America and West Indies: November 1692

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Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 13, 1689-1692. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1901.

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November 1692

Nov. 1. Bills for weights and measures, as to felonies and for settling inheritances passed.
Nov. 2. Bills for support of ministers and for solemnising of marriages read and considered.
Nov. 3. The bill concerning marriages passed.
Nov. 4. Bill for support of ministers passed. Bill to add to the Imposts Act read.
Nov. 5. Bill to regulate the Assize of Cask read and debated. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXIV., pp. 351–354.]
Nov. 1. 2,593. Minutes of Council of Virginia. Resolved that the present Assembly be dissolved and writs issued for the election of a new one. William Dolby and Edward Legge, under sentence for the murder of William Marshall, were reprieved. Order for the rangers to be discharged till the 1st of March. Orders for regulation of those who desire to go "fire-hunting" [? fur-hunting]. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXXIV., pp. 783–785.]
Nov. 1. 2,594. Minutes of Council of Jamaica. Orders for H.M.S. Mordaunt to be victualled for a month, for the proceeds of sale of unclaimed goods to be paid to the President for payment of or repair of public buildings in St. Jago de la Vega. Orders for sundry payments, and for repair of the bridge at Passage Fort. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 77. pp. 222–224.]
Nov. 1. 2,595. Minutes of Council of Massachusetts. A new Commission of the peace issued for the Island of Martha's Vineyard.
Nov. 2. A letter from the Governor of Rhode Island read, reporting that a surveyor had been appointed to mark off the eastern bounds of the Colony. Advised that a letter be written to him to forbid any such thing, and that messengers be sent to arrest Christopher Almy, Daniel Wilcox and Henry Head on account of their action herein. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXIV., pp. 198, 199.]
Nov. 1. 2,596. Minutes of Council of Antigua. John Parry's will allowed and registered. The Governor proposed to press men for the coming expedition. The Assembly offered in lieu to pay 400 privates. The Governor gave the Assembly to understand that their proposal would only augment the number of indigent people unfit for service, and insisted on a press. The Assembly suggested that the readiest way of raising men would be to give all the plunder to the privates. The Governor answered that if they could find any competent officers to serve on these terms he would accept them.
Nov. 2. The Assembly consented to prepare an Act to raise men for the expedition. The Governor asked for authority to pay for repair of arms, and for a general fund for expenses of the expedition. The Assembly proposed that 1,500 lb. of sugar should be the fine for men refusing to serve. The Governor wished it raised to 2,000 lb., which was agreed to. The Governor proposed new Commissioners for taking up vessels for the expedition. The Assembly agreed. The Assembly proposed a tax on slaves and lands and desired Commissioners to be named for auditing the Treasurer's accounts.
Nov. 3. The Act for raising men agreed to. Commissioners of Accounts appointed. Acts sent up by the Assembly, viz.: to regulate the Militia, to establish Courts, to ease tenants from taxes during the war, to divide the Island into parishes. The Assembly desired that these might be sent home, in which the Governor concurred. The Governor asked for payment for the sloops hired for cruising. The Assembly put the matter off for a fortnight. [Board of Trade. Leeward Islands, 64. pp. 1–6.]
Nov. 2. 2,597. A collection of affidavits relating to Captain Thomas Hewetson. As to his employment with his ship by the Governor of Bermuda for succour of the Leeward Islands and his services therein. Copies. 3 pp. [America and West Indies. 551. No. 70.]
