America and West Indies: May 1694

Pages 285-291

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 14, 1693-1696. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1903.

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May 1694

May 1. 1,035. Minutes of Council of Maryland. Sir Edmund Andros presided. The Justices commissioned for the Provincial Court were sworn.
May 2. Sir Thomas Laurence produced the Order in Council dated at Whitehall, 28 September, 1693, on his behalf. which was entered and ordered to be observed. Order for Sir Thomas to be Commissioned Chief Justice of the Provincial Court.
May 3. Order for delivery to Sir Thomas Laurence of copies of the charges against him. Security was taken from Sir Thomas for due execution of his office. The Collectors' and Naval Officers' Accounts of the 4d. a gallon duty received.
May 4. George Plater's accounts returned to him to be writ fair. The Collectors directed to bring in their accounts of all other revenue.
May 5. Orders for certain payments; also for delivery of Lord Baltimore's records to the hands of Henry Darnall, and for his surveyors not to be obstructed. [Board of Trade. Maryland, 12. pp. 71–76; and 13. pp. 12–16.]
May 4. 1,036. Minutes of Council of New York. The Indians from Nassau came to pay their acknowledgment to the Governor and to claim his protection, according to custom. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXV., p. 520.]
May 4.
St. Maries,
1,037. Governor Sir Edmund Andros to Lords of Trade and Plantations. I came here on the representation of the President and Council to be present at the Provincial Court appointed to sit on the first Tuesday in May. There being no quorum we adjourned till the 2nd inst., when the order of 28 September, 1693, restoring Sir Thomas Laurence to the Council and to the office of judge of the Provincial Court, was read and recorded. I then issued a new Commission for the Provincial Court, with Sir Thomas as chief justice, which has proceeded to work as usual with all quiet and order. I hope that the arrival of a few more Councillors will enable me to settle everything till the new Governor comes. £250 has been sent to the assistance of New York, and £500 from Virginia, which latter we beg may be taken from the quit-rents. Signed. E. Andros. Endorsed, Recd. 5 July. Read 7 Aug. 1694. [Board of Trade. Maryland, 2. No. 109; and 8. pp. 177–178.]
May 5. 1,038. Journal of Lords of Trade and Plantations. Agreed to recommend leave to be given to Governor Kendall to accept the presents voted to him by the Assembly of Barbados.
The petition of Christopher Almy as to the boundaries of Rhode and the counter-petition of the Agents of Massachusetts were read, and, both parties having been heard, the matter was referred to the Attorney General for report.
Agreed to send further instructions to Governor Fletcher as to the quota of Connecticut.
Mr. Taylor's memorial read, and a copy sent to the Agents of Massachusetts. [Board of Trade. Journal, 7. pp. 288–290.]
May 7. 1,039. Minutes of Council of Maryland. Order for prosecution of a seized ship. Philip Clarke appointed to act as Collector for the Potomac district. Orders for due exercise and training of the militia; and for certain guns to be delivered to Benjamin Hall unless reason can be shewn to the contrary. Proclamation for Sir Thomas Laurence to be President of the Council. Nicholas Greenberry appointed Keeper of the Seals. [Board of Trade. Maryland, 12. pp. 78–82, and 13. pp. 16–18.]
May 8. 1,040. Minutes of Council and Assembly of Montserrat. Order for building a small house in the fort at the Old Road. The Assembly agreed to the Council's proposals as to certain details of the fortifications, and as to sending home sugar to reimburse the Agents. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XLVIII., p. 328.]
May 9.
1,041. Governor Sir Edmund Andros to Lords of Trade and Plantations. On the 4th I wrote to you from Maryland of my visit to Maryland, when Sir Thomas Laurence was restored to his appointments, pursuant to the Royal orders. I stayed till the 7th inst. when, as all was going satisfactorily, I declared Sir T. Laurence president of the Council and returned here. I found all well on my arrival, and that several ships for the next convoy had arrived at Point Comfort. I beg for £500 from the quit-rents, having advanced that sum from the two shillings per hogshead duty to New York, which fund is insufficient for the expenses of government. Unsigned. 1½ pp. Endorsed, Recd. 13 Aug. Read, 17 Aug. '94. Enclosed,
1,041. I. List of ships waiting at Point Comfort to make up the fleet. 8 May, 1694. 2 pp. Endorsed, Recd. 13 Aug. 1694. [Board of Trade. Virginia, 5. Nos. 47, 47 I.; and (without enclosure) 36. pp. 288, 289.]
