Additional Addenda or Corrigenda

Pages xxi-xxxiii

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 7, 1417-1431. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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Additional Addenda or Corrigenda (fn. 1)

Vol. IV.

Page xvi, line 19, after Pontrich add Lecacheux, Letters du Pape Urbain V, No. 964.
xvi, line 22, after n. 7 add Lecacheux, No. 1500.
xvi, line 25, after date add and Lecacheux, No. 1821.
xvi, line 28, after 404 add Lecacheux, No. 1843.
xvii, line 7, after 62 add Hardouin, Concilia, VII, col. 1768; Spelman, Concilia, p. 612. See also Urban V's bull Horribilis et detestabilis against pluralities, in Luard, Annales Monastici (Rolls S., No. 36), III, pp. 413–414.
xvii, line 12, after 486 add Eubel, Bullarium Franciscanum, VI, p. 343, No. 830.
xvii, line 13 from end, after 500 add Du Boulay, Hist. Univ. Paris., IV, 378; Eubel, VI, p. 370, No. 897. See also Denifle, Chartularium, III, p. 108.
xvii, line 10 from end, after 503 add Eubel, VI, p. 375, No. 908.
xvii, line 8 from end, after 501 add Eubel, VI, p. 374, No. 907.
xx, line 7, after 514 add Eubel, VI, p. 415, No. 1026.
2, line 8, after ruined insert [Lecacheux, No. 171.]
2, line 14 from end, after Wales insert Congratulating him on his recent arrival in Aquitaine, where the pope hopes that his presence will induce peace; and after presents insert [Lecacheux, No. 536.]
2, line 10 from end, after subject insert [Lecacheux, No. 538.]
3, line 13 from end, after 267 add Lecacheux, No. 585.
4, line 24, after 267 add Lecacheux, No. 649.
4, line 10 from end, after 268 add Lecacheux, No. 670.
Page 4, last line, after can insert [Lecacheux, No. 675.]
5, line 6, after English insert [Lecacheux, No. 678.]
5, line 10, after given insert [Lecacheux, No. 680.]
5, line 19 from end, after possible insert [Lecacheux, No. 682.]
5, line 5 from end, after archbishop insert [Lecacheux, No. 719.]
7, line 25, after matter insert [Lecacheux, No. 833.]
7, line 33, after affairs insert [Lecacheux, No. 860.]
7, line 39, after 139 add Lecacheux, No. 865.
8, line 16, after motive insert [Lecacheux, No. 886.]
8, line 28, after knight insert [Lecacheux, No. 898.]
8, line 4 from end, after Jews insert [Lecacheux, No. 891.]
9, line 8, after Jews insert [Lecacheux, No. 892.]
9, line 9, after knight insert son of the earl of Suffolk.
9, line 10, dele knight.
9, line 16, after company insert [Lecacheux, No. 890, with wrong folio, viz., ‘fol. 151 recto.’]
9, line 14 from end, after future insert [Lecacheux, No. 961.]
10, last line, after florins insert [Lecacheux, No. 1067.]
11, line 5, after Bordeaux insert [Lecacheux, No. 1075.]
11, line 19 from end, for sent read who were to come.
11, line 18 from end, for returning read coming.
11, line 17 from end, after nuncio insert [Lecacheux, No. 1170.]
11, line 7 from end, after taken insert [Lecacheux, No. 1175.]
12, last line, after Fœdera add Lecacheux, No. 1275.
13, line 16 from end, for to choose their confessors, who shall read that the confessor of their choice may.
13, line 15 from end, after death insert [Lecacheux, No. 1393.]
13, line 11 from end, after 272 add Lecacheux, No. 1412, with ‘fol. 11 recto.’
13, line 9 from end, after knights insert of the dioceses of Canterbury and Lincoln.
14, line 6, after Fœdera add Lecacheux, No. 1455.
14, line 18, after knights insert of the dioceses of Canterbury and Lincoln; and after clerk insert of Lincoln.
14, line 19, after mouth insert [Lecacheux, No. 1510.]
Page 14, insert
14 Kal. Feb.
(f. 28.)
To Thomas de Walkefare, knight, seneschal of Cahors. Requesting him to cause justice to be done to Laurence, bishop of Tulle, who is molested by Elias de Floriaco, donsel, of the diocese of Cahors, in regard to certain goods wont to be held in fee from the church of Tulle.
Page 14, line 16 from end, after lands insert [Lecacheux, No. 1605.]
14, insert
Kal. March.
(f. 56d.)
To Giles, bishop of Sabina, legate of the apostolic see. Mandate (in the hope that he will endeavour to recover, with the help of the Company of English, divers lands of the church) to proceed against the count of Fondi and his brother. [Lecacheux, No. 1614. See also ibid., Nos. 1741, 1742, 1819 etc.]
Page 14, line 10 from end, after Limoges insert [Lecacheux, No. 1635.]
14, last line, after Etudes add Lecacheux, No. 1675.
15, line 5, after donsel insert [Lecacheux, No. 1690.]
