America and West Indies: September 1640

Pages 315-316

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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September 1640

Sept. 6. 75. Order of the Privy Council. Upon petition of the merchants, master, and owners of the Honor, representing that their vessel came from Virginia in May last, laden with tobacco and other commodities, and paid large sums of money for custom, and requesting permission to take over passengers and provisions thither; directing the necessary orders to be given, as desired.
Sept. 9. 76. Order of the Privy Council. Upon Petition of the merchants, owners, and masters of ships, mariners and fishermen of Devon, complaining against Sir David Kirke and other planters residing in Newfoundland; directing a commission to be issued for the western parts, to examine into the truth of the matters in controversy. [Draft, with corrections.]
Sept. 12.
77. Sir David Kirke to the Privy Council. Their letters of the 11th March last have been received, with many complaints of the west country owners and fishermen against him. Protests that all the allegations are false. Stages and cook-rooms have been pulled down by the fishermen themselves, insomuch that the masters complained to him of those outrages. Has sent warrants to all planters and fishermen to see the clauses in the 9th of His Majesty's reign duly kept. Hopes by good proofs, to clear himself from causeless clamours against him. Whoever would interrupt the fishing of Newfoundland is worthy the name of a traitor.
1640? 78. Names of ports and places in the West of England and elsewhere that use the fishing trade of Newfoundland.
1640? 79. Rich. Breton to [Sec. Windebank]. The share of each adventure to Newfoundland being divided equally between the owners of the ship, the victuallers, and the ship's company, the quantity of fish taken on each voyage may easily be ascertained. Proposals for collecting what impost it may be thought good to lay upon that commodity. Endorsed by Sec. Windebank, "Britton: fishing Newfoundland."
1640? 80. Mem. concerning "the bill" to be preferred by the west country men about the Newfoundland fishery. Advantage to British navigation, if the Dutch were prohibited from buying fish there. Aliens should pay the same duties that are paid in England; a course for levying them may easily be directed. Endorsed by Sec. Windebank, "Newfoundland fishing."
Sept. 13. Notes by Nicholas of proceedings before the Privy Council. The Virginia and Somers Islands Companies and other planters ordered to attend the Council Board. [Extract from Note Book, Sept. 1640. DOMESTIC Corresp. Car. I.]
Sept. 13. Minutes by Sec. Windebank of a Council at Hampton Court. Mr. Nicholas is desired to inform the Lord Keeper that no corporation of foreign plantations is to be renewed until the Board be made acquainted with it. [Extract from DOMESTIC Corresp. Car. I.]