May 12. 1,042. Minutes of Council of Maryland. Order affirming the decision of the delegates as to the estate of Richard Charlet, deceased, Thomas Greenfield and James Bigger to be answerable for said estate. James Bigger's bond as Ranger of Calvert County received. Robert Lockwood commissioned a Captain of horse, and James Philips a Captain of foot. Justices added to the Commission of the Peace for St. Maries County. [Board of Trade. Maryland, 12. pp. 83, 84; and 12. p. 18.]
May 14. 1,043. Minutes of Council of New York. The Governor reported the circumstances of Pennsylvania, and on putting it to the Council whether he should meet the Assembly of that Province, the Council voted £100 towards the expenses of his journey thither. Orders for sundry payments. Auditors appointed for the accounts of the four companies at Albany. Patents for land granted to Daniel Shottwell and Tirck de Witt. The Governor reported that he had made a contract with Robert Livingstone for victualling the troops at Albany, at sixpence per man per day from 1 May to 1 November.
May 15. Letter from the Council of Maryland read, with bills for £250. Orders for several payments. Resolved to appoint a collector of arrears of taxes.
May 16. On the representation of Captain John Evans, of H.M.S. Richmond, that he was twenty men short of his complement, orders were issued for the public houses to be searched and the men to be provided. The audit of the Governor's expenses on the expedition to Albany was approved. Orders for sundry payments. Patents for land granted to Captain John Evans. Letter from Sir E. Andros read, sending £500 from Virginia. Commanders of the troops and forts appointed against the Governor's absence in Pennsylvania. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXV., pp. 520–528.]
[May 15.] 1,044. Memorial of Major-General Fitz John Winthrop to Lords of Trade and Plantations. Praying that the quota of troops drawn from Connecticut may not exceed that drawn from the other Colonies in proportion.
The Lords agreed that a clause to that effect should be inserted in the letters to be sent to Governor Fletcher. [Board of Trade. New York, 48. pp. 126, 127.]
May 15. 1,045. Petition of Sir Henry Ashurst and Constantine Phips, Agents for Massachusetts, to Lords of Trade and Plantations. One Christopher Almy has petitioned Their Majesties for confirmation of the charter of Rhode Island and for fixing the bounds of the province. As the Governor and Company claim land which really belongs to Massachusetts, we beg to be heard before the Charter is confirmed or the bounds ascertained. 1 p. Endorsed, Read 15 May, '94. Copy of the foregoing. [Board of Trade. New England, 7. Nos. 26, 27; and 35. pp. 132, 133.]
[May 15.] 1,046. Pleas of the Colony of New Plymouth, respecting the bounds fixed by their patent. (1) The bounds expressed in our charter comprehend all the lands in controversy, our southern limit being the Narraganset River. (2) Our charter is thirty years older than that of Rhode Island, and theirs was obtained, as we conceive, on misinformation. (3) As to the temporary boundaries, Providence river, etc. were acknowledged to be our true bounds. (4) New Plymouth possessed those lands and had improved them before Rhode Island was settled. (5) The plea of fortification is the same for us as for Rhode Island, and we are straitened also for want of land. Copy. 1 p. Endorsed, Left by Sir H. Ashurst. [Board of Trade. New England, 7. No. 28.]
May 15. 1,047. Christopher Almy to the Duke of Leeds. I beg you to consider my deplorable condition, my mission being to obtain confirmation of Rhode Island's charter and the fixing of our eastward boundary. The question of boundaries has caused much dispute between us and Boston, and I beg that it may be settled. 1 p. Endorsed, Recd. 15 May, '94.
Copy of the foregoing. 1 p. [Board of Trade. New England, 7. Nos. 29, 29A; and 35. pp. 131, 132.]
[May 15.] 1,048. Reasons for the claim of Rhode Island to the boundaries fixed by her patent. (1) New Plymouth never had any collateral grant from any of the Kings of England for jurisdiction. (2) It is incorrect to say (as has been asserted) that New Plymouth had possession seventy years; and jurisdiction cannot be given or sold by subjects. (3) The settlement made by the Commissioners was but temporary. (4) Our patent was never condemned nor actually surrendered, whereas New Plymouth, having no patent, was put under Sir Edmund Andros without any question. (5) The new charter of Massachusetts in mentioning the boundaries of Rhode Island must mean the certain bounds fixed by our charter. (6) Unless an eastern boundary be upheld we cannot defend our-selves, nor can the Magistrates on the mainland come to court at Rhode Island without passing through another jurisdiction. 1¼ pp. Endorsed, Left by Mr. Almy. [Board of Trade. New England, 7. No 30.]
