Index of Persons and Places: M, N, O

Pages 647-674

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 7, 1417-1431. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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M (fn. 1)  NO

M (fn. 1)

Macaberchun, John, vicar of Ballysadare, 396.

Macabrechnyn, Meicabrechnyn, Andrew, vicar of Ballysadare, 263.

Macachonduachtay, Micachonduachtay, An-drew, rector of Ballyrashane, 73.

Macadam, Micadam, Edmund, vicar of Askeaton, 509.

Macaedagain, Macheagayn, Cornelius, rector of Lough Mask, afterwards an Augus-tinian canon and abbot of Ballintober, 275, 510.

- See Macheachayn; Machechean; Maciadgan; Mackegean; Maickehea-chayn.

Macalf, Malmaras, 130.

Macamanach, Cristinus, vicar of Kilbride, 406.

Macamilltaich, Miccemilthaych, Thady alias Senus, Cistercian monk, afterwards abbot, of Assaroe, 181, 192, 493.

Macanaerehynnyg (rectius Macanaerchynnyg), Matthew. See Macinnercheny.

MacAnaspie. See Macnesbuchb.

Macawille, Donald. See Mackamail.

Macbateyr, Thomas, 334.

-, -, Sile Black his wife, 334.

Macblosgaid, Macbloscaid, Macbloscayth, Mac-bloschaidth, Macblosgaidh, Macbloskayd, Micblosgaidh, Dermit, canon of Derry, papal mandatary, 547.

-, -, rector of Drumachose in the diocese of Derry, 43.

-, Maurice, canon of Derry, papal mandatary, 75, 91, 103, 183, 228, 457.

-, Tomilinus, dean of Derry, 104.

Macbradaich, Macbradaig, Macbradaych, Mec-bradaich, Andrew, rural dean of Drumlane, rector of Bali Mcancobayl (i,e. Balimicanchobayll, q.v.), and of Keadew, 483, 503.

-, Augustine, vicar of Drung and Larah, 116.

Macbruyn, Micbruyn, Maurice alias John, a Friar Preacher, afterwards a Cistercian monk and abbot of Newry, 215.

Macbryn, Macbruin, Cristin, canon and arch-priest of Dromore, 264, 265.

-, Mark his father, canon and archpriest of Dromore, 265.

MacCamoeil, Mackathmeyl, Arthur, bishop of Clogher, sometime sub-guardian of the spiritualities of Derry, 150, 354, 355, 485, 497.

-, -, -, John his son, a scholar, afterwards a clerk, to become rector of Aghalurcher, 122, 354, 355.

- See Mackamail.

Maccan, Alexander, 457, 458.

-, -, Dugald his son, rector of Kilhoan, afterwards an Augustinian canon and prior of Oransay, 457, 458.

McCarrich, Meccaryg, Anora, 366.

-, Catherine, 220.

Maccarthna, John, clerk, 461.

McCarthy. See Mekarithys; Merckarrtay.

McCawell. See Mekameyl.

Maccener, Donald, dean of Clogher, 243.

Macchait, Mecchait, John, rector of Druma-chose, 43.

Maccholgan, Meccholgan, Donald, rector of Donagh, 186.

-, Nemeas, rector of Donagh, 186.

- See Macolgan.

MacClanchy. See Maclandchaga.

Macclesfeld, John, preceptor of St. Anthony's hospital, London, 374.

Maccockayth, Maccochaydhyccallaydh, Nicho-las, canon of Clonfert, papal manda-tary, 106, 228.

MacCoghlan. See Machoclan.

Maccolyn, Myccolin, Henry, abbot, afterwards canon, of Ballintober, 275.

-, Rosina Ingy, 302.

Macconmara, Maccommara, Donald, clerk, rector of Bunratty and of Quin in the diocese of Killaloe, 350, 352, 490.

-, -, priest, vicar of Clooney in the diocese of Killaloe, 269.

-, Matthew, rector of Bunratty and of Quin in the diocese of Killaloe, 350, 352, 490.

-, -, clerk, of the diocese of Killa-loe, vicar of Clooney in that diocese, 269.

-, Matthew, clerk, of the diocese of Killaloe, rector of Kilfintinan in the diocese of Limerick, 113.

-, Nicholas, rector of Quin, 352, 490.

-, Odo, canon of Killaloe, papal manda-datary, 354.

-, Thady, archdeacon of Killaloe, rector of Quin, 352.

MacCormaic, John, bishop of Raphoe, 185, 186.

MacCragh or MacGrath, Matthew, bishop of Killaloe, 490.

Maccrarth, Maccrayth, Roderick. See Macraith.

Maccreuayr, Maccreuare, Solomon, canon of Armagh, papal mandatary, 245, 397.

Maccyago, Hector. See Maciago.

Macdalaid, Magdalaid, Matthew, vicar of Taughboyne, 141, 142.

Macdavid, Cormac, abbot of Boyle, 426.

Macdiarmada, Micdiarmada, Dermit, rector of Quin, 490.

-, Odo, Cistercian monk, afterwards abbot, of Boyle, 426.

-, Oddo, layman, 426.

-, Thady, Cistercian monk of Boyle, afterwards abbot of Lough Key, 193.

Macdonchreny, Machdonchreny, Cornelius, dean of Elphin, 393.

Macdondchayg, Donald. See Macdonnchaid.

Macdonnagan, Matthew, canon of Dromore and prebendary of Donaghcloney, 264.

Macdonnchaid, Macdondchayg, Meicdonnchaid (McDonough), Cormac, clerk, of the diocese of Elphin, rector of Corran and Ballymote in the diocese of Achonry, 558, 559.

-, -, clerk, of the diocese of Elphin, vicar of Ballysadare in the diocese of Achonry, 263, 397.

-, Donald, canon of Achonry, papal man-datary, 228.

- -, priest, of the diocese of Achonry, rector of Corran and Bally-mote in that diocese, 559.

-, Eugenius, abbot of Boyle, 426.

-, Fynngnoland ingein, damsel, 254.

-, Maurice, Augustinian canon of Derry, afterwards prior of Inchmacnerin, 64.

-, Odo, provost of Achonry, 148.

Macduarchayn, Machduarchayn, Donald, vicar of Turlough and of Templemore, 110.

-, Thomas, vicar of Templemore, 105.

Macdubayll, Henry, rector of Loggan, 266.

-, John, rector of Ennereilly, 266.

Macdubhgayllbig, Maddugaylbyg, Malcolm, canon of Argyll alias Lismore, papal mandatary, 461, 465.

Macdubhthighe, Moboardus, clerk, 461.

Maceada, Maceadgha, Malachy, rector of Ter-monmaguirk, 66, 397, 398.

Macelchade (Mac Elligott), Cornelius, a Friar Minor [afterwards bishop elect of Ross], 439 note.

Maceogayn, Macrogain, Philip, canon of Armagh, papal mandatary, 70, 263.

McEvoy, John. See Mackeyni.

- Patrick. See Makene.

Maceylyd, Matthew, clerk, afterwards Augus-tinian canon and prior of Cloontuskert, 456, 457.

Macfiaych, John, vicar of Druim, 241.

Macgamrugan, Magamrugan, Maghamrughan, Andrew, vicar of Templeport, 402.

-, Magonius, vicar of Templeport, 402.

-, Rory, vicar of Templeport, 402.

Macgarmlegayd, Odo, rector of Carnteel, 405.

MacGeraghty. See Mackyracthi.

Macgerranaystyr, Macgyrrenaystyr, Dermit, chancellor of Kilfenora, 164.

-, Nemeas, chancellor and canon of Kil-fenora, 162164.

McGibbon. See Ocyban.

MacGilfil, MacGilfoyle. See Macgillapoyl.

Macgillabridi, Macgillibridi, Macgilkbridi, Cornelius, dean of Raphoe, canon of Derry, 149, 404.

-, Donald, dean of Derry, 202.

Macgillabugi, Magillabugi, John, canon of Dromore, 122.

Macgillaciaran, John, vicar of Kiltubrid, 398.

Macgillacoisglo, Donald, canon of Clogher, papal mandatary, 539.

Macgillacomayn, Odo, vicar of Killererin, 106.

Macgilladuib, Migillaguib, Murianus, rector of Termonmaguirk, 66, 398.

Macgillaghe, Odo, canon of Leighlin, rector of Bealachchy (q.v.), 355, 356.

Macgillamury, Macgyllamury, Cornelius, rector and vicar of Clonloghan, 490.

-, Malachy, vicar of Clonloghan, 490, 491.

Macgillanach, Donald. See Macgillavanach.

-, Maurice, archdeacon of Kilmacduagh, vicar of Doorus, 271.

Macgillanaem. See Macgillavanem.

Macgillapadrig, Macgillapadrayg, Macgillapa-druyc, Macgillaphadrayg, Macgyllapa-druyc, Meicgillapadraug, Meicgyllapha-dryg, Ceruallus alias Crifannus, rector of Aghaboe, 486.

-, Dermit, Augustinian canon, afterwards abbot, of Canon Island in the diocese of Killaloe, 477.

-, -, rector of Askeaton in the diocese of Limerick, 110.

-, John, vicar of Kilcornan, and chaplain of the annexed chapel of Munychyrm, 491.

-, Matthew, rector of Ibrickan in the diocese of Killaloe, 75.

-, -, vicar of Kilcornan in the diocese of Limerick, 76.

Macgillapoyl, Magillapoyl (MacGilfil, Mac- Gilfoyle), Cornelius alias Cucogriche, Cornelius alias Cucogrithe (Hibern. C-Coigrichi), rector of Roscrea in the diocese of Killaloe, 486, 487.

-, -, vicar of Dunkerrin in the diocese of Killaloe, 573.

Macgillarinan, Macgillarinam, Macgillaruran (McLyrinan), Adam, a secular priest, to become an Augustinian canon and prior of Muckamore, 514, 566, 567.

-, -, Gillagrana his brother, lay-man, 566.

-, -, Stephen his brother, layman, 566.

Macgillaruaid, Macgillaruair, Macgillaruayth, Margillaruair, Micgillaruaid, Andrew, canon of Ardagh, papal mandatary, 267.

-, Dermit, canon of Elphin, vicar of Kilmacowen, 112, 170, 171.

Macgillaruran, Adam. See Macgillarinan.

Macgillavanach, Macgillanach, Macgillava-naha, Denis, provost of Kilmacduagh, intruded rector of Ardrahan, 137.

-, -, vicar of Ardrahan, 488.

-, Donald, canon of Kilmacduagh, papal mandatary, 50, 76, 352.

-, Thomas, vicar of Killeely, 253.

- See Macgillanach.

McGillavanem, Macgillanaem, Macgillavanem, Magillavanem, John, dean of Ardagh, holding the annexed vicarage of Glen, 89, 97, 229, 230, 244.

Macgillayssa, Philip, rector of Drumgoon, 485.

Macgilleon, Murcardus, layman, 472.

-, -, John his son, layman, 472.

Macgilliachanaych, Micgilliachanaych, (Mac- Gilla-Cathanach), Donald, a Premon-stratensian canon, 193.

Macgillibridi, Cornelius See Macgillabridi.

Macgrabartaid, Meicgrabartaid, Philip, vicar of Taughboyne, 142.

Macgrarailt, James, rector of Rathronan, 483, 484.

MacGrath, Thady, bishop elect of Killaloe [sometime abbot of Clare], 286.

- See Macraith.

- See also MacCragh.

Macgrueryc, Charles, a secular clerk, to become prior of the Hospitallers of Kilkenny, 85.

Macgugyr, John, prior and rector, plebanus or comorban of Devenish, 497.

Macgylbrun, Mecgylbrun, Thomas, layman, 570.

Macgyllamury, Cornelius and Malachy. See Macgillamury.

Macgyllapadruyc, Ceruallus alias Crifannus. See Macgillapadrig.

Macgyrrenaystyr, Nemeas. See Macgerran-aystyr.

Machabei, Conganus, rector or vicar of Kilmore, 407.

Machanairchennich (Mac-in-Oirchinnigh, i.e. MacNerney, MacInerny etc.), Adam, canon and archpriest of Dromore, 265.

- See Macinnercheny.

Machayla, Donald, vicar of Kilnasoolagh, 359.

Machdonchreny, Cornelius. See Macdon-chreny.

Machduarchayn. See Macduarchayn.

Macheachayn, Mecheachayn, Philip, vicar of Kilmoylan, 508.

- See Macaedagain; Machechean; Mac-kegean; Maickeheachayn; Maciadgan.

Macheagayn, Cornelius. See Macaedagain.

Machechean, Michechean, Nicholas, rector of Cloone, 80.

- Rory, rector of Cloone, 80.

- See Mackeythan.

- See also Macaedagain; Macheachayn; Mackegean; Maickeheachayn; Maciad-gan.

Macherat, a benefactor of St. Mary's abbey, Dublin, 130.

Machelmec, Gillecrist, a benefactor of St. Mary's abbey, Dublin, 130.

Machinchrega, Mechinchrega, Laurence, rector of Inver, 185.

Machmachuna, Thomas. See Macmachuna

Machoclan (MacCoghlan), Cormac, dean, after-wards bishop, of Clonmacnoise, 164, 440, 460, 467.

Macholydh, John. See Macoly.

Machperson, Gilbert. See Macpherson.

Machswankil, Turstanus, a benefactor of St. Mary's abbey, Dublin, 130.

Machswart, Sigris, a Dublin landholder, 130.

Machtanamgh, Polinus, vicar of Bodoney, 400.

Maciago, Maccyago, Myeago, Hector, prior of Cloontuskert, 64, 457.

Maciadgan (Macaedagan in Cal. Lett. VI, p. 161), Dermit, prior of Roscommon, 59, 60.

- See Macaedagain; Macheachayn; Machechean; Mackegean; Maickehea-chayn.

Macincarygy, Dermit, rector of Clonloghan, 490.

Macinfilud, Philip, canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 568, 569.

- See Macinsilead.

Macinnercheny, Macanaerehynnyg (rectius Macanaerchynnyg), McYnaerchynnyger, Micinuercheny, (Mac-in-Oirchinnigh i.e. MacNerney, MacInerny, etc.), Matthew, vicar of Kilnasoolagh in the diocese of Killaloe, 236, 359.

-, -, vicar of Kilmaleery in the diocese of Killaloe, 237, 510.

- See Machanairchennich.

Macinsilead, Macinsileat, John, vicar of St. Nicholas's, Galway, 401.

- See Macinfilud.

MacJordan. See Exonia.

Mackachan, Robert. See Mackathayn.

Mackamail, Mackamayl, Mackamayll, Arthur, rector of Ballyclog, 89.

-, Denis, rector of Tedavnet, 236.

- (Macawille in Cal. Lett. VI. p. 414; cf. Mackatmail ibid, p. 241), Donald, bishop elect of Derry, sometime arch-deacon of Glendalough, 92, 98, 134.

-, John, scholar, of the diocese of Clogher, the son of bishop [Arthur MacCamoeil, q.v.], 122.

-, - See Mackathmeyl.

-, Patrick, canon of Derry, vicar of Tamlaght-Finlagan, 397.

-, William, rector of Clonfeacle and Ardtrea, 54, 55.

- See MacCamoeil.

Mackamedil, Patrick, vicar of St. Patrick's, Wicklow, 186.

Mackarthan, Donald, rector of Drumgooland in the diocese of Dromore, 263.

Mackarthy, Meckarthy, Synan ini, of the diocese of Cloyne, 570.

Mackassyn, John, Augustinian canon, after-wards abbot, of Moville, 157, 158.

-, William, rector of Modreeny, 187.

Mackathayn, Mackachan, Robert, clerk, of the diocese of Killaloe, rector of Drum-cliff and Kilmaley, both in that diocese, 111.

-, -, clerk, of the diocese of Killaloe, vicar of Kilrush in that diocese, 53.

- See Mackeythan.

Mackathmeyl, John, clerk, of the diocese of Clogher, the son of bishop [Arthur MacCamoeil, q.v.], to become rector of Aghalurcher in that diocese, 354, 355.

- See Mackamail.

Mackatmail, Donald. See Mackamail.

Mackayla, Thomas, vicar of Kilmaleery, 511.

Mackeallaid, Mackeallaidh, Makeallaid, Mak-eallayg, Donald, vicar of Toomour, 45, 228.

-, Robert, rector of Moville, 548.

Mackegean, Nemias, priest, 230.

- See Macaedagain; Macheachayn; Machechean; Maickeheachayn; Maciad-gan.

