Lateran Regesta 265: 1425-1426

Pages 478-482

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 7, 1417-1431. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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Lateran Regesta, Vol. CCLXV (fn. 1)

9 Martin V (cont.)

De Diversis Formis

(f. 20d.)
Martinus etc. dilecto filio decano ecclesie Clochoren, salutem etc. Sedes apostolica, pia mater.’ (Cancelled. See below, f. 67d.)
9 Kal. Nov.
SS. Apostoli, Rome.
(f. 34.)
To William Pentrych (rectius Pencrych), rector of Blakedon by Bristol in the diocese of Bath, D.C.L. Grant as below. The pope lately [above, p. 285, cf. p. 220] dispensed him to hold for ten years with Blakedon any other benefice with cure or otherwise incompatible, and to resign both, simply or for exchange, as often as he pleased, after which, as his recent petition contained, he obtained and has held with Blakedon in virtue of the said dispensation the archdeaconry of St. Davids, a non-major dignity with cure. The pope hereby grants to him—who is also a bachelor of canon law and holds, besides Blakedon and the said archdeaconry, canonries and prebends in the churches of Exeter and St. Probus, and the chancellorship, which is an office without cure, with the prebend of Lambestre, in the church of Abergwyly, value altogether not exceeding 240 marks —that after the expiry, which is at hand, of the said period, he may continue to hold the said two benefices together and may do so for life, and resign both, simply or for exchange. Litterarum etc. (Pe. xvx. Decimo octauo Kal. Decembris Anno Nono. de Casatiis.)
5 Id. Nov.
SS. Apostoli, Rome.
(f. 36d.)
To the bishop of Lincoln. Mandate to dispense Stephen Lichefeld and Joan Roche, of his diocese, who in ignorance that, as they afterwards learned, the late John Chalne, Joan's husband, was godfather at the confirmation of a son of Stephen by another woman, contracted marriage per verba legitime de presenti, but have not consummated it, notwithstanding the impediment arising from their spiritual relationship, to recontract and remain in the said marriage. Oblate nobis.
16 Kal. Dec.
SS. Apostoli, Rome.
(f. 40.)
To John Walsche, canon of Cloyne. Dispensation not to be bound for five years to have himself promoted to any holy order on account of his canonry and prebend, which has cure, of Balaghath in Cloyne, or of any other benefice with cure or otherwise requiring a holy order, whilst studying letters at an university or in a studium particulare; provided that within a year he have himself ordained subdeacon. Vite etc. [See above, pp. 51, 442.]
2 Non. Dec.
SS. Apostoli, Rome.
(f. 56.)
To the bishop of Limerick. Mandate, at the recent petition of Thomas Bron, priest, of the diocese of Tuam (containing that when a scholar and of tender age, an enemy invaded with a great band the lands of a temporal lord in whose service he was, surrounded and blockaded in a forest the said lord and all his men, Thomas being amongst them; that one of the said men slew two of the enemy, not in Thomas's presence nor with his help; that when, after the conflict and the retreat of the enemy, Thomas was returning to his own party he found the two dead bodies; and that subsequently, without obtaining any absolution or dispensation, he had himself promoted to all, even holy orders and ministered therein for some years, but repenting, has for some time ceased to do so), if he find the facts to be as stated, to absolve Thomas, enjoining a salutary penance, rehabilitate him, dispense him on account of irregularity, and dispense him to minister in his orders. Sedes apostolica, pia mater.
12 Kal. Dec.
SS. Apostoli, Rome.
(f. 67d.)
To the dean of Clogher. Mandate as below. The pope lately ordered provision to be made to Malachy Obruyn, [now] priest, then clerk, of the diocese of Clogher, of the rectory of Gamblyn (also written Ganblyn) in the said diocese, void because the late Henry Macronhulayth had obtained, by collation of the ordinary, the rectory, commonly called the plebania or comorbanship, of the parish church of Cluaneoys in the same diocese. At the recent petition of the said Malachy—containing that he obtained and holds the said rectory by virtue of the said mandate, but that he fears molestation on the ground that the said mandate may be deemed surreptitious because it did not mention that Geneas (rectius Eneas) Ocarbry, priest, had unlawfully for several years detained and was then detaining possession of the said rectory; and also on the ground that, in order to put a stop to a suit about the said rectory between himself and the said Geneas, he promised under oath to assign to him a certain quantity of the fruits etc. of the said rectory, and afterwards, in order to buy off like vexations, to pay to Magonius Ohanractaych, priest, of the said diocese, Geneas's accomplice, 20s. a year of the money current in those parts—the pope orders the above bishop to relax the said oath, absolve Malachy from excommunication etc. incurred, enjoining a salutary penance, and rehabilitate him, to grant to him that the said mandate shall hold good from the present date, notwithstanding the said omission, to decree that Malachy is not bound to observe the said oath and assignation of fruits and payment of money, and furthermore to dispense him to hold the said rectory, notwithstanding that his father holds the perpetual vicarage of the same church, provided that no scandal be caused thereby. Sedes apostolica, pia mater. (Ja. viiii. Residuum gratis pro deo. de Cerretanis.)
6 Kal. May.
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 71.)
To John Horton, rector of Trowbrygg’ in the diocese of Salisbury. Prolongation by one year of the ten years, about to expire, during which John XXIII dispensed him to hold, together with Trowbrygg', any [other] benefice with cure or otherwise incompatible, and to resign both, simply or for exchange, as often as he pleased, after which he obtained and still holds with Trowbrygg’ the parish church of Slymbrygge in the diocese of Worcester, the value of both not exceeding 36 marks. Vite etc. (Pe. xx. Quinto Id. Januarii Anno Decimo. de Casatiis.)
Kal. Oct.
SS. Apostoli, Rome.
(f. 89d.)
To the precentor of York. Mandate, at the recent petition of Robert, citizen of York, son of the late Robert Howme, layman, unmarried, and an unmarried woman, containing that the said Robert appointed by his will the said citizen his sole heir, if he find the facts to be as stated, to confirm the said will and appointment. Sincere deuocionis affectus.