Nov. 2. 2,598. The Solicitor General to Lords of Trade and Plantations. On the answer of the Assembly of Maryland (see No. 2,470), (1) As to the first demand, the Assembly does not seem to quarrel with it; and the conditions for which they stipulate appear to be there laid down in the Act, with which Lord Baltimore is ready to comply. (2) It is plain that this claim is supported by Act of Maryland, and it would be a dangerous precedent to allow the Assembly to upset it by parole evidence is to the presumed intentions of that Act. (3) I conceive that Lord Baltimore has no right to the fines now that the Crown has taken over the Government. (4) Waifs and strays are the right of the Crown and cannot be given to Lord Baltimore by Act, so that he has no right to them. (5) As to the records I conceive that if, as Lord Baltimore asserts, they are his securities for the land granted by him, and were taken from his servant on his Lordship's quitting the Government, they should be restored to him. Such records however as constitute the titles of other people to their property should be delivered to custody of the Governor. Signed. Tho. Trevor. 4 pp. Annexed,
2,598. I. Copy of James Heath's demands, as Lord Baltimore's agent, 2 June, 1690, and of the reply of the Revolutionary Government. (See No. 920.) [Board of Trade. Maryland, 2. Nos. 91–91 I; and 8. pp. 62–67.]
Nov. 3.
2,599. Governor Kendall to Lords of Trade and Plantations. In obedience to the Queen's orders received on the 1st September I have passed an Act enabling me to raise a thousand men. The two Colonels to command them have promised to raise two hundred volunteers, so I shall have twelve hundred men, well armed and equipped. Our most dangerous enemies are our black slaves; and the frequent alarms to prevent their devilish designs have caused such consternation and so much revealed our weakness that I shall not send so many men off the Island as I intended. A narrative from the Commissioners appointed to enquire into the negro conspiracy will show you their plans; and with the help of a new act and severe punishment of the leading conspirators I hope that the Island is now secure. Mr. Blathwayt I hope has informed you of my suspension of Colonel Hallett and Mr. Prideaux from the Council, and communicated to you my reasons and the documents concerning the case. I do not doubt that you will uphold my action. The Council and Assembly have presented me with £2,000, which I beg your leave to accept. I recently sent H.M.S. Diamond and the Wild, prize, in pursuit of a French privateer; which was taken after a long engagement. Her commander tells me that at Martinique they are short of provisions of all kinds. The Council and Assembly have pressed me to procure leave for one of the King's regiments to be quartered here, when the present expedition is over, during the war. I consented, if they would bring in a bill to give the men free quarter. They also begged that when the regiment is ordered home, all men willing to stay on the Island may be discharged. I think this will be for the safety of the Island. I am now sending two frigates to Martinique to bring off prisoners, for intelligence. Signed. J. Kendall. 3 pp. Annexed,
2,599. I. Report of the Commissioners appointed to enquire into the negro conspiracy at Barbados. The names of the negroes who were in consultation as to liberating certain imprisoned negroes from gaol were Ben and Sambo. Another being caught confessed, on being granted pardon of his life, that he was at the bottom of the plot. The rising was to have taken place just after Sir Timothy Thornhill's departure, but was deferred, in consequence of the arrival of the squadron, until the regiment should sail for Guadeloupe. The return of Wright's squadron checked the departure of that regiment and stopped the plot a second time. On proceeding to trial we condemned three negroes to be hung in chains on a gibbet till they were starved to death, and their bodies to be burned. The sentence was put in execution on two of them, who endured it for four days without making any confession, but then gave in and promised to confess on promise of life. One was accordingly taken down on the day following. The other did not survive. It appears that the ringleaders are chiefly men who have more favour shown them by their masters than others, overseers, artisans and domestic servants. The oath of secrecy has also been discovered. We find that they have been very active within the last three months and had increased their numbers to four regiments of foot and two of horse, the horses to be taken from their masters' stables. But for the arrival of the Wild with news of the victory over the French, and of the orders to raise two new regiments, the rising would have taken place. The Governor was to have been the first victim and Colonel Salter the second. A negro, who is an armourer in the magazine, had promised to supply arms and ammunition; but this has been prevented by hanging him in chains. Their stratagem for obtaining possession of the fort, was to gain five or six Irishmen who were to be sent into Needham's Fort with money to buy drink for the matrosses; and if that did not answer, the Irishmen were to admit them to the fort in force. The forts taken, they had resolved to batter all the ships in the harbour and to fire the best part of the town, though keeping a few of the best houses for themselves. The leaders said that they thought they might easily accomplish their object. A few of the most trusted were to kill their masters at dead of night, go on to the next plantation, and so forth, until they reached the town. But they confessed that after the conquest would be the most dangerous time as they could not have agreed upon a Government. A copy of their field officers' names is annexed. Signed. Tobias Frere, Rich. Scott, Thomas Morris, Jno. Duboys. 4 pp. [Board of Trade. Barbados, 4. Nos. 101, 101 I.; and (without enclosure) Col. Entry Bk., Vol. VIII., pp. 325–328.]
