Lateran Regesta 238: 1424

Pages 343-345

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 7, 1417-1431. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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Lateran Regesta, Vol. CCXXXVIII (fn. 1)

De Diversis Formis (fn. 2)

7 Martin V

15 Kal. Dec.
S. Maria Maggiore, Rome.
(f. 145d.)
To John Burton, rector of Brompton in Pykerynglih, in the diocese of York. Dispensation to him, who is treasurer of Henry, bishop of Winchester, to hold for seven years together with the said church, value not exceeding 80 marks, one other benefice with cure or otherwise incompatible. During the said period he is to exchange one or other for a compatible benefice: if not, he is to resign the said church. Vite etc. (Ja. xxvi. Quinto Id. Octobris Anno Decimo. de Cerretanis.)
4 Kal. Oct.
S. Maria Maggiore,
(f. 184d.)
To the official of Glasgow. Mandate as below. Lately [above, p. 67] the pope at the petition of William Croyser, canon of Dunkeld (setting forth that on account of the border wars the union, if such existed, of the parish church of Kyrkgonzan in the diocese of Glasgow to the Cistercian monastery of Holme in the diocese of Garlisle was likely to be of small profit to the said monastery), granted the said church in commendam, until a lasting peace should be made, to the said William, who already held it in commendam under a grant by the late Peter de Luna, called Benedict XIII. At the recent petition of Patrick Leche, clerk, of the diocese of Glasgow, M.A. (containing that in hope of such peace a seven years’ truce has been made; that on account of the commends, which have gone on for about forty years, it will be difficult for the said union, if it exists, to take effect; that the said church has been so long void that there is no certain knowledge of the mode of voidance; that the said William is opulently beneficed to the extent of 160 marks sterling a year, and will be prevented by his other benefices with cure and incompatible from exercising the cure of the said church), the pope orders the above official to summon the said William, in the matter of the commenda, and the abbot and convent of Holme, in the matter of the union, and if the find the facts to be as stated, to suppress both the commenda and the alleged union, and to collate and assign to Patrick the said church, value not exceeding 20 marks of old sterlings. Litterarum sciencia, vite etc. (Ja. xxii. Decimo Kal. Januarii Anno Octauo. de Cerretanis. [See also above, pp. 73, 93, 99.]
10 Kal. March.
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 206.)
To Richard Eduardi alias Wodewarde, dean of the church of St. Emilion at Saint-Emilion in the diocese of Bordeaux. Dispensation as below. The late John XXIII made provision to him, then holding the parish church of Pennant Mellanguell in the diocese of St. Asaph, of the deanery of Saint-Emilion, a principal elective dignity with cure, dispensing him to hold both together for five years. The present pope, on learning that the end of the said five years was at hand, dispensed him, who was then still holding both the above, to continue to do so for life, and to resign them, simply or for exchange, as often as he pleased. At his petition, containing that the said dignity has been much impoverished by the long wars, the pope hereby dispenses him (who is a priest and of noble birth, and who now in virtue of the said dispensation holds, having resigned Pennant Mellanguell, the parish church of Lang Stretton in the diocese of Norwich, the value of which and of the said deanery does not exceed 120l. petits tournois) to hold in addition for two years any other benefice with cure or otherwise incompatible. Nobilitas generis, vite etc. (Ja. xxx. Decimo octauo Kal. Septembris Anno Nono. de Cerretanis.)
10 Kal. Nov.
S. Maria Maggiore, Rome.
(f. 214.)
To Gilbert Forstar, perpetual vicar of Enerlathen in the diocese of Glasgow. Grant to him (who is of noble birth, has studied in arts for five years at an university, and to whom the present pope ordered provision to be made of a benefice with or without cure in the common or several gift of the bishops of St. Andrews and Brechin, the prior and chapter of St. Andrews and the dean and chapter of Breehin, and to whom he subsequently made provision of the above vicarage, value not exceeding 30l. sterling, previously reserved) that even after he obtains possession of the said vicarage the said former letters shall hold good as regards such benefice with cure; with dispensation to hold them together for five years, and to resign them meanwhile, simply or for exchange, once only. Nobilitas generis, vite etc. (Pe. xx\?\. Septimo Kal. Septembris Anno Deeimo. de Casatiis.)

[De Fructibus Percipiendis.]

5 Id. Nov.
S. Maria Maggiore, Rome.
(f. 278.)
To Richard Hore, precentor of Abb[er]gwylly in the diocese of St. Davids. Indult during seven years to take, and to let, or grant to farm or yearly pension to any persons, even laymen, the fruits etc. of his benefices, whilst studying letters at an university, or residing in the Roman court. Vite etc.
Concurrent mandate to the bishops of Worcester and Hereford, and the archdeacon of Gloucester in Worcester. Vite etc. (Ja. xv. xviii (sic). Tercio Kal. Decembris Anno Octano. de Cerretanis.)
(f. 281d.)
To John Bryan, perpetual vicar of Burton Annas in the diocese of York. The like indult, also for seven years. Vite etc.
Concurrent mandate to the bishops of Alet, Durham and Carlisle. Vite etc. (Ja. xiii. xv. Quinto Id. Januarii Anno Octauo. de Cerretanis.)


  • 1. The number of the Liber is not indicated.
  • 2. ff. i-cxxiiii are headed de regularibus, and almost all concern France. The rubric de diversis formis begins on f. cxxv.