Mackenayn, Nemyas, vicar of Tamlaght- Finlagan, 397.

Mackennery, Denis, vicar of Corcomohide, 396.

Mackeyni (rectius Mackeyui, i.e. McEvoy), John, rector of Offerlane, afterwards of Aghaboe, 74.

- See Makene.

Mackeythan, Makeythan, Andrew, vicar of Cloone, 40.

-, John, vicar of Cloone, 40.

- See Machechean.

- See also Mackathayn.

Mackeyui, John. See Mackeyni.

Mackworth, Macworth [co. Derby], 139.

- See Macworth.

Mackyracthi, Cornelius alias Cukhagri (Hibern. C-Coigrichi), rector of Lynn, 351.

Maclaind, Dermit, precentor of Kilmacduagh, 399.

Maclandchaga (MacClanchy or Clancy), Dona-tus, rector of the parish churches of Rallergleach and Vetforaich, called the rectory of Glae, i.e. Killilagh, 108.

-, John, rector of the parish churches of Rallergleach and Vetforaich, called the rectory of Glae, i.e. Killilagh, afterwards vicar of Kilnasoolagh, 108.

-, Maurice, vicar of Killilagh, 107.

McLeay. See Macluagii.

Macleod, William, 472.

-, -, Anne his daughter, 472.

Macleyn, Mecleyn, John, rector of Beagh, 97.

Maclochlayn, Maurianus, vicar of Kilmorgan, 237.

Macluagii, Magluagii (McLeay? ), Donald, rector of Templepatrick or Moyvore, 83.

-, Thomas, rector of the same, 83.

MacLyrinan. See Macgillarinan.

Macmachuna, Machmachuna, Magmachuna, Meicmachuna (MacMahon), Catherine Ingein, damsel, 135.

-, Donatus, canon of Kilfenora, papal mandatary, 112.

-, -, portionary, afterwards dean, of Kilfenora, vicar of Kilmacrehy, 148.

-, Henry, Henry Macronhulayth (cf. Henry Macconulag Magmachuna in Cal. Lett. vi, p. 428, Henry Macconn-lug, ibid. p. 149, Henry Macconnluy, ibid. p. 292, rector of Galloon, after-wards of Clones, 42, 480.

-, Thomas, archdeacon of Limerick, 540, 541.

-, Thomas, vicar of Killilagh in the diocese of Kilfenora, 107.

Macmallgussa, Magmallgussa, Nicholas, dean of Raphoe, rector of Conwal, 403, 404.

Macmeanmen, Mahemeheanman, Macmean-manydhomhnaill (MacMenmain O'Don-nell), Eugenius, canon of Raphoe, papal mandatary, and Maurice, rector of Fahan. See Odomhnaille.

Macmicdonchychadalteege (? Mic MacDonald Oge), Duncan, canon of Argyll, papal mandatary, 266.

Macmolamphaid, Macmolphansig (MacMoelan-faid), Nellanus, canon of Derry, rector of Donaghmore, 168, 229.

Macmolynd, John, dean of Derry, canon of Clogher, vicar of Rasharkin and of Clones, 100, 202.

Macmuertheny, Eugenius, vicar of Kilfinaghta, 484.

Macmuircertaid, Patrick. See Macmurrig.

Macmurhuga, Macumurhuga alias Edalagh (Ydalagh, Ui Dalagh), John, dean of Leighlin, vicar of Kiltennell, 88, 165.

Macmurrig, Macmuircertaid, Patrick, prior of Derrane, 61.

Macnachtane, Donald, treasurer of Dunkeld, canon of Aberdeen, 102, 103.

MacNerney. See Machanairchennich; Mac-inuercheny.

Macnesbuchb (Mac-in-easbuig i.e. MacAnaspie), Donald, vicar of Inishcaltra, 265.

Macolgan, Bernard, vicar of St. Eugenius's, Ardstraw, 353.

- See Maccholgan.

Macoly, Macholydh, John, canon of Elphin, papal mandatary, 398, 571.

Macongolan, Mecongolan, Donatus, prior of Saints Island, 410.

Maconnayng, Cornelius, clerk, 167.

Macorcrayn, Henry, rector of Birr, 74.

- See Ocorcrayn; Ocorgran.

Macosquin, de Clarofonte [co. Londonderry], Cistercian abbey, abbot of, papal man-datary, 112.

Macpherson, Machperson, Macperson, Gilbert, rector and vicar of Glassary, 156, 266.

Macraith, Philip, rector of Drumcliff, 350.

-, Maccrarth (rectius Maccraith), Mac-crayth, Macraich (rectius Macraith i.e. MacGrath), Roderick, a secular canon of Killaloe, afterwards an Augustinian canon of Clare, 50, 276, 441, 481.

-, Thomas, treasurer of Killaloe, rector of Drumcliff, 350.

MacRoarty, MacRobhartaigh. See Magra-bortaid.

Macrogain, Philip. See Maceogayn.

Macronhulayth, Henry, rector of Galloon, afterwards of Clones. See Macma-chuna.

Macsearraith (MacSherry), Cornelius, to be abbot of Ballysadare, afterwards to be rector of Offhicari and Beannfada, 261, 270.

Macsinan, Gillapatric, 130.

Macsubhne, Macsuebne, Micsubhne (Mac- Sweeny), Laurence, canon of Raphoe, vicar of Clondavaddog. 162, 186.

Macuarta, Paul, vicar of Cappagh, 237.

Macumurhuga alias Edalagh, John. See Mac-murhuga.

Macworth, John, dean of Lincoln, chancellor of Henry V before his accession, and in his service after his accession, 65, 146, 147, 272, 315.

-, Thomas, donsel, 304.

-, -, Alice his wife, 304.

Macworth. See Mackworth.

McYnaerchynnyger, Matthew. See Macinner-cheny.

Madderty. See Inchaffray.

Maddugaylbyg, Malcolm. See Macdubhgayll-big.

Madock, John, bishop of Kildare, 61, 490.

Madratha. See Murragh.

Magamrugan, Andrew. See Macgamrugan.

Magbili. See Moville.

Magcarnan, diocese of Tuam, rectory of, i.e. the barony of Moycarn [co. Roscom-mon], 228.

Magdalaid, Matthew. See Macdalaid.

Magdrim. See Modreeny.

Mageanulyd, Maurianus, Augustinian canon and prior of Cloontuskert, 457.

Magecabaynd, Odo, rector of Aghalurcher, 354, 355.

Magh Itha, Mugithi [the south half of the barony of Raphoe, co. Donegal], deanery of, 150.

Maghamrughan, Magonius and Rory. See Macgamrugan.

Maghbhile. See Moville.

Magheralin. See Lann Ronain.

Magheranure. See Drumgoon.

Magillabugi, John. See Macgillabugi.

Magillaghe, Odo. See Macgillaghe.

Magillapoyl, Cornelius alias Cucogriche. See Macgillapoyl.

Magillavanem, John. See Macgillavanem.

Maginssa (Magennis), Odo, nobleman, of the diocese of Dromore, 310.

- See Magyngussa.

Magio , abbey de. See Monasteranenagh.

Magluagii, Donald and Thomas See Mac-luagii.

Magmachuna, Donatus and Henry. See Mac-machuna.

Magmallgussa, Nicholas. See Macmallgussa.

Magmora. See Templepatrick.

Magni, Amaurus, knight, 131.

Magnyo. See Moynoe.

Magongayl, Cornelius, rector of Inver, 185.

Magrabortaid (MacRobhartaigh, MacRoarty), Philip, Augustinian canon of St. Severus's, Bologna, afterwards abbot of Cella Nigra, Derry, 60, 393.

Magraidi, Patrick, layman, 566.

Magraidin, Nemias, an Augustinian canon, prior of Inchcleraun, 367.

Magrodaghi, Patrick, rector of Desertegny, 103, 104.

Magrogry, Magrogey, Cornelius, vicar of Errigal Keerogue, afterwards of Aghaloo, 70, 71.

Magsaech. See Monsea.

Maguelonne [dep. Hrault, France], Lewis, bishop of. See Cardinal priests (St. Cecilia's).

Maguryn, Magurym, Meguryn, Comedinus, vicar of Druim, 241.

-, Peter, canon of Dromore, rector of Clonallan in the diocese of Dromore, papal mandatary, 240, 241, 246.

Maguyo. See Moynoe.

Maguyr, Maurice, archdeacon of Clogher, rector of Aghalurcher, 355.

-, Peter, priest, of the diocese of Clogher, 42.

Magynd, John, canon of Dromore and pre-bendary of Donaghcloney, vicar of Lann Ronain, 264.

-, -, -, papal mandatary, 265.

Magyngussa, Megyngussa (Magennis), Odo, layman of the diocese of Dromore, 122.

- See Maginssa.

Magyrthir. See Murher.

Mahee Island, Nedrym [in Tullynakill parish, co. Down] parish church of St. Mochaei or Cailan, 265.

Mahemeheanman, Eugenius. See Macmeanmen.

Maickeheachayn, Philip, warden of Scattery Island collegiate church, 100.

- See Macaedagain; Macheachayn; Machechean; Maciadgan; Mackegean.

Maiden Newton, Maydinneweton, Maydyn-neweton, Maydyn Newton [co. Dorset], 231, 390.

Maidstone, Mardeston, Maydenstane, Maydes-ton [co. Kent], collegiate church of, warden of. See Heron.

-hospital on the bridge at, 222.

-, John Hessynden alias Marler of, don-sel, 221, 222, 325.

-, -, Joan his wife, damsel, 221, 222, 325.

Mainz [Hesse], archbishop of, 36.

Makbleyth, Thomas, priest, 336, 339.

Makeallaid, Makeallayg, Donald. See Mac-keallaid.

Makehan, John, clerk, 423, 424.

Makekathayn (MacEgan), Philip, vicar of Shanagolden, 402.

- See Macaedagain.

Makene (rectius Makeue, i.e. McEvoy), Patrick, rector of Durrow, 73.

- See Mackeyni.

Makerston, Malkersten [co. Roxburgh], 466.

Makeue, Patrick. See Makene.

Makeychan, John. See Mackeychan.

Makillandis, Martin, vicar of Glassary, 156.

Malaghyddirth alias Castleknock. See Mul-huddart.

Malaghyde. See Malahide.

Malaghynan. See Newchapel.

Malahide, Malaghyde [co. Dublin], Thomas Asche of, 416.

-, -, his wife, 416.

Malbyrthorpe, William, canon of Lincoln, rector of Market Deeping, 284.

Malcolmi, John, rector and vicar of Kilmore, 407.

Maleaclid alias Sepinand, Thomas, vicar of Carbury, 489.

Maleverer, Millecensia, 554.

Maligeneri, William, papal chaplain and auditor, 89, 294, 295.

Mlines [Belgium]. See Mechlin.

Malkarsten. See Makerston.

Mallary, John, nobleman, 315.

-, -, Philippa his wife, 315.

Malling, Mallyng [co. Kent], Benedictine abbey, Joan, abbess of, 337.

-, South, Mallyng, South Mallyng [co. Sussex], collegiate church of St. Michael, canons of. See Heron; Stafford.

Malokin, Zanobius, rector of Ivychurch, 323, (corrigenda).

Malpas, William, treasurer of Chichester, 311.

Maltby, John, priest, 419.

Maltravers. See Arundel.

Malvern, Great, de Malueron Maiori [co. Worcester], Benedictine priory, prior of, papal mandatary, 366.

Mamcestre. See Manchester.

Man, Isle of, 127.

Manchester, Mamcestre [co. Lancaster], manor of, 475.

-, parish church of St. Mary, afterwards collegiate church of St. Mary the Virgin and SS. Denis and George, 475.

Mandeville, Henry, lord and patron of Tin-wald, 495.

Mandlove, Thomas, vicar of Worfield, 207.

Manfeld, Robert, clerk, notary, 543.

Mangoson or Maugoson, Hugh, prior of Deer-hurst, 126.

Manne, Hugh, priest, 79.

-, Thomas, of Barton upon Humber, donsel, 326.

-, -, -, Anne his wife, 326.

Mannok, Philip, of Stoke by Nayland, 300, 313.

-, -, -, Margery his wife, 300, 313.

Mannyng, Roger, an Augustinian canon, 338.

Manorbier, Maynerbyr [co. Pembroke], 107.

le Mans [Sarthe, France], canon of. See Gray.

-, statutes of the cathedral church of, 381.

Manuslot, Henry, rector of Coulsdon, 363.

Mapels, Alice, 340.

Maperton [co. Somerset], 220.

Mar [Scotland], Alexander, earl of. See Stewart.

Marbyl, Thomas, vicar of Eye, 551.

March, Edmund, earl of. See Mortimer.

Marchall, Marchall', John, rector of Scruton, notary, 348.

-, Thomas, rector of Bishops Waltham in the diocese of Winchester, 221.

-, -, rector of Crawley in the diocese of Winchester, 553.

- See Marshall.

Marchant, Marchaunt, John, citizen of London, 553, 554.

-, -, -, Joan his wife, 553, 554.

-, William, esquire, 300.

-, -, Alice his wife, 300.

Marcheford, Simon, canon of Windsor, rector of St. Mary's, Harrow on the Hill, and of Horton, 472, 473.

Marchre (rectius Marthre), Thomas le, a Dublin landholder, 130.

Mardeston. See Maidstone.

Mares, Patrick, rector of Latteragh, 276.

Margam, Morgan [co. Glamorgan], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 255.

-, -, abbot and convent of, 290.

Margillaruair, Dermit. See Macgillaruaid.

Marina, William de, canon of Bordeaux, 295.

Markeniche. See Markinch.

Market Deeping, Est Depyng [co. Lincoln] parish church of St. Guthlac, 284.

Market Overton, Merket Overton [co. Rut-land], 443.

Markinch, Markeniche, Markyniche [co. Fife], 251, 269.

- See also Kirkforther.

Marler alias Hessynden, John, of Maidstone, donsel, 221, 222, 325.

-, -, Joan his wife, damsel, 221, 222, 325.

Marmoutier. See Tours.

Marmyll', Cecily, nun of the order of Fonte-vrault, 373.

Marnhull [co. Dorset], 223.


Marshall, Marschall, Marsshall, Catherine, countess le, i.e. daughter of Ralf Neville, 340.

-, John, clerk, notary, 543.

-, Henry, bishop of Exeter, 123.

-, Hugh, 434.

-, -, Maud his wife, 434.

-, Thomas, canon of Chichester, 300.

- See Marchall.

Marston, Merston [co. Oxford], 452.

- See Merston.

Martham [co. Norfolk], parish church of St. Mary, 330.

Marthre. See Marchre.

Martin, Henry, priest, 306.

- See Martyn.

Martin V (Otto Colonna), abbreviators of letters of. See Capranica; Florencia; Gucii; Howgan alias de Cork.

-, ambassadors to, from Charles VII. See Gray; Scrymegeour.

-, -, from nobles of Scotland. See Croyser.

-, -, from James I. See Myrton.

-, brother of. See Colonna (Lorenzo).

-, banker of. See Vassalli.

-, constitutions by, 173, 287, 307, 370, 371, 444, 573.

-, correctors etc. of letters of. See Agello; Casatiis; Ponto; Ricoldus.

-, election of, 58, 64, 126, 146, 206.

-, envoy of. See Albergati.

-, members of the household of. See Pinchon; Sulbarn; Susato; Ugolims; Vassalli.

-, nephews of. See Colonna (Anthony and Prospero).

-, secretaries of. See Capranica; Monte-policiano; Pileo; Poggio.

-, vice-chamberlain of. See Cardinal priests (St. Cecilia's).

-, writers of letters of. See Capranica; Florencia; Gucii; Pinchon; Sulbarn; Ugolinis.

Martiner, Isabel, damsel, 208.

Marton cum Moxby, Marton [co. York, N.R.], Augustinian priory, prior of, papal mandatary, 538.

Martyll, Hugh, priest, presented to the rectory of Wigston Magna, 54.

Martyn, Thomas, of Homington, 395.

-, -, Margaret his first wife, 395.

-, -, Sarah his second wife, 395.

- See Martin.

Martynglee. See Mattingley.

Marys, William, 419.

-, -, Joan his wife, 419.

Masca, Pandulfus de. See Cardinal priests (Twelve Apostles).

Mascall, Robert, bishop of Hereford, 122.

Masham, William, 434.

-, -, Agnes his wife, 434.

- See Masseham.

