Vatican Regesta 369: 1446

Pages 273-274

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 8, 1427-1447. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1909.

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Vatican Regesta, Vol. CCCLXIX (fn. 1)

16 Eugenius IV

5 Non. Oct.
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 49.)
To John de Labere [alias Dalberd], dean of Wells, bachelor of canon law. Grant etc. as below. Martin V dispensed him (i) to hold for three years with the rectory called the wardenship of the parish church of Tormerton in the diocese of Worcester, which has cure, one other benefice with cure or otherwise incompatible, (ii) the end of the said period being at hand, during which he had obtained the parish church of St. Martin, Oxford, to continue to hold that church and the above rectory, and to do so for life, and to resign both, simply or for exchange, as often as he pleased [Cal. Lett. VII, p. 470], (iii) when still holding the said church and rectory of St. Martin's, to hold the said rectory for life with any other benefices having cure or otherwise incompatible, and to resign them, simply or for exchange, as often as he pleased [ibid., p. 532]. His recent petition contained (i) that he, being then in England and holding the said rectory, had held for about thirteen or fourteen months two incompatible benefices, taking the fruits of one of them only, before the date of the said first letters, in the secret hope of obtaining such first dispensation by means of an envoy whom he had sent to the Roman court, (ii) that after the said dispensation, and after the three years comprised therein, and before the date of the said second letters, he detained for about two years, without dispensation, the said rectory and church of St. Martin, taking the fruits of both. The pope (who lately ordained that no one, except certain persons expressed, should be dispensed to hold together a major cathedral dignity and a parish church [See Ottenthal, as above, p. 247]) hereby rehabilitates John (who is chief almoner of the household of king Henry, and who after the date of the said last letters, having resigned the said rectory, held divers benefices [without cure], not exceeding three, and at length obtained the parish church of Owndell in the diocese of Lincoln, the archdeaconry of Surrey in Winchester, a non-major dignity, and the deanery of Wells, a major dignity, both having cure, still detaining the said deanery, archdeaconry, church of Owndell and benefices without cure, and taking the fruits thereof, except those of the said deanery, the subdean and canons of Wells not having admitted him to possession of the said deanery nor to the taking of the fruits, but having on the contrary brought him before the official of Canterbury, wherefore he has several times appealed to the apostolic see, the pope committing the appeal to a certain auditor), and grants and dispenses him that all the collations and provisions of the said deanery, archdeaconry, church of Owndell and benefices without cure, shall hold good from the date thereof, and that he may hold the same together for life, even if some of the said benefices be canonries and prebends in cathedral or metropolitan churches, and the said deanery and archdeaconry be elective, as if he had not incurred disability, and as if the said collations etc. had been lawfully made. Litterarum sciencia, vite etc. (lxxx.Ugolinus. Ja. de Viterbio, B. Rouerella.) [4¼ pp.] [See above, p. 257, and below, p. 312.]
Prid. Id. Dec.
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 52d.)
To Peter de Bearnio, perpetual administrator in spirituals and temporals of the Benedictine monastery of Sainte-Croix, Bordeaux. Grant in commendam, at his own petition, that of Gaston de Foix, count of Longueville and Béarn, whose son he is, and that of Peter, bishop of Albano, the said Gaston's brother, of the said monastery, the fruits, etc., of whose abbatial mensa are taxed in the books of the papal camera at 500l., which, on its voidance by the death of abbot Peter, during whose life it was specially reserved by the pope, the pope granted in commendam for life to the late Henry, bishop of Bazas (Vasaten.), so that it is still void as above and reserved. He is to resign his commenda of the Benedictine monastery of St. Sever (Sancti Severi de Sancto Severo) in the diocese of Aire. Solicite consideracionis cardinalis. (L. de Castiliono.)
Concurrent letters to the convent and to the vassals of SainteCroix—Solicite etc.; and to Henry, king of England—Gracie divine. (Subscribed: ‘A. Fiocardas,’ ‘L. de Castiliono,’ and ‘A. Fiocardus’ respectively.) [See above, pp. 222, 223.]


  • 1. This Register, which is even shorter than the preceding and contains only 76 ff., is described on the back as: ‘T. 10’ and ‘E. IV. Sec. A. XVI. L. X’ It contains no other description. The rubriceare headed: Rubricelle bullarum istius presentis libri de anno pontificatus domini Eugenii XVI.’