Nov. 3.
James City.
2,600. Governor Sir Edmund Andros to Lords of Trade and Plantations. The Wolf arrived at New York on the 30th August where it landed Governor Fletcher, and I arrived at the mouth of this river on the 13th September. On the 20th I published my commissions, swore the Council, and published a proclamation to continue all officers in their posts. The Council recommended me not to call an Assembly till April, and having by their advice dissolved the present Assembly I have issued writs for the election of a new one. I send an account of the distribution of the powder (see No. 2,518); but we have no gins to mount great guns and none but old and rotten flags. Pray let me have a supply. Captain Finch of H.M.S. Henry, prize, complaining of defects I ordered a survey to be made, which I hope to send you. The Lieutenant-Governor intends to sail to England in the Wolf. I hope that the King's confirmation of the Acts is on its way, as the Acts, though in force, are till then uncertain and some of the provisions are unsuitable. I have visited a good part of the country, and find everywhere complaints of the scarcity of English goods, which discourages the planters. There is a good crop of tobacco. Signed. E. Andros. 2 pp. Endorsed. Recd. 6 Feb. 1692–3. [America and West Indies. 637. No. 134, and Board of Trade. Virginia, 36. pp. 223–225.]
Nov. 3. 2,601. Abstract of the preceding despatch. 1 p. [America and West Indies. 637. No. 135.]
Nov. 3. 2,602. Abstract of the requests in the same despatch. ½ p. [America and West Indies. 637. No. 136.]
Nov. 3. 2,603. Minutes of Council of New York. Robert Livingston's petition referred to a Committee. Lieutenant Horton and others from Bedford and Rye expressed contrition for addressing the Government of Connecticut to take them under its rule. They produced a letter from the Government of Connecticut of 3 December, 1683, addressed to Joseph Horton and the select men of Rye, expressing regret at parting with them and mentioning Governor Dongan's agreement as to property and payment of rates at the time. The letter was recorded, and the accused discharged on promise of good behaviour.
Nov. 4. Petition of John Rogers against Daniel Whitehead referred to Colonel Smith for report. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXIV., pp. 348–350.]
Nov. 4.
New York.
2,604. Warrant of Governor Fletcher, appointing Robert Wharton second lieutenant in his company of foot. Copy. 1 p. [America and West Indies. 579. No. 23.]
Nov. 5. 2,605. Commission to Thomas Fotherby to be Deputy Judge Advocate in the West Indies. Signed. Geo. Clarke. Copy. ½ p. [Board of Trade. Plantations General, 2. No. 32; and Col. Entry Bk., Vol. C., p. 271.]
Nov. 5.
James City.
2,606. The Secretary of Virginia to Lords of Trade and Plantations. Enclosing the orders of the Virginia Council. Signed. Chr. Robinson. ½ p. Endorsed. Recd. 23 Dec., 1692. [America and West Indies. 637. No. 137.]
Nov. 5. 2,607. Minutes of Council of Massachusetts. Ordered that the Naval Officer shall deliver all cockets, etc., to the King's Collector for examination during the unloading of a ship, after which time they shall be returned and lodged in the Naval Office. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXIV., p. 200.]
Nov. 7. 2,608. Minutes of Council of Massachusetts. Order for taking off the embargo on shipping. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXIV., p. 200.]
Nov. 7. 2,609. Minutes of General Assembly of Massachusetts. Bills for affirming former judgments, and for establishing Courts considered.
Nov. 8. Bills for affirming former judgments, and to regulate Assize of Cask passed. Bills to continue local laws and for transporting the Militia, etc., read.