De Exhibitis

2 Kal. Aug.
(f. 211.)
To the bishop of Alet, and the abbots of Trym and Dulek in the diocese of Meath. Mandate as below. The petition of Nicholas Jurdan, rector of Rathwere in the diocese of Meath, contained that on the voidance of the said church by William Gray, dean of York, obtaining the said deanery by collation of the ordinary, he was presented by the patron Edmund, earl of March, to Thomas Scurlag, prior of St. Peter's, [Newtown] by Trion (sic), in the said diocese, vicar-general in spirituals of bishop Edward, and instituted and inducted thereby; but that Thomas Donecan, clerk, of the same diocese, claiming the said church, made opposition and prevented Nicholas, as he still does, from holding peaceable possession, wherefore Nicholas appealed to the apostolic see, the cause being committed by the present pope to Master Henry Fleckel, at Nicholas's instance, and afterwards to Master Geminianus de Prato, papal chaplains and auditors, the latter of whom decreed by a definitive sentence that the said presentation etc. were canonical and ought to have taken and to take effect, and that the said church did and does lawfully belong to Nicholas, and adjudged it to him, imposing perpetual silence on Donecan, and condemning him in costs; that Donecan's appeal to the apostolic see from this sentence was committed by the pope to John, elect of Cadiz, then papal chaplain and auditor, who confirmed the said sentence, declared the appeal bad, and condemned Donecan in the additional costs; that Donecan's further appeal from the said John's decision was committed by the pope to Raynald, cardinal deacon of St. Vitus's in Macello, who confirmed the said decision and the original sentence, declaring Donecan's further appeal bad and condemning him in the costs; and that the said costs were subsequently assessed by the said two auditors and cardinal at 36, 25 and 18 gold florins of the camera respectively. At the petition of the said Nicholas, adding that he fears that whilst the suit has been pending others have intruded themselves or may do so in future, the pope orders the above three to execute the said sentence etc. and to do so, not only against Donecan, but against any such intruders. Exhibita nobis. (Ja. xxx. Quarto Kal. Nouembris Anno Nono. de Cerretanis.)
6 Id. Oct.
SS. Apostoli, Rome.
(f. 214d.)
To the archdeacon of Killaloe. Mandate as below. The pope lately, on hearing of the voidance of the canonry and prebend of Inyskahyd in Killaloe by the resignation to bishop Donatus of William Yhanlli, ordered the abbot of St. Mary's, Corcomroe (de Petra fertili), in the diocese of Kilfenora, the dean of Clonmacnoise and the archdeacon of Annadown to collate and assign the same to Nemeas Okaellaygy, clerk, of the diocese of Killaloe, summoning and removing Robert Okaellaygy, clerk, of the said diocese, who had for more than seven years unduly detained possession, on account of whose power in the city and diocese of Killaloe Nemeas had no hope of obtaining justice, and to make the said collation, whether the said canonry and prebend became void in the way stated or because Roderick Maccrayth, after provision had been made to him thereof by papal authority [see above, p. 50], became an Augustinian canon [see above, p. 276], or in any other way. At the petition of the said Nemeas (containing that abbot Odo, proceeding to execution, made collation and provision to him and removed Robert, and that the latter got Richard, archbishop of Cashel, bishop Cornelius, sometime bishop of Limerick, and John, bishop of Lismore, to order all persons in their cities and dioceses not to obey the said collation etc., but to defend the said Robert in his possession; and that although Nemeas appealed to the apostolic see from the said archbishop and bishops and from their said mandates, and obtained possession, although not peaceable, of the said canonry and prebend, the said archbishop and bishops, at Robert's instance, have publicly excommunicated him) the pope orders the above archdeacon to summon the said Robert and others concerned, to grant Nemeas a conditional and ad cautelam absolution from the said excommunication, enjoining penance pro modo culpe, and to hear and decide, without appeal, the cause which Nemeas intends to bring against the said Robert. Justis et honestis. [See also above, p. 441.]


  • 1. On the back of the volume is the usual Lib. 124. On the top edge is the contemporary description: Primus de diuersis formis, de Exhibitis et prebendis vacantibus Anno Nono. A flyleaf has, in contemporary hands, ‘Primus de diuersis formis, de Exhibitis et prebendis vacantibus Anno Nono. Non Rubricatus,’ ‘Aliotus’ and ‘Rubricatus per me Aliotum de mense Septembris mccccxxvii.’