15, last line, after him insert [Lecacheux, No. 1753.]
16, line 5, after 128 add Lecacheux, No. 1762.
16, line 12 from end, after parts insert [Lecacheux, No. 1828.]
40, line 10 from end, after 497 add See Eubel, VI, p. 376, No. 909.
62, line 5, for Sassac read Cessac (de Sassaco); line 8, after Cahors insert Fournier, Les Statuts et Privilèges des Universités Françaises, II, i, p. 547.
64, line 11, after vicars insert [Eubel, VI, p. 413, No. 1017, from Vol. 165 of the Avignon Series of Registers, f. 456.]
68, line 28, after Oxford insert [See Eubel, VI, p. 422, No. 1044, from Vol. 166 of the Avignon Series of Registers, f. 536.]
86, line 21 from end, for Latton read Lanthony.
91, line 20, after 505 add Eubel, VI, p. 383, No. 931, from Vol. 159 of the Avignon Series of Registers, f. 197.
106, line 21, after 591 add See also Hardouin, Concilia, VII, col. 1793; Martène et Durand, Thes. Nov. Anecdot., I, col. 1492.
118, line 18 from end, after Fœdera insert whence Monasticon, I, p. 242.
174, line 13, after 533 add Eubel, VI, p. 475, No. 1191, from Vol. 187 of the Avignon Series of Registers, f. 247.
186, line 7 from end, after 549 add Eubel, VI, p. 511, No. 1277, from Vol. 188 of the Avignon Series of Registers, f. 402.
199, line 13, after 566 add Eubel, VI, p. 542, No. 1358.
200, line 16 from end, after years insert [Eubel, VI, p. 544, No. 1363.]
200, line 14 from end, after Minor insert [Ibid.]
Page 206, line 19, before Theiner insert Wilkins, Concilia, Vol. III, p. 544.
206, line 5 from end, after 353 add Eubel, VI, p. 549, No. 1375.
246, line 13, for Kingstown read Athenry.
297, line 19, for Byr[e]ll read Byrll (rectius Bryll).
305, insert
Id. Dec.
St Peter's, Rome.
(f. 67d.)
Commutation, as below, Reg. Lat. LXVIII, f. 71, in Cal. Lett. V, p. 214.
Page 336, line 15 from end, after Ireland insert Eubel, VII, p. 10, No. 25.
341, insert
5 Id. Nov.
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 51)
To the bishop of Gubbio and the dean and official of Breslau (Wratislavien.). Mandate to collate and assign to John Janonis de Borsnicz, perpetual vicar in the church of St. Cross, Breslau, a certain void canonry and prebend of the church of Gnesen [in Prussia], collation of which was granted to him at the petition of Anne, queen of England, on 4 Kal. April anno 8 [1386], by Urban VI, who died before his letters were made out. [Printed by Krofta, Monumenta Vaticana Res Gestas Bohemicas Illustrantia, tom V, pars i, p. 126, No. 197.]
Page 342, last line, after missing insert Eubel, VII, p. 18, No. 50.
351, line 10, after (De mandato.) insert [Eubel, VII, p. 154, No. 429.]
383, line 5, after diocese insert Eubel, VII, p. 19, No. 55.
393, insert
3 Non. May.
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 153.)
To Anthony de Vercellis, a Friar Minor, S.T.M., dwelling at Milan. Mandate to grant to Andreolus de Cantuario, a Friar Minor—who in the universities (studiis) of Pavia, Oxford and Cambridge has made himself fit to receive the mastership in the faculty of theology—if he find him fit etc., the said mastership in the university (studio) of Milan, and the licence to teach in the said faculty. [Eubel, VII, p. 20, No. 61.]
Page 431, line 22, after (sic) add Eubel, VII, p. 31, No. 101.
442, insert
3 Kal. Dec.
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 225d.)
To Laurence de Padua, a Friar Minor, S.T.P. Mandate to grant to Dominic de Imola, a Friar Minor, who has studied theology etc. in the realm of England and in a number of universities in Italy (quampluribus studiis cismontanis), and has been a lector etc. in several universities etc., if found fit etc., and after he has lectured in theology for four years in succession in the city of Padua or elsewhere where there is a university, the mastership of theology and the licence to teach. [See Eubel, VII, p. 25, No. 80.]
Page 442, line 11 from end, after 425 add Eubel, VII, p. 24, No. 76.
454, line 11, after hermitage insert Eubel, VII, p. 32, No. 102.
476, line 15, for Maginahuna read Magmahuna.
505, line 8, after church insert Sheppard, Literæ Cantuarienses (Rolls S, No. 85), III, pp. 45–48.
508, line 25, after chaplains insert [Eubel, VII, pp. 55, 56, No. 173.]
516, line 13, after 360 insert and for a similar letter addressed by the pope on the above date to Richard II See Foxe, III, 194.
517, line 15, after 437 add Eubel, VII, p. 55, No. 172.