Mason, John, the younger, 71.

-, Philip, clerk, notary, 215.

Masseham, William, priest, 432.

- See Masham.

Masseleyn, Masselqu', John, 71.

Mata , Johannes de. See Mota.

Matfelon, St. Mary's de, alias Whytechapelle. See London (parish churches).

Matheu, William, a Benedictine monk, 301.

Mathu, John, priest, 450.

Matthew ap Gronow, priest, 419.

Mattingley, Martynglee [co. Southants], 394.

Mauberd, Robert, rector of Minterne, 257.

Maugoson or Mangoson, Hugh, prior of Deer-hurst, 126.

Maunetel, Nicholas, an Augustinian canon, 515.

Mautby, Mawdeby in Fleg', Mawdeby in Fleg [co. Norfolk, in the deanery of Flegg], 553, 554.

- See Mawteby.

Mawlay, Maud de, 548.

Mawteby, John, donsel, 553.

-, -, Margery his wife, 553.

Mawterwers. See Arundel.

May, Isle of [co. Fife], Augustinian priory, prior of. See Haldenston; Nory; Camera.

Maydenstane, Maydeston. See Maidstone.

Maydinneweton, Maydyn Newton, Maydyn-neweton. See Maiden Newton.

Maye, John, donsel, 549.

-, -, his wife, damsel, 549.

- See Mey.

Mayence [Hesse], archbishop of, 36.

Mayeu, Mayev, John, dean of Blofield and rector of Yelvertoft, afterwards rector of Abington and of Yelvertoft, 153, 501, 502.

Maynerbyr. See Manorbier.

Maynwaryng, Randolph, donsel, 79.

Mayo [co. Mayo], dean of. See Omurchuda; Ranny.

-, Augustinian abbey of St. Michael, abbot of, papal mandatary, 95, 160162, 226.

-, -, canon of, 60.

-, vicarage of, 143.

Mearns, de Mernis [co. Renfrew], 237.

Meath, bishop of, papal mandatary, 192, 256, 504, 505, 567.

-, -, patronage of, 95.

-, -, rights of in respect of the blessing of abbots, 193.

-, Edward, bishop of. See Daunttesey.

-, Eugenius, bishop of [11741194], 130.

-, Robert, bishop of. See Montayne.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 59.

- - See Yonge.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 509, 510.

Meaux [co. York, E.R.], Cistercian abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 513.

Mecbradaich, Augustine. See Macbradaich.

Meccaryg, Catherine. See McCarrich.

Mecchait, John. See Macchait.

Meccholgan, Nemeas. See Maccholgan.

Mecgylbrun, Thomas. See Macgylbrun.

Mecheachayn, Philip. See Macheachayn.

Mechein, St. Bride in. See Llansaintffraid yn Mechan.

Mechinchrega, Laurence. See Machinchrega.

Meckarthy, Synan ini. See Mackarthy.

Mechlin [Belgium], letters dated at, 32.

Mecleyn, John. See Macleyn.

Mecongolan, Donatus. See Macongolan.

Medford, Medeford, Medforde, Medefordi, Walter, canon, afterwards dean of Wells, canon of Salisbury, papal col- lector in England, 1, 55, 212, 230, 231, 286, 409.

Medonis, Richard, 181, 456.

-, -, Nicholas his son, an Augus-tinian canon of Clare, afterwards prior of Inniscronane, 181, 456.

Meelick, Mylygsynna [co. Galway], 487, 488.

Meez, Francis de, regent of the papal chancery, abbot of St. Oyan (Oyand) de Joux, (i.e. Saint-Claude in the Jura), after-wards bishop elect of Geneva, 215, 390, 391 note, 396 note, 408, 426, 471 note, 486 note, 504, 509 note, 512 note, 529, 530.

Megara [Greece], bishop of. See Didaci.

Meguryn. Comedinus. See Maguryn.

Megyngussa, Odo. See Magyngussa.

Meicabrechnyn, Andrew. See Macabrechnyn.

Meicdonnchaid, Eugenius and Fynngnoland Ingein. See Macdonnchaid.

Meicgillapadraug, Matthew. See Macgillapa-drig.

Meicgrabartaid, Philip. See Macgrabartaid.

Meicgyllaphadryg, Dermit. See Macgillapa-drig.

Meicmachuna, Catherine Ingein. See Mac-machuna.

Mekameyl (i.e. MacCathmail, McCawell), Meicagyr, 278.

-, -, Gormella (Gornilaidh? ), his daughter, 278.

Mekarithys (McCarthy), Orlayth yny, damsel, 432.

- See Merckarrtay.

Melbourne, Meleburn [co. Derby], 564.

Meldreth, Melreth [co. Cambridge], 209.

Meldrom, Meldrome, Thomas, layman, 465.

-, William de, lord of Auchnave and Pecarry, 234, 235.

-, -, -, Thomas de, his heir, 235.

-, -, -, -, William de, his heir, 235.

Meleburn. See Melbourne.

Melksham, St. Michael, Melkisham [co. Wilts], 414.

Mellifont [co. Louth], Cistercian abbey, monk of, 513.

Melreth. See Meldreth.

Melrose, Melros [co. Roxburgh], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary the Virgin, abbot of, papal mandatary, 67, 214, 287.

-, -, -, appropriation to the mensa of, 127.

-, -, David, abbot of, 125, 214.

-, -, abbot and convent of, 125, 127.

- -, monks of, 214, 287.

-, -, indulgence for the church of, 570.

-, indulgence in aid of building of a bridge over the Tweed at, 522.

Meneu, William, 414.

-, -, Juliana Cromber his relict, 414.

Menewyrnek alias Copping', Thomas, scholar, 379.

Menmuir, Menmur [co. Forfar], prebend in Dunkeld, 296.

Meopham, Mepham [co. Kent], 454.

Merbury, Nicholas, esquire, 335.

-, -, Margaret his wife, 335.

Mercatoris, Hermann, of Balve, vicar of St. Patroclus's, Soest, papal envoy to Eng-land, 15.

Merckarrtay (McCarthy), Sabina daughter of, 208.

- See Mekarithys.

Merdon, Thomas, canon of Chichester, 450.

Meredith ap Atha, 311.

-, Gwelian his wife, 311.

Merket Overton. See Market Overton.

Mernis , de. See Mearns.

Merrion. See Murlegan.

Mersch, Mersche, John, clerk, notary, 206.

-, Thomas, a Gilbertine canon, papal chaplain and minor penitentiary, rector of Geldeston, going to England, 16 456, 516, 517.

-, William, clerk, notary 427.

Merschman, Adam, layman, 311.

Mersea, West, Mersey alias Mersege [co. Essex], alien Benedictine priory, 298.

Mersfeld', Richard, vicar of St. Woollos alias Gunlin, Newport, 206.

Merston, Mersten, Merston', Merstorn', Henry, canon of London, 312, 318.

-, -, rector of St. Mary's, South-ampton, 409, 410.

- See Marston.

Merthyr [co. Carmarthen], 550.

Merton, John de, provost of Bothwell in the diocese of Glasgow, 360.

-, -, vicar of Innerleithen in the diocese of Glasgow, papal chaplain, 354.

- See Myrton.

Merton [co. Surrey], Augustinian priory, prior of, papal mandatary, 435.

Mesech, William, a benefactor of St. Mary's abbey, Dublin, 130.

Messing, Richard, bishop [of Dromore, after-wards] of Sodor, 194.

Mettingham, Methyngham [co. Suffolk], college of, master of. See Wylbeyc.

Mey, John, priest, 562.

-, Margaret, 227.

- See Maye.

Meyler, Meylere, John, archdeacon of Cloyne, vicar of Ballyspillane, 88, 89.

Micachonduachtay, Andrew. See Macachon-duachtay.

Micadam, Edmund. See Macadam.

Micblosgaidh, Tomilinus. See Macblosgaid.

Micbruyn, Maurice alias John. See Macbruyn.

Miccemilthaych, Senus alias Thady. See Macamilltaich.

Micdiarmada, Oddo. See Macdiarmada.

Micgillaruaid, Dermit. See Macgillaruaid.

Micgilliachanaych, Donald. See Macgilliach-anaych.

Michechean, Nicholas. See Machechean.

Micheleston. See Mitchelstown.

Michelham [in Arlington parish, co. Sussex], Augustinian priory, prior and convent of, appropriation to, 411, 433.

Micinuercheny, Matthew. See Macinner-cheny.

Micsubhne, Laurence. See Macsubhne.

Middlesex, Myddylsex, archdeacon of, faculty to, 349.

-, - See Northew.

Middleton Stoney, Midlyngton [near Bicester, co. Oxford], 40, 41.

Midelton, Midilton, John, nobleman, 338.

-, Thomas, of Southampton, 342.

-, -, -, Margaret his wife, 342.

Midlyngton. See Middleton Stoney.

Mies (Stibro) [Bohemia], siege of, 35.

Migillaguib, Murianus. See Macgilladuib.

Mildenhale, William, vicar of Bearsted, 422.

Mildenhall, St. Andrew, Mildenhale [co. Suf-folk], 517, 538.

Militis, Richard, dean and canon of Aberdeen, canon of Dunkeld, rector of Laurence-kirk, 268, 296, 297, 404, 443, 444.

Minbrisg. See Sligo.

Minterne, Mynterad [co. Dorset], 257.

Minwear, Mynwer [co. Pembroke], 115, 116.

Mitchelstown, Micheleston [co. Meath], 428.

Mitford', John, priest, notary, 412.

Mitford, St. Mary Magdalene, Mitford [co. Northumberland], 538.

Mitton, Mytton [in Bredon parish, co. Wor-cester], chapel of Holy Cross, 524.

Mochellan, Magonius, archdeacon of Clon-macnoise, 243, 244.

Modbury [co. Devon], 207.

Modigliana, Mutiliana [prov. of Florence, Italy], Richard, count of, papal nuncio to England, 5.

Modisleghe, Thomas, rector of Churchstanton, 495.

Modreeny, Magdrim [co. Tipperary], 187.

Mohill, Mucgail [co. Leitrim], Augustinian priory of St. Mary, prior of. See Omoran; Orodochan.

Moira. See Lann Ronain.

Molaghyddryt. See Mulhuddart.

Molaghynan. See Newchapel.

Molferth. See Kilmolroy.

Molinger. See Mullingar.

Molino, Blaise, patriarch of Grado, regent of the papal chancery, 298.

Molle, Thomas, canon of Wingham, rector of Great Mongeham, 389.

Monaincha, Insula Vivencium [in the parish of Corbally, co. Tipperary], Augus-tinian priory of St. Mary, prior of. papal mandatary, 276, 367, 398, 407, 486, 487.

-, -, - See Omeachayr.

-, -, canon of, 141.

Monasteranenagh, de Magio [co. Limerick], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 51, 90.

-, -, Cornelius, abbot of, 182.

-, -, abbot of. See Orywyrdan.

-, -, monk of, 182.

Monasterevin, Rosea Vallis, Rosglas [co. Kildare], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 164, 486.

-, -, Fergallus, abbot of. See Omallyan.

-, -, John, abbot of, 494.

-, -, monk of, 494.

Monasteroris, Cafleanfeorris, Caseleanfeoris, Casleanfeoris [King's County], 357, 358.

Monemousk. See Monymusk.

Mongeham, Great [co. Kent], 389.

Monkstown, Carrickbrennan, Kanbrenan [co. Dublin], 129.

Monkton, Munketon [co. Kent], 454.

Monktown, Monkton [co. Ayr], 262.

- [co. Meath]. See Bally-na-morcaid.

Monsea, Magsaech [co. Tipperary], 52, 53.

Montacute [co. Somerset], Cluniac priory, prior of, faculty to, 206.

- See Monteacuto.

Montaigu [Jura, France], lord of. See Neuchtel.

Montayne, Robert, bishop of Meath, 194, 504, 505.

Monteacuto, Thomas de, earl of Salisbury, 439, 440, 468.

Monteferrando, David de, archbishop of Bordeaux, 295.

Montepoliciano, Montepolliciano, B[artholo-mew] de, papal secretary, 213, 523.

Monymusk, Monemousk, Monymoske, Mony-mousk [co. Aberdeen], Augustinian priory, prior of, papal mandatary, 188, 234, 243.

-, -, - See Doueri; Kil-concar; Pasleto.

-, -, canons of, 513.

Moorton, William, chaplain of Holy Trinity and St. Thomas the Martyr, Coventry, 315.

- See Morton.

Moraunt alias Brewstere, John, priest, 326.

Moray [co. Elgin], Columba, bishop elect of, sometime master of Ruthven hospital. See Dunbar.

-, Henry, bishop of. See Leighton.

-, precentor of. See Croyser; Spineto.

-, canons of. See Atholia; Benyng; Crannach; Croyser; Grenlaw; Hawyke; Lawedre; Schenes; Spineto; Stephani; Tunnok.

Mordon alias Sottewell', Thomas, rector of Marnhull, 223.

More, John, a Gilbertine canon, 302.

-, John, priest, 312.

-, Richard, Richard de Muer, Richard de Muor, canon of Cloyne, rector of Annagh and Clogherbrien, vicar of Knockainy, 47, 51, 52, 442.

Morehall, Morehalle [? in Gnosall parish, co. Stafford], prebend in Gnosall, 249, 282.

Moresburgh, John, rector of Brandon, after-wards of Patrington, 177.

Moresby, Richard, rector of Dacre and of Holme upon Spalding Moor, 572, 573.

Moreton and Whaddon, Morton and Waddon [co. Hereford], prebend in Hereford, 439.

Morgan, Philip, bishop of Worcester, after-wards of Ely, sometime canon of Lin-coln, 133, 213, 445, 449, 476, 477.

Morgan. See Margam.

Moricii, Donald, prior of Oransay. See Brichi.

Moriel alias Lavenham, Thomas, precentor of Llandaff and rector of Biddenham, afterwards rector of Biddenham and Binbrook, 499.

Morland', William, clerk, notary, 348.

Morps, Agnes, a Cistercian nun, 339.

Morsted', Thomas, esquire, 335.

-, -, Juliana his wife, 335.

Mortimer, Edmund de, Edmund de Mortuo-mari, earl of March and Ulster, lord of Clare, Connaught and Trim, 156, 194, 265, 292, 481, 510.

-, Robert, donsel, 431.

-, -, Sibyl his wife, 431.

-, Mortymer, Robert le, donsel, 279.

-, -, Margery his wife, 279.

Morton, John, priest, 302.

-, Thomas, master of Brackley hospital, 469.

-, William, priest, of the diocese of Durham, 305.

- See Moorton.

Morton and Waddon. See Moreton.

Mortuomari, Mortymer, Edmund and Robert de. See Mortimer.

Morville. See Bridgwalton.

Morw, Thomas, monk, afterwards abbot, of Paisley, chaplain of James I, envoy of Charles VII and of the pope, papal referendary, 14, 141, 291.

Moses, vice-chancellor of the Roman church, 129.

Mot, Geoffrey, vicar of Eastbourne, 538.

Mota , Mata, Johannes de, papal registers rubricated by, 384 note, 464 note, 512 note.

Mota. See Ballymote.

Motte, Nicholas, layman, 475.

Moungomery, John, knight, of the diocese of Lincoln, 337.

-, -, Elizabeth his wife, 337.

- See Mountgomery.

Mounin, Thomas, donsel, 323.

-, -, his wife, 323.

Mounpynson, John, priest, 310.

Mountgomery, John, knight, 451.

-, -, his wife, 451.

- See Moungomery.

Moville, Moybily [co. Down], Augustinian abbey, abbot of. See Mackassyn; Styil.

-, -, canon of. 157.

-, Magbili, Maghbhile [co. Donegal], rectory of, 547, 578.

- -, vicarage of, 104.

Moycarn. See Magcarnan.

Moynoe, Magnyo, Maguyo [co. Clare], 267 (corrigenda).

Moyses, Robert, priest, 429.

Moyvore. See Templepatrick.

Mucamyr. See Muckamore.

Mucgail. See Mohill.

Muckamore, Mucamyr, Muchamur [co. Antrim], Augustinian priory of St. Mary, prior of. See Albanach; Macgillarinan.

-, -, commendatary prior of. See Oguym.

-, -, Luke, intruded prior of, 514.

-, -, canon of, 514, 567.

Muckersie, Mukyrsy, Murkyrsy (now in For-teviot parish, co. Perth), 156.

Muckno, Mucnamh [co. Monaghan], 485.

