Addenda or Corrigenda

Pages xxxix-xliv

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 8, 1427-1447. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1909.

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Addenda and Corrigenda.

Page 15, line 15, after said diocese insert (sic, cf. pp. 97, 113, 208, 374).
31, line 15, for C.G.C. read G.E.C.
76, line 14 from end, after Lett. insert VII.
87, line 2 from end, after exchange insert as often as he pleases (added in the margin).
94, line 16 from end, add Burke, Hibernia Dominicana, p. 301.
112, line 13, dele (sic).
159, line 19, for Aberdeen read Dunkeld.
162, line 20 from end, add Reg. Episcopatus Brechinensis, Part II, pp. 28-30. The documents exemplified are printed in Part I, Nos. 32 and 35, pp. 46-47 and 58-55.
171, line 16 from end, add The Bullarium Prædicatorum, III, p. 54, gives ‘ex Archivo Apostolico, lib. lxxxiii, fol. 56’ (that is from a Lateran Register now lost) an exemplification by Eugenius IV, dated Dec. 20, 1435, of Martin V's confirmation of the agreement between St. Oswald's and St. Sixtus's.
182, line 16, for Toronet read Thoronet.
225, margin, for Circ. Jan. read [Circ. Jan.].
235, margin, transpose [Ead. dat.] and [1435. Circ. April 23.*]
239, footnote, add Eubel's ‘26’ is an error for ‘27,’ as in Cal. Lett. IX, p. 128.
253, line 11, after to insert [the late, ‘vėnerabilis frater,’ rectius ‘bone memorie,’ as in Cal. Lett. IX, p. 28]; and after Robert insert [FitzHugh].
253, line 17 from end, after Robert insert [here again described as ‘venerabilis frater’ instead of ‘bone memorie’].
262, line 13, after 340 add and reprinted from Rinaldi in the Bullarium Prædicatorum, III, p. 111.
263, lines 8–10, dele clerks … Bonham in Penna, in that diocese; lines 11 and 12, for diocese of St. Andrews … in that diocese read dioceses of Glasgow and St. Andrews, about the church of Bonham in Penna and the perpetual vicarage of Cader, respectively, in the said dioceses.
Page 267, at the end of the first footnote add The ‘John’ to whom was made the later provision, that of Oct. 25, 1441, was not, however. ‘John O'Heyne,’ as there represented by Eubel, but ‘John White.’ See Cal.Lett. IX. p. 224.
268, line 23 from end, after See insert Chronica W.Thorne, in Twysden's Scriptores Decem, II, coll. 2189sqq.
282. line 9 and 292, line 8, for 281 read 280.
284, line 22 from end, dele Basil., and for 4 read 5.
292, under 7 Engenius IV. insert
Kal. Oct.
(f. 202.)
Confirmation of the grant made by John and Julian, cardinal priests of St. Peter's ad Vincula and St. Sabina's, then papal legates in the parts of Basel, and John, archbishop of Taranto, then presidents for the pope in the Council of Basel, of the sum of 2,000 gold florins of the camera to Simon de Teramo, I.U.D., an advocate of the consistory and of the Council of Basel [sometime papal collector in England, see Cal. Lett. VII, passim] and to his heirs, to be paid by yearly instalments of 100 florins alike from the collectorate of England and from the collectorate of Aquileia, as is contained in a public instrument, here exemplified (and itself exemplifying pope Eugenius's letters, Ad insinuandum, addressed to them under date Bologna 1436, Prid. Non. March an. 6), drawn up at Basel in the convent of the Friars Minors, in the room wont to be inhabited by the said cardinal John, in the year of the Nativity 1437, indiction 15, Thursday July 11, 7 Eugenius IV, and attested etc. by witnesses and notary [named], etc. Ad fut. rei mem. Ea que pro personarum. (Blondus and Gratis de mandato domini nostri pape. | Collat[ionate] per me, A. de Perusio. F. de Laude.)
(f. 203.)
To Henry, cardinal priest of St. Eusebius's and the bishops of Bath and Rochester. Mandate, recapitulating the preceding, to cause the above sum of 2,000 florins to be paid to the above Simon by the collectors of England and Aquileia. Hodie siquidem nostre. (Blondus … Laude.) as in the preceding.
Ibid. To the bishops of Padua and Castello and the prior of St. Sophia's, Padua. The like. Hodie … Laude) as in the preceding. [For the process in the papal camera against Simon de Teramo in 1425–6 for misappropriation, see Haller, England and Rom unter Martin V (Rome, 1905), p. 22 note 4.]
Page 317, line 8, add [Bullarium Carmelitanum, III, p. 116, under ‘Anno Secundo,’ and therefore with the incorrect date ‘1433, 31 Jan.’]
322, line 26, after decrees insert that.
471, line 16, dele (Fauienne).
481, line 4 from end, for Archidiacano read Archidiacono.
485, line 15 from end, after borrowed add The two forgeries are also printed (as mentioned by P. Kehr, Aeltere Papsturkunden in den päpstlichen Registern, III (Nachricht. K. Gesellsch. der Wissensch. zu Göttingen, Phil. hist. Kl. 1902, Heft 4), pp. 503, 504, with ‘Sergius II’ and ‘f. 183’ instead of ‘Sergius I’ and ‘f. 143’) in G. Dyer, The Privileges of the University of Canterbury (sic), I, pp. 58-59.
508, line 8 from end, after Abbas add See above, p. 251.
521, line 12 from end add [Wadding, Annales Minorum, X, p. 534, from ‘lib. 1 div. form. fol. 296’ (sic).]
556, line 16 from end. For used up read exhausted.
597, line 5, for [Moricii] read (Moricii).
633, line 10 from end, after 41/6 pp. add See Calendar to Christ Church Deeds, Nos. 272-3, 283].
662, line 22 from end, for Richard read Robert.

