America and West Indies: October 1694, 1-15

Pages 366-377

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 14, 1693-1696. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1903.

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October 1694

Oct. 1.
1,363. Commissioners for Transportation to John Povey. We enclose copy of the charter-parties for hire of transport-ships for Jamaica. You will find little change in them except that the freight for ordnance stores is £3 a ton in the ships that carry men, and £3 10s. 0d. on the ships that carry stores only. You need not doubt that they will be at Gravesend on the 15th. Signed. Saml. Atkinson, John Ellis, Robt. Henley. 1 p. Endorsed, Read 9 Oct. '94. Annexed,
1,363. I. Copy of a charter party agreed on for a transport ship for Jamaica. 2¼ pp. Endorsed, Recd. 1 Oct. Read 9 Oct. '94. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 7. Nos. 71, 71 I.; and53. pp. 257–262.]
Oct. 1. 1,364. Estimate of the cost of two hundred saddles and bridles, with expense of packing, for the Jamaica expedition. Saddles £200, bridles and bits £60, packing-casks £6; total, £266. Signed. Luke Lillingston. ½ p. Endorsed, Read 1 Oct. '94. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 7. No72; and53. p. 266.]
Oct. 1. 1,365. Commission to John Murrey to be Commissary to the forces designed for Jamaica. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 53. p. 255.]
Oct. 1. 1,366. Minutes of Council of New York. The principal Indians of Suffolk and Nassau Island were called in and rebuked for their mutinous discourse, credulity and distrust. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXV., pp. 567, 568.]
Oct. 1. 1,367. Minutes of Council of Maryland. Order for an embargo on all ships till the 1st of November. On enquiry it appeared that Sir E. Andros had not sent home lists of the shipping and had only so far concerned himself with the Government as to preserve peace and quietness. [Board of Trade. Maryland, 12. p. 127.]
Oct. 1. 1,368. Journal of House of Burgesses of Maryland. Bill as to transportation of inhabitants, servants' bastards, quieting possession, against blasphemy, etc., as to testamentary affairs and as to gauge of cash, read a second time. Salary of burgesses voted to be 140lbs. of tobacco a day, and the bill to fix the same read a first time, as also a bill for relief of debtors. The sheriff of Cecil County brought up, and discharged on making submission. Reports of the Committee of Grievances and Committee of Laws were brought up, and orders made thereon, also a report of the Committee of Accounts.
Oct. 2. Amendments to the Water Mills' Act, and as to Naval Officers' fees considered. Bill for speedy justice for small debts read a first time, also an additional bill to the Act of Religion, and a bill for encouragement of learning. The bills as to payment of burgesses, to prohibit transportation of inhabitants, concerning servants' bastards, for the punishment of blasphemy, for quieting possession, concerning gauge of casks, for advancement of coins, for relief of debtors, for a duty of 4d. a gallon, as to testamentary affairs, to add to the Act of Religion, and two private bills, were sent to the Council. Orders fixing fees, etc., of servants of the House. Report of the Committee of Laws as to the establishment of Court-houses considered, and orders given thereon.
Oct. 3. Amendments to the Act for regulating ordinaries considered. Several petitions for payments considered. Message to the Governor as to the subscriptions of the burgesses for erection of a free school, desiring a conference as to the place where it shall be built. Answer of the Council that conferrers will meet them to-morrow.
Oct. 4. Proposals of the Council read, for restoration of arms to the Roman Catholics, for a law as to publication of the penal laws in every church four times a year, for a better method of keeping the records, for fixing the fees of Naval officers, and for repealing the law as to trade with Indians. The Council's amendments to the various bills sent up to them, considered, and a conference agreed to thereupon. Further consideration of the amendments. Opinion of the attorneys as to the appellate jurisdiction of the Council, extracts of the Royal instructions and other documents laid before the House.
Oct. 5. Further consideration of the Council's proposals.
Oct. 6. Consideration of the same continued. Order for audit of the accounts of the shilling per hogshead duty. Question of the Post Office considered. The establishment of the free school considered and sundry details agreed on. Bill as to fish in Dorchester and Suffolk counties read a first time. Bill as to servants' bastards read a third time. Colonel Henry Darnall examined as to his proceedings as Lord Baltimore's agent. The bills to add to the Act of Religion, and for advancement of coin read a second time. [Board of Trade. Maryland, 12. pp. 344–369.]