Index of Persons and Places.

Aberdeen, for? precentor read precentorship or.
Abingdon, add abbot and convent of, 371, 439.
-, add parish church of St. Helen, 371, 439.
Insert Ancona [Marche, Italy], bishop of, papal mandatary, 517.
Angelini, for 226 read 266.
Insert Athenry [co. Galway], 246.
Barnwell, for 539 read 535.
Baronis, add 92, 98, 101, 142.
Barrowden, for 39 read 38.
Basset, John, for Walyngton read Wallington.
Beele, for Mathersey read Mattersey.
Beeleigh, dele [Cok].
Beltoft, for 264, 266–270 read 265–270.
Benedict XIII, add See also Cardinal deacons (St. Mary's in Cosmedin).
Beuerege, Roger and Juliana, add 465.
Beverley, insert prebend of St. James's altar in, 85.
Beverley, before Cecilia's insert St.
Béziers [Hérault, France], abbot of. See Mandagachis.
Bilingschell, for Billing read Billing.
Bologna, scholar of, add 210.
Bologna, add papal treasurer at, 142, 143.
For Bongeli read Bongeti.
Bordeaux, Hospitallers of, add 126, 135.
Bourn, add Thomas, abbot of, 74.
Insert Braddisdale park. See Breadsall.
Bron, for Richard read Roger.
Bruges, Florentine merchants at, dele 259–261.
- (merchants of Lucca at), dele the brackets and add 259–261.
-, negotiations with the pope at, add 112, 219.
Bruni, add 99.
Burdeyn. For Lees read Leighs.
Burton, after of insert a Gilbertine canon, and add 279.
Burton, Laurence de, for Derley read Darley.
Bushmead, add 361.
Calais, peace negotiations at, dele 202, 203.
-, negotiations with the pope at, add 202, 203.
Cambridge, chancellor and university of, add 52.
-, Clare Hall, add 41.
Insert Canon Island, Inisgadd, Inysgad [in Killadysert parish, co. Clare], abbot of, 417.
-, -, monastery of St. Mary, 448.
Captal de Buch, for Gailley read Grailly.
For Hemingborough read Hemingbrough, Hemyngburgh, and after York insert E.R.
Inniscathrie, dele Inisgadd, Inysgad and …. abbot of, 417, 448.
Inysgad, for Inniscathrie read Canon Island.
King's Town, delete the entry.
Lanthony [co. Gloucester], prior and convent of, add ref. 86.
Latton, delete the entry.
London, bishop of, add 517.
For Maginahuna read Magmahuna.
Saissac, dele the entry and substitute Cessac (de Sassaco) [dép. Lot], castle of, 62.
Sassac, for Saissac read Cessac.
York, archbishop of, add 517.

Vol. V.