Mnster [Westphalia], collegiate church of Alt Sanct Paul, canon of. See Brincke.

-, collegiate church of Sanct Martin, canon of. See Brincke.

Muer, Richard de. See More.

Mugithi. See Magh Itha.

Mukyrsy. See Muckersie.

Mulfield, Robert de, a Cistercian monk, bishop of Killaloe, 7, 8, 279.

Mulgan, John, rector of Lynn. afterwards bishop of Leighlin, 135, 147, 351, 356.

Mulhuddart, Malaghyddirth alias Castleknock, Molaghyddryt [co. Dublin], the portion on the dean's side of the prebend of Castleknock in Dublin, 71, 507.

Mullaghnoney. See Newchapel.

Mullinacuff, Mullynmeicduys, Muylyndmyc-duyb [co. Wicklow], 51, 92.

Mullingar, Molinger [co. Westmeath], Augus-tinian priory, prior of. See Bryde; Braynok; Dyllon.

- -, canon of, 194.

Mullynmeicduys. See Mullinacuff.

Multon, William, priest, 447.

Mundham, John, clerk, notary, 348.

Muninacon, a possession of St. Mary's abbey, Dublin, 130.

Munketon. See Monkton.

Muoz, Giles, Aegidius Munionis. See Clement VIII.

Muntirmurchuga (i.e. Muintir Murchadha or the Sept of O'Flaherty, which held the barony of Clare, co. Galway), 111.

Munychyrm. See Kilcornan.

Muor, Richard de. See More.

Mur, Nicholas de, canon of Orkney, papal mandatary, 148.

Murher, Magyrthir [co. Kerry], 483, 484.

Murkyrsy. See Muckersie.

Murlegan [? Merrion, co. Dublin], a possession of St. Mary's abbey, Dublin, 129.

Murragh, Madratha [co. Cork], 382, 383.

Mursley [co. Bucks], 280, 501.

Musgrave, Richard, knight, 325.

Musgrave [co. Westmoreland], 224, 325.

Muskelburch, William de, vicar of Tibber-more, 406.

Mutiliana. See Modigliana.

Muylyndmycduyb. See Mullinacuff.

Myccolin, Rosina Ingy. See Maccolyn.

Myddylsex. See Middlesex.

Myeago, Hector. See Maciago.

Mylygsynna. See Meelick.

Mylynton, William, 41.

-, -, Emmota his wife, 41.

Mynterad. See Minterne.

Mynwer. See Minwear.

Myrfyn, Robert, donsel, 551.

-, -, Isabel his wife, 551.

Myrskypp alias Driffeld', Thomas, clerk, notary, 530.

Myrton, Thomas de, Thomas Myrtonis, dean of Glasgow, canon of Aberdeen and Brechin, rector of Tarvit, envoy of James I to the pope, papal nuncio to England, Scot-land, etc., 6, 30, 467, 468.

- See Merton.

Mytton. See Mitton.


Naas, Adam de la, Adam le Nase, archdeacon of Kells, 94, 199.

Naas, Nas, Nase, Nasse [co. Kildare], vicarage of, 162, 166.

-, Augustinian priory of St. John [Bap-tist], prior of, papal mandatary, 164.

Naenac (la), Naenach, le Naenach. See Nenagh.

Nailhaco, Nailhago, Philibert de, master-general of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, 59, 196.

Nakeallineg. See Killybegs.

Nangell, Philip, bishop of Clonmacnoise, 244.

- See also Anglo; Angulo.

Nansynt alias Powton. See St. Breock.

Nant, David, rector of a portion of Aberdaron, 285, 365.

Narberth, Narbard', Nerbard [co. Pembroke], 366.

Narbonne [Aude, France], Francis, archbishop of. See Conzi.

Nardi, Master Peter, papal chaplain and audi-tor, 184, 433, 508.

Narn, David de, rector of St. Patrick's, Annan-dale, 383.

Narraghmore, Norrac Partoc, Norrach [co. Kildare], 130.

-, vicarage of St. Patrick's, 111.

Nas. See Naas.

Nase, Adam le. See Naas.

Nase, Nasse. See Naas.

Nassington, Nassynton [co. Northants], pre-bend in Lincoln, 204.

-, vicarage of, 363.

Nategrove, Robert, priest, 451.

Navan [co. Meath], Augustinian abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 94.

Neath, Neeth, Nethe, Neytnech [co. Glamor-gan], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 206, 270, 460.

Nebyre. See Nobber.

Nedrym. See Mahee Island.

Neel, John, subdean of Chichester, 463.

Neell, John, master of the hospital of St. Thomas of Acon, London, 342.

Neeth. See Neath.

Nell, John, priest, 422.

Nemie, Duncan, layman, 406.

Nenagh, le Naenach, Lenaenach, Naenach, la Naenac [co. Tipperary], Augustinian priory of St. John Baptist, prior of, papal mandatary, 265, 267, 276, 483, 484.

-, -, - See Funagy; Omea-gra; Parcel.

-, -, prior and convent of, 487.

-, -, canon of, 178, 183.

-parish church of, 268.

Nerbard. See Narberth.

Nethe. See Neath.

Nether Dean, All Saints, Dene [co. Bedford], 496.

Nethynton, Thomas, a Benedictine monk, 342.

Netteswell, Netteleswellis [co. Essex], 49, 50.

Neubiggyng. See Newbiggin.

Neubotil, Neubotill. See Newbattle.

Neubourg, le [dep. Eure, arr. Louviers], archdeacon of. See Kirketon.

Neuburn. See Newburn.

Neuchtel (Castronovo), John de, knight, lord of Montaigu, Grand Bouteiller de France, 33n., 34.

Neuchorch. See Newchurch.

Neuhausen, Nuhusen. See Worms.

Neuport, Richard, canon of St. Davids, 526.

-, William, archdeacon of Salop, after-wards archdeacon of Carmarthen, canon of Abergwilly, Lichfield and Llanddewi Brefi, rector of Wigston Magna, 53, 54.

Neuton, Henry, canon of Hereford, rector of Kirkby Ravensworth, 391.

-, John [Gelle de], rector of St. Osyth's London (now St. Benet's Sherehog), 321.

- See also Gelle.

-, John rector of Castle Caereinion in the diocese of St. Asaph, 498.

-, Robert, priest, 430.

-, William, priest, of the diocese of St. Asaph, 315.

-, William, priest, of the diocese of York, 430.

-, See Newton.

Neutongarth. See Newton Garth.

Neve, Thomas, priest, 336, 341.

Nevers [Nivre, France], official of, papal mandatary, 375.

Neville, Richard, knight, 309, 310, 532.

-, -, Aleys, Alice his wife, 309, 310, 532.

-, Catherine. See Marshall.

-, Nevill, Nuevill, Robert, provost of St. John's Beverley, canon of York, after-wards bishop of Salisbury, nephew of cardinal Beaufort, 32, 494, 523, 571.

-, Nevylle, William, donsel, 307.

-, -, Joan his wife, 307.

Newark, de Novoloco, de Novo opere [co. Surrey], Augustinian priory, canons of, 337, 338.

- See Newerk.

Newbattle, Neubotil, Neubotill, Newbothil, Newbotil, Newbotill [co. Edinburgh], Cistercian abbey, abbot of, papal man-datary, 68, 101, 105, 151.

-, -, David, abbot of, sometime a monk of Melrose, 259, 287, 290.

-, -, Thomas, abbot elect of. See Levyngston.

-, -, Thomas, monk, afterwards abbot of, 214, 287.

-, -, William, abbot of, 214, 287.

-, -, convent of, 214, 287, 290.

Newbiggin, Neubiggyng [in Lanchester parish, co. Durham], prebend in Lanchester, 143.

Newbothil, Newbotil, Newbotill. See New-battle.

Newburgh, de Novoburgo [co. York, N.R.], Augustinian priory, prior of, papal mandatary, 218.

-, -, canon of, 319.

Newburn, Neuburn [co. Northumberland], 225.

Newcastle, Lower [co Wicklow]. See Killadreenan.

Newcastle Lyons [co. Dublin], a prebend in Dublin, 185.

Newcastle upon Tyne [co. Northumberland], Cistercian (Benedictine) priory of St. Bartholomew, nun of, 516.

Newchapel alias Mullaghnoney. Malaghynan, Molaghynan [co. Tipperary], prebend in Cashel, 72, 507.

Newchurch, Neuchorch, Nowcherch [co. Kent], 281, 286.

Newenham [in Goldington parish, co Bedford], Augustinian priory, priory of, papal mandatary, 210.

Newenham, Nuwenham [in Axminster parish, co. Devon], Cistercian abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 495.

Newent, Nowent, John, vicar of Stonehouse, 549, 551, 554.

Newerk, Robert, priest, 316.

Newhall, Richard, a Cistercian monk, 318.

Newington, Stoke. See Stoke Newington.

Newlyn, Thomas, an Augustinian canon, 549.

Newminster, Novum monasterium [co. North-umberland], Cistercian abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 506, 507, 538.

Newnton, North, North Neweton [co. Wilts], prebend in Wilton, 224.

Newport [co. Monmouth], parish church of St. Woollos alias Gunlin (Gunleus), 206,

-, See Neuport.

Newry, de Viridiligno [co. Down], Cistercian abbey of SS. Mary and Patrick, abbot of, papal mandatary, 89, 240, 241.

-, -, Thomas, abbot of, 89.

-, -, abbot of. See Oruonaga; Macbruyn.

-, -, monk of, 215.

Newstead, Novus locus, by Stamford [in Uffing-ton parish, co. Lincoln], Augustinian priory of St. Mary the Mother of God, indulgence for the church of, 505.

Newton, Philip, vicar of Llandilofawr, 270.

- See Neuton.

Newton, Maiden, Maydyn Newton [co. Dorset], 261.

-, Abbot. See Teynburghe.

-, Bushel, Nigwotonbusschel [in the parish of Highweek, All Saints, co. Devon], chapel of All Saints, 519.

- Garth, Neutongarth [in Paull parish, co. York, E.R.], hospital of St. Mary Magdalen, master of. See Bourgehier.

Newtown by Trim, Newtown by Trion, Newtown by Trym [co. Meath], Augustinian priory of St. Peter, prior of, papal mandatary, 83, 192194, 292.

-, -, - See Scurlag.

-, Augustinian (Hospitallers) priory of St. John [Baptist], prior of, papal mandatary, 559.

Newynton. See Stoke Newington.

Neytnech. See Neath.

Nicholl, William, 417.

-, -, Juliana his wife, 417.

Nicol, Edmund, canon of St. Davids, rector of Hemingford Abbots, 401.

Nicolls, Benedict, bishop of Bangor, after-wards of St. Davids, 45, 255, 434.

Nigelli, Duffey, rector of St. John the Evangelist's in Ardinis (q.v.), 406.

Nigwotonbusschel. See Newton Bushel.

Nobber, Nebyre, Nober, Nobire, Nobyre [co. Meath], 149, 199, 205, 240.

Nobby or Novby, John, of Nottingham, donsel, 421.

Nober, Nobyre. See Nobber.

Nola [Campania], bishop of, papal mandatary, 104, 119, 239.

Norfolk, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 462.

Norrac Partoc, Norrach. See Narraghmore.

Norreys, Henry, canon of Cloyne, 442.

Northampton, John, brother of the August-inian house of Ashridge, 306, 309.

Northampton, archdeacon of. See FitzHugh.

-, Augustinian abbey of St. James by, abbot of, faculty to, 412.

-, -, abbot and convent of, 233.

-, -, canon of, 318.

- Cluniac priory of St. Andrew, novice of, 77, 78.

-, mayor, bailiffs and commonalty of, 23.

Northew, Simon, archdeacon of Kells, 199, 200.

-, -, archdeacon of Middlesex, 546.

-, -, canon of Chichester, 332.

Northop, St. Eurgain, Northope alias Llane-urgaen [co. Flint], 211, 212.

Northumberland, archdeacon of. See Lumley.

Norton, William, 314.

-, -, his wife, 314.

Norton [co. Chester], Augustinian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 41.

-, -, canon of, 513.

Norwich [co. Norfolk], bishop of, faculty for, 216.

-, -, papal mandatary, 22, 226, 279, 502, 503, 526, 563.

-, -, person in the service of, 517.

-, John, bishop of. See Salmon; Wakering.

-, Pandulph, bishop of, papal legate temp. Henry III, 565.

-, William, bishop of, sometime canon of York. See Alnewick.

-, official of, suit before, 502.

-, Benedictine priory (cathedral), prior of, papal mandatary, 517.

-, -, prior and chapter of, appro-priated church and cell of, 441, 442.

-, -, chapter etc. of, papal letters to, 476.

-, -, chapel of St. John the Evan-gelist [alias the Charnel chapel] in the church of, 566.

-, parish church of St. Mary in the Marsh, 361.

-, city and diocese of, difficulty of obtain-ing justice in the, 516.

-, see of, 389 note.

-, John Preston, citizen of, 300.

-, - -, Beatrice his wife, 300.

-, William Yslam, citizen of, 450.

-, - -, Joan his wife, 450.

- See also Norfolk.

Nory, William, prior of the Isle of May, 292.

Nostel [co. York, W.R.], Augustinian priory of St. Oswald, canon of, 430.

Nottingham, Notyngham, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 521.

-, - See Bowet.

-, John Novby or Nobby of, donsel, 421.

Notyngham, Henry, donsel, 332.

- alias Clerk, John, intruded rector of Killulagh, 87.

-, Robert, priest, 87.

-, William, of Colchester, donsel, 337.

-, -, Joan his wife, 337.

Nova via , abbey de. See Abbeygormacan.

Novby or Nobby, John, of Nottingham, donsel, 421.

Novoloco , Novo opere, priory de. See Newark.

Novum monasterium . See Newminster.

Novus locus , priory of. See Newstead.

Nowcherch. See Newchurch.

Nowell, John, rector of Stanwick and Knap-well, afterwards of Stanwick and War-boys, 278.

Nowent, John. See Newent.

Noyon [Oise, France], see of, 389 note.

Nuevill, Robert. See Neville.

Nuhusen. See Neuhausen.

Nupton [in the parish of Canon Pyon, co. Hereford], fruits from, constituting Hundreton prebend in Hereford, 198.

Nuugent, Gilbert de, a benefactor of St. Mary's abbey, Dublin, 130.

-, John, intruded rector of Killulagh, 509, 510.

Nuwenham. See Newenham.

Nyergayll, Grany, i.e. Grania (Grace O'Farrell), damsel, 256.

Nywcomme, John, vicar of Okehampton, 155.


Oaega, Yaega, William, canon of Leighlin, 51.

Oakington, St. Andrew, Hoggynton [co. Cam-bridge], 544.

Oathlaw. See Finhaven.

Obare, Cornelius, vicar of Killilagh, 104.

Obary, Ybary, David, canon of Kilfenora, 114.

Obdubgan, Maurice. See Odubgan.

Obdugilla, Nicholas. See Odubgilla.

Obeallayn, Nemeas. See Obeollayn.

Obecayn, Syllafyntan (rectius Gyllafyntan, i.e, Gilfinnan), rector of Durrow, afterwards vicar of Offerlane, 73.

Obechayn, Thady, vicar of Clonenagh, 487.

Obeollayn, Donatus, vicar of Castletown and of Killaspugbrone, 485.

-, Laurence, provost and canon of Kil-lala, canon of Achonry and Elphin, 436, 445, 540, 559, 560.

-, -, papal mandatary, 456, 457, 558, 559.

-, Obeallayn, Nemeas, canon of Elphin and Killala, papal mandatary, vicar of Drumcliff, 393, 436, 483, 531, 541, 558, 559.

Obeyn (Obruyn in Cal. Lett. VI, p. 242), Maurice, archdeacon of Glendalough, 98.

- See Obrayn; Obroyn; Obryn.

Obizzi, Obicis, Obizis, John de. See Opizis.

Obracayn. See Ibrickan.

Obracyn, Thomas, canon of Tuam, afterwards dean of Clonmacnoise, 460.

Obrayn, Dermit, rector of Rathsaran with Kildellig, 398.

- (Obruyn in Cal. VI, p. 267), Patrick, vicar of Donaghmore, 150.

-, Thady. See Obryn.

- See also Obeyn; Obroyn; Obruyn; Obryn.

Obriggayg, Patrick, vicar of Bunratty, 354.

Obrodair, Ybrodair, Alan, vicar of Kiltormer, 397.

