America and West Indies: January 1695

Pages 423-429

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 14, 1693-1696. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1903.

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January 1695

Jan. 3. 1,630. Minutes of Council of Massachusetts. Appeal as to the testament of John Wayt adjourned. Orders for payments of £50 to Increase Mather for his pains and labour at the College, and of £10 to Ebenezer Prout. Order for Bartholomew Gidney and John Walley, Commissioners of the War, to contract for purchase of one hundred pair of snow-shoes. Order for payment of £60 to Ichabod Wiswall. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXIV., pp. 497–498.]
Jan. 5.
1,631. Commissioners of Transportation to John Povey. The store-ship for the Jamaica expedition which was driven into Mount's Bay is safely arrived at Plymouth. The smaller of the Jamaica ships, which was in Mount's Bay, is not there, nor can we obtain news of her. She was to take fifty men, and has five tons of ordnance stores and the victuals for the men on board. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 53. p. 352.]
[Jan. 7.] 1,632. Memorial of Captain Robert Wilmot to Lords of Trade and Plantations. Asking for a proclamation of a free pardon to all Englishmen who have lately adhered to the French or helped them to invade Jamaica, provided they return to their allegiance within a certain time. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 53. p. 348.]
[Jan. 7.] 1,633. Memorial of Colonel Luke Lillingston. Asking for power to grant Commissions to fill vacancies in his regiment, as allowed to former colonels serving in the West Indies.
Minute of Lords of Trade and Plantations on the above memorial, recommending that the King accede to it. 7 January, 1695. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 53. p. 349.]
Jan. 7. 1,634. Minute of Lords of Trade and Plantations. Agreed to submit the draft instructions, as to distribution of prize-money in the Jamaica expedition, to the King, and to ask if he will consent to forego his own share of prizes taken at sea, as therein directed. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 54. p. 387.]
Jan. 7. 1,635. Minute of Lords of Trade and Plantations. Agreed to refer the petition of Richard and Killian van Rensselaer, for restoration to their inheritance of Rensselaerswyck, to the Governor and Council of New York for report. [Board of Trade. New York, 48. p. 192.]
Jan. 8. 1,636. Journal of Lords of Trade and Plantations. Ordered that the Lords of the Admiralty be acquainted that the forces for Jamaica are ordered to embark at Plymouth next week, and that they direct the squadron to sail from Portsmouth to Plymouth to proceed with them to Jamaica. Draft instructions as to prize-money for the West Indian expedition approved. The Lords declined to consider for the present Captain Wilmot's suggestion that he have power to pardon those who, having joined the King's enemies, surrender to him. Agreed to recommend that Colonel Lillingston have power to fill vacant commissions in his regiment.
The petition of Richard and Killian van Rensselaer to be referred to the Council of New York. [Board of Trade. Journal, 7. pp. 397–399.]
Jan. 8. 1,637. John Povey to William Bridgeman. The troops for Jamaica are to embark at Portsmouth at the beginning of next week. The Admiralty is desired to order the commander of the Jamaica squadron to proceed to Plymouth, where the transports will join him to sail to Jamaica. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 53. p. 351.]
Jan. 9. 1,638. Order of the Privy Council. For the ordnance-stores in the missing transport-ship for the Jamaica expedition to be replaced from the stores at Plymouth and put on board one of the other transports (see No. 1631). [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 53. p. 353.]
Jan. 9. 1,639. Minutes of Council of Jamaica. The Governor acquainted the Council that the King had appointed Samuel Bernard to be Lieutenant-Governor, and that it would be necessary to make provision for the King's troops, which were shortly to be expected. A letter was read from Captain Hanger, reporting a fight with the rebellious negroes, in which the negroes had shown themselves very resolute and had killed one of his men and wounded another, whereupon he desired to be reinforced. Orders for payment of £26 to a seaman wounded during the late invasion, for Matthew Gregory to appear and answer for reflections on the Government, for a proclamation to call in the arms belonging to the country, for passing the Provost-Marshal's accounts, and for payment for the salary of William Blathwayt, which was advanced by the Governor. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 77. pp. 300–301.]
Jan. 10. 1,640. Warrant of the King to Colonel Luke Lillingston, authorising him to issue commissions to fill up vacancies in his Regiment. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 53. p. 350.]
