Addenda or Corrigenda

Pages xix-xx

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 7, 1417-1431. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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Addenda and Corrigenda

Page 1, line 3 of the footnote, after Calendar insert except the duplicates noted in Vol. V, p. 628.
29, line 15 of the footnote, for James read Simon.
30, line 23 from end, after 13dinsert Registrum Episcopat. Brechin., Vol. II, Appendix, pp. 396–397.
30, line 4 from end, for 1419 read 1419 [–20].
31, in the margin, before Rome.] insert SS. Apostoli.
32, in the margin, for Ibid. read [Ibid.]
51, line 16, for Cloyne read Emly.
52, line 2, for dioceses of Cloyne and read said diocese [of Ardfert] and that of.
62, line 14, page 70, line 4, and page 98, line 1, for Penna read Penne.
73, line 19, after Syllafyntan insert [rectius Gyllafyntan].
84, line 20, after St. Mary insert [rectius St. Peter].
102, line 15 from end, after sterlings insert He is hereby dispensed to hold for life, together with the said precentorship or vicarage, such dignity etc., and to resign them, simply or for exchange, as often as he pleases, and hold instead two other incompatible benefices. [See below, p. 400.]
106, line 28, p. 126, line 7, p. 128, line 13, p. 190, line 10, p. 265, line 4 from end, and p. 423, line 4, for Navan (de Nouania) read Abbeygormacan (de Nouauia).
112, line 29, for Keraenach read Kera, Enach.
130, line 3 from end, for ejus, ecclesiam read ejus; ecclesiam.
130, line 2 from end, for suis; ex read suis ex.
130, for Faipou et read Faipou, et.
142, line 20 from end, for St. Denis's read St. Denys's.
153, line 1, for Albanath read Albanach.
170, line 10, after nobis insert [Stuart, Geneal. Hist. Stewarts, p. 454.].
170, last line, for Kyllmacnagyn read Kyllmacuagyn.
176, line 21, after nobis insert [Stuart, op. cit., p. 451.].
185, line 5, for Newcastle, Lyons read Newcastle Lyons.
186, line 9 from end, for Killmancan read Killmantan.
Page 196, line 18 from end, for [of Saint-Gilles? ] read [of Lombardy]; and line 16 from end, after recently insert [viz. from the end of April to May 21, 1410.].
197, line 7, after nobis insert [Stuart, op. eit., p. 453.].
221, line 17 from end, after nobis insert [Stuart, op. cit., p. 449, with the date 1 Martin V, 3 Kal. May.].
245, line 17 from end, for Osururan read Ofururan (rectius Ofurunan).
267, line 12 from end, for Maguyo read Magnyo.
270, last line, for diocese of Achonry read said diocese.
271, line 14, for John Juvenis of Exeter (de Exonia) read John de Exonia, the younger.
323, line 12, for Malokii read Malokin.
346, line 8, after Apostolatus etc. insert [Ripoll, Bullar. Prædic. II, p. 644.].
390, line 18, for to read by.
398, line 16 from end, for Rathfaran read Rathsaram.
407, lines 12 and 18, for Castletown Ely read Castletownely.
453, line 22 from end, for the players read each of the players; line 20 from end for threw read brandished.
455, line 27, for bishop read prelate.
470, line 27, after 549 insert whence Th. de Burgo, Hibernia Dominicana, p. 470.
474, line 10, after dispensacionis insert [Wilkins, Concilia, III, p. 545.].
496, line 9 from end, for which read whom.
506, line 12 from end, after 672 insert (whence Th. de Burgo, Hibernia Dominicana, p. 306).
506, line 9 from end, after Ripoll insert (followed by de Burgo, op. eit., p. 304).
514, line 14, after note add de Burgo, op. cit., p. 231, from Ripoll.
527, line 21, after nobis insert [Stuart, op. cit., p. 456.].


Laun Ronain insert [? Kilminioge in Moiran, co. Down].