Page 2, line 16, for Milton read Milton.
3, line 8, for Richm[ond] read Richmond.
4, line 2, for (saltem) read (saltem, rectius scilicet [as in Reg. Lat. CCCV, f. 263d, q.v. in Cal. Lett. vol. VIII.]).
4, line 20, for Pat[ric]k read Patrik.
190, insert
Kal. March.
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 63.)
To Nicholas Lynse, a Friar Minor. Licence to transfer himself to the Cistercian Order (not the Order of St. Benedict, as in Eubel, Bullarium, VII, p. 94, No. 274). Religionis zelus etc.
Page 200, in the margin, for (f. 42) read (f. 242).
201, last line, after morum insert Eubel, VII, p. 88, No. 266.
214, line 15 from end, after (De Curia.) insert [Pagliucchi, I Castellani del Castello S. Angelo di Roma, vol. I, part i, pp. 148–149, from the text in Reg. Vat. CCCXVI, f. 67d.]
Page 249, line 11 from end, after merita insert [Monumenta Vaticana Hist. Regni Hungariæ Illust., Series I, tom. IV, pars i, p. 152.
276, lines 8 and 9, for artificers’ work (negociacionis) read craftsmen's trade (negociacionis artificiorum).
280, line 14, after buy insert summer, and for or read i.e.
288, line 12, after (De mandato.) insert Eubel, VII, p. 109, No. 320.
324, line 15, after p. 64 insert and corrected by Eubel, VII, p. 104, No. 301a.
454, last line, after 387, add Eubel, VII, p. 113, No. 335, here with the right spelling ‘Wesenborch.’
503, line 22, after (De mandato.) insert [Eubel, VII, p. 139, No. 401.]
504, line 19, after (De mandato.) insert [Eubel, VII, p. 155, No. 430.]
544, line 14 from end, after Blonteseriæ add Eubel, VII, p. 156, No. 433, with a reference to Wadding only.
555, line 15, after officium insert [Eubel, VII, p. 164, No. 451.]
555, line 23, after officium insert [Ibid., No. 452.]
573, line 15, after Didenham add Eubel, VII, p. 155, No. 431, with the reading s. Andreæ de Hisson et s. Pantaniæ virginis de Eltesse ac s. Jacobi de Didenham.
592, insert
4 Id. March.
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 214.)
To Richard, elect of Capitolias. Faculty for him, to whom the pope has made provision of the said see [above, p. 555], and who has taken the usual oath of fealty to Raynald, cardinal deacon of St. Vitus's in Macello, to be consecrated by any catholic bishop, assisted by two or three others. Cum nos pridem.
Page 592, in the margin, above 8 Id. Dec. insert 1402.
623, line 8, after Minor insert [Noted in Eubel, VII, p. 175, No. 483, with wrong date, viz. 10 Kal. March.]

Index of Persons and Places.

