Addenda: March 1690

Pages 759-760

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 13, 1689-1692. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1901.

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March 1690

March 12. 2,763. Memorial of Robert Livingston, Gerrit Teunise and Thomas Garton to the Governor and General Court at Connecticut. We have set before you the danger of Albany, and we now learn by your letters that, at the instance of Leisler's agents, you are about to withdraw your forces from thence, as though those with Leisler were sufficient. We beg that this may not be done, for it will bring ruin and we ask (1) that you will raise 200 men to go out with ours, against the French, from Albany; (2) that you will send an order to stop the withdrawal of your men, lest the Indians take umbrage; (3) that you will put a stop to the dangerous proceedings of Jacob Milborne, who is said to be marching from New York to overthrow the Government at Albany. (4) Albany has sent a conciliatory message to New York begging all to unite in the common cause; (5) will you send us 100 barrels of pork to Albany to feed our men? (6) will you send an agent to Boston to consult as to a joint attack on Canada, and (7) take care that provisions are husbanded for such an expedition; (8) we speak in your interest as much as our own, and (9) we observed in our journey that your people seemed very eager against the French. 3½ pp. Endorsed. Recd. 17 June, 1690. [America and West Indies. 578. No. 113A.]
March 20. 2,764. Memorial delivered to the Governor and General Court of Massachusetts by Robert Livingston, Gerrit Tennison and Thomas Garton. We must lay before you first the weak condition of Albany, which is not fortified so as to resist the French; (2) we beg you therefore to raise for us 500 men with provisions and clothing; (3) to supply us with a good engineer and 10 or 12 good guns to fortify Albany, and (4) to give us 400l. or 500l. worth of goods as presents for the Indians; (5) we must join with the Indians in attack on the French; (5) we beg you to send some of your young divines among the Indians to break the influence of the French; (7) we deeply regret the factions at Albany owing to Leisler's proceedings. We cannot get hold of the King's letters, which Leisler has seized, and in spite of our efforts he is ruining everything at Albany. We beg you to send orders thither to forbid his proceedings. You seem to think that we ought to submit to Leisler and we are willing to do so, though we cannot see that he has any authority from the King; only we beg you to intercede to prevent his cruelty and oppression; (8) finally we beg you to prepare an expedition to attack Canada. The difficulties are not insuperable and the advantage would be great.
Postscript—22 March.—We hear you are about to send agents to New York to consult on the present state of affairs. Would it not be well for persons to be sent from Albany to give information to the Committee, or will you send one or two gentlemen to Leisler to bid him stop his proceedings
Second Postscript—We beg for an answer to our memorial of 20th, and above all that you will send messengers to check Leisler or he will ruin all. 13 pp. Endorsed. Recd. 17 June, 1690. [America and West Indies. 578. No. 113B.]
March 27. 2,765. Abstract of requests of Governor Sloughter. That the establishment of the Government may be as under Governor Dongan, that there may be an order for the levy money of both the companies, that the usual advances may be made to the said companies, and that flock bedding may be allowed to them. 1 p. Endorsed. Recd. 27 Mar., 1690. [America and West Indies. 578. No. 114A.]