Oct. 1. 1,369. Minutes of Council of Maryland in Assembly. Sundry petitions referred to the Assembly. Edward Randolph's deputation as Auditor General read and sent to the Assembly. The business of the Post Office considered and recommended to the Assembly.
Oct. 2. Certain naturalised foreigners signed the test. Thirteen bills received from the Assembly.
Oct. 3. The bills received yesterday were read and sundry amendments proposed. The Assembly's message as to the free school received and answered. List of the subscriptions of the Council.
Oct. 4. The business of the school discussed, and the charter of Virginia college read. Proposed to make a law to impose a fine on all freeholders who do not attend the election of burgesses.
Oct. 6. Message from the Governor thanking the Burgesses for their address of congratulation. Four bills returned to the lower house with amendments. [Board of Trade. Maryland, 12. pp. 271–277.]
Oct. 2. 1,370. John Povey to Henry Guy. Forwarding Colonel Lillingston's estimate for bridles and saddles for the approval of the Treasury. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 53. p. 267.]
Oct. 2. 1,371. Minutes of Council of Barbados. The Assembly brought up a list of members for a joint committee on the public accounts. The Council's members were named for the Committee.
Oct. 3. Orders for sundry payments. Order as to the case of Ralph Lane. The Councillors took the oath as assessors in a Court of Error. The Assembly informed the Governor that they had voted him a present of £2,000; and that they had voted sevenpence halfpenny a day allowance to the soldiers from England. They asked them that the guard at the forts should be furnished by his regiment and that his commission might be entered in the records of the Assembly, which requests were granted; and they assured the Government that the expense of the sloop that had been hired against French privateers should readily be met. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XII., pp. 474–478; and Board of Trade. Barbados, 65. pp. 12–16.]
Oct. 2. 1,372. Journal of Assembly of Barbados. Rules passed and salaries of officers fixed. Committee appointed to report as to a suitable present to Governor Russell.
Oct. 3. Joint Committee appointed for the public accounts. Requests sent to the Governor as to guard duties (see preceding abstract). Votes for a present to the Governor and extra payment to the soldiers passed. Order for a bill to be prepared for an import on liquors. Reward of £45 voted to the Captain of the sloop sent by Governor Goddard. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XIV., pp. 371–374.]
Oct. 3. 1,373. Minutes of Council of Maryland. Robert King brought in his accounts as Naval Officer of Potomac district, when it appeared that he had never been sworn to observe the Acts of Trade. [Board of Trade. Maryland, 12. p. 127.]
Oct. 5. 1,374. Minutes of Council of New York. Warrant issued for erecting Huntington into a township. Arnout Vielle approved as a suitable person to go and live among the Indians, furnishing inteligence from time to time in consideration of liberty allowed him to trade. Orders for payment of salaries, and for direction to be given to the Mayor of Albany as to victualling the Indians that come there from time to time. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXV., pp. 569, 570.]
Oct. 6. 1,375. Estimate of cost of physic, drugs and utensils for 1,600 men on the voyage to Jamaica, £200. Estimate for a magazine for twelve months for the same number ashore, £600. Signed. Jo. Hutton, Tho. Millington. ½ p. Endorsed, Recd. 6 Oct. Read 9 Oct. and 20 Nov. '94. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 7. No. 73; and53. p. 278.]
Oct. 5. 1,376. Minutes of General Assembly of New York. Adjourned till to-morrow owing to the sickness of the Speaker.
Oct. 6. The Representatives attending, the Governor made them a speech. reporting the peace made by the Indians and the increased danger from the same, and that owing to the parsimony of the House the troops deserted seven at a time. He requests funds to mount great guns, to repair the barracks in the fort, and for the Act for Courts to be continued. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXV., pp. 696–699.]
Oct. 8. 1,377. John Povey to the Commissioners of Transportation Directing them to make an estimate of the cost of transporting an additional company of 100 men and 40 tons of stores to Jamaica, and to attend the Lords of Trade with it on the 9th inst. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 53. p. 268.]