Additional Addenda and Corrigenda.

Vol. IV

Page 39, last line, after 476 add Stuart, Geneal. Hist. of the Stewarts, p. 437.
59, line 6 from end, after kindred insert [Stuart, Geneal. Hist. of the Stewarts, p. 438.]
161, line 18 from end, after date add Stuart, Geneal. Hist. of the Stewarts, p. 439, with correct date.
223, line 1, for to intermarry, notwithstanding their relation read who are related.
223, line 2, after kindred insert (sic).
223, line 3, after Eleanor insert to intermarry notwithstanding the said (sic) impediment of affinity. [Stuart, Geneal. Hist. of the Stewarts, p. 440.]
255, line 7, after Robert insert [Stuart, Geneal. Hist. of the Stewarts, p. 441].
518, line 6 from end, add [The letters of Celestine are printed by P. Kehr, Aeltere Papsturkunden in den päpstlichen Registern, III, in the Nachrichten der K.Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften zu Göttingen, Philolog. —histor. Klasse, 1902, Heft 4, p. 556, from an exemplification by Eugenius IV.]

Vol. V

Page 242, line 11, after (De mandato.) insert [Memorials of Ripon, Surtees Soc., I, 1882, p. 114.]

Index of Persons and Places.

dele Killadysert, and insert the entry under Dysert.

Index of Subjects.

Council. For Fourth read Third.

Vol. VI

Page 65, last line, add [The petition of Adam of Usk for the indulgence is inserted in his Chronicle, ed. E. M. Thompson, 2nd ed. London, 1904, pp. 93-94.]
124, line 13, after Cloufert insert (Clonferten., rectius Duacen. i.e. Kilmacduagh, as above, p. 101).

Index of Subjects.

Council. For Fourth read Third.

Vol. VII

Page 15, line 6 from end, for banker read silver-keeper.
246, last line of text, for with or without cure read with cure or otherwise incompatible.
359, line 17, after Cerretanis.) add [Haddington, here described throughout as a rectory, appears passim in Cal. Lett. VIII as a vicarage.]

Index of Persons and Places.

Insert Caher [co. Kerry]. See Inis-da-Sliog.

Inis-da-Sliog. Before co. Kerry insert i.e. Caher.

O'Hedian, Richard. For archdeacon read archbishop.

Index of Subjects.

Council. For Fourth read Third.