Adderpon, insert (? Matehy, co. Cork).
Annagh [in Churchtown parish, co. Cork]. See Eanachtrayn.
Athdrum, Athdruma, insert [? Drumreilly, co. Leitrim].
Athlean. See Templemore.
Insert Benedictio Dei. See also Kilbeggan.
Brymston, dele the entry, and substitute Brymston (rectius Bryniston). See Burneston.
Burneston, add the variant Brymston (rectius Bryniston) and the ref. 556, and after York insert N.R.
Cashel, for [co. Cork] read [co. Tipperary].
Insert Cinel Farga Kenelarga [now the barony of Ballybritt, King's Co.], 103, 180, 181.
Cuil Brighdin (i.e. Mac-Brady's country, co. Cavan). See Culbrydyn.
Culbrydyn, for Ardagh read Kilmore.
After Drumreilly insert …. See also Athdrum.
Eanachtrayn, for? Clonfert read? Armagh in Churchtown parish or
Galway, insert ……… St. Mary of the Hill, Snogan (i.e. Knockaun), chapel of, 319.
Grimston, dele See Brymston.
Horsey, for Bridgewater read Bridgwater.
Kenelarga. See Cinel Farga.
Kilbeggan, insert……… See also Benedictio Dei.
Kilcready [in Derrynahinch, co. Kilkenny], See Kilmedy.
Kilfarboy, dele See Killsyobrach.
Insert Kilfearagh, Killsyobrach [co. Clare], 502.
Killannin, Kylarduyn [co. Galway], 612.
Insert Killashee, Tirfoelan [co. Longford], 79.
Dele Killower, &c.
Read Killsyobrach. See Kilfearagh.
Read Kilmademoge. See Kilmedy.
Read Kilmedy, diocese of Ossory [? Kilmadum or Kilcready in Derrynahinch parish], 295.
Kylarduyn. See Killannin.
Latteragh, Leachrachobrain [co. Tipperary], 603.
Leachrachobrain. See Latteragh.
Macscalaid, for Clongesh read Cluaincarpi (twice).
Insert Magrath. See Makcray.
Malvern, Great, insert [co. Worcester].
Insert Matehy [co. Cork]. See Addirpon.
Middleton Tyas, dele Milton, and for 2–4 read 3, 4.
Milton, for See Middleton Tyas read See Myton upon Swale.
Muinter Eolais for barony of Leitrim read the south part of.
Insert Myton upon Swale, Miton [co. York, N.R.], 2.
O'Coghlan, insert……… See Ynymechochlayn.
O'Connor, after Oconar add; Cornelii.
Insert O'Dunne. See Inyndoun.
For the group of entries under ‘O'Farrell’ substitute the following:—
O'Farrell or O'Ferrall, Offeargail, Ofrargail, Offergeull, Charles, vicar of Taghshinny, 103.
-, Donatus, vicar of Kilglass and Rathreagh, 79, 105.
-, John, vicar of Street, rector of Tirsoelan, 79.
-, John, rector of Muinter Eolais, 104.
-, Quenanus alias Carulus, Cistercian, 431, 432.
-, Raymund, Cistercian monk, sacrist and prior, afterwards abbot, of Kilbeggan, 289, 322, 330.
-, Robert, clerk, 80.
O'Farrelly, Offarchellaych, Offarchellaich, Offarcheallych, Ofergula, David, vicar of Drumlane, 398, 450, 452.
-, Geruallus, vicar of Kilbradran, 502.
-, Maurice, vicar of Drumlane, 398, 452.
-, Myrianus or Mirianus, vicar of Drumlane, 398.
-, Nicholas, 398.
-, William, vicar of Drumlane, 398, 452.
Read O'Meara, Omeagea, etc.
Insert Rathdrum. See Ballycommon.
Roche, Stephen, in references, for 354 read 345.
St. Maidoc add [i.e. Mogue].
Snogan. See Galway.
Sraid Maigibreacrai. See Street.
Insert Street [cos. Longford and Westmeath], Sraid Maigibreacrai, 79.
Insert Templemore, Athlean [co. Mayo], 613.
Read Thom. See Toomyvara.
Dele Thom. See Toem; and Thom, chapel of, &c.
Dele Toem, Thom, &c.
Tirsoelan. See Killashee.
Insert Toomyvara, Thom, Thome [parish of Aghnameadle, co. Tipperary], monastery of, 74, 598.
Insert ………, warden of. See O'Meara.
Verona, St. Mary's in Organis, insert Benedictine abbey.

Index of Subjects.

Benedictine houses abroad, add Verona.
Indulgences. Insert See Confessors.

Vol. VI.

Page 68, line 21, for Elphin read Emly.
99, line 10 from end, after (Collacionata, H. de Ratingen.) add [L. Schmitz, Konzil von Cividale, in the Römische Quartalschrift, vol. VIII, p. 230.]
118, line 23, for Wulstan read Ultan.
119, line 14 from end, for Colmanelus read Colman Ela (Colmaneli).
134, line 20, after cetera insert [Sheppard, Literæ Cantuarienses (Rolls S., No. 85), III, pp. 109–112.]
198, line 16 from end, after Babynghe add Thom. de Burgo, Hibernia Dominicana, p. 469, from Ripoll.
244, line 4, for Guffyth read Gussych.
261, line 11 from end, for Garudseagayl read Garndseagayl.
277, line 10, for Achcruym read Athtruym.
281, line 23, for 335 read 355.
296, line 7, for Margaret read Margery.
387, line 2 from end, after friars insert [Burriscarra].
461, line 12, after valituris add Th. de Burgo, op. cit., p. 269, from Ripoll.
484, line 28, after valituris add Th. de Burgo, op. cit., p. 247, from Ripoll.

