America and West Indies: August 1689

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Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Addenda For 1688-1696. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1969.

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August 1689

Aug. 1 4. Articles of surrender addressed by William Joseph, Henry Darnall, Nicholas Sewell, Edward Pye and Clement Hill, Deputy Governors of Maryland, to John Coode and six others, with their answer: (1) We have sent you our summons and received an answer demanding a parlay and personal treaty; answer: our former demands repeated; (2) 'no papist in this province being in any office military or civil as by their Majesties' Proclamation and the Laws of England etc.' (sic); (3) we promise that you and your soldiers shall return home and we assure you safe conduct; (4) we will protect you in the enjoyment of your rights; (5) with these our absolute demands we desire your immediate compliance. Their answer: we accept the articles and are prepared to surrender the garrison. Authenticated copy. 1 p. Printed in Archives of Maryland, Vol.8, pp.107–108. [C.O.5/718 f.8]
Aug. 3 5. Address of the representatives of the Protestants of Maryland to the King. Already calendared in Calendar of State Papers, Colonial Series, 1689–1692, No.315. 1 p. Inscribed: Copy. Recd. from the Earl of Shrewsbury 31 Dec. '89. Printed in Archives of Maryland, Vol.8, pp.108–110. [C.O.5/718 f.16]
Aug. 20 6. Declaration of Michael Taney, sheriff, and 67 others (named), inhabitants of Calvert County, against choosing burgesses before October. Certain persons have lately taken up arms and seized the magazine and the records of the province. They claim that they are only acting for the public good with which end in view they are trying to call an Assembly. We believe, however, that some emissary will arrive from England, in October next at latest, with authority to govern this province and that he will summon an Assembly; we are therefore unwilling to incur the expense of two successive meetings. Moreover as we believe that those in possession of the magazine and records will guard them and deliver them to the lawful authority when it arrives, we shall choose no burgesses until the time of that arrival. [Copy]. 1 large sheet. Endorsed: Recd. 16 Dec. 1689. Thomas Bowman in Fryers Court 'near the Armitage'. Printed in Archives of Maryland, Vol.8, pp.110–112. [C.O. 5/718 f.12]
Aug. 23 7. John Stanley, John Hawkins, Clement Sales, William Dickinson, William Stevens and William Bexley to the Burgesses. We have treated with the Indians and found them civil. They desire peace but have been assured by evil persons, Andrew Gray in particular, that the English would cut them off in one month. They say that an Indian woman was killed by Cornelius Mulraine's wife and as to this they have not yet received any satisfaction. Since their departure Mulraine has robbed them of their goods and their chests have been broken open. Gray has been to them and threatened that if they will not go home he will collect a party of men and fetch them by force. Some Indians have gone between Oxford Town and Col. Lowe's; the due time for their return has passed and they do not know what has become of them. These events have made them apprehensive, but they were joyful at our coming and were preparing to return home. Copy. ½ p. Printed in Archives of Maryland, Vol.13, p.231. [C.O. 5/718 f.85]
Aug. 26,
St. Mary's
8. Address of the representatives of the Protestants of Maryland to the King. Already calendared in Calendar of State Papers, Colonial Series, 1689–1692, No.405. Printed. Copy authenticated by John Llewellin, clerk of the Assembly. 1 p. Endorsed: Recd. from Lord Shrewsbury 7 Feb. 1689. Copy recd. 31 Dec. Printed in Archives of Maryland. Vol.13, pp.231–232. [C.O. 5/718 f.10]
Aug. 28 9. The Assembly of Maryland to the Deputy Governor or President and the Council of State of Virginia. Some persons in authority of papist sympathies have lately conspired with the Northern and other Indians to destroy the Protestants here. We are persuaded of this both from the examinations that have been made and from the fact that the principal agents in this matter have taken refuge in neighbouring colonies and there await opportunities to effect their designs. We beg that you will assist in the apprehension of any suspect persons who may be in your government or who may escape thither without the licence of a magistrate. Inscribed: Idem to Pennsylvania, New York and New England. Copy. 1 p. Endorsed: Recd. from Lord Baltimore 31 Dec. 1689. Printed in Archieves of Maryland, Vol.13, pp. 233–234. [C.O. 5/718 f.11]
Aug. 28 10. Order of the Assembly of Maryland concerhing Jacob Young and the Indians. Overtures have lately been made by persons of papist sympathies to the Northern Indians and others for the destruction of the Protestants. Ordered that Jacob Young, formerly employed by the province in affairs of this nature and skilled in the language and customs of the Indians, shall come with all haste to the Assembly, if still sitting, or to Capt. John Coode or Nehemiah Blakiston at their houses near Potomac River; these with others are desired to treat with Young in this matter and to give any further orders necessary. Young and any other person with him shall have safe conduct, redress for any grievances he may have and satisfaction for his trouble. Copy. ¾ p. Endorsed: Recd. from Lord Baltimore 31 Dec. 1689. Printed in Archives of Maryland, Vol.13, pp. 234–235. [C.O. 5/718 f.14]
Aug. 31 11. The Assembly of Maryland to Richard Johns. Reports have recently been circulated in Anne Arundel County and in your own by persons of papist sympathies that the apprehension of several persons of note is intended. These reports are false. Richard Smith, Mr. Taney and Mr. Butler have indeed been arrested, but there is no charge against anyone else. You are desired to publish this fact and also to inform the House as soon as possible why the election in Anne Arundel County has been obstructed, the representatives whereof are alone wanting to make up the House. Copy. 1 p. Endorsed: 28 Aug. 1689. Recd. from Lord Baltimore 31 Dec. 1689. Printed in Archives of Maryland. Vol.13, pp.235–236. [C.O. 5/718 f.13]