Obrolchan, Obrolcham, Sitrag, vicar of Culdaff, 396.

-, Solomon, rector of Clonca, afterwards an Augustinian canon of Derry, 96, 547.

Obroyn, Donatus, 343.

-, -, Cibau ingen y Meachayr his wife, 343.

- See Obeyn; Obrayn; Obruyn; Obryn.

Obruin, Thady. See Obryn.

Obruyn (O'Byrne), Catholicus, canon of Clogher, papal mandatary, 485.

-, Donatus. See Obryn.

-, Malachy, rector of Galloon, 479, 480.

-, -, his father, vicar of Galloon, 480.

-, Maurice. See Obeyn.

-, Thady. See Obryn.

Obryn, Obrayn, Obruin, Obruyn, Obryeyn, Donatus, layman, 186.

-, Maurice, rector of Kilfarboy, in the diocese of Killaloe, 491.

-, Maurice, donsel, of the diocese of Dublin, 221.

-, -, -, Joan ingen y Conco-bayr his intended wife, damsel, 221.

-, Maurice, layman, of the diocese of Dublin, 519.

-, -, -, Una Chymanach his intended wife, 519.

-, Thady, archdeacon of Glendalough, canon of Leighlin, rector of Mullinacuff, papal mandatary, 51, 74, 92, 158, 235, 266, 520, 521.

-, See Obeyn; Obrayn; Obroyn; Obruyn.

Obuidhgill, Solomon, vicar of Bodoney, 400.

Ocailti, Occailti, John, rector of Termoneeny, 49.

- See Ochaylti.

Ocallanayn, Occallanayn, Cormac, canon of Annadown, papal mandatary, 106, 453.

-, -, rector and vicar of Clare-galway in the diocese of Annadown, 107, 109.

- See Ochallanayn.

Ocanalan, William. See Oconalan.

O'Caran, Gilbert, archbishop of Armagh [11751180], 129.

Ocarbri, Ocarbry, Eneas alias Geneas, canon of Clogher, papal mandatary, 402.

-, -, rector of Galloon in the diocese of Clogher, 480.

-, Paul, archdeacon of Clogher, rector of Aghalurcher. 355.

Ocarran, Thady, clerk, 168.

Ocathaalan, Araltheus, a Premonstratensian canon of Lough Key, afterwards prior of Lough Oughter, 193.

Ocathayl (O'Cahill), Maurice, dean of Kil-fenora, 148.

- See Okathyl; Okathail.

Ocathasay, Thomas, prior of the Hospitallers of Kilkenny, 85.

- See Okathasayd.

O'Cahill. See Ocathayl; Okathail; Okathyl.

Occailti, John. See Ocailti.

Occallanayn, Cormae. See Ocallanayn.

Occaruallan, Donatus, dean of Derry, 286.

Occorcrayn, William See Ocorerayn.

Occurrin, Occurryn, John, canon of Leighlin, papal mandatary, 92, 235.

Occurtean. See Okaertean.

Occallaid', Gilbert. See O'Kelly.

Oceanduayn, Odo, canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 110.

Oceannduan, John, clerk, 460, 461.

Ocearballan, Thomas, rector of Donaghmore, 228, 229.

- See Okearbolan.

Ocearnaig, Ycearnaig (Kearney), John, dean of Tuam, 226.

- See Okearnaig.

Oceilly, Simon. See O'Kelly.

Ocenndhuli, Patrick, rector of Ballycommon, 490.

Ocennedi, Donald, rector of Nenagh, 268.

-, Maurice, rector of Nenagh in the diocese of Killaloe, 268.

- See Okennedich; Okennedyg; Okynedi; Okynnedyd.

Ochaan, Thomas, prior of Inniscronane, 181.

Ochaemagayd, Cornelius, rector of Ardstraw, 558.

Ochainmchy, Cornelius. See Ochannichy.

Ochallanayn, David, vicar of Loughrea, 190.

- See Ocallanayn.

Ocham, John, vicar of SS. Peter and Paul, Wisbech, 462.

Ochanly alias Oduban, Charles. Augustinian canon of Aughrim, afterwards prior of Cloontuskert, 131.

Ochannichy (rectius Ochainmchy i.e. Oh Anmchadha, O'Hancki), Cornelius, vicar of Killaspugbrone, 485.

- See Ohamuthy.

Ochaylti, Odo, archdeacon of Connor, rector of Tamlaght O'Crilly, 91.

- See Ocailti.

Ocheenan, Ocheenean, Ochenean (O'Keenan), Donatus, rector of Tedavnet, 236, 245.

- See Okaeinayn.

-, Peter, clerk, 245.

Ochinari, Lewis, canon of Clonmacnoise, papal mandatary, 453, 454.

Ochiny (Okenny in Cal. Lett. V, p. 180), Malachy, dean of Clonmacnoise, 164.

Ochonayr, Cornelius alias Core, vicar of Kilmacowen, 112.

- See Oconayr.

Ochonchuir, Maurice, canon of Killala, papal mandatary, 396.

Ochoneil, Dermit, vicar of Drumcliff, 393.

Ochossuechan, Peter. See Ocosucchan.

Ochosuechan, Donatus. See Ocosuechan.

Ochterlamhan. See Holycross.

Ochulean, Denis. See Oculean.

Ochyillessis. See Auchterless.

Oclerid, Donatus, canon of Killaloe, papal mandatary, 268.

Oclinnan, Yclinnan, Patrick a friar of the Franciscan order of Penitence, 452, 453.

Ocnamhsi, Roger, vicar of Grellagh, 395.

Ocolgan, Maurice, Augustinian canon, after-wards prior, of Killeigh, 375.

Ocolgayn, William, vicar of Killeigh, 352.

Ocolla, Ycolla, Bernard, vicar of Kiltubrid, 398.

-, Thomas, vicar of Tuamna, 267.

Oconalan, Ocanalan, Donald, vicar of Derry-loran, 100.

-, Yconallan, Thomas, a Premonstra-tensian canon, 193.

-, William, vicar of Derryloran, 100.

Oconallayn (as in Cal. Lett. VI, p. 257), Ychonolayn, Odo, vicar of Kilcorbry, 486.

Oconayr, Oconayt, Yconayr, Yconayt, Ymarus, vicar of Kilmacowen, afterwards a Friar Minor, 112.

- See Ochonayr.

Oconbaych, John, dean of Kilfenora, after-wards a Cistercian monk, 114.

Oconchiy', Donatus, rector of Rathronan and vicar of Murher, 483, 484.

Oconchubair, Maurice, canon of Elphin, papal mandatary, 547.

-, Maurice, Augustinian canon of Derry, vicar of Tully, afterwards prior of Roscommon, 59, 60.

-, Odo, rector of Corran and Ballymote, 559.

Oconchur, Eugenius, chancellor of Ardfert, 40.

-, Oconchuyr, Matthew, canon of Ard-fert, vicar of Kilnaughtin, papal man-datary, 162, 483.

Oconcobayr, y Concobayr, Joan ingen, damsel, 221.

Oconcobeir, Yconcobeir, Mor inge, 362.

Oconcouayr, Yconcouayr, Dermit, abbot of Cella Parva, Annadown, 285.

Oconcurbair, Thady, rector of Rathcurnan, 96.

Oconcuyr, Thady, rector of Ballinrobe etc. and of Inish Maine, 112.

- See also Concobair.

Ocondbayg, Maurice, vicar of Kyllumgayny (q.v.), 112, 113.

Oconcyl, Thady, vicar of Killaspugbrone, 485.

Ocongalayd, Ocongalith, Ocongalych, Ocon-galygh (O'Conolly), Maurice, canon of Limerick, vicar of Kildimo, papal mandatary, 167, 518, 541, 542.

Oconnbaith (O'Conbhuidhe i.e. Convy), John, rector of Carran, vicar of Killeany, 105.

Oconnuyb, Thady, vicar of Kilmaleery, 511.

Oconry, Oconri, Feargallus, Frargallus, dean and canon of Kilfenora, vicar of Drum-creehy, 114, 171.

-, -, -, papal mandatary, 163.

Ocorcrayn, Occorcrayn, William, canon of Kilmacduagh, rector of Athenry, 397, 488, 503.

- See Macorcrayn; Ocorgran.

Ocorgran, Peter, vicar of Aghaloo, afterwards of Errigal Keerogue, 70, 71.

- See Macorcrayn; Ocorcrayn.

Ocormachayn, John, vicar of Kilfinaghta, 484.

- See Ocormakayn.

Ocormaic, rectory of, comprising the parishes of Drumcliff (q.v.) and Kilmaley (q.v.), 111, 350.

Ocormakayn, Thomas, rector of Latteragh, 276.

- See Ocormachayn.

Ocosuechan, Ochosuechan, Donatus, vicar of Rasharkin, 100.

-, John, vicar of Rasharkin, 100.

-, Ochossuechan, Peter, vicar of Ras-harkin, afterwards rector of St. Patrick's, Coleraine, and vicar of St. Colman's, Derrykeighan, 75, 76, 274.

Ocuathalan, Thomas, vicar of Minbrisg, i.e. Sligo, 547.

Ocuhan (O'Cahan), Donald, vicar of Fahan, 117.

Ocuiryth, Donald, vicar of Tuamna, 267.

Oculean, David, canon of Armagh, papal mandatary, 70.

-, Ochulean, Denis, dean of Armagh, rector of Donaghmore, 89, 90, 187, 188.

-, Ysag, rector of Ardstraw, 267, 558.

Oculinnan, Cormac, Cistercian monk and intruded abbot of Assaroe, 493.

Oculyn, John, vicar of Muckno, 485.

Ocuynd, Donald, canon of Killaloe, papal mandatary, 171.

-, -, rector of Ibrickan in the diocese of Killaloe, 75.

Ocuyrk, John. See Curke.

Ocyban (McGibbon), David, alias de Burgo, rector of Ardrahan, 270.

Ocynay, Cornelius, rector of Moycarn, 228.

Odaighiri, Reuelinus, dean of Raphoe, 404.

Odalachan, Lewis, dean of Clonmacnoise, vicar of Wheery, 455.

Odally, Odalaych, Nemerus, canon of Ardfert, papal mandatary, 483.

-, Nugus, canon of Ardfert, papal man-datary, 168.

- See Edalagh.

Odamyn, John, rector of Kilfarboy, 491.

Oddington, Odyngton, Oudyngton [co. Glou-cester], 520.

O'Dea, Cornelius, rector of Kilfarboy, after-wards bishop of Limerick, 329, 350, 482, 508, 509, 518, 554.

- See Day; Odeay.

Odeaigh, Denis. See Day.

Odeay, Donatus, rector of Ringrone, 383.

- See Day; O'Dea.

Odeoragain, Donatus, clerk, 135.

Odhomhnaille, Eugenius. See Odomhnaille.

Odhrolhealaich, Peter, vicar of Clondavaddog, 186.

Odomhnaille, Ydompnayll, Cornelius Mac-mcamnan (rectius Macmeamnan), canon of Raphoe, rector of Raymoghy, 263.

-, Odhomhnaille, Eugenius, canon of Raphoe, afterwards bishop of Connor, 193.

-, Odomhnaill, Odomnayll, Macmean-men, Mahemeheanman, Macmean-manydhomhnaill (MacMenmain O'Don-nell), Eugenius, canon of Raphoc, papal mandatary, 103, 104, 186, 228, 267.

-, Maurice MacMeanmen, rector of Fahan, 113.

-, Odomnayll, Magonius, canon of Raphoe, papal mandatary, 353.

Odomnalayn, Thady, prior of Clontuskert Omanny, 129.

- See Odonelayn.

Odomnayll, Eugenius and Magonius. See Odomhnaille.

Odonchuga (O'Donoghue), Denis, dean of Kil-macduagh, rector of Beagh, 90, 97.

-, Dermit, dean, afterwards bishop, of Kilmacduagh, 90, 133.

-, Odondchuha, Laurence, vicar of Ard-rahan, 267.

- See Odonnchuaga.

Odonelayn, Thady, vicar of Kiltormer, 397.

- See Odomnalayn.

Odonnamayn (O'Donovan), Donatus, canon of Ross, papal mandatary, 50.

Odonnchuaga (O'Donogh, O'Donoghue), Thady, precentor of Kilmacduagh, 399.

- See Odonchuga.

O'Donoghue. See Odonchuga.

O'Donovan. See Odonnamayn.

O Dooley. See Odublaych.

Odoredi, Odoreid, Geoffrey, vicar of Donagh-more, 150.

-, Odo, rector and vicar of Donaghmore, 229.

Odornchra, Charles, clerk, 161, 162.

O'Dorney, Kyrieleyson [co. Kerry], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal man- datary, 227, 351.

O'Downey. See Odubeanaych; Odubhvenaidh.

Odrobelaydh, Odroibelaig, Magonius, canon of Raphoe, papal mandatary, 395, 493, 573.

Oduarlla, Donatus, Augustinian canon, after-wards prior elect, of Gallen, 454.

-, -, William his son, Augustinian canon of Gallen, to have collation of the same priory by papal authority, 453, 454.

-, Patrick, prior of Gallen, 454.

Odubaig, Dermit, clerk, to become an Augus-tinian canon, 285.

-, Patrick, a secular canon of the cathedral church of Annadown, to become a canon and afterwards abbot of the Premon- stratensian abbey of Cella Parva, Anna-down, 285.

Odubail, Odubaill, Henry, canon of Derry, papal mandatary, 39, 72, 100, 152.

Oduban alias Ochanly, Charles, Augustinian canon of Aughrim, afterwards prior of Cloontuskert, 131.

Odubanaych, John, vicar of St. Eugenius's, Ardstraw, 353.

-, Solomon. See Odubeanaych.

Odubay, Donald, rector of Clonca, 547.

-, John. rector of Clonmany, 286.

- See Ogubuyn.

Odubda, Cormac, canon of Killala, rector of Templemore, vicar of Kilglass, 264, 271.

-, -, papal mandatary, 270.

-, Maurice, canon of Killala, papal man-datary, 149.

-, -, vicar of Castletown in the diocese of Killala, 118.

-, Rory, canon of Killala, rector of Cuil Cnamha, 294.

- alias Okinba, Nicholas. See Okinba.

Odubeanaych (O'Downey), Odubanaych, Solo-mon, rector of St. Eugenius's, Ardstraw, vicar of Cappagh, 267, 558.

- See Odubhvenaidh.

Odubgan, Obdubgan, Maurice, rector of Camus, chaplain of St. Mary's, Loughans, 273.

Odubgilla, Odub'gilla (Odubhgilla), David, rector of Isertkelly, 400.

-, John, precentor of Kilmacduagh, vicar of Kilthomas, 399.

-, -, canon of Kilmacduagh, vicar of Killeeneen (q.v.), afterwards of Ard- rahan, 266, 267, 293.

-, Obdugilla, Odubgylla, Nicholas, arch-deacon and canon of Kilmacduagh, canon of Clonfert, vicar of Ardrahan, afterwards postulated to the see of Kilmacduagh, papal mandatary, 120, 121, 133, 190, 487, 488.

-, Odubgylla, Nicholas, priest, notary public, of the diocese of Kilmacduagh, 401.

-, Odubgylla, Patrick, canon of Clonfert, papal mandatary, 106.

-, Thomas, parson of Kilchreest, rector of Beagh, 105, 106.

- See Odubhgayll.

Odubgynd, John, rector of Killahurler, 264.

-, Thady, rector of Kyle alias Clonfert Mulloe, vicar of Killavinoge, 116.

Odubhgayll, Roger, rector of Fahan, 113.

- See Odubgilla.

Odubhvenaidh (O'Downey), Donatus, priest, 424.

- See Odubeanaych.

Odublaych, Odulayg (O'Dublhaoidh i.e. O'Dooley), Donatus, vicar of Kilmaleery, afterwards of Kilnasoolagh, 236, 359.

Odublityr, Patrick, vicar of Drumsnat and of Kilmore, 487.

Odubuychayn, Philip, canon of Ardfert, vicar of Kiltomy, 244, 245.

Odufaghy, Arhalt, vicar of Culdaff, 395.

-, Nemias, vicar of Culdaff, 395.

O Duffy. See Odubaig.

Odulayg. Donatus. See Odublaych.

Oduynd, Yduyd, Charles, Augustinian canon, afterwards prior, of Killeigh, 61, 62, 375.

Odygi, Cornelius, vicar of Kilmoylan, 508.

Odyngton. See Oddington.

