Martin V

2 Non. May.
SS. Apostoli, Rome.
(f. 54.)
To John, bishop of Glasgow, chancellor of the realm of Scotland. Pardon etc. as below. The pope lately (on learning that before his promotion to the see of Glasgow, made by the present pope, John had more than once incurred disability and perpetrated such crimes as to have forfeited all right to the said promotion; and that after he became bishop he was the author and cause of the putting forth in parliament of certain statutes about collations of benefices, even of reserved benefices, and otherwise oppressive to the clergy, and against ecclesiastical liberty and the rights of the Roman church, that he collated and caused to be collated benefices simoniacally, and was guilty of other crimes) gave a viva voce commission to Jordan, cardinal bishop of Albano, and Peter, cardinal priest of St. Stephen's on the Cælian, to inform themselves, and if they found him guilty of anything which had rendered him unfit to acquire any right to the said see, or which had afterwards rendered him unworthy of holding it, to proceed against him even to the length of deprivation, and to cite him to see in person his deprivation. The said cardinals found him so guilty in many respects of the above as to deserve deprivation, and caused him to be cited before them in the Roman court in person to see and hear his deprivation, or to show cause to the contrary, of which two cardinals the pope replaced Peter, on his absence from the Roman court, by Lewis, cardinal priest of St. Cecilia's. Afterwards king James by his orators, sent for the purpose, set forth to the pope that many of the charges were untrue, and that if John had done aught amiss he was ready to make amends. At the said king's petition, and on the promise by the said orators, made on John's behalf, that he will help to obtain the abolition of the above statutes, and behave laudably in future, the pope condones and remits all crimes and the other charges against him, of which he has not been able fully to clear himself, absolves him from excommunication and other sentences, annuls the above citation and proceedings against him, rehabilitates him, and dispenses him on account of irregularity contracted. Sumentes exemplum a redemptore. (Registrata gratis de mandato nostri pape. Poggius.)
3 Kal. July.
SS. Apostoli, Rome.
f. 58.
To Griffin, bishop of Ross. Mandate to go in person to the duchy of Brittany, make inquiry into the matters contained in a number of petitions, of which exemplification is given, of duke John, and send a report to the pope. Ex iniuncta nobis. (Tax[ata] lx, Poggius. R[egistra]ta.)