Oct. 8. 1,378. John Povey to William Bridgeman. Directing the Admiralty to order the Victualling Board to provide victuals for an additional company of 100 men for Jamaica, and to send an estimate of the same. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 53. pp. 268, 269.]
Oct. 8. 1,379. John Povey to the Victuallers of the Navy. Directing them to attend the meeting of the Lords of Trade on the morrow. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 53. p. 269.]
Oct. 8. 1,380. John Povey to the Master General of the Ordnance. Desiring him to provide the additional stores and officers required by Colonel Lillingston, two out of three engineers and the bomb-vessel excepted, and to send an estimate of the same. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 53. p. 284.]
Oct. 8. 1,381. Memorial of Colonel Lillingston to Lords of Trade and Plantations. Requesting (1) that his instructions may be despatched and his time for starting fixed, so that he may settle his private affairs. (2) That during the regiment's absence abroad the sixpence a week stopped from the soldiers' pay for shoes, stockings, repair of arms, etc., may be paid to the persons who provide them with shoes, etc., that are necessary over and above the year's mounting and cannot be furnished abroad; the same amounting to £22 a week. (3) That the arrears of men and of officers be paid before they start, and that the merchant may be paid for the last clothing, for which the Colonel stands engaged. (4) That some money may be paid to the Colonel to enable him to provide himself with such things as he wants. (5) That a ship be appointed to take his baggage on board, with the regiment's mounting, which will be about 25 or 30 tons. (6) That a year's clothing money may be paid him to buy cloth for surtouts and breeches for the men, and for hats, shirts, shoes, stockings and cravats for next spring's mounting, and that the officers may receive their full pay, and not subsistence only, during their absence from England. (7) That the instructions as to division of spoil may be clearer than the last, and that the Commanders in Chief of the Fleet and Forces shall share equally on all occasions either by land or sea. (8) That a clerk, or allowance for a clerk, may be given to him to enter the orders given to the Commissary General. (9) That money and credit be given him for contingent and incidental expenses. (10) That all payments to the troops may be made in better money than at the last expedition, when they lost quite one third part by reason of bad money. 2½ pp. Endorsed, Recd. 8 Oct. Read 9 Oct. '94. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 7. No. 74; and53. pp. 280–283.]
Oct. 8. 1,382. Account of the money received by Colonel Lillingston's Regiment from 1 February to 1 October, 1693, while abroad on the Martinique expedition. Total £2,671, equivalent in sterling money to £1,900. ½ p. Endorsed, Recd. 8 Oct. Read 9 Oct. '94. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 7. No. 75; and53. p. 283.]
Oct. 8. 1,383. Memorial of Colonel Lillingston to Lords of Trade and Plantations. Setting forth what further men and ordnance stores are required for the expedition to the West Indies. The list includes gunners, miners, etc., and 6 guns. A bomb-vessel also is requested, as in many places land-mortars cannot be brought to bear. 1 p. Endorsed, Recd. 8 Oct. '94. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 7. No. 76; and54. pp. 284, 285.]
Oct. 8. 1,384. Further memorial of Colonel Lillingston to Lords of Trade and Plantations. It is not usual to design less bread for forces ashore than one pound a man per day, so that four months' provisions, as now designed for the Jamaica forces, cannot be lengthened to six months, without two months' more allowance of bread. Rice, French barley, currants, cinnamon, mace and more oatmeal will be required for the sick soldiers who will not be able to eat the provisions now made. For want of these many soldiers were lost, to my knowledge, in the last expedition. ½ p. Endorsed, Recd. 8 Oct. Read 9 Oct. '94. [Board of Trade.Jamaica, 7. No. 77; and 53. p. 286.]
Oct. 8. 1,385. Memorial of John Murrey to Lords of Trade and Plantations. A repetition of the preceding as to bread and comforts for the sick; with a further request that the Commissary's instructions, and the regulations of deducting, subsistence and credits, may be despatched. Signed. John Murrey. 1 p. Endorsed, Recd. 8 Oct. '94. [Board of Trade.Jamaica, 7. No. 78.]
Oct. 8. 1,386. Order of Lords of Trade and Plantations. That Mr. Gilbert Heathcote and Captain James Weems attend the Committee on the 9th inst. Draft. ½ p. [Board of Trade.New York, 5. No. 77.]