Jan. 10.
1,641. Order of the Privy Council. For the troops embarked or to embark at Plymouth for Jamaica to be victualled by petty warrant so long as they remain in harbour, so that they may have their full allowance on going to sea. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 53. pp. 354–355.]
Jan. 10.
1,642. Royal Instructions as to the sharing of any plunder that may be taken by the expedition just about to sail to the West Indies. An elaborate table of shares is set forth at length. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 53. pp. 381–386.]
Jan. 10. 1,643. Order of the Privy Council. Approving the instructions mentioned in preceding abstract, and ordering them to be prepared for the King's signature and annexed to the instructions of the officers in command of the expedition. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 53. pp. 387–388.]
Jan. 10.
1,644. Lords Proprietors of Carolina to Governor John Archdale. We forward copies of letters written by Colonel Smith not long before his death, that you may enjoy with us his satisfactory account of the growing condition of the province and of the peace and union to which he had brought it. He appears to us to have been a man not only of great parts, integrity and honesty but of a generous temper and a nobleness of spirit as to the public good as is scarcely to be met withal in this age. His death is a loss to the country, but we doubt not but that you will make a worthy successor to him. Be careful in using our deputations not to discourage or displace deputies without just cause. A great omission in your instructions must be made good, viz.: that you send us as early as convenient a full and exact account of our yearly rents, stating what is the total, and what land has been sold to each man and for what sum. Colonel Smith's letter reports that there are pirates awaiting our pleasure as to their sentence. They are to be pardoned and sent where you think fit. Signed. Craven, Ashley, Bathe, Wm. Thornburgh for Sir John Colleton, Tho. Amy. [Board of Trade. Carolina, 4. p. 24.]
Jan. 10. 1,645. Minutes of Council of Massachusetts. The appeal as to the testament of John Wayt was heard and the judgment of the inferior Court affirmed. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXIV., p. 499.]
Jan. 10. 1,646. Minutes of Council of New York. Petition of William Nicolls to purchase land from Indians granted, provided that the purchase be made within seven years. A similar petition from Ebenezer Wilson was granted on the same conditions. Arent Prael's warrant for a survey of land altered, according to his petition. Peter Delanoy was called to answer the complaint of Gabriel le Bouteaux, and alleged that, he being appointed collector by Leisler, the Government was considerably indebted to him, and that he being indebted to complainant intended to discount the same upon the petitioner's bill and give the Government credit for it. It appearing to the board that Captain Leisler had made a false alarm and had called the people to arms to ensnare whoever was dissatisfied with his management, the petitioner was ordered to be fined £50 for non-appearance and to be confined in the fort until he gave bills for the fine and charges. The board was of opinion that Delanoy ought to deliver the bills aforesaid to petitioner. Order for the prosecution of offenders against the Act for establishing a ministry, at the public charge. A case of appeal from the Supreme Court adjudicated. [Board of Trade. New York, 72. pp. 3–4.]
Jan. 12. 1,647. Minute of the Lords of the Admiralty. Recommending that, as no instructions have been issued for the convoying of the homeward bound fleet from Jamaica, one of the fourth-rate frigates already at the station shall be employed to convoy the said fleet. Signed, R. Rich, G. Rooke, Wm. Bridgeman. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 53. pp. 360–361.]
Jan. 14. 1,648. The Attorney General to Lords of Trade and Plantations. I see no objection to the private Act of Jamaica concerning the estate of Thomas Ballard, unless it be that there is no proviso for saving the King's title and interest, which though usual in such Acts in England is not so, as I am informed, in Jamaica. Signed, Edw. Ward. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 54. p. 49.]
Jan. 14. 1,649. Minutes of Council of Massachusetts. The Indians and forces sent on the late expedition to England being returned, Captain John March, commander of the fort at Pemaquid, also returned with them, as he said, to propose something necessary for the King's service; but having no license to leave Pemaquid he was committed to prison.
Jan. 15. Captain John March was discharged on begging pardon for his fault, and having spoken of his proposal (which was to ascertain the whereabouts of the Indians and to surprise them) he was ordered to return to his post, taking with him an Indian hostage to turn to such advantage as he could. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXIV., pp. 499–500.]
