America and West Indies: February 1692

Pages 597-605

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 13, 1689-1692. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1901.

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February 1692

Feb. 3. 2,043. George Reeve to Lord Sydney. As Lord Inchiquin's secretary, I conceive it my duty to report to you his decease, as also the present condition of the Island. After long indisposition through fever and ague, which ended in a flux, he died on Saturday, the 16th of January, at eight in the morning, and was buried that night in St. Catherine's Church at St. Jago de la Vega. He omitted no means that might conduce to the welfare of the Island. At his coming he found the most considerable people divided into parties eagerly bent upon the destruction of each other. These he composed, and did all he could to make the Island considerable and the people happy. Last summer he sent out a strong squadron of ships which so humbled the French in these parts that until they receive recruits from France we need not fear them. He left us in a quiet and flourishing condition. The very men that he delivered from the oppression of a former Government and made Councillors, now strive to misrepresent his actions and asperse his memory. You knew him too well to believe them, and will judge what credit is to be given to them. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 53. pp. 43, 44.]
Feb. 4. 2,044. Minutes of Council of Jamaica. The King's warrant read for the appointment to the Council of Thomas Sutton, who was sworn. Order for a privateer's commission to Captain John Griffin. Major John Peeke discharged from the militia for abuse of his authority and neglect of duty. A further sum was received from the late Receiver-General. Order for certain payments. In the afternoon the Council of War met. Copy of the Articles of War, which were approved. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 77. pp. 131–139.]
Feb. 4. 2,045. Lord Nottingham to Lords of Trade and Plantations. Directing preparation of Commission, and instructions for Sir E. Andros, appointed Governor of Virginia in place of Lord Howard. Signed. Nottingham. ½ p. [America and West Indies. 637. No. 83; and Board of Trade. Virginia, 36. p. 106.]
Feb. 5. 2,046. Journal of Lords of Trade and Plantations. Agreed to despatch a duplicate of Governor Copley's commission to Maryland, and recommend the appointment of Colonel Nicholson as Lieutenant-Governor till his arrival.
Governor Fletcher's commission read. Agreed that Pennsylvania and the Jerseys be not included therein; and the Commission with this alteration approved.
Captain St. Loe heard as to his claim to a prize. [Board of Trade. Journal, 7. pp. 83–84.]
Feb. 8. 2,047. Minutes of Council of Jamaica. A privateer's commission granted to Robert Scroope. Resolved to proclaim martial law. A council of war summoned for the afternoon. Leave given to Captain Bowman to plant six guns in Mantinaneal Bay or nearer his house, at his own expense. Order for delivery of guns to be mounted at Freeman's Bay, Port Maria, and Withywood. Order for payments for fortifications. Proclamation to encourage masters of ships to accept privateer's commissions.
Minutes of the Council of War. Order for proclamation of the Articles of War. Order for gunpowder for the forts at Morant Point. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 77. pp. 140–142.]
Feb. 8. 2,048. Journal of Lords of Trade and Plantations. Jacob Leisler the younger heard on behalf of the condemned rebels of New York. The matter was adjourned for future consideration. [Board of Trade. Journal, 7. p. 84.]
Feb. 9. 2,049. Order of the King in Council. Referring Lord Baltimore's petition to Lords of Trade and Plantations for report. Signed. John Nicholas. ½ p. Annexed,
2,049 I. Petition of Lord Baltimore to the King. Governor Copley has forbidden my collector to collect the port and anchorage dues, on pretence of an Act of Assembly procured then by him. As these dues are maintained to me by your letter and advice, I beg your instructions to Governor Copley to suffer my collectors to receive them. 1 p. [Board of Trade. Maryland, 2. Nos. 70, 70 I, and 8. pp. 60, 61.]
Feb. 11.
2,050. Order of the King in Council. Approving of the commission to Sir Edmund Andros as Governor of Virginia. [Board of Trade. Virginia, 36. p. 119].
Feb. 11. 2,051. Minutes of Council of New York. Order for a grant of land to Philip Phillips. Orders for certain small payments. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXV., p. 298.]
Feb. 12. 2,052. Minutes of Council of Jamaica. Orders for payments and petty orders concerning defence. A guard to be posted at Three Rivers, St. Andrews. Privateer's commissions granted to Captains Hugh Gaines, Thomas Shirley, and Daniel Updick. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 77. pp. 142, 143.]