Oeda (O h Aedha i.e. O'Hay), William, lay-man, 278.

Oegnihd, Yegnihd (O'h-Eignigh i.e. O'Heyney), Denis, vicar of Kiltormer, 266.

Ofaercheallaych, Patrick. See O'Farrelly.

O'Fahy. See Ofathyd.

O'Falan, Eugenius, bishop of Kilmacduagh, afterwards of Killaloe, 8, 85, 97, 271, 276.

Ofalve, John, vicar of Kilcrohane, 104.

Ofarcheallich, Macrobius. See O'Farrelly.

Ofargillan. See Offerlane.

O'Farrell, Ofergail, Yfergail, Carbricus, canon of Ardagh, vicar of Taghshinny, after-wards of Killashee, 541, 571.

-, Ifarghil, Clement, rector of Ray-moghy, 263.

-, Ofergayl, Cornelius, dean, afterwards bishop of Ardagh, 45, 89, 229, 230, 353, 408.

-, Cornelius, vicar of Clongesh in the diocese of Ardagh, 353, 354.

-, Offergail, Yfergail, Malachy, Augus-tinian canon, afterwards prior, of Saints Island, 391, 410.

-, Richard, a Cistercian, abbot of Granard, afterwards bishop elect of Ardagh, 233, 408.

-, Ofergail, Ofergayl, Offergayl, Offer-gayll, Yfergail, Richard, dean of Ardagh, vicar of Killashee, 230, 244, 571.

- See also Nyergayll.

O'Farrelly, Ofarcheallich, Macrobius, vicar of Carhach, 244.

-, Ofaercheallaych, Patrick, vicar of Kilmore, 539.

Ofathyd (O'Fathaidh, O'Fahy), Dermit, canon of Clonfert, papal mandatary, 293.

-, Offatyd, Nicholas, vicar of Kiltormer, 265, 266.

-, -, William his son, vicar of Kiltormer in the diocese of Clonfert, 265, 266.

-, Ofathlyd, William, vicar of Bally-nakill, afterwards rector of Duniry, both in the diocese of Clonfert, 523, 542.

- See also Osachy.

Ofeagayth, Nemeas, rector of Balimicancho-bayll (q.v.), 159.

-, -, Adam his son, to have the same rectory, 159.

Ofenadad, Ofynnachaich, Simon, rector of Camus, vicar of Tamlaght-Finlagan, 273.

Ofercharan, Maurice, canon of Armagh, papal mandatary, 44.

Ofergail, Carbricus and Richard. See O'Far-rell.

Ofergayl, Cornelius and Richard. See O'Far-rell.

Offarchollayn. See Offerlane.

Offatyd, Nicholas and William. See Ofathyd.

Offergail, Cornelius and Malachy. See O'Far-rell.

Offergayl, Offergayll, Richard. See O'Farrell.

Offerlane, Ofargillan, Offarchollayn [Queen's County], 73, 74.

Offhicari and Beannfada, Offhicari and Brann-fada, Ofichari and Beannfada [Banada in Kilmacteige, co. Sligo], a rectory in the diocese of Achonry, 46, 109, 261, 270.

Offighillig, Patrick, chancellor of Ardfert, vicar of Ballyseedy, 40.

Offinelan (O'Finallain), possessions of St. Mary's abbey, Dublin, in the land of [i.e. the barony of Delvin, co. West-meath, and thereabouts], 130.

Offlannagan, Bernard and Nicholas. See Oflannagan.

Offley, High, Alta Offlex [co. Stafford], pre-bend in Lichfield, 140.

Offloynd, Maurice, rector of Drumreilly and Oughteragh, commonly called rector of Cinel-Luachain, rector of Cuylofflaynd (q.v.), 228, 229.

- See Ofioynd.

Offhyne, John, rector of Killulagh, 509, 510.

Ofhithallaydh, Maurus, vicar of Bekan, 267.

Ofichari and Beannfada. See Offhicari and Beannfada.

O'Finaghty. See Ofynnachta.

Ofindrachtaid, Nemeas. See O'Hanratty.

Oflachimayn, John. See Oflahainayn.

Oflaferthaych (O'Flaherty), Eneas, vicar of Inishcaltra, 265.

- See Oflathartaich.

Oflahainayn, Oflachimayn, Oflahawayn (O'Flavin), John, canon of Ardfert, papal mandatary, 90, 100, 227.

O'Flaherty. See Oflaferthaych; Oflathartaich; Olathartaid.

Oflanagan, Malachy. See Oflannagan.

Oflangaile, Patrick, vicar of Kilglass, 108, 264.

Oflannagan, Bartholomew, Augustinian canon of St. Mary's, Clogher, to be prior of St. Mary's, Devenish, 531.

-, Offlannagan, Yfflannagan, Bernard, priest, 545, 546, 554.

-, Oflannagayn, Donald, rector of Kilfarboy, 350.

-, Oflanagan, Malachy, clerk, 376.

-, Offlannagan, Nicholas, rector of Inish-macsaint and prior of St. Lasrianus's (?), Devenish, afterwards prior and rector, plebanus or comorban of Devenish, 497.

-, Oflanagayn, Philip, rector of Ibrickan, 75.

Oflanngali, Fergallus, rector of Cuil Cnamha, 294.

Oflathartaich (O'Flaherty), Maurice, rector of Muntirmurchuga (q.v.), 111.

- See Oflaferthaych; Olathartaid.

O'Flavin. See Oflahainayn.

Ofloynd, Charles, vicar of Killaraght, 350, 351.

- See Offloynd.

Ofloynn (O'Flynn), William, canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 96.

Ofruan, Laurence, canon of Clonmacnoise, papal mandatary, 453, 454.

Ofururan (rectius Ofurunan), Osururan, Adam, priest, 245.

Ofylecan or Osylecan, John, vicar of Tamlaght- Finlagan, 397.

Ofyndrachtaid, Nemeas. See O'Hanratty.

Ofynnachaich, Simon. See Ofenadad.

Ofynnachta (O'Finaghty), Thady, vicar of Kilmorgan, 237.

Ogaband, Donatus, vicar of Ballintemple, afterwards bishop of Kilmore, 161, 201, 202.

-, Gillibertus, vicar of Ballintemple, 201.

- See Ogobann etc.

Ogabuayn, Nicholas, vicar of Oughtmama, 58.

- See Ogubuin.

Ogallchubair, Edmund, of Raphoe, clerk, to be a Cistercian monk, and afterwards abbot, of Assaroe, 493, 573.

Ogamna, Cornelius, prior of Inchmacnerin, 64.

Ogamnan, Ogammam, Ogannan, Ygamnan, Maurianus, Murianus, canon of Tuam, rector of Kilcurnan and Balymgarrga (q.v.), papal mandatary, 95, 96, 149, 267.

Ogara, Charles, canon of Elphin, papal mandatary, 270.

Ogbourne St. George, Okeburne Magna [co. Wilts], 273.

Oghorath, Oghterath. See Outrath.

Ogilby, Henry de, vicar of Tibbermore, 405.

-, Marjory, damsel, 260.

Ogillacuridan, Ogillacurydain, Thomas, canon of Ardfert, papal mandatary, 104, 163.

Ogillamyn, William, Augustinian canon, afterwards abbot, of Holy Trinity, Tuam. 133, 134.

Oglcsayn, Dermit, Benedictine monk of St. James's, Regensburg, to be received as a monk of the Cistercian abbey of Holy-cross, 367.

Ogobann(O'Gowan), Matthew, vicar of Carhach. 244.

-, Thomas, vicar of Carhach, 244.

- See Ogubayn; Ogubuin.

Ogormali, Denis, vicar of Moville, 104.

O'Gowan. See Ogobann.

Ograda, Donald, canon of Killaloe, papal mandatary, 92, 181.

-, Henry, vicar of Clooney, 269.

-, Nemeas, prior of Inniscronane, 456.

-, Thomas, rector of Croom, vicar of Kilcornan, 75, 76.

Ogriffa, Ogryffa, Cornelius, vicar of Bunratty and of Kilmaleery, 236 237, 354, 510, 511.

Ogubayn, Nemeas, rector of Desertegny, 104.

- See Ogaband; Ogobann; Ogubuin.

Ogubuin, Ogubuyn, John, canon of Limerick and Ossory, rector of Clonmany and of Clonca, afterwards of Clonca and of Moville, 547, 548.

- See Odubay.

-, John, vicar of Grellagh in the diocese of Derry, 395.

-, -, priest, of the diocese of Derry, notary, 530.

- See Ogabuayn; Ogotann; Ogubayn.

Oguym, Nimeas, abbot of Kells, with the priory of Muckamore in commendam, 152, 153.

Ogyllascanayn, Roderick, vicar of Kilfearagh, 97.

Ohachierna, Denis, rector of Kilfintinan, 113.

- See Ohaharrne.

Ohagra, Yhagra (O'Hara), Thady, donsel, 254.

- See Oheadgra.

Ohaharrne, Dermit, vicar of Killimer, 572.

-, See Ohachierna.

Ohaingayn, Yhaingayn, Donatus, Augustinian canon, afterwards abbot, of Abbeygor-macan, 126 (corrigenda).

Ohallinarayn, Odo, canon of Annadown, papal mandatary, 349.

Ohalluacayn, Yhalluacayn, Regnaldus, vicar of Tulla, 175.

Ohamuthy, Ychannichy, Alan, dean and provost of Killala, 91.

-, Charles, provost of Killala, 91, 559.

- See Ochannichy.

Ohanchyn, Donald, archdeacon of Emly, 91.

O'Hancki, Cornelius. See Ochannichy.

Ohanly, Cornelius, rector of Finnoe, 76.

- Philip, canon of Limerick, 518.

-, Ihanlly, Yhanlli, William, canon of Killaloe, 441, 481.

Ohanrachayn, Magonius, canon of Kilfenora, papal mandatary, 358, 491.

O'Hanratty, Ohanrachtaych, Florence, vicar of Muckno, 485.

-, Ohanractaych, Ohanracthaych, Ohan-rauthaych, Magonius, canon of Armagh, papal mandatary, 405.

-, -, canon of Clogher, papal mandatary, 485, 487.

-, -, priest, of the diocese of Clogher, 480.

-, Ofindrachtaid, Ofyndrachtaid, Ohan-rachtaych, Ohanracthaych, Ohenrach-taych, Ohinrachdaigh, Nemeas, canon of Clogher, rector of Clones in the diocese of Clogher, papal mandatary, 42, 89, 149, 186, 246.

-, -, clerk, of the diocese of Clogher, patron of Muckno in the same diocese, 485.

O'Hara, Magonius, bishop of Achonry, 263.

- See Ohagra; Oheadgra.

O'Harkan. See Ohorchan; Ohurcayn.

Ohaschin, Donald, layman, 453.

O'Hay. See Oeda.

Oheadgra(O'Hara), Eadgra, Auina ingi, 298.

-, Oheagra, Cormac (I), rector of Offhicari and Beannfada, 46.

-, Oheagra, Cormac (II), provost of Achonry, 148.

- Yheadgra, Donatus, layman, 298, 299.

-, Oheagra, Oheadra, Ohegra, Eugenius, provost and canon of Achonry, rector of Offhicari and Beannfada, 109, 148.

-, Oheadra, Magonius, rector of Offhicari and Beannfada, 109.

-, Yheadgra, Rory, layman, 298.

- See Ohagra.

O'Hedian, Richard, archdeacon of Cashel, sometime canon of Limerick, 94, 105, 116, 189, 482.

Ohegra, Eugenius. See Oheadgra.

Ohegyll. Comedinus, rector of Banagher, 103.

Oheimgayn, Donatus, to have collation of the rectory of Finnoe, 76.

Ohelue (Hely), Donatus, rector of Rathsaran with Kildellig, 398.

-, Keranus, rector of Rathsaran with Kildellig, 398.

Ohenne, Patrick, Augustinian canon, and in-truded abbot, of Canon Island, 477.

-, See Oheny.

Ohenrachtaych, Nemeas. See O'Hanratty.

Oheny, Yheny, Cornelius, vicar of Clonloghan, 490.

-, David, vicar of Kilmaleery, 511.

-, See Ohenny.

Oheolayn, Yheolayn, Gilbert, vicar of Kil-leigh, 352.

-, Nicholas, canon of Kildare, papal mandatary, 357.

- See Ohywelayn.

O'Heraghty. See Ohoreachtayg; Ohortach-taich.

O'Heyney. See Oegnihd.

Ohiarlaythe (O'Herlihy), Gillebert, canon of Cork, papal mandatary, 44, 88.

Ohiernayn, Thady, rector of Birr, 74.

Ohinrachdaigh, Nemeas. See O'Hanratty.

Ohobugan, Dermit, prior of Inchcleraun, 367.

Ohogan, Chogayn, Iogayn, Ohogayn, Yhogan, Malachy, rector of Monsea, 52, 53.

-, Odo (I), precentor of Killaloe, rector of Castletownarra, 267, 353.

-, Odo (II), precentor of Killaloe, papal mandatary, 158.

-, -, precentor, afterwards dean, of Killaloe, rector of Castletownarra, 353.

-, -precentor of Killaloe, rector of Ballynaclogh, 76, 91, 368.

-, See Hohygan.

Ohogonan (O'Honan), John, prior of Scattery Island, 163.

Ohollachayn, John, vicar of Rynbera, 351.

-, Yhuoallachayn, Robert, 573.

-, -, Maurice his son, clerk, 573.

-, See Ohuallachayn.

Ohollywayn, Yhollywayn, Joan daughter of, 220.

- See Ohullebayn; Osullebayn.

Ohomochayn, Yhomochayn, Nellanus, vicar of Drymunan, 396.

-, See Osomachan.

Ohorchan (O'Harkan), Solomon, rector of Clonca, 112.

-, See Ohurcayn.

Ohoreachtayg (O'Heraghty), Thady, vicar of Toomour, 228.

Ohortachtaich (O'Heraghty), Thomas, vicar of Doorus, 271.

Ohuallachayn, Gilbert, canon of Ross, papal mandatary, 242.

-, Laurence, canon of Killaloe, papal mandatary, 76, 165, 245.

-, See Ohollachayn.

Ohuban alias de Burgo, John, canon of Tuam, vicar of Ballmrobe, 275.

Ohullebayn, Yhullebayn, Catherine, 261.

-, Cornelius, layman, 208.

-, Gilbert, 261.

- See Ohollywayn; Osullebayn.

Ohuony, Dermit, vicar of Inishdadroum, 402.

-, Matthew, vicar of Inishdadroum, 402.

Ohuran, Donatus, rector of Bealachchy (q.v.), 355.

-, Ohurayn, James, archdeacon of Clonfert, 423.

Ohurcayn (O Harkan), David, rector of Aghaboe, 486.

-, See Ohorchan.

Ohurryle, Ohurethile, Ohurrhyle, Ohurrthyle, Ohurthuly (Hurley, O'Hurley), Corne-lius, canon of Killaloe, papal mandatary, 402, 484, 490, 572.

-, -vicar of Moynoe, afterwards rector of Castletownarra, both in the diocese of Killaloe, 267.

-, Ohurthuly, Dermit, priest, 424.

-, Donatus vicar of Inishcaltra, 265.

-, -, Thomas his son, vicar of Inishcaltra, 265.

Ohyarlathy, Donald, clerk, 540.

Ohymuyr, Thomas, abbot of Canon Island, 125, 477.

Ohyquiga, Yhyquiga (O'Hickey), Gillasius alias Gillibertus, vicar of Tulla, 175.

Ohyrelayn, Ohyrealeayn, Cornelius, vicar of Tiranascragh, 110.

Ohywelayn, Nicholas rector of Ballycommon, 490.

-, Richard, canon of Kildare, rector of Clonsast, 484, 573.

-, See Oheolayn.

Oirghil, Malachy, rector of Clonmany, 286.

Okachasayd, Andrew and John. See Okathasayd.

Okaeinayn, Okeinayn (O'Keenan), Ranaldus, Raynaldus, vicar of Killeigh, 352, 484.

- See Ocheenan.

Okaellay, Nemeas. See O'Kelly.

Okaellaygi, Dermit. See O'Kelly.

Okaellaygy, Cearbhall, Laurence, Maurice, Nemeas, Robert and Thomas, See O'Kelly.

Okaellegy, Maurice. See O'Kelly.

Okaertean (cf. Occurtean in Index of Cal. Lett. VI), Eugenius, canon of Derry, rector of Errigal, vicar of Aghadowey, 44.