Oct. 8. 1,387. Journal of Lords of Trade and Plantations. Colonel Lillingston's further memorials read and considered, and orders given therein. Orders to provide for transport of Captain Prince's company and forty tons of ordnance stores to Jamaica.
Oct. 9. Colonel Lillingston's memorials read, and such parts as relate to the providing of money referred to the Treasury. The Victualling Board, Colonel Lillingston and Mr. Murrey were called in, when the Victualling Board declared that they could make no further provision for the Jamaica expedition, having Admiral Russell's fleet to victual. The Commissioners of Transport were ordered to provide stores for sick soldiers. Their estimates of the cost of transporting Captain Prince's company was referred to the Treasury. The latest reports from the Commissioners of Transports were ordered to be sent to the Admiralty. Estimate of medicine referred to the Treasury. Draft instructions for the Commissaries of the expedition required from the Treasury and Board of Ordnance. [Board of Trade.Journal, 7. pp. 353–358.]
Oct. 8. 1,388. Minutes of Council of Maryland. Captain Coode appeared and was examined as to the surrender of Mattapany, when the original articles, dated 1 August, 1689, were produced and recorded (pp. 122, 123).
Oct. 9. Henry Darnall and Ninian Beale ordered to give an account of the arms given up and received at the surrender of Mattapany (p. 131). [Board of Trade.Maryland, 12. pp. as cited.]
Oct. 8. 1,389. Journal of House of Burgesses of Maryland. The Queen's letter in favour of Thomas Neale's patent read. Regulations as to trading and residence of foreigners considered. Servants' bastards bill read a third time. Colonel Darnall granted free access to the records. Bills for encouragement of trade and to settle Courts and Assemblies read a first time, also a bill to regulate ordinaries. Three other bills read a second time. Five bills sent up to Council, with a message as to the Council's amendments thereto. Joint Committee appointed to audit the accounts of the shilling per hogshead duty. Message from the Burgesses that no more money can be afforded for the assistance of New York.
Oct. 9. Six bills read a third time, and three more considered and advanced. The Council asked for a conference as to the regulation of the land office. Message from the Burgesses declining to alter the style of enacting laws, and suggesting that the Royal pleasure should be taken thereon; and another message giving reasons for inability to give further assistance to New York. Bill as to Naval Officers' fees read a first time, and sent up to Council with two other bills. Report of Committee of Grievances brought up, and orders made thereupon.
Oct. 10. Resolution on the report of the Committee of Grievances, that the Clerks of County Courts be restrained from asking excessive fees, that the planting of tobacco be restricted, and that women working in the tobacco fields pay levies. The question of Lord Baltimore's agents be considered. Five bills read a third time. Resolved that no more bills be taken in hand until those before the House shall be despatched. Sundry petitions for payments dealt with. Bills to confirm all proceedings since Governor Copley's death, to amend the water-mills Act, to encourage sowing of flax, and for a duty on exports read a first time, and sent to Council. Table of allowances to the Clerks and Officers of the Assembly. Proceedings of a conference between the House and Council as to several bills.
Oct. 11. The votes as to restriction of tobacco-planting and taxation of women cancelled. Two bills read a second time, that for Naval Officers' fees being amended. Bill to confirm all acts since Governor Copley's death read a third time. Bill for protection of executors read a first time. Sundry petitions considered. Resolution that the province is well able to supply timber for the King's Naval stores. Messages to the Council as to the petition of the Corporation of St. Maries against moving Courts and Assemblies from thence; and asking that the persons convicted of the murder of John Payne may be held to bail till the King's pleasure as to their fate be known. Bill to check evils arising from the multiplicity of horses read a first time, and two bills read a second time.
Oct. 12. List of Ports nominated for the Province. Bill to prohibit the carrying of liquor to Indian towns read a first time; bill concerning free schools read a third time, and other bills advanced. Messages from the Governor consenting to retain the old style of enacting laws, and desiring a Conference as to certain bills. Resolved to invite the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishop of London to become patrons of the College. Proceedings of the Conference.
Oct. 13. John Coode's accounts examined, and £100 voted to him for going as agent to England. Eighteen bills read, signed and sent up to Council. Three more bills read a third time, and bills to appoint rangers and to settle a revenue on the present Governor read a first time. Orders for sundry payments. Several bills advanced, and two for repealing and reviving certain laws read a first time. [Board of Trade.Maryland, 12. pp. 369–393.]