Nov. 9. The two latter bills were passed. Bills for suppression of unlicensed houses and to regulate the House of Representatives read.
Nov. 10. Bills for suppression of unlicensed houses, and for additional impost and excise passed.
Nov. 11. Bill for regulation of townships; and proposals to rectify the bills of assessment were considered.
Nov. 12. Conference over the Courts Bill, and over the grant of an additional tax. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXIV., pp. 354–357.]
Nov. 17. 2,610. Minutes of Council of New York. Petition of Lieutenant Robert Wharton for repair of the officer's quarters in the fort referred to Colonel Cortlandt, for carrying out the repairs. Robert Livingstone's accounts audited, and payment ordered of his salary and arrears, less the commission of five per cent. on the disbursement of money for Major Ingoldsby's expedition to Albany, disallowed.
Nov. 8. Report on John Hooglandt's petition presented.
Nov. 9. Warrants for sundry payments on account of the garrisons in the fort and at Albany. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXV., pp. 350, 351.]
Nov. 7. 2,611. Minutes of General Assembly of New York. Robert Livingston's accounts recommended to the Representatives for payment. Bills for settling fairs and markets and for establishing Courts of Judicature sent up by the Representatives. The latter read a first time.
Nov. 8. Bills for supervising intestate estates and for erecting a post office sent up by the Representatives, and read a first time. On the motion of the Representatives a proclamation was ordered to make Wampum current for all payments.
Nov. 9. Bill for Courts of Judicature agreed to with amendments. Revenue bill sent up with an amendment by the Representatives. Conference appointed as to the Council's amendments on the bill and as to the principle of continuing it.
Nov. 10. Bill concerning intestates' estates, and to erect a post office read a second time and sent down with amendments. Account of the Conference on the Revenue Bill.
Nov. 11. Revenue Bill read a third time as sent up by the Representatives, and passed. Bills as to a post office, as to fairs and markets, and as to intestates' estates also passed. A bill to establish the rules of the weigh-house drafted and recommended to the Representatives. Bill for Courts of Judicature assented to. Bill for paying the debts of the Colony passed with an amendment, bill for levying a rate passed.
Nov. 12. The Governor at instance of the Representatives undertook to submit a scheme for regulation of fees to a joint committee.
Nov. 14. The bills of the Session were formally passed. Adjourned till 20 March. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXV., pp. 662–671.]
Nov. 8. 2,612. Earl of Nottingham to William Blathwayt. The Admiralty claims that the place of Naval officer belongs to them, has entered a caveat at the Great Seal and stopped the grant of it to Mr. Povey. The matter will be heard in Council on Thursday next. Signed. Nottingham. Holograph. 1 p. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 6. No. 115; and 53, p. 132.]
[Nov.] 2,613. Petition of Thomas Povey. Praying for the expediting of his grant of the Naval office of Jamaica under the Great Seal. 1 p. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 6. No. 116.]
[Nov.] 2,614. Sir Thomas Lynch's instructions to the Clerk of the Naval office of Jamaica. 26 July, 1682. 2 pp. Endorsed. Recd. 16 May, 1684. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 6. No. 117.]
[Nov.] 2615. Notes of Mr. Thomas Povey's case, with review of the general position of clerks in the Naval office in the Colonies, adverse to the claim of the Admiralty. Large sheet. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 6. No. 118.]
[Nov.] 2,616. Brief abstract of a portion of the foregoing. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 6. No. 119.]
Nov. 9. 2,617. Warrant for Commissary Thomas Fotherby to draw bills for the subsistence of the troops in the West Indies. [Board of Trade. Plantations General, 2. No. 33; and Col. Entry Bk., Vol. C., p. 273.]
Nov. 9. 2,618. Lords of the Treasury to the Governors of Barbados and the Leeward Islands. Authorising him to draw bills on the Treasury for hire of ships and subsistence of troops. Copy. 1 p. [Board of Trade. Plantations General, 2. No. 34, and Col. Entry Bk., Vol. C., p. 274.]
