Vatican Regesta 372: 1432-1433

Pages 280-281

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 8, 1427-1447. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1909.

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Vatican Regesta, Vol. CCCLXXII (fn. 1)

De Curia

2 Eugenius IV

8 Kal. Aug.
[St. Peter's], Rome.
(f. 46.) (fn. 2)
To James, king of Scots, and Joan his wife, queen. Indult, at their petition, that the confessor which each of them chooses, secular or religious, may grant them, being contrite and having confessed, plenary remission of all their sins, once in life and once in the hour of death, and also as often as they are in fear of death on account of sickness or other danger; with the clauses ‘Et ne quod absit’ providing against abuse of the present indult, ‘Et insuper quod per unum annum,’ requiring the usual fasting, and ‘Porro si forsan,’ enabling the confessor to commute the said fasting into other works of piety. Provenit ex vestre devocionis affectu. (Gratis de mandato. | Collata per me A. de Perusio, R[egistratorem]. Jo. de Nursia.)
3 Non. Sept.
[St. Peter's, Rome.]
(f. 47d.)
To all etc. Requesting safe conduct etc., during four months, for Robert, bishop of London, assistant of the pope, and member of the pope's household (assis[t]ens et familiaris noster), who proposes to return to Henry, king of England, and his church of London, and for his retinue to the number of thirty persons. Cum venerabilis frater. (Cincius and de Curia. | Collata per me A. de Perusio, R[egistratorem]. Jo. de Nursia.)
4 Kal. March.
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 153d.)
To all etc. Requesting safe-conduct etc., during one year, for John Ely, papal serjeant-at-arms and member of the pope's household, whom the pope is sending to divers parts with apostolic letters, and for two members of the said John's household. Cum dilectum filium. (de Curia. | Collata per me A. de Perusio. P. de Loco.) [See below, p. 282.]
Prid. Kal. Mar.
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 157d.)
To patriarchs etc. Requesting safe-conduct etc., during three years, for William Croyser, archdeacon of Teviotdale in Glasgow, papal acolyte (whom the pope has taken under his protection), and William Durnbule (rectius Turnbule), papal chamberlain, papal nuncios and members of the pope's household, whom the pope is sending on business of the pope and the Roman church to divers parts, and for six companions and members of their households. Cum dilectos filios. (Cincius. de Curia. | Collata per me A. de Perusio. Jo. Martini.) [See above, pp. 233–235, 261, and below, pp. 284, 286–288.]
(f. 187.)
To Nicholas de Atholia, perpetual vicar of Stramiglo in the diocese of Dunkeld, doctor of canon law. Appointing him a papal chaplain, with the enjoyment of all privileges etc. Virtutibus clarens. (xxx. P. de Cormano. R. Cossel. Collata per me A. de Perusio. Ste[phanus] Garnerii.)

3 Eugenius IV

17 Kal. July.
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 194d.)
To John Cok, rector of Estbradenham in the diocese of Norwich, M.A. Grant as. below. Martin V, by letters dated 14 Kal. May, anno 11 [1428], in which John was described as of noble race, dispensed him to hold for ten years with the said church any other benefice with cure or otherwise incompatible, and to resign both, simply or for exchange, as often as he pleased. At his recent petition—containing that at the time of the expedition of the said letters he was not at the apostolic see, and that his agent (sollicitator) in the Roman court expressed in the said dispensation, from which the said letters were expedited, that he was of noble race, whereas he was not; and that nevertheless, after obtaining the said dispensation, he obtained and has held for about three and a half years, together with the said church, that of Blundeston in the same diocese, value not exceeding 22 and 20 marks respectively—the pope grants to him, who is a priest, that the said letters are valid from the date thereof, as if they did not contain the said error. Litterarum etc. (Ja. de Langusto. | Collata per me A. de Perusio. P. de Vivianis.)


  • 1. Described on the back as ‘To. 13’ and ‘Eug. IV. de Cur. An. ii, iii. Lib. xiii.’ On a flyleaf. in the hand of De Prætis, is ‘Eugenii IV. de Curia. An. ii. iii. Libro (sic) xiii. Tom. xvii.’ Parchment leaves follow, with ‘Registrum bullarum secundum Eugenii quarti’ in a contemporary hand, and other more or less contemporary notes of no importance. Then come the rubrice, headed ‘Sequntur rubrice secundi libri bullarum de Curia incepti tempore sanctissimi domini nostri Eugenii diuina prouidencia pape quarti anno eius secundo.’ Folio i is headed, also in a contemporary hand, ‘Registrum secundum domini nostri Eugenii diuina prouidencia pape quarti anno domini millesimo quadringentesimo tricesimo secundo, in mense Maii inceptum.’ On another parchment leaf, at the end of the volume, is a pen and ink picture of the arms of ‘Eugenius pape quartus,’ signed in a contemporary hand ‘B. Radeker, clericus Bremen,’ See below, note to Reg. CCCLXXXI.
  • 2. On f. 30 occurs the appropriation of the monastery of Sant’ Angelo sopra Ninfa to Subiaco, for which see above, Reg. CCCLXVII, f. 149.