Index of Persons and Places.

Abbeyderg, for Tagsheenod read Taghsheenod.
Read Achcruym. See Trim.
Read Anachbrytlend. See Annies.
Insert Annies, Anachbrytlend [in Robeen parish, co. Mayo], 278.
Read Ardcorky, Ardcortay [parish of Mayo, co. Mayo], 278.
Aughrim [co. Galway], delete entry.
Read Balilochorye. See Loughcrew.
Baliochtan, Baliohechtan. See Ballyaghran.
Ballinrobe, dele ……… See Tuam.
Insert Ballyaghran, Baliochtan, Baliohechtan [co. Londonderry], 425, 426.
Insert Ballyloughloe, Lochlocha [co. Westmeath], 234.
Insert Ballynacourty, Meagray, Meagry [co. Galway], 262.
Bologna, for Benedictine monastery read Benedictine abbey.
Bourton, after 310 insert See Burton (John).
Read Boykerayn. See Cloghnakeeran.
Insert Brownhall, Kilcolla, Caylcolla [parish of Mayo, co. Mayo], 278.
Burgo, for Hugh de read Hubert de.
Burriscarra, insert… Carmelites of, 387.
Burton, John, rector of Brompton, after 361 insert See Bourton.
Camus, for co. Tyrone read parish of Macosquin, co. Londonderry.
Insert Canon Island, Inisgad [in Killadysert parish, co. Clare], abbot of, papal mandatary, 44.
Insert Carnteel, Garndseagayl [co. Tyrone], 261.
Cashel, for [co. Cork] read [co. Tipperary].
Insert Castlederg, Kalladoraid [parish of Urney, co. Tyrone], 480.
Read Caylcolla. See Brownhall.
Insert Cinel Farga Kinealarga, Remelarga [now barony of Ballybritt, King's Co.], 41, 267.
Cleenish, dele Cluaineoys, Cluaineys.
-, for 481, 491, read 149, 292, 481.
Insert Cloghnakeeran, Boykerayn [in Brackloon townland, parish of Clonbern], 438.
Clones, dele Claenynis; for [co. Fermanagh] read [cos. Fermanagh and Monaghan]; add 491.
Insert Cloonakilly, Cluainnacalleach [parish of Killukin, co. Roscommon], 283.
Insert Cloonboy, Cluaynbaub [parish of Kilcolman, co. Mayo], 278.
Read Cluainnacalleach. See Cloonakilly.
Read CluaynbaubSee Cloonboy.
Cuhustat for Raphoe read Kilmore.
Insert Cummer, Cyllmaceyan [co. Galway], 275.
Cyllmaceyan. See Cummer.
Insert Delgany [co. Dublin]. See Gildigni.
Drumachose, dele Druymcath and reff., 269, 270.
Insert Drumacoo, Regleysyrnagyn (i.e. Regles-Sorney) [co. Galway], 101.
Insert Drumragh, Druymeath [co. Tyrone], 269, 270.
Druymcath, read See Drumragh.
Dungarvan, for [co. Kilkenny] read [co. Waterford].
Forest, John, canon of Lincoln insert ref. 247.
Read Freeheen, Fraychyn [parish of Mayo, co. Mayo], 278.
Read Gabulmoe. See Gowel.
Ganga, after? insert Oughteragh, co. Leitrim or
Read Garndseagayl. See Carnteel.
Read Garndseagayl. See Myshall.
Gleanardella insert (? Killorglin, co. Kerry).
Read Gleanissiligan. See Glen.
Insert Glen, Gleanissiligan [a townland in Ardagh parish, co. Longford], 369.
For Gortnaginscala read Gortnagusetaul, Gortnaginscala [parish of Mayo, co. Mayo].
Insert Gowel, Gabulmoe [parish of Mayo, co. Mayo], 278.
Griffin , after 156. insert See also Ossory, John, bishop of.
Inisgad for [possibly, etc. read See Canon Island.
Kalladoraid. See Castlederg.
Read Kellehanne. See Kilkenny, West.
Insert Kilfinaghty [co. Clare]. SeeUi-Cearnaigh.
Kilkenny, West, after Kyllkenny insert Kellehanne, Kylcanne and add references 163, 204.
Killallon, insert Kyllamyn and add reference 306.
Killashee, Kyllasychigi, Tirfaelan [co. Longford], 266, 369.