Nov. 14. 2,619. Regulation of subsistence for a regiment of foot. £205 per week. 1 p. [Board of Trade. Plantations General, 2. No. 35.]
[Nov.] 2,620. Establishment of pay for a regiment of foot. 1 p. [Board of Trade. Plantations General, 2. No. 36.]
Nov. 11.
2,621. Governor Kendall to William Blathwayt. On the 7th inst., having information of a large French ship to leeward, I sent Captain Wickham of the Diamond to look after her, who engaged her at eleven next morning. Hearing of it at four o'clock from Sir Timothy Thornhill, who could see the fight from his house, I sent two sloops to join Wickham. He returned next day saying that he had fought the Mary Rose and so damaged her that she had run for it, when she being clean and he very foul, he dropped astern and left her after chasing to within sight of Martinique. No doubt de Blenac takes me to be a well-bred man, for his ships are no sooner seen on the coast than I send immediately to compliment them. Signed. J. Kendall. Holograph. 1½ pp. Endorsed. Read 9 Jan., 1692/3. Abstract read 1 May, '93. [Board of Trade. Barbados, 4. No. 102; and Col. Entry Bk., Vol. VIII., pp. 329, 330.]
[Nov. 11.] 2,622. Abstracts of Governor Kendall's letters to William Blathwayt, 3 and 11 November. Colonel Hallett, having given £2,000 security to take his trial and meanwhile to be of good behaviour, has since beaten and wounded one of Governor Kendall's servants, for which his recognizances have been estreated. The judgment being confirmed before the Council, he has appealed to the King in Council. Governor Kendall desires that the papers may be sent to the Attorney General. [Board of Trade. Barbados, 4. No. 103.]
[Nov. 11.] 2,623. A second abstract of Governor Kendall's letters of Nov. 3 and Nov. 11. 1½ pp. [Board of Trade. Barbados, 4. No. 104.]
Nov. 11. 2,624. Minutes of Council of New York. William Smith sworn in as Chief Justice and his salary fixed at £100 a year. Order for payments to Robert Livingston on various accounts.
Nov. 12. Order for payment for the repairs of the fort. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXV., pp. 352, 353.]
Nov. 11. 2,625. Minutes of Council of Massachusetts. Order for advance of £20 to Elisha Hutchinson and John Walley now employed in the King's service in Bristol County. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXIV., p. 201.]
Nov. 14. 2,626. Minutes of General Assembly of Massachusetts. Bill for regulation of townships read and debated.
Nov. 15. Bill to raise money to defray county charges read. Bill as to oaths read.
Nov. 16. Bill for regulation of townships passed. Bill to establish Courts of Justice again considered.
Nov. 17. Bills to raise money for county charges, and for regulation of the House of Representatives again debated.
Nov. 18. Bills for county charges, etc., and concerning oaths passed.
Nov. 19. Bill to establish Courts again debated. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXIV., pp. 357–360.]
Nov. 16. 2,627. Minutes of Council of Massachusetts. Order dismissing the appeal of Moses Crofts as to probate of his father's will. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXIV., pp. 201–202.]
Nov. 17. 2,628. Minutes of Council of New York. Order for payment to Henry Arenontse for transport of Ordnance to Albany. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXV., p. 353.]
Nov. 18. 2,629. Minutes of Council of Massachusetts. Order for discounting the sum of £237 on the arrears of taxes of Salem, that sum having been advanced by several gentlemen in the town for the public service. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXIV., p. 202.]
Nov. 18. 2,630. Minutes of Council of Jamaica. Order for victualling H.M.S. Guernsey. Resolved to reply to Governor Codrington's letter that the increase of French at Hispaniola makes it impossible for Jamaica to help the Leeward Islands in their undertakings; also to thank Governor Kendall for his letter. Orders for survey of H.M.S. Mordaunt; for leave to be given for Captain John Moses to go to England and for a letter to be written recommending him to the Admiralty; for despatch of Chancery business; and for certain payments. John Yeamans granted provisional permission to leave the Island. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 77. pp. 224–226.]