Feb. 12. 2,053. Extract of a letter from Edwyn Stede to William Blathwayt. I intend to go to England by the convoy that leaves next April, but if not I shall wait till the following spring and send my accounts. You will see that I have not enough in my hands to pay your next year's salary. Captain Maynard has captured a store ship called the Dromedary. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. VIII., pp. 298, 299.]
Feb. 12. 2,054. Affidavit of Captain Simon Rowe, R.N. Repeating his former deposition that Edward Davies and his companions did not surrender under the proclamation, but denied that they were pirates whereas the negro, Peter Cloise, insisted that they had been. Signed. S. Rowe. 1 p. [America and West Indies. 637. No. 84.]
Feb. 12. 2,055. Account of the coined money delivered by Captain Rowe to the Governor of Virginia, and of the disposal thereof. 2 pp. [America and West Indies. 637. No. 85.]
Feb. 12. 2,056. Duplicate of the preceding. [America and West Indies. 637. No. 86.]
Feb. 13.
2,057. John Blake to John Povey. I send you on the back a list of stores last sent to Virginia and of those now ordered for Maryland. These last are not yet gone but await only the order for their delivery. Signed. John Blake. ½ p. List of stores within. 2 pp. [America and West Indies. 637. No. 87.]
Feb. 16. 2,058. Minutes of Council of Barbados. Order for sundry payments. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XII., pp. 241–243.]
Feb. 18. 2,059. Petition of Edward Davies and others. For the restoration of their goods. At foot. Certificate of James Blair that petitioners have promised to give £300 to the College at Virginia. 1 p. Inscribed. Recd. 18 Feb. 1692. Read in Council 10 Mar. [America and West Indies. 637. No. 88; and Board of Trade. Virginia, 36. p. 149.]
Feb. 19.
2,060. Governor Codrington to Lords of Trade and Plantations. I continued in camp from 11th to 23rd January, when having no further news of the French I disencamped, having posted look-outs and given strict orders for the men to return on any alarm. Every man in the Island included, except the companies of the Blue Regiment, we did not exceed 900 men. I shall send the muster-rolls soon, with the ages and qualities of the men, from which you will gather the utmost strength of the Leeward Islands. On Monday, 25th January, I received the enclosed letter from the Governor of Barbados. I at once sent back a sloop in answer, and another on the 6th, but have heard no more from thence. When my flag of truce left Martinique, one that had arrived some days before from Barbados was detained, from which he inferred that Barbados was more likely to be attacked. Therein I cannot agree, there being no proportion between the strength of Barbados and the preparations of the French. It is now plain that they had no such early design against these Islands as I apprehended, but I am still satisfied that their own object in going to windward was to lie in wait for our fleet, which happily escaped them. Had they intercepted it they might have attacked us more securely; now I expect they will be more cautious, especially if they hear that another squadron is on its way hither. What is doing at Barbados I cannot guess—whether the fitting out of merchantmen causes delay, or news that Sir Francis Wheeler may be daily expected, or whether it be that the French squadron still lies to windward of Barbados, and Governor Kendall, seeing that we are in no danger, thinks it prudent to keep the squadron there for the safety of the merchant-ships. This seems to me the most likely explanation, for no French vessel has been seen among these Islands for the past five or six weeks. I will answer all the next packets fully when delivered; and meanwhile have nothing to report but the death of Lieutenant-Governor Netheway of Nevis, in whose room I have appointed Colonel Samuel Gardner. He is the fittest person in the Island. He has a large estate there; he served in the late expedition against the French. He has long been of the Council and a judge, and is beloved and esteemed; indeed he was chosen by the Council pending receipt of my appointment of him. Let me repeat the expediency of sending educated gentlemen from England for such posts, and making the offices worth the holding by such gentlemen. At present I think one cannot do better than appoint gentlemen of the Island who have large estates, than gentlemen from England who must depend on the alms of the people. In all probability the latter are less fit than some men here, and will descend to mean practices, a risk which is avoided by appointing men of the Islands, less educated but of large estates. It is the interest of these last to promote the welfare of the Colony, and they know the country and the people well; so that, failing suitable salaries, they are the best people that can be appointed. Signed, Chr. Codrington. 4 pp. Endorsed. Abstract read, 7 Sept., '92. Annexed,
2,060 I. Governor Kendall to Governor Codrington. Barbados. 18 January, 1692. I received yours of the 10th yesterday morning. Yesterday Captain Wrenn came in with the fleet which had alarmed us to Windward. Seven French men-of-war have been sighted within eight leagues of this place, and we hear from prisoners that they design to bombard this town. I wish they would come now, for we are in a good position to receive them. Captain Wrenn will with all speed bring you down a lusty squadron of ships, with good store of landsmen, ammunition and provisions. I can give you no more details. Captain Arthur was under sail on Friday night, but returned on seeing our fleet. I am glad he did, for otherwise he could not have escaped the French ships. Send back the sloop to tell me of your condition. Your arguments that the French design an attack on you are to the impartial reader much stronger that they intend to attack us. Copy, 2 pp. [America and West Indies. 551. Nos. 54, 54 I. and (without enclosures), Board of Trade. Leeward Islands, 44. pp. 43–47.]