Killeagai, insert [? Cill Achaid, in Lackan parish, co. Sligo, replaced by Killogeary].
Dele Killeen.
Killinkere, for Wulstan read Ultan.
Dele Kilmurvy, &c.
Insert Kilvine, Kyllbudan, Kyllbudayn [co. Mayo], 278.
Read Kinealarga, Remelarga. See Cinel Farga.
Kyllamyn. See Killallon.
Kyllbudan, Kyllbudayn. See Kilvine.
Kyllcanne. See Kilkenny, West.
Kylltacamorca. Dele (? Kilcommock, etc.)
Lemanaghan, add ref. 234.
Lochlocha, read See Ballyloughloe.
Insert Loona, Luany [parish of Drum, co. Mayo], 278.
Lougherew, Balilochorye [co. Meath], 306.
Read Luany. See Loona.
Lyach, etc. See Lemanaghan.
Mackathmail, Donald, add reference. See Macawille.
Macconluy. See Macmachuna.
Macconulag, dele (Conolly).
Macawille, Donald, add reference. See Mackathmail.
Macmachuna, Henry Macconulag, for vicar read rector of Galloon and, and add refs. 149, 292.
MacRory, dele See Macgruerit and run on.
Meagray, Meagry. See Ballynacourty.
Mohill, for Omorra read Omora.
Muinter Eolais , for barony of Leitrim read the south part of.
For Mullaghnony read Mullaghnoney.
Insert Myshall, Gleacindyssyl [co. Carlow], 266.
Insert Newchapel [co. Tipperary]. See Mullaghnoney.
Insert O'Carroll. See Okeruayl.
Oduthaid, for O'Duthy read O'Duffy.
O'Ferrall, dele Ofarcheallaich, Ofarchealleych, Offeargalaych, and the entries relating to David, Laurence, and Nicholas.
Insert O'Farrelly, Ofarcheallaich, etc., and the above-named entries.
Ogairyn. SeeUi Cearnaigh.
Okaerwillis. See Okeruayl.
Okeruayl, add Okaerwillis, for Kyllamyn read Killallon, andadd 475.
Omalanva, add ref. 427.
Omorra, John, add 314.
Oscula, for Kenealarga read Kinealarga.
Ossory, John, bishop of, after Griffin insert [q.v].
Oughteragh [co. Leitrim], add …See Ganga.
Insert Portu patrum , abbey de. See Annadown.
Read Regleysyrnagyn. See Drumacoo.
Scagire. See Skirk.
Scattery Island, dele … See Inisgad.
Insert Skirk, Scagire [Queens Co.], 263.
Read Timothan. See Tymon.
Tirfaelan. See Killashee.
Read Tradree, Tradey, Traday [parish of Bunratty, co. Clare], 37, 129.
Trim, before [co. Meath] insert Ath-Truim, and add ref. 277.
Tuam, house of Augustinian friars, for? Ballinrobe read Burriscarra.
Tulachmor. See Tullymore.
Insert Tullymore, Tulachmor [parish of Balla, co. Mayo], 278.
Insert Tymon, Timothan, Tamachan [parish of Tallaght, co. Dublin], 111.
Ui—Cearnaigh , Ogarney, Ogairyn [the O'Ahern territory, Kilfinaghty and district, co. Clare], 266.
Waltham, for Sussex read Essex.
For Winchecomberead Winchcomb.
Insert Wultham, John, bishop of Ossory. See Ossory.
Insert Wynchecombe, for Winchcombe read Winchcomb.

Index of Subjects.

Benefices, insert Deprivation; Exchange;
Insert Indulgences, plenary. See Confessors.
Ireland, insert Collectors;
For SS. Wygyr and Wulstan read SS. Wygyr and Ultan.
Visitations, for Cambridge read Oxford.


  • 1. Including references to documents printed since the publication of volumes IV, V, and VI of the present Calendar. For the great majority of the emendations in the case of Irish names and places in this list, and for many identifications and suggestions in the index to the present volume, the editor is indebted to the kindness of Mr. W. H. Grattan Flood, M.R.I.A.