Jan. 15. 1,650. Minutes of Council of Barbados. The Committee appointed to consider the bill for repealing the Act concerning the mole and the bill to prohibit negroes from being employed in wherries, brought up their report and their amendments thereon. Order of the Governor that the legal business fixed for to-day should stand over until the 22nd, which is the Council day in course, and that this be the rule in future. Order for the widow of John Stewart to appear at next Council. The Assembly brought up orders for continuing a hired sloop in the public service, and for payment for the funeral of Captain Charles Coates, who was killed in the public service, which were passed. A bill, brought up by the Assembly, to settle the qualifications of electors was deferred till next sitting. The Speaker desired adjournment till the 21st, which was granted. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XII., pp. 496–498; and Board of Trade. Barbados, 65. pp. 30–33.]
Jan. 15. 1,651. Warrant of the Governor and Council of Jamaica. To muster the regiment now going to Jamaica and pass warrants for the payment of its subsistence according to the latest muster-roll; also to apply the proceeds of the 15 per cent. profit on the exchange of sterling money in Jamaica, which will accrue from the sending out of the said subsistence, to the relief of those who have suffered from the late invasion in Jamaica. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 53. pp. 355–357.]
Jan. 17. 1,652. Minutes of Council of New York. The Islands called the Two Brothers near Hell Gate granted to James Graham at one shilling quit-rent, certain rights to careen vessels being reserved. Order for payment for buildings at the fort. The Committee brought in their report on Governor Sloughter's accounts, that £776 was due to him. Mr. Chidley Brooke reported that he had let the cellar under the Custom-house for five pounds a year. [Board of Trade. New York, 72. pp. 5–6.]
Jan. 17. 1,653. Copy of a letter of credit, signed by Joseph Herne and Sir Stephen Evance, for £5,750 for subsistence of Lillingston's Regiment and other purposes. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 53. pp. 358–359.]
Jan. 18.
1,654. Order of the Privy Council. That Captain Wilmot be instructed to send home one of the men-of-war in his squadron in the West Indies to convoy the homeward bound trade from Jamaica at such time as the Governor shall desire. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 53. p. 362.]
Jan. 18.
1,655. Order of the Privy Council. That the exchange of the officers and men of H.M.S. Falcon, lately captured by the French, be recommended to Sir William Beeston, according to the prayer of their wives and relations. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 54. p. 7.]
Jan. 18.
1,656. Mr. Burchett to Captain Robert Wilmot. I enclose an order from the Lords of the Admiralty for your advising with the Governor of Jamaica on your arrival there and appointing a suitable person as muster-master, storekeeper and agent, annexing to the warrant for his appointment such instructions as you think fit. Certified copy. ½ p. Annexed,
1,656. I. Lords of the Admiralty to Commodore Wilmot, 18 January, 1695. Directing him to consult Sir William Beeston as to the appointment of a muster-master and Agent, to prevent abuses in the retention of stores and men. Certified copy. 1 p. Endorsed, Recd. 24 Nov., 1696. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 7. Nos. 86, 86 I.]
Jan. 18. 1,657. Minutes of Council of Massachusetts. Order for the transportation and sale of an Indian for divers hostilities and mischiefs. The Indian hostage to be employed at Pemaquid was discoursed of his employment and promised to be very faithful. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXIV., p. 501.]
Jan. 21. 1,658. Minutes of Council of Massachusetts. Letter of instructions to Captain John March signed, also a declaration to be delivered by the Indian hostage to the Sagamores. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXIV., p. 501.]
Jan. 21. 1,659. Minutes of Council of Barbados. The Governor laid several accounts and claims for payment before the Council. The Assembly brought up orders for payment for the hire of vessels for the King's service. They also brought up a bill to continue the Act of Excise for a fortnight, which the Governor refused to accept unless passed for two or three months. Thereupon they retired, and sent a message to say that they were going upon the long Act of Excise.
Jan. 22. The Assembly brought up a bill for an impost on liquors, which was read once and deferred for future consideration, the Governor inviting the Council to meet him at Fontabelle on the 12th February, by which time the Clerk should have compared this bill with the Act of Excise. Since the Excise Act was expiring this very day, the Governor sent to urge upon the Assembly the detriment of allowing this Act, the principal source of income, to come to an end when the country owed so much money for hired vessels. He offered to pay this out of his own pocket, if it were not paid otherwise, but the Assembly sent a message that they would bring up a new reviving Act to-morrow.