May 15. 1,049. John Povey to the Attorney General. Forwarding copies of the petition of Christopher Almy and of the Agents for New England, for his opinion on the question of boundaries. [Board of Trade. New England, 35. pp. 133, 134.]
May 15. 1,050. Minute of Lords of Trade and Plantations. Recommending that Governor Kendall be allowed to receive £1,000 granted to him by the Barbados Assembly. [Board of Trade. Barbados, 44. p. 86.]
May 16. 1,051. Minutes of Council of Maryland. Sir Thomas Laurence sworn to observe the Acts of Trade. Order for a special Commission for trial of the ship Anne. Order for a Commission of the Peace to be prepared for Talbot County. Order for custody of the King's share of the condemned ship Margaret. Council for appointment of sheriffs fixed for the 13th June at Battletown. Order for the bonds of certain captains, known to have sailed direct to Scotland, to be put in suit. Embargo on all ships for Europe until the 20th June. Order for delivery to the Attorney General of certain records sold by John Llewellin to Thomas Hemsley. Rules for the Provincial Court approved. Certificate of the division of Dorchester County into parishes. [Board of Trade. Maryland, 12. pp. 83–91; and 13. pp. 19–21.]
May 16. 1,052. Minutes of Council of Barbados. Orders for payments. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XII., p. 453.]
May 17.
1,053. Order of the King in Council. Confirming two Acts of Barbados, for granting £1,000 to Governor Kendall. [Board of Trade. Barbados, 44. pp. 87, 88.]
May 17. 1,054. Minutes of Council of Jamaica. Accounts passed and payments ordered. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 77. p. 277.]
May 19. 1,055. Lords Proprietors of Carolina to Governor Thomas Smith. We hope that the information that James More, a chief opposer to the payment of our rents, has promised to pay his rent, is true, and that others will follow his example. We do not insist on payment in fine silver, but in marketable commodities. Signed. Craven, Bath, Ashley, John Archdale for Thomas Archdale, Tho. Amy. [Board of Trade. Carolina, 4. p. 16.]
May 19. 1,056. Minutes of Council and Assembly of Montserrat. Members chosen to attend the General Council and Assembly of the Leeward Islands. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XLVIII., p. 328.]
May 21. 1,057. Minutes of Council of New York. Order for reporting to the Governor by letter that the French are very insolent at Albany, having thrown a club over the stockade and appeared several times on the hills around the town. Orders for sending all the money in the Receiver-General's hands to Robert Livingstone, and for sending hour glasses up to Albany for the guards. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXV., pp. 528, 529.]
May 22. 1,058. Journal of Lords of Trade and Plantations. Mr. Alexander's petition read (see No. 1024 I.), and decision taken.
Order for letters to be prepared to the Governments of Massachusetts and New Hampshire in favour of Mr. Taylor. Board of Trade. Journal, 7. pp. 291, 292.]
May 22. 1,059. Minute of Lords of Trade and Plantations. On the petition of William Alexander, referred by order of 19 April (see No. 1024 I.), the Lords agree to recommend that petitioner may be given some compensation for the late Lord Stirling's interest in Long Island, but not the actual grant for which he asks.
This report was approved by the King on 30th May. [Board of Trade. New York, 48. pp. 103, 104.]
May 22. 1,060. John Povey to Mr. Sotherne. Asking what shipping has been taken up for the companies and recruits of foot for New York and in what readiness they are, also when the convoy for the mastships, with whom they are to be sent, will be ready to sail. Draft. ½ p. [Board of Trade. New York, 5. No. 52.]
May 22. 1,061. John Povey to Mr. Heathcote. Desiring his attendance at the Committee of Trade and Plantations on the 24th inst., to give an account of the readiness of the two companies and recruits to embark for New York. Draft. ½ p. [Board of Trade. New York, 5. No. 53.]
May 23. 1,062. Minutes of Council of Jamaica. Order for payment for maintenance of French prisoners.
May 25. Order for payments to Colonel Peter Beckford on account of fortifications. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 77. pp. 277, 278.]
May 24.
1,063. J. Sotherne to John Povey. The Admiralty have directed the Navy Board to provide transport for the recruits and companies to New York either in the mast-ships bound to New England, if they will carry them, or in some other shipping bound to those parts. But no one has yet been here to say when the men will be ready, of which the Navy Board should be informed as soon as may be. The convoy for the mast-ships will, it is hoped, be ready in about fourteen days. Signed. J. Sotherne. [Board of Trade. New York, 5. No. 54.]
May 24. 1,064. The Admiralty to the Navy Board. Ordering them to provide transport for 340 men to New York, in the mast-ships or in other ships bound to America. Signed. J. Lowther, H. Priestman, R. Austen, G. Rooke, Jno. Houblon. Copy. 1 p. [Board of Trade. New York, 5. No. 55.]