Oct. 8. 1,390. Minutes of Council of Maryland in Assembly. Letter from Governor Fletcher of 24 September read, with a new scheme of joint assistance, which together with many former papers on the subject, was sent down to the Burgesses. Amendments to two bills proposed. Message of the Assembly for a joint Committee to audit the accounts of the shilling per hogshead duty.
Oct. 9. Message from the Assembly as to Henry Darnall's claim to free access to the land office and as to Sir T. Laurence's objection to the same. Henry Darnall was called in, and after long debate the matter was referred to a conference with the Burgesses. Message from the Burgesses as to the style of enacting laws. Conference as to Mr. Darnall's business. Agreed that he have access to the land office, and that no fees be taken either by him or Sir Thomas Laurence till the King's pleasure be known, and that the matter of the surveyors be adjusted on the same principle. Two bills received from the Burgesses.
Oct. 10. Further resolution as to Henry Darnall. Amendments to two bills proposed and considered. Representation of several members of Council, that the majority of them were in favour of Sir Thomas Laurence's presidency when the dispute arose. The records of the Council and Assembly on Sir E. Andros's first visit read and considered; after which an Act, to confirm all proceedings since Governor Copley's death, was sent down to the Burgesses.
Oct. 11. Certain accounts presented, and a conference desired with the Burgesses as to how public accounts shall be proved. Two bills read and amended.
Oct. 12. Further conference as to the records of the land-office and the question of surveyors.
Oct. 13. Petitions from the Mayor and Corporation of St. Maries praying for confirmation of their former franchises and privileges, and stating reasons why the Courts and Assemblies should not be moved from the town. Answer of the Burgesses to the said petition setting forth that most of the statements therein are false. Twenty Acts from the Assembly assented to with some amendment. [Board of Trade.Maryland, 12. pp. 277–299.]
Oct. 9.
1,391. Commissioners of Transportation of Lords of Trade and Plantations. We submit an estimate of the cost of freight and other necessaries (except provisions) for transport of 100 men, 11 officers and 40 tons of stores to Jamaica. Total, £912. If these men and stores are to be sent as well as those already provided for, we beg for immediate orders, or there will not be time to send them with the rest. 1¼ pp. Endorsed, Presented and read, 9 Oct. '94. [Board of Trade.Jamaica, 7. No. 79; and 53. pp. 271–273.]
Oct. 9. 1,392. John Povey to William Bridgeman. Desiring to be informed by the Admiralty where the men-of-war for Jamaica now are and when they will be ready; and directing orders to be given to the Victualling Board to provide victuals for thirty more men for Jamaica. [Board of Trade.Jamaica, 53. pp. 270–271.]
Oct. 9. 1,393. John Povey to Henry Guy. Forwarding an estimate of the cost of transporting an independent company of foot to Jamaica, for approval of the Treasury. [Board of Trade.Jamaica, 53. p. 273.]
Oct. 9. 1,394. John Povey to Henry Guy. Desiring instructions for Commissary Murrey as to distribution of stores and money and accounting for the same. [Board of Trade.Jamaica, 53. p. 275.]
Oct. 9. 1395. John Povey to the Earl of Romney, Master-General of Ordnance. Desiring instructions for Commissary Murrey as to the issue and accounting for stores. [Board of Trade.Jamaica, 53. p. 276.]
Oct. 9.
1,396. John Povey to Henry Guy. Forwarding estimate of cost of medicines for the Jamaica expedition, for approval of the Treasury. [Board of Trade.Jamaica, 53. p. 279.]
Oct. 9. 1,397. John Povey to Henry Guy. Forwarding extract from Colonel Lillingston's memorial, so far as relates to money, for consideration and report of the Treasury. [Board of Trade.Jamaica, 53. p. 284.]
Oct. 9. 1,398. Minutes of Council of Jamaica. Resolved to defer proclamation of martial law till the sitting of the Assembly. Orders for sundry payments. [Board of Trade.Jamaica, 77. pp. 292, 293 and p. 295.]