Feb. 19. 2,061. Abstract of the foregoing letter. 1 p. [America and West Indies. 551. No. 55.]
Feb. 19. 2,062. Brief abstract of Governor Codrington's letters of 11 January and 19 January. 1 p. [America and West Indies. 551. No. 56; and Board of Trade. Leeward Islands, 44. p. 48.]
Feb. 22. 2,063. Minutes of Council of New York. Thomas Garton appointed Judge of Common Pleas in Ulster County. On receipt of complaints of great hardships suffered by the people at Albany, and of news that the soldiers are inclined to desert, ordered that a letter be written giving assurance that the fusiliers shall be punctually discharged with full pay at the end of their term, if they will have patience. Order for a Court-Martial on Sergeant Windiford for mutinous language. Order of enquiry as to Peter de la Noy's repayment of the public money received by him. Report as to the repairs of the Custom house brought up. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXV., pp. 298–299.]
Feb. 22. 2,064. Minutes of Council of Jamaica. Order for the trial of Lieutenant Zachariah Gaultier by Court-Martial for abusing his superior officer. Order for guns to be mounted at Old Harbour, St. Dorothy's; also for a new fort to be built at the Rock in St. Andrew's, and that the inhabitants be invited to give voluntary assistance therein. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 77. pp. 143, 144.]
Feb. 22. 2,065. William Blathwayt to Lords of Trade and Plantations. By the original settlement of Virginia, 2s. per 100 acres is reserved as quit-rent to the Crown, which quit-rents, after being granted for a time to Lords Culpeper and Arlington were redeemed in 1684, when the King promised that they should be devoted to the support of the Government. On the 9th of June last there was £1,985 in cash in hand of this fund. The penny per 1b. mentioned in the memorial is a duty imposed on tobacco exported to the Colonies, as to which the Commissioner of Customs can report more fully. It was imposed less for revenue than to hinder the exportation of enumerated commodities to other places than are allowed by law. The lands to south of Blackwater and on Pamunkey Neck are given up to Indians, and the Lieutenant-Governor and Council have lately asked that the Indians' share may be narrowed, and the rest thrown open to settlement. [Board of Trade. Virginia, 36. pp. 183–185.]
Feb. 22. 2,066. Receipt for the great seal of Massachusetts and for the warrant for its use. Signed. Increase Mather. ½ p. [Board of Trade. New England, 6. No. 2; and Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXII., p. 397.]
Feb. 23. 2,067. William Blathwayt to Mr. Sotherne. Desiring information as to the ships of war at present at Jamaica, and as to the frigates now in the Colonies besides Captain Wright's squadron. Draft. ½ p. [Board of Trade. Plantations General, 2. No. 14.]
Feb. 24. 2,068. Commission to Francis Nicholson to be Lieutenant-Governor of Maryland. Countersigned. Nottingham. [Board of Trade. Maryland, 8. pp. 41, 42.]
Feb. 25. 2,069. Minutes of Council of New York. Mr. Plowman's account brought up. Order for sundry small payments. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXV., p. 300.]
Feb. 25. 2,070. The Agents for the Leeward Islands to Lords of Trade and Plantations. In answer to the articles exhibited by Sir Timothy Thornhill against General Codrington, we offer the following. As to the complaint of delay in taking an account and distributing the plunder, the whole matter was entrusted to a Council of war, by which the distribution has by this been completed. At a Council of war held at Antigua, 20 November 1690, Sir Timothy himself being present, the Governor was acquitted of all imputations of ill faith or neglect. The amount of the plunder did not reach £50,000, much less hundreds of thousands. As to the rest of the charges we know nothing, but beg that copies of them may be sent to the Governor, and that until his reply be received, you will retain your good opinion of him. Signed. Bastian Bayer, Jeff. Jeffreys, Jos. Martyn, Richard Cary. 1½ p. Endorsed. Recd. 25 Feb. Read 27 Feb. 1691–2 [Board of Trade. Leeward Islands, 4. No. 8; and 44, pp. 27–29.]