[Nov. 21.] 2,631. List of the Councils of the Leeward Islands: ANTIGUA, John Parry, Rowland Williams, John Fry, Francis Carlile, John Yeamans, Thomas Duncombe, Edward Pym. NEVIS, Samuel Gardner (Lieutenant-Governor), Charles Pym, Michael Smith, Walter Symmonds, William Burt, Aaron Chapman, Daniel Smith, John Smargin. MONTSERRAT, Anthony Hodges, sen., Edward Read, William Fox, Edward Parson, Thomas Symmons, George Liddell, John Allford, Anthony Hodges, jun. General Councillors of all the Islands, Colonel Thomas Hill, Thomas Belchamber. Signed. Chr. Codrington. 2 pp. Endorsed. Recd. 21 Nov., 1692, by Mr. Hutcheson. [America and West Indies. 551. No. 71.]
Nov. 22. 2,632. Minutes of Council of Barbados. Order for providing the soldiers that require them with shoes and stockings. Order for payments. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XII. pp. 388, 389.]
Nov. 23. 2,633. Minutes of Council of Antigua. John Palmer's patent for Secretary and to be a Councillor read, and himself admitted. The Governor proposed to the Assembly the formation of a company of grenadiers. The Treasurer's accounts adjusted, and the new tax agreed to. The Governor issued an order prohibiting natives from enlisting in the Blue Regiment. The Assembly desired to see the muster-rolls, and made further proposals as to taxation.
Nov. 24. The Council agreed to the further proposal. The Assembly proposed the appointment of Commissioners for taxing merchants. The Council agreed, and asked that the Act for the tax might be perfected as soon as possible. The Assembly asked if anyone had power to confirm an Act in the Governor's absence. Orders for certain payments, and for enquiry as to a rising of negroes. [Board of Trade. Leeward Islands, 64. pp. 6–10.]
Nov. 23. 2,634. Minutes of General Assembly of Massachusetts. Bills against counterfeiting and chipping coin, and to establish forms of oaths read and debated. Several precedents and forms of writs discussed.
Nov. 24. The two above Acts passed.
Nov. 25. Bills to establish Courts, to settle forms of oaths, and to establish fees passed.
Nov. 26. Bill for regulating the fishery passed. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXIV., pp. 360–362.]
Nov. 24. 2,635. Order of the King in Council. Referring the memorial of Nicholas Trott to Lords of Trade and Plantations for report. Signed. William Blathwayt. ½ p. Enclosed,
2,635 I. Articles of accusation. 6 pp. See next abstract. [Board of Trade. Bermuda, 2. Nos. 1, 1 I; and 28. p. 24.]
[Nov.] 2,636. Petition and information of Nicholas Trott to the King. I beg examination of the following charges against Governor Richier. (1) He has not admitted Samuel Trott to be Collector at Bermuda, despite the Royal mandate. (2) He illegally delayed the departure of a ship freighted by me, till the cargo was ruined, forcing the master of the ship to give him £100 to let the ship go. (3) He showed openly spiteful motives for so doing. (4) He let another ship which had been laden in the same way pass unmolested. (5) He called a Court of Admiralty to try the case of my ship which he had no power to do, and (6) when the Court gave judgment in my favour appointed another wherein he could be sole judge. (7) In trying the case he refused subpoena for my witnesses, overruled my plea, and gave judgment against me. (8) He then annulled all his own proceedings and appointed Colonel Jenkins to try the case, who gave judgment against me. (9) Before the trial he tried to come to terms with me, but failing he built a sloop of the King's timber for his own private trade. (10) He sent to sea a privateer and impressed men for her, and when the ship brought back European goods made no entry of them. (11) He took away a vessel seized by the Collector for illicit trading, and sold her, as is said, for his own use. (12) He forbade the seizure of another illicit trading vessel by the Collector and cleared her. (13) He threatened me with trial for receiving stolen goods for recovering some lost money of my own. (14) He appointed Colonel Jenkins judge and commander of all the forts, and when the Assembly protested against Jenkins as a disaffected man of no fortune, he threatened to try them for high treason. (15) The Governor himself is disaffected to the present Government. [Board of Trade. Bermuda, 28. pp. 25–32.]
