Vatican Regesta 382: 1439-1444

Pages 317-319

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 8, 1427-1447. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1909.

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Vatican Regesta, Vol. CCCLXXXII (fn. 1)

[Liber] Secundus Officiorum

9 Eugenius IV

Non. Nov.
(f. 98d.)
To Master Adam Moleyns, archdeacon of Salisbury, apostolic notary. Motu proprio appointment of him (who has hitherto laudably exercised the office of a chamberlain and of a clerk of the papal camera, and in recognition of his past and present services to the pope and the apostolic see) to be a notary of the pope and the said see. Before receiving the insignia he is to take to the bishop of Bath, who is living in England, the oath of fealty, according to the form which the pope is sending to that bishop. Pii patris. (Cincius. B. Palavicinus. In the margin: Coll[ata] and Gratis de mandato d. n. p.)
(f. 99.)
To the bishop of Bath. Mandate, in order to save the above Adam the labour of coming to the pope's presence, to receive from him the above oath, according to the form enclosed, and thereafter to grant to him the insignia. Cum hodie dilectum filium. (Subscribed etc. as in the preceding.)
Prid. Kal. Jan.
(f. 103d.)
To Master William Croyser, archdeacon of Teviotdale in Glasgow, apostolic notary. Appointing him, who is disposing himself to engage in the service of the pope and the Roman church, a notary of the pope and the apostolic see. Before receiving the insignia, he is to take to Francis, cardinal priest of St. Clement's, the pope's chamberlain, an oath of fealty in the wonted form. Pii patris. (Poggius. G. de Callio. In the margin, as in the preceding.)

10 Eugenius IV

15 Kal. Sept.
(f. 121.)
To John Verner, archdeacon of Worcester. Appointing him a papal chaplain, with the enjoyment of the usual privileges etc. Virtutibus clarens. (Coll[ata] per me M. Thenini [or Thenini.] A. de Magio.) [Cf. above, p. 257.]

11 Eugenius IV

15 Kal. Oct.
(f. 142.)
To Master Adam Moleyns, apostolic notary, collector of the papal camera in England, Scotland and Ireland. Confirming his appointment as locum tenens and sub-collector-general, made by Master Peter de Monte, also an apostolic notary (who is about to leave the said realms and land, where he has been for a certain time collector of the camera), and appointing him, who was lately a clerk of the said camera, collector of the same in the above realms and land, from the day on which he accepted the said sub-collectorship until 1 Oct. 1443; with the usual faculty to collect all dues, Peter's pence etc., give receipts, appoint and remove sub-collectors, make use of all letters granted by the present pope to his [said] predecessor as collector as if they had been expressly addressed to him, and proceed by censure, etc. Grata tue devocionis obsequia. (B. de Sala.) [See the following letter.]
6 Non. March.
(f. 151.)
To Master John de Castilliono, S.T.P., apostolic notary, nuncio of the apostolic see and collector of the camera in England. Appointing him, who is also M.A., during the pleasure of the pope and the apostolic see, collector-general of the camera in the said realm; with the usual faculties etc. He is to take an oath of fealty in the usual form to Lewis, cardinal priest of St. Laurence's in Damaso, the pope's chamberlain etc. Ex fideli. (Blondus. G. de Callio. In the margin:de Curia.) [3¼ pp.] [See the preceding letter. For the recall of the above John de Castilliono, when bishop of Coutances, see below, p. 320.]
(f. 153.)
To Master John … as in the preceding, with ‘Scotland’ substituted for ‘England. ‘Appointing him etc. as in the preceding, mutatis mutandis. Hodie siquidem te. (Blondus. Callio.)
6 Non. March.
(f. 154.)
To Master John …. (here ‘S.T.M.’) as in the preceding, with ‘Ireland’ substituted. Appointing him etc., as in the preceding, mutatis mutandis. Hodie etc. (Blondus. Ja. de Viterbio. In the margin: ‘de Curia.’)

14 Eugenius IV

16 Kal. July.
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 223d.)
To William Simonde, priest, licentiate of canon law and M.A., of the diocese of Lincoln, papal chaplain. Appointing him (who has been found fit after examination made in presence of George de Cesarinis, an apostolic notary, regent of the office of the major penitentiary in the absence of its holder Julian, cardinal bishop of Tusculum, called the cardinal of St. Angelo, and of a number of penitentiaries and masters of theology) a penitentiary in St. Peter's, Rome and in the Roman court. Before beginning to exercise the said office, he is to take to the above George the usual oath of fealty, according to the form appended. Vite etc. (Cincius. xxvi. Arnoldus. A. de Spoleto.)


  • 1. Described on the back as ‘To. 23’ and ‘Eug. IV. Offic. Lib. ii.’ On a flyleaf de Prætis has: ‘Eugenii IV. Officiorum Tom ii.’ The volume comprises letters ranging in date from the fifth to the fifteenth year of Eugenius IV.