Oct. 9. 1,399. Minutes of Council and Assembly of Antigua. Message from the Council to the Assembly. The daily complaints of the King's soldiers will oblige us to think of some new way of quartering them, the present being easy neither to them nor to the inhabitants. We suggest that it might be better to maintain them out of the public stock and let two companies live together at German's Bay, where they may have houses built for them (the Governor having kindly offered land for building and for planting provisions), while the company to northward be similarly provided for. There are some guns from the late wreck, which might well be procured for the Island's service. (This day the Assembly was dissolved.) [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XLVIII., p. 329.]
Oct. 9. 1,400. Minutes of Council of Barbados. On the advice of the Council the Governor sent for the Assembly to ask them as to their manner of passing their laws, and hearing that they voted by "scrolling" and not open voting, condemned the practice. The Assembly admitted that it was of recent growth; and the Governor recommended them to abandon it. A sutler was appointed for the guard of English soldiers at Fontabelle. The Council debated a proposal of the Assembly to borrow Colonel Drax's legacy, passing an Act to secure repayment, as well as six per cent. interest; and it was carried that it was better for the legacy to be put out at interest.
Oct. 10. The Assembly waited on the Governor again as to the matter of Colonel Drax's legacy; and the Governor again mentioned the practice of "scrolling" as objectionable. The Speaker said he believed they would leave it off next meeting, but the Governor not trusting them, sent down the Secretary to bid them come to a resolution. To this they replied that the privilege of making their own rules was inalienable; but presently returned to say that they had resolved to abandon scrolling. The Assembly asked some questions as to the guards at the forts, but refused to vote any money for defence before adjourning, though pressed thereto by the Governor.
Oct. 11. The Assembly brought up a Bill of Supply which was ordered for further consideration, and Acts for impost on liquors and for a present to the Governor, which were passed. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XII., pp. 479–484; and Board of Trade.Barbados, 65. pp. 16–20.]
Oct. 9. 1,401. Journal of Assembly of Barbados. Resolved that Captain Langley of Russell's regiment have 6 pipes of Madeira duty free, and that the allowance to soldiers be raised from 7½d. to 9d. a day. The Governor spoke to the House as to its manner of voting (see preceding abstract). Resolved to borrow Colonel Drax's legacy for payment of the soldiers. Committee appointed to provide a house for the Governor. The Governor selected that which was nearest to those parts where any enemy might be expected to attack.
Oct. 10. The Governor again called attention to innovations in the way of voting. Committees appointed to draw the bill for Commissioners of Public Accounts and to meet the Council as to Colonel Drax's legacy. The innovation as to voting repealed; and the bill as to public accounts passed and sent to Council. Commissioners appointed for fitting out a sloop against the French. The House resolved to lend £10 each member, to relieve the present wants of the soldiers. Bellhouse was lent as a residence for the Governor.
Oct. 11. Bill for a levy ordered, and negotiations as to Colonel Drax's legacy completed. Order for an Additional Excise Bill to be prepared. Order for repayment of the gentlemen who so far have entertained the soldiers. The two bills mentioned above were read a first time. Thomas Meyrick fined £3 for his absence on three days. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XIV., pp. 375–383.]
Oct. 9. 1,402. Minutes of General Assembly of New York. Message to the Assembly that the Governor had written to the neighbouring Colonies for assistance.
Oct. 10. Message to the Representatives asking them to vote fourpence a day additional pay to the 400 men of the King's troops, arrived or to arrive from England, as they cannot subsist on their pay; and offering to excuse the country from all detachments in future if this addition were granted.
Oct. 11. The Governor made a speech to the Representatives as to their dissatisfaction with the accounts of the Revenue, offering to appoint a joint Committee to satisfy them as to the disbursements. He spoke to them likewise as to increasing the pay of the troops at Albany, and as to the shame of driving men to desert from starvation and insufficient clothing. Joint Committee appointed to inspect the accounts of the Revenue.
Oct. 12. The Receiver General produced his commission and his books.
Oct. 13. The Governor seeing a vote of the Representatives for 80 men to reinforce the frontier, declared that he would not undertake the defence this winter with less than 100 men besides those already on the spot. He added that at his last visit to Albany he had found the troops almost in a state of mutiny and had promised to do his best to procure for them more pay. The Council recommended a message to the Representatives that if they refused to give reasonable assistance for defence of the frontiers the Governor would be compelled to exert the special powers laid down in his Commission. Message from the Representatives offering to raise £700 to pay 100 men from the neighbouring Colonies, if the Governor will excuse the finding of detachments by this province. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXV., pp. 699–706.]