Nov. 24. 2,637. Order of the King in Council. Referring the petition of Edward Richier to Lords of Trade and Plantations for report. Signed. William Blathwayt. ½ p. Enclosed,
2,637 I. Petition of Edward Richier. ½ p. (See next abstract.) [Board of Trade. Bermuda, 2. Nos. 2, 2 I; and 28. p. 33.]
[Nov. 24.] 2,638. Petition of Edward Richier. Several charges have been delivered by Nicholas Trott against my brother, Governor Isaac Richier. Having reason to believe these charges to be malicious, I beg that my brother may not be condemned unheard. [Board of Trade. Bermuda, 28. p. 34.]
[Nov. 24.] 2,639. Account of the shilling per hogshead duty on imported tobacco from 5 Sept., 1689, to 22 September, 1690. 5½ pp. Endorsed. Recd. 24 Nov., 1692. [Board of Trade. Maryland, 2. No. 92.]
Nov. 24. 2,640. Minutes of Council of New York. Order for payment of £30 to Daniel Honan for contingent charges at the fort, and of a quarter's salary to Thomas Johnson, the Exchequer being too low to afford a half year's salary. Contract for repair of the garrison windmill amended and renewed. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXV., pp. 353, 354.]
Nov. 2,641. Draft instruction to Governor Sir William Beeston. Permitting him to employ the King's frigates at Jamaica against the French. Memorandum. That Sir Francis Wheeler and the commanders of the frigates should be informed. Draft. 2 pp. [America and West Indies. 540. No. 27.]
Nov. 26. 2,642. Minutes of Council of Massachusetts. Warrant for the arrest of Christopher Almy, Daniel Wilcox and Henry Head for riotous resistance to the order to take them into custody. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXIV., p. 203.]
Nov. 27. 2,643. Additional instructions for Sir William Beeston. To take care that speedy justice be done to the owners of the ship St. Jago de la Victoria; and to employ the frigates and forces at Jamaica against the French in Hispaniola as he thinks best. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 53. pp. 126, 127.]
Nov. 28. 2,644. Minutes of Council of Jamaica. Colonel Leonard Claiborne confessed to disobedience of orders to Captain Bernart Andreis, his superior officer. Order for a General Court Martial on the 1st of December. Order for delivery of the sloop Neptune to her owners; for despatch of French prisoners to Hispaniola; for provision of wine, water-jars, beer, flour, cheese, chocolate and sugar loaves for the King's House, and for building a room in Fort Charles. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 77. pp. 226, 227.]
Nov. 28. 2,645. Journal of Lords of Trade and Plantations. Acts of Barbados for presents to Governor Kendall and Sir Timothy Thornhill considered. Petition of Edward Bushell on behalf of Ralph Lane read, and decision taken. The Solicitor General's report as to the Act concerning William Sharpe's lands read.
Nov. 28. Petition of Sir Matthew Dudley and others read (see No. 2,466 I.) and referred to the Attorney General.
Agreed to lay the recommendation of the Council of Virginia, that Christopher Robinson be confirmed as Secretary, before the King.
Memorial of the Agents of the Leeward Islands, asking for confirmation of Samuel Gardner as Lieutenant Governor of Nevis, to be recommended to the King.
Petition of Jews of Jamaica for naturalisation rejected. [Board of Trade. Journal, 7. pp. 151–153; and (as regards Virginia) Board of Trade. Virginia, 36. p. 206.]
Nov. 28. 2,646. Memorandum of Lords of Trade and Plantations. That the Lord President move the King (1) to permit Ralph Lane to prosecute his appeal on giving the usual security and (2) to approve an Act of Barbados granting £2,000 to Governor Kendall. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. VIII., pp. 316, 317.]
Nov. 28. 2,647. Memorandum of Lords of Trade and Plantations. To move the King to confirm the Act enabling William Sharpe to sell his lands. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. VIII., p. 313.]
