Vatican Regesta 368: 1444-1445

Pages 271-272

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 8, 1427-1447. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1909.

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Vatican Regesta, Vol. CCCLXVIII (fn. 1)

De Curia

14 Eugenius IV

5 Id. May.
St. Peter's Rome.
(f. 9.)
Grant as below. The pope recently [above, p. 239] granted an indulgence, for the lifetime only of Henry, king of England, its founder, in favour of the collegiate church of the college of St. Mary, Eton by Windsor, namely of plenary remission of sins to all faithful, being penitent and having confessed, who from the first to the second vespers of the Assumption should visit the said church and give alms for the repelling of the Turks etc., for the fabric of the said college and for the support of its ministers; with indult for the priests, appointed for the purpose by the provost, to hear the confessions of the said faithful and grant absolution, except in cases specially reserved to the apostolic see, one part of the oblations to be devoted to the said fabric and support, and the other three to the repulsion of the Turks, and especially to the help of the city of Constantinople and the island of Rhodes, etc. The pope now, at the petition of the said king, grants that all faithful who visit as above shall obtain plenary remission, and that the priests, appointed as above, may hear their confessions and give absolution, except in reserved cases, as above, and that the present grant shall hold good in perpetuity. Univ. ChristifidDum precelsa (B. Rouerella | Gratis de mandato domini nostri pape, Jo. Synodi). [Printed in Bekynton Correspondence II., pp. 306–309, which ends ‘Gratis … B. Palavicinus.’See also above, p. 246.]
Prid. Kal. Nov.
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 47.)
To Thomas (rectius John [Stafford]), archbishop of Canterbury, John (rectius Thomas [Bekynton]), bishop of Bath and Wells, and Master Adam Moleyns, apostolic notary. Commission and mandate to inform themselves as to the truth of the rumours which have reached the pope, namely that Master Peter de Monte, apostolic notary and collector of the papal camera in England, (fn. 2) whom the pope appointed to receive the alms of the faithful for the maintenance of the union with the Greeks and the defence of Constantinople, in return for the pope's indulgences, received many thousands of sums of money for such absolutions and indulgences, whereas comparatively little money has reached the said camera; with grant hereby to those who will give evidence of the same indulgences as were granted to those who gave the said alms, and faculty to the above three to compel those who are unwilling to do so. Cum in regno Anglie. (B. Rouerella | De Curia, A. de Strata.)
(f. 47d.)
To Thomas (sic), archbishop of Canterbury. The like. Cum in regno Anglie. (Subscribed as in the preceding.)
Prid. Id. Jan.
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 66d.)
To William, abbot of St. Martin's, Séez, O.S.B. Provision to him, abbot of the Premonstratensian monastery of St. Mary, Silly (de Silleyo), in the diocese of Séez, of the above abbey of St. Martin, Séez, void and reserved in a manner stated. Apostolice solicitudinis. (Gratis de mandato d. n. p. Jo. Synodi.)
(ff. 68–69.)
Concurrent letters to the convent and to the vassals of St. Martin's, and to the bishop of Séez—Apostolice etc.; and to Henry, king of England—Gracie divine. (The last named letter is subscribed: Gratis de m. d. n. p. P. de Noxeto.)
Id. Jan.
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 72.)
To John, abbot of the Premonstratensian monastery of St. Mary, Silly, in the diocese of Séez. Provision to him, claustral prior of St. Mary's, of the said abbey, void and reserved by the provision made by the pope to abbot William of the abbey of St. Martin's, Séez, as above. Inter solicitudines. (Gratis de m. d. n. p. Jo. Synodi.)
(ff. 73–74.)
Concurrent letters to the abbot of Prémontré, to the vassals and to the convent of St. Mary's, etc.—Inter etc.; and to Henry, king of England. Gracie divine. (All subscribed:Gratis… Jo. Synodi.)


  • 1. This unusually short Register, of only 141 ff., is described on the back as ‘T. 9.’ and ‘Eug. IV., De cur. An. xiv. L. ix,’ and on a flyleaf, in the hand of De Prætis, ‘Eugenii IV., De Curia. Anno xiv. Liber Nonus. Tom. xiii’ (sic), after which come the rubrice headed in a contemporary hand ‘Rubricelle istius presentis xiiii libri de curia domini Eugenii pape quarti.’
  • 2. ‘Dilectum filium Magistrum Petrum de Monte notarium et in dicto regno Anglie fructuum camere apostolice collectorem.’ This style in 1444 is evidently retrospective, seeing that Peter de Monte was then entitled to be styled ‘venerabilis frater,’ having become bishop of Brescia on March 23, 1442 (Eubel, Hierarchia, II, ad loc.).