Feb. 25. 2,071. Order of the King in Council. That the clause ordered on the 11th instant concerning the Jerseys and Pennsylvania be omitted from Governor Fletcher's Commission, and referred to Lords of Trade and Plantations, for examination and report before it pass the great seal. Signed. Annexed,
2,071. I. Petition of Daniel Cox, Governor and Proprietary of West New Jersey. Setting forth the grant of West New Jersey by King Charles II., that the territory has been maintained at petitioner's own expense, which has been great, and praying that the clause annexing it to New York may be revoked. Copy. 1 p. The whole endorsed. Recd. 27 Feb. 1692. [Board of Trade. New York, 4. No. 82, 82 I.; and Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXIX., pp. 395–397.]
[Feb. 25?] 2,072. Minutes of Lords of Trade and Plantations. Directing the attendance of Lieutenant Lucas Symes and seventeen other gentlemen on the 27th February, when the business of New York will be considered. Draft with corrections. 1p. [Board of Trade. New York, 4. No. 83.]
Feb. 26.
2,073. Henry Guy to Lord Ranelagh. The King has ordered the subsistence of the Duke of Bolton's regiment to be transmitted to the Governor of the Leeward Islands. [Board of Trade. Leeward Islands, 44. p. 10.]
Feb. 26.
2,074. Lords of the Treasury to Governor Codrington. To the same effect as the preceding. Signed, Godolphin, R. Hampden, Step. Fox. [Board of Trade. Leeward Islands, 44. p. 17.]
Feb. 26.
James City,
2,075. Lieutenant-Governor Nicholson to Lords of Trade and Plantations. The Colony is in a peaceful state, and I am doing my best to put it on a warlike footing. The London fleet, long expected, has not come, and some west and north-country ships, which arrived and were very welcome, could give us no hope of its coming. They said that our fleet had not arrived in London in November, and that tobacco was very low. Many ships have arrived in Maryland, but that is because they are a loose Government and suffer illegal traders, so they have plenty of goods, and their tobacco sells well; but I hope that the King's Governor will arrive there shortly so that it may be settled and offenders punished. Otherwise the consequences will be serious, for it is common talk that Maryland has the trade and ships because she is not looked after as the rest of the Colonies are. We have accounts from New England that the French and Indians are too hard for them both by sea and land, and I fear they will continue so unless the King's Governors get among them; but they cannot unite against the common enemy, which adds to their misfortunes. From New York I have received a letter from Mr. Graham saying that they are unsettled, and that, unless orders come from you, they will grow worse. We have an alarm from the West Indies that fourteen or fifteen French men-of-war have arrived with large stores of war; that an English frigate had captured one of them, and that there was great sickness among the English, especially the seamen. Not knowing what effect this bad news might have here, I went among them to cheer up their drooping spirits, assuring them that the King had ordered convoys for the outward-bound Virginia fleet and that the ships for Virginia had been permitted to sail. Where I could not go I wrote, and ordered my letters to be published; for I think that the merchants and factors, either not considering or not caring what mischief they may do, discourage the planters, to buy their tobacco cheap and then dissuade them from planting, that they may make their profit. I fear the London merchants are not brisk in sending out ships and goods and would be glad if only half crops came home.
I have visited half the province and hope to visit the rest, exercise the militia, and look after the rangers at the heads of the rivers. The paucity of Councillors and their failure to attend is of great prejudice to the King's service. I beg orders as to houses and other appurtenances on escheated lands, for often there may be a valuable house on lands of little worth. I suggested to Maryland that the King's customs and the traders should not be cheated by the Marylanders. This Colony suffers much by the ships in Maryland; and I conceive that tobacco taken from one Colony or another ought to pay duty according to the Act. I beg your directions herein, also orders that all the King's Collectors in these parts be sworn to observe the Acts of Trade. When orders come about the quit-rents I hope to be able to advance them. Signed. Fr. Nicholson. 2½ pp. Endorsed. Recd. 7 June '92. 'Read 9 August '92. [America and West Indies, 637. No. 89; and Board of Trade. Virginia, 36. pp. 152–155.]
Feb. 26. 2,076. The same to the Earl of Nottingham. A duplicate of the preceding. [America and West Indies. 637. No. 90.]
Feb. 26. 2,077. Abstract of the preceding letter. 1 p. [America and West Indies. 637. No. 91.]