Nov. 28. 2,648. Memorandum of Lords of Trade and Plantations. That the Lord President move the King to confirm the Act of Barbados granting £1,000 to Sir Timothy Thornhill. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. VIII., pp. 318, 319.]
Nov. 28. 2,649. Minute of Lords of Trade and Plantations. That the Lord President move the King to confirm the appointment of Samuel Gardner as Lieutenant-Governor of Nevis. [Board of Trade. Leeward Islands, 44. p. 109.]
[Nov. 28.] 2,650. Memorial of the Agents for the Leeward Islands, praying for the confirmation of Colonel Samuel Gardner as Lieutenant-Governor of Nevis. Signed. Bastian Bayer, Joseph Martyn, Richard Cary. ½ p. Endorsed. Read 28 Nov. 92. [America and West Indies. 551. No. 72.]
Nov. 28. 2,651. William Blathwayt to Henry Guy. My Lords expect to receive the report of the Treasury on the petition of the Maryland Assembly of 15 Septr. (No. 2,470), and as to Governor Copley's proposals as to bonds to be taken from ships trading to Maryland. Draft. 1 p. [Board of Trade. Maryland, 2. No. 93.]
Nov. 28. 2,652. Minutes of Council of New York. Letter from Major Ingoldsby read, respecting the desertion of four soldiers from Albany, three of them Irish Roman Catholics, and their recapture on their way to Boston, and praying for a Court Martial. The Council agreed that a Court Martial should be held. Letter from Governor Copley read, desiring a receipt for the bill for £100 sent from Maryland. The Council advised the Governor to inform Colonel Copley that Major Ingoldsby had delivered the second and third bills, but denied that he had ever received the first. Order for a Commission to Matthias Nicolls as vendue-master of the province. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXV., pp. 354, 355.]
Nov. 28. 2,653. Minutes of General Assembly of Massachusetts. Table of fees for Courts drawn up.
Nov. 29. Bill to establish forms of writs discussed. Notice for a full Council to be called on 8 December. Debate as to an additional supply of money.
Nov. 30. Bill to establish forms of writs, and for regulation of the House of Representatives passed.
Dec. 1. Assembly adjourned.
Dec. 2. Table of fees for Courts approved, and passed into an Act.
Dec. 3. Proposals of the Representatives for a further supply of money debated. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXIV., pp. 362–364.]
Nov. 29.
2,654. Commissioners of Customs to Lords of the Treasury. On the extract from Governor Copley's proposals (see No. 2,472) we would inform you that every ship which sails to the Colonies has to give bond to land any of the enumerated articles laden in the Colonies at an English port. All ships coming to the Colonies from any other port are required to give bond likewise on pain of forfeiture; so that if any ships sail from England direct to the Colonies without giving bond the Governor is not obliged to take bond for them in the Colonies, but may seize and prosecute those ships. It has been our constant practice to compel all ships sailing from England, as far as possible, to give security before they sail, knowing the insufficiency of colonial bonds. Signed. Jo. Werden, Robert Southwell, Robt. Clayton, J. Warde. 1½ pp. [Board of Trade. Maryland, 2. No. 94; and 8. pp. 81–83.]
Nov. 29. 2,655. Minutes of Council of Barbados. Order for release of certain wines wrongfully detained. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XII., pp. 389–391.]
Nov. 30. 2,656. Sir Peter Colleton and Sir Robert Davers to William Blathwayt. Two Acts have lately been passed in Barbados, one concerning elections, and one to present Sir Timothy Thornhill with £1,000, which are sent for the King's confirmation. Conceiving these Acts to be against the King's service, we beg to be heard concerning them before they are confirmed. Signed. P. Colleton, Robert Davers. 1 p. [Board of Trade. Barbados, 4. No. 105.]
Nov. 2,657. Draft instructions to the officer commanding the convoy to the West Indies, to send the Governor of Jamaica to his government in H.M.S. Falcon, which shall relieve one of the ships in that Island. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 6. No. 116.]