America and West Indies: November 1658

Pages 469-470

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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November 1658

Nov. 30. Account by Fras. Hodges, Treasurer of the land forces in Jamaica, of arrears due to the officers and soldiers returned from that island, and the parents and administrators of such as died in the service, in accordance with an Order of Council of 29th June last, with index of names. [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. XXVI.]
Nov.? 52. Articles against Mons. Laborne, on behalf of Colonel Temple, Lieutenant General of Nova Scotia. In May 1658, Laborne invaded the country and seized the fort of Le Have, and all goods therein, belonging to Col. Temple, Ralph Wolseley, the commander, being turned out. Upon a summons to surrender the fort, Laborne killed Capt. Story and two others, Ralph Wolseley and six others being wounded. When brought prisoner to Boston, Laborne confessed he was sent by his father, who had gone to England to solicit from Cromwell the country of Nova Scotia. "His Lordship" [Lord Fienes] is requested to demand satisfaction from Laborne for loss of goods, &c., amounting to 700l., besides the men's lives.
53. Representation by the French Ambassador of the complaint of the Company of New France in America. The English have taken the fortifications of Port Royal, St. John, and Pentecost, pulled down the church and fort at Port Royal, and carried away the ordnance. Col. Temple has prohibited the Frenchmen from continuing their traffic with the Indians, which is their only means of subsistence, and has assaulted the Sieur Laborne at Le Have, and sent him and all his men prisoners to London. Temple has no power to do this, nor to deprive the French of the exercise of their religion; the civil and spiritual liberties having been confirmed by an order of the late Protector, which order was deferred only by his death. Desires that Commissioners may be appointed to treat with those of France for the settlement of all differences concerning those countries; that in the meantime the French may be left in quiet possession, Le Have restored to Mons. Laborne, and Temple prohibited from committing any more acts of violence.
Nov.? 54. Minutes of a debate with Mons. C. Bastide, Mons. Laborne, Capt. Breedon, and another, by appointment of the French Ambassador and Lord Fienes. Restitution on behalf of the French Company demanded of Pentecost, Port Royal, and Le Have, now possessed by Col. Temple. Complaint against Temple for forcing Laborne from Le Have, and taking about 300l. in goods. The French ready to "make restitution of any pretensions of the English of money or otherwise." Laborne not empowered to give up any of the French pretensions; proposes arrangements until something more particular is concluded. Reasons. [Rough draft with corrections.]
1658? 55. "An expedient concerning differences between Col. Temple and Mons. Laborne as to Nova Scotia." Acts of hostility having been committed between some of the French and English nations, it is proposed, for prevention of all future differences until settled by treaty, that Col. Temple shall retain under his command all the forts now in his possession, viz., Pentecost, St. John, Port Royal, and Le Have; the French now residing there to be suffered to remain, upon duly submitting themselves to the English Government. French trade with the Indians to be in no wise permitted.