Feb. 27. 2,078. Journal of Lords of Trade and Plantations. Draft instructions to Sir Edmund Andros as Governor of Virginia read and approved. Sir Edmund's request for a passage for himself and family to be laid before the King.
Draft instructions to Mr. Allen as Governor of New Hampshire read and approved. His petition for guns also read and appointed to be laid before the King.
Draft instructions of Governor Fletcher read and approved. His petition for a passage and for stores of war to be laid before the King. Letter of 24 July from the Council of New York read asking for supplies of warlike stores. The Lords resolved on their recommendation.
The Lords made their order as to the charges against Governor Codrington. [Board of Trade. Journal, 7. pp. 85–88.]
Feb. 27. 2,079. Minutes of Lords of Trade and Plantations. That the draft instructions for Governors Allen, Andros and Fletcher be laid before the King. [Board of Trade. Virginia. 36. p. 140.]
Feb. 27. 2,080. Proposals of Governor Fletcher of New York. That he may be given passage in a man-of-war himself and that a merchant vessel be provided for his family and household; also, that arms and ammunition (amount specified) may be sent out, as well as an engineer. Copy. 1 p. Endorsed. Read 27 Feb. 1691–2 [Board of Trade. New York, 4. No. 84; and Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXIX., p. 362.]
Feb. 27. 2,081. Minutes of Lords of Trade and Plantations. Desiring the Lord President to recommend consent to Governor Fletcher's request as to his passage, and to his proposal for additional arms and stores to be sent to New York; also that in accordance with the request of the Council of New York, the arrears of the two foot companies may be paid and their strength raised to 100 men each; also that £100 be allowed to Governor Fletcher to buy presents for the Indians. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXIX., pp. 363, 364.]
Feb. 27. 2,082. Orders of Lords of Trade and Plantations. That copies of the charges exhibited by Sir Timothy Thornhill, Mr. Thorne and Major Crisp against Governor Codrington, be forwarded to the Lieutenant-Governor and Councils of the Leeward Islands with orders to examine the same and report. [Board of Trade. Leeward Islands, 44. pp. 49, 50.]
Feb. 27. 2,083. Memorial of Sir E. Andros to the Lords of Trade and Plantations. For a passage for himself and friends to Virginia; also for 100 grenadiers' arms and a ton of shot for small arms. ½ p. Endorsed. Read in Committee. 27 Feb. 1691–2. [America and West Indies. 637. No. 92; and Board of Trade. Virginia, 36. p. 142.]
Feb. 27. 2,084. Minute of Lords of Trade and Plantations. That the memorial in preceding abstract be laid before the King. [Board of Trade. Virginia, 36. p. 143.]
[Feb. 27.] 2,085. Petition of Samuel Allen to the King. For the grant of twenty great guns, one hundred barrels of powder and shot in proportion, for defence of New Hampshire. 1 p. Inscribed. Read Feb. 27, 1691–2.
Corrected draft of the preceding. [Board of Trade. New Hampshire, 1. Nos. 13, 14; and Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXVII., p. 207.]
Feb. 27. 2,086. Minute of Lords of Trade and Plantations. Recommending grant of the request in the previous petition of Samuel Allen. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXVII., p. 208.]
Feb. 27. 2,087. Petition of Lord Baltimore to Lords of Trade and Plantations. For allowance of £350 out of the Maryland bills of 1691, the Port duties amounting to that sum. ½ p. Endorsed. Read at the Committee, 27 Feb., 1691. [Board of Trade. Maryland, 2. No. 71.]
[Feb. 27.] 2,088. Minutes of Council of Barbados. Captain Wrenn having returned from Antigua, the Council met to provide for the maintenance of three hundred recruits for Bolton's regiment, that he brought with him. The Assembly brought up a bill for quartering the soldiers and for supplementing the Act to raise labour for the fortifications. William Moor admitted to bail pending his trial. Warrant for payment of the expenses of the sick soldiers out of the four-and-a-half per cent. duty. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XII., pp. 243–246.]
Feb. 28. 2,089. Minutes of Council of New York. The question of the repair of the fortifications being brought up, the Common Council was consulted, who answered that it was not customary for the cost to be charged on the City. The Commander-in-Chief recommended the survey of the fortifications and estimate of the cost of repairs. The supply of the fort with fuel entrusted to the carmen of the city. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXV., p. 301.]
Feb. 29. 2,090. Minutes of Council of Jamaica. Order for certain payments, chiefly for fortifications. Order for the fire-ship Swan to be kept afloat till further orders; and for the naval officer to search all French vessels from Hispaniola in future. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 77. pp. 144–146.]