May 24. 1,065. Sir Henry Ashurst to John Povey. On the memorial of John Taylor (see No. 1,006) I think that the Government of Massachusetts is better able to provide masts and build ships for the King's Navy than private men. The Government of Massachusetts far from obstructing Mr. Taylor has always encouraged him, so that his application was needless; but if the Lords think fit to grant his request we have no objection, provided that their letter give Mr. Taylor no ground for interfering with the supplies of Naval stores which we have undertaken to furnish. Signed. Hen. Ashurst. 1 p. Endorsed, Recd. 1 June, '94. [Board of Trade. Plantations General, 2. No. 86.]
May 24. 1,066. Lords of Trade and Plantations to the Governor of Massachusetts and the Lieutenant-Governor of New Hampshire. Directing that no obstruction be offered to John Taylor in the legal execution of his trade for Naval stores, and in the building of ships. [Board of Trade. New England, 35. pp. 63, 64; and Col. Entry Bk., Vol. C., pp. 346–348.]
May 24. 1,067. Minutes of Council of Massachusetts. An appeal brought by Ann Richards was at her request adjourned, few Councillors being present. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXIV., p. 255.]
May 26. 1,068. Minutes of Council of New York. Orders appointing Dirck Stone Justice for the County of Westchester and Jacobus Kierstead Sheriff of King's County. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXV., p. 529.]
May 26.
1,069. The Victualling Board of the Navy to the Navy Board. We have received orders to provide victuals for the troops to be sent to New York, but we must ask for directions as to the actual numbers of the men, and as to the allowance of victuals to be provided, as we do not remember ever to have furnished any soldiers' provisions for New York. You are aware that we were unable to make good provision of flesh for this year, so we suggest whether some other sort of provisions might not serve for the supply of the soldiers. Signed. Tho. Papillon, Jno. Agar, Hum. Ayles. Copy. 1 p. Endorsed, Recd. 30 May. [Board of Trade. New York, 5. No. 56; and 48. pp. 159, 160.]
May 29.
1,070. J. Sotherne to John Povey. Forwarding the letter from the Victualling Board of 26 May, to be laid before the Lords of Trade and Plantations. ½ p. Endorsed, Read 1 June, '94. [Board of Trade. New York, 5. No. 57.]
May 29. 1,071. Journal of Lords of Trade and Plantations. Mr. Heathcote called in, who said that he had raised about fifty men for the New York Companies. Orders issued for obtaining a warrant for quartering the men in some convenient place. [Board of Trade. Journal, 7. p. 293.]
May 30. 1,072. Minutes of General Assembly of Massachusetts. Names of the Council and Representatives.
The Representatives chose Nehemiah Jewett for Speaker and proceeded to the Election of Councillors.
May 31. The Governor approved the whole of the twenty-eight Councillors, who were accordingly sworn. The appeal of Ann Richards against the decision of the Probate Court of Suffolk was dismissed. The Governor moved the Representatives early to answer the question of supply.
June 1. Bill to ascertain the fees of the Messenger of the House of Representatives read and ordered for second reading. A vote of £500 for fitting up the galley lately built to cruise on the coast was read. Samuel Willard thanked for his sermon at the opening of the Assembly. Joint Committee appointed to draw up a report respecting the proposed incorporation of Sir Matthew Dudley and Company.
June 2. Bill as to the Messenger's fees read a second time. Additional Bill for setting forth general privileges read and debated. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXIV., pp. 421–427.]
May 31. 1,073. John Povey to Mr. Heathcote. Directing him to attend the Committee of Trade and Plantations on 1st June on the business of despatching the soldiers to New York. Draft. ½ p. Endorsed, 2 companies, 200 men. To complete those at New York, 80 men. Recruits for their old complement, 60 men. Total, 340 men. [Board of Trade. New York, 5. No. 58.]
May 31. 1,074. Minutes of Council of Jamaica. The Council met at 9 p.m. when the Governor informed it of the arrival of Captain Stephen Elliot with warning that a French expedition was about to sail against Jamaica. Resolved to hold a Council of War.
Minutes of the Council of War. Orders for publication of Articles of War; for all women and children to be sent from windward to Port Royal, and for a path to be cut for their retreat; that all officers give out that any slave killing a Frenchman shall receive his freedom and further reward for good service; that all retired officers appear in arms; and that sixteen foot and six horse be left to patrol Guanoboa and as many continued at Sixteen Mile Walks. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 77. pp. 279, 280.]