Jan. 23. The Assembly brought up two bills, one to continue the Excise Act for sixty days, which was thrice read and passed. Two orders, for payment for Captain Coates's funeral and for repairs to H.M.S. Tiger, were also brought up by them and passed. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XII., pp. 498–501; and Board of Trade. Barbados, 65. pp. 33–37.]
Jan. 23. 1,660. John Povey to Henry Guy. Copy of a memorial relating to the revenue of Virginia and an estimate for stores of war for that Colony were sent to you on the 14th of June last to be laid before the Lords of the Treasury. The papers were laid aside until the return of Mr. Blathwayt who was then in Flanders, and I must remind you to move the Lords of the Treasury for their report thereon. Draft. ½ p. [Board of Trade. Virginia, 5. No. 63.]
Jan. 24. 1,661. Minutes of Council of New York. A letter to the Government of Maryland, about their protested bills, approved and signed. Order for audit of the accounts of the Mayor of Albany for repair of the fort there, also of the bricklayers' accounts for work at the fort of New York. Order for payment to Caleb Heathcote for services in the fort and for arrest of deserters. £6 voted in charity to John Apple, who was wounded at Senectady. Order for the money due to Governor Sloughter to be paid for the use of the grenadier-companies, in part payment of £907 received by him from the Treasury, and that application be made to Mrs. Sloughter for the balance; and further ordered that the sums advanced for the companies between Governor Sloughter's death and Governor Fletcher's arrival be first paid. [Board of Trade. New York, 72. pp. 6–8.]
Jan. 24. 1,662. Minutes of Council of Maryland. The Governor brought before Council the neglect of the justices of St. Maries' County in not holding January Court, and produced a number of queries which he had addressed to the Attorney General on the subject, together with his answers. It was resolved that a new Commission should be issued, which was accordingly done; and orders were given to the sheriff to give them notice to hold their Court in February. In consequence of the mortality among horses, cattle, etc., owing to the severity of the weather, a proclamation was issued that the corpses of the animals must be buried by the owners. A Committee appointed to inspect the records at the state-house, with orders that all persons minded thereto may be present and that the papers judged to be of no great use shall be stored in a safe place and the rest removed to Anne Arundel town. [Board of Trade. Maryland, 12. pp. 139–142.]
Jan. 24
and 25.
1,663. Minutes of Council and Assembly of Antigua. The members of the Assembly were sworn and chose John Lucas as their Speaker, who was approved.
Message from the Governor and Council to the Assembly asking them to make provision to meet public expenses to the amount of 500,000 lbs. of sugar during the coming year. Message from the Assembly complaining that the Provost Marshal refuses to attend them, and desiring that he may be suspended till he does his duty. The Assembly also sent up a bill for regulating lawyers' fees and a petition for dividing Nonsuch from Belfast, which latter was granted. The Assembly, in answer to the Council's message as to expenses, declared that the present levy was more than people were well able to pay, and but hoped that next year they would be able to raise more, and that their creditors would be content to wait until then. Orders for payments passed. [Board of Trade. Leeward Islands, 64. pp. 125–128.]
Jan. 31. 1,664. Minutes of Council of New York. A day appointed for hearing of the dispute as to the boundaries of Newtown. Frederick Flypse appointed to assist Colonel Bayard in auditing the barrack-accounts. [Board of Trade. New York, 32. pp. 8–9.]
Jan. 31. 1,665. Minutes of Council of Massachusetts. Orders for payment of £10 for the relief of William Tompson, wounded in the King's service, and of £29 to Isaac Addington. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXIV., p. 502.]
Jan. 31.
1,666. Order of the King in Council. Referring the petition of Sir William Phips to Lords of Trade and Plantations for report. Signed, Rich. Colinge. ¼ p. Annexed,
1,666. I. Petition of Sir William Phips to the King and Privy Council. Reporting his arrival in England and praying for a time to be fixed to try the false accusations against him. Copy. ½ p. The whole endorsed, Recd. 9 Feb., Read 13 Feb., 1694–5. [Board of Trade. New England, 8. Nos. 1, 1 I.]