-, See Okeartean.

Okagayn, Donatus, clerk, afterwards an Augus-tinian canon of Clare and prior of Inniscronane, 456.

Okahan, Michael, rector of Donaghedy, 183.

-, See Okathan.

Okampton. See Okehampton.

Okanannayn, Donald, vicar of Meelick, 487

Okassyn alias Cunky. See Quin.

Okathail (O'Cahill), John, vicar of Killilagh, 104.

-, See Ocathayl; Okathyl.

Okathan, Okathayn, David, vicar of Kyllum-gayny (q.v.), 112.

-, Maurice, canon of Derry, papal mandatary, 457.

-, See Okagayn; Okahan.

Okathasayd, Okachasayd (O'Casey), Andrew, rector of Ballymore, 203.

-, Ykathasayd, John, rector of Bally-more, 203, 204, 250.

-, See Ocathasay.

Okathayn, David. See Okathan.

Okathyl, Ykatyl (O'Cahill), Gillabertus, vicar of Askeaton, 509.

-, Ykahil, Maurice, rector of Annagh in the diocese of Ardfert, 47.

-, -, rector of Duniry in the diocese of Clonfert, 106.

- See Ocathayl; Okathail.

Okeallaid, Cornelius and Odo. See O'Kelly.

Okeallay, Malachy. See O'Kelly.

Okeallaych, Patrick. See O'Kelly.

Okeallayd, Cornelius and Marianus. See O'Kelly.

Okeallayg, Richard. See O'Kelly.

Okeandealagh, Okeandhealagh, John, priest, of the diocese of Derry, afterwards Augustinian canon and prior of Dun- given, 457.

-, -, priest, of the diocese of Derry, rector of Bovevagh, 469.

Okearbolan, Donatus, canon of Derry, papal mandatary, 183.

-, John, rector of Donaghedy, 183.

- See Ocearballan.

Okearmada, Maurice, canon of Killaloe, 50.

Okearnaig (Kearney), Philip, canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 143.

- See Ocearnaig.

Okearrayn, Florence, vicar of Lackagh, 190.

- See Okyrruayn.

Okeartean, John, rector of Banagher, 103.

- See Okaertean.

Okearwill, Marianus, rector of Birr, 75.

-, Ykearwill, Marianus, donsel, 53.

-, -, Sagb his daughter, damsel, 53.

Okeburne Magna. See Ogbourne St. George.

O'Keenan. See Ocheenan; Okaeinayn.

Okehampton, Okampton [co. Devon], 155.

Okeinayn, Ranaldus. See Okaeinayn.

Okele, William, vicar of Wiggenhall, St. Germans, 384.

Okellachayn, Donald, canon of Armagh, papal mandatary, 405.

O'Kelly, Okeallayd, Bernard, rector of Lough-rea, 109.

-, Okaellaygy, Cearbhall, vicar of Kil-lard, 353.

-, Okaellayd, Cornelius, canon of Tuam, 95.

-, Okeallaid, Cornelius, a Friar Preacher, to become a Cistercian monk [? after-wards abbot] of Knockmoy (q.v.), 61.

-, Okaellaygi, Okaellaygy, Okaellegy, Dermit, vicar of Knock, 358.

-, Oceallaid', Gilbert, 555.

-, -, -, Auinga Haritt his wife, 555.

-, Okaellaygy, Laurence (I), of the diocese of Killaloe, portionary in the collegiate church of Scattery Island, vicar of Shanagolden, 402.

-, -, -, his father, portionary in the collegiate church of Scattery Island, 402.

-, Okaellaygy, Laurence (II), of the diocese of Killaloe, vicar of Shana-golden, 402.

-, Okaellaygy, Laurence, vicar of Kil-fearagh, 349, 350.

-, Okeallay, Ykeallay, Malachy, arch-deacon of Clonfert, 423.

-, Okeallayd, Marianus, canon of Clon-fert, papal mandatary, 397.

-, Maurice, archbishop of Tuam, 266, 293.

-, Maurice (I), vicar of Knock, portionary in the collegiate church of Scattery Island, 358.

- - (II), vicar of Knock, 358.

-, Okaellay, Okaellaygy, Nemeas, canon of Killaloe, 441, 481, 482.

-, -, vicar of Kilfearagh in the diocese of Killaloe, 349, 350.

-, -, vicar of Killard in the diocese of Killaloe, 353, 366.

-, Okeallaid, Odo, Augustinian canon of Grenoble, afterwards prior of Clontus-kert Omanny, 129.

-, Okeallaych, Patrick, canon of Dromore, rector of Clonallan, 241.

-, Okeallayg, Richard, vicar of Bunratty, 354.

-, Okaellaygy, Robert, canon of Killaloe, 481, 482.

-, Oceilly, Simon, rector of Aghaboe, 486.

-, Okaellaygy, Thomas, vicar of Shana-golden, 402.

- See also Maccockayth.

Okennedich, Ykennedich, Cornelius I, rector of Modreeny, 187.

-, - See Okynnedyd.

- See also Ocennedi; Okennedyg; Okynedi.

Okennedyg, Roderick, donsel, 53.

- See Ocennedi; Okennedich; Okynedi; Okynnedyd.

Okenny, Malachy. See Ochiny.

Okeyt, Maurice, prior of Scattery Island, 163.

Okinba alias Odubda, Nicholas, vicar of Mayo, 143.

Okorri, John, rector of Aghaloo, 44.

-, Maurice, rector of Aghaloo, after-wards dean of Armagh and rector of Clonfeacle, 43, 44.

Okyalare, Patrick, vicar of Corcomohide, 396.

Okyanan, Murianus, scholar, to be vicar of Minbrisg i.e. Sligo, 547.

Okymelyd, Maurice, vicar of Aghavallen, 483.

-, -, Thady his son, to have colla-tion of the same vicarage, 483.

Okyna, Nellanus, vicar of Kilmore, 487.

-, Odo, vicar of Kilmore, 487.

Okynean, Ykynean, John, rector of Temple-patrick or Moyvore, afterwards of Bally-more, 83, 250.

Okynedi, Maurice, rector of Ballymore in the diocese of Meath, 203.

- See Ocennedi; Okennedich; Oken-nedyg; Okynnedyd.

Okynga (King), Malachy, prior of Durrow, 180.

-, Nicholas, rector of Ardnurcher, 484.

Okynnedyd, Cornelius II, rector of Modreeny, 187.

-, - See Okennedich.

- See also Ocennedi; Okennedyg; Oky-nedi.

Okynnelyg, Okynnelyos, Donald, portionary, afterwards warden, of Scattery Island collegiate church, rector of Kilnaughtin, 100, 110, 111.

Okyrruayn, Odo, rector of Kiltennell, 263.

- See Okearrayn.

Okyrubain, Okyrubayn (Kirwan), Donald, vicar of Galway, 106.

-, Philip, vicar of Athenry, 111, 112.

Oladeayn, (O'Laydon), Yladeayn, Yldean, Thomas, vicar of Knockainy, 47.

Olaigyn, John. See Olaygyn.

Olannagan, Oddo, prior of St. Mary's, Devenish, 531.

Olasci, John, vicar of Fahan, 117, 123.

Olathartaid, Ylathartaid, Matthew, Augus-tinian canon, afterwards abbot de Portu Patrum, Annadown, 128.

Olathym alias Olayth, Henry, vicar of Castle-townely, 407.

O'Laydon. See Oladeayn.

Olaygyn, Olaigyn, John, vicar of Muckno, 485.

Olayth alias Olathym, Henry, vicar of Castle-townely, 407.

Old Deer, abbey of. See Deer.

Oldhall, William, knight, 551.

-, -, Margaret his wife, 551.

Olean, Oleayn, Ylean, Donatus, vicar of Kin-varra, 271.

-, Gilbert, Gillibertus, canon of Limerick, vicar of Croagh, 171, 508, 509.

-, James, vicar of Askeaton, 509.

Oleannayn, Thady, prior of Aughrum, 129.

Oleayn, Donatus and James. See Olean.

Olelobair (O'Lalor), Dermit, a Cistercian monk, afterwards abbot, of Leix, 134.

Oleluhyr, Cornelius, rector of Ballymacwil-liam, vicar of Monasteroris, 357, 358.

Oleman, Odo. See Olennan.

Olenachan, Robert, rector of Ballirashane, 72, 73.

Olennan, Oleman, Odo, vicar of Kilcorbry, 486.

Oliver, Olyver, Richard, clerk, notary, 215.

-, Robert, of Ragnall, clerk, advocate of the court of York, 544.

Olivier, William, of London, 561, 563.

-, -, Margaret his wife, 561.

Olney, John, citizen of London, 306.

-, -, Joan his wife, 306.

O'Loghnan, Florence (Felim O'Loughlin), canon, afterwards bishop, of Kilfenora, 170, 191.

Olonan, Cristin, vicar of Aghadowey, 44.

O'Lonergan. See Olonirgayn.

Olongayn, Olonngayn, Dermit, canon, after-wards prior, of Durrow, 180, 488.

-, John, canon of Killaloe, papal manda-tary, 104, 110, 114, 269.

Olongscyg, Roderick, portionary in Scattery Island collegiate church, vicar of Dunmoylan, 571, 572.

- See Oloyngsyg.

Olonirgayn (Olonragan in Cal. Lett. VI, p. 476), Olonyrgayn (O'Lonergan), Dermit, dean of Killaloe, rector of Clonlea, 124.

-, James, dean of Killaloe, rector of Clonlea, 124.

-, Yolonyrgayn, Roderick, precentor of Killaloe, 91.

-, -, vicar of Kilnasoolagh in the diocese of Killaloe, 359.

- See Olonrogayn.

Olonngayn, John. See Olongayn.

Olonrogayn, Charles, vicar of Kilcornan, 491.

- See Olonurgayn.

Olonyrgayn, Roderick. See Olonirgayn.

Olorcan, John vicar of Galloon, to be an Augustinian canon, and afterwards abbot, of Clones, 284, 286, 287.

-, Patrick, abbot of Clones, 286.

Oloron [Basses-Pyrnes, France], bishop of, papal mandatary, 48, 56, 67, 89, 103- 105.

O'Loughlin. See O'Loghnan.

Oloyngsyg, Cornelius, vicar of Kilfearagh, 97.

- See Olongscyg.

Olton, Adam de, preceptor of St. Anthony's hospital, London, 21, 373, 374.

-, David de, vicar of Kyrkyton, 414.

Oluachaig, Magonius, vicar of Kilglass, 108.

Oluan, Nicholas, canon, and intruded abbot, of Clones, 286.

Oluban, Bartholomew, vicar of Clann Ceallaigh and of Tedavnet, 236.

-, Brice, vicar of Tedavnet, 236.

Olucheran, Olucharean, Oluchearean, Oluchu-rean, Cristin, rector of Carnteel, 405.

-, Donatus, rector of Aghaloo, afterwards of Errigal Keerogue, of Ahoghill and of Donaghmore, chancellor of Armagh, 43, 68, 187, 188.

-, John, rector of Donaghmore, after-wards bishop of Connor, 187, 188, 193.

-, Patrick, rector of Carnteel, afterwards vicar of Donaghmore, 405, 497.

-, Thomas, dean of Armagh, 89.

-, -, rector of Aghaloo in the diocese of Armagh, 43, 44.

-, -, rector of Donaghmore in the diocese of Armagh, 187.

Olyver, Richard. See Oliver.

Omabuardan, William. See Omolbardan.

Omachan, Odo, vicar of Killaraght, 350.

Omaclabaill, Patrick, vicar of Mayo, 143.

Omadagayn, Omadaeganyn, Ymadagayn, Donatus, dean of Annadown, vicar of Ross, 108.

-, -, archdeacon of Annadown, rector of Muntirmurchuga (q.v.), in the diocese of Annadown, 111.

-, -, canon of Annadown, papal mandatary, 109.

-, -, vicar of Kiltolagh in the diocese of Killaloe, 193.

-, Urmanus (i.e. the obsolete Heremon or Irwin), rector of Claregalway, 107.

-, Omadadayn, William, a secular canon of Clonfert and rector of Ceandiuagid, afterwards an Augustinian canon of St. Mary's de Portupuro, Clonfert, 452.

Omadeyn, Ymadeyn, Malachy, archdeacon and canon of Clonfert, 423.

-, -, Maurus, layman, 423.

Omaelluyn, Dermit, rector of Clonlea, vicar of Killokennedy, 115.

-, Ymaelluyn, John, vicar of Killo-kennedy, 115.

- See Omallayn; Omallyan.

Omaelmothlaid', Ymaelmothlaid', Maurice, vicar of Clongesh, 353.

Omaelmuchoirdhi (Ua Mail-Mocheirgi i.e. O'Mulmochery), David, vicar of Moville, 104.

Omacnachayn, Dermit, rector of Kenalarga (Cinel Farga, q.v.), vicar of Rosenallis, 158, 159.

- See Omuneachayn.

Omaenaidh, Cornelius, rector of Ballycommon, 490.

-, Omaenaydh, Omoenaydh, Maurus, vicar of Killaderry, of Kilcorbry and of Carbury, 486, 488, 489.

Omahaena, Cornclius, rector of Ballymac-william, vicar of Ballyburly alias Primult, 357.

Omailchaich, Nellanus, vicar of Clondahorky, 168.

Omaillcalland, Peter, rector of Termoneeny in the diocese of Derry, and of Tamlaght in the diocese of Armagh, 49.

- See also Omolkallan.

Omalalachlan, Omalachtan, William, a Friar Preacher, papal chaplain, 1, 20.

Omallayn, Thomas, clerk, 462.

- See Omaelluyn; Omallyan.

Omallyan, Fergallus, a Cistercian monk, after-wards abbot, of Monasterevin, 494.

- See Omaelluyn; Omallayn.

Omaltail, Donatus, vicar of Clonenagh, 487.

Omartain, Odo, an Augustinian canon, to have collation of the priory, of Derrane, 61.

Omarthantayn, Donatus, vicar of Kinvarra, 271.

Omayl, Gregory, clerk, to become a Cistercian monk of Granard, with the vicarage of Wheery in commendam, 455.

-, John, a Cistercian monk, afterwards abbot, of Granard, 233, 234.

- See Oneill (John).

Omeachayr, Omeachyr, y Meachayr, Ymecayr, Cibau ingen, 343.

-, Cornelius, rector of Roscrea, 487.

-, Donald I, prior of Monaincha, after-wards a Friar Minor, 141.

-, Donatus, layman, 141.

-, -, Donald II, his son, an Augus-tinian canon, to have collation of the priory, of Monaincha, 141.

-, John, vicar of Bourney, 399.

-, -, Thady his grandson, vicar of Bourney and of Castletownely, 398, 399, 407.

Omeagra, Patrick, rector of Latteragh in the diocese of Killaloe, 276.

-, William, rector of Latteragh, after-wards an Augustinian canon and prior of Nenagh, 178, 182, 183, 276.

Omeraich, Donald, bishop of Derry, 134.

Omhaelghaichi, Furgallus. See Omulgarghi.

Omiagaid, Thady, rector of Offhichari and Beannfada, 46, 270.

Omichan, Patrick, clerk, 539.

Omigir, Omigyr, Odo, rector of Drumcliff, 350.

-, Patrick, rector of Drumcliff and Kil-maley in the diocese of Killaloe, 111.

Omiragaid, Omuregaidh, Omuregayd, Omure-ghayd, Donatus, archdeacon and canon of Leighlin, 525, 526.

-, -, canon of Clonfert, rector of Duniry, afterwards vicar of Ballynakill, both in the diocese of Clonfert, 106, 523.

-, Omirgaid, Omuireagaidh, Omuregaid, John, prior of Dungiven, 62, 457.

-, Philip, canon, afterwards prior, of Dungiven, rector and vicar of Bodoney, 62, 400, 457.

-,See Omuragaidh.

Omochan, David, rector of Drumgoon and vicar of Discartfingilli (q.v.), 485, 486.

Omoeleanaid, Cornelius, an Augustinian canon, sometime prior, of Inchmacnerin, 46.

Omoenaydh, Maurus. See Omaenaydh.

Omolbardan, Omabuardan, Ymolbardan, William, rector of Aghaboe, 74, 486.

Omoleampull, Cornelius, rector of Castle-townarra, 267.

Omolkallan, Omolkallam, Omulkalan, Peter, canon of Armagh, papal mandatary, 39, 49, 72.

