Lateran Regesta 192: 1417-1418

Pages 70-72

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 7, 1417-1431. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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Lateran Regesta, Vol. CXCII (fn. 1)

De Exhibitis

1 Martin V

Non. Dec.
(f. 66d.)
To James, [bishop] elect of Penna, residing in the Roman court. Mandate as below. The recent petition of John Curke, clerk, of the diocese of Ossory, B.C.L., contained that on the voidance of the deanery of Ossory, by the promotion by papal authority, and by the consecration of Patrick, bishop, now of Ossory, formerly of Cork, to the latter see, the chapter elected in accordance with ancient custom the late John Stafford, clerk, who obtained confirmation of the election from the late Thomas, bishop of Ossory [see Cal. Lett. VI, p. 240]; that a suit which arose between Stafford and John Hallart, priest, of the diocese of Ossory, who claimed the deanery, was at Hallart's instance committed by Baldassar, called John XXIII, although the cause had not by its nature devolved to the Roman court, to the above bishop, then a papal chaplain and auditor; and that while the suit has been pending Stafford has died in possession. The pope therefore orders the bishop to surrogate the above Curke (who had papal dispensation, as the son of a priest and an unmarried woman, to be promoted to all, even holy orders, and hold a benefice even with cure, and afterwards to hold three other mutually compatible benefices, with or without cure, and to resign them as often as he pleased, for exchange or simply) to Stafford's right at the time of his death, and moreover to collate and assign to him the deanery itself, a major dignity with cure, value not exceeding 60 marks to a non-resident, removing any unlawful detainer; notwithstanding that Curke was presented by a lay patron to the late archbishop of Dublin, during voidance of the see of Ossory, for the perpetual vicarage of Callen in the latter diocese, value not exceeding 30 marks. Upon obtaining the deanery he is to resign all right to the said vicarage. Litterarum etc. (Antonius. xxx. Die duodecima Julii moccccoxviiio. de Ponto.)
4 Id. Dec.
(f. 214d.)
To the abbot of SS. Peter and Paul's, Armagh, and David Oculean and Philip Macrogain, canons of Armagh. Mandate—at the petition of Cornelius Omurigan, clerk, of the diocese of Armagh, containing that Cornelius Magrogry (also written Magrogey) and the late Peter Ocorgran resigned, for purpose of exchange, their perpetual vicarages of Arigaldakeroc and Achadluuga (also spelt Achadluugha) in the said diocese to the late John, archbishop of Armagh, who by his ordinary authority admitted the resignations and carried out the exchange, although Magrogry had not been sufficiently dispensed on account of illegitimacy,—seeing that the said vicarage of Achadluuga is still void by Peter's resignation, although Magrogry unlawfully detains possession, to summon him and others concerned, and if he find the facts to be as stated, to collate and assign it, value not exceeding 6 marks, to Omurigan, who has had papal dispensation, as the son of a priest and an unmarried woman, to be promoted, etc. as above, f. 66d. Vite etc.
4 Kal. March.
(f. 251d.)
To the abbot of Sawtre in the diocese of Lincoln. Mandate (at the petition of the abbot and convent of Rameseye, O.S.B., in the diocese of Lincoln, containing that they set forth to Boniface IX that William Waltham, rector of Someresham in the said diocese, falsely asserting the meadow or marsh called “Crowlodmedwe,” situate within the bounds of the parish of Catheritz in the same diocese and belonging to the said monastery, to be within the bounds of Someresham and the tithes arising from it to belong to the rector of Someresham, brought before the official of Ely the following parishioners of Catheritz, cultivators in common of the said meadow, namely William Smyth of Catheritz, William Whythede [not in Cal. Lett. V], William Heyne, William Tayllor, John Chenyngwolde, John Masselqu’ [Masseleyn, ibid.], John Bottesson, John Mason the younger, John Stevenson, John Swetmelk, John Smyth and Peter Anbry [Aubin, ibid.]; and that the said official, without summoning the said abbot and convent, gave a definitive and unjust sentence adjudging the tithes to the said rector, and condemning the said parishioners to pay them to him, from which sentence the abbot and convent, as soon as they heard of it, appealed to the apostolic see, and obtained from pope Boniface commission of the cause to the above abbot of Sawtre [Cal. Lett. V, p. 431]; that after the said abbot, and subsequently the official of Lincoln as his delegate, had taken certain proceedings, short of a definitive sentence, William died, and that the abbot and convent fear lest the said abbot and official may refuse to proceed further) to summon the present rector of Someresham and others concerned, resume the cause at the stage which it had reached, and hear and decide it in accordance with the letters of pope Boniface. Exhibita nobis.
3 Kal. Dec.
(f. 255d.)
To Master John de Opizis, papal chaplain and auditor. Mandate as below. The recent petition of William Silk, perpetual vicar of Delvyn in the diocese of Meath, contained that a cause arose lately between Thomas Saynt Legger alias de Sancto Leodegario and the late Thomas Hunt, priests, of the said diocese, about the canonry and prebend of Malaghyddirth, otherwise commonly called Castleknock (de Castrocnok) on the dean's side, in Dublin, on whose voidance by Robert Sutton, canon of Dublin, obtaining by collation of the ordinary another canonry and prebend therein, Hunt claimed them under a papal provision, which Saynt Legger opposed; that the cause, although it had not by its nature devolved to the Roman court, was committed by Baldassar, called John XXIII, at Hunt's instance, to the above auditor, who has proceeded short of a conclusion. Seeing that, as the petition added, Hunt has died while the suit was pending, the pope orders the auditor to surrogate Silk to Hunt's right, if any, and to collate and assign to him the canonry and prebend themselves, whose value does not exceed 86 marks; notwithstanding that he holds the canonries and prebends of Molaghynan in Cashel and Oghorath in Ossory, the free chapel without cure of Carryk, under papal dispensation for a period not yet expired the rectory of Ardmulghan, in the dioceses of Ferns and Meath, and the above vicarage of Delvyn, value respectively not exceeding 8, 12, 12, 40 and 36 marks, out of the fruits of which rectory 26 marks have by papal authority been reserved, to be assigned by Silk as a life pension to another. Vite etc.
7 Id. April.
(f. 280.)
To the bishop of Todi (Tudertin.), the treasurer of London and the archdeacon of Stowe in Lincoln. Mandate (at the petition of John Lounde, perpetual vicar of Haxay in the diocese of Lincoln, containing that in his cause against Walter Sampson, priest, of the said diocese, about the said vicarage, which John had canonically obtained and of which Walter dispossessed him, heard by a papal auditor in the papal palace, he has obtained a definitive sentence removing Walter and condemning him in costs, and has obtained the pope's letters of execution) to execute the said letters, as regards only restoring John to possession of the vicarage, against any other possible intruders, as though the above sentence had been pronounced against them, proceeding by ecclesiastical censure etc. Exhibita nobis. Franciscus. xviii. Die nona Aprilis mccccxviii. de Agello.)


  • 1. On the back is Anno 1 Lib. 1. Fol. i. is headed Primus de exhibitis anno primo. Rubricatus est.