Oct. 10. 1,403. Minutes of Council of New York. Daniel Honan appointed overseer of the workmen in the fort. Order for payment for material for repairing the Governor's lodgings therein. The far Indians come to the Minnesinck Country were then admitted to audience, and begged for protection and liberty to hunt. The Governor promised them both, on their undertaking to come once a year to renew their obedience, and promised them also powder and shot to begin their hunting.
Oct. 11. Warrant for certain payments. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXV., pp. 570, 571.]
Oct. 10.
1,404. John Povey to the Commissioners for Transportation. Ordering them to provide and ship to Jamaica the stores requested by Colonel Lillingston for sick soldiers. [Board of Trade.Jamaica, 53. p. 287.]
Oct. 10.
1,405. John Povey to William Bridgeman. The officers and non-commissioned officers of the independent company for Jamaica number eleven. They are to be victualled in the same manner as the 1,700 men for the expedition. The transports are engaged by contract to be ready to sail from Gravesend on the 15th. [Board of Trade.Jamaica, 53. p. 290.]
Oct. 10.
Navy Office.
1,406. The Commissioners for the Navy to William Bridgeman. Enclosing copy of a letter from the Victualling Board. Copy. ½ p. Endorsed, Recd. 10 Oct. '94. Annexed,
1,406. I. The Victualling Board to the Navy Board. We have received your orders to make provision for 100 men, besides officers, for four months, and to furnish an estimate of the same. Pray let us know the exact number of officers, and whether the provision is to be in the same proportion as for the 1,700 men already provided for. Copy. ½ p. [Board of Trade.Jamaica, 7. No. 80, 80I.; and 53. pp. 288, 289.]
Oct. 11.
1,407. William Bridgeman to John Povey. The men-of-war Reserve, Ruby and Winchester are now at Spithead and nearly ready to sail to Jamaica. The Dunkirk is at sea, but is daily expected at Spithead and will be despatched soon after her arrival. Pray advise me when the transports will be ready to sail from Gravesend. Signed. Wm. Bridgeman. 1 p. Endorsed, Recd. same day. [Board of Trade.Jamaica, 7. No. 83; and 53. p. 274.]
Oct. 11. 1,408. Estimate of provisions for sick soldiers, reckoned at six months' allowance for two hundred men. Gross Estimate, £616, from which may be deduced 4d. a day from the pay of each man for provision of 200 men for 180 days, or £600. Net Estimate (including cost of packing, &c.), £46. Signed. John Murrey. 1 p. Endorsed, Recd. 10 Oct. '94 (sic).
Minute of the Commissioners of Transport covering the above Estimate. (In Entry Book only.) [Board of Trade.Jamaica, 7. No. 82; and 53. pp. 291, 292.]
Oct. 11. 1,409. Minutes of Council of Maryland. Order for eight barrels of powder to be lent to John Hurle of the ship Providence. Accounts of the powder in the province were given, as seen in two returns of 16 October, 1693, and 29 June, 1694. Order for distribution of the arms and ammunition among the different counties, with strict directions that none shall be used except in case of invasion or insurrection. [Board of Trade.Maryland, 12. pp. 131–133.]
Oct. 12. 1,410. The Postmaster of Bristol to the Postmaster General. A ship has come in which left Jamaica last August. The French had done much damage, but had left the Island after taking a small fort of about twelve guns, which they were at last forced to abandon. Signed. Henry Pine. ½ p. [Board of Trade.Jamaica, 7. No. 84.]
Oct. 13. 1,411. Minutes of Council of New York. Orders for certain payments, and for examination of bills of exchange received from Virginia. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXV., p. 572.]
Oct. 15. 1,412. Minutes of Council of New York. The Mayor of New York, Charles Lodowyck, was sworn in, receiving the white rod and his Commission from the Governor. Standly Hancock sworn in as Sheriff of New York. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXV., pp. 572–573.]
Oct. 15. 1,413. Minutes of General Assembly of New York. The Committee of Council reported the Assembly's message of 13th to be improper and the proposals impossible to accept.