-, See also Omaillcalland.

Omolmochchair, Luke, clerk, 96.

Omolmochory, Ymolmochory, Gelasius, rector of Drumreilly and Oughteragh, com-monly called rector of Cinel-Luachain, 228.

Omolmocorig, Patrick, vicar of Clonca, 112.

Omolugyr, Omolwoyr, Philip, dean and official of Clogher, 242, 243.

-, -, canon of Clogher, papal man-datary, 236.

Omongan, Omongayn, Cornelius, vicar of Cappagh, 237.

-, Donald, canon of Cork, rector of Churchtown alias Bruhenny, 44, 50, 51.

-, -, -, papal mandatary, 383.

Omoran, Omorayn, Donald, vicar of Killimer, 572.

-, Gillibert, prior of Mohill, 84.

Omorra, Cucogrus, rector of Killabban, 53.

-, John, rector of Killabban, 53.

O'Morrissy. See Omurgisan.

Omuireagaidh, John and Philip. See Omira-gaid.

Omulchoiryll, Dermit, vicar of Clonkeen, 106, 107.

-, -, John his son, vicar of Clon-keen, 106, 107.

-, Thomas, vicar of Clonkeen, 107.

Omuledi, Philip, layman, 343.

Omuleoyn, John, rector of Moycarn, 228.

-, Maurianus, rector of Moycarn, 228.

-, See Omuluyn.

Omulereyn, Malachy, vicar of Lackagh, 189, 190.

Omulgarghi, Florence, alias Furgallus Omhael-ghaichi, dean of Raphoe, 149, 404.

Omulhymnin. Omulymnuyn, Matthew, prior of Cloontuskert, 64, 131.

Omulkalan, Peter. See Omolkallan.

O'Mullaly. See Omaelmothlaid.

Omulmiadbundh, Hymulmyadhaydh, Fergallus, an Augustinian canon of Cong, prior of Cloontuskert, 63, 131.

O'Mulmochery.See Omaelmuchoirdhi.

Omulmyhyl, David, an Augustinian canon, afterwards prior, of Aughrim, 129.

Omulumne (O'Moloney), Dermit, warden of Scattery Island collegiate church, 100.

Omuluyn, Roderick, vicar of Inishdadroum, 402.

-, See Omuleoyn.

Omulymnuyn, Matthew. See Omulhymnin.

Omuneachayn, Ymuneachayn, Thady, vicar of Killokennedy, 115.

-, See Omaenachayn.

Omuragaidh, John, vicar of Balypiteraydh alias Aghelreylteane, 489.

-, See Omiragaid.

Omurchuda (O'Murray), Thieus, dean of Mayo, 149.

Omurcuayn, Dermit, provost of Tuam, 161.

-, -, vicar of Loughrea in the diocese of Clonfert, 190.

Omurcughu, Nicholas, vicar of Balypiteraydh alias Aghelreylteane, 489.

Omuregaidh, Philip. See Omiragaid.

Omuregaidh, Omuregayd, Omureghayd, Dona-tus. See Omiragaid.

Omurgisan, Omurgiusan (O'Morrissy), David, rector of Clonca and Clonmany, 96.

-, Metrach, vicar of Fahan, 117.

Omurigan, Cornelius, vicar of Aghaloo, 70, 71.

Omustrad.Thomas, canon of Dromore, 122.

Omycachayn, Dermit, canon of Annadown, papal mandatary, 106.

Omycherayn, Ymycherayn, Nemeas, rector of Beagh, 97.

Onaray, Andrew, vicar of Bekan, 267.

-, Nicholas, vicar of Bekan, afterwards of Sliabh Lugha, 270.

Onechtayn, Donald, vicar of St. Patrick's, Wicklow, 186.

Oneill, Oneyl, Cornelius, rector of Ardtrea, 54.

-, Oneyll, Eugenius, donsel, 135.

-, Eugenius, rector of Ahoghill and of Ardtrea, vicar of Desertlyn, 39, 40, 54.

-, Oneyll, John, archdeacon of Connor, rector of Ahoghill in the diocese of Connor, 91.

-, Onniel, John, a secular priest of the diocese of Ardagh, to become a Cister-cian monk of Granard, 84.

-, -, See Omayl.

-, Thady, vicar of Kilcommon, 108.

Onelusayn, Thomas, canon of Cloyne, 51.

Oneyl, Cornelius. See Oneill.

Oneyll, Eugenius and John. See Oneill.

Opizis, Obicis, Obizis, Oppizis (Obizzi), John de, canon of Ferrara, papal chap-lain and auditor, papal collector in England, Ireland and Scotland, 3, 4, 16, 26, 29 note, 31, 35, 37, 71, 72, 185, 511.

-, -, imprisonment of, 36, 37.

Opnie, Opney [parish of Auchtergaven, co. Perth], prebend in Dunkeld, 361.

Oppizis, John de. See Opizis.

Opstalle, Godfrey de, layman, 570.

-, the late Godfrey de, 570.

Opton Opsnodesbery. See Upton Snodsbury.

Opys, Richard, priest, 550.

Oqueogan, Luke, rector of Drumgoon, 485.

Oragillich (O'Reilly), John, an Augustinian canon of Kreuzlingen, afterwards abbot of Kells, 62, 192.

-, See Orealich; Iniarele.

Oran, Fuaran [co. Roscommon], 170.

Oransay, St. Columba, St. Columba in Insula de Orbkansa [in Colonsay parish, co. Argyll], Augustinian priory, prior of, papal mandatary, 461.

-, -, - See Brichi; Maccan.

-, -, canons of, 457.

Orealich (O'Reilly), Donald, vicar of Bally-modan, afterwards rector of Murragh and Templetrine, and of parcels of Ballymountain and Kildarra, afterwards canon of Cork and rector of Ringrone, 382, 383.

- - See Oragillich; Iniarele.

Orense[Spain], see of, 389 note.

O'Riordan. See Orywyrdayn.

Orkney, bishop of, afterwards bishop of Dun-blane, papal mandatary. See Stephani.

-, Alexander, bishop elect of. See Vaus.

-, William, bishop of. See Stephani.

-, archdeacon of. See Thome; Broun.

-, canons of. See Hugonis; Mur.

-, earl of. See Synclar.

Orleans [Loiret, France], cathedral church, canon of. See Gray.

-, -, statutes of, 381.

Ormond[co. Tipperary], earl of. See Bottiller.

Ormounde, David, rector of Manorbier, 107.

Oroddachan, Cornelius. See Orodochan.

Oroddayn, John, vicar of Kilmaleery, 511.

Orodochan, Oroddachan (O'Rogan), Cornelius, archdeacon and canon of Clonmacnoise, 243, 244.

-, -, canon of Clonmacnoise, papal mandatary, 84, 85, 129, 180.

-, Luke, rector of Drumreilly and Ough-teragh, commonly called rector of Cinel-Luachain, 228.

-, Orodachon, Matthew, canon of Clon-macnoise, to become an Augustinian canon and prior of Mohill, 84.

O'Ronaga. See Oruonaga.

Oronoga, Magnellus, Patrick and Tierney. See Oruonaga.

O'Rory. See Oruori.

Orsini, Jordan. See Cardinal bishops (Albano).

Oruagry, Nemeas. See Oruori.

Oruagyn, Patrick, vicar of Killererin, 106.

-, See Oruogyn.

Oruarchan, Robert, clerk, 462.

Oruogyn, Yruogyn, Cornelius, an Augustinian canon of Grenoble, afterwards abbot of Canon Island, 125, 477.

-, See Oruagyn.

Oruonaga (O'Ronaga, O'Rooney), John, abbot of Newry, 215.

-, Oronoga, Magnellus, rector of Drum-gooland, 263.

-, Odo. canon of Dromore, 163.

-, Oronoga, Patrick, canon of Dromore, vicar of Drumgooland, 246.

-, Oronoga, Tierney, vicar of Drumgoo-land, 246.

Oruori, Oruagry (O'Rory), Nemeas, Nymeas, canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 106, 112, 189.

-, -, clerk, of the diocese of Tuam, 568, 569.

Orwelle, Thomas, a Benedictine monk, 416.

Orywyrdayn (O'Riordan), Orybardam, John, rector of Croom, 75.

-, Orywrdan, Nicholas, a Cisterciah monk, afterwards abbot, of Monaster-anenagh, 182.

-, Orwyndayn, Oryurdayn, Thomas, archdeacon of Emly, canon of Limerick, rector of Rathronan, 91, 483.

Osachy, Malachy, rector of Beagh, 106.

Osanlayn, Donald. See Oscanlan.

Osborne, Thomas, 537.

-, -, Alice his wife, 537.

Oscachnasayg, Donald. See Oseachnasyg.

Oscanlan, Oscannlayn, Osanlayn, Donald, canon of Ardfert, papal mandatary, 47, 97, 168.

Oscula, Maurice, rector of Kenalarga (Cinel Farga, q.v.), 159.

Oseachnasyg, Oscachnasayg, Oseachnasaye, Oseachnasayg, Osseachnasayg (O'shaugh-nessy), Donald, canon of Clonfert, papal mandatary, 424, 491, 539.

-, -, canon of Clonfert, rector of Ardrahan, rector of Beagh. vicar of Meelick, 137, 487, 488.

Oserwan, Patrick, rector of the chapel of Ringreagh, to have the rectory of St. Cailan's in Mahee Island, afterwards to have the rectory of Kilkeel, 265.

Osgodby, Osgothy [co. Lincoln], John Lyon of, priest, 534.

O'shaughnessy. See Oseachnasyg.

O'shea. See Osychygi.

O'sheehan. See Osyghichayn.

Osiredean. John and Patrick. See Osyredean.

Osmondiston, Osmundstan, Osmundstane [co. Norfolk], John Smith, Smyth of, priest, 300, 312.

Osney, Osseney [co. Oxford], Augustinian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal man-datary, 146, 206, 249, 288.

Osomachan, Cornelius, vicar of Drymunan, 396.

-, Donald, vicar of Drymunan, 396.

-, Odo, vicar of Coola (Ballynakill), afterwards of Drymunan, 396.

- See Ohomochayn.

Ospelayn, Cornelius, clerk, 539, 540.

Ospringe [co. Kent], hospital at, warden of. See Palmer.

Osseachnasayg, Donald. See Oseachnasyg.

Osseney. See Osney.

Ossiredean, John. See Osyredean.

Ossory [co. Kilkenny], bishop of, papal man-datary, 50, 278, 522, 523.

-, -, papal collector in Ireland. See Raghat.

-, Denis, bishop of. See Day.

-, Patrick, bishop of. See Raghat.

-, Thomas, bishop of. See Snell.

-, -, bishop elect of. See Barry.

-, dean of. See Raghat; Hallart; Stafford; Curke; Haket; Stanton.

-, archdeacon of, faculty to, 530.

-, -, papal mandatary, 134, 168, 351.

-, - See Herburgh; Knaygh; Haket; Stanton; Coggeran; Taylor; Rokelef; Pirron; Purcellis.

-, precentor of, papal mandatary, 165, 351, 511, 512, 523.

-, - See Coggeran; Fawconer; Smyth (Richard).

-, canons of. See Aston; Devenis; Faunt; Fynan; Haket; Ogubuin; Silk; Talbot.

-, chapter etc. of, papal letters to, 493.

-, episcopal mensa of, 184.

-, foundation of canonries and prebends in the cathedral church of, 523.

Ossullebayn, Maurice. See Osullchayn.

Ostia [Lazio, Italy], John, bishop of. See Cardinal bishops.

Osualdeswyke, John, layman, 556.

Osullebayn, Ossullebayn (O'sullivan), John, rector of Inis-da-Sliog in the diocese of Ardfert, 241.

-, -, vicar of Kilcrohane in the diocese of Ardfert, 104.

-, Maurice, rector of Inis-da-Sliog, 241.

- See Ohollywayn; Ohullebayn.

Osururan, Adam. See Ofururan.

Osuyne, John, prior, afterwards canon, of Killeigh, 61.

Oswaldkirk, Oswaldkyrk in Redall [co. York, N.R.], 218.

Osychygi, Osygyth (O'shea), John, canon of Clogher, papal mandatary, 485, 487.

Osyda, Nicolaus, Nicolanus, Nicholanus, vicar of Kilfinaghta, afterwards of Tulla, 175.

Osygyth, John. See Osychygi.

Osylecan or Ofylecan, John, vicar of Tamlaght- Finlagan, 397.

Osyghichayn (O'sheehan), Cornelius, arch-deacon of Cloyne, 88.

Osyredean, Osyridean, Cornelius, vicar of Kilreekil, 128.

-, Osiredean, John, prior of Lough Oughter, 516.

-, Osiredean, Ossiredean, Osyridean, John, rector of Keadew, 483, 503.

-, Patrick, vicar of Kilmore and rector of Keadew, 483.

Oterburne, William de, rector of Dunnottar. 158.

Otery. See Ottery.

Otford, Otteforde [co. Kent], 198.

Otheaampullayn, John, a Cistereian monk, 554.

Othedura, Magonius, an Augustinian friar, 569.

Othomalthaych (Tomalty), Regnald. vicar of Tuamna. 267.

Otigernayg (Tierney), Odo, a Cistercian monk, commendatary of the vicarage of Ought-mama, 58.

Otley, Otteley [co. Suffolk], 317.

Otressaig, Otressayg (O'Tracy), Maurice, vicar of Killimorbologue, 190.

-, Nicholas, vicar of Killimorbologue 190.

Otryngham, John, vicar of Terrington 207.

Otteforde. See Otford.

Otteley. See Otley.

Otterburn, Nicholas de, vicar of Mearns, 237.

Ottery, Otery, St. Mary [co. Devon], collegiate church, warden of. See Sarger.

-, -, statutes of, 277.

Otto and Ottobon, constitutions (q.v. in Index of Subjects) of the legates, 410, 517.

Ouchtre, Michael, dean of Dunblane, canon of Dunkeld and Glasgow, almoner-general of James I, rector of Lilliesleaf, vicar of Tibbermore, 376, 377, 391, 392, 406, 546, 547.

Oudyngton. See Oddington.

Oughtdarra, Vetforaich [parish of Killhlagh, co. Clare], 108.

Oughteragh, Wacturacht [co. Leitrim], 228.

Oughtmama, Huttmagma [co. Clare], 58.

Ounesby, Robert, a Benedictine monk, 307, 309.

Ouse, river, 57, 87.

Outrath, Oghorath, Oghterath [co. Kilkenny], prebend in Ossory, 72, 507.

Over Compton, alias Compton Hawy [co. Dorset], 280.

Overe, priory of St. Mary. See Southwark.

Overforth alias Smerit, William, clerk, notary, 348.

Overton, Stephen, rector of Stoke in the diocese of Winchester, 508.

-, -, rector of Weston Colville in the diocese of Ely, 65.

Overton [co. Wilts], 246, 247.

Over Attebere. See Adber.

Overyngham. See Everingham.

Owein ap Howel, priest, 416.

Oweyn, Owyn, Patrick, vicar of St. Nicholas's, Dundalk, 73.

-, -, rector of Kilkeel in the diocese of Down, 265.

Oxford, Alice [Sergeaux, widow of Sir Guy St. Albyn], countess of, 428.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 435, 506, 507.

-, Augustinian priory of St. Frideswide, prior of, faculties to, 147, 348, 412, 542.

-, -, -, papal mandatary, 146, 288, 348.

-, -, canon of 452.

-, Benedictine college of Canterbury Hall, 289.

-, Cistercian abbey of Rewley, Reylu, abbot of, papal mandatary, 288.

-, Friars Preachers of the visitation [q.v. in Index of Subjects ad verb. Friars Preachers] of, 514.

-, parish church of St. Ebbe, 56, 57, 277.

-, parish church of St. Martin, 470, 532.

-, parish church of St. Mary, 254.

-, students at, 48, 90, 124, 142, 164, 166, 168, 199, 230, 254, 289, 297, 362, 388, 439, 442, 445, 482484, 493, 515, 519, 521, 540, 568.

-, rector and university of, papal letters to, 34.

-, -, papal orator to. See Cesar-inis.

-, university of, chancellor of. See Chace.

-, John Barton, citizen of, 562, 563.

-, -, Joan his wife, 562, 563.

- John Schawe of, 305.

-, -, Agnes his wife, 305.

Oxfordshire, commissary etc. of the bishop of Lincoln in. See Symond.

Oxmantown [city of Dublin]. See Clonliff.